The thing that makes us happy is progress.

Tony Robbins Incantation-("I don't hope I'm gonna be in a good state, I demand i t.")"I now command my subconscious mind to direct me in helping as many people a s possible in life today to better their lives by giving me the strength, the em otion, the persuasion, the humor, the brevity, whatever it takes to show these p eople and get these people to change their lives NOW." But by the time I entered that room when two people meet, if there is rapport. The person who is most CERTAIN will ALWAYS influence the other person. "God's wealth is circulating in my life, his love flows to me in avalanches of a bundance. All my needs, desires, and goals are met instantaneously by infinite intelligence where I'm one with God and God is everything." I would imagine the abundance the abundance in my life and I would feel so grateful. "When it seems impossible, when it seems like nothing is going to work, you're u sually just a few millimeters away from making it happen."-Tony Robbins "Imagination is more important than knowledge." ALBERT EINSTEIN One of the finest beliefs I developed years ago that helped me to enjoy all of m y life experience was the idea that there are no bad experiences, that no matter what I go through in life whether it's a challenging experience or a pleasurable one every experience provides me something of value if I look for it. If I pull ju st one idea or one distinction from an experience, then it expands me. Back when I was still in high school and scraping together money any way I could in order to attend personal development seminars, my friends were amazed that I 'd go back to some of the same seminars again and again. Often they'd ask me, "W hy would you go back to the same program?" Inevitably I'd tell them that I under stood the power of repetition, and each time I heard something new because I was different. Plus I knew that hearing something again and again would eventually condition me to use it, that repetition truly is the mother of skill. Every time I reviewed a program, I made additional distinctions or heard ideas that impact ed me differently and enabled me to create new references, and thus new interpre tations, new actions, and new results in my life. from and Success The mind and body are two parts of a cybernetic loop. Conventional wisdom is tha t our bodies reflect what we're thinking in our minds. For example, if we were t o observe someone who feels depressed, we might notice that his eyes are lowered , he's taking shallow breaths, and he's hanging his head and looking down toward the floor. If we were to ask what he's thinking, he might tell us about all of the things that have gone wrong recently in his life, other things that could go wrong, insults he has endured, etc. However, we now know this interpretation is incomplete and inaccurate. Instead o f passively reflecting our mental states, our physiology also contributes to the m. That's the cybernetic loop at work. Try this exercise to see the effects of p hysiology in action. First, lower your eyes and hang you head, breath lightly from your upper chest, repeat to yourself (internally) how bad your day is, and start seeing mental ima ges of everything bad that's happened to you lately. If you're standing, shuffle your feet when you slowly walk around. When you're talking to youself (internal ly), speak slowly - even faintly - and keep your volume even and monotonous. Clear your mind. Think about something funny that happened to you recently - rep eat a joke to yourself, anything to get out of the depressed physiological state

wild excitement. Growth. At the same time we want certainty. We want to feel part of a community. Connection/Love. Certainty/Comfort.keep brea thing deeply. Significance. we also crave variety. hold your shoulders back like you're ready f or anything. motivations and examine wh at what you do to fulfill in what and how you do wha you describe and explain w . change the volume and tempo of your words so that they're louder and faster. That's physiology in action. the water will flow from the tap when we turn it on and the curren cy we use will hold its value. hold the air in for 10 seconds. We all want comfort. It would be hard to argue against the need for love. They physical part isn't just a reflection of the mental part. to stretch and excel may be more evident in some than othe rs. We want to be cared for and cared about. Repeat a few times. Bounce around a little pretending you're a prize fighte r. exuberance. 4. While you're doing this physical activity. The question to ask is. Variety. If you're talking to yourself (internally). It will likely make a difference t you do. but we want certainty the ca r will start. To become better. Paradoxic ally. The Six Human Needs Tony Robbins has identified six basic human needs and believes everyone is or can be motivated by their desire to fulfill these needs. The desire to contribute something of value to help others. Now. "What need or needs does my product fulfill for my customer?" 1. the quickest way to stop feeling lousy it to change your physiology radically in a way that woul d reflect something other than feeling lousy . there needs to be enough UNcertainty to provide spice and adventure in our lives. Take severa l really deep breaths . Action Point Evaluate this list to better understand your personal ich ones seem the most significant to you. and exh ale.fill your lungs. keep bouncing around. Therefore. to ma ke the world a better place than we found it is in all of us. And much of this comfort comes from c ertainty. It also should make a difference in the way hat you and your product can do. it's all part of the same process. 3. Imagine music in the background (mayb e the theme from Rocky). Don't change your state . Of course there is no ABSOLUTE certainty. but it's there. We want our life to hav e meaning and significance. Throw your shoulders back and stare straight ahead like you're ready to take on the world. Light on your feet. Contribution. whatever works for you. Deep down. You may want to consider these needs when thinking about developing and deliveri ng products and services to people. t o improve our skills. 6. What you'll find is that it's virtually impossible to be depressed unless you ma nifest depression physiologically. Then. I can imagine no worse a death than to think my life didn't matter. 5. try to think about the same bad thing s you thought about in the earlier exercise. There could be some people who say they don't want to grow. look the needs of others. ready for were just in. we all want to be important. but I thi nk they're simply fearful of doing so or perhaps NOT doing so. hear the music. stand up and stretch your arms as high as you can into the air.

fear disappears and abundance appears. ? Anthony Robbins When you are grateful. ? Anthony Robbins Success is buried on the other side of rejection. people who succeed fo cus on what it will feel like at the end. ? Anthony Robbins .without problems we would not grow.Every problem is a gift . ? Anthony Robbins People who fail focus on what they will have to go through.

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