Example of an

improper fraction is


2 3 1 3 23 23 11 15




2. How many grams A. 100 grams B. 1000 grams C. 10 grams D. 10000 grams

are there in 10 kg?

3. Study the graph

and answer the questions

The four boys have _____ toy cars altogether
A. 95 B. 100 C. 105 D. 110

4. What

fraction of the figure is shaded ?

A. Three eights B. One quarter C. One half D. One third

5. Look

at the picture of the park carefully and answer the questions

Which of these is nearest to Vikas if he enters from gate S ?
A. Ice-cream parlour B. Flower bed C. Bench D. Hospital

6. The traction A. 5/12 B. 12/5 C. 1/2 D. 2/3

which represents objects cancelled in the collection


7. Which A. 1, 2, 3 B. 2, 3, 4 C. 2, 3, 5 D. 3, 2, 4

of the following have their sum equal to their product?

8. Study the graph

carefully and answer the questions. The line graph below shows the number of cars sold over a

period six months.

If each car agent gets a commission of Rs. 545 on every car he sells, how much must the company pay to the car agents in August and September?
A. Rs. 90470 B. Rs. 92650 C. Rs. 94180 D. Rs. 94830

9. Which A. 2685 B. 4289 C. 6505 D. 8290

one of the following numbers is divisible by 5 and 10?

10. Julie has

one hour to spend at the mall. She spends 30 minutes trying on clothes and 15 minutes in eating. How much time does she have now?
A. 5 minutes B. 15 minutes C. 45 minutes D. 50 minutes

11. Varsha started

her Piano lesson at 2:35 pm. Her Piano lesson lasted 55 mm. What time did she end her piano

A. 1.30 pm B. 1.40 pm C. 3.30 pm D. 3.40 pm

12. Nikita bought

2 dolls, 4 teddy bears and 5 toy cars. She gave the cashier a Rs. 1000 note. How much change did she


Rs.40 each

Rs.65 each

Rs.20 each

A. Rs.


B. Rs. C. Rs. D. Rs.

560 640 460

13. Monisha arranged

her checkers in the pattern shown below

What operation best shows how she arranged them?
A. 5×5 B. 6×5 C. 5+6 D. 6+6

14. What

is the another way of representing the number 109?

A. 2 × 5 + 9 B. 10 + 9 C. 10 × 9 D. 2 × 50 + 9

15. Mona and

Tina made a cake and cut it into 8 equal pieces. They gave 3 pieces to Sona. What fraction of the cake is

A. 7/8 B. 5/8 C. 3/8 D. 1/8

16. Which

of the following is the longest?

A. 9 km B. 99 m C. 999 m D. 9999 cm

17. 777 A. 0 B. 1

+ 777 + 777 + 777 = _____ × 777

C. 4 D. 7

18. Each

□ stands for the same rumber in the problem shown below. □ × □ × 2 = 18 What number belongs to each □ ?
A. 9 B. 6 C. 4 D. 3

19. 1102 A. 2210 B. 3210 C. 3310 D. 3220

- 3420 + 5528=

20. 1

plastic plate costs Rs. 2. There are 10 plates in one pack. Rohit bought 4 such packs. How much money did he pay altogether?
A. Rs. 180 B. Rs. 200 C. Rs. 80 D. Rs. 70

21. Kavita is

solving the number sentence shown below. 15×12= □ Which of the following methods could she use to find the correct solution?
A. (15 + 10) + (15 + 2) B. (15 + 10) × (15 + 2) C. (15 × 10) × (15 × 2) D. (15 × 10) + (15× 2)

22. Study the table given

here. What are the missing numbers ? 95 285 ? 435 135 905 90 280 110 430 ? 900

A. 110, 130 B. 110, 140 C. 115, 130 D. 115, 140

23. Refer the given

table to answer the question. Minutes of homework Teacher Monday Tuesday

Mrs. Leela 12 13 Miss Yamuna 5 10 Mr. Gulzar 19 14 Mr. Punit 6 10 How many minutes did Mr. Gulzar spend homework on Monday than on Tuesday?
A. 4 B. 6 C. 5 D. 3

24. The difference between A. 4 hrs 15 minutes B. 3 hrs 40 minutes C. 4 hrs 45 minutes D. 4 hrs 65 minutes

7 hrs 25 minutes and 3 hrs 45 minutes is

25. How many sides

does the figure have?

A. 13 B. 14 C. 15 D. 16

26. Deepak

spent 25 minutes drawing a picture of the beach. He took another half an hour to paint the same picture. If he finished painting at 1.05 pm, at what time did he start drawing ?
A. 12.10 pm B. 12,30 pm C. 12.45 pm D. 12.00 pm

27. Kewra water is A. Flowers B. Leaves C. Stems D. Roots

prepared from

28. The khejadi A. Tea

tree is found mainly in desert areas. It can grow without much water. Its bark is used for making

B. Coffee C. Medicines D. Rubber 29. The part

marked ‘X’ in the figure is its

A. Hanging branches B. Roots C. Stem D. None of these

30. ‘A crown

on the head and coins on the tail, So many shades of blue from top to tail’ This rhyme refers to
A. Sunbird B. Humming bird C. Ostrich D. Peacock

31. Which

of the following is not a function of worker-bees in a bee-hive?

A. To look after the baby bees B. To collect nectar from flowers C. To make the bee-hive D. To lay eggs

for honey

32. An

elephant herd has

A. Only males B. Only females C. Females and baby elephants D. Males, females and baby elephants

33. Study the following figure to


What happens after the sun changes liquid water from the surface of the lake to a gas?
A. The water flows along the surface of the earth B. The water vapour makes clouds C. Trees and grass begin to grow D. The river begins to flow faster

34. What

must have happened to the water in the tumbler X in 10 minutes before it reached the state in the tumbler Y ?

A. The tumbler was placed in a refrigerator B. The tumbler was heated on a stove C. Ice tumbler were added to the water D. The tumbler was left untouched

35. We get

rain through the continuous_______ and ______ of water

A. Radiation, evaporation B. Evaporation, condensation C. Melting, boiling D. Boiling, freezing 36. Ships

with sails move by converting - energy to -------- energy

A. Wind, mechanical B. Mechanical, electrical C. Wind, electrical D. Mechanical, heat

37. The name of International A. Air India B. Indian Airlines C. International India D. Both (A) & (B)

Airline of India is

38. In

India, all major cities are connected by roadways called

A. National roads B. City roads C. National highways D. City highways

39. Which

of the following statements is NOT true for the positions of Sun and Earth as shown in the figure?

A. At the North Pole there is sunlight throughout B. At the South Pole there is no day light at all C. It is summer in the Northern Hemisphere D. It is summer in the Southern Hemisphere

the day and night

40. Which

one among the following is a moving heavenly body with no heat or light of its own?

A. Star B. Moon C. Earth D. Both (B) & (C)

41. Match A.

the two columns and select the correct option
Column II Jupiter Column II

Column I Brightest planet


Column I Hottest planet Mercury


Column I Planet having rings

Column II Uranus Column II Venus


Column I Planet also called red planet

42. Santa is

blind folded and given a glass of vinegar. Which sense organ’s can she make use of to identify the vinegar? (i) Ears (ii) Eyes (iii) Tongue (iv) Skin (v) Nose
A. (iii) only B. (iii) & (v) C. (ii), (iii) & (iv) D. (i), (ii) & (v)

43. Short,

irregular, flat, and long are the four types of bones in the system

A. Skeletal B. Muscular C. Nervous D. Circulatory

44. Which

of the following is an INCORRECT statement?

A. The different parts of our body are called organs B. Blood is circulated in the body through lungs C. Muscles are attached to bones D. Bones protect the inside parts of our body 45. Which

of the following can not be a solution?

A. A solid dissolved in a liquid B. A gas dissolved in a liquid

C. Soda water D. Marbles stirred

into a tub of sand

46. Four objects

are placed into a measuring cylinder one at a time and the water level is as shown in the figures below.

The object with the biggest volume is
A. a B. b C. c D. d

47. Look

at the given figures carefully. What does it shows?

A. One form of matter can be changed into another by heating B. One form of matter can be changed into another by cooling C. Forms of matter are not interchangeable D. Both (A) & (B)

48. Identify the odd A. Doctor B. Lawyer C. Teacher D. Thief

one out among the following

49. Match

the two columns and select the correct option I Column II

A. Column

B. Column

I Column II


Column I

Column II


Column I

Column II


50. The doctor who A. Dentist B. Orthopaedician C. Neurologist D. Dermatologist

treats bone related diseases is called

1. C 6. A 11. C 16. A 21. D 26. A 31. D 36. A 41. B 46. B

2. D 7. A 12. B 17. C 22. C 27. B 32. C 37. A 42. B 47. D

3. C 8. B 13. B 18. D 23. C 28. C 33. B 38. C 43. A 48. D

4. C 9. D 14. D 19. B 24. B 29. B 34. B 39. D 44. B 49. D

5. C 10. B 15. B 20. C 25. D 30. D 35. B 40. D 45. D 50. B

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