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% chee 2 By reciting Radhdsodmi Nam’. Let thy life most fruitful be. Being the only true Ném, i Keep it innermost within thee. , PREM PATRI HADHASOAM! ij English Version of the Discourses of Param Purush Puran Dhani Huzir Mahdrdj > Translated by 3 Sp D./MAHESHWARI, M. S “Personal Assistant’ to Babyji Mahara)’ . ‘*RADHASOAMI SATSANG, SOAMI~BAGH, ‘AGRA, INDIA ‘ S 4 PREFACE The PREM PATRA was a fortnightly periodical containing exclusively discourses of Param Purush Puiran Dhani Huztir| Mahdrdj, the second Sant Sat Guru of the Rédhdsodmi Faith, and no other matter. They were written “to the dictation of, Huzir Mahdrdj. These fortnightly papers were subsequently bound in six volumes, the last of which contains also excerpts from the GHAT RAMAYAN of Param Sant Tulsi Scheb of Hdthras, selected by. Huzdr Mahdrdj. Tie English version of the fifth volume of PREM PATRA is now being presented for the. benefit of those Satsangi brethren who cannot read and understand the ~original Hindi. : Dis. CONTENTS Discourses as dictated by Huzér Mahdrdj during the period Ist May 1897 to 30th April 1898. Subject Sat Guru, His darshan, Bachans and loving devotees will be dear to Him who has genuine fear of death, of sufferings of the world and hells and of Chaurdsf, and who is sincere about his spiritual welfare. He will have longing for the darshan of the true Supreme Being Rédhdsodmi Daydl. He alone will advance spiritually day by day, and will, one day, attain to supreme bliss in the Highest Region. When a distressed person relates his difficulties to his dear ones or well-wishers, he gets some consolation, relief or guidance. But if he were to approach the Sant Sat Guru, hear His discourses and recognise Him to some extent, he would secure perfect and everlasting peace. By attending his Satsang and performing Abhyds for some time, he can get out of the whirl of pains and pleasures. He, who engages in Parmdrthi activity pertaining to Sat, Raj and Tama shall remain within the bounds of Méyd. But he, who performs Abhyds with love and devotion after being duly initiated by Sant Sat Guru, can, one day, attain to the Siddhant Pad (ultimate goal) of Sants, viz., the Dhdm of the Supreme Being Rddhdsodmi Daydl. Page 27