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Edition 1 June 2010


See, test & experience the SATURN 4000 & SATURN 250 in Emmerich

The new SATURN 4000

SATURN 250, ready for operation in our technical center

A picture is worth a thousand words we all know that. The best explanatory value does probably provide the live experience. Therefore we have installed the new centrifugal roaster SATURN 4000 to be visited in our Manufacturing Department. Come and see how our Research and Development Department has in cooperation with the Engineering Department combined the best from the RZ with innovations, modern ideas and equipment features. The new SATURN is more energy-efficient and easier to maintain. Many innovations like the continuous measurement and automatic roasting bowl gap adjustment are features of the SATURN as well as the unique centrifugal roasting technology. Due to the newly developed discharging mechanism a lowering and lifting of the roasting bowl is no longer required. Apart from the SATURN 4000 in the Manufacturing Department, a fully operational SATURN 250 centrifugal roasting machine at industrial scale is additionally available for you in our Technology Center. Upon agreement, demonstrations and trial roasts - with your own coffee as well - can be scheduled.

With batch sizes of 32-42 kg and roasting times of 5-15 minutes, the SATURN 250 renders possible processing rates of up to 250 kg of green coffee/h. Advantages of the new SATURN 4000: Reduced time for cleaning and maintenance Improved accessibility of roasting bowl and lamella ring Heat losses are up to 10 % lower* Heating-up times reduced by up to 50 %* Automatic roasting bowl gap adjustment Floor space reduced by more than 20 %*
*in comparison to RZ 4000/1 roast system

Your Area Sales Manager or your local PROBAT Agency will be pleased to assist you and will be happy to schedule a meeting with you. Please get in touch with us!
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Process diagram SATURN*

SATURN 4000 with dismounted roasting bowl*

The directly fitted, vertically arranged burner makes long hot air pipe lines redundant. Radiation losses are avoided to a vast extent the heating energy invested is utilized very economically. Since the thermal equilibrium is quicker achieved as well, the heating-up time of the roasting machine is considerably reduced. The energy efficiency of the SATURN is additionally improved by means of roasting gas recirculation. Its advantage: Less fossil fuel must be used; energy costs and roast exhaust gas emmissions are reduced.

Our engineers paid particular attention to the improvement of the roasting bowl and lamella ring accessibility. This is why the roasting bowl on the new SATURN can be easily dismounted within one day. Now, inspection, maintenance and cleaning work on these components is possible with reduced shut down time. The lifting pad for the vertical movement of the bowl known from the RZ was also deleted owing to the new discharge of the roasting bowl via an opening in the lamella ring. The new flat bed cooler impresses by excellent cooling efficiency with minimal maintenance effort.
*Subject to modifications

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