Chapter –One: Introductory Discussion
1.1 Introduction 1.2 Background and context of the study 1.3 Statement of the problems 1.4 Brief review of related research 1.5 Conceptual framework 1.6 Objective and Scope of the research 1.7 Research questions 1.8 Methodology 1.9 Source and reliability of data 1.10 Tools of analysis Pages No: 1 2 4 5 6 7 9 9 10 10 11 12 12

Chapter- two: General View of Street Hawkers
2.1Who are street Hawkers?
2.2History off Street Hawkers 2.3Limitation of the Research

Chapter –Three:
3.1Research Design and Data Collection Method 3.2 Data collection areas 3.3Data Presentation and Analysis 13 14 15-34 35-39 40-41 42 43-45 46-48 49 50

Chapter-Four: Findings of the Research Chapter-Five: Conclusion and Recommendation Reference Annex-A Annex-B Annex-C Annex-D

16 Where Are You (Hawker) living in Dhaka city Table 3.4 Education level of the Street Hawkers Table 3.10Average Age of street Hawker Table 3.6 Satisfaction Level of the street Hawker Table 3.15 What is The Future Plan about Your business Table 3.8 Only Earning Member in Family Table 3.11 Why people come to them Table 3.14 Do You give Bribe or Commission to Anyone Table 3. Duration of Work Time Table 3.9 Reason Behind Street Hawking Table 3.13 Involved in this Business for Table 3.12.21 Income of street hawkers daily basis Table 3.20Types of Shops and Customers Table 3.23 Social status of the Customers 15 16 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 31 32 33 34 .List of tables Table 3.19 Number of Customer are interviewed Table 3.7 Where Your Family lives Table 3.5 Have you ever faced Ejection Table 3.17 How Much Members in Your Family? Table 3.22 The average monthly expenditure of street hawkers Table 3.18 Are there Any earning member in your family Table 3.

which help me to refine and accomplish this work. innovative suggestion .Acknowledgement All praise are due to Almighty Allah who enables us to complete the research study successfully within definite time. Salahuddin M. On this auspicious occasion. of Public Administration University of Dhaka Dhaka January 20 . although it is not possible to mention by all means. professor . continuous supervision . I am especially grateful to my honorable teacher Dr. I would like to thank the respondents for their cordial help and assistance during field work. I wise to convey my hurt felt gratitude and love to my respectable parents who always try to fulfill my all necessities which has played a vital role to complete my research work. timely instruction and inspiration through the work. Aminuzzaman . guidance . without their help it might not be possible to collect data efficiently . Roll No-4224 8th Semester Dept. Without his cordial guidance and invaluable suggestion in every stages . I am grateful to many person for their cooperation in different phases of this research work . I would like to give special thank s to my group(research group Red-2) members for their all times supportive attitude and cooperation to each others. this study could never be materialized. Department of Public Administration in this field for his untiring painstaking .

this analysis is going to given an overall idea regarding the problems and prospects of street hawkers in Dhaka city. . interviewed method have been followed .Abstract As a capital city of Bangladesh.a huge is there . They are also belonging in different occupations. and at each individuals it is more acute. to make the study more constructive we have taken information from secondary resources (newspaper and journals) Finally I can say that this study help all the readers to know what are the problems and prospects comes from the street hawkers in Dhaka city Key Word : Street Hawkers. Socio –economic Status etc. Their Problems and Prospects. To collect data structured question survey. their life style differ from one another. in Dhaka city . This research is an attempts to know the street hawkers problems and prospects of Dhaka city. analysis of the research has been completed . Street hawkers are one of the most familiar communities in this cities who have their own way of life. their Customers.depending on those data . Average income.

A research study on Street Hawkers of Dhaka City: Problems & Prospects Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Course Requirement of PA-423 Submitted by: Exam Roll: 4224 Registration No:H-4137 Group No: Red-2 Session : 2008-09 Dept. of Public Administration University of Dhaka .

January 17.2013 .

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