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India and Pakistan. highest result of education is tolerance.Disscuss ways to enable Pakistan and India to foster. India is giant country. intelligent and Pakistan is also a nuclear power. content communities like Youtube. Two emerging powers of world. and their citizens don’t try or don’t want to understand reality of each others. huge film industry. but unfortunately they are facing each others as enemy since the time of independence. Now as we have learnt that the main reason of our War is that we don’t accept each other and we don’t understand each other. the only two countries in SAARC that have nuclear power. Blogger. General Pervaiz Musharaf sitting in India said to their Foreign Minister and general public that the main reason of our War is that we don’t to accept each other we always deny each others position. its peoples are hard working. now question is that how can we understand and accept each other. WordPress. social networking sites like Facebook. First of all tolerance is very much needed and secondly the education. steel industry and its economy is increasing day by day this is reality and as a Pakistani we have to accept it. it have a huge IT industry. The main reason is that both countries Pakistan and india. Twitter. developing. As of 2012. and virtual worlds like Second Life. social media has become one of the most powerful sources for news updates through platforms such as Facebook. this is the reality of Pakistan and India have to accept it. better understanding of each others through social media? Social media refers to the means of interactions among people in which they create. share. . blogs such as Blogger. Similarly Pakistan is a golden sparrow. exchange and comment contents among themselves in virtual communities and networks Different types of social media include collaborative projects such as Wikipedia.

What should be the prominent topic/issues and should they utilize the technology to advance their view points ? From the very first day after independence Pakistan and India are keep on debating with each other on different issues there are many hot issues for Pakistan and India to discuss with such as Kashmir. and creative professionals from Pakistan. As I mentioned above the social media chapters. quizez and competitions on social media  Organize different social media mela’s. the Social Media Mela 2012 that bring together some of the finest minds in social media for extravaganza that nurtures dialogue. India.  Promote videos on youtube of each others culture tradition and norms to understand each other. water. on each others culture. journalists. there are number of ways in social media through which we can understand each others as mentioned below  Avoid negative commenting on social media.Coming towards social media. This will help us understanding each others more better and closely. and critical engagement with entrepreneurs. Social media has played a very important role in almost every field of today’s world.  Make blogs on different issues and get view points of citizens of idia and Pakistan. such as recently done in Karachi. norms and values. thought leadership.  Introduce different games. religion. social media now a days has become a very vigilant source of contacting and connecting with the global world. .  Search for each others heros in history and present and study them so you can understand them. through this we can get others opinions and through which we can understand their minds and perceptions. siachin and many others.  Make facebook pages of common things and try to increase its fans and likes from general public. activists. A festival of ideas and action.

India wants Pakistan to show it is serious in reining in the militants behind the Mumbai attacks. since 1984. The two sides have been trying to find a solution that would allow them to withdraw troops. The use of the water is governed by the 1960 Indus Water Treaty under which India was granted the use of water from three eastern rivers. Pakistan says India is unfairly diverting water with the upstream construction of barrages and dams. Siachen Indian and Pakistani forces have faced off against each other in mountains above the Siachen glacier in the Karakoram range. and Pakistan the use of three western rivers.Security For India. Water The two countries disagree over use of the water flowing down rivers that rise in Indian Kashmir and run into the Indus river basin in Pakistan. It has refused to resume a series of talks until Pakistan takes more action against Pakistan-based militant groups. In particular. security is the top issue. the world’s highest battlefield. but India says it is unwilling to bring its forces down until Pakistan officially authenticates the positions they hold. India denies the charge Kashmir .

we are fighting the most expensive war in world and the most highest point of the world. we can solve this issue by the mutual consent. we can conduct public pole on inter net on this issue and can come . Most fighters want all of Kashmir to become part of Pakistan but many ordinary Kashmiris want independence from both India and Pakistan Use oF techonology When it comes to the technology. in 1980’s nepolean bonaparte said that there will be a period in future when the a piece of news paper will be more power full then a bullet. I’m 100% sure that people of both countries don’t want to continue to the war at that point. The issue of siachen is very hot issue. this is the period about which they said. Media is the emerging power and best of way to use the technology.The divided. mostly Muslim Himalayan region of Kashmir is at the heart of hostility between the neighbours and was the cause of two of their three wars. So we can solve this problem by the use of technology. Through media we can make awareness among people about the terrorists. The third was over the founding of Bangladesh. we can conduct public survey online. Separatists began an insurgency against Indian rule in 1989 a movement almost immediately backed by Pakistan and since then tens of thousands of people have been killed. the first thing that we can use to increase our view points is media. through internet. in todays world the media has significantly proves its importance everywhere. recently we have lose our more 100 soldier at giary sector. social media and other sources. still we don’t know that who are the actual terrorists and what they want. Similarly the issue of water and kashmir can also be resolve through use of techonlogy . if media plays their role positively and fairly we can remove the Curtin from the actuall peoples.

programmes such as aman ki asha can be run to make these countries more close and solve their issues. . different seminars conducted online.to an conclusion.

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