NO A B C D E Objective Package identification Identification of person for each package Important data collection parameter identification for each system Completion of data collection for all the package 1) Sea water /Raw water intake system for all projects 2) CW system for all projects 3) Compressed air system for all projects 4) Fire protection, Detection and alarm system for all projects 5) Water treatment system for all projects 6) Cranes and Hoist for all projects 7) Tanks for all projects 8) Fuel oil system for all projects 9) HVAC system for all projects 10) Piping for all projects 11) Ash handling system for all projects 12) Mill reject system for all projects 13) Miscellaneous system for all projects 14) Coal handling system for all projects 15) Other for all projects 16) BTG for all projects Final compilation of data collection Review of compiled datas Enhancement of compiled datas Final review Presentation
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Each projects problem we faced and their solution Cooling tower 1.Coarse rack screen 5.Cw blowdown pumps 4.Screen wash pump 11.IDCT 3.Air dryer 4. Detection and alarm system A)Fire water stroage tank B)Fire protection system 1)Hydrant system I)Hydrant pumps-Motor .Sea water / Raw water Pumps -CT make up .Each projects problem we faced and their solution 3 Compressed air system 1.Internal and external hydrants.Air filter 6. Diesel engine driven ii)Jockey pumps iii)Booster pumps iv)Water main network v)Hydrants-Landing valve.ACW pumps 5.Air receiver 5.NDCT 2.CW Forebay & Channels 6.Each projects problem we faced and their solution CW system 1. Desalination pumps 2.Cooler 3.NO 1 PACKAGES Sea water /Raw water intake system 1.Coarse rack screen 9.Raw water reservoir 3.Trask rack 6.TECHNICAL DIARY -MECHANICAL DESIGN S.Screen wash pumps 7.Each projects problem we faced and their solution Fire protection.CW pit 8. Service air 2.Stop log gate 4.Plate heat exchanger 7.Cw pumps 2.Compressor-Instrument .Trask rack 10. Water monitor 2 4 .

vi)Hoses vii)Hydro pneumatic tank Viii)Aircompressor 2)Automatic high velocity water (HVW) & medium velocity water (MVW) spray system i)Spray pumps-Motor .Argonite ii)Agent gas iii)Nozzle iv)Automatic operating device v)Piping vi)Nozzle 5)Portable and mobile fire extinguishers C)Fire detection and alarm system i)Fire detectors D)Clean agent system E)Other i)Hume pipes F)Each projects problem we faced and their solution 5 Water treatment system A.DM water 3. Diesel engine driven ii)QBD iii)Deluge valves iv)Isolation valve v)Y type strainer vi)Spray nozzle/projectors vii)Spray nozzle piping network viii)Detection and control system X)Piping x)Valves and Fittings 3)Foam system i)Heat detectors ii)Foam concentrate stroage tank iii)Foam pumps iv)Balancing line v)Automatic controlling valves vi)Foam makers and dicharge outlets vii)Piping viii)Detection and control system x)Valves and Fittings 4)Inert gas system i)Inert gas-Argon.Loss in sludge .Service water 5.Cooling tower make up 2.Potable water 4.Nitrogen.Water consumptive Requirement 1.

Ion exchanger 4.Mixed bed exchanger 5.Degassifier tower and tanks 8.Chemical dosing -Alum .Filter water stroage tank 8.6.ETP 1)All ETP Pumps 2)Sumps 3)Lamella clarifier /tube settler 4)Central monitoring basin (CMB) 5)Coal settling pond 6)ETP stroage tank 7) OWS-CPI/TPI 8)Each projects problem we faced and their solution F.Pressure vesels and stroage tank 11.Pumps used in DM plant 10.Each projects problem we faced and their solution E.ACF 3.STP 1)All STP pumps 2) Sumps 3)Each projects problem we faced and their solution 6 Cranes and Hoist .DMF 2.Gas/Electrochlorine system 2.Bottom ash system 7.All water pretreatment pumps 11.Evaporation B.Chlorine dosing pumps 3)Each projects problem we faced and their solution D.Rapid gravity filter 7.DM plant 1.Lime .Parshall flume 6.Water pretreatment plant 1.Neutralisation pit 9.Water analysis 2.Chlorination system 1.Each projects problem we faced and their solution C. Cascade Aerator 3.Polyelectrolyte 9.Ro 10. Clarifiers 4.Stilling chamber 5.

Suction coil heater 6.Fuel oil unloading .drain.Forwarding heater 5.Drain oil tank heater 7.Auxiliary boiler transfer pumps 3.Forwarding .A)EOT crane 1)Sea water /Raw water intake pump house 2) Cw pump house B)Under slung crane 1)Compressor house 2)Fuel oil pump house 3)CW pump house C) Semi gantry crane D) Hoists E)Each projects problem we faced and their solution 7 Tanks A) Fuel oil tanks 1)HFO 2)LDO/HSD 3)Auxilary boiler stroage tank 4)Drain oil tank 5)Condensate flash tank B)Water tanks 1)DM tanks 2)CST tanks 3)Service water tanks 4)Potable water tanks 5)Product water stroage tanks C)Each projects problem we faced and their solution Fuel oil system 1.Fuel oil dyke area size 8.Floor coil heater 4.Unloading type and arrangement 2.Each projects problem we faced and their solution HVAC system A)Ventilation system 1)Wet ventilation system ESP Building TG Building 2)Dry ventilation system 3)Roof exhauster B) Air conditioning system 1)Central air conditioning system 2)Split/Packaged air contioning system C)Ducting and dampers 8 9 .Heat tracer-Steam/Electrical 9.

D)Each projects problem we faced and their solution 10 Piping A)Sea water intake system 1)Pipes 2)Flange 3)Valves 4)Fittings 5)Hume pipes B)CW system 1)Pipes 2)Flange 3)Valves 4)Fittings 5)CW Rubber expansion joint C) Compressed air system 1)Pipes 2)Flange 3)Valves 4)Fittings D)Fuel oil system 1)Pipes-Fuel oil .Steam and condensate 5)Strainer 6)Steam trap 7)Flexible Hoses 8)Insulation and cladding E)Miscellaneous system 1)Pipes 2)Flange 3)Valves 4)Fittings 5)REJ F)Each projects problem we faced and their solution Ash handling system A)Bottom/Coarse ash handling system 1)Hoppers 2)Clinker grinder 3)HP/LP seal water pumps 4)Pipes 5)Flange 6)Valves 7)Fittings B)Fly ash handling system 11 .Steam and condensate 4)Fittings-Fuel oil .Steam and condensate 3)Valves-Fuel oil .Steam and condensate 2)Flange-Fuel oil .

BOP ACW cooling tower 7.1)ESP hoppers 2)Buffer hoppers 3)Stack hoppers 4)Vacuum pumps 5)Conveying air compressor 6)Instrument air compressor 7)Bag filter 8)D pump/Air lock vessel 9)Fly ash silo 10)Pipes 11)Flange 12)Valves 13)Fittings C)Ash slurry sump D)Jet pumps/Ash slurry pumps E)Ash water recover system 1) Ash water recovery pumps D)Ash pond E)Pipes F)Flange G)Valves H)Fittings HCSD system 1.Service water pumps 2.Ash slurry disposal pumps 4.Fire water pumps 9.Boiler initial filling pumps 5.Valves 5.HCSD pumps 3.Dm transfer pumps 4.HCSD Mixing tank 12 Mill reject system 1.Each projects problem we faced and their solution 13 .Pipes 3.HCSD stream 2.Fittings Miscellaneous system 1.ACW booster pumps 6.AHP seal water pumps 8.Pyrite hopper 2.Flange 4.Potable water pumps 3.

Turbine and its auxiliares 3.Boiler and its auxiliaries 2.Air preheater 15 16 .Painting BTG 1.ESP 4.14 Coal handling system 1)Coal sampling and capacity of CHP 2)Wagon tipplers/Apron feeders/Dribble feeder 3)Crushers 4)Vibrating grizzzly feeder 5)Stacker reclaimer 6)Conveyors 7)Reversible belt feeder 8)Flap gate 9)Emergency reclaim hopper 10)Scoop coupling 11)Metal detector/Inline magnetic seperator 12)Stockpiles 13)Dust control(Extraction and suppression system 14)Track hopper/ Paddle feeder or 15)Coal and mill bunker Other 1.


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