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New Release Book 02-2010 20-2011

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Retail Date: Order Order Cut Off: Retail Date: Order Cut Off: Off: Cut Off: Order Cut Retail Date: February 3, SePt 15, 2011 January 8, 22, Oct 4, 2011 2010 January 15, 2010 11, 2011 SePt 20102011 Oct

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BOOK NUMBER: 20-2011 YES: NO: Sheet #

20-01-11 20-01-11




P281 ANC1

Feist Feist

Metals Metals (vinyl)

827590630024 827590630017

063002 063001

10.68 13.50

Order Due
15-Sep-11 15-Sep-11

Retail Date
4-Oct-11 4-Oct-11


20-02-11 20-02-11

V22I P258

Evanescence Evanescence

Evanescence (Deluxe) Evanescence (Standard)

5099967949526 5099967915422

794952C 791542B

14.48 12.25

22-Sep-11 22-Sep-11

11-Oct-11 11-Oct-11



Adams, Ryan

Ashes & Fire






20-04-11 20-04-11

P252 P250

Callas, Maria Callas, Maria

The Callas Effect (Experience Edition) The Callas Effect (Standard)

5099908435620 5099908436221

843562C 843622

15.35 10.86

22-Sep-11 22-Sep-11

11-Oct-11 11-Oct-11



Cohen, Adam

Like A Man






20-06-11 20-06-11

P222 P222

Beach Boys, The Sinatra, Frank

The Beach Boys' Christmas Album A Jolly Christmas From Frank Sinatra

5099967976225 5099967976324

797622C 797632B

8.99 8.99

15-Sep-11 15-Sep-11

4-Oct-11 4-Oct-11

20-07-11 20-07-11 20-07-11 20-07-11 20-07-11

P273 ANC1 F250 ANC1 P272

Haggard, Merle Haggard, Merle S.C.U.M. S.C.U.M. Straker, Jeffrey

Working In Tennessee Working In Tennessee (vinyl) Again Into Eyes Again Into Eyes (vinyl) Under The Soles Of My Shoes

015707820820 015707820813 724596950524 724596950517 798304168556

782082 782081 695052 695051 416855

10.21 13.50 10.86 13.50 11.26

15-Sep-11 15-Sep-11 15-Sep-11 15-Sep-11 now

4-Oct-11 4-Oct-11 4-Oct-11 4-Oct-11 available

20-08-11 20-08-11 20-08-11

P273 P273 P272

Indigo Girls MGMT Sereda, Jerry

Beauty Queen Sister Late Night Tales Turn The Country On

015707819022 5099967818129 061297258635

781902 781812B 725863

10.21 10.21 11.26

15-Sep-11 22-Sep-11 8-Sep-11

4-Oct-11 11-Oct-11 27-Sep-11




Killing Time






20-10-11 20-10-11 20-10-11 20-10-11 20-10-11

P258 P273 P231 P222 P250

Sainthood Reps, The Absu Gavin Friday KrashKarma Varukers, The

Monoculture Abzu Catholic Straight To The Blood The Damnation Of Our Species

5099991996527 803341312821 850358003099 610563093854 803341344433

199652 131282 800309 309385B 134443

12.25 10.21 12.85 8.99 10.86

8-Sep-11 15-Sep-11 15-Sep-11 15-Sep-11 15-Sep-11

27-Sep-11 4-Oct-11 4-Oct-11 4-Oct-11 4-Oct-11

20-11-11 20-11-11 20-11-11 20-11-11

P272 P272 P272 P240

Joey & Rory Murs Pain Of Salvation Redemption

A Farmhouse Christmas Love And Rockets Vol. 1 - The Transformation Road Salt Two This Mortal Coil

015891406725 857593002726 885417056228 885417056525

140672 300272G 705622 705652B

11.26 11.26 11.26 12.85

22-Sep-11 22-Sep-11 22-Sep-11 22-Sep-11

11-Oct-11 11-Oct-11 11-Oct-11 11-Oct-11

109 Atlantic Avenue

Suite 301 | Toronto, ONT M6H 1X4 | 416-583-5000

Retail Date: OctOber 4, 2011 Order Cut Off: SePteMber 15, 2011

Release Sheet 20-01-2011 CD Release Book 20-2011

CD - 6 panel ecopack P281 06300B - $ 10.68

Media: Canvas Media Marketing: Katie Thornton File under: Alternative

Vinyl ANC1 06300 - $ 13.50

Feist Metals
On October 4, FEIST returns with her highly anticipated new album, METALS. Its the follow-up to her 2007 breakout The Reminder, which earned her four Grammy nominations, six Juno wins and the opportunity to teach Muppets to count on Sesame Street. Recorded in Big Sur, California and co-produced by longtime collaborators Chilly Gonzales and Mocky, as well as newcomer Valgeir Sigursson (Bjork, Bonnie Prince Billy), METALS will be released in Canada on Arts & Crafts, marking Feists celebratory return to the world stage. METALS was written over three autumn months in 2010 in a tiny garage behind her house, after a year away from the spotlight. The songs range from low rumbling and moody ambiences to brutal and intense, as if it sonically maps the fog rolling in and the resulting cracking of thunder. Like The Reminder, this album is astoundingly intimate, yet often exuberant; rife with transcendent and unforgettable pop gems.
ALBUM TRACKLIST: 1. The Bad In Each Other 2. Graveyard 3. Caught A Long Wind 4. How Come You Never Go There 5. A Commotion 6. The Circle Married The Line 7. Bittersweet Melodies 8. Anti Pioneer 9. Undiscovered First 10. Cicadas And Gulls 11. Comfort Me 12. Get It Wrong Get It Right

Cover of ELLE CANADA October issue Feature in FLARE October issue Features to run in National dailies around release (Globe & Mail, Star, Sun and CanWest outlets and more) Securing covers for regional weeklies around Nov. /. Dec tour dates Securing late-night U.S. TV performance(Kimmel and Letterman) Targeting major US morning TV (Good Morning America) Week of release will appear on CBC Q, The Strombo show, The National, E-talk, ET Canada, Bravo, MTV, MuchMoreMusic, and Canada AM

How Come You Never Go There serviced to Alternative, AAA and CBC on August 9th. Video to be serviced mid-September to all outlets

Key placement in all major outlets Targeting window banners, listening posts, and premium positioning Co-op funds available

Extensive online plan includes releasing 12 vignettes representing each song on Metals leading up to release date METALS Paint-by-numbers lead into the unveiling of the album cover to amazing online interaction among fans The How Come You Never Go There YouTube link and SoundCloud streams were an immediate success online when release on August 9th. Within 24 hours, the Soundcloud had 93k plays, was the #2 hottest song next to (Drake+Lil Wayne). The YouTube garnered 26,000 plays, and music-blog aggregator, Hype Machine, had the track as the #7 most popular song and the #1 most blogged about (by DOUBLE the next closest).

November 18th, 2011 November 20th, 2011 November 21st, 2011 December 1st, 2011 December 3rd, 2011 December 5th, 2011 December 6th, 2011 Vancouver, BC Edmonton, AB Calgary, AB Toronto, ON Montreal, QC Ottawa, ON Quebec, QC The Centre In Vancouver For Performing Arts Northern Alberta Jubilee Center Jack Singer Concert Hall Massey Hall Metropolis National Arts Centre Grand Theatre Du Quebec

National Print in Exclaim, Globe & Mail and ELLE Canada National outdoor advertising campaign Targeted TV advertising regionally and nationally Extensive online buy from Sept - Dec

109 Atlantic Avenue

Suite 301 | Toronto, ONT M6H 1X4 | 416-583-5000

Retail Date: OctOber 11, 2011 Order Cut Off: SePteMber 22, 2011

Release Sheet 20-02-2011 CD Release Book 20-2011

Media: Charlotte Thompson Marketing: Amy Jeninga File under: Rock


CD - STANDARD - Jewel Case P258 79154B - $ 12.25


Not Actual Album Cover

Evanescence Over 1 Million Units Sold In Canada!

FOLLOWING THE OVERWHELMING SUCCESS OF THEIR MULTI PLATINUM RELEASES FALLEN AND THE OPEN DOOR, EVANESCENCE RETURN WITH THEIR THIRD STUDIO ALBUM. Evanescence (Amy Lee, Terry Balsamo, Tim McCord, Will Hunt) broke onto the scene with the release of Fallen in 2003. The album garnered two Top 10 singles, Bring Me To Life and My Immortal and landed the group two Grammy awards (Best New Artist and Best Hard Rock Performance). The album stayed on Billboards Top 200 chart for over 100 weeks and went on to sell over 15 million copies worldwide. In October 2006, the band released its much-anticipated second studio album, The Open Door, on Wind-up Records. To date, more than 5 million copies of The Open Door have been sold. Combined, those two titles have sold in excess of twenty million copies worldwide in addition to the live DVD/CD Anywhere But Home. Following a three year sabbatical, Evanescence returned to the studio in April 2011 to begin recording its third studio album with producer Nick Raskulinecz, whose recent producing credits include Foo Fighters, RUSH, Stone Sour, Deftones and Alice in Chains.


Toronto Sound Academy October 25 Montreal Metropolis October 27

Fallen Certified 6x Platinum (15 Million worldwide) Bring Me To Life Gold digital single My Immortal Gold digital single The Open Door certified Platinum Anywhere But Home (DVD) certified Platinum Produced by Nick Raskulinecz (Rush, Foo Fighters, Velvet Revolver) AVAILABLE IN 2 CONFIGURATIONS THE DELUXE VERSION INCLUDES BONUS TRACKS AND DVD


The first single, What You Want impacts radio on August 9th Early press features include Billboard, MTV, Spin Late night TV appearances scheduled around week of release Extensive television and online advertising campaigns during Q3 and Q4 Over 10 million albums sold to date in North America

ALSO AVAILABLE Fallen CD P222 29674

The Open Door CD P222 29666

Anywhere But Home CD/DVD P223 29691

Anywhere But Home DVD E92L 82771

109 Atlantic Avenue

Suite 301 | Toronto, ONT M6H 1X4 | 416-583-5000

Retail Date: OctOber 11, 2011 Order Cut Off: SePteMber 22, 2011
Toronto Vancouver Calgary Edmonton Montreal Central Ontario Ottawa Montreal Toronto Subs South Western Ontario

Release Sheet 20-03-2011 CD Release Book 20-2011

Media: Charlotte Thompson Marketing: Amy Jeninga File under: Pop

CD - ecopack P258 79070 - $ 12.25

Ryan Adams
Ashes & Fire
Ryan Adams will release his new album Ashes & Fire October 11 on PAX-AM/Capitol. This is Adams first solo album to be released via a new U.S. arrangement with his own PAX-AM label and EMIs Capitol in the U.S. and Canada, the album was recorded at Sunset Sound Factory in Hollywood and produced by Glyn Johns, renowned for his work with the likes of The Beatles, Bob Dylan, The Clash, The Who and The Rolling Stones--and whose son Ethan produced previous Ryan Adams albums Heartbreaker, Gold and 29. From the slow burning stunner of an opener Dirty Rain through the infectious shuffle of the title track and irresistible harmonies of Lucky Now, to the closing lament of I Love You But I Dont Know What To Say, Ashes & Fire is arguably the most cohesive and beautiful album of Adams distinguished career.

Conan confirmed for 10/10, Letterman for 12/5

Aggressive on line campaign targeting music and lifestyle sites including Facebook, MSN, Vevo and more. Print ads in key markets. Radio ads in key markets.

First single Lucky Now will be serviced to CBC / Campus / College radio late August


Ryan Adams is a multiple-Grammy-nominated singer songwriter. He has critically acclaimed and commercially successful albums both as a solo artist and with the Cardinals have included Heartbreaker (2000), Gold (2001), Love Is Hell (2004), Cold Roses (2005) and Easy Tiger (2007)--which TIME magazine hailed as a career breakthrough. Adams is also an accomplished author, with two booksInfinity Blues and Hello Sunshine--released by independent publisher Akashic.


Ryan Adams is the darling of the sync world and we anticipate high profile uses from multiple tracks.

Having recently completed a sold out tour of the UK and Europe, Ryan Adams will soon be announcing a dates and venues of a solo acoustic tour of California and the Pacific Northwest this fall.

Dirty Rain Ashes & Fire Come Home Rocks Do I Wait Chains Of Love Invisible Riverside Save Me Kindness Lucky Now I Love You But I Dont Know What To Say

109 Atlantic Avenue

Suite 301 | Toronto, ONT M6H 1X4 | 416-583-5000

Retail Date: OctOber 11, 2011 Order Cut Off: SePteMber 22, 2011

Release Sheet 20-04-2011 CD Release Book 20-2011

EXPERIENCE EDITION 2 CDs + bonus DVD mid priced P252 84356C - $ 15.35
Marketing: Roger Bartel File under: Classical

STANDARD EDITION 2 CDs mid priced P250 84362 - $ 10.86

The Callas Effect

Maria Callas


Her reputation, extremely high when she died, has become ever greater in the years since her death. As a personality she remains controversial, but as an artist hardly at all: her genius is recognized as supreme by virtually all opera lovers, indeed it is often from listening to her many recordings that people discover what an incredibly potent art form opera can be. - BBC Music Magazine Maria Callas is the ultimate and original diva. She is widely regarded as the greatest opera singer and performer of all time whose life, voice and performances have intrigued, thrilled and inspired all who have come after her. Widely regarded for her intense characterizations and unique interpretations, Callas has transcended opera to become a cultural icon whose influence touches all corners of the art world. 2012 marks the 35th anniversary of her death. The Callas Effect, in two exclusive editions, is a collection of opera arias highlighting her spectacular climb to fame, reflecting her transition in life from innocent young woman to tragic heroine in her later years through the opera arias she recorded. The Standard Edition 2-CD set contains a 32 page booklet and full access to bonus content on the official Maria Callas website. The Experience Edition 2-CD set features a 60 page booklet, full access to bonus content on the Maria Callas website AND a exclusive 75 minute documentary on DVD! Featuring the most special and exquisitely interpreted arias of her output, The Callas Effect also includes a special introduction written by noted journalist Ira Siff. The DVD documentary found in the Experience Edition reveals powerful first-hand accounts that have not before been revealed of how and why Callas has exerted a unique and extraordinary effect on other celebrity opera singers, on distinguished stage directors, on actors and actresses, on backstage theatre crews, on recording staff, on impresarios, on audiences who queued up for days and nights to see her, and now on young music-lovers. According to recent research commissioned by EMI Music Global: 57% of people recognize Maria Callas globally!

EXPERIENCE AND STANDARD EDITIONS TRACK LISTING CD1 ROSSINI una voce poco fa (Il barbiere di Siviglia) VerDI Merce, dilette amiche (bolero) (I vespri Siciliani) PuccInI O mio babbino caro (Gianni Schicchi) PuccInI Si. Mi chiamano Mimi (La boheme) VerDI Gualtier Maldecaro nome (rigoletto) VerDI ah, forse lui (La traviata) DeLIbeS Ou va la jeune indoue (bell Song) (Lakme) GOunOD un bouquet!...ah! je ris (Jewel Song) (Faust) SaInt-SaenS Samson, recherchant ma presence (Samson et Dalila) bIZet Lamour est un oiseau rebelled (Habanera) (carmen) tHOMaS ah, pour ce soirJe suis titania (Polonaise) (Mignon) GLucK Divinites du Styx (alceste) beLLInI casta Diva (norma) VerDI La luce langue (Macbeth) PuccInI In questa reggia (turandot) 1: PuccInI Vissi darte (tosca) CD2 PuccInI un bel di vedremo (Madama butterfly) PuccInI Suor angelica (Suor angelica Sister angelica) PuccInI Senza mamma, O bimbo (Suor angelica Sister angelica) cataLanI ebben? andro lontana (La Wally) GIOrDanO La mamma morta (andrea chenier) VerDI Damor sullali rosee (Leonora) (Il trovatore) beLLInI col sorriso dinnocenza (act 2) VerDI Surta e la notteernani! ernani, involami (ernani) VerDI ritorna vincitor (act 1) (aida) bIZet carreau! Pique! (card Scene) (carmen) MOZart In quail eccessi, O numo!..Mi tradi quellalma ingrate (Don Giovanni) VerDI tu che la vanita (Don carlo) POncHIaLLI Suicido! (La Gioconda) PuccInI Sola, perduta, abbandonata (Manon Lescaut) EXPERIENCE EDITION BONUS DVD - THE CALLAS EFFECT: DOCUMENTARY Introduction Humble beginnings the new Star at La Scala bringing Drama to the Opera Stage tosca Vissi Darte Death at the Opera High Society and Fashion Losing Voice a tragic end Sola, perduta, abbandonata the callas effect today

109 Atlantic Avenue

Suite 301 | Toronto, ONT M6H 1X4 | 416-583-5000

Retail Date: OctOber 4, 2011 Order Cut Off: SePteMber 15, 2011

Release Sheet 20-05-2011 CD Release Book 20-2011

Media: Dawn Dwyer Marketing: Andres Mendoza File under: New Releases / Pop / Cohen, Adam

CD - Jewel Case P273 87621 - $ 10.21

The son of the legendary Leonard Cohen, all his life Adam had sought an artistic space beyond the reach of his fathers looming shadow. I was never terribly pre-occupied with living up to my family name, comments Adam: It was not until I was sitting at the dinner table with my father the left and my two year old son to the right, did I realise that I really wanted to, and I was ready to. The result of this epiphany is Adams new album, Like A Man. Like A Man is steeped in my recognizing that I am in the family business. Despite my efforts to carve out a different identity, really I belong to a long line of people who have embraced their fathers business. And to have my father pronounce that I have world-class love songs on my record Like A Man and What Other Guy is a deeply gratifying compliment, says Adam.

Facebook/Twitter ramp-up beginning in August, Webcast around release

Sept. 19th start dates for Youtube/Google, Facebook, Female lifestyle sites Targeting: 60,000 clicks (60 Million impressions)

Sept. 19th start dates for Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver postering (includes QR code for instant grat track)


August 16th - Press Release out August 17th - E-card to Leonard Cohen mailing list 900,000 subscribers Oct. 1, 2, 3 - Toronto Media Days Late Sept. Album release blast to Leonard Cohen mailing list 900,000 subscribers Late August - Four track radio sampler out now

Slice TV Campaign early December

Female lifestyle magazines/outlets Winter 2011/2012

October 1 Toronto, Massey Hall Walk of Fame Concert feat. Knaan and Bedouin Soundclash 3, 4 Toronto, Drake Hotel Special launch performances 8 Montreal

Early August - What Other Guy posted/serviced, EPK out to Leonard Cohen list Stranger, Like A Man ready as follow up
Tracklisting 1. Out of Bed 2. Matchbox 3. Like A Man 4. Sweet Dominique 5. What Other Guy 6. Girls These Days 7. Lie Alone 8. Overrated 9. Beautiful 10. Stranger

Digital Single: What Other Guy ICPN: 50999-680749-51 August 23rd Release

109 Atlantic Avenue

Suite 301 | Toronto, ONT M6H 1X4 | 416-583-5000

Retail Date: OctOber 4, 2011 Order Cut Off: SePteMber 15, 2011

Release Sheet 20-06-2011 CD Release Book 20-2011

The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys Christmas Album

Christmas With The Beach Boys continues the 50th Anniversary celebration of The Beach Boys! This fall, we will also see the release of long awaited Beach Boys The Smile Sessions, the Brian Wilson masterpiece, originally recorded in 1966, but never released! Facebook ads and e-blasts sent out from Retailers please note this version will replace the current version (5-09996-85261-2-2) once the stock has been depleted
Tracks 1. Little Saint Nick 2. The Man With All The Toys 3. Santas Beard 4. Merry Christmas, Baby 5. Christmas Day 6. Frosty The Snowman 7. We Three Kings of Orient Are 8. Blue Christmas 9. Santa Claus is Comin To Town 10. White Christmas 11. Ill Be Home For Christmas 12. Auld Lang Syne

Marketing: Warren Stewart File under: Christmas / Beach Boys

CD - Jewel Case P222 79762C - $ 8.99

Frank Sinatra

A Jolly Christmas From Frank Sinatra

New Sinatra Best of the Best release and new national PBS program hosted by Tony Bennett airs this fall! Facebook ads and e-blasts sent out from Retailers please note this version will replace the current version (5-09996-00016-2-0) once the stock has been depleted
Tracks 1. Jingle bells 2. The Christmas Song 3. Mistletoe and Holly 4. Ill Be Home For Christmas 5. The Christmas Waltz 6. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas 7. The First Noel 8. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing 9. O Little Town of Bethlehem 10. Adeste Fideles 11. It Came Upon A Midnight Clear 12. Silent Night! 13. White Christmas (bonus track) 14. The Christmas Waltz (alternate version, bonus track)

Marketing: Warren Stewart File under: Christmas / Frank Sinatra

CD - Jewel Case P222 79763B - $ 8.99

ords and is a collection of self-penned Haggard Merles stalwart Working Man Blues featuring
109 Atlantic Avenue
Suite 301 | Toronto, ONT M6H 1X4 | 416-583-5000

Retail Date: OctOber 4, 2011 Order Cut Off: SePteMber 15, 2011

Release Sheet 20-07-2011 CD Release Book 20-2011


ee boat

Merle Haggard Working In Tennessee

Iconic country music legend, Country Hall of Famer and most recently a Kennedy Center Honoree, MERLE HAGGARD, is releasing a new album, Working in Tennessee, on October 4th. This marks his second disc for Vanguard Records and is a collection of self-penned Haggard riches, plus a couple of classics made famous by Johnny Cash, as well as a new version of Merles stalwart Working Man Blues featuring Willie Nelson and his son Ben Haggard.


Follow up to 2010s resurgent release I Am What I Am / 50,000+ SoundScan / Haggards highest charting album since 1983 and top selling album in over a decade Major Press Secured for 2010 Release Included: NPRs Morning Edition, The Tonight Show, Prairie Home Companion, CBS Sunday Morning, Jimmy Fallon, The Late Show with David Letterman, Rolling Stone, Kennedy Center Honors, and much more Confirmed to appear on Conan 10/11 / Other early confirmed press includes: Mens Health, Spin, Filter, and more Major Los Angeles play at the Greek Theatre 10/7 / Pursuing all major media/promotional opportunities. National Touring to support release Vinyl Available


Media: Sue McCallum, The Next Level PR Marketing: Tony Tarleton File under: Country

Extensive National Advertising Campaign, to include: TV (CBS Sunday Morning), Online (NPR, Google Display Ad Network fan-directed retargeting, extensive Facebook, You-Tube Pre-Roll), Print (Country Weekly, M Music & Musicians, American Songwriter) Street team and viral marketing initiatives include social networking campaigns and blog postings National in-theatre audio placement In-store song placement via Muzak and Play Networks

Single: Working in Tennessee Servicing Americana, Secondary Country, Non-Comm, Satellite

CD P273 78208 - $ 10.21

, UT

10/01 San Francisco, CA 10/02 Saratoga, CA 10/06 Fresno, CA 10/07 Los Angeles, 3. Cocaine Blues CA TRACK LISTING: 4. 1. Working in Temecula, CA What I Hate Tennessee 10/8-9 5. Sometimes I Dream 2. Down on the Houseboat
6. Under the Bridge

Pitching national TV, all major print and online outlets, syndicated radio, dailies/weeklies, and more

Vinyl ANC1 78208 - $ 13.50

7. Too Much Boogie Woogie 8. Truck Drivers Blues 9. Laugh It Off

10. Working Man Blues 11. Jackson



Again Into Eyes

Debut album from highly-buzzed about London 5-piece Based in London, S.C.U.M exploded onto the music scene two years ago with the release of their debut single Visions Arise. The single, together with their exciting and intense live shows, quickly grabbed the imagination of fans and critics alike. Since then band have toured extensively across the UK and Europe to a growing fan base, most recently opening for The Kills. S.C.U.Ms debut album, Again Into Eyes is a triumphant arrival. It reels from carnival-esque toughness to a second side that comes close to despair before mainlined redemption in the form of Whitechapel, a utopian, future-disco monolith, washed in otherworldly Mellotron and Choirs, its perhaps the biggest surprise on the record.

CD - ecopack F250 69505 - $ 10.86

Merle Haggard I Am What I Am UPC: 015707803526

Vinyl ANC1 69505 - $ 13.50

neW reLeaSe

File under: Alternative

Marketing: Katie Thornton

rancisco-Oakland-San Jose, CA /Singer-songwriter-pianist / Boston, Portland, OR Jeffery Straker performs over 100 shows per year across Canada. He recently recorded for CBC radios Canada Live, had a music video rise to the top 10 (#6) on Canadas Much More Music and / Seattle-Tacoma, WA / Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX / in May 2010 toured his music with the Regina Symphony Orchestra Chamber Players. His album Step Right Up was the #5 selling album in his home-land of Saskatchewan in August 2010, ahead of both Justin Bieber cago, IL / Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN / Phoenix, AZ / of them cared. But he is sure that he, in fact, did. He has just launched a new and Lady Gaga. Hes sure neither album, under the soles of my shoes in June 2011 and is touring Canada in support of it. Tour stops include mento-Stockton, CA / Atlanta, GA shows ranging from intimate house concerts to a show with the full Regina Symphony Orchestra (Oct 1, 2011) / Denver, CO / and many in between. Canadian UT ville-Spartanburg-Asheville, NC-SC/ Salt Lake City,Musician Magazine recently said, Very much an artist to watch. The Chicago 015707820851
neW reLeaSe File under: Pop Marketing: Tony Tarleton

ET DMAs: Los Angeles, CA Under The Soles Of My Shoes / New York, NY /

Jeffery Straker


CD P272 41685 - $ 11.26

Free Press has written : Rufus Wainwright, as well as k.d. lang are among the Canadians making essential and beautiful music. Add the name Jeffery Straker to that list.
Price Prefix: D1ZR

DATE 9/9/11) CD

refix: D21Z

109 Atlantic Avenue

Suite 301 | Toronto, ONT M6H 1X4 | 416-583-5000

Retail Date: OctOber 4, 2011 Order Cut Off: SePteMber 15, 2011

Release Sheet 20-08-2011 CD Release Book 20-2011

Indigo Girls

Beauty Queen Sister

GRAMMY award-winning folk-rock duo Indigo Girls will release their fourteenth studio album, Beauty Queen Sister, October 4, 2011. The new album is a stunning 13-song collection featuring the signature storytelling that fans have grown to love, touching on modern-world worries and romanticizing the simplicity of days gone by. Recorded in Nashville, the duo reunited with producer Peter Collins, with whom the Indigo Girls worked on 1992s Rites of Passage and 1994s Swamp Ophelia. Beauty Queen Sister will be the fourth album released on IG Recordings/Vanguard Records.

Media: Sue McCallum, The Next Level PR Marketing: Tony Tarleton File under: Rock


TRACK LISTING: 1 Share the Moon 2 John 3 Beauty Queen Sister 4 We Get to Feel It All 5 War Rugs 6 Gone 7 Mariner Moonlighting 8 Birthday Song 9 Feed and Water the Horses 10 Making Promises 11 Damo 12 Able to Sing 13 Yoke

Follow up to IG Recordings/Vanguard debut Poseidon and the Bitter Bug/77,000 SoundScan to date Premium packaging. Temporary tattoos included in each package Deluxe, 2xLP vinyl configuration also available Major Press Secured for 2009 Release Included: New York Times, CBS Early Show, Billboard, USA Today, Advocate, Boston Globe, and much more National Touring to support release Strong online presence: Facebook 100,000+/Twitter 12,000+

Single: Making Promises Service to Triple A, Non-Comm, Satellite 7 Adds two weeks early, including key stations: WFUV (New York), WXPN (Philadelphia), WYEP (Pittsburgh)

CD - Digipak P273 78190 - $ 10.21

Retail Date: OctOber 11, 2011 Order Cut Off: SePteMber 22, 2011


Late Night Tales

Formed in 2002 in Brooklyn, New York the band consists of multi-instrumentalists Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser, both alumni of Wesleyan University. Their 2008 debut album Oracular Spectacular spawned the almost ubiquitous hit singles Kids, Time To Pretend and Electric Feel while 2010s follow up Congratulations saw them embrace more of a progressive, guitar-driven sound. The bands Late Night Tales selection of post-punk, cult indie and counter-culture figureheads reflects the bands multifaceted sound, and draws comparisons with contemporary dreampop/chillwave/shoegaze/folk scenes on both sides of the Atlantic. The listener finds MGMT presiding over the playlist after-the-after-party; Luminaries The Velvet Underground, Suicide and Julian Cope, although not with their most famous songs, sit alongside less familiar names such as Disco Inferno; whose Cant See It Through from their final 96 album Technicolour opens proceedings. MGMTs exclusive cover of All We Ever Wanted Was Everything by Bauhaus sits comfortably alongside the UK post-punk-gothic bands peers The Durutti Column, The Chills, The Jacobites and Felts brief but imposing instrumental Red Indians. Paranoia strikes deep: the double header of Cheval Sombres Troubled Mind and Drug Song by 60s Christian folk singer Dave Bixby accentuate the hope offered by the ever penitent Spacemen 3 (MGMTs second album Congratulations was recorded CD - Jewel Case with founder Pete Kember aka Sonic Boom), who deliver Lord Can You Hear Me? in respect P273 78181B - $ 10.21 to the beautiful closer Morning Splendor, taken from Pauline Anna Stroms rare 82 LP Trans-Millenia Consort. Putting a full stop on the selection, music journalist and Art of Noise collaborator Paul Morley continues his Lost For Words short story.

Media: Tony Tarleton Marketing: Tony Tarleton File under: Alternative

The Late Night Tales series was launched in 2001. The idea: pick an internationally known artist with a great musical knowledge, offer them the chance to choose and mix all their favourite home listening and musically inspiring tracks, together with an exclusive cover recording of an all time favourite song. 26 albums and over 1 million sales later, Late Night Tales is proud to present MGMT to the series.

Retail Date: SePteMber 27, 2011

Order Cut Off: SePteMber 8, 2011

Jerry Sereda
Media: Holly Cybulski, HC Consulting Marketing: Mike Denney, MDM Recordings Inc. File under: Country

Turn The Country On

Jerry is a Canadian Country Recording artist from Dauphin MB, who has gained popularity performing festivals across Canada, and the USA with acts such as Dierks Bentley, Johnny Reid, Shane Yellowbird, and Jason Blaine, and is making his mark on the Canadian Country Music scene. Having played venues ranging from acoustic performances in small lounges, to larger settings such as Dauphin Countryfest, Jerry continues to expand his fan base with his upbeat rhythms and commanding stage presence. Through his music he has secured two National # 1 hits with his debut album Campground Cowboy (nominated for Best Country CD at the 2010 APCMAs), which displays a hint of the traditional music the Winnipegger grew up with, balanced with todays contemporary country, all delivered with a pleasing vocal exuding confidence. Jerry is now set to release his second studio album featuring writers like Dierks Bentley, Lee Brice, Eric Church and many more. The leadoff single Aint Learned Nothing Yet, went Top 5 on NCI radio, while the video was spun for 5 weeks in medium rotation on CMT. The current single Morning After The Night Before, is currently moving steadily up the charts and is establishing him as a name to watch in Canadian Country Music.

Not Final Album Artwork

CD - Jewel Case P272 72586 - $ 11.26


* a. Aint Learned nothing yet - Best Video National Image Awards (NAIIA)

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Killing Time


One of Alternative Press most anticipated albums of 2011

Over 350,000 Cumulative sales Over 90,000 Facebook Fans Over 175,000 Myspace Friends with over 21 million plays and 10 million views Appearances on Late Night with Conan OBrien, Fuse TV, MTV, MTV2, and Fuel TV

Media: Tony Tarleton Marketing: Tony Tarleton File under: Rock
Sept. 21 Mavericks Bar (Ottawa) Sept. 22 Underworld (Montreal) Sept. 23 London Music Hall Lounge (London, Ont.) Sept. 24 Annex Wreckroom (Toronto)

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The Sainthood Reps

Sainthood Reps debut album Monoculture is a work influenced by early 90s post-hardcore and contemporary post-rock as well as other artistic avenues, with much of the lyrical content derived from historical perspective gathered via films and books rather than personal experience. Recorded in their native Long Island with producer Mike Sapone (Brand New, Crime in Stereo, The Xcerts), the album achieves a balance between jagged, uneasy, sometimes harsh distortion and fuzz and a sound that feels equally ethereal, reflective and progressive.

CD P258 19965 - $ 12.25

neW reLeaSe

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Abzu is part two of a planned trilogy of recordings from mythological occult metal trio Absu. Mixed by J.T. Longoria (King Diamond/Solitude Aeternus), the album follows the bands popular 2009 self-titled album. Featuring the original works of Polish artist Zbigniew Bielak (Watain, Behemoth, Destroyer 666, Vader), Abzu ushers in a new visual presentation for Absu. In the past, we have utilized the talents of Belgium artist Kris Verwimp, says drummer/vocalist Proscriptor, but now were aesthetically detouring into more mystifying, Thelemic realms.

CD - Digipak P273 13128 - $ 10.21

neW reLeaSe

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Gavin Friday Catholic

Long awaited album from former Virgin Prunes frontman Buzz on new album has generated tons of press, radio and industry support Full servicing of album and single (Able) to press, radio, retail, online Major USA priority release for MB3 Records throughout 2011 Extensive touring across USA including high profile festival dates Artist development list price, new release discount and in store play copies Produced by Ken Thomas (Sigur Ros, M83, Moby, Yann Tiersen) Co-op and retail marketing dollars available Includes 24 page novella by Patrick McCabe (The Butcher Boy)

CD - Jewel Case P231 80030 $ 12.85

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KrashKarma Straight To The Blood

Alternative, hard metal, some rock elements and the right amount of electronic ... a fresh new sound. MetalNews New band formed by Ralf Dietel (Nine Inch Nails guitar player) Full servicing of album and singles to press, radio, retail, online with four videos Videos for 9 Lives (1, 2 Die) has received 30,000+ YouTube views CD - Jewel Case Major USA priority release for The MuseBox Distribution throughout 2011 P222 30938B - $ 8.99 Extensive touring across the USA from September to December 2011 Artist development list price, new release discount and in store play copies Won Best Independent Touring Band by Rock City News in December 2007 Named top 100 bands unsigned by Music Connection

neW reLeaSe

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Dating to 1979, The Varukers are considered part of the UK82 or second wave of English hardcore punk. Alongside their peers (Discharge, Amebix, Chaos UK, GBH), the band were heavily fueled by the energies and ideologies of 1977-era punk. The band would tour heavily, splinter for several years, and throughout their history gained and maintained a loyal and passionate fanbase. The Damnation of Our Species is a 2cd career retrospect of the band. Disc one contains tracks taken from the bands 1984 self-released One Struggle One Fight album and 1998s Murder album. Disc two compiles selections from the bands self-released 2000 album How Do you Sleep (originally released and sold on the bands American tour followed by a license to Go Kart Records) plus songs from 2009s Killing Myself to Live.

The Varukers The Damnation Of Our Species

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neW reLeaSe

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Joey & Rory A Farmhouse Christmas

Award-winning duo Joey+Rory have set October 11, 2011 as the release date for their A Farmhouse Christmas album on Sugar Hill Records. In a unique move for holiday albums, 10 of the 12 cuts on the new CD are either new songs or cuts never released as Christmas songs. The farmhouse Christmas theme for this album is right at home for the duo, as their personal lives are rooted in the 1870s farmhouse where they live in the small community of Pottsville, TN. We made this record with hopes of trying to bring the listener into our home and share a small piece of our world at Christmas time with them, Joey says. Christmas means so much to Joey and me, Rory adds. It brings on so many feelings that other times of the year just dont. We seem to laugh (and eat) more, think deeper, reminisce more, and for a short time, most of our priorities all come into perspective.

CD - Digipak P272 14067 - $ 11.26

neW reLeaSe

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Love And Rockets Vol. 1 - The Transformation

Murs is the hardest-working rapper alive. If hes not running circles around America as part of Paid Dues, the annual hip-hop festival that he created and organized, hes doing backflips across a stage in Budapest, or shaking hands with fans in Japan before catching a bullet train to a packed in-store performance. When hes not on the road, hes in the studio, feverishly adding album after album to a cavernous discography which boasts projects released by major-label behemoths like Warner Bros. clear across the industry spectrum to indie powerhouses like Rhymesayers and Def Jux, a testament to the respect this man commands from the underground and commercial world alike. And all from a guy who only got a manager three years ago.

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neW reLeaSe

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Pain Of Salvation
Road Salt Two
In a world governed by increasingly rigid rules and conformist conceptions of art, PAIN OF SALVATION have created their own niche on the international music scene. Their intelligently composed and cleverly arranged songs mix metal, pop, funk, disco, goth and folk with Arabian and Oriental influences plus other more or less extreme musical styles into a homogenous whole. PAIN OF SALVATION consciously do without any kind of artistic compromise, the only criterion for their compositions being top quality and profound contents.

CD - Digipak P272 70562 - $ 11.26

neW reLeaSe

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This Mortal Coil
Formed in Los Angeles, California in 2000 by guitarist / keyboardist / songwriter Nicolas van Dyk, the band features legendary progressive metal vocalist Ray Alder of Fates Warning, as well as guitarist Bernie Versailles (Agent Steel), the phenomenal rhythm section of Chris Quirarte (drums) and Sean Andrews (bass) and the keyboard talents of Greg Hosharian. The bands 5th studio-album, This Mortal Coil, features more mature songwriting than ever before and shows the band taking several steps beyond the quality of their previous output, and standing out from the rest of the crowd in the progressive metal scene with their unique brand of heavy, melodic and emotionally powerful music.

CD - Jewel Case, 2 trays P240 70565B - $ 12.85

neW reLeaSe

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P293 S273 P267 P293 P267 P293 C26T C26T C26T C28L P222 P222 P222

Tharaud, Alexandre Tharaud, Alexandre Emmanuel, Cencic Max Jarvi, Paavo Pappano, Antonio Agnew, Paul/Les Arts Florissants Various Artists Handley, Vernon Mackerras, Charles Steinberg, William Nyman, Michael Nyman, Michael Nyman, Michael

Bach: Piano Concertos J;Apprends le Piano avec Alexandre Tharaud Vivaldi: Il Farnace Faure: Requiem Rossini: William Tell Leo/Scarlatti: Lamentazione The Treasury of English Church Music Vernon Handley - Champion of British Music Charles Mackerras - Master of Orchestral Texture Willian Steinberg - The Disciplined Master Conductor Michael Nyman - Concertos Michael Nyman - String Quartet No 4, Three Quartets Michael Nyman - Peter Greenaway Film Music

5099908710925 5099967847822 5099907091421 5099907092121 5099902883328 5099907090721 5099908464026 5099909820227 5099909818927 5099902648620 5099908475022 5099908475121 5099908477521

871092 784782 709142C 709212B 288332B 709072B 846402 982022 981892 264862 847502 847512B 847752 11.80 10.21 16.49 11.80 16.49 11.80 22.59 22.59 22.59 39.16 8.99 8.99 8.99

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Maria Callas

The Callas Effect

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Alexandre Tharaud Bach: Piano Concertos

RECORDED IN QUEBEC WITH BERNARD LABADIE & LES VIOLONS DU ROY!! Alexandre Tharaud, one of the leading pianists of this generation, releases a new collection of Bach keyboard concertos with the dynamic period-instrument ensemble from Quebec - Les Violons du Roy - under director Bernard Labadie. The new recording features a fusion of modern and historically informed performance styles. Comprised of four of Bachs finest concertos for solo keyboard, the album includes a composition for four separate pianos, BWV 1065, in which thanks to studio technology Tharaud plays all four solo parts. Throughout this and the other concertos, Tharaud displays the extraordinary sense of poise and communicative power that has made him a superstar in Europe and Quebec, and has US classical press buzzing about his talents.
TRACK LISTING: Concerto for keyboard and orchestra in D minor/en r mineur/d-moll BWV 1052 1. I Allegro 2. II Adagio 3. III Allegro Concerto for keyboard and orchestra in D major/en r majeur/D-dur BWV 1054 4. I Allegro 5. II Adagio e piano sempre 6. III Allegro 7. Adagio from Concerto en D minor/en r mineur/d-moll BWV 974 (after Oboe concerto by A. Marcello, arr. Tharaud-Labadie) Concerto for keyboard and orchestra in F minor/en fa mineur/f-moll BWV 1056 8. I Allegro moderato 9. II Largo 10. III Presto Concerto for keyboard and orchestra in G minor/en sol mineur/g-moll BWV 1058 11. I Allegro 12. II Andante 13. III Allegro Assai Concerto for four keyboards and orchestra in A minor/en la mineur/A-moll BWV 1065 (after Vivaldi op. 3 No. 10) 14. I Allegro 15. II Largo 16. III Allegro

(1 CD- full price) P293 87109 - $ 11.80


Es-tu prt dcouvrir et jouer de magnifiques pices pour piano ? Alors, allons-y ! Je te propose quelques conseils qui pourront taider...Bonne coute, Alexandre Tharaud
A compilation of traditional piano training pieces selected by Alexandre Tharaud with written comments and audio coaching. Illustrations by NOB, a well-known cartoonist in France in the same generation as Zep (Titeuf). With participation from Leif Ove Andsnes, Martha Argerich, David Fray, Stephen Kovacevich, Kun Woo Paik, Mikhail Rudy, Alexandre Tharaud, Alexis Weissenberg & Christian Zacharias.
1 Bach Le Clavier bien tempr 2 Chopin Mazurka en la mineur 3 Schumann Rverie 4 Bach Invention deux voix 5 Beethoven Pour Elise 6 Mozart La Tartine de beurre 7 Scarlatti Sonate en la majeur 8 Grieg Pice lyrique : Valse 9 Mozart Sonate Facile 10 Beethoven Sonate Clair de lune 11 Couperin Le Tic Toc Choc* 12 Mozart Marche turque 13 Chopin Nocturne n2 14 Schubert Moment musical n3 15 Brahms Valse n15 16 Debussy Arabesque n1 17 Ravel Ma mre lOye 18 Satie Gymnopdie n1 19 Debussy Clair de lune 20 Debussy La Fille aux cheveux de lin 21 Kurtg La Fille aux cheveux de lin - enrage 22 Ligeti Musica Ricercata** 23 Bartk Mikrokosmos 24 Poulenc Trois mouvements perptuels*** 25 Chostakovitch Danse fantastique n1 26 Prokofiev Visions fugitives 27 Prt Fr Alina****

(1 CD mid priced) S273 78478 - $ 10.21

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Max Emanuel Cencic

Vivaldi: Il Farnace
The world premiere recording of Viviadis Il Farnace in a version that Vivaldi prepared specially for the city of Ferrara in 1737-38 after its success in Venice. This is not only the first time the Ferrara version of Farnace has been recorded, but also the first time it has been heard, as the planned performances of 1738 were cancelled due to the local failure of the Vivaldi opera that preceded it, Siroe. Farnace was never staged again anywhere, and the only surviving trace of its music is in the form of an incomplete score carefully notated and preserved by Vivaldi in his personal collection. It is the only remaining opera of Vivaldi never to have been performed since the composers time. Chances are that Vivaldi never completed this Farance, however, with the reconstruction of the third act by Diego Fasolis and Frdric Delama, this recording presents a rare opportunity to discover a work bursting with riches, the last fruit of Vivaldis unprecedented operatic output. In this recording, the cast is led by the brilliant countertenor Max Emanuel Cencic in the title role with the support of conductor Diego Fasolis and the I Barocchisti ensemble.

(3 CDs full price) P267 70914C - $ 16.49

Faur: Requiem
Paavo Jrvi
With Philippe Jaroussky; Matthias Goerne; Choeur de lOrchestre de Paris; Orchestre de Paris
Paavo Jrvi devotes his new recording to music by one French composer Gabriel Faur. Faurs serene and consoling Requiem is the centerpiece of the album, which also features three other classic Faur pieces and one lesser known, but nonetheless beautiful, work. The Requiem features two vocal soloists, usually a soprano and a baritone. Here, however, a countertenor, Philippe Jaroussky, brings his ethereal timbre and sensitive phrasing to the poised Pie Jesu. His baritone colleague is the warm-toned German Matthias Goerne, acknowledged as one of todays finest vocal recitalists. The Chur de lOrchestre de Paris also performs in three other works on the CD including the exquisite Pavane, with its flowing melody and mock-Rococo verses, and two early works to religious texts, the touching Cantique de Jean Racine and the world premiere recording of Super Flumina Babylonis (By the Rivers of Babylon). Completing the program is the reflective, but impassioned Elgie for cello and orchestra, performed by the Orchestre de Paris Principal Cellist, Eric Picard.

(1 CD full price) P293 70921B - $ 11.80

Rossini: William Tell

Antonio Pappano
**THIS IS THE STANDARD VERSION OF THIS ALBUM REPLACING THE LIMITED EDITION VERSION THAT WAS RELEASED IN AUGUST 2011 & IS NOW NO LONGER AVAILABLE** Rossinis final French Grand-Opra, William Tell is brought vividly to life by Antonio Pappano in this brand new recording. Recorded live in October and December 2010 at the Accademias home Auditorium Parco della Musica, this 4-disc set is a new operatic offering. (disc four is a CD-ROM with booklet notes & libretto) The many cinematic and television appearances of the famous theme from the overture, including A Clockwork Orange and The Eagle Shooting Heroes, makes this one of the few works to be known universally way beyond the opera-loving public. In addition to the overture, there are many other great moments to discover amongst the arias, finales, spectacular crowd scenes, chorus and dances. Joining Pappano is the Orchestra e Coro dellAccademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia under his musical directorship and a stellar international cast featuring by Canadian baritone Gerald Finley in the title role and American tenor John Osborn.

CORE CLASSICS (domestic release)

(4 CDs full price) P267 28833B - $ 16.49

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Retail Date: OctOber 11, 2011 Order Cut Off: SePteMber 22, 2011

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Paul Agnew & Les Arts Florissants

Leo/Scarlatti: Lamentazione
The singers of Les Arts Florissants, under the direction of tenor Paul Agnew, perform elaborate unaccompanied sacred works by Alessandro and Domenico Scarlatti, Leonardo Leo and Antonio Caldara. This Virgin Classics release was recorded in the Benedictine abbey at Ambronay in eastern France. In September 2010, as part of the annual festival at Ambronay, Agnew directed the singers of Les Arts Florissants in a concert at the villages 9thcentury Benedictine Abbey. It presented a number of masterpieces of church music by Italian baroque composers: the Neapolitans Alessandro Scarlatti, Domenico Scarlatti and Leonardo Leo, and the Venetian Antonio Caldara, who took charge of music at the imperial chapel in Vienna. Les Arts Florissants is one of the most influential and prolific ensembles in the world. Founded in 1979 by William Christie, who now regularly shares conducting duties with Paul Agnew, Les Arts Florissants has released eight recordings on Virgin Classics. TRACK LISTING: 1. Stabat Mater 2. Crucifixus ( 10 voix) 3. Quam Amrum est Maria 4. Crucifixus ( 16 voix) 5. Miserere ( 8 voix) 6. Crucifixus

(1 CD full price) P293 70907B - $ 11.80

The Treasury of English Church Music

Various Artists
This monumental 5-disc set of recordings was originally issued in 1966 as five long-playing records on the HMV label of performances given by the Ambrosian Singers as well as by the choirs of Westminster Abbey and of Guildford, St Pauls and Chichester cathedrals. The recordings were intended to complement, and were released along with, an innovative and ambitious five-volume printed anthology The Treasury of English Church Music which had been published the previous year. Those volumes consisted of some 1100 pages of music, much of it newly edited, and constituted a comprehensive survey of English church music over a period of more than eight centuries, from the earliest English liturgical polyphony to the latest compositions of Kenneth Leighton and Peter Maxwell Davies. For the present reissue, some contemporary recordings by these and other choirs have been added as bonus tracks, in part so that the overall selection of music should more accurately reflect the broad repertory of cathedral, collegiate and parish church choirs of modern times. CD 1 opens with the personal and perceptive speech given at the series launch by Herbert Howells, a composer as eloquent and articulate with the written and spoken word as he was with the printed note. The disc continues by surveying the rich tapestry of English church music from 1100 to 1540, with its broad and complex range of liturgical forms and musical styles. CD 2 spans the fertile period of almost a century between the introduction of the 1549 prayer book and the suspension of church services in the 1640s. The Restoration of the monarchy in 1660 after 15 years of Puritan rule marked the dawn of a new age in church music. The principal features of the Restoration style were angular melodies and chromatic inflections, often in conjunction with an adventurous approach to the treatment of dissonance. CD 3 explores the music of this period and of the first half of the 18th century. CD 4 encompasses the music of the late 18th and 19th centuries, including that of Battishill, Crotch, and S. S. Wesley, as well as two Irish-born composers, Charles Wood and Charles Stanford. CD 5 includes music by four of the leading figures of late 20th-century English music: Elgar, Vaughan Williams, Britten and Walton.

(5 CDs budget priced) C26T 84640 - $ 22.59

109 Atlantic Avenue

Suite 301 | Toronto, ONT M6H 1X4 | 416-583-5000

Retail Date: OctOber 4, 2011 Order Cut Off: SePteMber 15, 2011

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ICON The Essential Music from the Worlds Greatest Artists!

This series pays homage to some of the greatest recording artists with elegantly-packaged multi-CD sets devoted to their finest recordings. These three titles showcase the talent of composer Vernon Handley, and the conductors Charles Mackerras and William Steinberg.

Vernon Handley


Champion of British Music

Handley was a great champion of British music. This set of 5 CDs showcases recordings of Handley conducting five of the UKs great orchestras. It was in 1984 with Tod Handley that a 28-year-old Nigel Kennedy made his debut recording of the Elgar Concerto, here heard on disc one. The first three CDs in the set comprise works by English composers; the other two illustrate Handley conducting two great concertos from the standard repertoire, both with Tasmin Little, some charming Faur and popular Russian music.

(5 CDs budget priced) C26T 98202 - $ 22.59

Charles Mackerras

Master of Orchestral Texture

Sir Charles Mackerras arrived in England in 1947 with the intention of becoming a conductor and joined the Sadlers Wells orchestra as a wind player. He soon won a British Council scholarship to study conducting with Vaclav Talich in Prague and it was whilst there that he discovered and fell in love with the music of Jancek. Returning to London, Sir Charles began his life-long association with Sadlers Wells Opera (now English National Opera), developing his reputation as a significant conductor of the works of Jancek, as well as for those of Handel, Gluck, Mozart, Britten, Sullivan and many others. As well as Sir Charless first recording of Janceks Sinfonietta, this 5-CD set also showcases him performing the music of other composers whose music he was particularly famed for the world over.

(5 CDs budget priced) C26T 98189 - $ 22.59

William Steinberg

The Disciplined Master Conductor

This set of 20 CDs presents virtually everything that was recorded by Steinberg during the seven years that he recorded for Capitol: from the Schubert Second Symphony, recorded on 9 February 1952, to the Italian Serenade by Wolf, from 16 April 1959. These recordings show that Capitol Records were at the technical forefront when it came to sound quality and production values. The earlier recordings were, of course, made in mono and come up surprisingly well on CD. From 1956 onwards, the recordings were made in stereo. A selection of recordings, both mono and stereo, is here being released on CD for the first time. Also included are the recordings of Strauss that Steinberg and the Capitol Records producer, Richard C. Jones, made with the Philharmonia Orchestra in London, in June 1957.

(20 CDs budget priced) C28L 26486 - $ 39.16



Here is the latest installment to the British Composers Series, which celebrates the influential and diverse career in music of composer Michael Nyman.
Affirming his status as an innovator in orchestral music, these three concertos demonstrate a bold reinterpretation of musical traditions. The collection includes Nymans Double Concerto for Saxophone, Cello and Orchestra, and the virtuosic Concerto for Harpsichord and Strings, both of which illustrate Nymans inventive approach to timbre. The album concludes with the Concerto for Trombone and Orchestra, a dramatic and tumultuous conflict between instruments.
TRACK LISTING: 1-5: Double concerto for Saxophone and Cello John Harle, Julian Lloyd Webber/Philharmonia Orchestra, Michael Nyman 6-11: Concerto for Harpsichord and Strings Elisabeth Chojnacka/Michael Nyman String Orchestra, Michael Nyman 12-20: Concerto for Trombone and Orchestra Christian Lindberg/BBC Symphony Orchestra, Michael Nyman

(1 CD - Mid-Price) P222 84750 $8.99


This album explores two compelling examples of Michael Nymans writing for string quartet through the String Quartet No.4 and the single-movement 3 Quartets, in which the ensemble is complemented by the addition of saxophone and brass quartets. If the String Quartet is notable for its sequence of compact and closely-linked movements, 3 Quartets, by contrast, is characterized by variety, a vehicle for shifting textures and contrasting tempos.
TRACK LISTING: 1-12: String Quartet No. 4 Camilli String Quartet 13. 3 Quartets Michael Nyman Band, Michael Nyman

(1 CD - Mid-Price) P222 84751B $8.99


Michael Nyman is particularly recognized for his work in film composition, showcased here in his soundtracks for Peter Greenaway. Often building upon pre-existing sources, from Purcell to Mozart, by blending in aspects of popular music and minimalist techniques, Nymans compositions transformed how the role of film music is understood, while complementing Greenaways avant-garde creations.
TRACK LISTING: The Draughtsmans Contract (1982) 1. Chasing sheep is best left to shepherds 2. The disposition of the linen 3. The garden is becoming a roberoom 4. An eye for optical theory A Zed and Two Noughts (1985) 5. Angelfish decay 6. Time lapse 7. Prawn watching 8. Up for crabs 9. Venus de Milo 10. Lady in the red hat Drowning By Numbers (1988) 11. Trysting fields 12. Drowning by number 3 13. Wheelbarrow walk 14. Wedding tango 15. Knowing the ropes The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover (1989) 16. Memorial 17. Miserere paraphrase

(1 CD - Mid-Price) P222 84775 $8.99