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PROBLEM STATEMENT Problem statement Design a wired / wireless manual robot capable of defeating its opponent.

Competition will be on a one-to-one basis. Winning will be on the basis of points scored and immobilising their opponent. Each match will last 5 minutes or less.

Event format 1. Teams will compete in one-to-one basis. Teams will be moving to next qualifying round, by winning in direct knockout. If time runs out, the winner will be decided by the points earned by attacking the opponent with arena weapons. 2. If a robot remains immobilised for a time period of 30 seconds it will be considered to be knocked out. 3. First round (league stage): First round will be a league match where teams will be divided into groups of four. The team with highest points will go to the next round. 4. It is not mandatory that at least one team from each pool would be selected for the next round. The best eight teams irrespective of their pool allocation will be selected. 5. Second round Further rounds will be knock out rounds where teams will be divided in the group of two's and the winner of the match will go to the next round. 6. The points table for arena weapons will be mentioned on the day of the competition.

Specifications Robot Specifications: 1. The initial dimension of robot should not exceed 60cm x 60cm x 60cm. However there is no limitation on robot dimension once the match starts. 2. The robot should not exceed 20kg (including power source). 3. The robot should be electrically powered. Use of an IC engine is not allowed. 4. The electrical voltage at any point of time in the machine should not exceed 30V DC. 5. Change of battery will not be allowed during the match. 6. In case of wired bots teams can use external battery source. 7. In case of wired bots, the wires should remain slack at any instant during the fight. All the wires coming out of the machine should be stacked as a single unit. Also, the wires should be projected 60cm above the ground to avoid entanglement.

8. In case of wireless system, multi frequency or digitally addressed remotes should be used to avoid frequency interference. 9. Use of ready-made remote controls is allowed. 10. At any instance the robot should be in contact with the ground. Elevating from ground is not allowed. 11. The bots are allowed to have any kind of weapons such as cutters, flippers, saws, Hammers, Lifting devices etc. 12. Use of pneumatic, hydraulic, flammable liquid, flame weapons, glue, RF jammers, and electromagnets systems is strictly prohibited. Arena specifications: 1. Arena shape will either resemble a square or a rectangle. The edges of the arena will be covered with a thick wall of 5 -10 cm. 2. Arena consists of weapons such as swinging heavy weights, saw, flippers and wedges which can be used as a strategy to earn point by the players against their opponent.

General Instructions 1. Maximum of 5 members per team. Participants from different branches/ college can team up together. 2. Participants should bring their respective ID card or bonafide. Failing to produce either will not be allowed to participate. 3. Personal laptops are allowed to be used until the event starts. 4. Participants should register your teams by sending the following details to : Team Name Year & Department Contact number College

Rules and Regulations 1. Damaging the arena will be lead to immediate disqualification. 2. If the operator is seen to pull the robot with its wire, the team will be disqualified immediately. 3. If the opponents robot gets toppled over by arena weapons, team can get them back on their wheels again. 4. The machine would be checked for its safety before the competition and the team would be disqualified if their machine is found unsafe.

5. Participants are expected to abide by the rules & should co-operate with the organizers. * All the rules are subjected to change as the co-ordinators see fit. * Changes in this problem statement will be intimated to the registered participants by mail.

Co-ordinator: M. Theerth Raj 9940239673 (Robotics Head) Sandeep Padmanabhan - 9500009420 (Sumo Robot Head)