SINOPSIS When an ambitious plan to rule and conquer mixed in the middle of a love story.

CHARACTERS PAJAJARAN King Lingga Wardhana Princess Dyah Pitaloka Prime Minister Pajajaran A Prime Minister Pajajaran B Pajajaran Soldier 1 Pajajaran Soldier 2 MAJAPAHIT King Hayam Wuruk Premier Gadjah Mada Gajah Mada Personal Guard Guard 1 Guard 2 Guard 3 Guard 4


TWILLIGHT SKY AT MAJAPAHIT SCENE 1: PAJAJARAN KINGDOM Everybody was gathering around at Pajajaran Palace discussing the recent surprising news regarding Hayam Wuruk marriage proposal to Dyah Pitaloka. KING LINGGA WARDHANA So what is your answer, Dyah Pitaloka my daughter? PRINCESS DYAH PITALOKA Father, the wise king of Pajajaran, my answer is YES! KING LINGGA WARDHANA So you accept Hayam Wuruk, king of Majapahit, proposal for marriage? Even though he and his premier Gajah Mada have tried several times to conquer us? PRINCESS DYAH PITALOKA Yes, father. PRIME MINISTER PAJAJARAN A With all due respect princess, are you CRAZY? They are dangerous! PRIME MINISTER PAJAJARAN B Yes, are you crazy? PRINCESS DYAH PITALOKA I am not crazy! I know Hayam Wuruk, he is a great king and great ruler of this land. Not only that, but I know for a fact that he's also a great man with a tender heart. Everybody else look confused, how Dyah Pitaloka knows this?

PRINCESS DYAH PITALOKA Dear father, the great ruler of Pajajaran, you asked for my answer, and I have answered it with my heart. I have accepted his proposal to be his queen. Not only for our kingdom, not only for my self, but also for our people. For peace! KING LINGGA WARDHANA Very well, my beautiful daughter, your words are true. I am a modern king who can see wisdom can came from a woman. Send a message to Majapahit today! Inform him that Pajajaran accept his proposal and that we are coming to Majapahit to honor his request. Let's prepare, let's be ready, we have a journey ahead of us. Prime ministers, in you both I place the responsibility for this journey. PRIME MINISTER PAJAJARAN A + B {Speaking together} Consider it done your highness. Let's be ready! The king has spoken! {Everybody, except Dyah left the palace to prepare for the journey} PRINCESS DYAH PITALOKA {Speaking to her self} O Hayam Wuruk my love, we will soon be together like you promise on the day that I met you for the very first time... MOVIE DYAH PITALOKA MET HAYAM WURUK FOR THE FIRST TIME

SCENE 2: MAJAPAHIT KINGDOM At the Majapahit Palace, Hayam Wuruk is having an important meeting with Gajah Mada and his special bodyguards. HAYAM WURUK Gajah Mada, have your heard the good news? GAJAH MADA Of course sire! I know everything that happens in this kingdom. I am your ear, your eyes and your sword, sire. HAYAM WURUK Good, you are truly a world-class premier. A king is lucky to have you. GAJAH MADA Thank you sire. I have made the preparation. We will welcome Pajajaran's King, Princess Dyah Pitaloka and their entourage at the Bubat Field. Everything is ready as of now. HAYAM WURUK Good. They are your responsibility! She is your future queen, and not just any queen, since I truly love her with all my heart, since I was very young... Treat them as you treat any noble family from this kingdom. GAJAH MADA Trust me sire. They are in good hands. HAYAM WURUK Excellent!

King Hayam Wuruk then leave the Majapahit palace to leave Gajah Mada to finalized his preparation GAJAH MADA {Speaking to himself} At long last, the chance to conquer Pajajaran is here. The King Pajajaran himself will be there to present his daughter. I will use this opportunity to conquer Pajajaran under Majapahit rule. Finally, I will fulfill my vow to unite Nusantara! If only I can find a way so Hayam Wuruk will not blame me if I try anything, hmmm I will work something out... GAJAH MADA {Speaking to his personal guards} You and you! Prepare a special combat team with full weapons and shield to come with me to Bubat Field. I will also bring my super-secret super-poisonous weapon to the field. PERSONAL GUARD 1 But sir, they come to honor King Hayam Wuruk proposal, why are we preparing like we are going to war? That would anger them, wouldn't it? GAJAH MADA Just do exactly like I say, I know what I am doing. PERSONAL GUARD 1 Exactly like you say? GAJAH MADA Exactly like I say.

SCENE 3: BUBAT’S FIELD Pajajaran entourage complete with King Lingga Wardhana and Princess Dyah Pitaloka entering Bubat Field. Majapahit combat team lead by Gajah Mada enter the Bubat Field from the other way. Pajajaran people look nervous because Majapahit soldier came with full weapons ready for war. GAJAH MADA Your excellency, thank you for coming all the way from Pajajaran to Majapahit. Now I will take Princess Dyah Pitaloka to our palace PRIME MINISTER PAJAJARAN A Stop! PRIME MINISTER PAJAJARAN B Yes, stop! PRIME MINISTER PAJAJARAN A Why are you here Gajah Mada? Where's your king? Why he's not here? And why everybody are carrying weapon? PRIME MINISTER PAJAJARAN B Why carry weapon? GAJAH MADA Don't be mad. This is for your own protection. PRIME MINISTER PAJAJARAN A I don't believe you! We come in peace! And this is how you treat us? PRIME MINISTER PAJAJARAN B This is how you treat us?

GAJAH MADA Are you calling me a liar? PRIME MINISTER PAJAJARAN A Well you are lying aren't you? GAJAH MADA Just surrender yourself and your weapons and nobody will get hurt. PRIME MINISTER PAJAJARAN A+B {Speaking together} Surrender? Never! Prime Minister Pajajaran A + B attack Gajah Mada follows by the rest of the guards from both side. BUBAT'S WAR ACTION ON STAGE 1. Diawali dengan tarian perang 2. Perang versi ketoprak diakhiri orang kena tombak Pajajaran kalah pasukannya habis 3. FINAL ACT terbunuhnya dan matinya Dyah Pitaloka 4. Tarian kematian Dyah Pitaloka Step by step FINAL ACT 1. Gadjah Mada dengan dua pengawalnya melawan Raja Linggabuawana dan Putri Dyah Pitaloka. 2. Gadjah Mada melempar senjata rahasia ke arah Raja Linggabuana. 3. Raja Linggabuwana menghindar dan menerjang ke arah Gadjah Mada 4. Senjata rahasia Gadjah Mada dapat berputar kembali ke arah Raja Linggabuwana dari arah belakang. 5. Putri Dyah Pitaloka menyadari akan bahaya terhadap ayahnya berlari menyelamatkan ayahnya dengan cara menerima senjata Gadjah Mada dengan tubuhnya 6. Raja Linggabuwana membalikan badannya ketika mendengar anaknya terkena senjata Gadjah Mada 7. Pengawal Gadjah Mada segera menghabisi Raja Linggabuawana ketika lengah

8. Raja Hayam wuruk datang ke arena perang dan menyaksikan matinya Raja Linggabuwana dan Putri Dyah Pitaloka yang terkena senjata Gadjah Mada 9. Putri Dyah Pitaloka menghembuskan nafas terakhir di pangkuan Raja Hayam Wuruk 10.Arwah Dyah Pitaloka meninggalkan jasadnya ditengah keheningan Raja Hayam Wuruk dan Patih Gadjah Mada beserta pasukannya. (dalam bentuk tarian)

NARRATED EPILOGUE Being in different places, in different positions, with different ambitions and goals, often blinds us to reality, to what good and bad, what evil and what noble. We seem always failed to see from different perspectives, failed to able to see from other's people eyes. To understand that we might be different and diverse, but in the end we will still one. We will still have our wishes, our dreams and our hopes. In the end, we all still human.


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