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What is your indulgence, tell me what's your vice? Do you like it naughty, do you like it nice?..... Welcome and thank you for attending Well Equipped the 1st truly diverse home party company! Well Equipped parties are about laughter, letting go of your inhibitions, having an open mind and exploring all the possibilities held within this catalog and party! It is with great pleasure that we present to you all of the very best products available in the adult industry today! With access to over 75,000 products, we can satisfy most of you needs! Just ask your Sexologist. After tonight; when someone asks... Are YOU Well Equipped Have a great time tonight! Well Equipped

Lubes 4 Keep it clean 5 Enhancement Creams 7 Anal Prep 8 Shave & Bath 9 Prolong ointment & Fragrances 10 Nipple Rings 11 Undergear 12 Anal Plugs 14 Enhancement Pills 15 Dildos 16 Cock Rings 18 Condoms 21 Strokers 22 Pumps 26 Realistic Ass & iStim 28 Restraints 29 Bondage 30 Inflatable Dolls 32 Position Pillows 33 Swings & Poles 34 Storage 35

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Silicone Lubes



Ultra concentrated long lasting great for intimate pleasure or massage . Taste & odor free 60ml. $18



Never sticky and feels silky smooth. Use in the shower or hot tub, never breaks down. 16.4oz $85 1/2 Gal $178

G4 BodyFluid optimal for anal intercourse 100 ml $25 . G5 ToyFluid ideal for all toys 100 ml $16

G31 - 16oz

G6 - 32oz

Specifically designed for men by men to enhance and promote pleasure. No drips, no mess, fragrance free. 75ml $28

Fusion Body Glide - Grip it - Pump it pharmaceutical grade super concentrated silicone lube. 8oz $30

Gun Oil is a high quality lube with vitamin E and Aloe Vera for a smooth nonirritating feel. 16oz $51 32oz $81

Ultimate in silicone lubricants! Dermatologically certified to be compatible with very sensitive skin. 3.4 oz $24

Vie Ultra long lasting for sensitive skin. Best in market for longevity, slipperiness and elegance. 4oz $25

Travel friendly, leak-proof lockable pump. Highest grade silicone available, silky, velvety and long lasting. 16oz $59

Very slick formula that outlasts other brands. Made from the highest quality ingredients. 16oz $65

Silicone based formula great for toys and lovemaking. Long lasting and stays on in water. 8.3oz $29

BodyFluid - Metal pump bottle with ultra rich silicone based lubricant. Keeps adult time flowing. 100 ml $29 1.855.Be.Equipped

Water-Based Lubes Water0




Fortified Aloe Vera, highly concentrated to stay slicker loner & easy to wash off. G17 16 oz $30 G18 Gel 8oz $23

Boy Butter remains slicker longer is odorless and easy to wash off! G19 16oz $28

Via - Exquisite, natural, gentle feel. Never dries out or becomes sticky. G16 Blue 4oz $16 G15 Warm 2oz $12



Bio-Static stops bacteria from spreading. Great for masturbation! Super silky 8.5oz $24

Contains natural carrageenan to provide a silky smooth feel compared to others. 16oz $47

G21 Silicone/Water based Hybrid. Leaves no mess. 75 ml $26 G22 Water based no cleanup . 75ml $20

Why bother with other lubessuper long lasting water based! 6oz $14

Clear water based odorless lubricant that amazingly prolongs intimacy. 2.3oz $14

Wetter slicker longer penis shaped! Odorless and non-staining stays wet and never sticky. 8oz $17

The most natural lube you can buy! 100% glycerin-free paraben-free and vegan! 8.5oz $21

Sliquid Ride Dude 6 water based 6 silicone lubricant samples. 100% glycerin-free & paraben-free .17oz $20

Non sticky, greasy, unscented waterbased lube, great for intimate play and toys! 16oz $19

Keeping It Clean


G31 Cum-Kleen is mildly scented in vanilla and mango and are thicker and more absorbent than baby wipes. 25 Super-silky wipes are now available now in handy tub-size. G20 Mango $11 G31 Vanilla $11



40 Flavored intimate cleansing towelettes. Nonstaining, not sticky. Glycerin free. Non-flushable $21

Wipe Yo Ass with American Cash while the economy is still in the crapper! $6

Access the deepest parts of your being . You can get much farther inside with a squeeze bottle w/ glow in the dark nozzle. Fill up with water for advanced cleaning. $13

Easily installs onto any standard shower for an incredible burst of water pleasure and cleaning sensation. Screw the spraying water dong into hose and enjoy! $30

G36 This deep cleaning kit with extra large water reservoir and easy squeeze application. Its unique shape provides unique pleasurable sensations. $32

G37G37 A must have for anyone considering anal sex. Easily installed just by pushing the adaptor onto any faucet. $40

G38 G38

G39 G39 Great accessory! A must have for anyone considering anal sex. Made from stainless steel and comes with 2 attachments. $70

have Universal Douche Systemthe tilted tip is perfectly positioned to stimulate the prostate. Feels great going in, just squeeze the bulb! $40 1.855.Be.Equipped

Enhancement Creams

G40 Ever wonder just how big your penis could be? Max-Width is guaranteed to give you length and girth. 1.5oz $12

G41 Doc Johnsons Plump Enhancement Cream for men enhances thickness and size for intense pleasure and better love making. Plump it up! 2oz $11

G42 Discover the ancient Chinese secrets to lasting longer in bed! It is infused with ginseng and works on contact! 1.5 oz $11

G43 Rub this specially formulated cream on your penis and watch as it grows and thickens. With heat given properties Mr. Thick is formulated to maximize erection. 1.5oz $11 Mr. Thick Dickapply cream and watch your cock grow bigger and bigger! 1.5 oz $11


G45 Enjoy a thick throbbing cock that lasts and lasts. Just rub the cream over your cock and feel the formula start to work instantly! .5oz $10




Ultimate Erection Cream - Apply a small amount to the entire penis and rub in. Within 25 minutes the pineapple flavored cream will begin to do its thing! .5oz $10

Formulated to help open blood vessels and expand capillaries allowing more blood flow improving sensation and fullness. Size does matter! 4.5oz $34

Special active ingredients increase blood flow to enhance feelings, this makes your penis thicker! 2oz $11

7 Host your own party! 1.855.Be.Equipped

Anal Prep

Eliminates any discomfort and provides the ultimate in anal sex satisfaction. 1.5oz $11

This product will turn your sexual encounters into delightful anal pleasures. 4oz $16

When you want to stay in the game, sweating it out and being the star reach for TitanMen Relax spray! 20ml $28




Help get your rear in gear! Desensitizing cream lets you numb it where you need it! 3.4oz $14

For your most natural intimate moments with your lover. Not for use this with condoms or toys. G55 Cinnamon 3.4oz $13 G76 unscented 6oz $15

Wendy Williams Toss Salad Spray Point - Spray - Delicious! G52-6oz Strawberry $12 G53 6oz Lollipop $12

Anal relaxing spray free of numbing and desensitizing agents. Simply relaxes the anus for penetration. 1oz $25

Specifically designed for sex in the shower. 100ml of silicone lubricant . $19

Silicone lubricant with desensitizer. Apply desired amount 5 minutes before playtime. 2oz $15

Thick oil based, stays silky and smooth. Long lasting and never sticky. 15oz $21

Thick silky cream especially made to help a man reach self-service ecstasy. 6.76oz $18

Get it between the cheeks not the sheets with Lube Shooter. G61 Smoke 4 inches $10 1.855.Be.Equipped

Shave & Bath

Lelo- French Vanilla & Jojoba bath oil leaves the skin soft and sensually scented. 2.5oz $19

Nice Nuggets cream to powder formula helps keep your entire region dry and pleasant. 4oz $17

Simply Sensual after shave & wax powder. Wheat germ extract and aloe for healing skin. 1.76oz $12

G67 G65
Shave with rash free confidence! Total body shave cream shields against irritation and razor bumps. 8oz $14



Enhanced with Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil to soften skin and hair for a close shave. 1.5oz $10

JO Body 10.4oz shaving cream. G66 Musk Pulse $12 G67 Orange Energy $12 G68 Unscented Adrenaline $12

Overnight Kit includes EVERYTHING you would need for an intimate encounter. $61

Silky Pubes conditioner produces fuller, soft , more manageable shiny hair. 4.5oz $10

Infused with fine blends of natural waxes, oils and extracts. Use as lotion or massage! 150ml $25

Deodorant with pheromones is designed for daily use. Odor free, fresh, and sexy all day long! 2.5oz $14

For professional and home use. Premium massage cream is non-sticky offering oil glide. 5oz $17

Fruity Love Cactus Lime massage oil can be safely licked and is condom safe. 200 ml $21


Prolong & Fragrances

Die Hard helps you enjoy the experience by lasting longer! Desensitizer .17oz $17


Contains 7.5% benzocaine which acts as a desensitizing agents to help maintain and prolong your erection. Odorless and tasteless. 2oz $14 G78

Ginseng-powered penis enhancement formula for a longer harder erection with increased blood flow. Increases stamina with just a drop! 2oz $12 G79

Gender friendly fragrance formulated to stimulate sexual appeal. Elevates confidence, enhances mood and awakes senses. .5oz $14 G80

Pheromone infused fragrance with a clean, pure refreshing scent, irresistible unisex scent . 1fl $19

Jo Pheromones are formulated with precise concentrations of high quality Pheromones that can trigger a rush of attraction within seconds. 1.6oz $45 G81 G82

Pheromoneenriched body spray that employs the chemistry of the powerful attractant. Alphaandrostenol to awaken deep desires. 2oz $13


PureXsex-apply a few sprays directly on your pulse with this beautifully packaged unsented spray. Want a girly boy spray the pink, a man spray blue. 2.4oz $22

Beaux Geste Cologne for men. Masculine fragrance with androstenone. Just spray a little on and gain a huge advantage. 1.6oz $15 G84 G85



Nipple Rings

Tweezer Style Nipple Clamps and Cock Ring

Adjustable rubber tipped tweezer style nipple clamps with detachable jewelry chain and adjustable leather strap and welded metal cock ring. Hot item! $40

G88 Get your motor running! The skinny tips of these jumper cable clamps deliver an intense pinch that could be just what your engine needs. Rev up and enjoy the delicious, tantalizing sensation. A chain connects the clamps while rubber tips provide a comfortable and confident grip. $16 G89 Bully for you! These Bully Nipple Rings from Spartacus are adjustable nipple clamps with large metal O-rings for perfect pressure and a nice weighty hang. $20


G87 Black butterfly style nipple clamps with chain are for serious fans of nipple play. Luxurious and elegant, these clamps are not for the faint of heart. And pulling on the attached chain only increases the sensation. $26







G90 Metal Worx Magnetic Nipple Clamps are made of high quality casted steel and polished to perfection. The hygienic metal is sleek, nonporous and easy to clean. Great for temperature play. Comes with nice storage box. $52

G91 Fully adjustable clamps feature multi-speed vibrations - perfect for exploring erogenous zones above the belt. Includes two sets of batteries for each vibrator. $ 28

G92 Give your sex life a charge with the Fetish Fantasy Series Shock Therapy Electric Nipple Clamps . Perfect for beginners and those new to electro-sex, these spring-loaded clamps plug into the electro unit to provide thrilling sensations. $44


Host your own party! 1.855.Be.Equipped

G93 Allure Rubber look vinyl jock strap. Sizes S & XL $16

G94 Turquoise Micro Thong made of silk. Embroidered with Magic Silk on the band. Feels great on the boys! Sizes S M L XL $22

G95 Diamond jock from ActiveMan will take you to the next level in comfort and eye appeal. Sizes M L XL $21

G96 PPU Waistband B Peekaboo Thong Unde Cotton Lycra. Sizes S M

G100 Mens fetish gear harness made with 82% nylon and 18% spandex and designed for comfort and erotic appeal. Sizes SM-M LGXL $31

G101 P-Short Ring Ext Mesh Black with a cire pouch and front ring. Sizes SM LXL $24

G102 Tattoo Print Micro Thong. Feels like you have nothing on at all! Sizes S M L XL $15

G103 69 Rubber look G-string black. From t and exciting Allure co S/M L/XL $ 19

G107 Measure tape male power G-sting is stretchy and comfortable. The one size fits most has a keychain and measuring tape. $16

G108 Double Pleasure Short. Stretch fishnet briefs with open front and open back. Sizes S/M L/XL $18

G109 Long SchlongBe a long schlong with this stuffed pouch thong! One size fits most. Its the perfect attention getter! $26

G110 Maitre D Thong who likes to serve it ho 100% Nylon. The one-s outfits has a tuxedo de crotch. Get your balls $16


Buckle erwear. M L XL $ 23

G97 Hot Pink Pouch Shortmesh Boxer short with stretch fit in bright neon pink! Sizes S M L $19

G98 Ring Bikini Ext Mesh Black Bikini cut in stretch mesh and cire trim waistband with ring detail in the front and back. Sizes S/M L/XL $22

G99 Bong Thong BlackFishnet thong underwear and stretch fit and support. Sizes S/M L//XL $15

Vinyl mens the beautiful ollection. Sizes

G104 PPU Jockstrap is a new unique twist to the jockstrap it features bold embroidered logo waistband with complimentary leg straps. 94% Cotton, 6% Spandex. Sizes S M L XL $23

G105 PPU Formal Dress Thong features a suspender link strap in the front connecting the neck to the thong, a cute bow tie on the neck band and a sexy black thong. Sizes S M L XL $27

G106 PPU C Ring Jock - These make your package look larger under just about any other underwear. Designed to pull your package up and out. Available all colors. Sizes S M L XL $ 19

- For the guy ot! Made of size fits most esign on the in an uproar!

G113 Tattoo Print Mini Short. Sizes S M L XL $19 G111 PPU Orange Jockstrap is a new unique twist to the jockstrap it features bold embroidered logo waistband with complimentary leg straps. 94% Cotton, 6% Spandex. Sizes S M L XL $23 G112 Red Thong - Funky and colorful PPU Collection. PPU Leg Straps Thong Underwear. 93% Nylon 7% Lycra. Sizes SMLXL $23


Anal Plugs





Extra thick rod-shaped shaft with spiral groove for maximum torsion. Flat base, waterproof & phthalate free. $52

4x1 Jelly Butt Plug looks like glass but has the comfort of Crstalessence material. Simply Enjoy! $22

Prostate stimulation so good its BAD! Soft medical grade silicone 100% hypoallergenic for safe enjoyment. G116 Red $82 G 117 Black $82

Made from luxurious brushed silicone, for a smooth and comfortable ride. With all the necessary elements needed for a gentle yet extremely pleasurable introduction to anal play, the G-Play Medium allows the user freedom to experiment with a whole abundance of sensations. With its ergonomically designed shafts and strong , steady vibration, the Nexus G-Play has it all for men. Single vibration setting AAA Battery included. Available in black-G118, pink-G119 and purple-G120. $59





Smoothly shaped dildo and inflatable ball combination for unique enjoyment. Made of antibacterial materials and rounded end for intense pleasure. $26

TitanMen Intimidator is a ribbed plug that will increase your pleasure the more you use it. So how far can you go? 11 inches of raw satisfaction. $49

TitanMen Vibrations Trainer - Youll quiver and shiver with this manly vibrating magic wand. Waterproof, bendable and man sized. $32

Host your own party! 1.855.Be.Equipped


Enhancement Pills




Remember your late-teenage years? Stiff 4 Hours will allow you to embrace the power and confidence you once had. 2 capsules work for days! $11

Overall health and vitality supplement. You will love the results and your body will feed off the nutrition given! Energy - Mood - Libido 60 capsules $55

MaxSizes formula engorges and enlarges penile erectile tissues to contain more blood during erection. Relish your increased male enhancement! 60 Capsules $42

Max Load is the most potent sexual enhancer on the market. Making for a more intense and longer lasting orgasm. Max Load will dramatically increase ejaculate while intensifying orgasmic contractions leading to more intense pleasure. Who wouldnt want that! Comes in 60 tablet bottle. Feel like your 17 again! $42




MaxStamina is designed to increase arousal and passion, boost libido, and maximize stamina! Only the highest grade of herbs and extracts. 30 capsules $38

Virilis Pro Reduce recovery time and increase stamina! ONLY TAKE ONE Lasts 3 days! 10 Capsules $46

Sweeten 69Improve the way your cum tastes and smells! 100% safe and effective. 30 tasty chewable tablets $42

15 1.855.Be.Equipped

Glass Dildos

G131 Icicles no. 23 hand blown glass massager - Pink. In the freezer or warm water this double headed massager will put a smile on your face! $62

G132 Icicles no. 2 hand blown glass massager - clear rippled. Quality glass made for hard play! Graduated shape will have you moaning! $28

G133 Icicles no. 11 hand blown glass massager - clear. This ribbed and stuffed massager is made to last a lifetime! Heat or cool for best sensations! $34

G134 Icicles no. 9 hand blown glass massager - clear with blue swirls inside. The shape and size feels like a real cock! Lock it up so no one takes it! $44

G135 Icicles no. 22 hand blown glass massager - clear with blue and red swirls. Great grip and sensations. Its sleek, unique and ready to play! $72

G136 Neon glass waterproof vibrator shown in multispeed blue. Removable slim line vibe works inside or outside the glass. G136-Blue G154-Yellow G155 -Pink G156-Green $26

G137 Zig Zag makes up two separate long vibrators that can bend in extreme ways and please through 6 vibration patterns! Rechargeable! G137 Silky white G152 Silky Black $121

G138 Icicles no. 13 hand blown glass massager - clear. For easy anal play. Overall length is 6.5 with a girth of 3.925. $38

G139 Icicles no. 20 glass vibrator waterproofclear blue swirlsThis vibrator will leave you breathless! 2 AA Batteries (not included) $34

G140 Falcon Balls, Black, Medium Five solid balls for anal play. Alone, with a partner or in a group, you can rely on it for consistent pleasure! $38



G141 Rascal Brent Everett Sensa Firm Cock 7.25 insert able inches and 2 in diameter. Hand painted SensaFirm. Harness compatible suction cup base. $45



G144 Latin American Whoppers 8in Real skin 8 flexible curved dong with balls and suction cup base. $27

G145 American Whopper 6.5in - Heres the beef! Realistically sculpted for the size feel and pleasure of the real thing. The Whopper is superflexible and comes with a suction cup. $21

G146 Shane Diesels cock and balls. Get ready for the biggest, baddest boner to ever walk the earth! 10 inches with suction cup. $82

Real Man CyberSkin 8 x 2 inch beige and brown cyber skin cock and balls with a suction cup base. Handcrafted with full penis detail! G142 Beige G143 Brown $65

G147 Black Tie Affair Filippo - Who cannot be tempted by a strapping man in a tuxedo! This 7.5 inches of dark fun is sure to give you the pleasure you desire! $20

G148 Rascal Toys Black Balled - Inspired by Chi Chi LaRues Black Balled Video series. Measures at a whopping 11 x 3 inches with suction cup for hands free play! $46

G149 Real Man Cyberskin Beer Can Natural. Want that white boy with a nice thick beer can cock? Here it is! Many hours of pleasure! $62

G150 Black Tie Affair Michelangelos 7.5 inch thick cock with suction cup is just what the doctor ordered! $20

G151 The Initiation Kit! Three piece kit is harness compatible. Small is 5.5 in, medium 7 in, large is 8.5 inches. $51

17 1.855.Be.Equipped

Cock Rings



Bo is a gentlemans ring whose place in history is assured - the first stylish and rechargeable male pleasure object of his kind, BO has already gone where others can only follow. His unique design promises comfort to men of all sizes, while stimulation is delivered through an energetic vigorous vibe. Still more flexibility is offered depending on how he is worn, with the wearer becoming noticeably more endowed. G153-Blue G154-Purple $102

This leather erection ring has a waterproof wireless micro stimulator and an adjustable 3-snap closure. Wear the stimulator below your shaft for pleasure ! Batteries included. $23 G155 Metal Worx Cockring Cast in high quality steel and handpolished to perfection, this cleverly curved probe is perfect for anal play. Sleek, nonporous and comes with a cute storage box! $45 G156 Sexagon Enhancer 2 Stretchy, high grade erection enhancer for comfortable support and adds girth! $10 G159 G158

Nickel Free Leather Cock Vibrating Ring - This snap leaver cockring features a removable wireless bullet vibrator. Great for sensitive skin! $28

Ultra 7 remote cock ring - The vibrating egg on the ring is controlled with the included wireless remote and has a soft stretchy jelly sleeve that is covered with erotic ticklers. Batteries included. $77

Quick Release Erection Ring Maintain your erection and intensify your orgasm with this easy to size, use and remove comfortable enhancer. You can even trim it to desired fit! $10 G160


18 Host your own party! 1.855.Be.Equipped

Cock Rings

Product #: CNVELD-9953-71RD

Tantus Cock Sling - This 100% silicone teardrop style cock-ring taps the taint giving you an external prostate massage while constricting your balls and cock. Great for using during partner sex. Great for using as a solo toy for masturbation. Available in Red and Black. $39 G162 G161

Double-O Cock Ring, Rubber helps maintain erection size, rigidity and duration. Test the limits of pleasure with aid from high-quality, appealing and functional products. $19

Dual Support Magnum Ring Maximum support! Slip the ring over your erection while the ribbed scrotum ring wraps around the testes for added pleasure! $10

G163 Pirates Black Pleasure Ring Includes a unique powerful bullet with 3 speeds + 2 variable vibrations. 100% medical grade TPE Rings. Extremely detailed designed. Batteries included. $27 G164 Adam Male Ball Bliss - A unique CyberSkin toy that cups balls and delivers single speed vibrations directly to the ball sack. Feels great! Batteries included. $30

G166 Rubber Cock Ring Set 3 Pack Spartacus Cock Rings are designed for extended pleasure by prolonging an erection. The rings are made of soft rubber for comfort. Rings to make you manlier! $10




Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Cock Cage - Perfect for beginners and those new to electro-sex, this leather cock harness plugs into the electro power unit and provides trilling stimulation. Batteries included. $ 52

19 1.855.Be.Equipped

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Trojan Supra Ultra Thin An excellent alternative for those allergic to latex. 3 polyurethane condoms $12 G169 G170 Lifestyles SKYN nonlatex delivers ultimate sensitivity. Polyisoprene material . 3 condoms $8

Trojan Supra Americas thinnest polyurethane condoms for the ultimate sensual pleasures! 6 condoms $19


Sensis MicroDot Ribbed latex condom has more than 6 ribbed rings for you! 3 condoms $8 G172

Christian Audigier Ultra Premium 12 Pk Baggy Head design for ease of use and more comfort fit. Latex. $12 G173

Lifestyles Thryll has over 100 raised rubber studs in all the right places. 12 latex condoms $22 G174

Beyond Seven condoms made of Sheerlon which is silkier, lighter and more natural. 3 condoms $8 G175 G176

Contempo Bareback Condom Very light strong and sensitive. 3 latex condoms $8 G177

NaturaLamb Different from latex as it is made from a natural membrane, which provides special sensitivity. 3 Condoms $24

Tastees Condoms, banana 3 pack. These latex condoms have a reservoir tip lubricated with banana flavoring. $5 G178

Pleasure Plus 3s - Preferred 8 to 1 over the leading condom. Roomy pouch with internal ribs. 3 Condoms $8 G179

Lifestyles pleasure condoms collection box of 12+1. Ultra Sensitive, Flavors, SKYN, THRYLL and THYN +1 lubricant. $20 G180

Trojan Magnum Gold Collection. 4 original, 2 Fire & Ice, 2 Exstasy, 2 Thin. 10 latex condoms $29 G181

Lifestyles x2 Lubricated inside and out with ExciteGel which provides greater sensitivity! 12 latex condoms G182 $24



G183 G184

Tenga Flip Hole - Utilizing the pioneering flip-style technology, intricate details were realized on the Tenga Flip Hole. Easy to wash and easy to dry! Full of new features such as the Floating Pad and Vacuum Pump, to enhance your sensation at your finger -tips. Comes with three different types of lotions so you can choose your own experience. $106
Fleshjack - If you have ever fantasized about getting to mess around with Brent Everetts tight ass, now is your chance! Molded from the actor himself! The unique squeeze texture, starts with a super tight opening. As soon as you get past the opening canal, the head of your dick is teased with intense stimulation of our Super Ribbed texture, followed by the gentle caress of a corkscrew-like texture. Comes with blue case and Brents autographed postcard! $109 G186

G185 G185 Roto-Bator the worlds first rotating vibrating cordless masturbator! With two rotation speeds and two levels of vein-pumping vibration to choose from, itll get you off and make you cum harder than ever before! The soft silicone fins rotate around your pleasure rod delivering spine-tingling sensations even a real mouth could not produce! Also includes a nipple and ball teaser! $122






G187 - G189 Jacks Soda products features an exclusive orifice and comes with a mini version of the Stamina texture from our popular Endurance Jack. Jacks Soda features the same patented Superskin material as our regular Fleshjack sleeves and is just as easy to use and clean. With the compact soda can case and fully washable and removable sleeve, its like a Fleshjack, only tighter...much tighter! $77

G190 G190 Tenga Egg - They are not just for breakfast anymore! Enjoy self-pleasure anytime with Tenga Eggs - Peel the outer layer like you would a hard-boiled egg, then crack open the shell to reveal an ona-cup. These egg-shaped masturbation sleeves offer several unique internal textures. Get different strokes from different yolks! Stimulate the penis head or stretch the sleeve down the entire shaft. Although intended for a single session, the cup could be used a couple of times if handled and cleaned carefully. Indulge in a diet of delicious sensation with these incredible, pleasurable eggs! 6 Eggs with lube. $57

23 Host your own party! 1.855.Be.Equipped


G191 G191- Maximus Power Stroker Hummer 8 Pleasure discs gently caress with rhythmic rotation . Powerful multi-speed controller. Batteries included. $93

G192 G192- Solo Slider Perfect for solo rides! The CyberSkin solo slider is super stretchy! Slide you dick into it and let the ribbed interior fill you with amazing sensations. 9V Battery not included. $40

G193 G193- Optimum Vibro Sucking Stroker - When was the last time you were sucked and vibrated off? This cutting edge , state of the art masturbator is self contained and easy to store. 4 AA batteries not included. $70


G194- Oro Stimulator Imagine a masturbator capable of creating its own sucking action all by itself, effortlessly gliding up and down your pleasure rod until you climax! $12

G195 G195- Robo Suck - Getting sucked off is great, but getting sucked off by a tool designed exclusively for your pleasure is totally and completely orgasmic, every single time! $61

G196 G196- Nassty Collection Sleeve Kit Enhance your pleasure with this super stretchy sleeve! Contains 2 cock rings and a sleeve. Phthalates free, available in G196 Purple and G197 Smoke. $23


Host your own party! 1.855.Be.Equipped


G198 Turbo Suck - With textured removable sleeve and suction action. Easy to clean and maintenance comes easy with EZ-Load battery pack or plug in! 4 C Batteries not included. $79

G199 G199 Real Touch- A simple USB connection between your computer and your RealTouch device is your gateway to non-stop action with this select line-up of willing partners who are always ready when you are. As the video plays RealTouch synchronizes the movements of its interior, heating elements, lube mechanism, and orifice to match the onscreen events in real-time. As they work together, you get the opportunity to come together with your boys and experience the warm and wet, yet very different sensations of the most realistic simulation of sex ever! Its realistic texture makes it the closet thing to actual skin for an unmatched level of excitement and comfort! Big Boys / small Boys bring it on! $ 313 G198

25 1.855.Be.Equipped



G200 Euro Pump Will give you longer, harder and thicker erections then ever before! Its high intensity super suction is made to make your penis something your lover will crave! Value is in the Plastic! $17

G201 Silicone Oro Stimulator - This silicone sleeve has thrill knobs on the inside that add a new dimension of stimulation. Its great if you want a full staff! $30

G202 Potent Developer Maximize your penis potential with the Original Manhood Maximizer! Medical style pump guaranteed to give results! $18

G203 Classix Vibrating Power Pump Indulge yourself with the simple pleasure of a classic. Increase size and thickness while enjoying the vibrations! $26

G204 Bullfighter Pump - Will have your bulging cock prepared for the most demanding encounters. $28

G205 Suck*tion Enlarger - 8.5 pump. Soft ring for comfortable fit. Waterproof with an ABSCylinder. $25 1.855.Be.Equipped



G206 Mr. Marcus Big Daddy Pump Oh Big Daddy! Thats what you will hear after using this pump! Single handed pump fits perfectly in your hand! $77

G207 Executive 3 Sleeve Pump This easy to use pump comes with three differently colored latex sleeves, so you'll always have one handy! $40

G208 Lex Steele Cyberskin Big Man Specially designed longer chamber, double-triggered handle and soft CyberSkin pump seal makes this manly pump perfect! $78

G209 Mighty Man Trigger Pump Provides the latest in penis enhancement technology in an easy to use two piece kit. $35

G210 Top Gauge The flared cylinder base is far superior to the standard pump for fit and comfort. The frosted 7 cylinder is see-through for visual pleasure. $73

G211 Grand Prix Stroker Pump This pump sucks and strokes! Complimented by smooth, stimulating vibrations. 4 C batteries not included. $56

27 Host your own party! 1.855.Be.Equipped

Ultimate Pleasure
G214Virtual Sex: Featherweight CyberSkin Cock and Ass The most lifelike vibrating cock and ass available. Innovative and amazing realistic design; a first in the industry. Lightweight, ultra realistic size and feel. Touch pad controller with separate on/off button. 7 function waterproof bullet provides intense vibration. Dual Density, CyberSkin, covered in IsoFoam core weighs 9.5 pounds. EZ Bend design lets you move his 7 insertable inch CyberCock. Three dimensional construction for realistic sexual positions. Tight anal opening and ribbed love tunnel. Hand painted, realist detail and squeezable balls. Phthalate free. Includes Renew. 3 AAA batteries not included. $339


G213 Nexus iStim Electro tens machine kit The Nexus iStim is a revolutionary stimulation system to excite your erogenous zones and increase sexual pleasure to electrifying heights! The iStim system uses a TENS machine to deliver small electrical pulses into the body via electrode pads placed onto the skin or via the use of various Nexus toys. The iStim is supplied with specially designed electrode pads but can be used with any of the extra exciting add-ons available, including the Nexus Cock Ring and attachments for the Glide, NEO, Excel, Titus and Vibro! $336


G212 - Blake Riley CyberSkin 7x Vibrating Ass Molded from Blake Rileys Perfect Ass! CyberSkin with Virtual Touch technology means he feels soft and real with firm muscle feel. 7 function waterproof bullet. Touch pad controller with vibration controls. Phthalate free and made in the USA! 2 AA batteries not included. $318





G215 I Like It Doggie Style This cummer-bund harness adds comfort and pizzazz to doggie-style pleasures. Its a sex toy you can really get behind! $19 G216 Fetish Fantasy Breathable Muzzle - Take control over when and how often your lover speaks with this sexy muzzle! $17 G217 Penetration Station - Has been designed to maximize the thrust and endurance of multiple positions. Adjusts to any mattress. All aboard for the ride of your life! $75 G215 G216 G217

G218 Ankle Cuffs-Camo Enhance your sensual pleasure by allowing you to focus more on your partner. While being gripped by the cuffs! $30 G219-Nickle Dual Lock Handcuffs Handcuffs come complete with a set of release keys.$45 G220 Leather Neck-Wrist Restraint, Buckling - This fun bondage device connects a collar to a set of cuffs using a leather strap. Wrists can be cuffed in the front or back. $86 G218 G219 G220

G221 Sex In The Shower Loofah Doggie Style Strap Looks like a loofah but acts as a sex toy! Pull your partner close for incredible deep penetration from behind. $20 G222 Under The Bed Restraint Gear Manline This under the bed set comes with it all. Four soft cuffs with adjustable Velcro straps for comfort and a bed connector strap to keep it all together. $62 G223 Hard Rider Doggie Style Plow Belt He wants it harder, deeper and loves to be in control sounds like a job for the Hard Rider! $19









LELOs Sensua Suede Whips give you a more daring approach to bedroom intimacy. The soft and supple suede tassels, alongside the polished metal and acrylic handle, make it a stylish addition to any collection use it to regularly seduce your partner in all the ways you see fit. Make from sheepskin suede. Available in G226 Red, G225 Black, G224 Purple. $65

G230 Fetish Fantasy Jockstrap Wrist Restraint - Your boy toy will look but cant touch when wearing the Jock. This studded stretchable jockstrap is made from padded black vinyl, with two tethers encircling the strap and connecting to our popular beginner's cuffs. $42 G230

G229 - Buckling Cockring and Chain Leash Set A chain leash attached to one of our buckling cock rings for maximum control! $35


G229 G228 Locking C&B Harness This device is a mix between a cock ring and a basic chastity device. Leather strap secures around the cock and balls just like a cock ring by means of a buckle. The penis goes through the steel ring just like in the gates of hell and is attached by 2 small leather straps. $36 G228 G238

G227 - The Yank - Heres something new and exciting! The Yanks is an adjustable harness that attaches to the thigh and penis and gives the penis a tantalizing tug with each step. The Yank is made of sleek fauxleather with adjustable penis and thigh straps. Wear it nude or with clothing. $11 G227 G227

Host your own party! 1.855.Be.Equipped







Impression Paddle - The total length is approximately 12.5 inch, including the handle, and it is 2.5 inches at its widest point. The slapping leather layer has the words PIG, BITCH, BOY and or SLUT cut out of it. When you slap it onto the bare body, it makes a rosy impression of that word right on the skin. The Impression Paddle is made from high-quality Latigo leather with a rigid yet flexible skeleton. There is a loop of nylon cord attached to the end for hanging. $34

G235 - Locking Triple Link A 1/4 inch triple link ring pattern, with 1/2 inch O rings to accommodate the hearty chrome padlock. This piece is excellent on its own or as a functional bondage necklace. Chain length is 20 inches, 2 keys included. $53


G236 G236 Male Power Fetish Tormentor x/ attached studded jouster thong and collar black.-Lock and load! With its snug fitting studded pouch and collar joined together with leather-look cire nylon strapping. Available in S/M 28-34 $42

G237 - Ff Extreme Heavy Duty Mask - Take sensory to a whole new level! This solid black eye mask is made from high-quality genuine leather with metal studs on the front. The mask is held in place with a sturdy leather strap with metal eyelets and a metal buckle, and easily adjusts in the back to fit most sizes. $40 G237


G239-Tiger Take Home Blow Up Doll - He has got major wood! The number one love golf doll. He is always ready to play an extra hole or two. He will show you his wood if you show him yours. $25

G240-Mr Stud Love Doll Hes got the tool to satisfy your hot, steamy fantasy! Mr. Stud is a like-like bow-up doll with an 8 inch cock and full colorful face. He will sucker you in with his abs of steel and tight life-like ass! $30 G239 G240

G241-She aint no Beyonce 3 thrilling love holes Shes crazy in love with your cock! Give it to her! Make her hit the high note while you tap that ass from behind! Rap star husband not included. $33


G242-Tasty Tyrone Inflatable Love Doll - The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice! This hunky hard body has it all: washboard abs, a sexy smile, an eye-catching buldge and one heck of an inflatable ego! $30


G243-Blow Up Barack Love Doll The presidential love doll! Visit his Oval Orifice! Hes got a presidential sized tool. But we all knew that! $32


G244-Guido Inflatable Love Doll Now you can have your very own version of Jerseys most juiced-up gigolo! Rock hard abs and more juice than Tropicana! Hes got a beefy Italian sausage! $32

G244 1.855.Be.Equipped


Position Pillows
G245 Liberator FleshLight Two Play Mount in Black Pleather The mount delivers all the right angles for all the right positions. Now every man can indulge in the unique sensations only delivered by a double penetration orgasm. No longer is it considered a taboo to experience the joys of anal play while at the same time using your FleshLight to participate in the thrill of a threesome with just you and your partner. Go ahead and indulge, there's noting stopping you. $ 231 G245

G246-60 Equus Combines form and function into a love lounge. Mount your partner in the traditional style or straddle with both feet on the ground. Measures 60x24x18. $478



G247 -24 Scoop - Tilt it, snap it, slap it! The Scoop is the hump that rocks! This unique shape lets you rock, when your done rocking, flip it over for more stable sex. Measures 24x40x12. $322

Bedroom furniture available in many colors and patterns. Made to order, please allow extra time for shipping. Please ask your Sexologist for details. G249-24 Wedge - Often called the connoisseurs serving spoon of choice, the Wedge delivers at a divine incline for deep penetration. Available in many colors & patterns, ask your sexologist. $115

G248-Dcor Whirl XT - Rock and roll your way into ecstasy anytime day or night! Comes in many colors & patterns, ask your Sexologist. $120



G250-Liberator FleshLight On a Mission Mount in Black Pleather Is designed to hold your favorite FleshLight securely while simulating the missionary position. Made of luxurious faux leather, you can enjoy thrusting while positioned on top just like the missionary position. The mount measures 9.5 tall by 27 long. Wipes down easily with soap and water. Product made to order, please allow time for shipping. $198


33 Host your own party! 1.855.Be.Equipped

Swing & Dance Poles

G251 G251 - Spinning Sex Swing- is nearly 100% assembled. Just press and twist the high-length strength self-threading eyelet screw into the center of any wooden door frame or in the center of any ceiling beam. The swing has a high-strength steel spring, a special eyelet bolt that enables the swing to rotate 360 degrees with E-Z spring open connecting hooks. Maximum comfort and support. Soft padded stirrups for feet, ankles, calves or thighs. Soft, fully adjustable back and foot supports. Holds 2 people up to 400 lbs total. Hundreds of positions that will keep you dizzy with delight! $168

G253 - Private Dancer Pole Kit - As seen on MTVs Jersey Shore. Bring the strip club home! Comes complete with adjustable pole, erotic dance instructional DVD, black feather boa, and fake money. Pole is made of heavy duty steel that adjusts from 4 feet 4 inches to 9 feet 2 inches. $163 G252 - Ff Bondage Vest Suit up for sensational sex with the incredible Fetish Fantasy Bondage Vest! Explore new positions you never thought possible and do it all with greater ease the Bondage Vest helps make acrobatic sex simple enough for everyone! With 14 high strength D-rings, 4 adjustable wrist and ankle cuffs, and 4 adjustable tethers included, the pleasure possibilities are only limited by your imagination! Great for difficult positions and new techniques with minimal effort. $62



G254 - MiPole Professional Dance Pole Portable dancing kit designed to let you have lots of fun, work out, and feel sexy at the same time. It is easy to install, easy to take down, and easy to carry any place you like. As a truly professional pole it easily handles spins, upside down moves and any advanced techniques. Supports loads of 250 lbs. $283 1.855.Be.Equipped


Private Storage

G255 G256


Holistic Sneaky Sack The Sneaky Sack is a discreet storage bag that is the best place for hiding your personal items. This durable, waterproof bag has a nylon lining inside and provides an antimicrobial layer. It provides pockets for separating contents easier organization to keep items from damaging one another. G255-Blue, G256-Black, G2 257-Purple. $64




Private Lockable Case - These lockable cases sell so quickly we can hardly keep up! They are cute, amazing price point and theyre a sexy way to keep your naughty valuables a secret from prying minds. The keyless locking system makes them perfect for multiple uses! Dimensions: L15 inches x W8 inches x H7 inches. Available in G258-Pink, G260Purple, G259-Black. $33



Private Lockable Case Large Keep your naughty valuables a secret from prying minds. The keyless locking system makes them perfect for multiple uses! Dimensions: L15 inches x W8 inches x H7inches. Available in G262 - Black, G261 - Pink. $ 69 G263-Plush Hide Pillow Black Stash your sexy toy collection in a Hide Your Vibe Pillow. Softer, plusher and more convenient than your bedside. Everything right at your finger tips! $22



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