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KimKhorn LONG
No.72-74, Street 598, Boeung Kork 2, Toul Kork, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Southeast Asia Mobile: (+855) 17 503 007/ 97 866 2006 Email: PERSONAL DATA: Sex Nationality Date of Birth Place of Birth Marital Status Height : Male : Cambodian : March 09, 1984 : Kompong Chhnang Province : Single : 170 cm EDUCATIONS: 2011-Present : Study Master of Arts in Political Science majoring International Relations and Diplomacy at Passtra University of Cambodia (PUC). 2009-2011 : Studied High Diploma in Political Science majoring Political Leadership. Concentrate on election campaign, planning and project management, political communication, democracy and rule of laws, comparative politics, political theory and Asian constitutions etc with Konrad Adenauer School for Young Politician. Young Political Leaders in Asia Program is two years program

organizing by Konrad Adeneaur Foundation (KAS). About 30 young leaders from high level position of 10 different countries in Asia have to study various political subjects in four different countries including Philippine, Indonesia, Singapore, and Germany. 2006-2010 : Studied Economic Science majoring Bankingand Finance in Economic Faculty at the Royal University of Law and Economic Sciences (RULE) and paid by myself for four years. 2003-2007 : Studied Social Science majoring Philosophy in Social and Humanity Collage at Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP), Campus II, Cambodia. 26 students from hundred thousand students were gained full scholarship from Royal Government of Cambodia for four years. Furthermore, the government offered three-year scholarship in English and completely finished TOEFL courses in Phnom Penh Capital. 2000-2003 1997-2000 : Studied at BakTuk High School in Phnom Penh Capital. : Studied at Hun Sen (R.L.Ch) High and Secondary School at Kompong Chhnang province in Cambodia. 1991-1997 : Studied at Prasat Chheang Thong Primary School at Kompong Chhnang province in Cambodia. TRAINING COURSES: Dec 4-6, 2012 : Have participated successfully in the regional training called Advocacy and Policy Influencing Skill (API) to advocate for to strategically influence policies and politics of governments, private sector and civil society organizations organized by MDF, a global training and consultancy agency with more than 25-year of experience in international co-operation and world wide network of trainers and consultants in Laos PDR. December 1, 2012: UNTACs mission and the transformation of conflict resolution in Cambodia in 1993 on Paris Peace Agreement 1991 by Passtra University, Cambodia. August 11-12, 2012: Public speaking and communication by IRI, Cambodia.

June 30, 2012: National Public opinion survey training by IRI Cambodia. May 28-June 30, 2012:International training on Business Sustainability by Global Campus 21 via e.Academy in Berlin, Germany. March 29-31, 2012: I have participated successfully in a regional training called ASEAN Human Rights Mechanism organized by Amnesty International associated with ASEAN Human Rights Commission, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

March 5-7, 2012:

I have participated in commune council election campaign

focusing on voters demographic study, vote goal, messaging, voter outreach, and campaign plan by NDI, Cambodia. Jan 14-15, 2012: I have participated in regional training in Separation of Powers, comparison between Australian and England constitution at International Republican Institute (IRI) in Future Leaders program with Dr. Julian LEESER, Executive Director of Menzies Research Center of Australia. Dec 26-27, 2011: I have participated in pedagogy and curricula preparing conducted by Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Cambodia. Sept 9-19, 2011: I have participated in international training in Democracy and Rule of Lawat Headquarter of Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) in Berlin, Germany. July 8-30, 2011: I have participated successfully in international training in Political Economy in Hong Kong regarding to US constitution, Market, Trade, Money, Spontaneous Oder & Hayek,Property Rights, Economic Development, Problems of Social Cost, Public Choice Theory, The Theory of The Firms, Equality and Inequality, Hayeks The Road to Serfdom by Dr. Y.F. Luk-Academic Director, Mr. Benny TaiAssociate Professor in Law, Mr. Simon Lee-Co Founder of Lion Rock Institute, Prof. Andrew Morriss teaching Law at Illinois University, Mr. Richard Vuylsteke-President of American Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Andrew Work-Executive Director of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Ms. Elizabeth Hague-Political Officer of U.S. Consulate, Prof. Ying Chan-Director of Journalism and Media Studies Center. June 3-20, 2011: I participated successfully in European Modernization StudyVisit organized by Khmer Association for the Promotion of Human Rights &Democracy to visit Francophonie International Organizations head quarter, understandingon

management of international organization and relation between countries ofFrench-

speaking world, visit Ministry of Finance, understanding ministerialstructure and responsibility of each direction of the ministry and budget planning, visit University St. Quentin, library set up and facilities, Unesstudent association management, understanding collage program, visit City International Universities of Pariss 25 houses of internationalstudent from 25 countries and understanding its management, visit Mairie de Montignys office and the management ofcommune office and its administrative, visit Paris and in Limoges, Rennes, Nantes and Cholet provinces Khmer association for multi social cultures and its management regarding to non-formaleducation, immigration and challenges, visit Netherlands and Belgium to see its rural, urbanization

management,social cultures and economics and its infrastructures. May 22-June 3, 2011: I have participated successfully in international training in Strategic Planningon strategy revisited, strategy & planning, strategy implementation, Military Academy of German Armed Forces, Federal Democratic Party, Scholz & Friends GmbH Group and formulating exemplary strategies political parties, businesses, I/NGOs in Gummersbach, Germany. March 28th- April 1st 2011: I have participated successfully in a regional training and workshop called UNESCO Youth Peace Ambassador on United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization program for emerging potential young leaders from over the world to build peace on various subjects such as peace and practice, peace and human security, peace through education, peace and religion, human rights and peace, building peace and learning from history, human rights and post-conflict reconstruction which organized by UNESCO with Cambodia Institute for Cooperation and Peace, Cambodia. Mar 2011: Political Elections and Campaigns in Young Political Leaders in Asia Program, Konrad Adenauer School for Young Politician (KASYP) in Singapore. Sept 2010:Media management and political communicationin Young Political Leaders

in Asia Program(KASYP) teaching by political experts of Inwent Institute (Germany), Malaysia and Indonesia in Bali, Indonesia. May 2010: Political and Policy Advisor course at Graduate School of Government, Faculty of Economics and Businesses, The University of Sydney, teaching by political experts of Australian Labor Party (ALP), political scientists and associate professors of

University and political advisor of Tony Blair on concept of leadership, roles of advisors, policy development, policy analysis in Australia. Mar 2010: Strengthening the system of political party in Asia atAteneo De Manila

University School of Government teaching by political experts of Philippine and political sciences professors of the University in KASYP on political system, party reform, and the role of party in Manila, Philippines. June 2011: Participated in CFL by IRI in Health & Sanitation Policy Field Trip to Sanitation experts from the International Development Enterprises (IDE) and sanitary stakeholders in Svay Rieng province. May 2011: Participated in CFL by IRI teaching by Frank Jenssen, a former Deputy Minister, Ministry of Municipal and Regional Affairs of Norway, and Chief of Campaign and Information for the Conservative Party of Norway on leadership development and communication includes Internal party democracy, leadership, voter registration, social media and party youth wings. Mar 2011: Eco-Tourism Policy with experts from the Cambodia Community Based EcoTourism Network (CCBEN) and Eco-Tourism Communities in Koh Kong. Jan 2011: Participated in regional training To Be Congressman& House Speaker in CFL of IRI teaching by Hon. Bill Frist, former US Senate Majority Leader on US politics, democracy, separation of powers or checks and balance, term limit, and combating against corruption. Dec 2010: Participated in agricultural policy field trip to CEDAC agriculture experts local agricultural stakeholders in Takeo. Nov 2010: Participated in CFL by IRI teaching byBen Morton, State Director of Australias Liberal Party on Party development includes developing the positioning statement of a candidate, local issues management, party message, and party organization/structure. Nov 2010: Participated in CFL by IRI to Understanding U.S. Election teaching by Matt Lakin, IRI Resident Program Officer in Cambodia & John Willis, IRI-RCD Democratic election, candidacy for office, political campaign and polling. Oct 2010: Participated in CFL by IRI teaching by DjordjeTodorovic, IRI Program Officer at DC office on Policy development includes internal party communication, development

of party policy and policy board, and tips on how a sound policy is practically formulated, bottom up approach of policy development process. August 2010: Participated in CFL by IRI teaching by Dr. Andrew Morris, professor of law and business at University of Illinois, USA, on international political economy including: free market economy, the role of entrepreneurs, property rights and development, free trade, tips for a sound policy formulation, and comparative advantage, and an overview of global financial crisis. June 2010: Participated in CFL by IRI teaching by Rob Fairbank, U.S. political consultant, three-term member of Colorado in House of Representative on campaign planning, public opinion research, policy development and solution, message development, communication & media, voter contact and turn-out. Jan 2010: Participated in Cambodia Future Leaders program training conducted by International RepublicanInstitute (IRI) teaching by Hon. Thom Davis, Political Consultant and Former U.S. Congressman on leadership, management, policy development, career advancement in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Marketing Strategy Planning and Sale Representative at Cambo Ads. Co., Ltd in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in 2008. Good governance & Accountability at World Bank in Phnom Penh, Cambodia early 2008. Conflict & Criminal investigating at Cambodia Center for Independent Media and Radio Voice of Democracy (CCIM/ VOD) supporting by USAID and US Embassy Cambodia at the end of 2008. Civil Society Course with Canadian philosophy of Doctor (PhD) and international relatio nship with Australian PhD at Royal University of Phnom Penh, Humanity and Social Sci ence Campus II, Cambodia 07. English translator and interpreter at England Red Cross & Crescent in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in 2006. Master Ceremony (MC), TV News reporter, News Announcer, Feature, Documentary in

Writing, Camera Recorder at Municipal Television and Radio (TV3) Station in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in 2006.

Community Problem Coordinator at Khmer Alliance for Education (CALEDO) in Cambodia in 2005.


News writer and reporter at Radio 102 FM MHz, Phnom Penh, Cambodia in 2003. QUALIFICATONS:

Dec 6, 2012

Certificate in Advocacy and Policy Influencing from Management and

Development Foundation (MDF) in Indochina at Vientiane, Laos PDR. Dec 1, 2012 : Certificate in Assessment of United Nations Mission and Achievement in Cambodia through its operational agency so-called United Nations Transitional Authority of Cambodia (UNTAC) from Pannasastra University of Cambodia. June 30, 2012 : Certificate in Sustainable Business from Global Campus 21, Germany. June 30, 2012 : Certificate in national public opinion survey. Mar 7, 2012 : Certificate in commune council election campaign.

Dec 27, 2011 : Certificate in pedagogy and educational curricula preparing for training. Sept, 2011 : High Diploma in Political Science majoring Political Leadership in Germany.

Sept 19, 2011 : Certificate in Democracy and Rule of Law in Germany. July 29, 2011 : Certificate in Political Economy in Hong Kong, China. June 20, 2011 : Certificate in European Modernization and International Organization Management in France, Belgium, Netherland, European Union. June 3, 2011 : Certificate in Strategic planning in Germany. Apr 1, 2011 : Certificate in UNESCO Youth Peace Ambassador 2011 in Cambodia.

Mar 13, 2011 : Certificate in Political Elections and Campaigns in Young Political Leaders in Asia Program, Konrad Adenauer School for Young Politician (KASYP) in Singapore.

Feb 16, 2011 :

Certificate and recognition letter identified and remarked by International

Republican Institute (IRI) as number one rating, He can be a good policy maker, speaker and trainer. He is one of Cambodias emerging young leaders and naturally possesses a great potential and talent to be a top leader in the future. Sept 2010 : Certificate in political communication and media manage -ment from Ateneo De Manila School of Government and Konrad Adeneaur Foundation (KAS) in Bali, Indonesia. May 2010 : Certificate in political and policy advisor from the University of Sydney with Australian Labor Party (ALP) in Sydney, Australia. March 2010 : Certificate in senior degree in Banking & Finance from Royal University of Law and Economic Science (RULE). March 2010 : Certificate in strengthening system of political parties in Asia from Ateneo De Manila - School of Government and Konrad Adeneaur Foundation in Manila, Philippine. June 2007 : Bachelor Degree in Philosophy from Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP), Cambodia. August 2006 : Certificate in TOEFL Course from Royal University of Phnom Penh. April 2006 : Japanese Certificate (Part I, II) and Korean Certificate(Part I & II) from Japanese Institute of Cambodia (JIC). August 2003 : Baccalaureate Degree from BakTuk High School in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. February 2003 : Word & Excel Certificate from Khmer Alliance for Education (KAE) in Cambodia. July 2000 : Diploma Degree from Hun Sen Secondary School in Kompong Chhnang, Cambodia.

LANGUAGES: Types Khmer English Reading Excellent Good Good Writing Excellent Good Speaking Excellent Good Listening Excellent Good

WORK EXPERIENCES: Jan 2012 : Had been invited by IRI to work as election campaign advisor to a youth for youth commune council election competition in Prey Veng province, Cambodia. My candidate was elected by thousand of voters to be Champion youth in her commune. March 2011 : Had been invited by International Republican Institute (IRI) and Youth Council of Cambodia (YCC) to present as political campaign adviser to commune youth representatives election responsible for issues identification and analysis, strategic planning, solution offering, activity planning, campaign plan, tactics and messages etc. 2010-Present : Founder and Chief Executive of Khmer Youth Congress Organization (KYC). KYC is a local non-profitable organization working on two main tasks: (1) provide educational facilitiesfor children and orphans; (2) provide training for youth on leadership, democracy, human rights, and raising awareness among youth on IOs, IGOs and I/NGOs roles; (3) raise awareness among youth on the role of Inter-Governmental Organizations (IOs) and I/NGOs in development; (4) Social issues research and study; (5) implement charitable activities from youth to society. 2008-Present : Assistant to Member of Parliaments (MPs) at NationalAssembly (NA)

of Kingdom of Cambodia in charge of politic and economic affairs. Responsibilities: Check and analyze new draft law of National Assembly of Cambodia; give advices on policy and strategy.





Cambodian Alliance for Education


(CALEDO) in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Responsibilities: Establish pilot projects and manage events to raise fund for helping Cambodian poor students, especially orphans in Cambodia country and furthermore, CALEDO taught around 4000 poor students about Leadership, Computer Word-Excel, Administrative Affairs etc 2007-2008 : Program producer of Radio Voice of Democracy (VOD) and Cambodian Center for Independent Media (CCIM). Responsibilities: Produce weekly program called Road to Democracy, Investigate crime stories such as land grabbing and corruption of high ranking officials of government of Cambodia. Sept 2007 : Sale Representative of Cambo. Ads Co., Ltd. Responsibilities: Create niche marketing plans, Find new customers, deliver products, check clients cash etc 2006-2007 : TV News MC, TV Reporter in Special Unit of Municipal Radio and Television Station (TV3) in Cambodia. Responsibilities: national news covering prime minister and deputy prime ministers news at Office of Minister Council, Royal Government of Cambodia, write and report political national news of the government. 2004-2006 : Personal Body Guard of English Red Cross & Crescent Delegate in Cambodia. Responsibilities: secure personal security of England delegate, secure delegates house, interpret for delegate etc 2002-2003 : Sale Agent of retailed company of Singapore in Cambodia. Responsibilities: sale Malaysia products to grocery retail shops in the markets in Cambodia. 2001-2002 : Fund Raising Officer of Bung Karno Foundation (BKF) in Cambodia. Responsibilities: Raise fund through primary and secondary school of Cambodia to help poor people in rural area. 2000-2001 : English Teacher of private school in Kompong Chhnang province teaching Book I, Book II, and New Beginners.

PARTICIPATIONS: Dec 11-14, 2012 : Have been invited officially to participate joint UNESCO-Chulalongkorn University Workshop and Dialogue on Building skills for civic engagement and social inclusion through youth empowerment: Supporting policy development with the participation of youth organised by: Center for Ethics of Science and Technology, Chulalongkorn University, in collaboration with the Regional Unit in Social and Human Sciences in Asia and the Pacific (RUSHSAP), UNESCO Bangkok including youth, policy makers, academics, teachers, NGO members, UN agencies. Nov 24-30, 2012 : Have been invited officially and participated successfully 2nd

International Symposium on Perspective and Reflection on the Philosophical Practices in Asia organized by Pannasastra University of Cambodia (Cambodia), Osaka University (Japan), and Erasmus Institute for Philosophical Practice (The Netherlands). Nov 14-16, 2012 : Have been invited officially and participated successfully the regional

forum and conference namely ASEAN Peoples Forum II (APF-II), ASEAN Civil Society Conference II (ACSC-II), and ASEAN Grassroots Peoples Assembly (AGPA) in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. As the founder and chief executive of Khmer Youth Congress, I joined with the Steering and Organizing Committee to adopt the Joint Statement of APF/ACSC II to submit in the ASEAN Summit, ASEANUS Submit and East-Asia Summit which conducted November 15-20, 2012 in Phnom Penh Capital, Cambodia. The Statement focuses on Land and Ocean Grabbing, Women Right, Child Right, Youth Development and Volunteerism, LGBT Right, Human Rights and AICHR Review, Indigenous and Ethnic Minority Right, Sex Worker Rights, Worker and Migrant Labour Rights, Regional Peace and Security, Sustainable Natural Resource Development and Free and Fair Election within ASEAN. October 6, 2012: Officially invited and participated in German-Cambodia Friendship Association aiming to boost corporation and friendship between counterparts in Cambodia.

Mar 28-31, 2012: I have been officially invited and participated in ASEAN Civil Society Conference, ASEAN Peoples Forum and ASEAN Youth Forum

(ACSC/APF/AYF 2012), Cambodia.At the end of the final day of ACSC/APF/AYF 2012, My youth organization, Khmer Youth Congress, done: (1) Participated whole ACSC/APF/AYF 2012; (2) Member of ASEAN Youth Forum to release a Joint Statement on ASEAN Youth's Concerns; (3) Signatory member of a Joint Statement to call for release the ASEAN Human Rights Declaration; (4) Member of CSOs to release ASEAN Human Rights Declaration; (5) Member of ACSC/APF 2012 to release a Joint Statement on 2012 ACSC/APF's Concerns and Recommendations that these papers will submit to 20th ASEAN Leaders Summit in Phnom Penh on the third of April in the year two thousand and twelve, Cambodia. May 5-9, 2012 : Participated workshop on The Development of a Strategic Roadmap for the ASEAN Youth Volunteer Programme: Towards Productive & Sustainable Knowledge-driven and Disaster Relief Volunteerism Across ASEAN, to be held at National University of Malaysia/ Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia from 5 6 May 2012. And attended the Regional Conference on Higher EducationCommunity-Industry Engagement: Forging Meaningful Partnerships across ASEAN & Asiaheld at Puri Pujangga, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia from 7 9 May 2012. June 12-14, 2012: Participated in Asian Youth Forum, Political Dialouge in Asia organized by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) at Bangkok, Thailand. The initial forum will be held in July 2012 consisting of young politician, activist and academic scholars. This forum is for young politicians, youth activists to learn and exchange their views with academic scholars and then will also establish how youth will shape our future forums, what are the main issues which will be put in the forefront and how to improve dialogue between youth organizations and policy makers in order to improve the quality of youth engagement in the region. This initiative is dedicated to guiding, supporting and uplifting the young people of Asia for they will be the leaders and decision makers of the future.

July 28, 2012: Participated in Khmer-German Talk Conference 2012 A Single Network We Need for Greater Corporation co-organized by Meta House, Goethe Institute, German-International Corporation (GIZ), German Embassy of Phnom Penh and Federal Republic of Germany in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The conference aim to promote the stakeholders awareness of GIZ A&Ps measures in the country, strengthen independent of eminent alumni working to promote visibility of German Development Cooperation and initiate the launch-pad for establishment of official networks and associations in order to enable larger target groups to actively participate in the A&P networking for cooperation. July 18th 2012: Invited to International Day of Youth (IDY), Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Sept 21st 2012: Invited to International Day of Peace (IDP), Phnom Penh, Cambodia. STUDY VISITS Nov 23, 2012: Have been invited to a study visit at the Extraordinary Chamber in Court of Cambodia (ECCC), UN-backed Khmer Rouge Tribunal, organized by Public Affairs Section of the ECCC in collaboration with IRI on the Introduction of ECCC, Roles of Office of Co-Prosecutor, Defend Support Section, Lead Co-Lawyers, Pre-Trail Chamber Judge, and attend the Courts Substantial Hearing Proceeding in Cambodia. CREDIT,MEMBERSHIP&ALUMNI: Member of Junior Chamber International (JCI) in Phnom Penh Chapter. Member of German-Cambodian Friendship Association in Cambodia. Founder of Khmer Youth Congress, youth organization in Cambodia. Founder of the Aseanist Time, daily online newspapers and magazine located in Cambodia. Founder of Cambodia Academy for Leadership and Entrepreneurship (CALE) in Cambodia. Founder of Elite Foundation, fund of people for people located in Cambodia. Founder of Leviathan Institute, center for research and policy study located in Cambodia.

Founder of PhnomPenh Network, global university-industry-community engagement network located in Cambodia. Founder of Triumph Group Ltd, educational business sector located in Cambodia. Founder of Rjasstra University, online short courses academic training based in Cambodia. Member of Cambodian Future Leaders, leadership training series program, of International Republican Institute (IRI) of Cambodia. Alumni of Global Campus 21 - e.Academy located in Berlin, Germany. Alumni of The Fund for American Study (TFAS) and Asia Institute of Political Economy (AIPE) located in Hong Kong, Peoples Republic of China. Founding member of ASEAN Youth Volunteer Program (AYVP) located Malaysia. Member of Asia Engage, Asia university-industry-community engagement network located in Malaysia. Alumni of International Academy for Leadership (IAF) of Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF) located in Gummersbach, Germany. Member of Konrad Adenauer School of Young Politician (KASYP) located in Berlin, Germany. Alumni of Young Political Leaders in Asia of Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) in Germany. Alumni of Politic and Policy Advisor program located at the University of Sydney in Australia. Member and alumni of UNESCO Youth Peace Ambassador located in Bangkok, Thailand. Member of AIESEC Cambodia, leadership development and international exchange to young
people in Cambodia. Member of ASEAN Youth Volunteer Network (AYVN) in Bangkok, Thailand.

OTHERS March 17, 2012 : I have initiated and organized successfully the international symposium

on the role of philosophy in peace building in Cambodia by cooperated with the Philosophy of Doctors from Pannasastra University of Cambodia, University of

Osaka of Japan and University of Netherland along with the Erasmus Institute for Peace and Reconciliation. FAVORITES: Sports Hobbies : Playing football : Reading Newspaper, Watching News TV, Research Study,

Participating in Social Charity Clubs, and Web surfing.

1. Global Campus 21 e.Academy Name Position Email Website :Alexander Simon :e-Academy Director :

2. Asia Engage Name Position : Prof. Dato Dr. Saran Kaur Gill : Deputy Vice Chancellor (Industry and Community Partnerships) & Executive Director, AsiaEngage Email

3. Konrad Adenauer for Young Politicians (KASYP)-KAS Name Position Email Website : Mrs. Megha Sarmah : Regional Program Assistant on Asia Political Dialouge : :

4. Asia Institute for Political Economy (AIPE) Name Position Email : Miss. Kelsey Strampe : Program director :

5. Khmer Association for Democracy Promotion Name Position Email : Mr. LIM Bun Sidareth : President of Association :

6. International Academy/ e-Academy for Leadership (e-/IAF) Name Position Email : Mrs. Brigit Lam : Academy Director : (IAF Office)

7. International Republican Institute (IRI) Name Position Email : Mr.SAM Lahood : Country Director :

8. The University of Sydney, Graduate School of Government Name Position E-mail : Dr. Geoff Gallop AC : Professor& Director of Graduate School of Government :

9. Ateneo De Manila - School of Government of Philippine

Name Position Phone E-mail

: Dr. Dennis T. Gonzalez : Associate Dean of Ateneo School of Government : +63-9176185569 :

10. CAPA Ltd, Korean Wine Factory in Cambodia. Name Office Mobile Position E-mail : Mr. Jean H. Kim : (+855) 023 350 844 : (+855) 012 657 254 : Company Chief Executive Officer (CEO) : /

11. Cambo Ads Co., Ltd Name Position Office E-mail : Kim Tola : General Manger (GM) : (+855) 023 993 438 :

12. RUPP, Foreign Languages Support Unity Phone E-mail : (+855 23) 880 772 :

13. Radio Voice of Democracy (VOD) Name Position : Mr. Pa Ngoun Teang : Station Director

Mobile Email

: (+855) 012 59 80 66 :

14. Municipal Radio & Television Station (TV3) Name Position Mobile : Mr. Cheang Buntha : Deputy Director of TV3 News Section : (+855) 012 872 574

15. England Red Cross Office : (+855) 023-210 162 / 362 690