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January 11, 2013

The Honorable Robert McDonnell, Governor
Commonwealth oI Virginia
Executive OIIice Building, Third Floor
1111 East Broad Street
Richmond, Virginia 23219

Dear Governor McDonnell,

I am writing to you as the Executive Director oI the Route 50 Corridor Coalition and as a citizen
oI Virginia. We are shocked and appalled at the removal oI Jim Rich Irom the CTB and at the
reported upcoming dismantling oI the Route 50 TraIIic Calming Task Force. Perhaps you are not
Iully aware oI the signiIicance oI these issues to a large community oI the Commonwealth.

The Route 50 Corridor Coalition is a citizen organization that was Iormed in 1995 to promote
saIety along the Route 50 corridor in Loudoun and Fauquier Counties while maintaining the
beauty oI the countryside and protecting the rural community. The entire community worked
together, raising private Iunds to hire independent, internationally recognized transportation
experts. They worked directly with residents, business owners, emergency personnel and others
to develop an innovative transportation project Ior the area that would save tax payers dollars,
address saIety concerns and allow motor vehicles to operate eIIiciently, all while protecting the
scenic and historic area Ior the Iarming and tourism economies.

The Route 50 TraIIic Calming Plan has become a model Ior the entire country. It won the
prestigious Past Presidents Award Irom the Institute oI Transportation Engineers (ITE). It has
been Ieatured at numerous national conIerences, including The National Trust Ior Historic
Preservation, Scenic America, Scenic VA, Preserving Historic Roadways, Maryland State
Highway Department's Thinking Beyond the Pavement ConIerence, and numerous APA, ITE
and AASHTO conIerences. It has been recognized by heads oI the FHWA, state DOT's and top
engineering Iirms throughout the country. I would be happy to supply you with more
inIormation about the project and its unprecedented recognition.

The brilliantly innovative design at the Gilberts Corner intersection eliminated long delays and
converted a badly Iailing level oI service during rush hours to ZERO congestion at a small
Iraction oI the cost oI any traditional design, while maintaining the attractive gateway to the
high-value tourism area. Engineers come Irom many other states to see the design and VDOT
has applied Ior several awards Ior the project. It is an amazing accomplishment!

Not only does the Route 50 traIIic calming project represent an exceptional grassroots eIIort and
innovative design, but it has had the support oI local, state and Iederal elected oIIicials and
every state administration since Governor Gilmore. Senator John Warner and Congressman
Frank WolI recognized the importance oI the project as a national model Ior cost-saving and
saIety-enhancing transportation solutions and together they brought millions oI additional dollars
in Federal Iunds to the Commonwealth oI Virginia. They both have also publicly and oIten
praised the exceptional work oI their constituents.

The collaborative eIIort between the local Task Force and VDOT has been nothing short oI
miraculous. The implementation oI the project has been carried out with enthusiasm, good will
and proIessionalism on the part oI everyone involved in the Northern VA and Culpeper Districts
and Loudoun and Fauquier Counties. This Task Force stay in place in its current
conIiguration in order to complete as much oI the project implementation as possible and to
continue to seek more ways to improve saIety. I can't even imagine a reason to insult the
community by dismantling the Task Force at this time aIter so many years oI successIul work.

Jim Rich has been a major reason Ior the good will and good work oI the Task Force. I have
personally worked with Jim on many transportation issues Ior the past 20 years. He brings a
level oI knowledge oI the issues, ability to work constructively with everyone involved, and
shows everyone respect and civility rarely Iound in government today. He openly and honestly
represents his constituents, which to me is what our system is supposed to do. Do we now have a
state where there can be no dissension oI any sort and the government squashes community
input? I hope not!

We ask you Ior a response as to why this successIul, hard-working Task Force would be
dismantled so that we can pass that inIormation along to the community and to the many
national organizations that Iollow the project. We would oI course preIer to hear that it will
continue with its work. We all strongly believe that Jim Rich should continue to represent the
people oI the Commonwealth on both the CTB and the Route 50 Task Force.

I would be pleased to send you more inIormation about the wonderIul Route 50 project iI you
would like more details.

Best regards,

Susan Van Wagoner
Executive Director

Delegate Joe T. May
Senator Jill Vogel
Senator Mark Herring
Delegate Michael Webert
Delegate Randy Minchew
Congressman Frank WolI
Congressman Robert Hurt
Senator Mark Warner
Senator Tim Kaine

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