lovermichelle: Welcome to the Michelle Leighton fan chat ~ this is an open forum!

lovermichelle: Glad you could join us tonight.
hoang_betular: thanks for having us!
delilah_anne: hello! =] thanks for having us!
lovermichelle: Actually I shouild say "welcome to the PJ party!"
hoangbetular changed nickname to hoang_betular
hoang_betular: lol.
loverkaren: We will be Talking to Michelle and this will be a fun chat, Up To Me is such a great book.
lovermichelle: Michelle always keeps it interesting and entertaining, that's for sure.
delilah_anne: <3 Cash!
loverkaren: There maybe spoilers if you haven't read Up To Me be aware!
loveramanda: Hey! It's using my gov't name. I gotta play it cool
lovermichelle: OOOhh, you have to behave A!
lovermichelle: Don't want the feds knowing what you are doing in the "chat room!"
loveramanda: I know! Sheesh!
loverkaren: Well Michelle is here. But she can't change her name. So Stand up Michelle
loveramanda: HUSH! They're watching right now. How am I supposed to talk about Cash and be good?
.loverkaren: Does anyone mind if I finish my supper Beef Stroganoff with portabella mushrooms?
lovermichelle: Blah! Is that the best you have Karen? :)
loverkaren: That's it
lovermichelle: So do you think we'll be talking about "shots" tonight?
loverkaren: So Amanda, We’ll make sure there are no camera in VIP room.
loverkaren: Welcome New Comers Take a seat, Order from the Bar.
kschimpf: hmmm can I have anything I want??
loveramanda: I've been giggling about Cash and a camera.
loverkaren: Yes Open Bar
kschimpf: I will leave Cash & Nash to you girls...Can I have a shot of Gavin.
lovermichelle: Okay, what happened to the Queen of Smut?
lovermichelle: Did we lose her?
loverkaren: Will DM her.
hoang_betular: ohh, open bar? I want cash!! I call dibs.
kschimpf: So I have a question, Michelle
kschimpf: do we get more of Gavin???
kschimpf: lol its ok
loverkaren: Ladies and Cash Lovers Guest 1183303 Is Michelle Leighton. Hi Michelle
kschimpf: Cash and Nash are hot....but there is something dark about Gavin
loverkaren: So Let's get this Chat Started, Why Jack Daniels and Not Jack Daniels Honey????
hoang_betular: Hi Guest 1183303 =P
kschimpf: michelle try clicking on your name and authenticating thru twitter
yesi_cavazos: Hi everyone!
lovermichelle: Yesi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
kschimpf: either way will change your name
andartam: Hello Lovers!!!
yesi_cavazos: HELLO!!!!! :D
lovermichelle: Michelle Leighton is having some technical difficulties so hang tight....
andartam: Hello People!!
lovermichelle: hello andartam!
andartam: Hello dear! How are U?
loveramanda entered the room.
lovermichelle: Fan-freakin-tastic ~ better than I derserve.
andartam: Good to know!
andartam: Lovely Lady it''s that You!
andartam: Thud
andartam: hahaha
loverkaren: We are trying to get Michelle Visible to everyone
andartam: She's guest 1183303
priscilla_glenn entered the room.
andartam: I know this YAY!!
andartam: I'm her good stalker for Life
andartam: :)
kschimpf: hey I wanna stalk her too.....can I help? :D
yesi_cavazos: Oh no Patti is on! LOL!!!!!!! :D
andartam: Of course!!
lovermichelle: Michelle Leighton is working on making her grand entrance into the room--hang
lovermichelle: tight.
patti_shaughnessy: I’mmmmmm heree!!!
andartam: I'm waiting for it
lovermichelle: Patti ~ you are to be on your best behavior this evening ~ trying something new! :)
patti_shaughnessy: hey now - that's no fun!!
andartam: Amanda you are awake?
lovermichelle: Woohoo!
loveramanda: *GASP*
michelle_leighton: OMG OMG OMG It sees me! Wahoooooooooooo
patti_shaughnessy: She's here!!! Yay!! Welcome Michelle!
andartam: Yayyyyyy!!!
yesi_cavazos: YAY!!!!
lovermichelle: :)
kschimpf: lol there she is
loveramanda: I'm here! I was daydreaming about Jack Daniels
andartam: She's here!!
hoang_betular: YAY! Welcome!!
loverkaren: Yeah Michelle Is here
michelle_leighton: I need a drink now! Whew
andartam: LUV, Lovely lady!!!
andartam: Have fun everybody
loverkaren: Jack Daniels Honey
loverkaren: I'll Buy
michelle_leighton: I was typing y'all all sorts of messages. I wondered why no one responded:P
loverkaren: Or Tequila
yesi_cavazos: LOL
hoang_betular: lol.
andartam: This stalker don't read the book yet
loverkaren: I buy you many drinks in Vegas
andartam: Jealous! Vegas!!
michelle_leighton: Andartam, we'll try not to be too spoilersy;)
priscilla_glenn: Michelle - I can finally start Up to Me this weekend :D
andartam: I won't stay, Lovely Lady!
loveramanda: Vegas, baby!
michelle_leighton: Priscilla!! Hey, girl!!
michelle_leighton: Boo:( Have an awesome night, Andartam!!
priscilla_glenn: Hello darling...just stopped by to show you a little love
loverkaren: Vegas Looking for Cash !!
andartam: I don't want my book to end hahaha So not reading it
michelle_leighton: That's because you're awesome, P!!
andartam: crazy people!
michelle_leighton: Okay, sorry. So, where do you want to start?
priscilla_glenn: I'll close my eyes if it gets spoiler-y up in here ;)
yesi_cavazos: How about you tell us a little about Cash...
michelle_leighton: That works;) hehe
loverkaren: Well we have all these great Fans, what do they want to ask
andartam: I'm here until chapter 3
andartam: hahahah
yesi_cavazos: what was the inspiration behind his character?
michelle_leighton: hehe
michelle_leighton: What would you like to know about Cash,. Yesi?
andartam: Yes...
yesi_cavazos: EVERYTHING!!!! :D
yesi_cavazos: haha
michelle_leighton: hehe
hoang_betular: lol.
priscilla_glenn: lol yesi
loverkaren: Is He REAL? and Where can I get one!
yesi_cavazos: lol
andartam: All these characters talk to you in your mind?
michelle_leighton: LOL I WISH!!
patti_shaughnessy: great questions Karen ;-)
yesi_cavazos: why is there a youtube video????
michelle_leighton: OMG not again! GAH
loverkaren: I disable it
lovermichelle: At least he wasn't lighting his fart on fire like in Jessica Redmerski's chat!
kschimpf: what the crap
lovermichelle: K ~ just block A!
loveramanda: WHAAAA?
andartam: what
michelle_leighton: I wish Cash was here for deassholization services:D
patti_shaughnessy: hahahahahahaha
yesi_cavazos: YES! LOL!
patti_shaughnessy: oh now!! We are being bomarded!
patti_shaughnessy: at least show some sexy videos lol
yesi_cavazos: haha
michelle_leighton: Can someone stop this person?
loveramanda: Let's get Gavin!
priscilla_glenn: I blocked 'a' - it didn't work?
lovermichelle: Karen set up the chat so she is the only one who can block these.
lovermichelle: Sorry.
kschimpf: oooooo Gavin
patti_shaughnessy: oh god, let's talk about gavin! I nearly died when he came in to the story!
kschimpf: A knock it off
[8:49 PM] yesi_cavazos: An Aussie accent...YUM!!!
michelle_leighton: I muted, but that is still so aggravating!
maryjoan_florestafryer: So let's get back to Gavin.
michelle_leighton: I'm so glad y'all liked him! When I began writing him, I started hoping I'd get to give
kschimpf: Gavin for some reason made my heart stop
michelle_leighton: him his own story
yesi_cavazos: He needs his own story!
yesi_cavazos: Loved him!
hoang_betular: omg, lol... I wish there really was a diassholization service!
maria_dema: love Gavin!
loverkaren: banned
michelle_leighton: Me, too, Hoang!
loverkaren: Banned
michelle_leighton: I can't wait to write his story!!!
loveramanda: I'd love to know some of his badass stories
yesi_cavazos: please do!!!!
michelle_leighton: He is BAD ASS!
yesi_cavazos: YES he is!!!
hoang_betular: oOoh, Gavin gets a story???
michelle_leighton: Yes, book 4;)
mj: Yay!
yesi_cavazos: Totally fits with the Bad Boys series... :)
michelle_leighton: I thought so, too!
hoang_betular: OMG, i think i just died of happiness... there's a book 4? *tears*
yesi_cavazos: BOOK 4?!?!!? Woohoo!!!!!!
kschimpf: I request a scene where Gavin does a strip tease!
michelle_leighton: I don't want it only to be a Davenport series, although I want them always
patti_shaughnessy: this is fantastic! and it seems like a natural progression too. exciting!
michelle_leighton: to play a role to some extent
yesi_cavazos: I second that! LOL
michelle_leighton: YAY! I'm glad y'all are excited!
yesi_cavazos: Michelle you can write some seriously sexy and smokin' scenes...just sayin!
michelle_leighton: Are there any in here now who haven't read Up to Me?
hoang_betular: I'd have to agree with Yesi.
michelle_leighton: LMAO Thank you! I LOVE writing them! heeh
yesi_cavazos: We LOVE reading them!!!!
mj: Both were just sooooo good.
michelle_leighton: I grew up reading smut, so it was hard to write strictly YA
andartam: I agree :) The hottest for me is Cash leaving Liv at home fingers!!!
michelle_leighton: My blood runs a little...hotter
lovermichelle: Book 4, where did that come from?
andartam: Yes!! Raising hands!
lovermichelle: Must be the name Michelle = smut!
yesi_cavazos: Of all the steamy scenes which is your favorite Michelle?
loverkaren: Yes Andartam
yesi_cavazos: LOL!
hoang_betular: lol!!
michelle_leighton: LOL You must be right, LoverMichelle
loveramanda: I wanna play in your brain. Just for a night. Thanks.
michelle_leighton: I must admit, it's fun in here!
lovermichelle: Amanda ~ remember, last chat she said we'd have to get her drunk!
michelle_leighton: If I ever wrote erotica... HOLY MOLY
aron left the room.
lovermichelle: Your husband must feel like he died and went to heaven?
yesi_cavazos: :D
mj: Hahaha!
patti_shaughnessy: this isn't erotica?? lol
michelle_leighton: Bahahaha He censors me. Doesn
hoang_betular: OMG!
michelle_leighton: Oo[s
michelle_leighton: No, I don't write erotica. My hubby censors me
michelle_leighton: LOL He doens't want me to write certain things
andartam: You don't need to.. steam enough
lovermichelle: Too realistic?
andartam: :)
hoang_betular: like what??!?
michelle_leighton: Bahahahahaha *ahem* no comment. Bahahahahahaah
yesi_cavazos: hahaha
michelle_leighton: I try to keep my scenes more...delicate.
loveramanda: Lawd.
michelle_leighton: You know?
loveramanda: REALLY?
kschimpf: Does your husband ever do something sweet and you think....oooooo I think I can use this?
michelle_leighton: My husband does sweet things all the time, but I've never put them in my books.
mj: Too sweet?
michelle_leighton: I think the essence of him is in most of my characters, but nothing direct
yesi_cavazos: Any idea when we'll see the folow up to The Wild Ones?
yesi_cavazos: I absolutely LOVED that book! I met Trick before Cash and I was in love... <3
michelle_leighton: Well, the extended edition hits stores in May and we WERE planning to do book 2
michelle_leighton: in May or July, but it might be a little later. I sold The Bad Boys today and they
yesi_cavazos: extended edition?
michelle_leighton: want me to work on book 3 immediately
yesi_cavazos: CONGRATS!!!! yay
loverkaren: Extended edition, Need horse Info I owe you
yesi_cavazos: Bummer about the wait though...
lovermichelle: so the extended version has more smut, right?
kschimpf: Sold the Bad Boys......Freakin Awesome!!!
yesi_cavazos: I hope! Trick is HOT!
michelle_leighton: Thank you!! Yes, the extended edition has more smut. LOL And the next 2
loveramanda: YAY!
loverkaren: Such Great News Michelle
michelle_leighton: books will be steamier since they aren't NA
yesi_cavazos: Awesome!
hoang_betular: nice!!
michelle_leighton: Thank you, LoverKaren
yesi_cavazos: The Wild Ones what we are talking about?
michelle_leighton: Yes, The Wild Ones
yesi_cavazos: Yay!
michelle_leighton: Trick *sigh*
hoang_betular: so when can we expect book more Cash & Nash?
yesi_cavazos: Oh I would pick TREAT any day!!!! YUMMY!!!
michelle_leighton: They want me to do it ASAP, but this is just now all working out, so I don't have a
michelle_leighton: set date yet.
michelle_leighton: I must admit that I'm dying to write Nash's story!
michelle_leighton: Y'all, he's hardcore!
hoang_betular: we're dying to read it!
yesi_cavazos: Did we establish that everyone has read Up to Me? I know you asked Michelle L
patti_shaughnessy: :-)
loverkaren: Who was surprised by the appearance of NASH
yesi_cavazos: YES!!!!!!
kschimpf: Nash appeared and I went WTF?
hoang_betular: <~~ i was!!
michelle_leighton: Good! LOL I wanted it to be a surprise
yesi_cavazos: I my mind I hoped he was alive....and then he appeared!
yesi_cavazos: Why was he so pissed at Cash???
michelle_leighton: When I first posted pics of Charlie, I wondered what y'all would think was going on
loverkaren: I wanted Nash alive as soon as I found out he was dead. Poor kid, but he comes home angry!
michelle_leighton: Because Cash got to live HIS life, Nash's life
lovermichelle: I figured Cash grew a beard and was hiding out
yesi_cavazos: I know, I was hoping for happier reunion that's all :)
michelle_leighton: I wanted theories to run rampant. LOL
loveramanda: I feel like he needs to be cuddled. Hard.
yesi_cavazos: LOL!
michelle_leighton: There will be a happy ending, but he has some things to work out first. He's bitter
michelle_leighton: Oh, he cuddles hard. That's for sure. Bahahaha O_O
loverkaren: I loved being inside Cash's head, his thoughts are so honest and forthright
yesi_cavazos: Marissa turning nice???? WHY??? Sitll don't like her...LOL!
michelle_leighton: Hopefully, you'll like her more once you get to see more of her
lalamrcds entered the room.
michelle_leighton: Cash IS very honest
loverkaren: Oh every Bitch has ONE chance she better not spoil it
yesi_cavazos: Cuddles meaning he gets hot and heavy with a certain formerly annoying girl?
michelle_leighton: LMAO yes
yesi_cavazos: LOL!
yesi_cavazos: We'll see...
yesi_cavazos: haha!
mj left the room.
loveramanda: LOL Karen
yesi_cavazos: I did wonder why Cash didn't explain who Marissa was to Nash?
yesi_cavazos: I promise not to hog up more time after this...LOL!
michelle_leighton: That's something that will happen in the next book. Nash had one thing on his mind
loverkaren: Since Nash was spying I assumed he would have know.
michelle_leighton: They'll talk more about who knew what and did what.
yesi_cavazos: Great! Cash is still going to stay his hot and awesome self though right? No going to the
michelle_leighton: I didn't want to ruin the mood and momentum by giving them a heart to heart. I
yesi_cavazos: dark side?
michelle_leighton: feel like that would've been very natural.
yesi_cavazos: please...
lovermichelle: Okay, so there is a lot of confusion (still) whether Cash is good or bad.
yesi_cavazos: That makes sense...
michelle_leighton: No, Cash is a good guy. I'm surprised you'd think otherwise after spending 2 books in
michelle_leighton: head
lovermichelle: Yesi ~ duck tape!
loverkaren: . Too much going on for a Bro & Bro reunion,
yesi_cavazos: sighing with relief...
yesi_cavazos: Haha! Okay...bye y'all!
lovermichelle: So if Cash wasn't on the phone with Gavin, who was he talking to?
lovermichelle: Yesi ~ you are not leaving!
lovermichelle: :)
lovermichelle: I love you!
yesi_cavazos: No, I'm kdding :D
loverkaren: We got a whole two books in his head, how could anyone think Cash is Bad, we heard
loverkaren: his inner most thoughts
michelle_leighton: Who do you think it was? In one version, I divulged that, but then I removed it.
lovermichelle: I know, and I read both and now I don't even know! I'm so confused!
maria_dema: i thought maybe Duffy?
michelle_leighton: ;)
loverkaren: Hey Evesdroppign Nash got what he deserves.
michelle_leighton: The next book will give resolution to that whole Bratva situation, as well as iron out
patti_shaughnessy left the room.
michelle_leighton: details with Cash and Nash. There will be a lot of Nash in it, though. The real Nash
michelle_leighton: I wanted to show y'all how bitter and distrustful Nash is
yesi_cavazos: Will we get both Cash and Nash's POV?
yesi_cavazos: I hope so!!!!
loverkaren: Both brothers have some major trust issues
yesi_cavazos: Yep!
michelle_leighton: He's got some issues. But he's still way hot and dangerous. You'll see with him what
michelle_leighton: a bad boy really is;)
michelle_leighton: With good reason! They've had a lot of people betray them
kschimpf: but we will get to see a softer side of him, right?
michelle_leighton: Oh, definitely. One person will bring it out. Very unexpectedly
lovermichelle: Will the third book be filled with even more steam, shots, bathroom scenes, etc.?
kschimpf: I think "she" has another side to her....
michelle_leighton: I doubt shots, but I already wrote one scene that is HAWT! I knew it had to be done
yesi_cavazos: I didn't think the bathroom scene could be topped, then came the VIP room...
michelle_leighton: the instant Nash made his appearance, so I wrote it and saved it
yesi_cavazos: GOOD LORD!!!!
andartam left the room.
michelle_leighton: LOL I still LOVE that bathroom scene! Whew
yesi_cavazos: Oh I LOVE it too!!!! Can't wait to read what you come up with after that! LOL!
loverkaren: Yes Nash needs a bathroom scene with a auburn haired short girl
michelle_leighton: hehe Challenge accepted! LOL
yesi_cavazos: AWESOME! :D
kschimpf: michelle ... you said that there is an essence of your hubby in your you have
michelle_leighton: LMAO Karen. do you have auburn hair?
kschimpf: someone who is the essence of Ginger?
loverkaren: Yes
michelle_leighton: I think she stems from me, to some extent. Just wilder. LOL
lovermichelle: Okay, how many deleted scenes are sitting on your laptop?????
michelle_leighton: I am the Ginger to my sister.
kschimpf: LOL and how does your sister react to your Ginger?
michelle_leighton: I didn't delete any scenes. I put the one I took out back in at another point
loverkaren: Everyone needs to have a Ginger.
michelle_leighton: My sister laughs. I'm the only person who can make her laugh.
michelle_leighton: I think Ginger says things we all might WANT to say, just don't
kschimpf: Exactly!
loverkaren: I've know a Ginger or two in my life her name was Bridget
michelle_leighton: Have you ever BEEN the Ginger, Karen?
michelle_leighton: I think it's fun to have a Ginger and to occasionally be a Ginger
loverkaren: Once or twice,
loveramanda: I second that. I have a Ginger! She's a Lover.
michelle_leighton: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. hehe There's a story there!
loverkaren: My Ginger was a hoot knew her from 5th grade on
michelle_leighton: It's LoverMichelle, right?
loverkaren: I Know I Know
loveramanda: Michelle and ELizabeth. I have two!
michelle_leighton: LOL We'd have a ball over dinner and drinks! I love to listen to Gingers!
lovermichelle: Wait, what did I miss?
loverkaren: So Gavin killing the russian mob, will it come back to bite him
michelle_leighton: I haven't decided how that will play out, but I can tell you that Gavin can hold his own
michelle_leighton: with ANYBODY!
lovermichelle: I'm not a ginger!
loverkaren: Just tallking about you Mi
michelle_leighton: He's the SH*^
kschimpf: I would love to give Gavin a run for his money :D
yesi_cavazos: Gavin ROCKS!
michelle_leighton: LOL He's a very complex character
loverkaren: Gavin has a accent.
kschimpf: a little peanut butter, some handcuffs, :D :D
loverkaren: I think Gavin will turn out to be the most complex off them all.
loverkaren: My opinion.
michelle_leighton: Bahahahaha Peanutbutter and handcuffs? Will that be in my next book???
michelle_leighton: You may very well be right, Karen
kschimpf: with my luck Gavin has a peanut allergy :((
loverkaren: Anyone that has their own doctor on call, interesting guy.
yesi_cavazos: :D
michelle_leighton: LMAO What will swell if it comes into contact with PB? Cuz that couuld be good
michelle_leighton: Yes, he has many connections!
loveramanda: Nutellal and handcuffs.
kschimpf: lmao not if he quits breathing at the same time :(
loveramanda: Nutella*
michelle_leighton: Nutella! ROTFL OMG I love y
michelle_leighton: y'all
michelle_leighton: Good point
kschimpf: lmao I may regret this comment.....But I think Gavin would be one that could breath thru
kschimpf: his ears :)
kschimpf: lucky girl
michelle_leighton: LMAO OMG That's awesome!
michelle_leighton: So can I ask y'all a question?
kschimpf: I will be in my corner now !!
michelle_leighton: Bahahahaha
kschimpf: ask away
loverkaren: Michelle which male character that you have written do you love the most
michelle_leighton: Oh, yikes! I love them all in a different way, but the most recent ones are always on
michelle_leighton: my mind more, so right now I'd say Cash or Nash. Maybe Nash. He's under my skin
michelle_leighton: big time!
michelle_leighton: I'm serious, I'm very anxious to write him
kschimpf: why do you think that is?
loverkaren: He seems darker than even Cash
michelle_leighton: He has such a rough edge, but he's so incredibly sexual and so incredibly fragile. But
michelle_leighton: hides it beneath a thick wall of bitterness.
michelle_leighton: He is very, very dark. And commanding.
loveramanda: MESSAGE!
hoang_betular: ohhh commanding... sounds, yummy!
loveramanda: hehehehe
yesi_cavazos: Yes he does!!!
michelle_leighton: Yes, he is steamy in a totally different way. I can't wait to see what y'all think!
hoang_betular: Michelle, what was the question you wanted to ask us?
dana: Ahh i missed a lot
lovermichelle: dana: No worries, we'll post the transcript so you can go back and read it.
lovermichelle: Will take some time to edit but we'll post the link when it's ready.
kschimpf: lmao please edit me :)
michelle_leighton: I was gonig to ask your favorite quality in a dream guy
[9:28 PM] kschimpf: a heart
lovermichelle: Most recently one that rips panties!
yesi_cavazos: An open heart and complete honesty...yes panty ripping too!
loverkaren: OMG LoverMichelle
hoang_betular: lol, LoverMichelle, panty ripper is pretty hot
loveramanda: lol
kschimpf: panty ripping is good...but what are you gonna do for the other 18 hours in the day?
michelle_leighton: Bahahahaha Good to know. hehe
loverkaren: Being
dana: yay! okay, thanks for letting me know lovermichelle! =] and omg.. lol.
hoang_betular: someone who speaks from his heart... and from time to time, from the other head.
lovermichelle: That's a whole other chat. Yes, huge heart!
dana: I think honesty is mine. Hot looks is a plus. But you wouldn’t be someone your not attracted
dana: too right*
loverkaren: Dominate in bed and willing to talk.
kschimpf: A guy that walks between you and traffic just to protect you...
kschimpf: in case a car comes careening out of control.
michelle_leighton: LOL I love them all! Especially the careening car protector. LOL
lovermichelle: But not a wimp, not someone that is needy/clingy.
loverkaren: Never needy or clingy unless they have a compound fracture.
michelle_leighton: Nooooooooooooo I don't think I could ever write a guy like that
lovermichelle: Masculine, tender hearted, panty ripping, testosterone-filled LOVER!
michelle_leighton: Michelle, we think a lot alike. LOL
loverkaren: Okay TRICK
lovermichelle: M&M Rules.
kschimpf: someone who you can see cuddling a puppy but beating the crap out of a guy who
kschimpf: d you
michelle_leighton: YEAH!!!!!!1
loverkaren: Michelle, How Much of You is in Olivia?
michelle_leighton: I think I see all my leading men as both tender and strong
michelle_leighton: I'm not sure. I think I put some of me in every character, whether it's my likes or my
michelle_leighton: desires or strengths I wish I had
loverkaren: But not Marissa, Until she turns nice. Right?
michelle_leighton: right:) hehe I could never be mean like that. Maybe in my head, but I could never
michelle_leighton: do it
michelle_leighton: I think all my leading men are in one way or another my hero
loverkaren: Does anyone else think that Olivia's Mom is Cruella Deville.
kschimpf: I do loverkaren
lovermichelle: She's a B*^&()
michelle_leighton: I'm so glad you could see how cold she is without her being in the story more.
loveramanda: I was trying to figure out how or why Liv's dad married her.
loverkaren: Who talks to their kid that way?
michelle_leighton: She wasn't nearly as bad when she was younger. There will be some sort of reverse
michelle_leighton: parallels drawn between her and Marissa as the story progresses.
loverkaren: You would think after daughter taken, would have changed the woman.
loveramanda: Hmmm...makes me wonder if Liv's dad had a little bad in him at one time.
michelle_leighton: Liv's dad has always been a bit of a pushover.
loveramanda: Bad in a good way. Michael Jackson bad.
kschimpf: I think Marissa had a difficult childhood...not sure if Parents paid attention to her
kschimpf: unless she was throwing a fit
loverkaren: Is Liv's dad being a pushover ,why she looks for powerful bad boys?
michelle_leighton: You'll see that she was expected to act a certain way. She's trapped in a glass house.
michelle_leighton: Liv has had to be the strong one and she needs someone to take care of her.
loverkaren: Marissa's parents about money and status. Reap what they sowed.
michelle_leighton: Oh, it will get even better in the next book
loverkaren: It shows in the Liv wants to go back to farm and still take care of Dad.
loverkaren: Nash against Marissa's Dad
yesi_cavazos: So I am thinking we are going to learn to like Marissa in book 3?
michelle_leighton: Liv is very strong!
michelle_leighton: If I do my job well, you'll not only like her, but you'll understand why she was the way
michelle_leighton: she was
kschimpf: ooo can you see a "Nobody puts Baby in the corner" moment between those two
loverkaren: I think Marissa's attitude maybe all front?
yesi_cavazos: **sighing** :)
michelle_leighton: OMG Dirty Dancing reference! I love it!
michelle_leighton: I will certainly try. I can already see how broken she is. I hated her in the beginning,
michelle_leighton: but now I see her differently. And I hope you will, too;)
michelle_leighton: I wonder if other writers live all sorts of lives through their characters.
lovermichelle: So did you sell the rights of this series to the same one that bought The Wild Ones?
michelle_leighton: I feel like I get to fix what's broken about me, fall in love over and over again and
michelle_leighton: different choices every day
michelle_leighton: Yes, I sold the series to Berkley. They wanted it after I pubbed book 1, but I wanted
michelle_leighton: to keep it until I got book 2 out.
lovermichelle: So what are you working on right now?
michelle_leighton: Well, I was wriiting Jake's story for The Wild Ones series, but they want me to stop
michelle_leighton: write the third Bad Boys book, so I'll start Nash tomorrow
lovermichelle: And when is the second Wild Ones book going to come out?
michelle_leighton: Well, I'm not sure at this point. I'll know more once the new deadlines come in
kschimpf: do you have any personal appearances scheduled?
michelle_leighton: Actually, I do. I'll be in Nashville in June, most likely Atlanta at RWA and then in Vegas
loveramanda: VEGAAAS!
kschimpf: Man you need to come to Illinois :)
michelle_leighton: Courtney Cole lives near Chicago. I might be visiting her in March, but wont' be
michelle_leighton: And I hope to be going to Atlanta for a small gathering in March, but no
michelle_leighton: final word yet
kschimpf: sigh...I will just have to stalk you online LOL
loverkaren: RWA has a huge book signing venue
loverkaren: Is there anyone else that wants to ask Michelle a question tonight?
lovermichelle: Yes, working on that one Michelle! Are you coming back to the Decatur Book Festival
lovermichelle: for Labor Day?
loveramanda: Best makeup tip
michelle_leighton: I doubt I'll do Decatur.
michelle_leighton: Best makeup tip? Put finishing powder on your lipliner before you apply lipstick
stephj40: Sorrry if you have already said but when will the 3rd Bad Boys book come out?
hoang_betular: How did you come up with the now infamous VIP room scene? Was it something you
loveramanda: So doing that!
hoang_betular: In mind before writing book 2 or did it just come to you?
michelle_leighton: I'm going to write it right away, but I'm no longer sure of the date. Berkley will be
michelle_leighton: letting me know within the next few weeks I'm sure.
michelle_leighton: Oh, it just came to me. It just happens when I write. The only one I've ever written
michelle_leighton: or thought of ahead of time was the one I wrote with Nash. It hit me like a ton
michelle_leighton: of bricks out of nowhere. Whew
hoang_betular: I can't wait to read it then!
michelle_leighton: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeep I can't wait to get it out to y'all! I hope it shapes up to be as
michelle_leighton: as it looks like it could be
loverkaren: Michelle are you every going to write adult paranormal
michelle_leighton: I would love to! My very first book in 2009 was adult paranormal.
loverkaren: Bad Boys after Dark
michelle_leighton: Bad Boys that like to bite??? Yes, please! LOL
loverkaren: and may get furry at the full moon
hoang_betular: Lol.
yesi_cavazos: Now, that I would definitely read! Haha!
michelle_leighton: hehe I would love to write something like that again!
loverkaren: One word Bo
yesi_cavazos: Michelle, what is your favorite scene from Down to You and/or Up to Me?
michelle_leighton: Oh, Bo will get his adult story. Just you wait!
loveramanda: SQUEE! I love Bo!
loverkaren: Waiting, Tapping Foot,
michelle_leighton: The bathroom scene or when he leans his forehead against hers and says "home"
yesi_cavazos: Awwww...that part melted my heart! The bathroom scene just, you don't wan to
yesi_cavazos: YES!!!
loverkaren: Well Michelle We Love You, but we better let you get back to writing. Last Call
loverkaren: Cash is serving
lovermichelle: Me, me, me. More Cash@
yesi_cavazos: Thanks Michelle for letting us live in the world of Cash, Nash, Olivia, and Gavin!
michelle_leighton: Thank y'
loveramanda: 2 shots of Jack, please :B
kschimpf: sorry I was in the corner with Gavin......
michelle_leighton: OOps
lovermichelle: Love you Michelle! you are awesome. You have set the "bar" high for smut writing!
yesi_cavazos: LOVE your books! Can't wait for more Bad Boys and more Trick!
michelle_leighton: Y'all for reading them and loving them!!
loveramanda: thank you!
loveramanda: Yes. We could just...drink them up.
hoang_betular: Thanks Michelle, I can't wait to read more from you
michelle_leighton: I can't wait to bring you more!!
kschimpf: Thanks for spending time with us Michelle!!
loverkaren: Thank You so much Michelle for being available to your fans.
michelle_leighton: ARe you kdding me? I love spending time with y'all!
michelle_leighton: When I can type right, that is;)