everal years ago, a Grifn man
became a “social entrepreneur”
after being laid of as an intern
architect. Brian Keith Miller began
interactive workshops for children
with three goals: emphasize the
importance of making powerful
positive choices, dispel stereotypical
views of success, and demonstrate
the efect of one’s actions.
Less than a year later, he began a
philanthropic-based business that
combined his love for shoes, youth,
and art – Sole Plus. He invested his
entire savings in canvas Converse
shoes, allowing children to decorate
them as they pleased as a form of
artistic expression. Since then, Miller
has distributed thousands of shoes
to underprivileged children and
homeless people.
While on the streets distributing
the shoes, the extreme plight of the
homeless afected Miller. Thinking
through one of the most pressing
conditions facing a homeless person
– exposure to the elements, and often
the use of cardboard as a makeshift
bed -- Miller again returned to what
he knew to help address the problem
– shoes.
Using a Nike “Grind,” made from the
soles, cushion and fbers of recycled
tennis shoes, Miller designed a
product that uses recycled shoe
rubber on the underside of the mat
to create a durable surface while
recycled shoe foam and fber create a
soft cushion for the upper.
Realizing that he was "re-fusing" the
Just 10 months after he opened, Mark Broe, owner of The
Eagle and Lion Brewpub, told The Grip he plans to leave his
business closed after being locked out by his landlord, John
Carlisle, for unspecifed reasons.
fter months of
forewarning of the
dire consequences
that would befall our
nation if it went over the
threatened fscal clif, the
American Taxpayer Relief
Act was on Jan. 2 signed
into law.
Despite the pending
deadline that many
economists predicted
would trigger a recession,
Georgia Congressman
Lynn Westmoreland
voted in opposition to the
American Tax Relief Act
of 2013, saying he viewed
the measure as vastly
insufcient to meet the
nation's critical fnancial
The once-looming
scenario that was years in
the making would have
resulted from a sharp
decline in the budget
defcit as taxes increased
and spending was reduced,
both of which would
JAN 10 - 24, 2013 VOL. 03 NO. 1
Jessica Williamson Gregory,
Publisher; jessica@the-grip.net
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PO Box 2251, Grifn GA 30224
While flming his organization (Sole Plus) donating shoes to homeless people in Atlanta, Miller realized that recycled shoe
material could be used to address another homeless issue: sleeping on the hard ground or cardboard when shelters are full.
Editor; sheila@the-grip.net
Publisher; jessica@the-grip.net
Westmoreland votes against Tax
Relief Act despite threat of fscal clif
American Tax Relief
Act - An overview of the
legislation that prevented
a fiscal cliff dive - p. 2
To stave of the recession many economists
predicted if our nation went over the fscal clif,
lawmakers on Jan. 2 enacted the American Tax
Relief Act. Many have criticized the efort, claiming
it merely increased the tax rate of some Americans,
but because it does not include spending cuts, it
does not go far enough in response to mounting
U.S. debt. The Grip has examined the votes of
some Georgia lawmakers, and outlines some of the
changes the legislation will bring forth.
ark Broe, owner of the popular Grifn eatery,
the Eagle and Lion brewpub, said Jan. 10, that
following a lockout that began Saturday night, Jan.
5, his business will be shutting down.
According to Broe, the lockout occurred during business
hours when the building's owner, John Carlisle, arrived
and presented him with a letter stating he was locking the
brewpub's doors.
“I paid the rent on the 31st (of December), and he shut
me down on the ffth (of January),” Broe said, adding that
the brewpubs closure is not his choice. “John (Carlisle) said
he would not unlock the doors for the brewpub for us. If I
still had a key and the key would unlock the door, I would
be there right now, but he's changed the locks.”
Broe said Carlisle's letter received Jan. 5 – the night
he was locked out of his business – outlines his landlord's
complaints, and acknowledged that Carlisle had
approached him previously regarding his concerns.

Editor; sheila@the-grip.net
CoNT, PUB, P. 7
Owner: Eagle and Lion
brewpub to remain closed
Philanthropic business uses recycled shoes to help homeless
Far above: Central Georgia EMC raised $2,500 for the The Spalding
County Ferst Foundation. The foundation raised $8,032 in December
in an efort to provide books for Spalding County children 5 and
younger; Spalding High School students visit the High Museum of Art.
Inside: Local film producer creates series that
portrays post-zombie apocolypse business p.3
« clif, cont.
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hile many
Americans were
anxious to learn
details of this American
Taxpayer Relief Act, passed
Jan. 2, to avoid the looming
fscal clif scenario, it was
discovered that our nation's
elected ofcials themselves
may not have known what
the bill contained prior to
their votes being cast.
According to Georgia
Congressman Lynn
W e s t m o r e l a n d ' s
C o m m u n i c a t i o n s
Director Leslie Shedd,
representatives received
the bill less than one day
prior to the vote.
“It was not long – 21 hours
and 18 minutes,” she said.
Asked if it was possible
for him to have had time
to thoroughly study the
proposed law prior to
voting, she said, “At the end
of the day, the legislation
only contained tax increases
and no spending cuts.
We don't have a revenue
problem in this country; we
have a spending problem.”
She said for Westmoreland,
his vote in opposition
was straightforward – the
Congressional Budget
ofce projected the
legislation would add
roughly $4 trillion to our
nation's debt over the next
10 years.
“The American people are
sick of Washington politics
and temporary fxes that
don't really fx anything.
They want to see us take real
actions with real solutions
to the problems we face –
especially our mounting
debt,” Westmoreland said
following the vote. “over
the last four years since
President obama took
ofce, our debt has risen
from a little over $10 trillion
to more than $16 trillion.
That's a 60 percent increase,
and it's only getting worse.
Did you know that our
country borrows roughly
$6 billion dollars every day?
That's $239 million every
hour, or $4 million every
Not all of Georgia's
elected ofcials opposed
the American Tax Relief
Act of 2012, however.
Senator Saxby Chambliss
was among those who
voted to approve the bill,
but unlike Westmoreland,
he had virtually no time –
merely three minutes – to
review the legislation prior
to casting his vote.
“The Senate voted on a
deal to avoid the worst of the
fscal clif by compromising
on tax provisions and
delaying implementation
of the sequester,” Chambliss
said in justifcation of his
decision to support the bill.
“This deal is far from what
this country needs, but I
cannot in good conscience
allow taxes to be raised
on all Americans and send
our economy into turmoil.
While I am pleased that
most Americans have been
saved from an increase in
taxes, I won't be satisfed
that the Senate has fnished
its work on the fscal clif
until signifcant spending
cuts on discretionary and
entitlement spending have
Westmoreland remained
critical, though, saying, “I
do not believe we need to
raise income tax rates to
fnd a successful approach
to handling our debt,
and I won't support this
legislation that raises tax
rates without addressing
the real driver of our debt
– spending. Higher taxes
are not a real answer
to our fscal problem in
Washington.” Ω
Legislators had only hours, minutes to review tax relief bill
have occurred beginning
Jan. 1, 2013, as a result of
previously enacted laws
designed to force legislators
to take corrective action.
Formed as part of
the Budget Control
Act of 2011, the Super-
committee, comprised of
12 congressional delegates,
was tasked with preventing
a potential default
following the 2011 debt-
ceiling crisis. Its primary
goal was to negotiate $917
million in budget cuts
over 10 years, to go along
with $917 billion in cuts
and debt limit increase of
$900 billion, as part of the
Budget Control Act (BCA)
of 2011. While the BCA
did prevent default at that
time, the Super-committee
was ultimately unable to
bring forward a bipartisan
The result was a
requirement that elected
ofcials faced a Dec. 31,
2012, deadline to resolve
the budget issues or face
sequestration, in which
across-the-board spending
cuts and mandatory tax
increases would be made
beginning Jan. 2, 2013.

“The congressman
understands the potential
consequences of
sequestration. With that
being said, he wasn't just
going to swallow the poison
pill by signing legislation
sent over by Democrats,”
said Westmoreland
Communications Director
Leslie Shedd. “It's one of
those things that when it
comes down to it, he was
forced to choose between
the lesser of two evils.”
He went on to say that he
had higher expectations
for the process, particularly
for his fellow conservative
“one of the things the
House of Representatives
had promised to do is not
run the House like the
Democrats had,” Shedd
said. “That kick-the-can-
down-the-road mentality
is one of the things that
frustrates him the most.”
“I do not believe we need
to raise income tax rates to
fnd a successful approach
to handling our debt,
and I won't support this
legislation that raises tax
rates without addressing
the real driver of our debt
– spending,” Westmoreland
said. “Higher taxes are not
a real answer to our fscal
problem in Washington.” Ω
Prior to the 2012 Taxpayer
Relief Act, the individual AMT
exemption amounts for 2012
were to have been $33,750
for unmarried taxpayers,
$45,000 for joint flers,
and $22,500 for married
persons fling separately.
Retroactively efective for tax
years beginning after 2011,
the 2012 Taxpayer Relief
Act permanently increases
these exemption amounts
to $50,600 for unmarried
taxpayers, $78,750 for joint
flers and $39,375 for married
persons fling separately.
Editor; sheila@the-grip.net
lthough the passage
of the American
Taxpayer Relief Act of
2012 temporarily prevented
the United States from
going over the fscal clif,
some elected ofcials are
concerned that our nation
remains under the threat of
sequestration, which would
result in massive spending
cuts across the board.
However, because of delays
in taking action prior to
December 31, all American
workers will experience a
tax increase of two percent.
“The payroll tax holiday is
no longer there on earnings
up to $110,000,” said Grifn
certifed public accountant
Josh Sprayberry, who said
the legislation will result in
signifcant changes to the
American Tax Code.
The payroll tax holiday,
which was enacted by
President George Bush,
reduced the amount
workers pay into the Social
Security system by two
percentage points. With
its expiration, workers are
once again paying the
previous rate of 6.1 percent.
“What we've been doing
continually for years is
coming up with last minute
deals instead of a long-
term solution,” Sprayberry
said. “Now they've put a
temporary bandage on a
terminal wound.”
He said previous
measures were designed to
force the hands of elected
ofcials by forcing them
to address comprehensive
changes that must be made
to reduce debt.
“I look at it on some levels
that they did what they
had to do because they
didn't deal with the issue
earlier in the year,” he said.
“It was suppose to lay the
foundation for an overhaul
very similar to that of 1986.”
Even though the
American Taxpayer Relief
Act did not go nearly far
enough in addressing
America's economic woes,
Sprayberry said without it,
the situation for citizens
would have been much
more dire.
“The tax rate now
remains at 10, 15, 25 and 28
percent, but if they hadn't
done something, it would
have gone up to 15, 28, 31,
36 and 39 percent.”
He said that although
lawmakers have for
years agreed that a
comprehensive overhaul to
the tax code is necessary,
the current climate makes
that unlikely. Sprayberry
said he is concerned that
ofcials are more likely
to continue to focus on
short-term remedies rather
than address the pressing
deeper issues.
“I look at it on some levels
that they did what they had
to because they didn't deal
with the issue earlier in the
year. Everybody says we
need to do something, but
that's not going to happen.
By putting of dealing with
spending cuts for another
two months, they've put us
in a worse debt problem,”
he said. “They've dug us a
deeper hole.” Ω
Editor; sheila@the-grip.net
Workers see lower paychecks
following passage of tax relief bill
For tax years beginning after
2012, the income tax rates
for most individuals will stay
at 10%, 15%, 25%, 28%, 33%
and 35%.
For tax years beginning after
2012, the top rate for capital
gains and dividends will
permanently rise to 20% (up
from 15%) for taxpayers with
incomes exceeding $400,000
($450,000 for married
The “Pease“ limitation
on itemized deductions,
which had previously been
suspended, is reinstated with
a starting threshold of $300k
for joint flers and a surviving
spouse, $275k for heads of
household, $250k for single
flers, and $150k for married
taxpayers fling separately.
Tax changes
you may see:
Despite the pending deadline that many economists
predicted would trigger a recession, Georgia Congressman
Lynn Westmoreland voted in opposition to the American Tax
Relief Act of 2013, saying he viewed the measure as vastly
insufcient to meet the nation's critical fnancial needs. Image
credit: Westmoreland Press Ofce
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Plan now for the
OF 2013:
pecial occasions, birthdays, and baby showers are a
part of many of our late winter, early spring activities.
With the ease of buying cupcakes or cakes, it’s hard to
imagine anyone still makes them.
I am the worst for this. I have an extensive culinary
repertoire that I depend on heavily for appetizers, sauces,
and main dishes, but my cake making skills are sorely lacking
in that decorative splendor one hopes for with such things.
With my schedule on the road, I’ve had terrible luck trying
to order cakes ahead of time. I never know exactly when I’m
going to show up. The variable diference can lead to the
bakery being closed and showing up empty handed.
So I created a recipe that was easy to follow, didn’t take
a pastry chef to decorate, and didn’t look like the artwork
of a small child. I was also making this for someone
very special who wanted a traditional Southern
favorite - red velvet cake.
The end result moist and tender, was
easily frosted, and decorated. Don’t let
the simplicity fool you, this cake was as
delicious as it was easy.
The Gypsy Gourmet calls Grifn her home, having been a "Damn
Yankee" transplant for over a year in our little community. She
is a chef, a truck driver, a blogger, a freelance writer, and a ren-
egade foodie scouring the country in search of the perfect bite.
Red Velvet Cake
½ C shortening
1 ½ C sugar
2 large eggs
2 oz red food coloring
2 T Hershey’s Special Dark
powdered cocoa
2 ½ C all-purpose four
1 tsp salt
1 tsp baking soda
1 T white vinegar
12 oz cream
5 T butter softened
5-5 ½ C confectioners’
3 T heavy cream
*optional* If you use this
option you must add the
extra ½ cup of sugar
2 T real vanilla extract
Cake: Cream shortening and sugar in a
large mixing bowl. Add eggs, one at a time,
mixing after each addition. Mix together the
red food coloring and cocoa to form a smooth
paste, adding it to the cake mix to avoid lumps. In a
medium bowl sift four and salt together, adding it to the
mix alternating with the buttermilk. Fold the baking soda
and vinegar in last. Grease and four two nine inch cake
rounds and pour equal amounts of batter into each. Bake
at 350 degrees for 30-35 minutes or until done. Remove
from rounds before completely cool and place on wire
rack to fnish cooling. Do not frost until completely cool.
Frosting: Cream butter and cream cheese, adding sugar
one cup at a time. Add heavy cream and vanilla.
A Yankee's Simply
Southern Red Velvet Cake
What is the Zombie Socks Series?
Zombie Socks Series
(ZSS) is a smart, funny
web series you can fnd on
YouTube. If you search for
one word, it should take you
to our very own channel.
How did you come up with the
idea of Zombie Socks Series and
why are their socks important?
I had been asked by several
friends when I was going
to make a zombie flm. I
had no desire to do that,
honestly. The market today
is saturated with everything
zombie, so I went home
and gave it some serious
thought and decided that if
I was going to go “zombie” it
was going to be something
completely diferent. That's
when I had the idea for [the
fctional] Undead Rental
Corporation (URC) zombie
The premise being that the
zombie apocalypse is over,
life is returning to normal,
and corporate America has
fgured how to capitalize on
the undead still wandering
around. They utilize the
Undead Rental Corporation
to catch them, clean them
up, and rent them to people
for various reasons.
Each episode focuses on a
diferent division of URC in
some way.
Each episode is shorter
than what you would refer
to as a “short” flm and I
decided that each episode
should be paired with
something like a music
video, interviews, or behind
the scenes clips. So if you
expect more than one, a pair
if you will, we would refer
to them as socks. That and,
well, its just silly. So the goal
is to psychologically prepare
you to laugh! It really has no
impact on their footwear!
our tag line is, "Take all
you think you know about
zombie 'shorts' and put
some 'socks' on em'."
What was the flming process like?
our process is very
simple but extremely well
organized. I began with
an outline and detailed
concepts and began
working with a fantastic
writer, Michael Boylan. By
the time I arrived at Dragon
Con this past September I
was ready to start pitching
the show. I invested my time
in the A-Z production class
held in the independent
flm track and made a lot of
amazing connections.
our crew is very much a
family unit, and we work a
lot like Saturday Night Live,
with recurring characters
and folks coming back in
multiple roles. We all pull
double duty around here.
Everyone works together
to get sets prepped, to
get meals served, and to
promote and raise funds. We
love and respect each other
and if we ever encounter
obstacles, we seem to just
be able to work around it
and make it happen. I can
honestly say I love each and
every person that has been
involved in creating this
dream of mine.
How has the series been received?
The reaction was mixed
but it created a buzz. In early
September I assembled a
great team including my
right hand Amanda Cape,
that were interested in
taking this insane journey
with me. A few weeks later
we took our ideas to a
local Atlanta event called
Get Connected where we
met our post sound group,
our cinematographer, and
several of or cast and crew.
We slated our frst shoot
dates for early october
2012 and began utilizing all
the Facebook groups to post
casting calls.
The response was less
than impressive I felt at frst,
but the people we had come
read were the exact people
we needed. I can honestly
say that from day one our
project has been blessed.
Everything from planning to
casting to our shoots have
come of without a hitch.
People were donating funds,
time, locations, and abilities
to make this happen. All our
shoots for the time being
are located in Grifn, which
is important to me because
I grew up here. My entire
cast and crew have been
100 percent volunteer and
people have come from all
over Georgia to participate,
even John Wayne came from
St. Louis, Missouri just to
work on the special efects
We noticed that the frst two
episodes are modeled after well-
known television shows "The
Ofce" and "Crocodile Hunter."
What's in store for the future
episodes and when can we expect
them to come out?
We have another episode in
the pipeline at the moment
called Piranha Bowl, which is
a spoof of a combo of shows.
It's obviously modeled after
Shark Tank, with a touch of
Honey Boo Boo and a nod to
Jersey Shore. It is currently
in post production now.
After just meeting with
my makeup and set folks,
we have our big production
meeting next week to read
through scripts and assign
everyone their respective
duties for our shoot dates
in February. Episode four
will be "Disgusting Careers,"
our version of "Dirty Jobs,"
staring comedian Ryan
Singer from L.A.
I had him personally
hooked on the concept back
in September and he could
not wait to jump in once he
saw the material!
We had the biggest issue
raising the funds to get him
to Atlanta to flm until he
decided to take The organic
Tour on the road with Jarrod
Harris and are ending up
in Atlanta at the Variety
Playhouse on February 2. He
just happens to be in town
long enough for us to spend
a day and a half flming with
him! And, we just got word
that actor Eric Roberts wants
to be in a future episode.
The next big project is
more fun than anything. I
have written and planned
a second music video to be
shot hopefully by March.
I just sent a hand full of
folks to Atlanta this week
to work with Jacobs Eye
Entertainment in their
Creep-FM show. It sounds
like they had a blast and
Steve Harvey decided to
drop by the set!
Before we fnished casting
our third episode we chose
a full SAG actor as one of our
leads. This posed a bit of a
problem since they can only
work in a union production.
Thanks to the Sag-Aftra
merger I was fortunate
enough to make the entire
series a full SAG New Media
Production. What this means
for the rest of my cast is that
if anyone works on one of
my shoots three times they
automatically become SAG
eligible, or SAGe as its most
commonly referred to.
As my people are volunteer
and we have no budget to
pay them this was a gift I
could give them. A lot of
groups believe that its a
difcult process and I have
to say that with guidance
from Lawrence Van and the
folks in the local Atlanta SAG
ofce it was a breeze. Every
series that applies does not
get SAG accreditation, again
we were a very fortunate
group to have this happen
and so quickly especially
with this being my frst
major production.
Where do you see ZSS in the
The future of the Zombie
Socks Series is a bright one.
We have already begun to
have our individual shows
screened in Atlanta, and
next all our pieces will be
screened on Sat. Jan. 26 at
Chattacon in Tennessee.
Episode one is entered in
The Savannah Film Festival,
episode two is entered in
the Atlanta Horror Film
Festivals comedy division,
and our music video Undead
Together is entered in the
Atlanta Film Festival! We
will have quite a presence
at the frst annual Georgia
Entertainment Gala held at
the World Congress Center
on Jan 13. It's exciting to be
able to participate in my frst
red carpet event!
Local film series gives new spin to
zombie apocalypse craze
hen Grifnite
p h o t o g r a p h e r
Elizabeth Stacy
participated in the 100
Hour Film Race as a camera
operator, she made some
flm industry connections.
Approximately one month
later she assembled a cast
and crew, some of which she
had just worked with on the
flm race, to produce and
develop her frst independent
flm "Parallax". Last October,
Stacy debuted the frst episode
of the Zombie Socks Series
with the ultimate desire to
make people laugh and take
the television shows people
already know and toss in a
few formerly living characters.
As a parent, Stacy felt like
our media hungry society
has been handed so much
low grade humor it was
time for something a little
more intelligent, fairly family
friendly, and simply fun.
Below is an interview with
Stacy that explains a little bit
more about the series.
Elizabeth Stacy (center) with some of the ZSS cast.
As an investor, how can you
avoid making mistakes? It’s
not always easy, because
investing can be full of po-
tential pitfalls. But if you
know what the most com-
mon mistakes are at difer-
ent stages of an investor’s
life, you may have a better
chance of avoiding these
costly errors.
Let’s take a look at some
investment mistakes you’ll
want to avoid when you’re
young, when you’re in mid-
career, when you’re near-
ing retirement and when
you’ve just retired.
When you’re young :
Mistake: Investing too con-
servatively (or not at all) —
If you’re just entering the
working world, you may
not have a lot of money
with which to invest. But
don’t wait until your in-
come grows — putting
away even a small amount
each month can prove quite
helpful. Additionally, don’t
make the mistake of invest-
ing primarily in short-term
vehicles that may preserve
your principal but ofer
little in the way of growth
potential. Instead, position
your portfolio for growth.
of course, stock prices will
always fuctuate, but you
potentially have decades to
overcome these short-term
declines. Since this money
is for retirement, your focus
should be on the long term
— and it’s impossible to
reach long-term goals with
short-term, highly conser-
vative investments.
When you’re in mid-career :
Mistake: Putting insuf-
cient funds into your retire-
ment accounts — At this
stage of your life, your earn-
ing power may well have
increased substantially. As
a result, you should have
more money available to in-
vest for the future — specif-
ically, you may now be able
to “max out” on your IRA
and still boost your contri-
butions to your employer-
sponsored retirement plan,
such as your 401(k), 403(b)
or 457(b). These retirement
accounts ofer tax advan-
tages that you may not re-
ceive in ordinary savings
and investment accounts.
Try to put more money into
these retirement accounts
every time your salary goes
When you’re nearing retirement:
Mistake: Not having bal-
ance in your investment
portfolio — When they’re
within just a few years of re-
tirement, some people may
go to extremes, either in-
vesting too aggressively to
try to make up for lost time
or too conservatively in an
attempt to avoid potential
declines. Both these strat-
egies could be risky. So as
you near retirement, seek to
balance your portfolio. This
could mean shifting some
of your investment dollars
into fxed-income vehicles
to provide for your current
income needs while still
owning stocks that provide
the growth potential to
help keep up with infation
in your retirement years.
When you’ve just retired:
Mistake: Failing to deter-
mine an appropriate with-
drawal rate — Upon reach-
ing retirement, you will
need to carefully manage
the money you’ve accu-
mulated in your IRA, 401(k)
and all other investment
accounts. obviously, your
chief concern is outliving
your money, so you’ll need
to determine how much
you can withdraw each
year. To arrive at this fgure,
take into account your cur-
rent age, your projected
longevity, the amount of
money you’ve saved and
the estimated rate of return
you’re getting from your in-
vestments. This type of cal-
culation is complex, so you
may want to consult with a
fnancial professional.
By avoiding these errors,
you can help ensure that,
at each stage of your life,
you’re doing what you can
to keep making progress
toward your fnancial goals.
This article was written by Edward Jones
for use by your local Edward Jones Finan-
cial Advisor.
A life coach
can help you find
the next level.
Pet of the Week
Free to a good home, but may need routine shots. Contact john@
newtoncrouch.com for more information.
Trigger - Golden Retriever
Trigger is a six year old, full blooded golden retriever
that had to be given up due to the owner moving. He's
a people lover and a bundle of energy. He needs a home
with a big yard and plenty of attention and love.
We assist clients with
a wide variety of legal
needs including:
personal injury,
wrongful death,
criminal defense,
divorce, child custody
and child support,
collections, local
government issues,
wills and estates,
education law,
contract disputes and
other civil litigation.
Timothy N. Shepherd
Patrick M. Shepherd
612 West Taylor Street, Griffin | 770-229-1882
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e all know that
failing to plan is
planning to fail.
Do you have a plan to con-
duct a job search campaign
for yourself in 2013? Let’s
get started. If you’ve just
answered want ads in the
newspaper or online, you
know that competition is
ferce. You need to uncover
opportunities that others
don’t know about.
Start by defning and
listing potential target em-
ployers. Where do you fnd
them? Here are some sug-
gestions: You can get lists
of names from any orga-
nizations you belong to or
you can check out the local
chamber of commerce di-
rectory for a list of compa-
one of the best resources
for opportunities if you are
willing to go further afeld
(like Metro Atlanta for ex-
ample) is published by the
Atlanta Business Chronicle.
It’s called the “Book of Lists.”
It will provide you with list-
ings of hundreds of the
hottest area companies in
their felds by ranking. You
can also get the names of
key decision makers, along
with their titles and com-
plete contact information.
This book comes in a print
edition or an online ver-
sion you can download to
your computer. The printed
edition is cheaper than the
one you can download to
your desktop, but consider
sharing the cost with other
job-seekers you know so
you can each use this valu-
able resource.
once you have the name
of the companies you’d like
to target, go to their web-
sites and do some research.
Be prepared for a phone call
with knowledge about the
company’s goods or servic-
es so when you get through
to the decision-maker, he or
she will be impressed that
you’ve taken the time and
trouble to do your research.
In fact, one of the frst ques-
tions you may be asked
over the phone when you
do get through is, “What do
you know about our com-
pany?’ By having done your
homework, you’ll be ready
and probably generate an
in-person interview.
You should organize your
job campaign by develop-
ing and maintaining a list of
these target employers on
a spreadsheet like the ones
you fnd on a Microsoft Ex-
cel program. If you don’t
know how to use Excel, take
some courses. Some librar-
ies have online training
Seven columns will ap-
pear on your spreadsheet:
the name of the company
you are targeting; types of
products or services they
ofer; job title if you have
been able to uncover one;
name and contact informa-
tion of the hiring manager;
names of other people in
the organization you might
know (from the referrals
we talked about in my last
article); name of person
who gave you the referral;
and comments including
information you may have
gathered about when they
are expanding and what
departments will be hiring.
Check out the employer’s
facilities; go to their trade
shows or events if you can
fnd out where they are. If
they are a big enough com-
pany, call their 800 number
and ask for literature. And
fnd out everything you
can about the company
so you’ll be ready for that
interview you’re going to
Your list of targets will
grow over time. Never take
any target of your list for
lack of a current job op-
portunity; one may crop
up later. In a given week,
you should work on about
fve targets. When you fn-
ish with those, pick another
fve, then another fve and
then another fve. Now
you’re cooking with a good
start towards managing
your job campaign. Ω

Well-organized job search can increase success
just need a new
day.” I usually say
this after I’ve had a
hard day. I think we all ap-
preciate the fact that every
dawn brings a brand new
twenty-four. And, hopes for
a better day. A diferent day.
A new day. I think that’s why
so many of us look forward
to a new year. From reso-
lutions to eating well and
exercise to taking up a new
hobby, we all want some-
thing new.
New comes from the
Greek word, Neos, meaning
“new in time.” New is impor-
tant. New is necessary. But,
so is the word “renew” from
the Greek, Kainos - “new as
to form of quality; unprec-
edented; not found exactly
like this before.”
Just as I want some-
thing new to happen this
new year, I also want some
things in my life renewed.
I want renewed relation-
ships. I want a renewed pas-
sion for scriptures. I want my
love for people renewed.
To renew these things, I’ve
chosen this scripture to be-
come my personal goal for
Let your conversation be
gracious and attractive so
that you will have the right
response for everyone. Co-
lossians 4:6
This is only achieved by
pausing before I speak. The
pause is especially impor-
tant when we attach feel-
ings to situations, words,
and actions. Remember,
everything remains neutral
until we give meaning to it.
We give meaning to
that text message. We give
meaning to that unmet ex-
pectation. We give mean-
ing to what someone said
about us.
The pause is hard. But
imperative. It’s in the pause
we can acknowledge the
feeling we’ve attached
to something and send it
through a diferent conduit.
We can flter it through love.
It’s after the pause we can
assure our conversation will
be gracious. And attractive.
And, we will have the right
I want my relationship
with my husband, my fam-
ily, and my friends to be
renewed this year. I want
them to be unprecedented
- not found exactly like this
before. Because, it’s the
people in our lives who
make life rich. Who make
life full. Who make it good.
Make a list of things you
want new this year. Then,
write down things you want
renewed. Because, both are
Happy 2013, everyone. En-
joy the beauty of new.
Great is his faithfulness; his
mercies begin afresh each
morning. Lamentations 3:23
he Flavor of Georgia food product contest is an an-
nual celebration of all the favors Georgia has to of-
fer. Market-ready prototypes or commercially avail-
able food products from across the state are judged and
critiqued by a panel of food experts.
The Flavor of Georgia contest casts the spotlight on deli-
cious, original food from right here at home. Unusual foods
(like a catfsh burger), unique sauces (try blueberry salsa)
and traditional southern foods (anything peach or pecan),
get ready for the competition! Categories include barbe-
cue and hot sauces, confections, dairy products, meat
products, snack foods, jams, jellies and sauces. Entries are
judged based on favor, best use of Georgian ingredients,
Georgia theme, unique or innovative qualities, commercial
appeal and originality.
High Road Craft Ice Cream won top prize in the dairy
division of last year’s Flavor of Georgia Food Product Con-
test. Since winning the University of Georgia contest, the
company has been growing by leaps and bounds.
Before the contest, High Road Craft sold its handmade
ice cream to about 50 restaurants in Atlanta. Today, their
creamy desserts are featured in 150 restaurants, 22 Whole
Food Markets and on the shelves of specialty markets from
Georgia to Colorado, including Grifn's own Laynie Bug's
Sweets and Treats ice cream shop..
“The Flavor of Georgia contest really brought a lot of
exposure to us, our sales have quadrupled,” said Nicki Shro-
eder, the company’s chief marketing ofcer. “After winning
the contest, we could add ‘Flavor of Georgia Award Winner’
to our marketing materials and it gave credibility to our
The 2013 Flavor of Georgia contest will be held on March
11-12, 2013, at the Georgia Freight Depot in Atlanta during
the Governor's annual ag awareness week.
Applications and regulations can be found at www.fa-
vorofgeorgia.caes.uga.edu. This contest is for Georgia
based businesses only. February 8, 2013, is the deadline
for receipt of completed entry form, entry fee payment and
product samples. Ω
Is there a provi-
sion in the Af-
fordable Care
Act (Obamacare) that
forces doctors to ask about
gun ownership as part of a
health history? A pediatri-
cian told me it is included
in Obamacare.
In the wake of Newtown,
several noted pediatric spe-
cialists have called on their
colleagues to ask parents
about gun ownership and
safe storage of frearms as a
part of their medical history
for children. The assump-
tion is that owning a gun
is a health risk to all of the
family in the residence. The
American Academy of Pe-
diatrics also recommends
that doctors talk with fami-
lies about safe gun storage.
Some public health ad-
vocates who are strong
supporters of stricter gun
control laws would like
for physicians to ask ques-
tions about gun ownership
from patients of all ages.
These data would become
a part of the medical record
and could be harvested
for studies that support
gun control, ostensibly for
someone to make a statisti-
cal case for gun ownership
being a public health haz-
ard. There is also concern
among gun owners that
insurance companies will
mine the data for selective
premium increases to en-
force social policy.
Under obamacare, the
Internal Revenue Service
will be the enforcement
wing of government that
oversees your purchase
of health insurance. The
Health Insurance Portabil-
ity and Accountability Act
(HIPAA) allows your “pri-
vate” health information
to be accessed by govern-
ment agencies. Thus, put-
ting gun ownership into
your health record is tanta-
mount to alerting govern-
ment bureaucrats that you
are armed in accordance
with your God-given rights
recognized in the second
But, stop the presses: A
National Rife Association
(NRA)-backed provision in
obamacare forbids har-
vesting this information.
Sen. Harry Reid (D), Senate
Majority Leader, put the
provision into the law as it
was being rushed through
the process. The clause
states that language in the
“wellness and prevention”
portions of the health-care
law “may not require the
disclosure or collection of
any information” relating
to the “presence or storage
of a lawfully-possessed fre-
arm or ammunition in the
residence or on the prop-
erty.” Further, the measure
says the law cannot be used
to “maintain records of indi-
vidual ownership or posses-
sion of a frearm or ammu-
nition.”It adds that the price
of health coverage may not
be afected by the owner-
ship, possession or use of
Many people are not
aware of this clause of the
mammoth health care law.
Its discovery has caused
Speaker Pelosi’s plea to
“pass the bill so we can
see what’s in it” to haunt
opponents of the second
Susan Sorenson, a Univer-
sity of Pennsylvania pro-
fessor of social policy, said
about the Second Amend-
ment measure in the Af-
fordable Care Act:
“A lot of people buy guns
every year, and it’s a health
concern. For physicians
and other health care pro-
fessionals not to be able
to ask about these issues
and record them is coun-
terproductive. Doctors ask
patients about illegal drug
use, disease history and
sexual habits, So, Why not
guns? To regulate what
the provider can or can’t
do really intrudes into the
role of the health care pro-
vider, which is to ensure the
health of the individual and
the people who are living in
that home.”
A thoughtful commenta-
tor on one of the Sunday
talk shows suggested that
if physicians are forced to
ask about gun ownership,
perhaps other questions
should also be forced, such
as the presence of automo-
biles, which kill many more
than guns, or high-fructose
corn syrup, which kills many
times more though diabe-
tes, heart disease, and other
obesity-related conditions.
The underlying question,
of course, is “Where does it
The law now forbids such
discussions of gun owner-
ship in the context of your
health care. As doctor of
chiropractic, I assure you
that if such a question were
forced by law, I would glee-
fully disobey it and encour-
age all my colleagues to do
the same against such a
violation of privacy. I would
encourage you to ignore
the question. Physicans,
nurses, nurse practitioners,
and other health care pro-
viders exist for health care
delivery—not enforcement
of social policy.
I cannot get Warren
Zevon’s “Send Lawyers,
Guns, and Money” out of
my head as I write this. Ω
Lawyers, guns and money (and healthcare)
A resolution to renew
Flavor of Georgia now
accepting entries
Tc Makcr:’ Markc/
A creative boutique of
modern handmade & so much more
jcac|rg -- c|c|h|ag è accc::cr|c:
:caµ: è ècaa|g µrcdac|:
:|a||cacrg -- jcaraa|:
µa|a||ag: è ar/
µra||arc -- hcmc dcccr
located inside
‘stache studio
116 s. sixth street
downtown griffin
Yc’rc a|aag: |cck|ag
jcr haadmadc rcadcr:
- ca|| a: |cdag!
La|| jcr rcadcr:!
Saturday, January 12; Jackson
Road Elementary Knight's
Resolution Run; 9 a.m.;
starting and ending on old
Taylor Street Middle School
campus; for more infor-
mation call Jackson Road
Elementary School.
Saturday, January 12; "Let it
Snow" craft day; Grifn-
Spalding County Library;
2:20-4 p.m.; ages 4-11
Sunday, January 13; Boy Scout
Troup 2 Chicken Que; 11
a.m. - 1 p.m.; First Baptist
Church Scout Hut; $8 per
Tuesday, January 15; Family
storytime every Tuesday;
Grifn-Spalding County
Library; 10:30 a.m.; all ages
Tuesday, January 15; Business
After Hours; Mainstreet
Players; 5 - 7 p.m.
Wednesday, January 16; Tod-
dlers in Motion (ages 12-36
months) every Wednesday;
Grifn-Spalding County
Library; 10:30 a.m.
Thursday, January 17; 100th
Annual Chamber of Com-
merce dinner and awards
banquet ; Kiwanis of Grifn
Center; for more informa-
tion email nturner@cityofg-
Tuesday, January 22; Southern
Crescent Power Partners
Entrepreneur Expo; South-
ern Crescent; 10 a.m. - 1
Thursday, January 17; Baby
Storytime (ages 4-18
months) every Thursday;
Grifn-Spalding County
Library; 10:30 a.m.
January 24-Feb 3; Three Little
Foxes presented by Main
Street Players; In a charm-
ing home in the south, lives
the prosperous Hubbard
family. Desperate broth-
ers Ben and oscar, with a
clever sister Regina, hatch
a plan for Regina’s ailing
husband to invest in a cot-
ton mill. This small plan is
the catalyst for a defning
moment and the freworks
to come, as the conficts
in the family intensify over
the tragic events which fol-
low; for more information
visit mainstreetplayers.org.
p o l l o f t h e w e e k
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Blueberry facials clean tear streaks
and provides anti-oxidants while
smelling great! Safe for cats and
dogs. Must bring this coupon.
Whether a short visit or
extended stay, our
four-legged friends will
always have a place to
hang their collars.
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• Payroll Tax Compliance
• Monthly & Quarterly Accounting
404-557-9118 | www.sprayberrycpa.com | 424 W. Taylor St.
Loft Apts
he 13th Annual
Heart Hustle Race
is scheduled for
Saturday, February 9, 2013,
at Futral Road Elementary
School, 180 Futral Road, in
Grifn. All participants are
encouraged to enroll early.
There is an early registration
discount for all participants
registering no later than
January 18, 2013.
Events this year include
a 5K run, 5K walk, a 1 mile
fun run, and a tot trot. The
warm-up is scheduled for
8:15 with the frst event
kicking of at 8:30 a.m.
This event provides
participants the opportunity
to engage in a healthy
activity as well as support
the educational endeavors
of Futral Road Elementary
School. All proceeds go to
the school.
The entry form may
be found at gcsc.org/
futralroad, or contact the
race director, Jamie McLean,
at 770-229-3757 or jamie.
mclean@gscs.org. Ω
Heart Hustle
Sat. February 9
he Georgia Forestry
Commission is
taking applications
for seedling orders for the
2012-2013 planting season.
All Georgia Forestry
Commission tree seedlings
are adapted to Georgia’s
unique climate and soils.
They have been cultured
to provide a fbrous
root system, large stem
diameter, and abundant
energy reserves to insure
the best possible survival
and growth. Seedlings
are sold as bare root and
should be planted as soon
as possible.
oaks, conifers, hardwoods,
small trees and shrubs pine,
and combo packages are
Weekly deliveries to GFC
county ofces begin the
frst week of December and
continue through February.
Payment must accompany
each order. For more
information contact your
local Georgia Forestry
Commission ofce or visit
www.gatrees.org for prices
and species available. Ω
GFC taking tree
seedling orders
The J. Joel Edwards Public
Library in Zebulon, Georgia
received donations from
both A Novel Experience
(Zebulon) bookstore and
Bookland (Grifn) in an
efort to assist the local
library in updating and
refurbishing its holdings.
Customers were able to
purchase wish list items at
reduced prices and could
include a personalized
A Novel Experience
delivered 24 hardback
classics after the six-week
book drive, and Bookland
gave 104 books, including
board books, children's
books, young adult and
adult books.
"We are ecstatic about
receiving the entire
series of Narnia, Anne of
Green Gables, and The
Sisters Grimm, [donated
by A Novel Experience]"
says Assistant Librarian
Rosemary Bunn. "We can't
wait to display them on
our shelves and share them
with our patrons. Thank
you, many times over."
"We were able to replace
many of the titles that had
been rather permanently
checked out and replace
some timeworn books,"
Bunn continued. "We
extend to the community
our heartfelt gratitude
for your kindness and
generosity and hope you
will drop by the library soon
and check out our new
The J. Joel Edwards
library is open Monday,
Wednesday and Friday 10
a.m. until 5 p.m.; Tuesday
and Thursday 10 a.m. until
7 p.m.; and Saturday 10 a.m.
until 3 p.m.Ω
Zebulon library receives holiday book donations
he Grifn Police Department will be accepting
applications for the Citizen Police Academy
beginning January 14, 2013. The one evening
per week program is scheduled to begin March 14 and
conclude May 16.
Classes will be held each Thursday at the Police
Department from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Registration is limited to
the frst 25 applicants.
Techniques involving ofcer survival are discussed. Students
will view videos regarding ofcer shootings and survival
techniques. Participants will perform practical exercises
searching rooms and buildings. Domestic disputes will also
be discussed within this block of instruction.
The PRISM Simulator will be utilized during this section
of the academy. This simulator will place participants in
shoot-don't shoot situations.
Students are also introduced to proper handcufng
techniques, as well as the use of force continuum.
Applications can be obtained at the Police Department or
by contacting Captain Dwayne Jones (djones@cityofgrifn.
com) or Lieutenant Darrell Dix (ddix@cityofgrifn.com).
Citizen Police Academy offers
a chance to learn shooting and
survival techniques
Union Cemetery Cleanup Day
or four Saturdays in February, volunteers are asked
to help clear the Union Cemetery located on
Grandview Drive.
Underbrush, overgrowth and debris needs to be removed
from this local, church-owned cemetery.
Tools will be available for use, but volunteers are welcome
to bring their own clippers, trimmers, mattocks, axes,
shovels, wheelbarrows and any other lawn and yard tools.
Volunteer days are February 2,9,16 and 23 from 8:30 a.m.
until lunch. Signed waivers are required.
City of Grifn now ofers
public wireless internet
Downtown business professionals, visitors and patrons
now have online access to the City of Grifn's public WiFi in
designated downtown areas.
Visit www.cityofgrifn.com to view a coverage map.
To connect, simply turn WiFi on your laptop or device and
connect to the "City of Grifn" network in a designated area.
open your web browser and click "continue to internet" on
the splash screen.
Grifn Police Cpl. Stan Phillips received The City of Grifn's
Strongest Link award for saving the life of 5-year-old Lily
Goodson, who was being attached by her family's pitbull.
While presenting the award to Phillips, police cheif Frank
Strickland said, "[Philliips] did and excellent, excellent job
on Dec. 5. We had a small child who was being mauled
being attacked by a pitbull... When Stan arrived on the
scene, the child's head was clamped in the animal's
mouth. The grandma and Stan neither one could get the
dog to turn loose. He got himself on the ground and got
in a where he could not shoot grandmamma or the child,
and he actually had to shoot the animal to turn loose."
"There's no way for me tell you what that took for him
to be able to do that because grandmamma would not
let go... but had he not did it I don't know if the child
would have survived it. It just shows that old policemen
know how to do what they need to do. He showed great
judgement, great professionalism," Strickland continued.
Phillips is also working with Carver Road Baptist Church
to raise money to purchase a minivan for Goodson's
grandmother, who has custody of the children in the
Officer who saved 5-year-old
from dog honored by city
Do you support banning
semiautomatic firearms?
- Yes, no one needs that type gun for
hunting or self-defense
- No, the Second Amendment doesn't
apply only to recreational activities
If you'd like to submit an editorial regarding
gun control, send them to sheila@the-grip.net
attle lines are being
drawn over a subject
that stirs passionate
debate for almost everyone
– gun control.
In light of recent mass
shootings, some are calling
for stricter gun control
laws, while others cite the
Second Amendment and
say restricting weapons
from law-abiding citizens is
not the answer to violence.
Among the most
outspoken proponents of
gun control is California
Senator Diane Feinstein,
who has introduced
sweeping legislation that,
if passed, would ban not
only hundreds of frearms,
but also high-capacity
A synopsis of her bill
indicates it would stop the
sale, transfer, importation
and manufacturing of
more than 100 specifcally-
named frearms, as well
as certain semiautomatic
rifes, handguns and
shotguns that can accept
a detachable magazine
and semiautomatic rifes
and handguns with a fxed
magazine that can accept
more than ten rounds,
along with large-capacity
a mmuni t i on- f e e di ng
devices, such as magazines,
strips and drums, capable
of accepting more than ten
Feinstein's legislation
may not be necessary,
however, in light of remarks
made Wednesday by Vice-
president Joe Biden.

Addressing reporters
prior to meeting with
groups representing
victims of December's
Newtown, Conn., school
shooting, Biden said, “The
president is going to act.
Executive orders, executive
action, can be taken. We
haven't decided what this
is yet, but we're compiling
it all with the help of the
attorney general and all
the rest of the Cabinet
If gun control is
implemented via executive
order, it could only be
overturned by a three-
fourths majority of both
the Senate and House of
Representatives or the
Supreme Court.
Biden also feels that in
addition to an executive
order, lawmakers should
take up the issue.
“Legislative action is
also needed,” he said. “I'm
convinced we can afect
the well-being of millions
of Americans, and take
thousands of people out
of harm's way if we act
Georgia Congressman
Lynn Westmoreland holds
a difering opinion, having
previously stated, “Too
often, guns are blamed
for violent acts rather than
blaming the perpetrators
of these acts. Rather, we
should look inward to
determine what lies behind
these acts of violence.
Inanimate objects cannot
be the cause of anything
without the human hand
holding them making a

Locally, at least one ofcial
with an inside perspective
on violence does not
believe stricter gun control
laws are the answer.
Grifn Police Chief Frank
Strickland said he does not
believe the problem lies
with the frearm, but with
other factors that should be
“I think we have more of
a mental health problem
than we have a gun
problem. I think the mental
health problem is causing
the gun problem,” he said. “I
think what they need to do
is work on the community
mental health network.
It's pretty obvious it's not
Strickland said upon
investigation, it has been
learned that the individuals
involved in the majority
of mass shootings have
mental health issues that
went either untreated or
were under-treated.
“Go back and look at
the mass shootings and
tell me the people didn't
have mental health issues.
The Connecticut school
shooter, the Colorado
theater shooter, the
California mall shooter –
they all had mental health
problems,” he said. “There
are people here that we
try to get help for, but we
can't. It's not out there. If
community mental health
care is working everywhere
like it is here, the people
aren't getting help until
something happens, and
then it's too late.” Ω
Grind material into a new product,
Miller named the new organization
RE[FUZ] with the tagline, "RE[FUZ] the
status quo."
"I refuse to believe that an old
shoe can't become a mat. I refuse to
believe that the mats created from old
shoes can't be used to make sleeping
conditions better for homeless
people throughout the world. I refuse
to believe that those same old shoes
can't be used to create bags, watches,
belts, eyewear, furniture, and other
items instead of ending up in landflls
where they can take up to 1,000 years
to biodegrade. I refuse to believe that
the sale of those items can't generate
funds to improve existing homeless
shelters and build new transitional
housing facilities. I refuse to believe
that a country boy from small-town
Grifn, Ga., can't change the world,"
writes Miller on the mission portion of
his website.
originally designed for homeless
individuals, [FUZ]MAT has developed
into consumer products such as
exercise mats, beach mats, and
camping equipment. Using the
increasingly popular, “buy one, we
donate one,” business model, Miller
plans to donate a [FUZ]MAT to a
homeless person with every purchase
made from RE[FUZ].
But Miller isn’t stopping at just
easing the homeless person’s present
life. In order to fully address the
homeless problem facing America,
Miller plans to eventually employ and
house homeless men and women
from all over America to work in the
RE[FUZ] ofce. He hopes to have a
RE[FUZ] campus in Grifn that has an
ofce, living quarters, and possibly
manufacturing and distribution
center all in one place. "If we're able
to do distribution and manufacturing
in Grifn, that's what we'll do," said
Miller, who is very passionate about
supporting his hometown of Grifn.
The internships would last for one
year, in which time they could learn
ofce, manufacturing and distribution
skill sets, while obtaining a degree or
certifcate from Southern Crescent
Technical College. The living expenses
and tuition would be funded through
the business.
Miller has already obtained patents
on the idea, and had designed the
whole product line, which can be
viewed at www.werefuz.com. He
hopes to have samples of the products
made in March, around which time
he will also hear back about several
grants and fellowships. Ω
“I consider them minor
concerns,” Broe said.
Carlisle declined to discuss
in detail the events that led
to his decision to lock down
the Eagle and Lion, as he
considers the letter given
to Broe to be a confdential
communication that cannot
be discussed without the
express approval of his
tenant's attorney. However,
he did say his concerns are
not minor in nature, and he
categorized his attempts
to rectify the matters with
Broe as numerous.
“of course I had talked to
him. When that notice was
given to Mark, what you
have to do is give notice
as to what you're doing
and why,” Carlisle said. “It's
extending the lease to give
Mark (Broe) an opportunity
to address the needs, and
why that needs to happen.”
Although he would not
discuss the matter further,
Carlisle did classify much
of the information released
thus far as “inaccurate.”
“It's not a matter that
needs or benefts from
newspaper or social media
involvement,” he said. “It's a
pending legal issue.”
Prior to Broe's Thursday
announcement that he will
not be reopening the Eagle
and Lion, Carlisle had said
he was hopeful a resolution
would be forthcoming.
“The lease has not been
terminated. It's not as if
it can't reopen, but until
certain issues are resolved,
it can't reopen,” he said.
Broe said he does not
believe it was ever Carlisle's
intent to see the brewpub
back in business.
“He knew I had a pretty
tight cash fow, and if he
shut me down, I was going
to go under,” Broe said. “The
reason he knew is because
he's an investor; he's a
shareholder, so he gets the
fnancial reports. He knew
that we rely on cash fow
to pay our bills, and if there
was no cash fow, I couldn't
pay my bills.” Ω
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Talk of stricter gun control stirs passionate debate on both sides of political aisle
« shoes, cont.
A RE[FUZ] mat would be donated to a homeless person with every sale of other
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