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Oral Exam
Describing People

Look the picture of four people and describe them.
Example: She is tall and has long hair. She is wearing a long dress and a hat.

Person B:
Person C:
Person D:

Person A:




Write an adjective from the noun in the first column. And then write an adverb from the verb.
Example: boastful (adj) → boastfully (adv)
adverb ___
1 – exact→________________________
2 – nervous → ___________________
3 – lazy →______________________
4 – lawful→_____________________
5 – safe → ____________________
6 – responsible → ________________

Some or Any
Complete the sentences with “some” or “any.
Example: There are some letters on the desk.
1. I love _________thing with chocolate in it. 2. Is there _________ milk in the fridge?
3. Would you like ______ sugar in your coffee? 4.I’d like _________ strawberries, please.
5. He’s thirsty. He’d like ______ water.
6. We’ll need ________ sugar for the cake.


lets going to the beach! ___________________________________ 5) Fares runs the most faster of all the boys on the team. He worked ten hours a day and he earned six shillings (30p) a week. 2. 1. so life was hard. When was Charles Dickens born? ___________________________________________ What did Dickens write about? _____________________________________________ Was he a good student? ___________________________________________________ What kind of family did Charles have? _______________________________________ What type of childhood did Charles have? _____________________________________ Correcting Errors Correct the following incorrect sentences. for example David Copperfield and Oliver Twist. but he always spent a lot of money and often there was no money to buy food. 4. ___________________________________________ 2) The kangaroo is an most unique animal. But when Charles was only eleven. Answer the questions below. his father lost all his money and the family left their house. Every night. but poor and hungry. He wrote about the real world of England and many of the people in his books were not rich. __________________________________________________ 9) I think listening is difficulter then reading. ________________________________ 6) They aren't going nowhere special. Charles Dickens’s family lived in London and his father worked in an office. It was a good job. Example: He don’t care about me anymore. C H A R L E S D I C K E N S ( 1 8 1 2 – 1 8 7 ) Charles Dickens is a famous writer in the English language. _________________________________________________ 8) Lamine waited on the bus stop. Read carefully. only correct the mistake(s). _________________________________________ 10) Nourhan is afraid from the dog. Charles hated it and never forgot it. There were eight children in the family. (walk) 3) But look! Today she _________ by bike. 3. (go) 4) He often _____to the cinema. _______________________________________________ 7) I have lived in this city for 1999. (go) 3) Every Sunday we _________ to see my grandparents. there may be more than one mistake! You don’t need to rewrite the sentence. he walked four miles back to his room. Charles went to school and his teachers thought he was very clever. 1) I'm not speaking to nobody in this class. (go) 5) ______ the news regularly? (watch / he Reading Comprehension Read the text below about a famous English writer. _________________________________________________ (2) . (leave) 1) Quiet please! I _________a test. → He doesn’t care about me anymore.Verb Tense: Past Simple or Present Continuous Put the verbs into the correct tense (Past Simple or Present Continuous) Example: Look! He is leaving the house. He used it in many books. ___________________________________________ 3) Is there some cheese in the omelet? _______________________________________________ 4) Today is a very sonny day. after work. 1. Charles got a job washing bottles. (write) 2) She usually ______to school.

You have gotten any ideas for the party? _______________________________________ 3. ______________________________________________ 2. Example: wall on the wall _________Saturday. And UC for each uncountable noun in the examples below. 4. Use “on”. ___________________ to order a dessert.Prepositions Write the correct prepositions for these expressions. some uncountable nouns can be become countable if you add words to them. I ____________ ice-skating and swimming. We had got a meeting at 2pm. I always have got lunch at 1pm. Do you _________ French food? 5. (expensive /shop) _____________________________________________________________ 4. ___________ you _________a drink? 2. 1. 1. _________ the morning. (pretty /girl) ________________________________________________________________ 3. ( difficult / situation) ___________________________________________________________ No pain. _______________________________________________ 5. or “in”. _________ night _________ the train _________Autumn ______ half past ten _________twenty-first century _________ the table _________ over Like or Would like Write “like” or “would like” in each sentence. Have she a bad temper? ____________________________________________________ Countable and Uncountable Nouns Write C for each countable noun. “at”. Remember. Sami_______ to be a professional footballer when he grows up. 6. I had gotten a job interview last week. Example: a cup of water (C) and weather (UC) 1) a bag of money _____ 2) information _____ 3) business trip_____ 4) lots of happiness ______ 5) blood _____ 6) 3 cubes of sugar _____ 7) liter of milk _____ 8) fun _____ 9) bag of rice _____ 10) 1 cup of flour _____ Comparative and Superlatives Write a comparative or superlative sentence using of each adjective below Example: urban / city London is considered the most urbanized and cosmopolitan city in the world. (room/ house) ________________________________________________________________ 5. No gain! –– You’ve done well! Now relax! (3) . Have got or Have Correct the sentences below with the correct usage of “have” and “have got”. ________________________________________ 4. (bad / player) ________________________________________________________________ 2. 3. I _____________ the Algerian dish called Rechta. 1.

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