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vanuatu receives unclear registration of phocea from Malta

By Ricky Binihi Reliable Vanuatu
boarder experts have dismissed speculation that mega vessel Phocea which created much havoc after its illegal arrival in Port Vila last year will leave the country. Vanuatu has received unclear reports that the sailing boat, reportedly owned by businessman Pascal Saken is registered in Malta in the Mediterranean Sea. The information supplied has not met the Vanuatu requirement to qualify for rectifying the boats defects and the ship will not leave the country as soon as many people had expected, a reliable source told the Daily Post. Eye witnesses have confirmed now that the Prime Minister Sato Kilman said the Phocea could be released from the country because there was no case pending before the Courts there is more lightings in the ship during the nights. And there was even speculation Phocea has refilled and was supposed to set sail this week. But Daily Post sources said despite the assurances from the Prime Ministers Office the ship might still not leave the country because it failed to adhere to the compliance information regarding its registration in Malta. All the countries that are signatory to international maritime and boarder control conventions know that the Phocea has defects that require rectification. Now that Phocea is in Vanuatu and what will be their impression on Vanuatu if the Phocea is released but its papers are not in order, the sources said. The Phocea was at the epicenter of alleged illegal activities when it first came to Vanuatu on July 18 last year but was never boarded by Customs, Police, Quarantine and Ports and Harbor officials until July 22. Three government ministers and an MP reportedly boarded the ship before it was cleared but only two current government ministers will appear on charges of boarding a foreign vessel that has not been cleared by local authorities. When it first arrived the Vanuatu Police alleged that the boat was smuggling guns and trafficking drugs and Police who boarded the ship found a tiny specimen of what could be cocaine. But the Police could never substantiate their claims in Court except get members of the Phocea crew fined in Court for illegally entering Vanuatu. The Daily Post understands that local authorities have discovered that Phocea had been registered in Luxembourg, France, Vanuatu and Malta when legally the ship must be registered one country alone.

Mission teacher urges Government to consider importance of Mission schools

By Glenda Shing a big bay bush Mission teacher
in Santo has related his experience to Daily Post on how he had to sleep with the national examination papers because of river flooding, twice, and arriving at the school just minutes before examination begins. The teacher who wishes to remain anonymous is currently teaching in a recent established secondary school in the Big Bay bush area. He recounted the hardships they are facing every day and blamed the unbalanced distribution of service delivery as a big contribution to their adversity. The teacher said, In two consecutive years, I had no choice but to sleep at the side of the river with the Year Eight National Examination papers with me, as we could not get across to the other side due to river overflow. When we were able to cross the river the next day, I arrived in the classroom to find the students already waiting to sit their exams, minutes before exam begun. According to him, a public transport would take approximately four to six hours to travel to Big Bay bush from Luganville town or vice versa, and those who are going to sell their produce and animals at the market pay Vt13,000 each way, while Mission teachers are charged at Vt18, 000 one way. It is very hard sometimes as we pay huge money on transport, and at times we have to sleep over night beside the river, as we could not get over to the other side when we are faced by overflowing rivers, the teacher said. They had to pass over two rivers, Lape River and Jordan River on their way to their area. >>To Page 2

A bed inside a dormitory in a Mission school, Big Bay Bush. (Inset) Little boys inside a classroom in one of the Mission schools of Big Bay Bush. Photo source: PCV

[ 2 ] vanuatu Daily Post | Friday January 18, 2013

Local News

Shefa surveys site for new Marobe Market

By Len Garae W omen living

B lack

Paama to market more fish to Port Vila

By Godwin Ligo the fiShermen
on the

Sands, Salili and at the end of the Airport can thank Shefa Province when they read this article because it is surveying the opposite side of its Marobe Livestock Market to build a new Market House for the women in the area this year. The market will hold 80 tables, an office, a store room, training room for farmers and shower rooms and toilets for men and women. The 15 by 25 metre open market will be funded jointly by Shefa Province and UN Women. It will be managed entirely by women.

Original plan for Marobe Complex pending funding while current Marobe Livestock Market seen at far left open market to be built alongside it

Kaloris promises sweeping changes if elected to Shefa Provincial Council

By Kathie Simon a Shefa Provincial
Council hopeful and candidate, Ernest Kaloris, promises sweeping changes if he is elected as councilor in the upcoming provincial elections on 12 February 2013. The former Assistant Secretary General of Shefa Province said as a gateway province the level of development within Shefa should surpass other provinces. If elected I will put the issue of relocation of Shefa Headquarters as a first priority on the table. The current location of the provincial headquarters in the heart of the capital Port Vila does little to focus the priority development needs of all the area councils within Shefa Province, explain Ernest Kaloris. Ernest Kaloris who is contesting the provincial elections under the Vanuatu Democratic Party (VDP) ticket, told daily post he will seek the support of electors to relocate the Shefa office to either north Efate or another island within Shefa. Kaloris also vows as his second priority to see that the province is proactive in strengthening its area councils. There has been a lot of talk about decentralization but nothing concrete is done to empower the area councils, and the area councils are somewhat underutilized thus affecting their potential to derive maximum benefits to the communities, he said. He said that if elected, he will see as matter of priority that the province becomes more proactive to support the area councils. Shefa province has in total 27 Area Councils. 54-year-old Kaloris also suggested that there is scope for larger villages within the suburbs of the capital Port Vila which includes Mele, Pango and Erakor could be upgraded from its status as an area council to that of a municipality. An agenda on his campaign cards in the Shefa Provincial Council is the proposal to better coordinate all inter-island shipping by Shefa ship owners and possibly other ship owners. Mr Kaloris informed Daily Post that it is very burdensome as well as costly for ship owners from Shefa and other northern Ports to go to Vila Harbor. He said Shefa should make available with the assistance of Government for Emua

Island of Paama aim to step up their fishing project on the island with the assistance of their new MP Jonas James. Member of Parliament for Paama Island, Jonas James, has made special arrangements for 12 fishermen from Paama to market their catch to the hotels and restaurants and supermarkets in Port Vila this week. Paama has one of the richest fishing grounds in Vanuatu and so it is time to exploit this for cash income to help raise the standard of living on the Island, MP James told Daily Post. He said the current 12 full time fishermen on the island are expected to meet this Friday to look at ways in expanding their fishing projects as well as market opportunities in Port Vila and elsewhere. I have arranged for a regular shipment of deep sea fish with the fishermen on Paama to Port Vila markets but it does not limit us to sell fish also in Luganville Santo or elsewhere in Vanuatu where

there is demand now and in future, the Paama MP said. He said his aim is to encourage more young people who have nothing to do in Port Vila, Luganville or on the Island to get into business ventures and one of this is start fishing projects with his assistance. You can either have a paid employment or be selfemployed and being selfemployed in a business undertaking at a young age will turn you into a wealthy ni-Vanuatu business man or women when you retire or wish to diverse into something else later down the road in your life, said MP James. My aim is not just to market fish to Port Vila but to encourage the population of Paama to buy fish at low prices and eat more fish and then of course supply surplus to the market in Port Vila. It is for these reasons that I am encouraging more young people on Paama to involve in fishing industry back on the Island, said MP Jonas James.

Mission teacher urges Government to consider importance of Mission schools

>>From Front Page The Mission teacher said he has come across even worst situations where sick adults, children or even pregnant women die at the side of the rivers because they lack proper health care in their area, and had to be faced by overflowing rivers on their way to towns. The teacher added, On unfortunate cases, the villagers had to bring home only Vt2, 000 or Vt3, 000 after their sale at the market as the money they earned from their produces would be spent on just their transport fare. However, one of my biggest concerns here is for the Government through the MinForecast for today:

Wharf to be upgraded to a standard that it could take care of the needs of the local shipping service, and in an attempt to make local travel more affordable by the passengers, and thus making shipping service more efficient for ship owners. In Kaloriss view, such developments would also be quite beneficial to the north Efate residents, as well as road transport owners including interested buyers of local products from the nearby Shefa islands and the Northern islands, especially kava and taro, to name a few.

In summing up the changes he intends to carry out, he suggested that a lot of the changes is to do with the attitude of people within Shefa province who wish to see changes implemented for the betterment of the province. But these changes will start with a better administration of the province by having not just the best people for the job, but equally important ensuring a fairer representation in the administration of the province to ensure that services are shared equitably, concluded Kaloris.
General situation:

istry of Education to divert their focus towards Mission schools as well because we have some very brainy students in these remote areas who one day may become key people of this nation. Mission schools are owned by different Church education authorities and one of their main aims is to preach about the Gospel to the people. Mission teachers use such opportunities not only to preach the Gospel but also to educate the people, especially the children and young people on the importance of being educated. There are several Mission schools on Santo, two on Pentecost and one in the Banks group.


Courtesy Vanuatu Meteo Office Call 22932

Yesterdays recorded weather variables (8am-8am)


A trough of low pressure remains near northern Vanuatu, slow moving.

Showers and thunder over Torba and Sanma province, elsewhere partly cloudy with chance of showers. Light to moderate east and southeasterly winds.

SE winds 10/20 knots over northern waters with light to moderate seas to 1.0 metre. Elsewhere SE winds 12/17 knots, light to moderate seas to 1.5 metres.


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vanuatu Daily Post | Friday January 18, 2013 [ 3 ]

Local News

Dinh ready for new international airport

By Len Garae A ll the necessAry

work and surveys and detailed planning right down to the actual location and costing of a runway for a new international airport to be built in the South East of Efate to take 747 jets have all been completed in the last ten years by investor Dominique Dinh. It is now up to the new Government to commit political will to the project and confirm if it is going to fund the project or find the investors to fund and build it or allow Dominique Dinh to find the investors to fund and carry out the work. He even showed former Minister of Land, Steven Kalsakau the proposed project but the Government at the time did not make any commitment towards building another international airport. The prominent investor/ builder Dominique Dinh has made the confirmation to the President of the Vaturisu Council of Chiefs, Chief Andrew Kalpoilep and Secretary General of Shefa Province, Michel Kalworai in his office at Korman two days ago.

Vaturisu mandated Chief Kalpoilep to approach local investors who have the land to see if they are going to be interested to contribute in terms of land and or finance towards the project. Discussions have developed at super speed since last Friday when the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Trade and Tourism, Ham Lini directed the SG to work with the Vaturisu and local landowners to find a site for a new international airport to cater for 747 and 767 aircraft. A Boeing 747 can carry up to 400 passengers while a 767, 300 passengers. The proposed site identified by Dinh is currently owned by another prominent investor. Money should not be a problem, if the landowner as well as custom landowners want 200 to 300 million vatu or more, the Government should pay it because that amount of money is nothing compared to the huge financial benefits that the Vaturisu, Government, Shefa Province, and the landowner(s) stand to gain from such a huge international airport, Dinh says.

Dinh speaks as an investor and landowner and paramount chief representing some Tanna people, so with the proposed project he is looking at a wider picture towards overall prosperity for the whole country. He is looking at a time when the positive image of the country as the happiest place on earth can be promoted without fear of criminal activity as all the trouble makers will have been sent back to their respective islands to go to jail at home then stay at home. The Government must prepare to open an international airport of this size by first building concrete prisons in each island or Province and equip all custom chiefs with legal power to send all criminals from their islands back home, he says. Only then can the airport be opened. But Dinh warns that an international development of that size also brings about its negative aspects of life such as pornography and prostitution and they must be dealt with also. At the end of the meeting, the SG of Shefa Province says he will follow up on the discussions with an urgent letter

Dinh says he has been waiting for the project last ten years while Chief Kalpoilep (right) and SG Kalworai listen to the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Trade and Tourism, Ham Lini before the end of this week, to advise him on the latest level of discussions following his directive of last Friday. Basically the ball is entering the Governments court this week and it is up to the Government how it plays the game but investor and contractor Dominique Dinh is waiting with the keenest of interest.

Environment and Municipal approved use of Parliament Park

By Godwin Ligo heAd of the environmentAl
Protection and Conservation Department, Albert William, confirmed to Daily Post that the government obtained the Departments approval for the use of the Parliamentary Park for the Chinese Funded National Convention Center back in 2010. He said the Environmental Protection and Conservation Department was a member of the Consultative Committee which the Government set up in 2010 to make a decision in regard to the Park use and the Convention Center to be built there. There were discussions on the issue of using the Green Space for the project but at the end all parties agreed that the project is of a significant importance for the country, Williams told Daily Post. On the question of losing the only large green space in the center of Port Vila that serves to cater for major events such as arts festivals and independence celebrations, Albert replied that the committee proposed at the time (2010) for another Green Space to be found elsewhere within or outside Port Vila for such events as arts festivals and independence celebrations or other similar national or regional events. On the question of the environmental impact, the Head of the Environmental Protection and Conservation Department replied that the assessment were undertaken hence the approval given to the government to go ahead with the project. Meanwhile, the Lord Mayor of Port Vila, Rueben Olul, also confirmed that the Municipal Council has given its blessing to the national government to go ahead and build the national convention center at the only large parliamentary green space. He questioned why Port Vila MP Ralph Regenvanu is not supporting the project which he said is of a national importance especially to Port Vila and the country as a whole. Early this week, Port Vila MP Ralph Regenvanu expressed concern that the government has not given careful consideration before deciding to build another national convention center at the only remaining large green space in the center of Port Vila. The Leader of the Opposition shared the same views with MP Rengenvanu and that is that the government should relocate the national convention center to another site outside Port Vila but not too far away from town. The Parliamentary Green Space is the only large space available for major events such as the independence celebrations and arts festivals and similar national and major events. I agree with MP Rengenvanu with a call to the national government to relocate the project to another site even just outside Port Vila, Opposition Leader Edward Natapei said as pressure is mounting for the government to relocate the project to another site.

Traditional knowledge to help build resilience to effects of climate change

By Jonas Cullwick A three - yeAr project

help grassroots communities in Vanuatu improve resilience against the effects of climate change is in the final stages of its scoping and report writing stage. The project in its pilot stage titled Community resilience and coping with climate change and natural disasters began mid last year and is a joint undertaking between three United Nations agencies - UNICEF, UNDP and FAO. The UN agencies are working in direct partnership with the Department of Local Authorities (DLA) and they are target twelve sites - two in each province, identified in line with their scale of natural disaster and level of vulnerability. Assistant Project Manager, Ben Tabi, who is also Principal Development Planning Officer in DLA says some of these sites are extremely remote, such as Olboe in Northwest Santo, Aota on Merelava in the Banks Group, and Konkon on North Ambrym, which is also a rugged location. The interesting thing is this project is very unique because we at DLA have requested them (UN agencies) to design the project in

Assistant Project Manager and DLA Principal Development Planning Officer Ben Tabi) line with the wishes of the lecting baseline information, ence of traditional knowlGovernment, which essen- tabulating the data and are edge and aims to build on tially means in line with the now writing the report. this knowledge, where the principal law governing local Hopefully, the Report people in the communities authorities, the Decentrali- will be completed soon and will share their traditionzation Act, Mr. Tabi said. in February we will present al knowledge to be used to The current theme of it to the Government before make the people more resilthe DLA is strengthening of it goes to the UN regional ient to climate change, the local councils, so the project office in Suva and on to the Assistant Project Manager is utilizing this structure to Fund for Humanitarian Secu- said. reach the lowest level of rity, an office directly under There are five main comgovernance to help the peo- the UN Secretary General p o n e n t s o f t h e p r o j e c t , ple, he said, adding that Ban Ki-Moon for approval and they are Disaster Risk by using the structure, the so funds for the project can Re d u c t i o n ( D R R ) M a n project aims to build capaci- be released, Tabi said. agement, Governance and ty at community level. A n o t h e r i n t e r e s t i n g Decision Making, Water D u r i n g t h e l a s t s i x thing is that the project Security, Food Security, and months they have been col- acknowledges the exist- Knowledge Management.

[ 4 ] vanuatu Daily Post | Friday January 11, 2013

Border Control issues damning report on PIO

By Len Garae Four high ranking oFFicers
of the Vanuatu Immigration Services have lodged with the Public Service Commission on January 9 of 2013, a copy of a Report against the Principal Immigration Officer, Francois Batick, accusing him of alleged mismanagement. The first report of the same content was prepared and sent to the former Minister of Internal Affairs, George Wells, on August 1 of last year, in line with the ministers own request for the report to be compiled. A copy of the report leaked to the Daily Post shows that the four officers who compiled the report were Port Vila Immigration Airport Border Control Acting Officer in Charge, Esrom Namka Loughmani, Airport Border Control A Shift Supervisor Moses Banga, B Shift supervisor Christopher Reynolds, Border Control Officer Godwin Jacob and Border Control Officer Tom Mansil Felix. In the covering letter that accompanied the submission, the four officers believe the report has not been acted upon and a number of outstanding allegations need to be dealt with. The following are some of the complaints that they believe reflect a lack of professionalism on the PIO to carry out his duties in line with established procedures. Issuing of new Resident Permits (to applicants) without complying with necessary requirements including Screening Committee. Also issuing resident permits and waiving of fines imposed on applicants who are penalised for breaching visitor visa conditions. The latest examples are Chinese employees of certain shops (names of the shops provided) in Port Vila who are legally in the country on visitor visa but are found to be working which is in breach of the visa conditions, the report says. When Border Control Officers confronted one of the owners to serve him with his penalty notice for breach of visa conditions regarding his employees, he (owner) called the PIO direct by mobile phone reporting the matter and even went to meet the PIO in his Office to sort out the matter. Late responses or no acknowledgement to letters requesting visa requirements resulting in airport border refusals and complications. The following are a few examples such as that of Floyd Joseph Smith of Air Vanuatu, three Indonesians that also implicated Richard Kaltongga and another Indonesian, a prominent Seventh Day Adventist pastor, the report says. Interim visa issue (delegation of powers): It is a must at all Border Control Check Points to question every incoming passenger to facilitate and issue appropriate visa to allow entry. With the new Immigration Act No. 17 of 2010, interim visa is also included specifically to facilitate short term employment and only the PIO can issue interim visa (requirements specified). At the airport border control it has been clearly identified that not all incoming passengers whose intention it is to engage in short term employment are aware of such visa and requirements. The Acting Officer in Charge in line with the law started charging those found to be planning short term employment and this was totally opposed by the PIO resulting in the PIO calling the AOC stupid man. A hard copy instruction was later issued by the PIO to cease issuing interim visas and collection of fees at the arrival checks. It is now practically clear that Border Control Officers are encouraging and entertaining incoming short term employment passengers by illegally issuing them with the wrong visa (visitor), while they already know by verbal interview that employment will be engaged, the report says. The officers question is whether it is legal to obey the PIOs instruction or follow the law. The report also raises the question of clearing incoming yachts. A classic example is that of the yacht Sea Dream and Phocea, both vessels are under similar investigations and very difficult at this stage to determine and complete investigations all because of very late clearances being done on land. Had these yachts been cleared at the time of arrival on board as should be, it would have minimised investigation chores, the report says. The Sea Dream arrived on May 30, 2012 and was cleared on May 31, and the Phocea arrived on July 14 July 2012 and immigration clearance was done at the airport the next day. The Immigration Head Office has turned a blind eye on this issue of yacht clearances being done at the main office (inland) or at the airport during the weekend and public holidays, and not considering the fact that criminal activities are more common to occur on yachts than on aircrafts. Immigration Identity Cards and Aviation Vanuatu Ltd Identity Cards have not yet been issued to Immigration Officers since January 1 of 2012. This has resulted in Border Control Officers not allowed entry into the terminals arrival and departure lounge to process clearances which resulted in flight delays and complaints from passengers during flight FJ260 from Honiara on July 17 of 2012. To this day all Immigration Officers have not yet been issued with required AVL ID Cards and Immigration ID Cards as mentioned in Part 2 Section 11 of the Vanuatu immigration No 17 of 2010. Both the Chairman of the Public Service Commission, Holi Simon and Principal Immigration Officer, Francois Batick could not be reached for comment despite numerous telephone calls last week and this week with message for them to return our calls. We left an urgent message with the secretary to the PIO, Emma Aru in the Immigration Office yesterday to let her boss know of the importance for us to speak to him concerning the report and she replied, I have spoken to him and he replied that he is aware that the signatories have wanted to have him removed from his post. He has declined to comment on the report saying you can go ahead to run your article without any comment from him. Meanwhile it is also understood that there are two groups of officers that are employed by the Vanuatu Immigration Services; one is made up of Border Control Officers at the Airport and another in the main offices in the City.

Local News


You will never know if you never go!

ACIAR supporting local farmers on whitewood trees

Compiled by Harrison Selmen a project called australian
Center for International Agricultural research (ACIAR) in Vanuatu will be supporting local farmers to research into the Utilization of whitewood tress and other planted species in Vanuatu. The Australian Center for Agricultural Research (ACIAR) is a statuary authority that operates as part of the Australian Governments development cooperation program. The Center encourages Australia's Agricultural scientists to use their skills for the benefit of developing countries and Australia. The project already has been established in Vanuatu. The planting trial was based on Santo which saw the white wood plots being monitored throughout the year particularly, weeding, pruning, thinning, and the overall growth performance. The Selling Price of White wood Planted is one of the important part of the White wood Industry in Vanuatu especially for our farmers. In an email to the Daily Post the Climate change National Coordinator under the Forestry Department in Vanuatu, Ioan Viji stated, In the past 12 to 15 years our Farmers in the Rural areas around Vanuatu were planting their white wood trees. Most trees of this age are now ready to be harvested and Department of Forests is proud to announce that this year 2013 the ACIAR is supporting our Farmers to research into the Utilization of the White wood trees and other planted tree species in Vanuatu. This will mean that our farmers will be privileged to find the true values of their trees with the findings from this research and support from the Department of forests for the Selling Price. It is important however that we colleague Officers and Farmers take responsibility to advice our Farmers to continue to plant trees and also be able to negotiate a better Selling Price for their planted trees. White wood trees planted supposed to be priced at a reasonable price considering the cost of maintaining the trees over the 12 - 15 years period. I trust through this Utilization project - the obvious challenges (Technology for smaller dimension logs, recovery and quality timber or other wood products and continue supply of timber) for Utilization of our Planted Timber trees will be sorted and Farmers will get better returns from the trees they planted, Viji said. Viji is encouraging forest officers around the country to feel free to share their views and comments and most important to help farmers to negotiate for a better Selling Price especially worth waiting for 12 - 15 years of planting. He said with their support it will give farmers every more good reasons to continue to plant White wood or any other tree species for the Timber Industry in Vanuatu.

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TIV News

vanuatu Daily Post | Friday January 18, 2013 [ 5 ]

Transparency Vanuatu welcomes the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme into its civic awareness programs designed especially for Vanuatu youth
T his
week was a highlighT for Transparency Vanuatu Youth programs as the selection process began to determine which youth would be selected for the first intake of Vanuatu Youth following closing off the on-line applications last week. 16 youth have been selected and will commence their inaugural induction on 21st January 2013. Following this roll-out program, the second intake will be advertised and all those interested youth should be ready to enroll if they wish to take advantage of this invaluable opportunity to gain the benefits of this long established program which could be the start of many opportunities opening for youth. The Board of Transparency are

excited about the prospects this will offer youth and encourages all youth to seek the opportunity of joining youth programs being run in their area such as the Election Awareness programs currently running under Wake Up Vanuatu Youth and Hemi Taem Nao. The following is background information taken from the website of the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme for your information. WHAT IS THE DUKE OF EDINBURGH AWARD SCHEME ( DofE) A DofE programme is a real adventure from beginning to end. It doesnt matter who you are or where youre from. You just need to be aged between 14 and 24 and realise theres more to life than sit-

ting on a sofa watching life pass you by. Levels You can do programmes at three levels, which when completed, lead to a Bronze, Silver or Gold Duke of Edinburgh's Award. Sections You achieve your Award by completing a personal programme of activities in four sections (five if you're going for Gold) - Volunteering, Physical, Skills, Expedition and for Gold, a Residential. You'll find yourself helping people or the community, getting fitter, developing skills, going on an expedition and taking part in a residential activity (Gold only). The best bit is - you get to choose

what you do! Your programme can be full of activities and projects that get you buzzing, and along the way youll pick up experiences, friends and tal-

ents that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Transparency Vanuatu is fortunate to have a great role model at the helm of this program.

Who is she?
And who is she?
simple, so humble

walking around with heavy bags of knowledge and experience that everyone deserves to wonder what characteristics s/he may be hiding. I for one was stunned to find out what unique experience she might be carrying around once she was first introduced within the organization. It is not just about working with the youths but also went as far as living with the royal family! And this, is her exciting story. She is the deputy chair of the Pan Commonwealth Youth Caucus, she is the National Commonwealth youth representative, she is a volunteer, she is a mentor, she is a moulder, she was inherited from a high chiefly family, she is an administrator, she is a challenger, she is a coordinator, a youth leader, and a trainer. She loves herself and she loves all of who she is. Who is she? She is Rebecca Solomon. I have gained so much experience as a youth leader and also as a trainer helping me build up my capacity and motivating me to spread awareness to my peers and help them address issues affecting us young people. I feel what I have within me is a massive experience that must be passed on to our youths, it is swelling my brain. Ms Solomon challenges youth saying, How can you prepare yourself to meet something? Her experience places her a cut above the rest as she takes on the challenge of advocating for mainstream youth, building up youth participation in society, sharing practices & voicing concerns and undertaking peer education and awareness raising on the plan of action for youth empowerment and other issues.

I love my job, I am passionate about working with youths, and because I was selected to represent them, I must really show that I love it. Walking out of the door, she said, I love my life. Receiving a Gold Award from Prince William In September 2012, Transparency Vanuatu welcomed a member of the Commonwealth Royal family. Ms. Solomon came in after receiving her gold award from the British Royal Family (Prince William) on the 17th September 2012 in the Solomon Islands. It wasnt a surprise to me as I have met the royalty before. It was an honor meeting the prince, my expectations for him at first were unexpected, but, he is down to earth! I was nervous, but I was happy that I finally met him! Rebecca has joined the Transparency team as Youth and Womens coordinator. To date she has successfully organized the 9th December Anti Corruption day events held in all 6 provinces in 2012, and is currently implementing the Duke of Edinburgh Awards scheme through Transparency, beginning with 16 youths from Port Vila and rural Efate. It is hopeful that we will extend this programme to the 5 rural provinces in early 2013. Background Originating from the island of Buninga, Ms. Solomon, 29, is currently the deputy chair of the Pan Commonwealth Youth Caucus appointed to the RYC in July 2010. Her term as National Commonwealth Youth representative ends April 2013. Part of her career involved much travelling. She represented Vanuatu in the Commonwealth Youth Forum

in Malaysia during the ministerial meeting, attended a peace building workshop in Rwanda, Africa, and attended a mentor and motivator training in Hong Kong. She also attended a Gender and Culture workshop in South Africa and a Forum in Cambodia under UNICEF Interestingly, she did shake . hands with the famous former South African politician who served as President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999, Nelson Mandela, during the celebration of his birthday on July 18, 2008. Ms. Solomon as the Commonwealth youth representative is responsible for the following: Building up youth participation in civil society undertaking peer edu-

cation Raising awareness on the plan of action for youth empowerment and other issues Providing links between youth organization and governments Voicing the concern and ideas of her fellow youth Advocating for mainstream youth Sharing best practices within and across member countriesincluding through promotion and charging of the Commonwealth youth development award Taking part in election observation missions and other efforts to strength democracy, development and human rights Ms. Solomon now employed at

Transparency Vanuatu as Youth and Womens coordinator and has high expectations and is working with other staff within Transparency to make this country a better country free from corruption. If you are interested in obtaining more information on the Duke of Edinburgh Award program now operating through Transparency Youth, contact us now for more information on Ph: 25715 and talk with Rebecca Solomon or one of our youth coordinators to see if we have a youth program coming to your area in the next few months. >>The ideas and opinions expressed in this article are those of the writer and are not necessarily those of the Vanuatu Daily Post

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Letter must be less than 300 words.Every one has the right to express an opinion without fear of persecution. All letters must give your full name, adress (not PO Box) and a daytime phone number for verification. Letters emailed must be from a confirmed address. Your name will be kept confidential if requested. Letters may be edited for space and legal issue. The opinions expressed here are not those of Vanuatu Daily Post. The Editor reserves the right to decide whether to print or not. Dear Editor, Mi wantem riasem concern nomo se nao ia Port Vila hemi kam toti olgeta. Ol road i no clean up, ol grass i grow lo ol road mo i no long taem bae u no save luk save man i workabot lo ol footpat. Tu i gat tumas plastic, tin etc lo road. I gud i gat wan wok s u p e r v i s o r l o Po r t Vi l a Municipality blo ron each dei blo finem out wea ples i need blo clean up afta putum ol boy lo ples ia nekis dei. Hemi no se oli folem sam street olteam


PO Box 1292, Port Vila fax: +678 2411 email:

Re: Clean up long Port Vila Town

afta ol nara ples i toti stap. Plis lukluk afta put ol wokers lo ol ples we i need blo clean up. Nara samting tu hemi a w a r e n e s s , Po r t Vi l a Municipality hemi mas mekem plante awareness lo side blo no sakem toti ol baot, no spolem road signs etc tru lo TV mo FM stations. Wei ia hemi important from yumi stap traem blo educatem ol man ples blo kipem ples i clean. Team i no gat awareness ol pipol ol no kea be oli continue blo sakem toti olbaot, spolem ol road signs etc. Wea nao ol experience blo yufala lo ol nara regional countri yufala stap visitem olsem Fiji, Solomon Is or New Caledonia etc , blo save lukluk lo hem mo finem ol new tinktink blo save leftem wok mo tu raisem up mani blo Municipality. Nara samting tu i no gud blo ol Municipal police i

stanap nomo lo Town be i gud ol ko out olsem lo Tagabe, No 2 or No 3 etc blo catchem ol buses wei ol stap stop olbaot, trak wei i stap kivim out tumas toti smok etc. Hemi way blo mekem mani blo Municipality be i no blo stap nomo lo town afta yumi expect se bae yumi mekem mani. Plis yumi ol authorities lo Port Vila Municipaliy i need blo wake up. Yumi stap lo Year 2013 nao! Concern Citizen

Services blong MV Santo Queen

Dear Editor, I wish to raise concerns regarding the above. This company services was great since it first came into the country to help people having access to cheaper transport to the islands. However lately it became very frustrating to wait for its services. F i r s t l y, t h e i r office number never answers your call for enquiries on the ships schedules. This makes life very difficult for those who needs her services. S e c o n d l y, i t doesnt follow its schedules as it supposed. This makes people who wishes to use her services remains in total darkness as to when to go wait at the ports. I strongly ask the authorities concern to look into these types of matter and dealt with them seriously. I think these shipping services are from PNG and they cannot treat their customers in Vanuatu they way they are at the moment especially MV Santo Queen. Also if the authorities concern could put something in place that all cargo boats and passenger boats should have their office numbers where customers can get information from so they can go wait for their cargoes at the right time etc. Thank you editor for raising my concern in your paper. Frustrated MV Santo Queen Customer

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My dear children, I write this to you so that you will not sin. But if anybody does sin, we have one who speaks to the Father in our defense -- Jesus Christ, the Righteous One. He is the atoning sacrifice for our sins, and not only for ours but also for the sins of the whole world.

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vanuatu Daily Post |Friday January 18, 2013[ 7 ]

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Regional News

Bainimarama calls for G77 unity

PriMe Minister CoMModore Voreqe Bainimarama has called on the 132 G77 member states to unite and ensure the United Nations is not reduced to a mere administrative body or one that seeks to serve a minority. He made the comments while accepting chairmanship of the G77 - the largest intergovernmental organisation of developing countries in the UN - from previous holders, Algeria. "Fiji is committed to supporting the G77's efforts to preserve the spirit of the UN Charter and to make the UN a more effective forum for confronting and resolving the challenges developing nations face in today's world," Commodore Bainimarama said. "These challenges have expanded significantly in recent years and a number of our demands remain unanswered," he said. He acknowledged the great diversity of the G77 and China but reminded member states the best way to advance their combined interests was to present a common front. "Development issues pertaining to the global economic agenda can only be advanced through multilateral processes and negotiations. "Our collective interests and the successful pursuit of these interests depend on our ability to effectively mobilise our members in various forums and to maintain the most unified positions possible whenever our common development goals are at stake." He said the global challenges facing the G77 countries required better cooperation and co-ordination. "To this end, we will continue to strengthen our cooperation with the Non-Aligned Movement through the Joint Coordinating Committee (JCC) in order to reinforce our positions on issues of common interest. "In this context, our group will need to continue to defend the diverse and inclusive nature of the United Nations - the only permanent institution with a universal and global agenda - from efforts that seek to reduce it merely to an administrative body on the one hand, or that seeks to make it serve the interests of a minority on the other."
-Fiji times




PEARLS BEFORE SWInE Fijian Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama addressing the G77 meeting with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon at the United Nations

Solomon Is Landowners Oppose nickel Mining

DIck TRAcy

Land TARzAn

owning tribes in

south-eastern parts of Choiseul have lodged a petition to the ministry of mines and energy opposing the proposed nickel mining operation by Sumitomo mining group. The land owners are concerned that mining will permanently destroy the fragile ecosystem including its many river systems and traditionally significant hunting and fishing grounds. They say any economic benefits would be insignificant compared to the destruction of the environment. The petition was initiated after a series of forums and

educational awareness held in Boeboe village on Choiseul and again in Honiara during the festive season. Chief David Hakezama of Kamaboe tribe and Chief Helson Pitakaji of Zeleboe tribe, whose portion of lands have been found to have the most nickel, have both signed the petition. One of the tribal members of Kamaboe says that land is more important than quick money. Our identity as a people and tribe, our livelihood, our pride, our history, they are all tied to the land, he said. So we will lose much more than the land, we will lose a big part of ourselves.

The demand for nickel, and other raw materials, is being fuelled by high demand from China. Experts say that the demand from China will remain at least for the next 5-10 years. They also say that, generally, the market price for raw materials will continue to rise, and might level off in the next 5 years. Such high demand gives multinational companies high incentives to do exploration and, should the deposits are good, full mining operation. Sources within the ministry of mines and energy say there is a huge increase in applicants keen to do exploration. And this is in all the provinces, we have good deposits, but mining companies often prefer the latest data, that is why there are a number of prospecting taking place, he said. He also says there is a number of landowning groups opposed to mining despite some of the benefits that come with it. We have had a lot of petitions sent directly to the minister opposing prospecting or mining, so while there is certainly increased interest landowners do not seem too keen.
-Solomon times

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World News

UNHCR to visit suspected Rohingya refugees in Thailand

the camps in Bangladesh for 20 years and there are probably some Bangladeshis in the group as well." Ms Tan told the Asia Pacific program, the UNHCR would be seeking to confirm the identities of the people in refugee camps and provide appropriate assistance. "For example, if they are Rohingya fleeing persecution in Western Myanmar and if they wish to seek asylum, then UNHCR would try to work with the Thai authorities to look at the asylum channel of things," she said. "But if they are, for example, Bangladeshi migrant workers, then other mechanisms need to come into play. "Also there are women and children among the group. They will need to have special arrangements made for them, to make sure these vulnerable groups are catered to." An estimated 800,000 Rohingyas live in Burma but are officially stateless. The Burmese government denies them citizenship, regarding them as illegal Bangladeshi immigrants, but Bangladesh does not recognise them as citizens either.
-Radio Australia

France launches ground campaign against Mali rebels
French troops are battling Islamist rebels in Mali in a war that escalated as Al-Qaeda-linked fighters claimed to have taken 41 foreigners hostage in a retaliatory attack in neighbouring Algeria, with two reported dead.After days of airstrikes on Islamist positions in the northern territory the rebels seized in April, French and Malian ground forces battled the insurgents in the central towns of Diabaly and Konna, north of the capital, Bamako.The attack was the first reprisal by the Islamists for the French assault that began on January 11, and comes after Algeria threw its support behind the Mali offensive and opened its airspace to French fighter jets.The French defence ministry warned of an "intensified" threat of attack and kidnapping in the area.The country has already boosted security on home soil after threats of reprisals.
-Radio Australia

Fiji Labour condemns new party regulations

Fiji's Labour Party has condemned new regulations on political parties as an attempt to move the country towards becoming a one party state.The coup-installed military government has decreed that parties have to show they have 5000 members within 28 days or they will be deregistered.Fiji Labour Party leader, Mahendra Chaudhry, said Fiji's political parties have historically never had such a high number of members, and his party will struggle to get the required members within the 28 day deadline. "It is a calculated attempt to stifle all forms of effective opposition in the lead up to the 2014 elections," Mr Chaudhry said.
Radio Australia

The UNHCR says Rohingya refugees from Burma are among hundreds of migrants recently arrested by police in Thailand. (Credit: AFP) The UN's
refUgee ageNcy

says it has received permission from Thailand to visit hundreds people living in a refugee camp in the country's south. Many are believed to be ethnic Rohingya Muslims from Burma. The UN's refugee agency says it has received permission from Thailand to visit hundreds people living in a

refugee camp in the country's south. Hundreds of illegal migrants have been rounded up and arrested this past week in remote farmland and forest along the Thai-Malaysia border. The UNHCR says it believes many of the group are Muslim Rohingyas who've fled violent Muslim-Buddhist

clashes in western Burma. "We're getting some estimates from sources that around 13,000 people have left on boats from the Bay of Bengal in 2012," UNHCR spokeswoman, Vivian Tan told Radio Australia. "This is probably a mix of Rohingya from Western Myanmar as well as Rohingya who have been living in

At least 20 killed in Egypt building collapse

Officials in Egypt say more than 20 people have been killed and dozens injured after a 12-storey building collapsed in the coastal city of Alexandria.Police have reportedly arrested the two owners of the building.Health ministry officials say the death toll is likely to rise as rescue workers continue pulling out bodies from underneath the rubble.Egypt has seen a number of construction disasters over the years, many of them blamed on planning violations and bad maintenance.
Radio Australia


Obama unveils sweeping gun control proposals

Customers look over the last two AR-15 style rifles for sale inside the Bullet Hole gun shop in Sarasota, Florida, ahead of US president Barack Obama's gun control announcement
Barack Obama unveils plans for the biggest push on US gun control in decades, provoking a furious response from the National Rifle Association. United States president Barack Obama has proposed a new assault weapons ban and mandatory background checks for all gun buyers as he tries to channel national outrage over the Connecticut school massacre which left 26 people dead. A month after the shooting at Newtown's Sandy Hook Elementary School, and with the victims' families in the audience, Mr Obama presented sweeping new proposals, including 23 initiatives he immediately signed off on. They include allowing schools to hire security, increasing research on gun violence, and improving efforts to prosecute gun crime But he needs Congress to approve a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines that expired in 2004; a requirement for criminal background checks on all gun purchases, including closing a loophole for gun show sales; and a new federal gun trafficking law, which has been long sought by bigcity mayors to keep out-ofstate guns off their streets. Mr Obama admitted the measures would not be easy to implement as the powerful

US gun lobby and its supporters in Congress resist what they see as an encroachment on constitutionally protected gun rights. Mr Obama presented his agenda at a White House event in front of an audience that included some of the relatives of the 20 first-graders who were killed, along with six adults, by a gunman at the Sandy Hook school last month. Mr Obama encouraged Americans to mobilise their outrage to pressure congressional members. "We can't put this off any longer," he said, vowing to use "whatever weight this office holds" to make his proposals reality. "Congress must act soon," he added. "This will be difficult ... there will be pundits and politicians and special interest lobbyists publicly warning of a tyrannical all-out assault on liberty. "Behind the scenes, they'll do everything they can to block any commonsense reform and make sure nothing changes whatsoever." The proposals stem from a month-long review led by vice-president Joe Biden, who, on orders from Mr Obama, met with advocates on both sides, including representatives from the weapons and entertainment industries.
-Radio Australia

India, Pakistan reach "understanding" on Kashmir tensions

The Indian army says it has reached an "understanding" with Pakistan to ease tensions in the disputed Kashmir region. It comes after a deadly flare-up along the border region last week, in which two soldiers from each country were killed. Indian military spokesman Jagdeep Dahiya says India's senior military commander Lt.-General Vinod Bhatia had spoken with his Pakistani counterpart, Major-General Ashfaq Nadeem for 10 minutes over the telephone."An understanding has been arrived at between the two Director-Generals of Military Operations to de-escalate the situation along the Line of Control," the spokesman said, referring to a de facto border in Kashmir. " ... the Pakistan DGMO said strict instructions have been passed not to violate the ceasefire." Colonel Dahiya said Indian troops stationed along the border would also not breach the ceasefire forged between the two nuclear rivals in 2003.

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Australia to fall out of top 20 economies by 2050

A ustrAliA
is expected to


World News

drop out of the worlds 20 biggest economies by 2050 as fast-growing developing countries such as Argentina, Nigeria and Vietnam overtake it, a report says. China is projected take over the US as the worlds largest economy by 2017 with a gross domestic product in purchasing power parity (PPP) terms of $US53,856 billion, the report by accounting

firm PricewaterhouseCoopers found. By 2050, India is expected to be the worlds third largest economy, behind the United States. Brazil would be ranked fourth, ahead of the Japan. The report shows that all the talk about the Asian Century is certainly very true, PwC economist Jeremy Thorpe said. Thats a combination of ...

the continued urbanisation and the next phrase of development of these countries. And its coupled with the demographics of these countries - young populations in a different cycle of growth. Australia, which is currently ranked in 17th place in PwCs 2011 list, is projected to slide one spot down to 18th by 2030, with an estimated GDP at PPP of $US1535 billion. But Australias projected

GDP at market exchange rates (MER) - at $US2603 billion is expected to keep the country in 19th place, just ahead of Argentina. The key thing for Australia is that we will become less significant globally because the size of our economy in relative terms is smaller, Mr Thorpe said. But we will still be an advanced economy with high per-capita incomes.

People will still look to us as an important country ... but in absolute terms our significance is going to decrease and thats just a rebalancing of the global economy as the less-developed countries become more developed over time. I n O c t o b e r, A u s t r a l i a was ranked as the world's 12th largest economy by the International Monetary Fund in its World Economic

Outlook. 2050 projected GDP at PPP (2011 $USbn) 1. China 53,856 2. US 37,998 3. India 34,704 4. Brazil 8,825 5. Japan 8,065 6. Russia 8,013 7. Mexico 7,409 8. Indonesia 6,346 9. Germany 5,822 10. France 5,714
Sydney Morning Herald

Forget peak oil, says BP chief

oil will make up all of the increase in global oil supply to the end of this decade, with the explosive growth of shale oil in the US behind much of the growth. As a result, the oil and gas company forecasts that carbon dioxide emissions will rise by more than a quarter by 2030 - a disaster, according to scientists, because if the world is to avoid dangerous climate change then studies suggest emissions must peak in the next three years or so. So-called unconventional oil - shale oil, tar sands and biofuels - are the most controversial forms of the fuel, because they are much more carbon-intensive than conventional oilfields. They require large amounts of energy and water, and have been associat-

Running out? . . . US oil production is at record levels. Photo: Bloomberg WArnings thAt the World
is headed for peak oil when oil supplies decline after reaching the highest rates of extraction - appear increasingly groundless, BPs chief executive said on Wednesday. Bob Dudleys remarks came as the company published a study predicting oil production will increase substantially, and that unconventional and high-carbon

ed with serious environmental damage. BP predicts that by 2030, the US will be self-sufficient in energy, with only 1 per cent coming from imports. That would be a remarkable turnaround for a country that as recently as 2005, before the shale gas boom, was one of the biggest global oil importers. As the US becomes selfsufficient, however, China and India will soak up the excess production and become increasingly reliant on imports of energy, BPs annual Outlook report found. BP also predicts that by 2030 at least 70 per cent of global emissions will come from countries now classed as developing, with major implications for international climate policy. Mr Dudley said the report showed that peak oil was not going to happen any time soon.

The outlook shows the degree to which once-accepted wisdom has been turned on its head. Fears over oil running out - to which BP has never subscribed - appear increasingly groundless. The US will not be increasingly dependent on energy imports, with energy set to reinvigorate its economy. And China and India are expected to need a lot more imports to keep growing, he said. BPs projections confirm some of those made by the International Energy Agency, which late last year forecast that the US would be the worlds biggest oil producer by the final years of this decade, surpassing Saudi Arabia and other OPEC countries. While gas prices have plunged in the US, to about $US2 a unit, they have remained high elsewhere around the world, at over $US10 in Europe, as the US

lacks export infrastructure and domestic demand has soaked up the supply. Cheap energy will make US manufacturers more competitive, which is worrying many European rivals. BP also forecast that global energy demand would continue to increase at an average of 2 per cent a year to 2020 and then by 1.3 per cent a year to 2030. Almost all of this demand growth is forecast to come from currently developing economies, with China and India alone responsible for half the increase in demand. The company expects fossil fuels to continue to dominate over renewables, forecasting that low-carbon fuels - nuclear, hydroelectricity and other forms of renewables - will take only a 6 to 7 per cent share each of the global energy market.
Guardian News & Media

Australia's mutant vomiting bug spreads misery around the world infected people aren't adequately
neW strAin of A vomiting

low levels. Complications arise when rehydrated, he said. Two residents of a senior care center in Mill Valley, California, died in an outbreak that sickened dozens of people. Japan has recorded 123 outbreaks in 17 prefectures linked to restaurants, hospitals, banquet facilities, nursing homes and hotels since September, according to the National Institute of Infectious Diseases. At least 10 people died from suspected infections. The Sydney variant is the result of a combination of two different strains, according to White, the microbiology professor. It also mutated slightly from its closest relatives, ensuring nobody is immune to it. "The immunity that people carry from previous norovirus infections won't protect them from this new virus," White said. "Therefore, the virus can infect many more people." The new strain doesn't cause more serious illness than others, and strategies for managing outbreaks are the same for any norovirus, the UK's Health Protection Agency said. These measures include washing the hands thoroughly and regularly, particularly after using the toilet and before eating. "Noroviruses mutate rapidly and new strains are constantly emerging," said David Brown, director of the HPA's virology reference department, in a January 9 statement. "There is no specific treatment for norovirus infection other than to let the illness

bug first found in Australia has killed nursing home residents from California to Japan, spoiled luxury cruises and may have sickened more than 1 million Britons so far in its global sweep. The new norovirus, identified in Sydney last March, caused the worst bout of gastroenteritis in a decade in Victoria last year. Now health-care facilities in the Northern Hemisphere have been warned to prepare for a "severe" epidemic this winter, researchers from eight countries have said in a report this month. The norovirus strain is adding to a list of northern winter ails topped by a resurgence of flu. Gastro outbreaks have been reported in New Zealand, France, Belgium, Denmark and Scotland, and cruise ships carrying suspected patients have docked in New York and Florida the past three weeks, heralding a new wave of infections for which there is no specific treatment or vaccine. "Cruise ships are almost a sentinel sensing system for norovirus," said Peter White, professor of microbiology at the University of New South Wales, who helped identify and characterize the new strain. "Norovirus is going to wreak havoc in their cruise industry for the next year while this new strain gets a grip." Carnival Corp's 14-deck Queen Mary 2 sailed into Brooklyn January

3 after 204 passengers and 16 crew came down with suspected norovirus. A week earlier, Carnival's Emerald Princess arrived in Fort Lauderdale after 189 passengers and 31 crew had developed the same symptoms, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said. An official at Miami-based Carnival referred questions on norovirus, sometimes known as winter vomiting bug, to Cruise Lines International Association, an industry group. "Historic incidence rates of gastrointestinal illness aboard cruise ships are low," said David Peikin, the association's director of public affairs. "One of the cruise industries' top priorities is preventing gastrointestinal illness from being brought on board a ship." While long-term care facilities and schools are especially prone to outbreaks, new epidemics of acute gastro often emerge on cruise ships, where control is hindered by close living quarters and shared dining areas. With regular turnover of passengers, noroviruses on ships can repeatedly infect new susceptible travelers, researchers at the Center for Infectious Disease Control in Bilthoven, Netherlands, found in a 2008 study. "Cruise ship holidays create an environment in which norovirus is easily spread and outbreaks readily occur," the authors said, noting that a reporting system for cruise ship- relat-

ed outbreaks" may provide an early warning system for winter epidemics in the wider community. Exhaustive control measures may not always be sufficient to eliminate the virus, the researchers said. Norovirus can persist on surfaces and is resistant to many common disinfectants, according to the Atlantabased CDC. It estimates more than 90 percent of diarrheal disease outbreaks on cruise ships are caused by norovirus. "It's almost impossible for them to protect themselves against a norovirus outbreak once it occurs," White said. "The only way you could do it would be to stay in your cabin the whole time and not go out." Symptoms of norovirus include a sudden onset of vomiting and, or diarrhea. Some people may have a temperature, headache and stomach cramps. The illness usually resolves in one or two days and there are no long-term effects. Outbreaks occur throughout the year, peaking in January and February. The disease can be severe, especially for the very young, the elderly, and those with weakened immune systems, said Bill Rawlinson, senior medical virologist and director of virology at South Eastern Sydney and Illawarra Area Health Service. Immunocompromised patients can excrete the virus for many weeks at

take its course, with symptoms usually lasting around two days. Keeping hydrated is very important and you can take over-the-counter medicines to relieve headaches and aches and pains." The best way to stem its spread is to practice good hand hygiene and for sufferers to avoid contact with other people, including staying home from work and not returning for two days once symptoms have subsided, said White. "This virus will definitely lead to large increases in gastroenteritis across the globe for the next year," he said.

The Norovirus can cause violent and projectile vomiting, diarrhoea and sometimes fevers, headaches and stomach cramps.

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Santo Hardware is seeking to recruit a qualified and experienced person to fill in the above role. Key responsibilities: Overseeing staff Assisting customers Inventory control Experienced required: Experience in hardware retail General knowledge of building materials and their uses In purchasing and marketing Be proficient in Works, Excel, Word All applications to be sent to PO Box 208, Luganville, Santo, not later than 30th of January 2013

Power cut Notice

UNELCO GDF SUEZ wishes to inform its customers that due to maintenance works, the supply of electricity will be interrupted on:

MALLICOLO: MONDAY 21st JANUARY 2013 from 3.00 pm to 4.00 pm

On whole USELE area

EFATE: THURSDAY 24th JANUARY 2013 from 11.00 am to 2.30 pm

On TEBAKOR, ANABROU 1 and OUDIE area Power may be reconnected at any time during that period without prior notification. UNELCO apologies for the inconvenience which may be caused to its customers and thanks then for their patience.

Our energy at your service !

PORT VILA : Tl. : 26 000 Email :


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World News

Pakistan warns anti-government cleric to end protest

InterIor mInIs-


JAPAN, Takamatsu : This handout picture taken on January 16, 2013 and released from a passenger to AFP via social network Twitter shows a Boeing 787 Dreamliner operated by All Nippon Airways (ANA) on the runway with its emergency slides inflated after an emergency landing at Takamatsu Airpirt in Takamatsu, west of Japan, on January 16, 2013. Japan's two biggest airlines on January 16 grounded all their Dreamliners in the most serious blow yet to Boeing's troubled next-generation model after an ANA flight was forced into an emergency landing. TOPSHOTS AFP PHOTO

Displaced Indonesian Shia pressured to become Sunnis

c a m p a i g n e r, J o s e p h Benedict. "What we heard is that there's been a lot of incitement against the Shia community for many months leading up to the attack and we're also aware that the police were aware of the attack before it happened." Officials in East Java have told the group they will have to convert to Sunni Islam - the country's majority religion - by March, or face relocation. Rights groups say religious intolerance, violence, intimidation are all on the rise in Indonesia. According to local rights watchdog, the Setara Institute of Peace, attacks on religious minorities have increased steadily since 2009, with more than 370 acts of violence committed last year alone. "The target especially is the Christian minority and the second is the Ahmadiyya and the third is Shia and the fourth is an Islamic sect - they're accused because they are deviant or heretic," said Bonar Tigor Naipsos, the institute's deputy director. With elections due to be held next year, doubts have been raised over the government willingness to step in and resolve the situation.
-Radio Australia


ter on Wednesday warned an anti-government Muslim cleric and thousands of protesters camped out near parliament to disperse, saying they were at risk of attack by militants. Rehman Malik said authorities had learned militants might be planning to target the crowd, and that the cleric, Muhammad Tahirul Qadri, would be held responsible for any attacks. "The best commandos are with me today," Malik told a news conference, saying security forces could take action against Qadri within the next two days to prevent "expected terrorism". "I hope that he listens to me." Qadri, who backed a military coup in 1999, is calling for the immediate resignation of the government and the installation of a caretaker administration to oversee electoral reforms. The government was rocked on Tuesday by a Supreme Court order for the arrest of Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf within 24 hours on suspicion of corruption. Qadri's appearance at the forefront of Pakistan's political scene has fuelled speculation that the army, which has a long history of involvement in politics, has tacitly endorsed his campaign in an effort to pile more pressure on a government it sees as inept and corrupt. Qadri and the military deny this. Pakistan's information minister Qamar Zaman Kaira said political leaders would not bow to Qadri's demands. "All political parties are happy with the Election Commission and elections

will happen on time," he said. He added that elections would take place as scheduled between May 5 and 15. The opposition Pakistan Muslim League led by former prime minister Nawaz Sharif also rejected Qadri's call for the military to play a role in the formation of a caretaker government to oversee the run-up to elections. "Tahirul Qadri is working on somebody's agenda to derail democracy in Pakistan and we reject all of his demands," Sharif told a news conference. Qadri's appeal has cast fresh uncertainty over the government's effort to become the first civilian Pakistani administration to complete a full term. The military has ruled Pakistan for over half of its 65 years since independence. Current chief General Ashfaq Kayani has vowed to keep the military out of politics. Prime Minister Ashraf remained a free man on We d n e s d a y s i n c e o f f i cials said the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), which would carry out the arrest, had not yet received direct orders. The officials said the NAB chief would go the Supreme Court on Thursday to discuss the issue. The ruling coalition, led by the Pakistan People's Party, has a majority in parliament and its lawmakers can simply elect another prime minister if Ashraf is ousted. In June, Ashraf replaced Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani, who was disqualified by the Supreme Court in a previous showdown between the government and the judiciary..

Members of Indonesia's Shia community have been protesting against religious intolerance and persecution by violent Sunni groups. IndonesIan authorItIes are
threatening to move a community of displaced Shi'ite Muslims to another part of Indonesia if they refuse to convert to Sunni Islam. About 165 Shia's have been camped out in a sports complex in East Java since August, after their village was stormed by about 500 people opposed to their beliefs. One person died and several others were injured in the August 26 attack in Sampang district, where many homes were burnt to the ground. Five people are reportedly awaiting trial for their role in the attack. Amnesty International says the violence may have been incited by local Sunni leaders. "They mobilised many of the villagers to attack the community," said Amnesty International's Indonesia

VANUATU DAILY POST | Friday, January 18, 2013...[ 13 ]

Sports News

Bayern Munich

Guardiola to take over at Bayern



confirmed Pep Guardiola will become the clubs new manager in the summer. Guardiola, 41, has been without a club since leaving Barcelona at the end of the 2011-12 season as he sought time away from football. During his sabbatical in America, the Spanish coach has been linked with several clubs, including Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal and AC Milan. However, Bayern have moved to secure his services for the 2013-14 campaign after they announced on Wednesday he has agreed a three-year deal at the Allianz Arena. Guardiola, who won three

Liga titles and two Champions League trophies during his time at Barca, will succeed Jupp Heynckes as Bayern boss. Bayern confirmed the

news on their official Twitter account: Jupp #Heynckes will finish his successful career by the end of this season. Pep #Guardiola will take over as FC Bayern head

coach in July. We are delighted that we were able to secure Pep Guardiola, who had been courted and contacted by many prestigious clubs, Bay-

ern chief Karl-Heinz Rummenigge said. Pep Guardiola is one of the most successful coaches worldwide and we are convinced he will not only light up FC Bayern but also German football. We are looking forward to working with him from July 2013 onwards. Bayern president Uli Hoeness added: We are extremely thankful for the work Jupp Heynckes has done. After his decision to leave we would be delighted if the team ensured of him an illustrious farewell. Only a big gun like Pep Guardiola came into question as an appropriate successor for him. Borussia Dortmund chief

executive Aki Watzke congratulated the Bavarians on a major coup, telling Die Welt: This is fantastic. A big compliment must go to Bayern for staging this coup. Its extremly good for the league, with the world realising it is possible to bring such a coach to Germany. The pressure on Bayern will certainly not lessen. Heynckes, 67, is currently enjoying his third stint as Bayern boss, with the club in command of the Bundesliga, as they lead the table by nine points with 17 matches played. It is thought the German was privy to the clubs plans to acquire Guardiolas services.

Football Young footballers academy pathway to UK

english professional cluB
Burnley is setting up an academy programme in Canterbury in a bid to find players to follow in All White Cameron Howiesons sprig marks. The Burnley FC Academy Australasia (BFCAA) training centre is to be extended to New Zealand with partnerships soon to be confirmed with four Canterbury clubs. Burnley signed Howieson, a Mosgiel junior who graduated from the Chelsea-aligned Asia Pacific Football Academy (APFA) at Lincoln, to a full two-year professional contract last year after a successful trial in 2011. The New Zealand under17 international made two first-team appearances in the English Championship (second-tier) league near the end of the 2011-12 season. Howieson, who turned 18 in December, went on to p3ay for the All Whites and for the New Zealand Olympic squad. Burnleys new Canterbury academy sprang from a meeting between Christchurch-based ex-Burnley coach Graham McMann, who recommended Howieson to the Lancashire club, and Burnleys Youth Australasia programme chief Paul Wozny, a Uefa A-licence coach. McMann will help technical manager Martin Allen co-ordinate the Canterbury programme which will be linked to the BFCAA academy

Belaruss Dmitry Baga (R) vies with New Zealands Cameron Howieson run by Wozny in Perth, attended by more than 800 young players aged between six and 16 over the last two years. Paul met Graham at Burnley and Paul and Burnley decided because the links were already in place here in Christchurch, there was a natural synergy and they would move into New Zealand before their next proposed move to the eastern side of Australia, Allen said. He said discussions were well advanced with four Canterbury clubs with two or three others waiting in the wings. Allen, a specialist video analyst, and McMann both once worked at APFA, a residential programme which has produced a number of players for professional contracts in Europe and the US and for scholarships at American colleges, although none has signed for Chelsea yet. Wozny said in a statement the Burnley scheme would be a comprehensive coach education programme delivered to Canterbury club coaches by BFCAA staff. It offers a three-tiered progressive development system for grassroot players through to the very best talent to maximise their full playing potential. It allowed local players to remain on home soil while receiving top-class coaching and a total football education from full-time, experienced coaches. Burnley would get first call on players participating in the New Zealand scheme, Allen said. Their pathway would be through the Perth centre. He hoped the programme would be introduced within six weeks.
Fairfax Media NZ

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VANUATU DAILY POST Friday 18th January 2013 [17]

[18] VANUATU DAILY POST, Friday 18th January 2013

VANUATU DAILY POST Friday 18th January 2013 [19]

[ 20 ] vanuatu Daily Post | Firday January 18, 2013

The Pacific Tax havens are

Pacific Tax Havens under attack

Feature News

now under severe attack particularly from initiatives proposed by the Obama administration in the US. President Obamas initiatives are designed to make it more difficult for Americans to use Pacific tax havens and to pressure them to be more transparent about their financial dealings, which will make them less attractive for some tax-shy clients. In addition, Griffith Universitys Dr Anthony van Fossen said the global financial crisis and the leftward shift in American politics have also contributed to the problems of offshore financial centres in general, and those in the Pacific Islands, in particular. Many people see the secrecy provisions of tax havens as contributing to the global financial crisis by helping banks and other financial institutions engage in creative accounting to allow them to continue to make risky loans while temporarily hiding their losses on old ones. The leftward shift in American politics means that there are louder calls for measures against the wealthy usind havens in the Pacific and elsewhere to minimise or eliminate their tax obligations, he said. Ideal host: van Fossen is the author of a chapter in the book Small Economies and Global Economies. In that chapter titled 'Why are Tax Havens in Small States?', he explores the links and nature of small states and why they are so ideal for hosting Offshore Financial Centers (OFC). He identified 36 nations as being OFCs and in the Pacific it includes Cook Islands, Samoa, Vanuatu, Niue, Nauru and the Marshall Islands. van Fossen said the worlds most important tax havens or offshore financial centers (OFC) are concentrated in relatively small states. Samoa has historically been very diplomatic (and consequently very adept) in dealing with these kinds of challenges, and the Cook Islands government has announced it will be taking proactive measures to attempt to satisfy the critics of tax haven practices, he said. In the past, the Cooks has sometimes assumed a more confrontational approach, which did not work very effectively. The Marshall Islands has very strong ties with Washington and should continue to devise tactics and strategies which minimise the damage that foreign governments do to its offshore financial centre. Vanuatus policy seems

less defined. Figures on the banks external assets are not available for the Marshall Islands (which does not have any offshore banking) and the Cook Islands which recently repealed laws allowing purely offshore banking, although ANZ can still operate both onshore and offshore). The figures reported by the Bank for International Settlements for Samoa and Vanuatu are, however, revealing. They indicate impressive growths of Samoas offshore banking and the decline of Vanuatus. Samoas banks external assets grew from US$846,000,000 in December 2006 to US$1,210,000,000 in December 2007 and US$1,473,000,000 in June 2008. Va n u a t u s b a n k s external assets fell from US$292,000,000 in December 2006 to US$120,000,000 in December 2007 and US$116,000,000 in June 2008. van Fossen says Offshore Financial Centers account for 26 percent ($6.9 trillion) of all reported external currency assets of banks in the world

($24.5 trillion) in September 2006. But a good number of number of small state OFCs (for example Samoa and Cook islands) do not report their offshore bank deposits, so this figure is understated Cook Islands Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Sir Terepai Maoate told ABC news that he welcomed the G-20 call for more transparency in the international flow of tax information and has told his officials to make the necessary amendments to its tax laws. According to Tax Justice Network (a pressure group), developed countries lose $180 billion a year in evaded taxes. van Fossen believes there are enormous benefits from tax havens and cited Monaco, one of the first small state tax havens, as an example. The nation established its own offshore gambling casino to benefit from foreigners that became profitable that it allowed the small population to enjoy freedom from taxes, he said. Monte Carlos tax haven attracted rich tax exiles and bank depositors, whose demand for financial services

in the microstate led to even greater per capita benefits for the residents. van Fossen said there could also be conspiratorial collusions. For instance, in the Cooks, local lawyers were able to persuade Cook Islands Government officials to issue certificates stating that their clients companies had paid substantial taxes in the Cooks. Almost simultaneously, the state-owned Cook Islands Government Property Corporation returned amounts (slightly lower than the taxes paid) to other Cook island companies owned by the same clientsin the form of profits on artificial tax-free securities transactions. This process resulted in tens (if not hundreds) of millions of dollars of tax deductions in their clients home countries, including New Zealand, Australia, Japan and the United States. He said the Cook Islands was the best example of a legal laboratory, where lawyers devised solutions to the problems of wealthy clients using their influence over parliament to have bills they draft, passed quickly, some-

times in camera. During the first 20 years of the Cook Islands OFC (19812001), offshore finance was the topic of about ten percent of all acts passed into law by the countrys parliament, with most of the legal drafting having been done by the private sector (Asian Development Bank, 2002), he stated. van Fossen said small and often little known nations have become remarkably powerful influences on the global political economy. They provide venues for the worlds (often sensational) secret business and secret politics. Their offshore financial centers allow wealthy and powerful clients to escape from metropolitan taxation and regulation. Tax haven nations are part of a process in which competitive advantage has been moving from the bounded, regulated economies of scale within the borders of large metropolitan states to smaller political units oriented toward liberalised global markets. Small islands nations and secluded continental mini states have been prominent in

this contemporary world historical transformation, van Fossen said. Tax evaders: On May 4, CBS news reported that President Obama vowed to detect and pursue US tax evaders and go after their offshore tax shelters. Obama complained that existing laws make it possible to pay lower taxes if you create a job in Bangalore, India, than if you create one in Buffalo, New York. He wants to prevent US companies from deferring tax payments by keeping profits in foreign countries rather than recording them at home, and called for more transparency in bank accounts that Americans hold in notorious tax havens like the Cayman Islands. If financial institutions wont cooperate with us, we will assume that they are sheltering money in tax havens and act accordingly, he said. Under Obamas plan, companies would not be able to write off domestic expenses for generating profits abroad. The goal is to reduce incentives for US companies to base all or part of their operations in other countries. On the global level, the G20 leaders have agreed to: The creation of a new Financial Stability Board to replace the current Financial Stability Forum. Although it will have a strengthened mandate to oversee the worlds financial system, it will not have specific controls over financial companies. To extend regulation and oversight to all systemically-important financial institutions, instruments and markets, including the largest hedge funds. To impose new rules over banks capital requirements once the crisis is over. To take action against tax havens and other noncooperative jurisdictions, including the threat of sanctions if necessary. To impose new rules on credit ratings agencies. The G20 also considered a number of sanctions which include: Increased disclosure requirements by companies and individuals using tax havens; Withholding taxes on transactions with tax havens; A ban on the use of interest paid in a blacklisted country to offset tax; Reviewing tax treaty policy; Putting political pressure on global companies to withhold investment to a haven; and A reduction in aid.

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Daily Post Dining Guide

The Daily Post Dining Guide explores the wealth of culinary experience that is available in Vanuatu. The guide reaches out to visitors, residents and businesses alike presenting an easy overview of the different venues and cooking themes on offer. Advertising here is a simple and easy means of bringing your latest dish into the eye of those seeking the latest experience. To ensure a long shelf life this dining guide will also carry a number of recipes compiled by participating restaurants. The Daily Post Dining Guide allows advertisers to showcase their venue with both editorial and full colour display advertisements. 1 page full colour display + page editorial

Rate: Vt35,000
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8,500 copies. Thats a big readership.

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Sports Feature

Manchester Uniteds English striker Wayne Rooney (L) scores the opening goal as West Hams New Zealand defender Winston Reid (R) reacts during the English FA Cup third round replay football match between Manchester United and West Ham United at Old Trafford, Manchester, North West England on January 16, 2013. AFP PHOTO/PAUL ELLIS

Returning stars lead the way for United

Richard Jolly watched Man Utds second string beat West Ham for a place in the FA Cup fourth round.
When Wayne Rooney
Went back to

the England World Cup squad in 2006 after treatment to his injured foot, he famously and ill-advisedly said the big man is back. Many a subsequent Rooney return has had a similar billing, but not this. Robin van Persies huge achievements in 2012-13 ensure his has been the giant contribution to Manchester Uniteds season. And so it was fitting that, even as Rooneys restoration to the side meant he was the headline act, this tie was decided by a man who did not take to the field at Old Trafford. Despite a period of pressure in the second half, West Hams chances probably disappeared with an elegant swing of Van Persies right foot in injury time at Upton Park. Their performance suggested they believed their opportunity had gone, anyway. Despite another dreadful penalty, Rooney rubber-stamped their elimination, the replacements winning the replay as the Premier League leaders made 10 changes and progressed. West Ham, with a sizeable contingent of injured and ineligible players, were limited to six, plus a switch in shape, but the supporting cast had no modern-day equivalent of Paolo di Canio, the instigator of an upset in 2001. His talent once tempted Sir Alex Ferguson to sign him. Rooneys ability prompted the Scot to make him one of the three costliest players in Uniteds history in 2004. Now approaching a dou-

ble century of goals, but still without an FA Cup winners medal, Rooney set up a fourth-round meeting with Fulham. Last spotted at Swansea when virtually nothing he tried came off, he returned after a five-game absence looking sharper and, initially anyway, proving more successful. It only took him eight minutes to deliver the winner. It has been a season of comebacks for United, but here it entailed players returning, rather the than the team overturning a deficit. Anderson, another who was on the injured list, picked out Javier Hernandez with an incisive pass. A magnificent ball, Ferguson said. Then the Mexican, predator turned provider, squared unselfishly for a sliding Rooney to put the ball in the open goal. Thereafter, there was evidence of his altruistic streak, as Rooney did some of Nanis defensive work as the Portuguese appeared for the first time since November, as well as the wrong sort of generosity. Increasingly erratic from 12 yards, Rooney blazed a spot kick into the Stretford End after Jordan Spence had handled Ryan Giggs cross. Perhaps the Welshman should have taken the penalty; the supplier of Van Persies equaliser 11 days earlier exerted a similar influence, this time as a starter. It was certainly appropriate the game finished with its oldest player in possession; he took greatest care of the ball and, twice, almost provided his side with a clinching second goal. Indeed, Hernandez, who

did most things but score, had the ball in the net from a Giggs pass, only to see it disallowed. We missed a lot of chances, Ferguson complained. Indeed, Nani had a shot cleared off the line but profligacy did not cost Manchester United. A pattern is developing when opponents are allowed back into the game in the second half and, like Liverpool before them, West Ham advanced. Yet, short of strikers and opting not to play with wingers, they fashioned few chances. Not that Sam Allardyce agreed. We have created so many opportunities, insisted the West Ham manager, also complaining that his side were not awarded a penalty when the ball hit Rafaels hand. There was no doubt whatsoever about the difference between Rafaels handball and Jordan Spences. Jordan Spence plays for West Ham away against Manchester United and Rafael plays at home at Old Trafford. And, at a stroke, the discussion went from the big man to Big Sam. Man Of The Match: Ryan Giggs. There was a time earlier this season when Giggs time finally looked up. Now he has regained the sprightliness he has exhibited for much of his career. His interpretation of a central midfielders duties are often looser and more liberal than others but he roams around intelligently and remains his ability to time a tackle, as Ricardo Vas Te can testify. A fantastic human being, said Ferguson.

Manchester United Verdict: Playing with two wingers and two strikers made them open and the wide men, Nani and Antonio Valencia, perhaps did not do enough. Alexander Buttner, deputising for Patrice Evra, gifted West Ham an opportunity with an unconvincing piece of defending. He does not look ready to provide an alternative to the rested Patrice Evra. It meant more work for the central defenders, but Phil Jones and Chris Smalling stood tall. Our two centre-halves were absolutely magnificent, Ferguson said. Anderson also impressed, particularly in the first half. West Ham Verdict: After a recent slump, Saturdays league game against QPR took priority as Allardyce rested some of his key men, with Joe Cole left in London and Kevin Nolan starting on the bench. He also switched to a back three and Alou Diarra appeared uncertain when deployed out of position as a makeshift centre-back. A bonus was that Mohamed Diame made his first appearance for five weeks while Elliott Lee, son of former Newcastle and England midfielder Rob, made his debut as a substitute. With Dan Potts, son of Steve, West Ham are playing a generation game though Lees introduction seemed to owe much to Allardyces frustration with Vaz Te. A lack of goals on the road is a concern to the manager and, despite his analysis, a lack of chances was a reason for their latest blank.

VANUATU DAILY POST | Friday, January 18 2013 [ 23 ]

Sports News



Arum: Pacquiao-Marquez 5 wont be in U.S.

He looked tanned and fit and yes, Bob Arum was his typical delightfully feisty self during a workout featuring the fighters taking part in a Saturday card at the Theater at Madison Square Garden. As Mikey Garcia and Orlando Salido, the headliners, chatted with the press, and middleweights Gennady Golovkin and Gabriel Rosado snuck stares at each other in separate rings at the Kingsway Gym on 28th St., the 81-year-old Arum shared tidbits regarding his companys top client, Manny Pacquiao, and others on the Top Rank roster. Manny-iacs want to know when Pacman will glove up again, after he got dropped and stopped in Round 6 by Juan Manuel Marquez in their Dec. 8 clash in Vegas. That was the fourth tangle between the two and Arum said hes keen on putting together a fifth. When? April had been mentioned, and Arum said he looked into making it happen in Macau, or Singapore. He dispatched son-in-law Todd deBoeuf to Macau to check on a venue, but, the promoter said, a Korean pop star had the prime venue there booked up that month. Singapore wasnt feasible either. Pacquiao, a congressman in his native Philippines, will be busy in April with elections, Arum said. Hes running unopposed, but one of his brothers, Roel, and his wife, Jinkee, will be vying for posts. Manny has to be involved in the April elections, Arum said. So a September tangle with Marquez seems most likely, according to Arum. But not in Vegas, and in fact, nowhere in the U.S. Arum said he likes Macau, or maybe Mexico City, for the fight site.

Grup afta long fes eva Port Vila taon klinap

Raymond Nasse i ripot PorT Vila FUTbol assosieseN

Futbol i klinim Port Vila

Kaonsela we oli bin wokbaot wetem ol grup ia oli mas givimaot sam moa ekstra bag bageken. Amicale grup we oli bin statem blong pikimap toti stap long Antoinne Rossi fil oli talem se oli mas kapsaedem ol toti we ol bin fulumap long ol plastic i go long ol bubel blong ol man long rod, blong givim spes blong oli save pikimap sam moa toti afta, we oli bin sot long ol plastic bag from oli bin fulumap everiwan. Nomata we tenaot blong dei ia i lukim ino everi klab oli bin patisipet long klin ap ia, Mayor blong Port Vila, Ruben Olul, hemi talem tankio long ol klab we oli bin help blong klinim Port Vila taon, hemi rimaendem everiwan se Port Vila hemi bisnis blong everi man. PVMC Kaonsela we hemi lukaotem Tourism, Noel Lango, we hem tu hemi bin pikimap toti wetem ol grup ia hemi talem tankio long everiwan blong kipim Port Vila i klin naoia we Port Vila i stap lukim inkris long namba blong ol turis long yia ia. Inisietif blong mekem bigfala klinap ia, i kamaot long PVFA mo PVMC, afta we tufala bodi ia i disaed blong wok tugeta blong kipim Port Vila taon i klin thru long spot mo aweaness we bambae PVMC i mekem thru long popiula spot long kaontri, futbol.

(PVFA) mo Port Vila Municipal Council (PVMC) oli bin wok tugeta long yestede blong klinimap Port Vila City. Long yestede olgeta klab we oli afiliet wetem PVFA oli kam tugeta blong klinimap Port Vila City. Olgeta sekon, fes mo premia divisen klab oli bin divaedem olgeta long ol grup, stat long Tagabe, Korman, Amicale mo Namba 2 kam thru long taon. Ova long 100 plastic bag blong toti i bin fulumap long taem ia mo ripot i lukim sam grup oli mas sendem toktok from sam moa bag bageken afta we oli bin fulumap everi bag we oli bin stap hollem mo sam long long ol PVMC

President blong PVFA, Christian Kaltabang tu hemi bin pikimap toti yestede. Kaltabang afta we hemi bin tekem ofis, hemi bin jenisim fes blong PVFA plante mo klinap ia hemi wan long ol plante samting we hem mo Eksekutif blong hem i traem mekem blong givim bak i go long komiuniti, taon mo kaontri thru long futbol. PVMC i bin priperem wan smol refreshmen blong ol klab i serem long Sea Front stej afta long klinap yestede. Klinap yestede hemi makem opening blong fes eva Port Vila Shield tunamen we PVMC nao i stap olsem mein sponsa. Tunamen ia bambae i kik off long wiken ia.


Ibra denies insulting Ronaldo and Messi

PSG striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic has issued a statement denying that he criticised Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Quotes recently emerged from the South American press, alleging that Ibrahimovic had been derogatory about the Real Madrid and Barcelona players. However, the Swede has said he did not conduct any such interview while stressing that he has nothing but respect for Ronaldo and Messi. He said on PSGs official website: I only have good things to say about Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Ive never given an interview in which I said negative or insulting things about Ronaldo or Messi, two players I respect. Im annoyed and irritated to be the victim of this sort of practice, that is to cite players as having said things they never did with the sole aim of stirring up controversy. I respect football, my team, my team-mates, and my opponents. That will always be the case.


Manchester Citys Carlos Tevez banned from driving

Manchester City striker Carlos Tevez has been banned from driving for six months after failing to respond to police letters about speeding. Tevez, 28, denies he was driving when his car was twice clocked speeding. He said he did not recognise letters about the offences were from police as he did not recognise the word constabulary. The Argentinian admitted two offences of failing to give police information at Manchester Magistrates Court. Tevez, of Alderley Edge, Cheshire, was also ordered to pay fines and costs of 1,540. His solicitor, Gwyn Lewis, told the court: He does understand the word police, but not more complicated words. The letters are written from Cheshire Constabulary and the word police doesnt appear on it anywhere. Lancaster magistrates imposed an interim ban in November after he failed to provide information when his car was clocked doing 39mph in a 30mph zone in Morecambe on 28 March 2012.


EAP caps off best ever ACCC with resounding win

PNG s T oNy U ra

man of the match in EAPs crushing win over Northern Territory taking a remarkable 6-21 with the ball and making 124 not out with the bat. Heading into the last round of the 2013 Australian Country Cricket Championships the East Asia-Pacific side needed one more scalp to break its record of the most number of victories in a single carnival. Twelve months ago the team set that record at three wins when it beat Victoria, Northern Territory and ACT in Geelong. Testament to the ever improving standard of cricket in the region, the 2013 side went one better and crushed Northern Territory by eight wickets to register its fourth victory and secure fourth spot on the ladder. Northern Territory was also chasing a top four finish and came out firing with the bat. On a flat wicket and an outfield that was light-

ning fast their top order dispatched EAPs strike bowlers to all parts of the ground. At the first drinks break a score of 300 plus looked possible as the boys from the Top End reached 1/104 from 17 overs. The run-rate slowed in the next hour but at 4/162 with 15 overs remaining a strong platform had been set. Enter PNGs Tony Ura who then proceeded to play the match of his tournament. The talented batsman and part-time off-spinner had threatened to dominate in earlier rounds but never quite stamped his mark on the carnival. Supported by some tight spin bowling at the other end from Vanuatus Andrew Mansale, Ura snared 6-21 to suffocate the Northern Territory innings and leave EAP with 215 to chase for victory. Full of confidence from his best ever bowling return, Ura then put on a batting masterclass matched only

by his countryman Assad Valas unbeaten century from round four. He was quick to pounce on any short deliveries, hitting eleven 4s and five 6s on his way to 124 not out from just 91 deliveries. Chris Kent provided the ideal foil at the other end as the pair combined for a third wicket partnership of 168 that saw EAP pass the target score with more than 10 overs to spare. Kent finished unbeaten on 68. Skipper Chris Amini was quick to single out Ura for his man of the match performance. Tony was on fire today and showed just how classy a player he is. That century was magnificent and when hes in that type of form he can be unstoppable. I think hes also quite happy to be giving some of our frontline bowlers some stick after taking six wickets! After a long two weeks team manager Pierre Chilia was very proud of the team

and the way that they had represented the East AsiaPacific region. I believe weve raised a few eyebrows we have some very talented players who have not gone unnoticed by some influential people within Australian cricket. Short Scoreboard: Round 7 (14 January): Northern Territory 214 (T Ura 6-21, C Amini 3-49) lost to East Asia-Pacific 2/219 (T Ura 124*, C Kent 68*) by eight wickets. Standings: 1. NSW Country 59.54 2. Victoria Country 47.50 3. Queensland Country 42.85 4. East Asia-Pacific 38.74 5. South Australia Country 31.41 6. Northern Territory 29.87 6. Western Australia Country 28.27 8. Australian Capital Territory 26.13


Shane Warne faces Melbourne Stars Big Bash ban

Shane Warne faces a ban for not naming himself captain for Melbourne Stars Big Bash League defeat in Perth. James Faulkner was listed as skipper for Tuesdays semi-final in a move aimed at ensuring Warne did not receive a suspension for slow over rates. Warne, 43, was returning from a one-game ban for his altercation with Marlon Samuels. A statement read: Shane Warne has been reported for breaching Cricket Australias code of behaviour. Warne had already been warned about his side bowling their overs too slowly in an earlier game. A repeat would have incurred a one match ban, ruling the spinner out of the final if Melbourne had been victorious over the Perth Scorchers. Cricket Australias statement said: Warne is alleged to have breached Rule 5: Laws of Cricket and Spirit of the Game.

[24] VANUATU DAILY POST, Friday 18th January 2013