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31 . An Empirical Study of Private Sector Banks Name of the Journal: Effulgence Author(s): Prof.ARTICLE DETAILS Title of the Article: Service Satisfaction in Indian Retail Banking . H.Singh & Peeyush Kumar Pandey Volume: 9 Number: 2 Period (month or season): July .K.December Year: 2011 Pages: 19 .

assurance measures and empathy measures. gap analysis of expected and acknowledged quality parameters. This report is an effort to find out the answers to these questions. The structured questionnaires were used on a sample of 400 customers. the response rate out of which was 60%. responsiveness measures. .r. DATA COLLECTION & SAMPLE SIZE Two branches of the banks were randomly selected from Lucknow and Sultanpur.t 5 service quality of SERVQUAL H0: S1=S2 H1: S1 not equal to S2 METHODOLOGY The data was collected through a non-design structured questionnaire consisting of tangible measures. reliability measures. Service quality has been described as a form of attitude that results from the comparison of prospects with recital.REPORT ABSTRACT This report is an effort to examine the relationship between the service quality and satisfaction of two private sector bank of India.t 5 service quality of SERVQUAL S2 = Satisfaction of HDFC Customers w. Customers prefer similar financial products offered by some banks over the others. HYPOTHESES FORMULATION Chi square test has been conducted on 22 parameters of SERVQUAL S1 = Satisfaction of the ICICI customers w. RESEARCH PROBLEM To determine the perception of HDFC and ICICI bank customers to the service quality parameter. It also reveals the relationship between psychographic levels and satisfaction levels of customers.r.

The findings also indicate that Private Sector Banks are very well accepted among Indian customers. LIMITATIONS • Since we are analyzing the ‘Service Quality’ which is variable in nature and depends on the Human Behavior. • . there is a possibility that in the near future the findings may become invalid. SENSITIVITY There is no such sensitivity analysis conducted as the variables were Intangibles and were limited to five.TEST USED IN RESEARCH Chi square test was used as statistical tool to conduct the analysis. they may not be applicable/extended to the other states.t SERVQUAL. CONCLUSIONS The findings indicate that customers of the two banks are not similar w. and test the validity of the hypothesis.r. Moreover as the samples were from districts of UP.

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