To ------------------------------Date: Subject: Introducing The World’s most Incredible Zipline Dear Sir, Pokhara is an adventure paradise, offering activities

such as paragliding, trekking, mountain biking, canyoning, rafting, kayaking, jungle tours and much more. We take this opportunity to add another dimension to the awesomeness in adventure Nepal has to offer. We are proud to introduce to you the World’s Most Incredible Zipline, Zip-Flyer by HighGround Adventures. The Zip-Flyer by HighGround Adventures is not just another zip line. At a 56% incline, 1.8km in length, 2000ft vertical drop and speeds of over 140kmph makes this the most extreme ride in the world. A ride of this magnitude has never been built before and we assure that this ride will truly be a unique experience. This system by Zip-flyer™ LLC, USA is designed with the most advanced technologies, creating a state-of-the-art zipline. Every part of this ride is creatively designed to provide unparalleled performance, precision engineered and manufactured to equal or surpass ANSI-B77 Tramway, ASTM, and TUV SUD codes. We hereby officially propose to you to include us in your in-bound tourist itineraries and sell our amazing product through your network. Please find below herewith the financial details of our offer for your valuable consideration. We are thrilled that we could make our dream a possibility in our own country, Nepal and feel that having you as our channel partner to sell our dream will be invaluable. We look forward to doing business with you. Thank You, Yours faithfully,

Abhinav Churiwal Executive Director

efforts will be made to reschedule your ride at a later time slot/date. Changes are not permitted less than 48hours of the ride.). viewing area. Children: Children between the ages of 12 to 15 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian of 18 years or older during the entire Zip-Flyer experience and sign the waiver on their behalf. o     Safety Restrictions:      Age Range: Adults and children aged 12 and older only. agents/customers must call to check the status of the ride operation. high speed winds. souvenir shop. Ltd. In the event of cancellation. Footwear: Secure closed toed shoes are a must No alcohol maybe consumed by the rider prior to taking the ride Amenities available at our sites: Sarangkot Launchpad: Illy Café bar.Proposal for Zip-Flyer Nepal by HighGround Adventures: Maximum Retail Price (MRP): $98 Zip-Flyer Nepali Foreigners Price NPR 3890 NPR 5890 Your Commission 10% 15% Your price after commission NPR 3501 NPR 5006. Under no circumstances can your margin be passed on to the customer as discount. viewing deck Landing Station at the HighGround Triangle: Restaurant & bar. Pokhara  Drive to HighGround Zip-Flyer Launchpad in Sarangkot  Zip-Flyer ride  Drop-off to HGA office at Lakeside. Weight: All riders must weigh between 35kgs and 125kgs. videos and merchandise will be available to purchase at the souvenir shop and are not included in the above. during periods of inclement weather (thunderstorms. Inclement weather or Safety concerns: Zip-Flyer Nepal is an all weather event. Cancellation received 72hours before the scheduled ride are 100% refundable. reserves to right to cancel or modify the ride program. Payment Terms: Within 3 days of the customer going on the ride vide account payee cheque in favor of “HIGHGROUND ADVENTURES NEPAL P. heavy rain etc. However. LTD. However.” Cancellation & Changes Policy: Reservations may be changed up to 48hours before the ride without any additional charges but subject to availability. clean toilets. less than 72hours is 50% refundable and less than 24 hours is non-refundable. .5 hrs (includes the whole process. clean toilets. Duration: 2.50 Taxes: All rates listed above are inclusive of 13% VAT. Non-adherence of this policy would lead to immediate termination of the contract. 15% TDS is applicable on the commission. The above includes:  Pick-up from HGA office at Lakeside. For Nepalese selling price is fixed at NPR3890. departure from Lakeside until return back to Lakeside) Terms & Conditions:  Selling Price: o HighGround maintains a strict policy regarding the selling price of its products. Pokhara Pictures. HighGround Adventures Nepal P.

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