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people have Do you have a passion for people in need?

Stamp volunteered with BUS

We can’t do it without you!
The Relief Bus. THE
Consider partnering with us to accomplish this mission to
connect the poor and oppressed with a path towards help
and hope. Working together, we can be a bridge between
human need and resources to meet those needs.
Please fill out the response card and join with us
P.O. BOX 64 Times Square P.O.

to bring hope to the hopeless. All gifts are tax-deductible.

New York, NY 10108-0064

es Square P.O.
P.O. Box 64 Tim
New York, NY
Phone: 1-800-7
Email: info@N
Website: www.R

Isaiah 58:10 (NIV)

YOU CAN TOO! “if you spend yourselves in behalf

of the hungry and satisfy the needs
Caring people make a difference. Not only can of the oppressed, then your light
you bring hope to someone, but you will be changed as well. You things
just might have one of the best times of your life. will rise in the darkness, and your we do,
Short-term volunteer, internship and staff opportunities that others
are available for you to experience now!
night will become like the noonday.”
Go to www. and sign up today.
may live.
These things we do, so that others may live.

 Yes, I want to become a monthly partner for

 I would like to give a one time gift of $______.
 I am interested in volunteering myself or
 I am interested in having a representative of

bringing a team to volunteer.

The Relief Bus come speak to my church or

 $25,  $50,  $100,  $250,  $500

 the following amount $________.
Can you imagine living in dire poverty, being addicted or afflicted with
AIDS? Chances are you would be glad for a helping hand and some
relief if that was you. For over 18 years, The Relief Bus has operated as
a mobile resource center serving the homeless, destitute, substance
abuser, unemployed, and anyone in need in the New York City metro
area. The Relief Bus consists of two converted school buses
which are customized to serve delicious soup and fresh
bread out of the side. In the front of the buses are
our counseling/referral offices which connect

those in need to vital resources such as
shelter, food, job training, detox, and
drug or alcohol rehabilitation.





New York and New Jersey combined, there are approximately
homeless people.
The Relief Bus has:
[13,100 children sleep in the New York City shelter system. Directly distributed 3,208,881 servings
of food and drink to the hungry and homeless
New York City 1.3 million residents, including 400,000
live in households facing food insecurity. Directly impacted the lives of 124,228 people by
connecting them to help and hope
[Cumulative reported AIDS deaths in New York City: 81,542.
Mobilized 31,084 volunteers to serve with our outreach.

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