Teleport Map

Creature Map (Not all marked, view below for coordinates)

Map not updated with all the latest additions, please watch below for all coordinates All LA´s ive been in have been 0% Tax on both mining and hunting.

High density in the pvp zone PVP Zone: The Pvp zone is a Contaminated Zone! A Toxic shot is required Information (Thanks to all contributors) Noob Mobs: Android Video Vixens (1357.M. slighty tougher than Werewolfs.Android Video Vixen: Pretty easy ones aswell.A.F Island) Low Maturity Vampire Chicks (1357. they even look like them. If you wanna hunt Pop Dragons without all those annoying Lone Wolf´s then go about 2 Lesser Tp jumps North of City of Dreams! Neverdie Dragon: Havent encountered it yet. they hit for 1 Dmg. bit high agro range. Maybe a Snable clone? hehe Decomposing Zombies: These are also quite easy. they have a decent regen. Garcia Dragon: I went up to one in Martial + 5B. from what i could tell it seems like it had +2000 Hp atleast. same dmg. Lone Wolf: These are very easy. they have a good amount of Hp. and it hit me for 70 dmg. and are pretty much covering the hole island. their outside City of Dreams among the Lone wolfs. 840) Spread around Medium Mobs: Vampire Chicks (up to max maturity) Pop Dragons (1368. (i attacked a provider) Pop Dragon: I went up to these in Martial + 5B aswell. same hp. Motörhead: Big Men with Axes. i would think 1500-2000 hp range. but not as much as Atrox´s etc. 860) Evil Dragons (these are halfway between medium and tough) Motörhead Security (Low . Werewolf: These are pretty similar to Argonauts. 840) Spread around Lone Wolf´s (Spread across entire map almost) Low Maturity Zombies (Spread across B.

971) Mulholland Way (1368.Covered in Lemmy Dragons) Lower West (1343. 848) Docklands (1319. 930) Stadium Acoustic Stage (1270. 965) Wet Wolf Creek: (1369. 835) Lower Rampart (1291. 935) Tough Mobs: Neverdie Dragons (1366. 946) Lemmy Dragons High Maturity Motörhead Security (1269.CAUTION! THIS TP IS INSIDE LOOTABLE!) Studio Street (1371.Maturity) (1257. 844) Joplin dragons (1298. 955) Rampart 4 (1297. 928) Stadium Main Stage (1258. 918 Center of zone) PVP Non Lootable: Docklands (1325. 896 To 1301. 943 Center of zone) Main Stage (1254. 869) Garcia Dragons (1279. 860) Evil Cathedral (1261. 957) Upper West Side (1339. 854) (Sweating Spot) . 847) Vicar Market (1285. 910 Center of Zone) TP's: (Thanks to everyone who have shared) BAMF South (1363. 969) Mid Rampart (1289. 950) City of Dreams (1362. 964) Lemmy's Castle (1301.963) Stadium Entrance (1277. 967) Vicar Village (1285. 915) Evil Cathedral Back Garden (1259. 973 . 931) Lower East Side (1377. 963) Upper Rampart (1295. 912) or Left Stage Stadium Small Stage (1255. 931) BAMF HQ (1360. 914 . 933) Lower Rampart (1291. 876) Not encountered yet: Morrison Medium Maturity (1330-870) Mixed among Pop Dragons PVP Lootable Zones: Zomhattan Park (1350. 861) Lemmy's Bridge (1278. 931) BioDome Badlands (1368. 918) Hendrix Dragon (Read This for Location) Elvis Dragon (1244. 967) Upper East Side (1363. 925) Werewolves (Hole Area from 1259.