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Do we Need to rewrite the Bias of Indian History?

India is the land of various ethnic groups with a lot of diversities among each other, hence there are various Bias prevailing related to the Indian history which are of a very great importance if researched but had never been given an eye and had never been opened for research on a very Big scale Lets discuss some of the topics of ancient Indian history which still have Biasness and are the matter of great debate among the historians and the intellectual thinkers.

1. The Vedic Period: The majority of Indians have come to there existence because of the Vedic period, people in country have come to know of DOs & DONTs by reading the VEDAS or by reading the mythological books but the non-understandable point is that why there had never been any initiative neither on part of public nor on part of Govt. why the Gospels of Bible are accepted as it is but when it comes to VEDAs and the books of Ramayan & Mahabharatthey are declared as the mythological stories isnt there any putrid of biasness. There are only two possible reasons for this kind of biasness which are as follows: a) Because of the influences of various foreign invaders in India the original proofs had been violated or the linking documents from one another had been majorly tempered and fabricated by those invaders with the intention of diluting the influence of Indian culture on the rest of the world. b) The VEDs and other mythologies are so much researched and well written that there are no further possibility for any further research in the concerned areas and thus the researcher do not have any specifically important topic to research on.

2. The Aryan Race and Indians: According to the English & Persian researchers the Aryans have come from Mesopotamia & Iran respectively one had called them the great warriors while other told them the traders of horses but what raises my eyebrow over these stories is that if the both of stories are even right then why the Indian DNA is not matching with the DNA of any other civilization in the world during the DNA Mapping which is the most advance technique, and more importantly why the researcher from both the civilizations were the invaders of INDIA. Again there are the two possible reasons for this particular Bias which are as follows: a) Because of the attack of invaders the originality of the Aryan races link with India had been fabricated again by those rulers and their historians to protect their claim of most pure Aryan Breed. b) This one is majorly possible that the race of Indian Civilization is the only pure Aryan race itself and these Bias were majorly created in order to dilute the claim of Indians of a pure Aryan race.

3. Muslim Invasion : The people who have attacked the country had never been given the role of Invaders, every single Muslim Invader had been shown as the Hero, weather it had been Gaznabi, Gauri, Mughals or any others. If the Changez and Taimur Lang had been given criticized for invading India why dont these others are having the similar criticism for them

Conclusion: There is no doubt that there had been a huge fabrication on the various logics and they had been molded to preserve the importance of the various civilization at the cost of actual Indian civilization and thus there is a huge requirement to rewrite the Indian History with the new research and those all bias needed to be treated as the topic of research.