Semester Reflection 2013

Student Name: __________________________

For this portion of the exam, you will need your journal, your reading logs and pieces of writing we’ve worked on this year. Please answer each question as completely and specifically as possible.
Final Exam Scoring A All answers reflect specifically on skills learned; paragraphs are well developed and organized Specific evidence is described for all skills learned. B Most answers reflect specifically on skills learned; most answers are written in organized and developed paragraphs Evidence is explained for most skills learned; sometimes it is specific. C Some answers reflect generally on skills learned; a few answers may not be well developed or organized Some evidence is generally described for some skills learned. D Few answers reflect specifically on skills learned or describe rather than reflect; answers are general, brief and may not be written as paragraphs Student cannot or does not describe specific evidence of skills learned.

Ideas & Organization Support

1. On my own, I read __________ books this semester. 2. The top five books I would recommend are… Title 1 2 3 4 5 Would recommend to … because…

3. Write a short, well organized essay about your reading life.

4. How has reading changed for you this year? What skill(s) did you learn about or learn how to do?

5. What affect did participating in NaNoWriMo have on your writing?

6. Focus on one of the texts we read together (The Odyssey, a memoir, Anthem or Touching Spirit Bear). Choose one and described what you learned from our study of it.

7. Think about a specific character’s internal or external conflict. What did the character’s conflict teach you about life?

8. How has your vocabulary changed this year? What has helped you learn words this year?

9. How have you developed as a speaker or listener? Be specific—what can you do or do you know about speaking and listening that you didn’t know before.

10. We’ve talked recently about the hero’s journey pattern. Apply the steps noted below from the journey pattern to a book you chose to read this year. The Hero’s Journey HomeThe CallHow does the character prepare for the journey? Preparation Describe 1 challenge the character has to overcome? The Road of Trials What is character’s worst fear? How is he/she saved? Crisis & Salvation What does the character return with? Treasure! Examples from ________________________________________ by ____________________________. Describe character’s home What forces character to leave home?

11. Which of piece of writing (of all the writing we’ve done so far) is your best work? Why?

12. Described what you’ve learned about writing or about yourself as a writer this year.

13. Of the six traits of writing we reviewed which do you understand most and least. Why?

14. What helped you the most with your writing? Name at least two specific activities that have helped you develop. Connect the activities to specific evidence of your growth as a writer. If nothing has helped you grow as a writer, describe why not or describe what would have helped.

15. We’ve used a variety of technologies (tools, programs or devices) this year. We’ve also created a variety of digital projects (Ning pages, P4A, This I Believe recordings, etc.) Which stands out? Tell me what you learned (about the tool, technology or life)?

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