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Welcome to our 2013 catalog of organic seeds!
Inside a seed our future is held. For millennia, seeds have been carried from one part of the world to another as the most precious of cargo. Seeds are no less important to our future today. Our planet is changing; our diets are changing; and our farming is changing. We need seeds that are adapted to and can thrive amidst these changes and to the changes that we are all making to live in greater balance. Here at High Mowing, we have always considered ourselves to be part of a new kind of seed farm and seed company; one that is connected to seed issues from the ground up with a goal to inspire and support innovative new efforts in the field of organic seeds. In this year’s catalog, we highlight our joint efforts with the Student Organic Seed Symposium, Open Source Seed Initiative, Non-GMO Project, Seed Matters, and our ongoing organic plant breeding partnerships. All these projects give us great hope and excitement about the future of seeds. Centuries ago, almost everyone was a steward of the seeds in their community. It’s time a few more of us were today. Sincerely,


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The Safe Seed Pledge
and seeds the basis “ Agriculturelives depend.providemust protectupon which our We this foundation as a safe and genetically stable source for future generations. For the benefit of all farmers, gardeners and consumers who want an alternative, we pledge that we do The High Mowing Seeds Marketing and Sales Staff not knowingly buy or sell genetically engineered seeds or plants. The mechanical are here to help you! transfer of genetic material outside of natural reproductive methods and between genera, families or kingdoms, poses great biological risks as well as economic, political and cultural threats. We feel that genetically engineered varieties have been insufficiently tested prior to public release. More research and testing is necessary to further assess the potential risks of genetically engineered seeds. Further, we wish to support agricultural progress that leads to healthier soils, genetically diverse agricultural ecosystems and ultimately healthy people and communities. Tom Stearns, Founder High Mowing Organic Seeds

Cover photo: Olivia, Faeterri and Erin husk our Fisher’s Earliest Corn seed crop.

New for 2013 Some of our new varieties this year!

2289 Rhonda F1 Beet, p.6

2622 Ocate Lettuce, p.30

2354 Integro F1 Cabbage, p.11

2321 Jeannette F1 Carrot, p.12

2376 My Fair Lady F1 Corn, p.19

2487 Vivid Choi Pac Choy p.26

2353 Deadon F1 Cabbage, p.11

2797 Topepo Rosso Pepper, p.52

2623 Rhazes Lettuce, p.40

2685 Red Cipollini Onion, p.48

2789 Iko Iko Pepper, p.52

2794 Shishito Pepper, p.52

2632 Magnifienza F1 Melon, p.45

1988 Vit Mache, p.32

2894 Cha Ching F1 Zucchini, p.62

2698 Megaton F1 Leek, p.37

2984 Annelise F1 Tomato, p.68

2981 Esterina F1 Cherry Tomato, p.69

3062 Iron Lady F1 Tomato, p.67

3197 Klondike Blue Ribbon, p.74

NEW New varieties for 2013
item #/variety page

2235 Blue Coco Bean .........................................................................4 2233 Red Swan Bean .........................................................................3 2040 Silver Cloud Cannellini Bean ...............................................5 2289 Rhonda F1 Beet ........................................................................6 2314 Igor F1 Brussels Sprouts ........................................................9 2353 Deadon F1 Cabbage .............................................................11 2354 Integro F1 Cabbage ..............................................................11 2321 Jeannette F1 Carrot...............................................................12 2338 Snowball Y Cauliflower........................................................14 2342 Prinz Celeriac ...........................................................................15 2352 Orange Chard ......................................................................... 16 2351 Pink Passion Chard ............................................................... 16 2374 Bling F1 Sweet Corn ............................................................. 18 2376 My Fair Lady F1 Sweet Corn .............................................. 18 2467 Ping Tung Long Eggplant .................................................. 22 2484 Finale Fennel .......................................................................... 23 86700 Spanish Roja Garlic ............................................................ 24 1989 Baron Mache ........................................................................... 32 1986 Fiero F1 Radicchio................................................................. 34 2486 Garnet Giant Mustard ......................................................... 27 1987 Virtus F1 Chicory ................................................................... 33 1988 Vit Mache ................................................................................. 32 2487 Vivid Choi Pac Choy ............................................................. 26 2698 Megaton F1 Leek................................................................... 37 2554 Australe Lettuce .....................................................................41

2624 Balfour Lettuce .......................................................................41 2578 Mirlo Lettuce ...........................................................................41 2622 Ocate Lettuce ......................................................................... 40 2621 Refugio Lettuce ..................................................................... 38 2623 Rhazes Lettuce....................................................................... 40 2632 Magnifienza F1 Melon ........................................................ 45 2642 Natal F1 Melon ....................................................................... 45 2641 Rona F1 Melon ....................................................................... 46 2683 Ailsa Craig Onion .................................................................. 47 2691 Gabriella F1 Onion ................................................................ 47 2685 Red Cipollini Onion .............................................................. 48 2692 Talon F1 Onion ....................................................................... 48 2789 Iko Iko Pepper......................................................................... 52 2794 Shishito Pepper ..................................................................... 52 2798 Stocky Red Roaster Pepper............................................... 53 2797 Topepo Rosso Pepper ......................................................... 52 84020 German Butterball Potato .............................................. 55 2825 Owl’s Eye F1 Pumpkin ......................................................... 56 2828 Winter Luxury Pumpkin ..................................................... 56 2874 Celesta F1 Radish .................................................................. 58 2876 Silverwhale F1 Spinach ....................................................... 60 2889 Winter Bloomsdale Spinach ..............................................61 1707 Broccoli Sprouts..................................................................... 30 1703 Crunchy Bean Sprouts Mix ................................................ 30 1704 Fenugreek Sprouts ............................................................... 30

1702 Sandwich Booster Sprouts Mix........................................ 30 1706 Wheatgrass Shoots............................................................... 30 2894 Cha-Ching F1 Zucchini ....................................................... 62 2896 Cocozelle Zucchini ............................................................... 63 2897 Dario F1 Cocozelle Zucchini ............................................. 62 2984 Annelise F1 Tomato ............................................................. 68 3061 Black Trifele Tomato............................................................. 68 2990 Estamino F1 Rootstock Tomato ...................................... 67 2981 Esterina F1 Cherry Tomato ................................................ 69 2982 Green Tiger Tomato ............................................................. 68 3062 Iron Lady F1 Tomato ............................................................ 67 2983 Pink Tiger Tomato................................................................. 68 3183 Des Vertus Mareau Salad Turnip ..................................... 72 3197 Klondike Blue Ribbon Watermelon.................................74 7023 Maayan Dark Orange Calendula ..................................... 79 7089 Painted Lady Sweetpea...................................................... 81 7036 Sea Shells Cosmos ............................................................... 80 7101 Soraya Sunflower .................................................................. 82 HC-WG Seed Collection: Winter Garden................................. 84 HC-CG Seed Collection: Container Garden ........................... 84

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100% Certified Organic Seeds
Over 600 varieties, including 50 NEW this year!

Since 1996, offering only

Our catalog is arranged by crop type in alphabetical order. Within each crop type, varieties are sub-divided according to color, size, type, or hybrid/open-pollinated as appropriate for each crop. For example, Cabbage is divided into Green, Red and Savoyed types. Within each of those subdivisions, varieties are arranged according to days to maturity with earliest maturing varieties coming first.

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Artichokes Cynara scolymus

1501 Tavor Imperial Star 90 days

Why buy

An Imperial Star type for organic production. This is an improved variety yielding 7-8 uniform buds per plant, each averaging 4.5” in diameter. Buds are green with purple tips and are sweet and tender when eaten. Plants are nearly spineless, average 3-4’ tall and have a short vernalization period. It can be grown as an annual from seed in one season.

Organic Seeds?

• Because conventionally grown seed crops are heavy users of synthetic agricultural chemicals (they are in the ground longer and have less chemical restrictions than food crops). • Because seed bred and produced organically will yield plants that are more adapted to, and more likely to thrive under, organic growing conditions. • Because increased demand will lead to an increase in variety selection and development, and increased availability of more organic seed!

1501 Tavor Imperial Star Please visit WWW.hIGhmOWINGSEEDS.COm for cultural information.

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$16.30 $29.40

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Light brown seed.5 lb/100’).Bean SEED SPECS: 70-220 (145 avg) seeds/oz. Pale green seed. Lovely plants with purple veins tend to be large. Seeding depth: 1-2”. A gourmet quality bean with commercial yields for fresh market sales or the garden. Optimal soil temperature for germination is 75-95°F. Strike is known for its concentrated pod set which allows for heavy harvests that are ideal for processing or freezing. on 4’ center beds with trellis in the middle. Beans are particularly sensitive to cool soils and may rot at soil temperatures below 55°F. Dark green beans are glossy and round averaging 5. Heat tolerant. BcMV (NY15) Strike it rich with early. purple color fades to green when cooked. White seeds. Provider comes through every year with early. 11003500 (2300 avg) seeds/lb varies between varieties. prevent by planting into well-drained soil when temperatures have warmed.000 Photo (above): Our #1 bean picker. 2022 Jade bEAN PLANTING INFO: Days to maturity are from direct seeding.Seeding rate: 4 seeds/ ft. stringless green beans are both tasty and attractive.900 seeds/100’ (~. heavy harvests. slender. and durability is good for shipping and fresh markets. DM-Downy Mildew. 96M seeds/acre (~42 lbs/acre) using 4 seeds/ft. White seeds. making them easy to pick. Bush– Direct seeding: 8 seeds/ft. Pods hang in clusters around the main stem. Store unwashed snap beans at 40°F and 90% humidity for 7-10 days. One of our favorite snap beans and now available organically. Tan seeds. RESISTANCE KEY: aN-anthracnose. Direct seed after danger of all frost has passed. r-rust Long. Widely adapted to growing well in cool conditions. cTV. PMV. Large plants average 18-22” tall. PM. 2159 bronco BcMV 55 days Not as wild as the name implies. DM. double rows 12” apart on 4’ centers. Lemon-yellow pods with green tips are round. Germination is apparent within 7-10 days. smooth beans average 5-6” in length. 130M seeds/acre (~57 lbs/acre) using 8 seeds/ft. Stringless. and are medium green in color. 2233 Red Swan 54 days 55 days 2232 Gold Rush Yellow Wax 55 days Early picking with a concentrated harvest period. Fine flavor and ability to remain in prime condition on the plant over a period of time. Good resistance to mildew and virus. Seeding rate: Bush. and has tested virus resistance. like Romano beans. heavy yields of attractive. Infected plants should be removed immediately. this eye-catching gem is more refined than Provider or Strike. Row spacing: 12” between double rows. Beans turn bright green when cooked. uniform beans.Beans Phaseolus vulgaris snap bush 2210 Provider NEW bEANS 2233 Red Swan BcMV (NY 15). Plant spacing: 2-3”. This widely adapted variety is also a good selection for mechanical harvests. and tender. Yields are comparable to Provider and Strike. Olive! common Mosaic Virus (races indicated if known). NY15) 55 days Gorgeous deep purple color. helping to dry plant surfaces. M=1. Showed greatest resistance to White Mold among bush beans in our trials. This variety was bred by the late Robert Lobitz of Minnesota who crossed a purple snap bean with a pinto bean to produce this eye-catching result. r 55 days colored snap bush NEW 2255 Strike BcMV (BV1. BcMV. Snap beans can be sown every 2-3 weeks for a continual harvest all season. Wide spacing allows more air flow between plants. Beans average 6-7” long and are glossy medium-green in color. 2159 Bronco 2022 Jade 2232 Gold Rush Yellow Wax 2210 Provider 2255 Strike 2230 Royal Burgundy The Organic Seed Source for Commercial Growers and Home Gardeners 3 . PMV 50 days The standard fresh market variety for green beans.5 lb/100’). CULTURAL INFO: Beans are tender annuals that prefer full sun. BcMV (BV1. 36” row spacing. NY15). NY15) Stringless snap with a unique red hue unlike any bean we’ve ever seen! Rosy-purple pods are 4-5” long and flat.5” long. DISEASE & PESTS: Root Rot is caused by several different soil-borne fungi. Great market display when mixed with yellow wax and green beans. Pole.Pod Mottle Virus. Widely adapted for many regions and excellent resistance to Bean Common Mosaic Virus. Row spacing: 18-36”. White seeds. Plant spacing: 6”. PMPowdery Mildew. 5” stringless pods with green interiors. 2230 Royal burgundy BcMV (BV1. Pole. can or freeze for long term storage. average fertility and well drained soils. cTV-curly Top Virus. To avoid disease in general only handle plants in dry conditions. even under adverse conditions. Bronco has impressive yields. Bush plants grow to 12-15” tall. straight.900 seeds/100’ (~ . Purple seeds. Plants are vigorous and productive with strong root systems.

wet climates like the Northeast. Plants are a bit floppy (typical of Italian types).com • phone (802) 472-6174 • fax (802) 472-3201 . Can also be eaten as a shell bean when beans are tender and swell in pods.highmowingseeds. slightly flat and very thin. Streaks fade when cooked. 2024 Coban Haricot Vert. It is full-flavored. 90 days 2021 Vermont Cranberry 2121 Pension 2234 Dragon Langerie 2155 Blue Lake FM-1 NEW HEIRLOOM An incredible Vermont heirloom variety that can be used as a snap. Not the earliest variety. but shorter in length and darker green. stands up well to plenty of seasoning. but hold themselves up. 2235 blue Coco 65 days fresh dry beans 2060 Light Red Kidney Exceptional culinary quality. dry and cool conditions. Speckled brown seeds. shelled or dry! Picked fresh. producing sweet. with a silky texture and thin skin. Compared to Tavera in our trials. producing well even in cool. Can also be eaten as a shell bean when pods are full and tender. Pick frequently for optimal tenderness and yields. Vines can reach up to 10’ tall with 7-10" pods when mature. 2161 Rattlesnake High-quality. Also known as Orca or Ying Yang for its contrasting black and white colors with a dotted eye. this classic variety has proven its excellence through the test of time. Flavor is mild. Brown seeds. Commonly eaten fresh as a snap bean with superb flavor and crispness – a clear winner in our 2008 taste tests. beating other market standards like Early Bountiful and Roma II. Plants are compact and high yielding. Streaks fade when cooked. and flavor. Appealing flavor and texture. white and red speckled dry bean with a larger red eye. the variety stores exceptionally well. Incredible flavor! White seeds. When cooked. 90 days 2050 Jacob’s Cattle 2160 Kentucky Wonder (Top to bottom) 2258 Tavera Haricot Vert. Widely adapted and well-loved by bean aficionados for its creamy rich texture and striking color. Compact plants stand upright in the field. Round pods are ready for picking when 4-5” long. flat green pods average 6" long. Introduced in Kentucky just prior to the Civil War. Bush habit. The name Jacob’s Cattle is the oldest name to be given to this incredible heirloom but it is also known as Trout bean or Appaloosa bean. HEIRLOOM – Unbeatable productivity. Maine. Heavy producer of 6-8” beans on good sized plants. holds its shape under long cooking. Maroon colored beans are decorated with darker red. 2200 Maxibel Haricot Vert 2161 Rattlesnake HEIRLOOM Kidney shaped. 90 days 2235 Blue Coco 2060 Light Red Kidney 2030 Calypso 2050 Jacob's Cattle 2021 Vermont Cranberry 4 www. dating back to the 1800s. Hailing from Prince Edward Island. Brown seeds. Coban yielded more overall and shows no signs of disease late in the season. but among the highest yielding of two years of trials. Rich flavor is unsurpassed. 65 days 2155 blue Lake Fm-1 66 days 2200 maxibel haricot Vert aN. and possesses a rich aroma. texture is smooth. These exceptionally tender french filet beans are perfect for green bean salads and fresh eating. Should be picked early and often. 2024 Coban haricot Vert 55 days aN. At 5-6” in length. Signature addition for roadside stand and farmers' markets! Speckled seeds. Unique purple streaked white pods are 6-8” long and flat. beans are round and dark green with unusual purple streaks. beans double in size and retain their distinctive coloring. More prolific than many of the bush types. like a Romano bean. and when dry are tan with rattlesnake streaks. solid. Pension was a favorite in our taste tests. 95 shell HEIRLOOM — Exceptional flavor fresh. Stringless bright green pods that grew over 8’ tall in our trials. medium green pods with a delicate tenderness. Our grower in the west reports that this filet is better able to tolerate a range of conditions.french filet bush romano bush 2160 Kentucky Wonder BcMV. climbing plants have violet flowers and beautiful dark green leaf color with a purple underglow. Known to have a favorable bean-y flavor. Known for its long. slender. and meaty. Vigorous. 85 days 2030 Calypso HEIRLOOM One of the all time best for baking and soups! Calypso produces a dependable and early yield of 4–5 beans per pod on sturdy 15” tall plants. this famous variety has been a favorite for many years and sets the standard for excellence in string bean flavor. tender beans in hot. BcMV 65 days NEW pole beans HEIRLOOM – High yielding deep purple snap bean. cranberry markings. Widely adapted. Pods are 7-9” long. BcMV Romano bush bean with wonderful flavor and tenderness. Medium sized plants are sturdy with a bush habit. Beans are 4-5” long. The most popular French filet bean and unsurpassed as a gourmet market specialty. Similar to Maxibel in quality. 55 days fresh. As a dry bean. shell or dry bean. BcMV 54 days 2121 Pension BcMV 53 days bEANS Extra-slender. r 65 days 2258 Tavera haricot Vert aN. This variety. Medium. stringless French filet beans. Used as a dry bean. stringless. Shelled beans are beige. or dry on vines for an excellent soup bean. 2234 Dragon Langerie Also known as Dragon's Tongue. great tasting filet bean with excellent yields and vigor. is well-suited to short-season. Plants are well adapted. cool summer climates. White seeds. Purple seeds. Use fresh for snap beans. the dark green pods are slightly shorter than those of our previous strain. Bush habit. Mild flavor and dry flaky texture is best baked or in soups. legend has it that it was a gift from Maine’s Passamaquoddy Indians to Joseph Clark. This French heirloom dates back to the 18th century. Good heat tolerance and virus resistance. the first white child born in Lubec. Maxibel will keep you loaded with fresh beans for a good amount of time. consistency. White seeds.

70 $7.70/LB $14. and as refried beans.50/LB $11. Warm days and cool nights are important for good yields. Silver Cloud was bred by Washington State University as an improvement over the much loved heirloom.80/LB $9. Remove lower leaves and bunch stems together.75 $9.75 $2.00/LB $7.75 $14.00/LB $13.75 1/2 lb $6. Plants average 4’ tall and produce 5-6” pods that hold 3-5 large plump beans.70/LB 5 lbs 25 lbs 50 lbs $5. BcMV 90 days fresh.50/LB $21. cTV 2040 Silver Cloud Cannellini soybeans Glycine max . refritos. Often used in soups.75 $2. Great for freezing or drying for winter storage.55/LB $5. SEED SPECS: 1500-2M seeds/lb (1800 avg).90/LB $7. it is one of the leading green vegetable soybeans available.50/LB $11. Consistent heavy producer. tall and sturdy.80/LB $8.40 $13.80/LB $22.50/LB $9. Black Turtle beans are one of the tastiest beans we know. greater disease resistance and an upright bush habit. Row spacing: 16-30”. 110 dry 2020 black Turtle HEIRLOOM Believed to have originated in southern Mexico and Central America over 7.50/LB $8. Make succession plantings every 1-2 weeks for a continuous harvest through early summer.10 $2.25/LB $8.50/LB $7.50/LB $13. 30” row spacing. sold by weight 2020 Black Turtle 2235 Blue Coco 2155 Blue Lake FM-1 2159 Bronco 2030 Calypso 2024 Coban 2234 Dragon Langerie 2232 Gold Rush 2050 Jacob's Cattle 2022 Jade 2160 Kentucky Wonder 2060 Light Red Kidney 2200 Maxibel 2241 Midori Giant Soybean 2121 Pension 2210 Provider 2161 Rattlesnake 2233 Red Swan 2230 Royal Burgundy 2250 Shirofumi Soybean 2040 Silver Cloud Cannellini 2255 Strike 2258 Tavera 2021 Vermont Cranberry 2023 Windsor Fava 1 oz $2.75 $2. M=1.10/LB $9.75 $2.00/LB $7.00/LB $17.00/LB $9.00/LB $8.60/LB $6.NEW 75 days shell.75 $2. Also known as fagioli. Plants require cool conditions and are not heat tolerant.50 $6.00/LB $8. Store as you would snap beans or freeze blanched pods for long term storage.40/LB $13. Harvest pods when full and green.75 $2. They have a deep.80/LB $9.75/LB $10.75 $4.00 $7. Medium to tall plants produce prolific pods with clear pubescence.50/LB $9.00/LB $8.00/LB $9.75 $2.00/LB $11.55/LB $10. and high yielding.000 2241 midori Giant Silver Cloud is an improved white cannellini with higher yields. Plant spacing: 2-3”.50/LB $7. Direct seed after danger of frost has passed.00/LB $12.25/LB $10.50/LB $9. Excellent as either a shelling or a dry bean.50 $7.10 $2.75 $2.00/LB $23.25/LB $8.00/LB $14.90/LB $8.75 $2.75 $2. 100 days A gourmet edamame soybean known for exceptionally sweet.50 $10.75/LB $8.50/LB $17. chili.00/LB $19.75 $2. Dry beans are a brown to buff color.25/LB $8.50/LB $7.10/LB $10.00/LB $9. 95 days dry BcMV. Seeding depth: 1-2”.00/LB $7.60/LB $8.30/LB The Organic Seed Source for Commercial Growers and Home Gardeners bEANS 5 . cannellini are prized as cooking beans for their smooth. Tolerant to bean rust. Short harvest window for best quality.50/LB $9. this is the classic Minestrone bean.40 $6.20 $10.70/LB $10.50/LB $11.25 $10.75 $2.80/LB $9.50/LB $10. yielding over 90% two and three-seeded pods with a clear pubescence.50/LB $11.00/LB $8.10/LB $11. 154M seeds/acre (~86 lbs/acre). rich flavor that works superbly in soups.50/LB $18.20 $7. Plants average 16-17” and are well-branched.5 lb/100’). haricot blanc or white kidney.25/LB $14.50/LB $7.90/LB $6.75 $2. 68 days 2250 Shirofumi aN.25 $9.20 $9.00/LB $10. Inoculant (see page 3) may be used to increase yields.40 $6. Direct seeding: 6-10 seeds/ft. Soybeans prefer warm conditions and well drained soils.50/LB $6. nutty flavor and smooth texture.40/LB $8.75 $2.80/LB $9.70/LB $13.25/LB $9.80/LB $11.95 $2. containing an average of three beans each.90/LB $7. Germination is apparent in 7-10 days.75 $2.00/LB $13.000 years ago. 2023 Windsor Fava 75 days NEW 2040 Silver Cloud Cannellini 2241 Midori Giant 2020 Black Turtle open pollinated.50/LB $8.Edamame soybeans are grown similarly to processing soybeans but are eaten as a fresh bean. using 8 seeds/ft.50 $7.50 $9.00/LB $8.50/LB $12.90/LB $6.00/LB $10.50/LB $7.00 BeaNS 2250 Shirofumi 2023 Windsor Fava 1 lb $8. frijoles.50/LB $11. buttery.75 $2. Days to maturity are from direct seeding. specialty HEIRLOOM English variety dating to 1863 with a deliciously nutty flavor when eaten as a shell bean.80 $6. Harvest entire plants by clipping at the base when beans are plump in pods and color begins to dull but before pods turn yellow.25/LB $15.75/LB $9. Seeding rate: 880 seeds/100’ (~.50 $9. meaty texture and a dense.50 $7. Bush habit.60 $6. Optimal soil temperature for germination is 85°F.90/LB $9.10/LB $6.60/LB $9.75 $2.00/LB $20. This is a sure winner for both commercial production and home gardeners.75 $3. nutty flavor. Reliably hardy to 12°F.00/LB $8.50/LB $8.75 $4.00/LB $10. Pods are boiled in salted water and beans are shelled as a snack.00/LB $10.75 $4.50/LB $6.20/LB $11.80/LB $9. High yielding and easy-to-grow bush variety.00/LB $7.00/LB $13.00 $6.00/LB $7.20/LB $11. Early maturing with large seeds.40/LB $11.80 $6.10/LB $11. Sweet.25 $7.

Optimal germination temperature is 5575°F. Excellent uniformity of round. Leaf spots are prevalent in mid-late summer. well-known for high-quality roots and strong tops comparable to leading hybrids.Seeding rate: ~10 seeds/ft in single row. For a continuous harvest of greens and beets. CULTURAL INFO: The beet is a hardy biennial that can tolerate light frosts and freezes. 60 beets HEIRLOOM Grown primarily for striking dark red-purple leaves that provide incredible contrast in salad mixes. 20. HEIRLOOM Still a top notch variety. Beets can be grown for greens or roots. Not as hardy as Detroit Dark Red.320M seeds/acre (13lbs/acre) using 10 seeds/ft.250-1. 18” row spacing. allowing for staggered harvest from a single planting. during periods of frequent rainfall and high humidity. 2289 Rhonda F1 65-70 days 2280 Detroit Dark Red bEET PLANTING INFO: Days to maturity from direct seeding. Optimal storage conditions for roots are 32°F and 95% relative humidity for up to 6 months. 50 days specialty 2260 bull’s blood 35 days baby leaf. Scab can commonly occur on the outer skin of the root. Plant spacing: thin to 2-3". field resistance to leaf spots and ability to size up and stay tender offer a wide range of uses. Works well for mechanical harvests. Prevention includes removal of plant debris.Seeding rate: ~40 seeds/ft in 2-4” bands. NEW 2265 Boro F1 2289 Rhonda F1 2280 Detroit Dark Red 2260 Bull's Blood & 2290 Early Wonder Tall Top 2260 Bull's Blood (full size) 2285 Red Ace F1 6 www. Tolerant to heat and cold. Direct seed as soon as soil can be worked and up to 6-8 weeks before last frost date. with five 2-4” bands with 2” between bands. Red Ace excels for both fresh market and industry growers due to its wide adaptability and high yield potential (up to 5 tons/acre) of uniformly sized and shaped beets. glossy tops. Tuck Rhonda away all winter and beets will still be hard and sound come spring. Early Wonder also makes for a wonderful full size beet with vibrant tops. Color intensifies as plants mature. 220M seeds/1000’ (~9lb/1000’) using 40 seeds/ft on 30” beds. and increased air flow. plant every 2-3 weeks until 6-8 weeks before frost date.com • phone (802) 472-6174 • fax (802) 472-3201 . Rhonda shares Boro’s sweet flavor and smooth texture. Eliot Coleman's choice for a red leaf in winter salad mixes. DISEASE & PESTS: Damping off and root rot are caused by a number of individual fungi and can best be avoided by maintaining well drained soils. while roots size up quickly for a second harvest of delectable baby bunched beets. Seeding Rate: Roots.000-30.22M seeds/100’ (~14oz/100’). Row spacing: 2-4” between bands. but takes about two weeks longer to mature. NEW 2290 Early Wonder Tall Top 45 days Earliest variety! Quick growing arching tops make perfect beet greens for a first harvest. Tops average 12” tall and regenerate quickly making for clean healthy leaves throughout the growing season.560 avg). but of similar quality for early season crops. M=1. if transplanting subtract 14-21 days. Seeding depth: 1/2”.highmowingseeds. Juicy red roots can be harvested at any time from baby to beyond the 3” standard and will remain smooth and in good quality at sizes up to 6”. Row spacing: 12-18".000 seeds/lb (25. Roots are also tasty and tender when harvested early as baby beets. deep red roots and nice strong tops. Stores well. 3" round roots are sweet and smooth. Baby Leaf.875 seeds/oz (1. Good disease tolerance and fast regrowth result in erect. crop rotation. even after months of storage.Beets Beta vulgaris dark red globe 2285 Red Ace F1 hybrid 55 days Tried and true! Similar to Kestrel with smoother shoulders and less sugars early on. Uniform. 50 days Excellent storage beet with exceptionally sweet flavor.000 Photo above: Kathryn harvesting trial beets for our staff CSA. A standard type for the home garden or direct market sales. Roots. it is similar in size and appearance. Compared to Boro. Baby Leaf. SEED SPECS: 1. 2265 boro F1 hybrid One of the sweetest beets we have tasted in our trials! Its sweet flavor. bright green.000 avg).

Best germination occurs in warm temperatures.50/M $5.50/M 100 $3. and the Sierra Club to file a successful lawsuit against the USDA seeking greater regulation of genetically engineered “roundup ready” sugar beets. Vibrant golden yellow flesh retains its color when cooked and is sweet and more mild than red beets.50/M $2.90/M $5. In 1999. Because seeds are the beginning of the cycle and are critical to a non-GMO food supply.75 $2.00 $7.00/LB $15. We value the work that the Non-GMO project is doing and are excited to lend our seed expertise to the process of developing standards and testing protocols. High Mowing Organic Seeds was tapped to serve on the board and more recently we have been working closely with NGP to develop standards and testing protocols for seed company verification. HMS again stepped up to increase awareness of the danger genetically-engineered seeds pose to our farmers and our food system by joining the Organic Seed Alliance. more uniform round roots and less zoning than standard golden types. and quickly shade out weeds. NGP created a Seed Advisory board. a public statement about the kind of seed industry that we envision – one that supports genetically diverse agricultural ecosystems and ultimately healthy people and communities. and dozens overseas.75 $2. we pledge that we do not knowingly buy or sell genetically engineered seeds or plants. sold by seed ct.00/LB $18.00/M 100m $1. sold by weight 2273 Cylindra 2280 Detroit Dark Red open pollinated.75/M $6. We are excited to work with this organization that shares our vision of a vibrant agricultural system supported by safe seeds. 56 days 2273 Cylindra open pollinated.75 $3.S. We know that this issue is as important to our customers as it is to us. For the benefit of all farmers.00/LB $16. We will keep you posted! Ruby Stearns (in purple) throwing seed packets from the High Mowing float in Hardwick’s Memorial Day Parade. . This work will be valuable for farmers and gardeners who want to ensure the seed they are using is non-GMO as well as for seed companies who and provide the “ Agriculturewhichseeds lives depend. gardeners and consumers who want an alternative.92/M $2. sold by seed count 2265 Boro F1 2285 Red Ace F1 2288 Touchstone Gold 1/16 oz $2.20/LB $18. improved by Alf Christianson Seed Company. Protecting the genetic integrity of seed has been a priority for High Mowing since the beginning.50 2269 Guardsmark Chioggia 1/4 lb $15.50/M $9.00/M 5m $2.2288 Touchstone Gold 2273 Cylindra HEIRLOOM A uniquely-shaped 6” cylindrical beet with especially sweet flavor and a fine grain.15/M $3. High Mowing Organic Seeds has recently partnered with the Non-GMO Project (NGP).50 $4.50/M $3. Solid green tops are long and attractive.90/M 5m $6. NGP is North America’s only third party verification and labeling organization for non-GMO food and products.75 $2.75 $2.50/M 100m $3.75/M $17.30/LB 25 lbs $33.80 $4.00/M 2289 Rhonda F1 High Mowing Organic Seeds Partners with the s part of our longstanding efforts to develop an alternative seed system.00/LB $15. it is a favorite with chefs due to uniform slices and ease of peeling. This non-profit organization is committed to ensuring access to non-GMO products. together with other seed industry leaders. The pledge has been signed by nearly 200 seed companies in the U.80 1 lb $38.60 $2. Increased uniformity and bolt tolerance.00/M $2. see the inside front cover.75 BeeTS 1 oz $6.80 $7.40/LB 5 lbs $36.50/M $9.60 1m $9.00/M 25m $1. The Organic Seed Source for Commercial Growers and Home Gardeners bEETS 7 From the breeders of Red Ace F1 and Guardsmark Chioggia comes another improved open-pollinated beet.70/M $7. A new strain of the popular Italian heirloom. basis upon our Safe Seed Pledge We must protect this foundation as a safe and genetically stable source for future generations. A Non-GMO Project In 2008. ” are committed to non-GMO seed. 2260 Bull's Blood 2269 Guardsmark Chioggia 2288 Touchstone Gold hybrid. While primarily a processing beet. making this variety a popular choice for specialty markets.50/M $3.75 1m $5.30/M 25m $3.60/M $6.25/LB 2290 Early Wonder Tall Top 100 $2. For the full text of the pledge. we developed the Safe Seed Pledge. in 2008. Center for Food Safety.00/LB $16. Popular at markets for its unique shape.80/M $2.30/M $2. Touchstone Gold offers higher germination rates. 55 days 2269 Guardsmark Chioggia 60 days Candy-striped beet with alternating rings of dark red and white that are unique and beautiful.

Not as heat tolerant as Belstar with larger beads. The best prevention comes from practices that build soil and promote vigorous plant growth. campestris) first appears as V-shaped. Broccoli heads should be harvested while buds are still tight. Check fields every 2 . imported cabbage worm. Direct seeding: 3 seeds/ft. DISEASE & PESTS: Black rot (Xanthomonas campestris pv. 60-65 days var. or in cream-based pasta dishes. Prevent fungal diseases by spraying with copper hydroxide. Domes span 6-8” at maturity averaging 1. some modern varieties do not.375 seeds/oz (6. Variable maturity results in a long harvest period for both central heads and side spears. Compact plants have round domes. Seeding rate: 96M seeds/acre (~14 oz/acre). 12” plant spacing. Harvest shoots in late-winter to early spring when demand for fresh vegetables is high. Spring plantings do well but heads are smaller in size and sensitive to intense summer heat. yellow lesions at leaf margin. 12” plant spacing. some varieties produce side shoots with smaller heads. 2315 Waltham 29 A great variety for the home garden or direct markets that favor bunched side shoots. Pull infected plants immediately. A reliable. (Photo above. small to medium beads and short flowering stems with a thick main stalk. Sturdy 20” plants support 5-6” dark blue-green heads with medium to large beads and long stalks (hard to find with modern hybrids. and diamondback moth. When temperatures climb in late winter. 18” row spacing. 37 days Brassica rapa var chinensis . 18” row spacing. Plants grow slowly during the fall and winter months.Broccoli & Sprouting Broccoli Brassica spp. Well-domed heads have medium beads slightly larger than Belstar.375-9. Yellowing moves to upper leaves and causes wilt. Cold dependent varieties are more appropriate for an over-wintering crop. RESISTANCE KEY: rS-ring Spot.) Developed to withstand increasing cold of fall maturity. dark green color and wellbranched domes. much sweeter and more tender than typical fall broccoli.375-9. Short harvest window of uniform main domes for stem or crown cuts. Pinch terminal bud to encourage side shoots. Store at 32°F for 10-14 days. Best grown in mid to late summer when the days are becoming shorter and stems elongate. sp.875 avg). caused by several different bacterial species.Sprouting broccoli has many small shoots. Plant spacing: 30”. An excellent choice for the home gardener. Transplant for spring crops. High resistance to Downy Mildew. 48 days 2301 batavia F1 hybrid Our earliest variety for spring and fall harvests. Shoots are mild-flavored. Plant spacing: 8-12”.5 lbs. 3-4” bluish-green central head followed by a prolific set of side spears. but broccoli will germinate as low as 50°F. 70-150M seeds/lb (110M avg). premature heads (known as buttoning).3 days.875 avg). 60 days 2310 Rosalind 2302 Belstar F1 bROCCOLI PLANTING INFO: Days to maturity are from transplant. italica sprouting broccoli 2300 De Cicco HEIRLOOM Italian variety known for tender stalks and mild flavor. Row spacing: 36”.375 seeds/oz (6. Optimal soil temperature for germination is 65-75°F. Summer varieties can be planted late spring for a fall crop. Does best in cool fall conditions and good fertility. can be planted in late summer in mild climates. summer and fall crops. M=1. preferably in rotation. Similar to broccoli raab in culture and use. Its striking color and well-domed heads make it an excellent choice for specialty markets. can develop quickly under high moisture and temperature conditions. Heads average 4-6" with medium to fine beads. multi-cut variety which produces a compact. mild mustard flavor to fresh salads. bright green leafy stems. A standard for open-pollinated broccoli with a good size main dome and lots of side shoots. Regular harvesting of side shoots encourages growth. Start indoors 4-6 weeks before planting date. left) with purple veins and stems have petite florets best harvested right before the bright yellow blossoms open. Batavia is welladapted and vigorous. Ideal for dense plantings of single cuts with a harvest span of less than one week. best grown in cool conditions. especially in the Northeast where seasons are short. Direct seeding: every 9”. using 3 seeds/ft. with a sweeter flavor and delicate texture. Ideal temperature for head development is 60-65°F. Seeding rate: 96M seeds/acre (~14 oz/acre). or vernalization. CULTURAL INFO: Broccoli is a cool season hardy biennial grown for spring and fall crops. Days to maturity are from direct seeding. Plants prefer the hot days and cool nights of late summer. Fiesta has uniform maturity and stand with a short harvest window. quality is quickly compromised.com • phone (802) 472-6174 • fax (802) 472-3201 . Seeding depth: 1/4-1/2". Fall plantings can be direct seeded or transplanted in late June or July. and/or oxidate. Italica .000 2495 hon Tsai Tai 2302 belstar F1 hybrid FY 65-70 days Our most heat tolerant broccoli for spring. add 15-20 days if direct seeding. to prevent selection of resistant individuals. Ideal for short-stemmed crown cuts or florets. rather than a single head. Head rot of broccoli and cauliflower. Broccoli can be blanched and frozen for storage. A well-adapted variety performing best in late summer warm days and cool nights. Fusarium yellows (Fusarium oxysporum f. SEED SPECS: 4. they'll start to grow again to produce prolific amounts of small purple or white florets on long. Broccoli is relatively tolerant of frost but seedlings exposed to just four days of temperatures of 40°F or below (or other environmental stresses) may form uneven. conglutinan) is a bacterial disease that yellows the lower leaves 2-4 weeks after transplanting. FY-Fusarium Yellows and Wilt Purple-headed broccoli for the true broccoli connoisseur.highmowingseeds. in stir-fries. including cabbage looper. Insect pests. using 3 seeds/ft. before making sprouts. A great all-around broccoli with the added benefits of earliness. M=1. Seeding depth: ½”. Purple color fades to green when cooked. After the main head is harvested. 90 days 2301 Batavia F1 2310 Rosalind 2305 Fiesta F1 2315 Waltham 29 2300 De Cicco 2495 Hon Tsai Tai 8 www. WB-White SEED SPECS: 4. Cool broccoli immediately after harvest to retain quality. Plants require 1 sq ft/plant. broccoli – var. Best for spring or fall production. 70-150M seeds/lb (110M avg). Fusarium Yellows and Wilt. Plant outdoors as soon as the chances of hard frost has passed. cold hardiness. once heads are loose. Most varieties require cold treatment.000 Blister. Row spacing: 18". Young flowering shoots add a sweet. The best quality comes from summer plantings for fall harvest. Not as heat tolerant as Belstar and shouldn't be used for spring plantings. lightly steamed. are largely of the Lepidoptera order and can thus be controlled by Bacillus thuringiensis and/or spinosad. and Powdery Mildew resistance.Dark green leaves 2305 Fiesta F1 hybrid FY 75 days Impressive late season variety for fall harvests.

Large plants grow to 30” tall. A cold-hardy variety that will hold well into October in northern climates.75 $9. campestris) first appears as V-shaped. Strong stalks hold plants upright.50 2 oz $12. sold by seed count 2301 Batavia F1 Broccoli 2302 Belstar F1 Broccoli 2305 Fiesta F1 Broccoli 2311 Santee F1 Sprouting Broccoli 2315 Waltham 29 Broccoli BroccolI & SProuTINg BroccolI 1/32 oz $2. Abundant.00 $16. The sprouts are buds that grow in the crook between the leaf base and stem of the plant. manifests as yellowing of the lower leaves 2-4 weeks after transplanting.75 $2.00 25 $3. Tolerant of heat and cool temperatures with resistance to mildews. A great selection for the farmers’ market when selling on the stalk.00/M $46.20/M $72. harvest sprouts individually from the bottom of stalk when they are about 1-1. smooth stems and dark leaves resemble broccoli.2. WB 2309 Doric F1 2317 Nautic F1 120 days A stand-out for late fall and early winter production.70/M $51. 2311 Santee F1 hybrid Sprouting broccoli 75-115 days 2494 Te You Flowering Broccoli open pollinated.25 $4.00/M 25m $18.45 days Brassica rapa var ruvo .50 $15.00 $30.75 $2.80 $4.30 1/2 oz $5.50 $12. and diamondback moth are of the Lepidoptera order and can thus be controlled by Bacillus thuringiensis and/or spinosad.00 $5.5” in diameter. Flavor improves after cold exposure.75 $40.00/M $24. tender buds are tight and bottom sprouts hold well while top sprouts are filling out.10 $16. Easy to grow. allowing plants to dry out quickly to avoid spread of disease and making it easier to harvest individual sprouts.Young. Direct seed as soon as ground can be worked in spring.00 1m $24. M=1.60/M $68. Clubroot is a soil borne disease which stunts the roots of the plants so that they are not able to develop normally. Direct seeding: 3 seeds/ 18”.000 The Organic Seed Source for Commercial Growers and Home Gardeners bROCCOLI / bRUSSELS SPROUTS 9 1960 Spring Raab broccoli Raab . Succulent. add 15-20 days if direct seeding. Each sprout is tightly wrapped and averages 1” in diameter.00/M 5m $21.25 $2. caused by the bacteria Fusarium oxysporum f. Tall and straight. preferentially in rotation with one another to prevent selection of resistant individuals (check with your certifier before applying). hybrid. or start transplants indoors 4-6 weeks before setting out. sold by seed count 2309 Doric F1 2314 Igor F1 NEW BruSSelS SProuTS 25 $5.00 $5. Rotate crops and add lime to raise soil pH to 7. Tall plants produce dense sprouts with good uniformity up and down the stvem.50 $6.00 $16. 50 days Brassica oleracia . They are heavy feeders that can tolerate light frosts. mild mustard flavor and broccoli-like florets. 2314 Igor F1 hybrid 115 days 2309 Doric F1 hybrid FY 120 days 2317 Nautic F1 hybrid PM. Fusarium yellows. Row spacing: 30”.20/M $60. Brassica oleracia var/ italica . Pull up infected plants immediately. Plant late spring to early fall. This hardy variety features firm.50 $48. thick stems and crispy. Cabbage looper.40 $3.40/M $56.00 $20.00 $51. SEED SPECS: 80-150M seeds/lb (112M avg). PM-Powdery Mildew.00/M $52.40 $4.30 $5.00/M 2495 Spring Raab Broccoli Raab Brussels Sprouts Brassica oleracea var.00/M $24.00/M 25m $51. but are best prevented by production practices that build soil and promote vigorous plant growth.75 2311 Santee F1 Sprouting Broccoli 1/8 oz $3. it doesn't require cold treatment to initiate bud development. Plantings should never be worked during wet conditions. with no pruning necessary.25 500 $36.00/M 2314 Igor Brussels Sprouts 2317 Nautic F1 PLANTING INFO: Days to maturity are from transplant.70 $5.40 $3.60/M $18. Igor is slightly earlier and has a more uniform bud maturity than Nautic. 2494 Te You Flowering broccoli flavorful leaves with a mini-broccoli floret. Protect plants from flea beetles by using floating row covers in the early season.00 $9.60/M $18. Plant spacing: thin to 18”. Plants are vigorous and sturdy averaging 30” tall. sp.30 $36. rS-ring Spot.75 $5. Fall planted Brussels sprouts become sweeter after a few light frosts. Stems are best when young and tender.00 1m $60. over-winter in mild climates. Can be overwintered for impressive yields. sold by weight 2300 De Cicco Broccoli 2495 Hon Tsai Tai 2310 Rosalind Broccoli 1960 Spring Raab Broccoli Raab 2494 Te You Flowering Broccoli hybrid. conglutinan.00 $90. Seeding depth: ¼ . imported cabbage worm.00 $46. yellow lesions at leaf margin.A traditional Italian specialty. dark green sprouts on a sturdy column.00 $31.20/M $21. are packed with nutrients.½”.00 $20. Plant early spring to midsummer.Also known as broccolini as it has mini heads on leafy stalks. Yellowing moves to upper leaves and causes wilt. reaching 3’. RESISTANCE KEY: FY-Fusarium Yellows and Wilt. Control root maggots by applying beneficial nematodes.00/M 5m $56. Or. Unlike most sprouting broccolis. loaded with folic acid and vitamins. Prevent fungal diseases by spraying with copper hydroxide. High disease resistance for a reliable crop. rS. CULTURAL INFO: Brussels sprouts are cool season biennials that grow best from 45-75°F with optimal growth at 60-65°F.75 $2.00/M $80.95 $109. Igor is one of the best varieties found in our trials. DISEASE & PESTS: Black rot (Xanthomonas campestris pv. Nautic’s sprouts are spaced further apart along the stem.20/M $21. Sweet. Also known as Chinese broccoli.00 $51.95 500 $16.00 1/2 lb $30. tender.00/M $56. flavorful spears. gemmifera NEW No mad scientists here. WB-White Blister.

Plants are extremely uniform and have good wrapper leaves for insect and sun protection. Compact plants have short stems and sit close to the ground. Good tolerance to tipburn. Conglutinans) results in yellowing of the lower and then upper leaves. Cut heads flat on underside. FY-Fusarium Yellows and Wilt. yellow lesions at the leaf margin. Kaitlin is a large. T-Thrips. making it especially suited for sauerkraut. eventually causing wilt. Great for slow cooking. 78M-156M seeds/lb (117M avg).875-9. Round heads average 3-4 lbs and hold well in the summer heat. Br.000 2366 Farao F1 2347 Kaitlin F1 10 www.com • phone (802) 472-6174 • fax (802) 472-3201 . T A Black Rot resistant cabbage for organic growers! Capture is a full size green cabbage for fresh market or processing. adequate spacing and orientation. Medium green leaves with a rosebud wrapper will make any garden or farmers' market table look stunning. slaws and sauerkraut.5 oz/acre) using 2 seeds/ft.Plant spacing: 18-24”. sweet leaves that are delicious eaten raw or in stir fries. Black Rot (Xanthomonas campestris Xcc) results in chlorosis of leaves. thin to 1 plant/spacing.300 avg). 2357 Capture F1 2356 Drago F1 2358 Primax SEED SPECS: 4. producing seed in its second year. CULTURAL INFO: Cabbage is a hardy biennial.5-2 lbs. dense cabbages high in dry-matter. Plants sit high on the stem and have few thick wrapper leaves. imported cabbage worm (Pievis rapae). The white coloring indicates high levels of Vitamin C. including cabbage looper (Tricholousia ni).Plant spacing: 10-18”. 2363 Famosa F1 CAbbAGE PLANTING INFO: Days to maturity are from spring transplanting. TB-Tip Burn. Br-Black rot. Insect pests. Black Leg (Phoma lignam). beginning with older to newer. Seeding depth: 1/2”. and destroying infected plant debris. T 63 days Sweet and tender! Leaves are thin and juicy . at least here in the Northeast where this value added product is commonly found as part of CSA shares and at local farmers' markets. RESISTANCE KEY: BS-Black Speck. 24” row spacing. Small heads average 1. cr-club root (races indicated). Optimal soil temperature for germination is 75°F but seeds will germinate in soils as cool as 50°F. A tasty coleslaw cabbage too watery for sauerkraut. Sauerkraut is once again taking the world by storm. Fresh market varieties store for 2-3 weeks. High resistance to Black Rot and thrips. while storage and processing types store for 2-6 months. Primax has a light-green interior with a short core and darker green wrapper leaves. sp. Bacterial Soft Rot or Head Rot is caused by a few different bacterial species (mainly Erwinia spp and Pseaudomonas spp) and can develop quickly under conditions of high moisture and high temperature. 68 days 2348 Copenhagen 2357 Capture F1 hybrid 85 days FY. sulfer and/or oxidate but is best avoided by crop rotations. Direct sow when daytime soil temps warm to 75°F or start seeds indoors or in cold frames 4-6 weeks before planting date. Downy Mildew (Peronospora parasitica) is a wide spread systemic fungal disease that can cause the stem to pith and head to turn black and rot. dense heads average 3-4 lbs each with very short core. M=1. 60 days 2366 Farao F1 hybrid TB.Cabbage Brassica oleracea green 2347 Kaitlin F1 hybrid 94 days 2358 Primax Early fresh market cabbage with tender leaves and excellent flavor. 65 days 2349 Caraflex F1 hybrid Green sweetheart cabbage for fresh market. and is closely related to broccoli and kale. Heads average 4-6 lbs each and sit high on the stalk with good wrapper leaves.perfect for stir-fries and egg rolls. Small to medium size heads are round averaging 2-4 lbs per head. Round solid heads are somewhat variable in size ranging from 3-4 lbs and 6-8” in diameter with uniform maturity.750 seeds/oz (7. Cabbage is best stored at 32°F and 95% humidity. Cabbage is mature when the tight outer leaf of the head begins to fold back on itself. DISEASE & PESTS: Fusarium Yellows (Fusarium oxysporum f. Mid term storage. late season sauerkraut cabbage that produces high yields of very white. if transplanting in warm weather subtract 10-14 days.highmowingseeds. Direct seeding: 2-4 seeds/ft at desired plant spacing. TMV-Turnip Mosaic Virus. Heads hold well in the field without splitting. Disease can be prevented by spraying with copper. preferably in rotation with one another to prevent selection of resistant individuals. Round. Plantings are uniform and hold well in the field without cracking. 2356 Drago F1 hybrid 93 days 2349 Caraflex F1 Uniform heads for a perfect box count. Holds very well in field without splitting. Seeding rate: 48M seeds/acre (6. and diamondback moth (Plutella xylostella) can be controlled by applying beneficial fungi such as Bacillus thuringiensis and/ or spinosad. Fresh market . 2348 Copenhagen HEIRLOOM . not working with plants when wet.A great open-pollinated variety for home gardeners and direct markets. Disease first appears as V-shaped. Caraflex is well known for its thin. It has short term storage ability and will grow best in susceptible climate zones where black rot has been present. direct seeding add 14 days. Holds well in the field. and can lead to death of plants. Closer spacing and reduced fer tility results in reduced head size. appears as black sunken cankers at base of stem or brown circular leaf spots. Holds very well in the field and matures uniformly for late season processing. Row spacing: 12-18". slaws or egg rolls. Suitable for dense plantings. Row spacing: 18-34”. also known as stem canker. Storage/processing .

we’ve been impressed by its uniformity. crunchy. perfect for those who want smaller portions.40/M $28. pale green outer leaves and creamy yellow interior.80 $4. Planting depth: ¼-1/2”. High fertility yields large plants with dense heads.30/M $14. BS NEW 2369 Red Express All-star variety with a great disease resistance package and high-quality heads.50/M $38. Heads store well for 1-2 months at temperatures close to freezing and high humidity. Uniform and vigorous with high yields.50 $6.50/M $35. averaging 12” tall and 5” wide.50/M $25. Heads average 6-8 lbs under normal conditions but Impala has the potential for larger heads up to 10 lbs.75 $2.70/M $48.95 500 $10.35 $31. The heads average 2-4 lbs. It grows best as days shorten in summer months for a late summer crop.75/M $49. Plants sit high on stem for easy harvests and protection from pests and disease. mild .25 $21. The heads average 3-4 lbs. remove outer leaves if damaged.50 $19. but holds well in the field.10 $3. Dense heads with open green wrapper leaves and snow white interior.60 $17.20/M $11.00 $9. larger than Kaboko with similar barrel shape. (photo p.25/M $57.75 2354 Integro F1 NEW 2 oz 1/2 lb $84. blanched interior is excellent cooked or raw.50/M $48.00 $88. making Napa cabbage available into the fall for his CSA pick-ups. Try a tightly planted block at 8” spacing with Farao and Famosa for a knock out display and earlier harvest! NEW Mid-season red cabbage for fresh market or short-term storage. Creamy white.00 $31. sold by seed count 2364 Bilko F1 2361 Buscaro F1 2357 Capture F1 2349 Caraflex F1 2353 Deadon F1 2356 Drago F1 2363 Famosa F1 2366 Farao F1 2359 Impala F1 2354 Integro F1 2367 Kaboko F1 2347 Kaitlin F1 1/32 oz 1/2 oz $9. Excellent disease resistance as well as tolerance to Tip Burn and thrips. indicating high Vitamin C content.25/M $35. Freezing temperatures only improve the flavor of Deadon and cause its red coloring to deepen on the outer leaves.80/M $32.00/M $28.75 $5. 2364 bilko F1 hybrid 60 days cr (races 1-4). Stores up to 4-6 months under proper conditions.20 $10.00/M $45.70/M $39. Plant spacing: 12-18”.30 open pollinated. A large framed plant gives rise to large heads of a gorgeous red/purple hue with a distinctive silvery sheen. and a number of fungal leaf spots.50/M $35. Flavor is very sweet and juicy when fresh. Direct seeding: 3 seeds/16”. Kaboko maintains a compact barrel shape and has excellent bolting tolerance.00/M $28.75 $3.10 25 $2. Plant shallowly and water in transplants to avoid stress.10) NEW 2369 Red Express We were pleasantly surprised by this open-pollinated variety in our trials. the outer leaves are thick and durable.a stand-out in our fall cabbage trials.95 $4. 2354 Integro F1 85 days FY 2353 Deadon F1 105 days Striking red purple wrapper leaves and lime green interior.00 $21.70/M 25m $10. . Days to maturity are from transplants. Heads average 4-5 lbs and are round to slightly oblong.75 $2. FY. Row spacing: 18-30”. Start transplants 4-6 weeks before planting date. ball-head variety with exceptional holding capacity in field and storage.75/M $32.50 $2.can undergo several frosts or freezes.00/M $35. 2359 Impala F1 2361 Buscaro F1 caBBage 1/8 oz $6. sold by weight 2348 Copenhagen 2358 Primax 2369 Red Express hybrid. Black Rot.00/M $36.00/M $30.60 $27. Heads are oblong. Common diseases include damping off of seed. Adds extra flair mixed with lettuce or in a red slaw! Moderate storage capacity. densely packed heads with broad white midribs. Plants have a tendency to bolt in spring if exposed to frost or a few nights of temperatures below 50°F.70 $30. and much earlier than many other cabbage varieties. napa / chinese Brassica rapa var.Napa cabbage Buscaro is a full-size red cabbage for fresh market use. SEED SPECS: See cabbage seed specs. This is our earliest maturing hybrid cabbage. Slightly flattened heads weigh 3 . add 14 days if direct seeding in warm conditions.50 $22. heavily savoyed wrapper leaves and bright green heads makes this a head turner in our trials every year. being careful not to disturb roots.50/M 2364 Bilko F1 & 2367 Kaboko F1 2353 Deadon F1 The Organic Seed Source for Commercial Growers and Home Gardeners 11 CAbbAGE High quality. and the inner leaves are tender and delicious with a mild cabbage flavor that gets sweeter as winter approaches. Direct seed from late May through late July after all danger of frost has passed.30/M $53.30/M $28. 2367 Kaboko F1 hybrid 60 days Moderately-sized Napa cabbage for fresh markets and the home garden. Gorgeous dark green. Black Leg.50 $7. Produces large.20/M $48.85/M $45. Long term storage. An especially cold hardy variety. dark red-purple with an attractive.10 $4. requires careful timing to ensure a quality crop.10 $4. Exceptionally light. Fusarium Yellows.95 $4.50 $22.90 $2.00 $27. silver sheen.2359 Impala F1 hybrid 105 days BS.50 $22. It heads up quickly into tidy little red cabbages. Heads average 20" tall. finding them much sweeter for it.50/M $32. Integro matures a few weeks earlier than Buscaro.50/M $29. measuring about 5” wide by 7” tall. Andy Jones at the Intervale Comunity Farm has had exceptional storage performance with Bilko in his walk-in cooler.20 $29. Complete resistance to all four races of club root. Pekinensis . TMV 2361 buscaro F1 hybrid 105 days TB savoy red 2363 Famosa F1 hybrid 62 days 68 days This early savoy cabbage is for fresh market use.10/M $27. Uniform. Excellent flavor – sweet. A grower in New York harvests these directly from the field into early winter. Harvest when heads fill in.75 $4.20/M 5m $11.70/M $10.70/M $32. Densely packed heads are smaller than Bilko.50/M $43.75/M $34.50/M $24. with very nice color.50 1m $14. Club Root.75 $3. DISEASE & PESTS: Protect transplants from flea beetles and cabbage root maggots early in the season with a lightweight row cover or drench with beneficial nematodes. and sweet flavor. aromatic.5 lbs and measure 6-10” in diameter.50 $5. transplant out when plants have 7-10 leaves.20 $68. Thaws nicely to reveal a sweet and tender head.

sweetening up the longer it’s stored. Jeanette forms attractive bright orange roots with strong tops.500 seeds/1000’. Excellent keeper that will work well for winter markets and CSAs.highmowingseeds. Full size – Direct seeding: ~30 seeds/ ft. Seedlings may take up to three weeks to emerge. Roots average 6” long and have a characteristic red core.com • phone (802) 472-6174 • fax (802) 472-3201 . (~ 3. slender roots for baby or full-size carrots.Direct seeding: 15 seeds/ft. Storage . DISEASE & PESTS: Fungal leaf blights. Uniform barrel shape with blunt tips averaging 6”. Unwashed carrots store just as well as washed but may stain during storage. SEED SPECS: 11. Direct seed as soon as soil can be worked in the spring through mid-summer. 50 days baby. Row spacing: 1824". For storage carrots. Bright red-orange flesh with fine grain and almost no core. Seeding rate: Early small bunching – 50M seeds/1000’(~ 1. Plant every three weeks for a continual harvest. Some varieties. Generally. but will perform well under most conditions if appropriate varieties are chosen. 18” row spacing. 18” row spacing. 60 days full size Truly stellar nantes flavor and crispness. can cause severe defoliation and greatly reduce yields. (~ 1. Plant spacing: thin to 1-2".(~ 1. Long. root length. 960M seeds/acre. Seeding depth: 1/4-1/2”. We trialed a number of carrot varieties seeking an organic standard to compete with Bolero and found Necoras to be top notch. Sweet flavor. Cercospora blight appears earlier in the season than Alternaria blight. Row spacing: 18-24". may be over-wintered outdoors or in a high tunnel for an early spring harvest but need to be protected with an appropriate cover. 18” row spacing. NEW 2340 Scarlet Nantes A classic among carrots. Plant spacing: thin to 2”. Red Cored is a thick rooted variety with wide shoulders and a tapered root ending in a nicely rounded. blunt tip.435 seeds/oz (15M avg).000. 1. Plant spacing: thin to 1-2". M=1. uniformity. Performs well under various planting densities for bunching. using ~45 seeds/ ft. Great for high tunnel production and one of Eliot Coleman’s top choices for over-wintering. old fashioned carrot flavor and fine grained texture. 65 days 2331 Necoras F1 hybrid CARROT PLANTING INFO: Days to maturity are from direct seeding.6 oz). Roots are well-formed at 4-5” with strong. Transplanting is not recommended. Vigorous leaf replacement makes for a high tolerance to Altenaria and a reliable crop every year. Scarlet Nantes has that old-time carrot flavor. storage or soup grade carrots. using ~30 seeds/ft. smooth texture and satisfying crunch.4MM seeds/acre. For compact soils choose tapered carrots like Chantenays or Danvers types that can wedge their way into soils. 68 days NEW 2320 Red Cored Chantenay 2340 Scarlet Nantes 2321 Jeannette F1 2331 Necoras F1 best Varieties for baby Carrots Napoli F1 2366 Yaya F1 2322 Napoli F1 Yaya F1 Jeannette F1 12 www. Full size or Storage – 33M seeds/1000’. Available as raw or pelleted seed. 2336 Yaya F1 hybrid 50 days baby. Storage – 16.Carrots Daucus carota early season main season 2322 Napoli F1 hybrid 45 days baby. most types will do well. Optimal soil temperature for germination is 55-75°F. Early small bunching – Direct seeding: ~45 seeds/ft.250-23.25 oz). Compared to other early Nantes varieties like Yaya and Napoli. caused by either Alternaria dauci or Cercospora carotae.5 lb). Introduced to the US from France in the late 1800s and used for many years as the standard carrot for the processing industry. Available as raw or pelleted seed.000 Photo above: Napoli carrots fresh from the field. usually late in the season. Tops are shorter than average but hold up well and make an attractive bunch. Carrots hold well in the field for up to three weeks in the summer and longer in cool conditions. CULTURAL INFO: Carrots are hardy biennials that do best in fertile sandy loam. A great variety for soups. darkgreen tops. White mold (Sclerotinia sclerotiorum) manifests as a cottony white mycelium around roots and lower plant parts. using ~15 seeds/ft. like Napoli. Both of these fungi can be seed-borne but are primarily spread by crop residue from previous years or innoculum in the soil.75 oz). Store topped at near freezing temperatures with high humidity. Yaya has become the main season carrot of choice for many of our commercial growers nationwide and a favorite in our trial gardens year after year. Row spacing: 18-24". Imperator types should only be grown on raised beds that have 10-12” tilled zones. 480M seeds/acre. Prepare beds by loosening soils. best quality arises from raised beds. redefining today’s carrot.(~ 5 lb). freezing. For looser sandy loam or silty soils. MM=1. 55 days full size A carrot for all seasons. Full-size carrot with slightly tapered roots and blunt nantes ends. Sweet. As a full size carrot. (0. Similar in flavor to Yaya. Avoid planting in areas which are shady or have poor drainage. canning and storage. Harvest carrots when appropriate coloring and flavor have developed. Jeanette produces longer roots averaging 8-9” in length. but will also continue to grow to a full-size carrot suitable as a fresh market or storage variety. Roots are 6-7" with blunt tips and small to medium tops. color and taste. Napoli offers great flavor and color in an early spring carrot before other nantes are ready.75 lb). 180-375M seeds/lb (275M avg). Prep beds one week before planting and let settle.000. and practice crop rotations with non-vegetable crops (such as grains). dig roots after frost but before ground freezes. Not as refined as modern hybrids but a great choice for the garden. Impressive in our 2012 baby bunching carrot trials in earliness. 65-75 days full size 2321 Jeannette F1 hybrid Main season storage carrot. 2320 Red Cored Chantenay 65 days HEIRLOOM A gourmet selection for heavy soils.

95/M $3. Cosmic Purple adds excitement to the meals of children and adults alike with its fascinating and extraordinary color.00 $33.50/M $2.65 2m $5. a cancer-preventing anti-oxidant.by cooking.80 2324 Negovia F1 2335 Cosmic Purple 2325 Dragon 2 oz $63.50/M $11. sold by seed count hybrid. sold by weight 2323 Atomic Red 2335 Cosmic Purple 2330 Danvers 126 2325 Dragon 2320 Red Cored Chantenay open pollinated.50/M $5.40/M 500m $1.30/LB $48. fall planted successions of this variety performed better. and makes a superb glass of carrot juice for a home-grown daily dose of beta carotene.95/M $1.00 $20. In our 2010 taste tests.95/M 25m $1.25/M 25m $1. Fresh carrot flavor and sweetness compare with modern nantes types. Roots are full-sized at 7-8” long and very hardy.75/M $1. strong enough to withstand a good yank.75 $2.75 $2.40 $29.45/M $2.10/M $1.10/M $1. although it ranked high throughout the season.50/M $5.95/M $2. Crunchy roots and sweet flavor with a slight hint of spice. purple and orange carrots for an unforgettable display. Tops are rugged.70 $9. Combine with yellow.70/M $5.80 $63.80 $9. Yellowstone is extremely productive and adaptable to many growing conditions.50/M $10.00 $180. so it is suitable for mechanical harvesting or when presentation requires sturdy tops.29/M 250 $2.75 $2. With their striking red color.2330 Danvers 126 2323 Atomic Red 2324 Negovia F1 hybrid 80 days Main season Nantes-type with great flavor and upright tops. This variety also showed stronger tops than either Necoras or Yaya. mild flavored treat.65/M $2.65/M $1. Roots stay slender even with low density plantings and will not crack.even brightened . orange flesh. 70 days 2329 Interceptor F1 2337 Yellowstone Something new for the lunch box! Sunflower yellow carrots are long and slender averaging 9” at maturity with strong.65/M $2. 85 days .35 $2.65/M $2. freezing.75/M $1. Fast growing roots are 8" long at maturity. Many carrot aficionados prefer Dragon's yellow core and spicy yet sweet flavor to that of Cosmic Purple.65/M $1.50/M $1. Dragon is a Danvers-type carrot with wide shoulders and a tapered tip.60/M 500m $1.45/M $2. Coreless roots have a dark orange interior and will grow to 12" or more in proper growing conditions.95/M $3. Carrots are a bright.50/M $1.70 $4.00 $67.45/M $2.75/M 100m $1.25/M $5. A gourmet selection with mild flavor and a juicy crunch in every bite. 70 days 2335 Cosmic Purple Introduced in 2005 and quickly taking the gardening world by storm.60/M 100m $1. Good resistance to storage diseases such as Pythium Crater Rot and Altenaria Black Rot. storing.85/M $1.50/M $2. 70 days specialty 2325 Dragon 68 days 2326 White Satin F1 hybrid White tender root. Color is retained .50/LB 5 lbs $250. A practical. Blunt 7-8” roots are uniform.40/M $1.10/LB 250 $2.60 1 lb $320.30/M $5.70/M 10m $1. and show superior disease resistance in the High Mowing trial gardens.50 $5.75 $2. with deep purple skin.65 $2.50/M $11.25/M $1.75 $5.75 $5.30/M 10m $1. Dragon has been improved from a USDA specimen by master breeder John Navazio and has an equivalent lycopene content to tomatoes.20/M $1.50 $19.80 $4. Beautiful when mixed with other specialty varieties for a colorful display.75 $5. A real standout. Vibrant purple skin reveals a bright orange interior with a unique yellow core.00/LB $44.75 $2.75 $4.95/M $1.90 $18.50 $6.25/M $1. A great variety for canning. Yellowstone and Dragon for an amazing novelty carrot display.00/LB $320.35/M $1.90 $10.90/LB $43.00/LB $250. Negovia was a stand-out in our summer carrot trials for both sweetness and texture.50/M $1. sold by seed count 2329 Interceptor F1 2321 Jeannette F1 2322 Napoli F1 2322P Napoli F1 Pelleted 2331 Necoras F1 2324 Negovia F1 2326 White Satin F1 2336 Yaya F1 2336P Yaya F1 Pelleted 2337 Yellowstone 2340 Scarlet Nantes 1/32 oz $2.45/M $1.00 $6.60/M $1. making bunching a breeze! 2329 Interceptor F1 hybrid 120-125 days Long and slender! A true cut and peel Imperator-type carrot. these carrots are sure to create a bang! Imperator-type roots grow 8-10” long with good uniformity.20 $29. 2326 White Satin F1 2337 Yellowstone 70 days 2330 Danvers 126 2323 Atomic Red open pollinated. Pick early for a tender.00/LB $48. feathery tops. Suitable for mechanical harvesting. Atomic Red gets its eye-catching hue from lycopene.75 $2. and cooking also sweetens the flavor.00/LB $56. Relatively short tops with some resistance to leaf blights.50/M $2. Tapered roots average 7" long.00 $20.00/LB $52. deep-orange color.75 2m $5.30 1/2 lb $180.75 1/8 oz $6. all-around variety which thrives even in heavy soils and has a high tolerance for hot conditions.10/M The Organic Seed Source for Commercial Growers and Home Gardeners 13 CARROTS A carrot you can count on! Danvers 126 is a stocky variety with broad shoulders up to 2" wide and a tapered V-shaped root averaging 7-8” long.80 $22.80 carroTS 1/2 oz $18. straight and firm with a small core.00 $2. Combine with White Satin F1.45/M $1.

000 caulIFloWer for and evaluated 800 varieties of vegetables to bring you the very best varieties we could find. M=1. Direct seed or transplant as soon as soil can be worked in spring. sold by seed count 25 500 1m 5m 25m in organic matter. campestris) first appears as V-shaped. Clubroot is a soil borne disease which stunts the roots of the plants so that they are not able to develop normally. Harvest heads promptly when they are full size but still compact. Cover developing heads by tying leaves together for a blanched effect. NEW 65 days 2318 Skywalker F1 hybrid FY 75 days Introduced in 1947 by Ferry Morse. but are best prevented by production practices that build soil and promote vigorous plant growth. sp. preferentially in rotation with one another to prevent selection of resistant individuals (check with your certifier before applying). yellow lesions at leaf margin.botrytis 2313 Goodman A generous producer for summer harvests that rivals the leading open-pollinated variety. Krista and Gwenael evaluating lettuce trials. Seeding depth: ½”.00/M Infected plants should be pulled up immediately. spiralled heads. Plants can withstand light frost. chartreuse color in cool conditions and more of a creamy white with a pink blush in the summer. sold by weight 1/32 oz 1/8 oz 1/2 oz 2 oz 1/2 lb Self-blanching varieties have tight leaf curl around 2338 Snowball Y $2. Row spacing: 24-36”. widely adapted to many regions. Snowball Y offers smooth. Dwarf plants have erect outer leaves that offer good protection.30 $33. conglutinan. Direct seeding: 3 seeds/ ft. NEW 2319 Veronica romanesco F1 PLANTING INFO: Days to maturity are from transplant. Heads can be harvested over a long period. Large plants need 30-36” spacing. DISEASE & PESTS: Black 2318 Skywalker F1 $4. ThE bEST VARIETIES: Our 2012 High Mowing Organic Seeds Trials Crew planted. Goodman will surprise you with a slight frame and wispy growth habit that manages to produce very well-protected heads with deep curds and tender florets in just 65 days.40/M $25. 14 www.10 $27.50 $46.highmowingseeds. Cauliflower prefers well drained fertile soils high hybrid. Fungal diseases can be prevented by spraying with copper hydroxide. Ivory domes are well rounded and average 10” across. Veronica has an alluring. 2319 Veronica Romanesco F1 hybrid 77 days FY This cauliflower has northern Italian roots dating back to the 15th century. Yellowing moves to upper leaves and ultimately causes wilt. dense.00 $9.00/M $54. add 15-20 days if direct seeding. Recommended for fall crops. greatly reducing quality. manifests as yellowing of the lower leaves 2-4 weeks after transplanting. Delaying harvest results in curds 2313 Goodman $4.20/M turning loose and ricey. and diamondback moth are of the Lepidoptera order and can thus be controlled by Bacillus thuringiensis and/or spinosad.00 $65.00 $64.2. uniform florets.75 $6.91/M $40.61/M rot (Xanthomonas campestris pv. Romanesco cauliflowers continue to gain popularity as a gourmet vegetable producing extraordinary. tight curds on deep 6-7” heads. A narrow harvest window is perfect for market or wholesale growers. imported cabbage worm. Rotate crops and add lime to raise soil pH to 7. Start transplants indoors 4-6 weeks before setting 2318 Skywalker F1 2313 Goodman 2338 Snowball Y out.00 $20. cared Jamie and Kathryn planting a mini romaine lettuce trial at high density spacing. CULTURAL INFO: Cauliflower is a cool season biennial in the Brassicaceae family. with a nutty flavor that is favored for crudite and raw vegetable dishes. and plantings should never be worked during wet conditions. Resistant to Fusarium Yellows and Wilt.Cauliflower Brassica oleracea var.00 heads to minimize the need to cover.com • phone (802) 472-6174 • fax (802) 472-3201 . RESISTANCE KEY: FYFusarium Yellows and Wilt. Sturdy plants produce picture perfect.60/M $29. milky white heads. open-pollinated. Root maggots can be controlled by applying beneficial nematodes.95 $38. 2338 Snowball Y 70 days Long season variety for fall harvests with exceptional uniformity and quality. 2319 Veronica F1 Romanesco $6. Early morning in August. Daytime temperatures between 70-80°F and cool nights are ideal for head development. Partially self-wrapping heads easily separate into tender. Protect plants from flea beetles by using floating row covers in the early season. caused by the bacteria Fusarium oxysporum f. sold by seed count 25 500 1m 5m 25m white and smooth. Amazing. More tender than traditional. SEED SPECS: 90-170M seeds/oz (128M avg).45/M $34. A reliable variety. Fusarium yellows. Cabbage looper. Plant spacing: 18-24”.00 $51.00/M $48. open-pollinated. Good holding ability in the field with a short harvest window.

a combination of airy celery and earthy root vegetable – and can be used in a wide range of dishes. CELERY/CELERIAC PLANTING INFO: Days to maturity are from transplanting.50 The Organic Seed Source for Commercial Growers and Home Gardeners 15 CELERY / CELERIAC 2344 Tango Celery 85 days . you will never go back to store-bought celery. 2339 Calypso Celery FW 88 days This Italian variety had the best flavor of our 2009 trials. Start seedlings indoors 10-12 weeks before planting date.30 1 oz $17. Fusarium Yellows (Fusarium oxysporum f. Available as pelleted or raw seed. L or XL) Women’s (S.75/M $12.50/M 25m $8. very crisp stalks. Seeding depth: 1/8". Tall Utah produces large plants with compact hearts. sp. Best for late summer crops. ~1/3 oz/ acre). Printed with environmentally-friendly waterbased inks. rooted celery has a dense. in soups.50 #94300-bK high mowing hat. Optimal soil temperature for germination is 70-75°F. celeriac has a delicate flavor . appi) is a soil borne fungus that attacks the root system. Store at 34°F with high relative humidity (as close to 95% or higher as possible) for up to two weeks. using 12" plant spacing. Seeding rate: 43. M=1. Once you have tasted organic celery grown at home. #94310 hmS Organic T-Shirt: $15. Leaves grow upright from the crown center.560 plants/acre (48M seeds. non-stringy stalks with a big celery crunch! Self-blanching with apple green tops that are 18-20” tall. Despite its rugged appearance. 2342 Prinz Celeriac 95 days 2344 Tango 2339 Calypso NEW 2341 Tall Utah Celery 100 days Long and crisp stalks have unbeatable flavor.75 1 gm $4.780 plants/acre (24M seeds/acre.60/M $10. 2342 Prinz 2346 mars Celeriac With an outer skin resembling the cratered surface of Mars. Rotate with non-host crops like lettuce and onions for 2-3 years. sold by weight 2341 Tall Utah Celery 2339 Calypso Celery 2346 Mars Celeriac 2342 Prinz Celeriac 2344 Tango Celery celerY & celerIac 1/10 gm $2.95 1m $12.50 $3.25/M $7.Celery & Celeriac Apium graveolens Greatly improved. wet conditions with high fertility.00 Please indicate size: men’s (S.500 avg). Plant spacing: 6-12". and a mild celery flavor.50/M $6.00/M $12. uniform celeriac with clean white flesh and good eating quality. CULTURAL INFO: Celery is a biennial that performs best in cool. wheat: $13.50/M 5m $10.60/M $15. RESISTANCE KEY: FW. easy to grow and two weeks earlier than most varieties.m. 24” row spacing or 21. 110 days 2346 Mars open-pollinated. Its excellent storage ability makes celeriac a popular vegetable at winter markets. provide consistent moisture throughout its long growing season. To maximize the root size.00/M $8.50/M $8.25 $4. sold by seed count 100 $4. Plants are tall (up to 28”) and dark green with thick. Available as pelleted or raw seed.80 1/2 oz $10. Plants average 30” tall. as a roasted vegetable. smooth interior and distinct celery flavor.m. using 6” plant spacing. or raw in salads. hand-illustrated artwork by Vermont artist Marcia Brewster. High Mowing organic cotton hat will keep you cool – and keep you looking cool – all summer long! Available in wheat or black.Fusarium Wilt SEED SPECS: 65-70M seeds/oz (67.50/M hIGh mOWING ORGANIC SEEDS hATS & TEES Now you can wear your commitment to organic seeds with a High Mowing organic t-shirt! 100% organic t-shirt features beautiful. NEW Root vegetable royalty has arrived! Prinz is a large. black: $13. Both these fungi are seed-borne and can also be spread by crop residues from previous years. Delicious mashed. Many weed species and common crops serve as non-infected hosts. After harvest. Calypso is very productive and has hardly any stringiness. crisp celery flavor adds depth and character to ordinary dishes. Transplants can be planted outdoors 2-3 weeks before last frost date. Stalks are 12” long and medium-dark green. multiplying levels of Fusarium in soil. ~3/4 oz/acre).60 open-pollinated. making a nice presentation and easy trimming. cool immediately in water. L or XL) Our sturdy.95/M $16. Row spacing: 24-36".000 Photo above: Celery production field. Smooth. Harden off plants by reducing water for one week. 24" row spacing.95 $3. Mild. DISEASE & PEST: Fungal leaf blights caused by either Alternaria dauci or Cercospora carotae can cause severe defoliation and greatly reduce yields. #94300-Wh high mowing hat.

pink.50 $5. NEW 2351 Pink Passion NEW ChARD PLANTING INFO: Days to maturity from direct seeding. Large plants reach 24-28” and are very upright in architecture. M=1.144M seeds/ acre (~4.75 $2. Veins and mid-ribs are colored a striking bubble-gum pink with emerald green leaves.00/LB $90.80/LB $35.Direct seeding: 6 seeds/ft.Direct seeding: ~40 seeds/ft in 2-4” bands.560 avg). Plant outdoors after the danger of frost has passed. The bravest among you may combine with Pink Passion for an arresting display of electrifying color: punk rock chard bunches anyone? 2352 Orange 30 days baby. color contrast.75 $2.00/LB $96. Transplants can be started 4-6 weeks before planting.00/LB $83. flattened stems. with a narrower stem. using ~40 seeds/ft in a 30” bed. tangerine-colored stems contrast beautifully with deep green foliage.00/LB 2355 Silverado 16 www. 28 days baby. Seeding depth: 1/2”.00/LB $130. 2360 Ruby/Rhubarb Red 30 days baby leaf. 2” band spacing.00 1/4 lb $8. 55 full size Glossy leaves are bright green and beautiful at full size or at baby leaf.80/LB $39.250-2. Color intensity is not well defined early on. NEW 2350 Improved Rainbow mix 30 days baby leaf. 55 full size 2351 Pink Passion Striking pink veins and mid-ribs contrast nicely with emerald green leaves.25lb/1000’).75 $5.90 $10.00/LB 5 lbs $20. with five 4” bands.00/LB $40. Sow baby leaf varieties every week for a continual summer harvest until four weeks before frost date.70 $3. Leaf and stem size are consistent with Ruby and Silverado chards. and a minimal amount of chocolate leaves later in the season. Plant spacing: 4-8". 60 full size An improved mix of red.75 $2.00 $12.85/LB $112. white. red and white at baby stage. Seeding rate: Full size . yellow and orange. making for an eye-catching bunch.95 $26. allowing for a long harvest window. Especially nice for a micro-green or baby leaf because stem and leaf veins color early. 2355 Silverado 30 days baby leaf.00/LB $44. Broad white stems and midribs with deep green savoyed leaves.50 $5. Grow as baby or full size. Leaves are more consistent with Rhubarb or Silverado chard than the Fordhook style and at full size can have wide.25 $12. More savoyed than Fordhook. 24” row spacing. CULTURAL INFO: Swiss chard is a hardy biennial that can be direct seeded all season long and used for winter tunnels. High yield potential makes this variety a successful addition to every grower’s list. Baby leaf .00 $12. sold by weight 2343 Fordhook Giant 2350 Improved Rainbow Mix 2352 Orange 2351 Pink Passion 2360 Ruby Red 2355 Silverado 1/16 oz $2.com • phone (802) 472-6174 • fax (802) 472-3201 . mostly pink. Row spacing: 2-4” between bands. Our improved strain has been selected for highly savoyed leaves. 20M-40M seeds/lb (30M avg).50 $23. SEED SPECS: 1.75 $2. 60 full size NEW 2350 Improved Rainbow Mix 2343 Fordhook Giant 2352 Orange 2360 Ruby/Rhubard Red charD open pollinated. Extremely slow to bolt and has shown field resistance to Cercospora leaf spot.8lb/acre) using 6 seeds/ ft.00/LB $78.Upright habit makes for clean production and easy harvesting.25 $40.10 $5.500 seeds/oz (1.00 $13.22M seeds/100’ (~14oz /100’). Row spacing: 18-24".000 Vivid.Chard Beta vulgaris 2343 Fordhook Giant 25 days baby leaf. 220M seeds/1000’ (~7. 60 full size HEIRLOOM Rich crimson red stems and bright green savoyed leaves make this the standard for red chards. Baby Leaf.00 1 lb $22. if transplanting subtract 1421 days. Optimal germination temperature is 55-75°F.75 $2.75 1/4 oz $3.highmowingseeds.75 $4. 50 days full size HEIRLOOM An easy winner for appearance and flavor in our trials and a top seller every year.75 1 oz $4. Stem color is uniformly bright orange with minimal streaking. Full Size .00 $6.

70 days .00/LB Seed Breeding for an Organic Future High Mowing Organic Seeds has always played a strong leadership role in efforts to build a seed industry that supports small. We can breed varieties for organic conditions. Gwenael and Tom discuss (and taste) winter radish trials with organic plant breeders and students. This symposium fostered and supported new leaders in organic plant breeding from over a dozen schools across the U. Plants are non-heading. open pollinated. Seed Matters. explains her open-pollinated. and hardy. Dr. shorter internodes and a larger habit. explains openpollinated carrots and their benefits. This is a very different group than most If we don’t have the seed companies right seeds then our are breeding for. especially in the areas of organic seed education. 2553 Georgia collarDS 2552 champion See Kale (p.00 2 oz $29. diversified farms growing food for their communities. Adrienne Shelton.00/LB $85. mild flavored greens with reliable. whiter midribs. loosely-held leaves are dark green with stark white midribs. Also.00/LB $60. sugary-enhanced sweet corn. John Navazio. check out the Organic Seed Alliance (OSA) for information on initiatives related to organic seed. selected to stand longer. High Mowing is a proud supporter of this project. Old time favorite introduced before 1880. We’ve become early supporters and collaborators with several amazing projects and organizations in the last year that are actively creating the seed world that we need. 35) for Cultural Information.75 1/8 oz $4.50 $4.00 1/2 lb 1 lb 5 lbs $60.00 $14.00 $95.50 1/2 oz $14. having good food system that we so weed control. A valuable variety for regions where it is difficult to grow cabbage and other cole crops. and desperately need. funded by Clif Bar Family Foundation. dark blue-green with large cabbage-like leaves. Compared to Champion. SOSS organizer. Our strain has a variety of leaf shapes.75 $2. Try collards braised with a touch of olive oil and garlic or steamed with butter. Georgia has smoother leaves. attaining a two week advantage over other varieties. marketing well. sustainable farming The genetics of your favorite methods will be held back from their carrot variety are just as important potential and we won’t in your successful crop as the achieve the massive transformation of our fertility on your farm. heavy yields. The Organic Seed Source for Commercial Growers and Home Gardeners 17 COLLARDS Improved Vates type.00/LB $85. advocates for the improvement and protection of organic seed. Open OSSI is creating a Source licensing framework for Seed Initiative germplasm exchange similar to open source software.Collards Brassica oleracea 2552 Champion 2553 Georgia 70 days HEIRLOOM . hosted in August 2012 by High Mowing Organic Seeds. We just need the mechanisms for doing so. If we don’t have the right seeds then our sustainable farming methods will be held back from their potential and we won’t achieve the massive transformation of our food system that we so desperately need.S.00 $95. High Mowing has taken an active organizing role in these early meetings as well as supporting outreach and fundraising.The soul food of the south! Georgia is a top producer of tender. Long. sold by weight 2552 Champion 2553 Georgia 1/32 oz $2. created an opportunity for students in organic plant breeding to share resources from one another and learn from leaders in the field. Plants average 36” tall and are non-heading. The Student Organic Seed Symposium. Rich. productive.00 $29. Organic plant breeder. The Open Source Seed Initiative (OSSI) was formed in order to enhance vigorous innovation in plant breeding without the restrictions that come from the increasing use of patents on seed. Seeds matter a lot. Waxy leaf surface provides natural protection from cabbage worms.

William Tracy at the University of Wisconsin in collaboration with High Mowing’s breeding program. Stewart’s Wilt (Erwinia stewartii) is spread by corn flea beetles. Sweet and tender with very good corn flavor. Kernels are well-lined in 10-12 rows with excellent tip fill and husk cover. Ornamental and Milling.Plant spacing: 8-10”. M=1. Easy-to-pick ears are 2' high with good tip fill and cover. William Tracy at the University of Wisconsin in collaboration with High Mowing’s breeding program. Bling was developed by Dr.5-8” long by 1. Seeding rate: 23M/acre (9. Optimal soil temperature for germination is 85°F. Popcorn3. MT and now grown here on our seed farm in Wolcott. Seedlings can also be transplanted. or cool to 32°F within one hour of harvest. Back by popular demand. Seeding depth: 1-2”. Sturdy plants grow 5. slender ear shape gives an elegant appearance.5-6’ tall with few tillers. 70 days YELLOW A golden gem you’ll want to flaunt. Harvest when ear silks have dried down and kernels are filled to the tip and colored. It is a heavy feeder that needs fertile ground and benefits from side dressing. slender ears are 7-8” in length and approximately 1. Average cool soil emergence. Well adapted to many regions but best grown above the 40th parallel. measuring 7.500 seeds/lb (4. Fred Ashworth called it “rat selected” because it came from the bin of sweet corn strains most preferred by rats.500 seeds/acre (14 lb/ acre). Selected over sixty years ago for short seasons and high altitudes by Ken Fisher of Fisher’s Seeds in Belgrade.com • phone (802) 472-6174 • fax (802) 472-3201 . My Fair Lady was developed by Dr. Pay close attention after half-silk as it must be harvested on time for optimum sweetness.1.5’ tall. which can be controlled with Dipel (Bacillus thuringiensis kurstaki) or Entrust (Spinosad). Just one of our delicious Tablesweet (se+) varieties available organically from our friends at Mesa Maize.5” wide at the center. blunt tips and 14-16 rows. 10 ” spacing. NEW 2374 bling F1 hybrid 75-78 days 75-78 days 2376 my Fair Lady F1 hybrid 2383 Sugar Pearl F1 hybrid 73 days WHITE Silvery white kernels are tender and sweet. Ears average 6” long. DISEASE & PESTS: Damping off may occur when planting untreated seed in cool soils. Side dress when plants are a foot tall. with 16-18 rows of kernels. 75 days 2374 Bling F1 NEW 2376 My Fair Lady F1 2383 Sugar Pearl F1 2375 Fisher's Earliest 2370 Ashworth 2380 Luscious F1 18 www. Row Spacing: 36”. VT. garden or farm stand. 30” row spacing. Seeding rate: 17. tender annual. Start indoors 7-10 days before planting date.Corn Zea maize sweet corn NEW 2375 Fisher's Earliest YELLOW Early. Moderate cool soil emergence. 3 seeds/ft. Vigorous. Long. Store at 32-34°F and 98% relative humidity for no longer than a few days. Direct seed only after soil has warmed to at least 55°F. YELLOW Unique among open-pollinated corn varieties. Luscious offers outstanding Tablesweet (se+) buttery-sweet flavor and melt-in-your-mouth tenderness. Ears average 8” and are blocky in shape. SEED SPECS: Sweet Corn. CULTURAL INFO: Corn is a warm season. Common insect pests include Corn Earworm.200 avg).1.700-3.800-4.25” wide at the center.250-2M seeds/lb (1.250 avg). 75 days BI-COLOR You’ll have to “Doolittle” to get a highclass corn with this main season sugary enhanced (se) bi-color. Great for the home. wellfilled. Single stalked plants grow 5’ tall. Seeding rate: 57M/acre (13lb/acre). we’ve found Fisher’s to be the best open-pollinated sweet corn variety in our trials. Plants reach 6. Long. 6-7” ears of bright-yellow corn with the best of old-fashioned corn flavor. Ears average 8” with full. Corn is generally ready 18-24 days after first silk.2 lb/ acre) using 10” spacing. Its flashiness extends to flavor: Bling will entice you with its sweetness and luxurious mouth-feel. multi-colored stalks of red and green reach 5-6’ with usually one ear per plant sitting 18” high on stalk. Ashworth gives rise to plump. Plant each variety in blocks of at least four rows to ensure adequate pollination. For best quality eat right away. You’ll be impeccably pronouncing this variety a winner.500 avg). 36” row spacing. 30” row spacing.Plant spacing: 10-12”. Main season. one of the few sugary enhanced (se) sweet corn hybrids selected for organic growing conditions.500 seeds/ lb (2. 2370 Ashworth CORN PLANTING INFO: Days to maturity are from direct seeding and are extremely weather dependant. NEW 2380 Luscious F1 hybrid BI-COLOR Our best selling sweet corn.000 Photo (above): Beth transplants corn in our trials field. beautiful and delicious! For quality and old fashioned true corn flavor. Row Spacing: 30-36". and European Corn Borer. Early.highmowingseeds. Maturing with the first of the early hybrids.

00/LB 5 lbs $10. The beautiful.75 $4.00/LB 2371 Dakota Black Popcorn 2375 Fisher's Earliest 2404 Painted Mountain 2390 Roy's Calais Flint hybrid.00/LB $31. Roy's makes an excellent cornmeal. pointed kernels are neatly lined up into perfect rows all the way to the tip. the High Mowing research team.70/M $10. William Tracy of the University of Wisconsin We have several other sweet corn varieties in the works based on the –Dr.95 $2. Sturdy plants reach between 6-7’ and typically have one ear per plant. Jodi Lew-Smith leads the High Mowing breeding program. Selected by Dave Christensen from a strain of Mandan Indian corn to be exceedingly hardy and early. Highly ornamental mix of golden yellow and deep maroon ears.00/LB $31. at the annual field days of the Vegetable Breeding Institute in Ithaca. William (Bill) Tracy. of New Hampshire. 90 days dry 2390 Roy's Calais Flint 2371 Dakota Black Popcorn open-pollinated.00/LB $29.50 $18. flour or hominy.80/M $20.50 $19. This may be one of the future Open Source Seed Initiative varieties (see story on page 17). purple-black.50 1 lb $12. Moderate sized ears are 6-7” and are good for both decoration and milling.00/M $14.75 $4.50/M 5m $12.50/M 100m $10. and producing a sweet corn that works well for organic growers is amazing. Tracy offered to send inbred lines that we could cross with one another to see which combination yielded the best hybrid sweet corn varieties. Both are excellent quality.95 1/2 lb $7.80/M 25m $11. led by Dr. Multi-color kernels vary from ear to ear. This excellent Vermont flint corn was recognized by the Slow Food “Ark of Taste” as a historic variety in need of preservation.00/LB $26. The Organic Seed Source for Commercial Growers and Home Gardeners 19 CORN HEIRLOOM One of the varieties that first put our seed company on the map.95 $4.00/LB $31.00/M $12.00/M $14. Not only has extra caution been necessary in production to produce GMO-free seed.50/M $18. Makes nice petite yellow ears for table decorations or wreaths. 90-95 days dry 2371 Dakota black Popcorn 95 days As delicious as it is ornamental. 2404 Painted mountain Colorful Montana mountain corn. sold by seed count 2374 Bling F1 2380 Luscious F1 2376 My Fair Lady F1 2383 Sugar Pearl F1 2410 Tom Thumb Popcorn 75 $4.00/LB $26.50/LB $22. but there have been very limited options for high quality organic hybrids. Originally from the Abenaki tribe of the Northeast and Quebec. ” The corn breeding plot at High Mowing Organic Seeds.95 $2.popcorn. rganic hybrid sweet corn varieties are in short supply globally. met Dr. High Mowing embarked on a multiyear project to evaluate the potential new varieties and to learn how to grow hybrid “ Dr. Jodi Lew-Smith and Tom Stearns. Pops well and is a bit more dense than commercial popcorn.70/M 2404 Painted Mountain Flour Amaizing Work on O New Organic Corn Varieties sweet corn seed on a commercial scale in Vermont. We knew this was a great variety the minute we peeled back the husks.00 $18. Bred by Prairie Road Organic Farm.00/M $11. including an open-pollinated variety that may rival many hybrid corns. We were delighted that Dr.75 $4. Extra early. Dr. Dr. Dwarf 3' plants produce 1-2 ears that are 3-4" long. Dave considers Painted Mountain to be the ultimate "survival food". sold by weight 2370 Ashworth 2410 Tom Thumb Popcorn corN 1 oz $2. sugaryThe drive and creativity enhanced they put toward finding sweet corns. Allow ears to dry fully in the field and then continue drying inside for maximum popping. Tracy of the University of Wisconsin is a public sweet corn breeder who has spent many years developing sweet corn varieties. open-pollinated popcorn succeeds even in cold climates. New York. ornamental.00/LB $27. Tracy. William Tracy partnership with Dr.00/LB $20.25 $18. Recommended for flour due to its soft starchy kernels that are easy to grind. extremely It’s been tremendous sweet and fun working with the tender. and we thank you for your support which paves the way for this new frontier of breeding for organic growers.95 $4. We knew we’d made a match. hybrid High Mowing team.50/M $24.95 $4. In 2009. We hope you enjoy these new organic sweet corns.75 1m $24.00 $14.00/LB $26. We trialed dozens of combinations and are pleased to license and release our first two varieties: My Fair Lady F1 bi-color and Bling F1 yellow. . Meader at the Univ. milling 2390 Roy’s Calais Flint 2410 Tom Thumb Popcorn 85 days dry HEIRLOOM New Hampshire heirloom improved by the late Prof E. High Mowing Organic Seeds is working to change that.

highmowingseeds. DM 65 days Despite subsequent introductions. ScaB. Dark green fruits are long. Pickling. Bred by Cornell University as a field crop. TlS 58 days A burpless. Greenhouse. If pollinating insects are present. Grow in the field or in the greenhouse. Marketmore 76 remains the most widely-planted open-pollinated slicing cuke in the US. They can be direct seeded or transplanted one week after all danger of frost has passed. and also a good choice for high tunnels and open greenhouses where insects are present for pollination. Shows good resistance to Angular Leaf Spot and Anthracnose in our trials. Trellis vines for straight fruit. exceptional flavor and a small seed cavity. Plastic mulch and row covers are commonly used for field cucumbers to increase soil and air temperature as well as ward off insects. Row spacing: 3-6' centers. TlS 55 days Mini English cucumbers! We love these for their sweet flavor and crispy texture as well as their convenience. PrS. Seeding depth: 1/2”. cMV-cucumber Mosaic Virus. DM-Downy Mildew. WMV. which can carry the disease) and controlling weeds (also potential hosts). 2425 Green Finger PM. PM. Green Finger has more durability than most varieties of this type and stores just as well as American slicers without needing to be wrapped.Plant spacing: 20”. Thick skins are smooth with small white spines and have a striking dark green color and vigorous sheen that hold up well during harvesting and shipping.5-9” and 1. Adaptable to field or tunnel production all season long but especially suited to fall and winter production periods where light levels are low and Powdery Mildew is present. subtract 10 days if transplanting. ScaB. Average fruit length is 8. or start transplants 3-4 weeks before planting date. PM-Powdery Mildew. 2440 marketmore 76 ScaB. CUCUmbER PLANTING INFO: Days to maturity are from direct seeding. TlS-Target leaf Spot. Optimal soil temperature for germination is 85°F.Plant spacing: 8-12". Thin skinned cucumbers are best stored wrapped in plastic. Skin is medium green and thin.000-1. Cucumbers store well for up to 7-10 days at 50-55°F with 95% relative humidity and can become injured at temperatures lower than 50°F. PM. but seeds will form if insects are present. Multiple disease resistances keep plants vigorous and highly productive across a long picking season. Use of row cover (to exclude aphids. Excellent disease resistance.000 Photo (above): Kathryn and Jim planting cucumber seedlings in our seed production field. lachrymans) is a bacterial disease that can be responsible for decreased yields due to loss of photosynthesis when leaves become ragged. Row spacing: 5-6' centers. TlS 50 days 2427 Saber F1 hybrid ScaB. never bitter! A parthenocarpic variety that can be grown indoors all season long or outdoors during summer months. Harvest cucumbers regularly to increase production. with thin skin. ZYMV-Zucchini Yellow Mosiac Virus. Row spacing: 5-6’. for which the best prevention is the selection of resistant varieties. Thin skin is slightly ribbed and dark green. RESISTANCE KEY: alS-angular leaf Spot. Recovers quickly after cool periods. cMV. It can be used for seedless production. Prolific plants are parthenocarpic. Seeding rate: 660 seeds/100’ (~1/8 oz/100’). Greenhouse cucumbers can pruned to one central leader or grown on squared trellis. Seedless cucumbers are attained by using parthenocarpic varieties and excluding insects from the greenhouse. Midi-size European slicer larger than Picolino but smaller than Tyria. 2428 Tyria F1 2425 Green Finger 2427 Saber F1 2432 Picolino F1 SEED SPECS: 1. ZYMV 60 days Beit alpha type. but does not kill the plant and does not necessarily affect fruit. 6’ row spacing. as well as selecting varieties with disease resistance can prevent infection. Intermediate resistance to Cucumber Mosaic Virus. Best picked at 4-5” long. CULTURAL INFO: Cucumbers are warm season tender annuals that enjoys generous amounts of organic matter and good fertility. M=1. PrS. Dark green fruits have thin skin and are best harvested at 7”. they will pollinate flowers and fruits will produce seed. slender fruits averaging 14” long. Crisp texture and mildly sweet flavor. This is a parthenocarpic variety that does not require pollination to set fruit. aNanthracnose.300 (1. WMV-Watermelon Mosiac Virus.Papya ring Spot Virus. DISEASE & PESTS: Bacterial Wilt (Erwinia tracheiphila) is spread by cucumber beetles and will quickly kill young plants. Socrates topped our taste tests and we have been waiting patiently for availability of organic seed. European/Dutch type with smooth. Cucumber Mosaic Virus causes leaves and fruit to become mottled and distorted.com • phone (802) 472-6174 • fax (802) 472-3201 . 2421 Socrates F1 hybrid 52 days PM. The 8-9” dark green fruits stay green and mild-tasting even under heat stress. 2421 Socrates F1 2440 Marketmore 76 20 www. Angular Leaf Spot (Pseudomonas syringae pv.Cucumbers Cucumis sativus european slicer american slicer 2432 Picolino F1 hybrid cMV. averaging 8-10”. Cucumber Vein Yellow Virus. 2428 Tyria F1 hybrid PM. ScaB Parthenocarpic variety for the greenhouse or the field. Cucumbers are also subject to the fungal diseases like Powdery Mildew and Downy Mildew that affect all cucurbit crops.5” wide with blunt ends. SlicingPlant spacing: 12-24". cVYVcucumber Vein Yellows Virus.190 avg) seeds/oz. straight and uniform. Quality and outdoor yields blew away hybrids in our 2008 trials. Professional greenhouse cucumbers are parthenocarpic. ScaB-Scab. 48M seeds/acre (~3 lb/ acre) using 6 seeds/ft. cVYV. Intermediate resistance to Cucumber Mosaic Virus and Cucumber Vein Yellow Virus. Beit alphas are similar to European slicers but shorter. 12-21M (16. able to produce fruit without pollination. allowing for fruit set without pollination. and high tolerance to Angular Leaf Spot.5M avg) seeds/lb.

75 $2. A favorite in our trials! A specialty variety from India with great flavor.00/LB $29. Fruit possesses a full.00/LB $124.00/LB 2420 Boothby Blonde 10 $3.60 $25. ScaB 58 days Parthenocarpic plants produce fruit under stress and without pollinators. cMV 52 days 2430 Lemon A cucumber for all your needs! These short.00 $5.75 $2.75 $2.00 $16. delicate flavor and oddly endearing appearance. pickling or cooking.70 $6. particularly at a young stage.70 $6.30 $4. sold by weight 2420 Boothby Blonde 2425 Green Finger 2452 H19 Little Leaf 2430 Lemon 2440 Marketmore 76 2450 National Pickling 2454 Poona Kheera hybrid. DM 2420 boothby blonde 2422 Calypso F1 hybrid alS. Developed by the National Pickle Packers Association. Widely adapted and heat tolerant.80 $17.40/LB $53. 3" long by 1" wide cucumbers are great for pickling with excellent eating quality.95 $7.75 $2.00/LB $89. Works well in containers. Round 3” fruits turn from pale greenish yellow to lemon yellow (the best eating stage) and then bright golden yellow (when it most closely resembles a lemon).00/M 5m $90.60 $4. Traditionally sold at light-green stage.00 $4. Works well in large containers. Fruits are spiny when young.00/LB $27.20 $39. guaranteeing high yields in the field or under cover. Skin has characteric gherkin bumpiness.50 $4.00/LB $58. Easy to grow and does well in short summers.00/LB $84. aN. plump. this is the cuke that pickle growers asked for! specialty 2454 Poona Kheera 2452 h-19 Little Leaf alS.00 $92.50/M $320.00 $10.00 1 lb $76.00 $10.75 $2.pickling 2423 Adam F1 hybrid Gherkin 52 days 60 days PM.00/M $198. Very high yields.00/LB $97.00 250 $29.95 $2. 50 days HEIRLOOM Specialty variety prized by discriminating salad chefs for its delicate flavor and crunchy bite. Developed and released by the University of Arkansas in 1991.00 $100.00 1/4 lb $21. sold by seed count 2423 Adam F1 Gherkin 2422 Calypso F1 2432 Picolino F1 2427 Saber F1 2421 Socrates F1 2428 Tyria F1 2435 Suyo Long cucuMBerS 1/4 oz $4. but the flavor is best when harvested just as browning begins.75 $2.00 $96. quality and field resistance to disease compared to similar varieties. These gynoecious cucumbers yield abundant.00/M $8. Recently recognized by the Slow Food Ark of Taste as a historic variety in need of preservation. Cucumbers are light yellow-green when young and begin turning russet-brown at full maturity. thick cukes with blunt ends are perfect for pickles and delicious for slicing into salads. PM 2450 National Pickling ScaB.75 1 oz $9. which is most pronounced when fruit is young and diminishes with ripening as the fruit fills out in size.95 $7.50 2423 Adam F1 1/16 oz $2.95 $4.20 $6.95 50 $9. cMV. We love its sweet. skin is medium green with striping.60 $10.50 $28. Heavy producer. These average 6” and are slightly tapered to fit in a pickle jar. cMV. PM. a heavy producer with black spines. cMV.00/M $300.75 $2.00/M $650.00 $25.20 $4. Pickling. HEIRLOOM Maintained for five generations by the Boothby family of Livermore.00/M $350.00/LB $135.00/M $12. Widely adapted for greenhouse or field. 2452 H-19 Little Leaf 2435 Suyo Long 2422 Calypso F1 2452 H-19 Little Leaf open-pollinated.00/M $575. trellis vines for straight fruit. 63 days .00 $16.00 $48. 2454 Poona Kheena (L to R) 2450 Nat. Small leaf size allows for easier fruit visibility when harvesting.75 $6. Unique cukes are stubby.00/M $220.00 1m $96. even shape (minimal tapering at tip end) at a small size. Fruits tend to curl on one end.00/M $320.00/LB 5 lbs $70.10 $3.00/LB $50.75 $10. Climbs easily on trellis to 5-6’. skin has a sugary sweet flavor and flesh is juicy and crisp. DM. Use for fresh eating. Maine. blocky fruits. DM. aN. Flesh is dense. and become smoother at peak maturity. 68 days 2435 Suyo Long PM 60 days HEIRLOOM Asian burpless cucumber that can grow to 15” long with a sweet flavor and crisp texture.20 $18.00 $199. Works well in containers. uniform.00/LB $91. and oval with a yellowcreamy skin and small black spines. 2422 Calypso F1.00 $42. Compact vines are multibranching and will climb easily.20 $9.00/LB $149. Parthenocarpic plants produce early yields of gherkin style fruit for pickling.00/M 2430 Lemon The Organic Seed Source for Commercial Growers and Home Gardeners 21 CUCUmbERS All-female hybrid pickler with exceptional yields. Fruits perform well in cool conditions.00/LB $120. helping to maintain crispness in pickling.00 $30.30/LB $62.00 $28. Mediumsized fruits are smooth and tapered with white spines. Calypso was a notable stand-out in our trials for overall plant vigor and productivity.

Seeds can be sown thickly in flats then planted in cell trays or containers after true leaves appear. 60 days 2472 Snowy Elegant snow-white eggplant with a medium to thick skin and delicate sweet flavor.60 $64. sturdy. but do best with irrigation especially during flowering and fruit set.00 1m $179. This variety can yield up to 20 fruits per plant and are vigorous and stress tolerant.00 $17.00/M $120. Snowy’s texture is firmer and meatier than most. Mild. Flesh has a silky texture with few seeds and mildly sweet flavor needing very little cooking time. Row cover can be used to avoid insect pests. Eggplants will tolerate dry conditions. Fruit is abundant.55 250 $64. even more so than their close relatives. sold by weight 2470 Black Beauty 2474 Listada di Gandia 2466 Little Finger 2467 Ping Tung Long 2475 Rosa Bianca hybrid. resulting in higher yields. setting regularly throughout the season.00 100 $34. Plant outdoors in daytime temperatures of at least 65°F and nighttime temperatures of above 50°F. Store at 5055ºF and 90% relative humidity.25 oz/acre). Awesome on the grill! 2467 Ping Tung Long 70 days 2475 Rosa bianca HEIRLOOM A lovely Sicilian variety with light pink fruits streaked with white and violet.260 plants/acre (8M seeds/acre.00 $113. Fruits average 2. Plants are upright.500-7. Makes a beautiful display at market.00 $54. Eggplants grow best between 75-85ºF in deep.90 4 oz $56.75 1/16 oz $4.00 $37. and very uniform. well drained sandy loam with pH 6. Dark purple skin has a healthy shine when ripe and no spines.) Regular harvest increases production of fruit.00/M 2476 Falcon F1 2474 Listada di Gandia 22 www. Sow seeds indoors 8-12 weeks before last frost date.500 avg).5" wide. typically found in areas of poor drainage. Row spacing: 30-36” or 24” double rows on beds with 4-6’ centers. Slender fruits average 12-18” long and 1-2” wide.Eggplant Solanum melongena 2466 Little Finger More slender and petite than your standard eggplant. M=1. averaging 6-8” long. 80 days 2476 Falcon F1 hybrid Finally.75 $2. Plastic mulch and floating row cover may be used to increase soil and air temperatures.75 $2. a hybrid Italian eggplant for organic growers! Compact plants set fruit early and continue setting throughout the season. creamy taste with no bitterness and very low number of seeds.30 $22. and glossy when mature.00 $10.10 $8. Optimal soil temperature for germination is 85°F. 2475 Rosa Bianca 2473 Traviata F1 85 days open-pollinated.500 seeds/oz (6.25 50 $18. Frequent scouting for Colorado Potato Beetles is recommended as both adults and larvae can quickly defoliate plants.80 $16. Plant spacing: 18-24”.75 $2. Fruits average 6.00 $10.00 $54.75 $2. Skin is thinner than most Italian types. Dark purple skin is thin and tender. tomatillos. Plants are upright and sturdy. Good tolerance to disease.00 $20. Medium to thick skin is deep purple. ~1.00 $41. A specialty purple-striped Italian with an egg shape. using 24” plant spacing in 24” double rows with 6’ centers.00 $36. Does best in areas with warm nights and can be lower yielding in extreme northern areas.00 $8.30 $212. tomatoes.60 $23. DISEASE & PESTS: White mold (Sclerotina sclerotiorum).5" long to 2. early producing Asian eggplant with glossy purple skin and bright green calyx. Plants are very productive and fruits are tender and delicious. 60 days 2466 Little Finger 2470 black beauty Standard open-pollinated Italian with high yields and no spines. NEW 65 days EGGPLANT PLANTING INFO: Days to maturity are from transplanting.5 x 7” with a green calyx. produces water-soaked lesions on the fruit and causes rotting of the stem. Seeding depth: 1/4”.highmowingseeds. peppers and tomatoes.60 $22. Widely adapted. 85 days 2467 Ping Tung Long 2474 Listada di Gandia One of the most beautiful eggplants.00 $16.00 $132.com • phone (802) 472-6174 • fax (802) 472-3201 . potatoes and ground cherries. sold by seed count 2476 Falcon F1 2473 Traviata F1 2472 Snowy eggPlaNT 1/64 oz $2. Will keep quality for up to one week. Harvest eggplants when skin is glossy and thumbprint will not leave an impression (over-ripe if seeds are brown. Fruits are deep purpe with glossy sheen and moderately sized brightgreen calyx. Prevention includes increasing plant spacing to promote good air flow and improving the soil’s capacity to absorb water. Very tender skin does not need to be peeled. Average weight is 4 oz each. Large bell-shaped fruits range from 1-3 lbs and have a slight signature ribbing. as well as ward off insects. Little Finger is intended to be harvested young when 3-6” long and glossy. ‘Violetta’ fruit have a teardrop shape and average 6” long and 2. Seeding rate: 7.00 1/4 oz $8.000 Photo (above): Trial crew member Katie harvests eggplant HEIRLOOM A prolific.00 $175. Petite fruits fit in the palm of your hand. Appropriate variety for field crops or high tunnels. Color is vibrant at both small and large sizes. Stake plants to maintain straight fruits. SEED SPECS: 5. Eggplants are very sensitive to cold temperatures.70 $173.20 10 $5.95 $6.5-6.20 1 oz $20.75 $3. holding up well in cooking.5” wide.00 $10. 73 days 2472 Snowy 2470 Black Beauty NEW 2473 Traviata F1 hybrid Italian eggplant for indoor or outdoor production. CULTURAL INFO: A warm season annual in the Solanaceae family including peppers.

Every day that we are in business.75 $4. an aromatic compound also found in anise. DISEASE & PESTS: Fungal leaf blights caused by Alternaria dauci or Cercospora carotae can cause severe defoliation and greatly reduce yields.00 $30. 58. Good late season vigor for baby bulbs in the fall. www. 18” row spacing. White Mold (Sclerotinia sclerotiorum) manifests as a cottony white mycelium around roots and lower plant parts. juicy texture and pleasant flavor. a non-profit set up by Whole Foods Market. holding well in the field. Excellent bolt resistance. High Mowing is proud to partner with Whole Kids Foundation to help promote their mission of “supporting schools and inspiring families to improve children’s nutrition and wellness.40 $17.00 1 oz $32.com One of our partners this year was the Whole Kids Foundation.00/LB FENNEL PLANTING INFO: Days to maturity are 2480 Florence $2. Quality will keep for 3-4 days.300 avg).00 1/2 lb 1 lb $275.000 seeds/oz (6. Row spacing: 18”. sold by weight 2484 Finale FeNNel 1/32 oz $2. sold by seed count 25 500 1m 5m 25m seeding: 2”. Plant spacing: 6-8”. Finale was a hit in our 2009 trials having extremely vigorous plants and producing the largest bulbs in our spring and fall trials. we are working to provide an essential component in the re-building of our healthy food systems: the seeds. educators and eaters.” 23 Students planting a garden in Highgate.00/M $22. gardeners. These grassroots programs build self-sufficiency. ~10. using 6” plant spacing. Vermont.50/M weather. Cercospora blight appears earlier in the season than Alternaria blight. We feel privileged to be able to bring our seeds to this dynamic and ever-growing movement towards a food system that can support health on all levels. SEED SPECS: 5. Harvest bulbs at 3-4” in diameter. Seeding depth: 1/4-1/2”.Fennel Foeniculum vulgare NEW 2480 Florence The best known Fennichio around the world.75 1/8 oz $9. CULTURAL INFO: Fennel is a hardy annual. We donated seed packets to 1000 school gardens who also received grants from the Whole Kids Foundation to support their work. Plant outdoors after danger of hard frost has passed. A school garden. Seeding rate: 400 plants/100’(440 seeds/100’~1/8 oz) double row using 6” plant spacing. Store in cooler as close to freezing as possible. Reliable producer across a variety of conditions. with seeds donated by High Mowing. Good tolerance to tip burn and bolting.90 $98. Firm bulbs keep good quality well past market standards maintaining a crisp. Bulbs average 3-4” wide and are very uniform. usually late in the season. Remove all seed stalks to preserve quality.25 oz). encourage healthy eating and provide valuable education about nutrition and where our food comes from. M=1. Direct seed fennel mid-spring through late summer or start transplants 4-5 weeks before planting date. ere at High Mowing Organic Seeds. Generally.100 plants/acre (64M seeds/acre. Bolting can result from disturbing the roots.highmowingseeds. Uniform bulbs are slightly flattened and quite large at full maturity. 2484 Finale 80 days .70/LB from direct seeding. Direct hybrid.675-7.000 $155. Visit our website to learn more about our seed donation program. Works well for baby to medium sized bulbs in early spring and mid-summer. The Organic Seed Source for Commercial Growers and Home Gardeners FENNEL Wow. 80 days 2480 Florence 2481 Orion F1 hybrid Large rounded bulbs with high yield potential. Florence is known for its sweet aroma that comes from increased levels of anethole. remove stalks and wrap bulbs separately in plastic.60 $60. Fennel is delicate and will dry out quickly in storage.25/M $26. fertilization and irrigation produce the largest and sweetest bulbs. 2481 Orion 82 days NEW 2484 Finale open-pollinated.95 $19. Cool 2481 Orion F1 $3. we make a special effort to give back to our community by donating seeds to more than 200 school and community gardens each year. Both these fungi are seed-borne but can also be spread by crop residue from previous years. we recognize that we are part of a greater community of growers.00 H Seeds for a Better World Because of these beliefs. Avoid planting in areas which are shady or have poor drainage and practice crop rotations with non-vegetable crops.

Hardneck 86650 Purple Glazer 86200 Silver Rose NEW 86400 Chesnok Red 86500 Elephant 86100 Inchelium Red 86300 Music garlIc 1 lb $19. Outer bulb wrappers are thick and protect the bulb. Hardnecks produce flower stalks called scapes that are often used for cooking. After curing is complete.90/LB $16. Flavor is robust. but Elephant is not a true garlic but a relative of the leek. but like all rocamboles. moderate humidity between 65-70%. loosen soil and lift with a fork. Garlic likes to be well-fertilized.30/LB 25 lbs (add $14 s&h) $16. doesn’t grow well in southern climates. Plant each clove with the basal root end down and pointed tip up. keeping for up to six months. Harvest garlic in mid-late summer when 1/3-1/2 of the bottom leaves begin to dry down. resulting in a single plant yielding one bulb. Separate bulbs into cloves right before planting.75/LB $19.20/LB $18.20/LB $12. Row spacing: 1824” or use spacing that accommodates cultivation equipment. Cure in a well-ventilated area out of direct sunlight for 2-3 weeks. Loose soil can be gently brushed off bulbs by hand. softneck varieties tend to keep longer.highmowingseeds. Originally from the Republic of Georgia. Individual cloves are planted.5. Rotate allium crops by at least two years. It prefers full sun and is tolerant to many soil types though it grows best in sandy clay loam that has high organic matter and a pH of 6. M=1.20/LB 24 www. it can over-winter without heaving. Most hardnecks can be kept for 5-8 months. beautiful porcelain variety. Small cloves. use a quality compost or fertilizer with a 1-2-2 NPK ratio.500 lb/acre) using 6” spacing. and good air circulation. Likes to be planted early in the fall. Produces large bulbs containing 9-10 cloves. The flavor is sweet with a hint of garlic. mild enough to eat raw. Excellent for eating raw and roasting because of its exceptional sweetness. stored and sold.Oversized cloves with mild flavor. Needs a cold winter. Easy to peel. long cloves are beautiful with purple stripes.000 Photo (above): Annabelle helps harvest garlic. It produces large bulbs with 4-5 large cloves. can be sown in the fall at a close planting density for garlic greens. Produces 6-8 large cloves per bulb. Side-dress plants in the spring when leaves start to yellow and plants are 8” tall. Hardneck 86650 Purple Glazer HEIRLOOM A glazed purple-striped garlic that grows well in most climates. Hardneck 86700 Spanish Roja HEIRLOOM Award-winning flavor is robust and rich with a hint of heat. Will store for 6-7 months. 40 seed cloves/lb. bulbs can have 12-20 cloves. smooth. but excels in cold winters. Softneck NEW 86500 Elephant A. Cutting these scapes from the plant as they appear encourages larger bulb growth. Stores moderately well.00/LB $17. Keeps for up to ten months. Fall sown garlic should be heavily mulched with straw to prevent winter heaving. Rogue out infected plant immediately. Avoid wetting bulbs after harvest. Cloves should look clean. Likes to be planted early in the fall. 86300 music Easy to grow! A large. Outer bulb wrappers are white and inner wrappers almost solid purple.60/LB $18. Stores well. Garlic is best planted in the fall.30/LB $18. Seeding rate: 60M cloves/acre (1.50/LB $19. silvery skins have a warm flavor.75/LB $12. 3-4” otherwise. This artichoketype matures late and stores well. but not the hottest. While it can be planted in the spring. Do not fertilize beyond late spring. 18” row spacing. Doesn't store as well as true garlics. CULTURAL INFO: Garlic is an asexually propagated crop grown from the previous year’s crop. 18” row spacing. Seeding rate: 60M cloves/acre (~1. ~7-10 seed cloves/bulb. Thin bulb wrappers make Spanish Roja easy to peel.30/LB $17.75/LB $18. Will grow to a large size bulb.00/LB $17.2. yields will be lower. Plant spacing: 4-6”.60/LB $19. There are 8-10 cloves per bulb. Originally found on the Coville Indian Reservation in Inchelium. it’s not as good as a long-term storage variety. Chesnok Red grows nationwide and doesn’t mind cold winters. DISEASE & PESTS: Prevent most disease by using certified garlic seed that has been tested for pathogens.80/LB $12. 50 seed cloves/lb. and are a marketable product in their own right. Softneck garlic may also be braided. 8-9 cloves per bulb. ~4-7 seed cloves/bulb. WA.75/LB $12. Elephant garlic does not store as long as true garlic.25 oz/bulb. Vigorous with long roots. Larger cloves will produce larger bulbs and thus should be favored over small cloves. Ideal storage conditions are 35-50°F.20/LB $13. Flavor is strong and spicy. Bulbs average 14 oz with 3-4 cloves. 86100 Inchelium Red HEIRLOOM – A rocambole type known for its seductive depth of flavor. ampeloprasum .200 lb/acre) using 6” bulb spacing. but never overpowering. found on softneck bulbs. Hardneck 86200 Silver Rose Softneck variety ideal for braiding and hanging! Rose-colored cloves in beautiful. You wouldn't know it by taste.60/LB 86700 Spanish Roja sold by weight 86400 Chesnok Red 86500 Elephant 86100 Inchelium Red 86300 Music 86650 Purple Glazer 86200 Silver Rose 86700 Spanish Roja 5 lbs $19. lop off the tops about an inch above the bulb and trim roots. SEED SPECS: Softnecks . Softneck GARLIC PLANTING INFO: Seeding depth: 2” if mulching with straw or using plastic mulch.75/LB $19. Hardnecks . as it may decrease bulb size. Stores well for 6-7 months. This variety has large bulbs reaching 3” across. Fall planting can happen from the first frost until late November.2 oz/bulb.Garlic Allium sativum 86400 Chesnok Red HEIRLOOM Purple-striped with moderate flavor.90/LB $17.com • phone (802) 472-6174 • fax (802) 472-3201 . this garlic receives accolades for taste again and again.

.50/M 50m $1.......60 1/2 lb $44.. Best results will come from separate plantings of lettuces and greens as their days to maturity are not identical...... Harvest when leaves are ~3” tall by cutting 1” from ground or pick individual leaves for cutand-come again....10 $67.30/LB $94..90 1/2 oz $7.. 26 micro Greens ...50 $26. SALAD mIXES Salad mixes .70 $9...50 $25. with a spicy mustard flavor and a variety of colors and shapes....60 $4... Red Sails. all-around pleasing mix for the garden or market.75 5m $1. creating a bountiful mix of greens for cut-and-come-again.... Tat Soi...00 $74.. most with a strong Downy Mildew resistance that is especially important late in the season.60 1 lb $73. A hardy mix of lettuce varieties.. This mix will revolutionize the way we think about our beta greens.... and red and green leaf types........ deep reds and brilliant greens.. lollo.. CULTURAL INFO: Salad Mixes........90 $7..... Outredgeous.. The diversity of this mix will give you a medley of flavor and color. and Lollo Rossa. For a mesclun mix. from winter hoophouse growing to backyard salad patches..30 $9.. 25 Asian & mustard Greens ...50/LB $94.....80 $6. Salad Mixes 21 days baby 21 days baby 2518 hotshot mix 2620 mesclun mix Want to spice up your greens? Then this is the mix for you.80/LB $131....40/M 100m $1. and a diverse assortment of tasty others. The mix includes Bull’s Blood and Early Wonder Tall Top beets and Golden and Silverado chard. GREENS PLANTING INFO: Days to maturity are from direct seeding.. 31 ......00 $10.90 $21. The mix includes: Red Salad Bowl... 28 Sprouts & Shoots. Spock and Galactic..highmowingseeds.. 2610 Gourmet Lettuce mix 28 days baby This HMS creation is truly a mix you won't find anywhere else.30/LB $90.20 $62... 2615 DmR Salad mix 28 days baby DM (most varieties resistant to races 1-25) 2584 Yankee Lettuce mix 28 days baby DM (most varieties resistant to races 1-17) This mix has superb downy mildew resistance.. p........90 $22.75 $2.. Its base includes favorites such as Black Seeded Simpson.75 $2.......welcome to greens high mowing Organic Seeds understands how important greens can be to your markets and gardens. or 16 rows/36” bed.... A great blend for spring or summer when colors will be their brightest. we have the varieties you need. Spring Raab. These varieties are all mild in flavor and stunning in leaf shape.. DISEASE & PESTS: Please see our website: www...50/LB $98. A mix of the best baby leaf varieties from our beet and chard groups.50/LB $137.......highmowingseeds. Rouge d’Hiver.. and Arugula create a signature mix of extreme diversity! Our best selling item for the home garden! Our very own HMS blend of lettuce and mustard greens.00 $67. Separation of these groups also allows for row cover to be used only on the brassica greens in order to control flea beetles.. and texture.20/LB 5 lbs $68. Greens..80/M 25m $1.75 $5. sold by seed ct... An attractive balance of color and leaf types create an eye-catching. showcasing them as tender and delicious with the texture of spinach (without the oxalic acid) and the sweetness of Russian kales.... are moderately hardy annuals that can be sown from early spring through late summer....... Mustards grow quickly... Seeding depth: 1/8”. SalaD MIxeS 1/32 oz $2. We add a secret blend to bring you a signature mix with unique shapes and colors. p....30/M 500m $1.... p. 28 days baby 2517 mild mix This popular mix contains over a dozen different mild flavored mustards and other brassica greens including: Red Russian kale.. sold by weight 2517 HMS Mild Mustard 2518 Hotshot SpicyMustard greeNS..... containing both lettuces and brassica greens. Downy Mildew resistance is not as high as our DMR mix but may be enough where disease is not as prevalent. Purple Osaka.. plant lettuces 5-7 days before brassica greens and blend together after harvest.75 $2. Green Wave..20 $65....20 $5.90 $6. shading the soil for lettuce to germinate... romaine... p......50 $21. 2583 beta mix 40 days baby 2620 HMS Mesclun 2584 Yankee Hardy Lettuce 2585 Red Planet Lettuce 2583 Beta raw seed. 2585 Red Planet mix 28 days baby An all-lettuce mix of mostly spectacular reds with just the right amount of green leaf mixed in to show them off..50 2 oz $17..75 1/8 oz $2.. Parris Island.com Photo (above): Salad mix in our trials field.... Row spacing: 3/4” between bands....70/LB $94..30/LB $84.... We’ve worked hard to bring you a high-quality blend of resistant varieties suitable for both outdoor and indoor production.p. Direct seed as soon as soil can be worked..... Over a dozen single varieties including Red Giant..20/LB 2583 Beta Mix 2610 Gourmet Lettuce Mix 2518 Hotshot Spicy Mix 2620 Mesclun Mix 2517 Mild Mix 2585 Red Planet Mix 2584 Yankee Lettuce Mix raw seed....... 30 Specialty Greens ... Rouge d’Hiver.. A solid standby blend..com RESISTANCE KEY: DM-Downy Mildew SEED SPECS: Please see our website: www. Sow every three weeks into the fall for a continuous harvest.. Features strong. color......75 $2. Lollo Rossa.00/M 2610 Gourmet Lettuce 2615 HMS DMR Lettuce 2615 DMR Salad Mix The Organic Seed Source for Commercial Growers and Home Gardeners 25 GREENS...... Direct seeding: Sow ~ 60 seeds/ft in 2-4” bands.40 $5....50/LB $109....80 $11.. 500 $2.. Mizuna....10 $70. including oak leaf........75 $2..60 $3.. Red and Green Salad Bowl..00/LB $115....50/LB $94..20 $23.. Pac Choi.50/LB $90.

Heat tolerant greens with dark-green. and handling plants in dry conditions. salads. Baby leaf–Direct seeding: ~60 seeds/ft in a 2-4” band. including cabbage looper. and traditionally for full size leaves in ethnic cuisine. harvest when leaves are ~3” tall by cutting 1” from ground or pick individual leaves for cut-and-come again. baby leaf: 265 bed feet/oz.065 bed feet/lb. 40 full size Brassica rapa var nipposinica . An unlikely relative of the turnip grown almost exclusively in Japan. spoon-shaped leaves 2491 Purple mizuna 2514 Shanghai Green Pac Choy uniformity. We knew Vivid Choy was cold hardy and also found our spring planting very slow to bolt. light-green midribs. This versatile variety can add color to a mild baby mix. Taiwan and Korea prior to its introduction to the US specialty markets. Asian and Mustard Greens can be affected by black rot. glossy leaves and white. For baby leaf. full size: 17. 21 days baby. For full size plants. removal or tillage of plant debris. stir-fried or pickled. 45 full size Brassica rapa . CULTURAL INFO: Mustard and Asian Greens are moderately hardy annuals that can be sown from early spring through late summer. boiled or pickled. most GREENS PLANTING INFO: Days to maturity are from direct seeding. which is in demand with top Asian chefs for its tenderness and mild flavor. Row spacing: 18” full size. this variety is good for stir-fries. NEW 21 days baby. and continued to harvest tender stems long into summer. full size: 4. Mustard Greens: 16M seeds/oz. Asian & Mustard asian greens 2493 Yukina Savoy 2490 mizuna 21 days baby. but tend to be less preferred. Upright architecture for easy harvesting. Dark green leaves are spoon shaped with wide. Sow every three weeks into the fall for a continuous harvest. Tolerates high temperatures and commonly used as a substitute for Tatsoi in summer productions.) Serrated leaves and stems that range from pale to vivid pink to purple. Cut leaves as needed at any stage or harvest the whole head. neem or capsaicin products to control populations. preferentially in rotation with one another to prevent build-up of resistant individuals. Very slow to bolt. caused by the soil borne fungus Plasmodiophora Brassica. sandwiches and soup. Prevention includes resistant varieties. 21 days baby. Full size–Direct seeding: ~15 seeds/ft. caused by the bacterium Xanthomonas campestris. Purple veined leaves are sharply serrated and slow bolting. 2487 Vivid Choy 2493 Yukina Savoy 2510 Tat Soi 2491 Purple Mizuna 2490 Mizuna 2489 Komatsuna 2492 Mibuna 2514 Shanghai Green Pac Choy 26 www. 21 days baby.Add a little purple 45 days Brassica rapa var chinensis . and broccoli. harvest leaves as desired. a long-time collaborator with High Mowing. Photo (above): Katie finishing planting out the seed crop of Yukina Savoy in our production field.Forest green. SEED SPECS: Asian Greens: 12M seeds/oz. 40 full size Brassica rapa var perviridis . Perfect lightly cooked and seasoned. Seeding depth:1/4”. are cupped and heavily savoyed. Mild mustard flavor. This variety was developed by independent farmer/breeder Frank Morton. DISEASE & PESTS: Asian and Mustard Greens are subject to the same insect pests as cabbage.Greens.com • phone (802) 472-6174 • fax (802) 472-3201 . Color is most pronounced in late summer harvests.highmowingseeds. Mild in flavor. or as rainbow stems for braising or stir-fry. baby leaf: 265 bed feet/oz. eliminating cruciferous weeds. Mild in flavor and adds a distinctive look to salad mixes. 40 full size Brassica rapa var nipposinica . 40 full size Brassica rapa var nipposinica .Unique with colored stems (almost all 2487 Vivid Choi Pac Choy other mild Asian greens are white. When full size. Flea beetles chew small holes in the leaves and are most detrimental when plants are young. Flavor grows stronger as plants mature. Insect pests. Spoon shaped leaves are dark green and glossy with thin white stems. and diamondback moth are largely of the Lepidoptera order and can thus be controlled by Bacillus thuringiensis and/ or spinosad. deeply serrated leaves. Plants can be spaced closely for baby choy. 2” baby.625 bed feet/lb. leaves form a rosette that sits close to the ground. Long white stems are borne in rosettes reaching 12” tall. Direct seed as soon as soil can be worked. use row cover (make sure edges are sealed) or application of pyrethroids. Asian Greens. 45 full size Brassica rapa . popular as a baby leaf for salad and braising mixes or bunch at full size. rounded leaves instead of serrated. Mustard Greens. imported cabbage worm. Mustard Greens. Shanghai forms densely packed. Slow to bolt. 45 full size Brassica rapa var narinosa . and clubroot.Easy-to-grow Japanese green similar to Mizuna but with long. as braising greens. crop rotation. Commonly grown as baby leaf for salad mixes in the US.A crucial salad mix ingredient! A mild Japanese green with slender white stems and bright green.Great shape and coloring to Mizuna’s already attractive leaves. NEW 2492 mibuna 21 days baby. cauliflower. juicy midribs. Harvest at any stage and use in salads. vase-like heads averaging 5-6” tall.Fast growing green. Seeding Rate: Asian Greens. 2489 Komatsuna 2510 Tat Soi 21 days baby.

00/LB 5 lbs $82.10 $6. Ruby Streaks offers a mild spice and rosy elegance to any salad plate or stir fry. Leaves are vivid purple with a bright lime green stem.10 $6.00/LB $65.75 $2. Bunch at full size for braising greens or use as garnish.95 $10.60 $12.00/LB $89.00 $48. A standard for mild brassica flavor. 2505 Red Giant 2506 Ruby Streaks 20 days baby. Prefers cool weather.95 $4. Adds loft and texture to signature salad mixes.30 2 oz $14. Mix with Golden Frill for a matching display. Use full size leaves for stir-fry.00/LB $30.00 $22.75 $2.00 $13.50 $3. leaf margins become heavily serrated and frilly.75 $2.20 $4.75 $2.00/LB $86.00 $4.2515 White Stemmed Pac Choy stems under glossy green leaves.75 $2.00 $8. We also found bolted stems to be tender.10 $5.00/LB $76.00 $32.75 $2. Full size plants are incredibly beautiful with a full whorl of stunning burgundy leaves. juncea 2498 Golden Frill 21 days baby.95 $4.00/LB $76. 40 full size Cupped leaves with emerald green color and a purple tinge that becomes more intense as leaves mature. 45 full size 2486 Garnet Giant 21 days baby .00 $19.75 1/8 oz $4.Gorgeous thick. 45 full size Deeply-lobed and lacy burgundy baby leaves are airy and lofty with a bright green stem. sold by weight 2486 Garnet Giant Mustard 2498 Golden Frill Mustard 2485 Green Wave Mustard 2489 Komatsuna Asian Green 2492 Mibuna Asian Green 2490 Mizuna Asian Green 2513 Prize Choy Pac Choy 2491 Purple Mizuna Asian Green 2500 Purple Osaka Mustard 2505 Red Giant Mustard 2506 Ruby Streaks Mustard 2514 Shanghai Green Baby Pac Choy 2510 Tat Soi Asian Green 2487 Vivid Choi Pac Choy 2515 White Stemmed Pac Choy 2493 Yukina Savoy Asian Green greeNS. Similar to Red Giant with less color in veins and a cupped leaf that makes the leaves easier to wash and salads more lofty. and more closely resemble dandelion greens when mature.75 $8.00 $20. mild flavor.00 $48.00/LB $72.50 $4.10 $4. but is slow to bolt in heat.00 1/2 lb $48.90 $34.00 1 lb $86. but will return within a day or two of plants being uncovered. 45 full size Bright green color most commonly used in salad mixes to add contrast.00 $6.00 $4.60/LB $65. white mustard greens – b.00/LB $43.80/LB $74.00/LB $58.75 $2. At full size. 23 days baby.00/LB $73. medium thick white stems and smooth.75/LB $75. Moderate mustard flavor.75 $2. More open habit than Prize Choy and more commonly used as a baby leaf variety in salad and braising green mixes.95 $6. Garnet Giant is a must-have for any baby leaf spicy mustard mix.50/LB $70.95 $14.00 $6.00/LB $74.00/LB $40.60 $4.60 $4.00/LB $36.00 $10.00/LB $26.00 $48.00 $4. A new look for your mustard greens collection! Individual leaves are deeply lobed and frilly inside with a finely cut and flatter edge. This is the best open-pollinated variety we have seen in our trials.00/LB $73. We fell in love with this variety in our trials for its stunningly vibrant color.00/LB The Organic Seed Source for Commercial Growers and Home Gardeners 27 GREENS.50 $18.70 $12.95 $7. For early spring or fall planting.75 $2.We have long liked Prize Darkest color of any of the reds. Spiciness increases with maturity.30 $4.75 $2. leaves are flat with softly serrated edges.00 $20.95 1/2 oz $8.00/LB $60.00/LB $79. 2485 Green Wave 21 days baby. The spiciest of mustard flavors. 50 days Brassica rapa var chinensis .75 $2.00 $18.00 $6.75 $2. 50 full size Brassica rapa var chinensis . NEW 2513 Prize Choy Choy for its elegant vase-like shape.00 $16.00 $22.00 $48.00/LB $29.00/LB $73.00 $3.35 $4. Our most popular mustard for salad mixes! Baby greens have bright green leaves with deep purple veins.50 $4. Very slow to bolt.00 $48.00 $6.00 $20. As baby leaf. soups and pickling.00 $39. aSIaN & MuSTarD 1/32 oz $2. Color will fade under row cover (or any low-light condition).00/LB $82.25 $39.00/LB $76.50 $3. Color is darkest when sown summer through fall.25 $6.75 $4. Vibrant green color. and thick leaves. ASIAN & mUSTARD 25 days baby.75/LB $82.00/LB $82.75 $2. 45 full size NEW 2515 White Stemmed Pac Choy 2500 Purple Osaka 2506 Ruby Streaks 2486 Garnet Giant 2513 Prize Choy 2498 Golden Frill 2485 Green Wave 2505 Red Giant open-pollinated.75 $2.70 $16.95 $3.00 $10.75 $2.30 $6.00 $24.00/LB $32.00 $54.00/LB $31. 2500 Purple Osaka 21 days baby.00 $48.00/LB $60. Extremely slow to bolt. High yielding and reliable workhorse variety. We have hand selected our strain for uniformity. vigor and bolt resistance. sweet and great in stir-fries.

12490 Mizuna Asian Green 12360 Ruby/Rhubarb Red 15020 Purple Dark Opal Basil 12369 Red Express Cabbage A blend of micro greens varieties. Wash greens and dry on towels. Almost any seed can be grown as a micro-green but there are some tried and true varieties that are sought out for their unique color. Remove dome after seedlings emerge to avoid mold. 1020 plastic flats work well. Broadcast seed evenly over surface and press seeds gently into soil.highmowingseeds.Greens. outdoor under shade. and leafy vegetables. Micro greens are also sold by the flat and customers clip right before using for best quality. Fill flats with an inch or more of moist potting soil or soilless mix. Choose flats with drainage holes for planting. Store refrigerated in plastic bags. immature leaves of salad greens. Photo (above): Micro green growth rate trial. Harvest by clipping stems when first true leaves appear between cotyledon leaves. Flats can be placed under grow lights. edible flowers. shape and flavor at the micro size.com • phone (802) 472-6174 • fax (802) 472-3201 . Use of a mister is helpful here. Micro 12505 Red Giant Mustard 11999 Burgundy Amaranth 12496 Hong Vit Radish Green mICRO GREENS PLANTING INFO: Seeding depth: Sow on surface of potting soil or soilless mix. Even and constant moisture is essential for vigorous and uniform sprouting. Ensure moisture by lightly sprinkling medium over seeds or use a clear dome to cover tray. on average about 10 days after planting. herbs. 12415 Wrinkled Crinkled Crumpled Cress 11944 Purple Orach 28 www. tender. or place them into mesh bags and spin dry for 5-15 minutes in a washing machine. or in hoophouses with natural light. in spinner. CULTURAL INFO: Micro-greens are tiny.

80/LB $40.00 $13. 12530 Red Russian Kale—HEIRLOOM–Bright green leaves with purple accents and deeply lobed foliage.00 $29. 15020 Purple Dark Opal Basil—Strong flavor and deep purple leaves add striking mix to a salad.00 $8. Cold tolerant. MIcro open pollinated.70/LB $82.00 $40.00 $26.80/LB $100. 15000 Genovese Basil—Aromatic deep green leaves with nice. lacy leaves with a flavor somewhere between parsley and anise.25/LB $120.greeNS.00 $20.00/LB $44.00 $44. 1/4 lb $12.00/LB $120. 12515 White Stemmed Pac Choy—A standard for mild brassica flavor.30/LB $60.00 $40.00/LB $38.00/LB $36.00 $44.00/LB $30. 12862 Miyashige White Daikon Radish—Quick growing and spicy flavor.00/LB 12530 Red Russian Kale 12507 Shungiku Chrysanthemum 12498 Golden Frill Mustard 12506 Ruby Streaks Mustard 15000 Genovese Basil 12343 Fordhook Giant Chard The Organic Seed Source for Commercial Growers and Home Gardeners 29 GREENS. nutty flavor. 11944 Purple Orach—Deep purple leaves with a shimmering underside. 12496 Hong Vit Radish Green—A pink or red stemmed fast growing leaf with mild radish flavor.00/LB .50 $23. Peppery taste. 12505 Red Giant Mustard—Bright green leaves with purple veins.00 $33. adds loft and texture to signature salad mixes.95 $30. Mild. 12510 Tat Soi Asian Green—Dark green. sold by weight 12010 Astro Arugula — Long green leaves and spicy flavor.00 $20.00/LB $79.70 $15.40/LB $22.20 $20.80/LB $74.60/LB $30.00 $12.20/LB $121. bright green leaves. Crumpled Cress—Adds an unexpected heft and presence salad mix. 12489 Komatsuna Asian Green—A heat tolerant green that’s an unlikely relative to the turnip.00/LB $79.60 1 lb $24.50/LB $50. 12415 Wrinkled. 11999 Burgundy Amaranth —A stunning salad addition with attractive red plumes.00/LB $70.00 $22. 12300 De Cicco Broccoli— Highly nutritious and mildly sweet. half circle shape and sweet and spicy flavor.00/LB $34. 12343 Fordhook Giant Chard— HEIRLOOM–A winner for flavor in our trials with deep green leaves.00/LB $110.00/LB $70.00 $31. and thick leaves. 12360 Ruby/Rhubarb Red Chard—HEIRLOOM–An excellent chard for micro mix.00/LB $75.00/LB $80.10/LB $107. mICRO $22. Crinkled. Mild. 12506 Ruby Streaks Mustard—Airy.00/LB $18. 12498 Golden Frill Mustard—The spiciest of mustard flavors .60/LB $75. 12490 Mizuna Asian Green—Deeply serrated.00/LB $27.50 $24.00 $64.00/LB $77.00/LB $68.00 $20. Mild mustard flavor.00/LB 5 lb $65.00/LB $43.00/LB $44. 11960 Spring Raab Broccoli Raab —Easy to grow.00/LB $26. glossy leaves with thin white stems. 11941 Brussels Winter Chervil— Light green.00/LB $40. 12507 Shungiku Chrysanthemum Green—Aromatic bright green leaves that have a mild aroma and flavor. Mildly cabbage flavored. lofty addition that adds a mild spice and rosy elegance.00 $25. and loaded with folic acid and vitamins.00/LB $75.00 $64.00/LB $110. 12369 Red Express Cabbage—Purple stems and great flavor.50/LB $29.00/LB $70.00/LB $89.00/LB $16.00/LB $67.30/LB $19.00/LB $32. Crimson stems and bright green leaves that color early.00/LB $75. 12290 Early Wonder Tall Top Beet— Vibrant leaves and mild flavor.00/LB $68.00/LB $72.

00 sprouts & shoots 1728 Mung 1800 Pea Shoots 2855 china rose radish Sprouts Please visit WWW. 1/4 lb $5. fast-growing.40 $16. sprouted wheat bread. not tiny alfalfa seeds! Order more than one jar lid and rotate your crops every 3-4 days to make sure that you always have a steady supply. sold by weight 1800 Peas— Pea Shoots are the choice green tips and tendrils of pea plants. and easy to grow! 1705 Broccoli Blend —This blend. red clover.hIGhmOWINGSEEDS. 1703 Crunchy Bean Mix—A mix of peas.highmowingseeds.30/LB $6.00 $8. $7.25/LB 30 www.00/LB $11.00 $14. 2855 China Rose Radish — Gorgeous pink and green sprouts with that radish spiciness.25/LB $6.10/LB $7. radish and canola. alfalfa.50/LB $12.30/LB $6.com • phone (802) 472-6174 • fax (802) 472-3201 . used extensively in Asian cuisine. 1810 Sunflower—Sunflower shoots are extremely tender and high in nutrients.35/LB 25 lbs $2.30 $9.00 1 lb $15.35/LB $7. 1700 Alfalfa 1707 Broccoli 1702 Sandwich 1701 Spicy Salad Mix Sprout Jar Lid Sprout Master 1705 Broccoli Blend 1810 Sunflower 1706 Wheatgrass greeNS. 1728 Mung Beans—The most consumed sprout on Earth.00 $8.10/LB $13. Made of a durable food-grade plastic with mesh holes big enough to drain just the water.50/LB $10. Great for wheatgrass.75/LB 5 lbs $3.50/LB $27. or short sprouts. 1707 Broccoli— Quick sprouting.10/LB $13.00 $3.40 $10.00 94795 Sprout master™ mini Triple Sprouter 1703 Crunchy Bean Mix 1704 Fenugreek Sprouts made simple with this easy to use multi-tray sprouter.50/LB $5.40 $16. mild crunch.00/LB $24. canola. Easy disassembly for cleaning. canola.00 $10. big time nutrition.00/LB $4.00/LB $12.65/LB $21.50 1 lb $4.35/LB $11. garbanzo beans. and black mustard.50 $11. shoots. 1702 Sandwich Booster mix—A mix of clover. SProuTS & ShooTS sprouts.75/LB $12.Greens. Sprouts & Shoots sprouting supplies 94796 Sprout Jar Lid The easy-to-use Handy Pantry Sprout Jar Lid fits most wide mouth mason jars. broccoli raab. contains broccoli.75/LB 5 lbs $12.50/LB $10. mustard and arugula. Removable divider enables smaller crops or more variety in one planting.COm for cultural information.75/LB 25 lbs $11.25/LB 1/4 lb $2.25/LB $8.00/LB $5.00/LB $8. 1704 Fenugreek—Unique flavor makes these large sprouts a delicious addition to salads. radish.70/LB $6.25/LB $11. and lentils. 1706 Wheatgrass— Hard red spring wheat.70/LB $6.50/LB $3.25/LB $21.00/LB $21. Sprouting instructions provided. easy to grow and excellent health benefits. 1701 Spicy Salad Mix—A mildly spicy blend of lentils. Made from high impact polystyrene plastic #478. milling. alfalfa. sold by weight 1700 Alfalfa — Mild flavor.50/LB $3. rich in antioxidants. radish. Trays store conveniently in fridge with lid intact.00/LB $4. Sprouts stay crisp and never sour or brown. Includes 3 stacking trays that measure 5” x 6” x 2” high. $36.

120M seeds/oz M=1. Plant spacing: thin to 6”. many of which are cold-hardy and quick growing. 45 days 1999 Burgundy 2012 Grazia 2010 Astro 2260 Bull's Blood 1939 Surrey 2011 Sylvetta Wild 2290 Early Wonder Tall Top The Organic Seed Source for Commercial Growers and Home Gardeners 31 GREENS. Sow every 3 weeks from mid-spring for a continuous harvest. this wild relative of cultivated arugula is deeply lobed and has a wild fire pungency. sweet flavor in salad mixes. fine serrated leaves as wild arugula. Crops in this group are gaining in popularity due to their ease of culture and unusual and diverse flavors. green leaves and that characteristic spicy flavor. 2010 Astro 21 days baby. harvest by cutting plants 1” above ground or cut individual leaves for cut and come again. Leaves grow quickly. See Beet section for more cultural info. Mix of “cut” and “strap” leaf shapes when grown as baby leaf. reducing disease pressure.Direct seeding: ~60 seeds/ft in a 2-4” band. SPECIALTY 2012 Grazia 50 days Diplotaxis tenuifolia . low in height and firey in flavor. 40 full size 2260 bull’s blood HEIRLOOM Heat and cold tolerant green grown primarily for striking dark red-purple leaves that provide incredible contrast and tender. Wild/grazia . Eliot Coleman's choice for a red leaf in winter salad mixes. row spacing: 18”.Standard arugula variety with long.000 The term specialty greens refers to a broad category of leafy plants.Very popular for selvatica. Direct seed as soon as soil can be worked. row spacing: 12-18”. Full size . SeeD SPecS: astro/Surrey . Please find specific planting and cultural information in the shaded insets or in the individual variety descriptions.000 arugula arugula is a hardy annual grown as baby leaf or full size. Specialty amaranth amaranth is a tender annual that thrives in the heat of the summer. 1939 Surrey 28 days baby 2290 Early Wonder Tall Top Quick growing arching tops make perfect early beet greens with a bright green color and dark red veins. 2011 Sylvetta Wild 50 days Diplotaxis tenuifolia . or grown as baby leaf greens. Baby leaf .000 slower bolting in the field and better holding on the shelf.Also known as roquette or beet greens Beta vulgaris . but grows much more slowly and attains only half the height. but is noted for it’s superiority under warm and cold growing conditions. Grazia is slow growing. Attractive maroon plumes are gorgeous in flower arrangements and the white seed is edible and tasty.Plant spacing: 1”. Seeding depth: 1/2”. Each crop type within this category is unique in its growing needs.Direct seeding: ~10 seeds/ft. Direct seeding: 12-15 seeds/ft. Seeding depth: 1/8-1/4”. It looks like a cross between Astro and Wild Arugula. Flavor is similar to chard. SeeD SPecS: 16M seeds/oz M=1. Photo (above): Jennifer and Megen uncover arugula in preparation for our field days. Plant spacing: thin to 4-6”. Pops up quickly and withstands cold temperatures. overwinters in moderate climates for early spring harvests. Baby leaf .Improved Sylvetta-type is . Young leaves are tender and nutritious and have a delicate flavor when used for salad greens.Fast growing with deep lobes and upright habit. braising greens or as a refined garnish. SeeD SPecS: 30M seeds/oz M=1. but can tolerate cool temperatures and mild frosts well. Full size . 1999 burgundy Amaranth micro-greens and as a salad mix ingredient. Grazia has the same small.15M seeds/oz.Direct seeding: ~40 seeds/ ft in a 2-4” bands. 50 days Amaranthus hypochondriacus . Pinch off terminal buds to encourage branching. harvest individual leaves when plants reach 8” tall. Grow as baby leaf or gently harvest large greens and grow for a second crop of baby to small-sized beet roots. row spacing: 12-18”. row spacing: ¾” between bands. taking the best from each. As a micro-green. Eruca vesicaria var sativa. Its distinct look is considered a critical component of gourmet winter harvest greens mixes. Rich. Seeding depth: ¼”. the deep red cotyledons and first true leaves make a stunning and flavorful salad addition. More heat tolerant and much more cold tolerant than standard arugula. greens may be harvested individually. 35 days Eruca sativa . spicy flavor.Greens. row spacing: ¾” between bands.Beet greens are best used as a heat-loving summer green.

lettuce-like leaves. Excellent for winter salad mixes or sautés. harvest entire plants when they are 2-3” tall. Vit forms low-growing rosettes of dark green glossy leaves.Direct seeding: 30 seeds/ft.000 chrysanthemum greens Chrysanthemum coronarium . escarole: 12-16M/oz (14M avg. Direct seeding: ~6-10 seeds/ft. SPECIALTY Very dark green. SeeD SPecS: 10M seeds/oz M=1. row spacing: 12-18” apart or 3 rows. 50 days 1970 Frisse 2507 Shungiku Aromatic bright green leaves are favored for Japanese dishes by chefs and foodies and are becoming popular as a signature addition to salad mixes in the US. dark green leaves are smooth and attractive.½“.000 1975 batavian broad ESCAROLE –Less bitter than endives with large. Baby leaf days to maturity are from direct seeding. Mild flavor and aroma.a fast-growing cool season peppery salad green that sprouts in 24 hrs. Direct seed as soon as danger of frost has passed through late summer. This variety is best suited to spring and fall plantings. Seeding depth: ¼ . glossy leaves are deeply divided and have an upright habit. cultural info is similar to amaranth greens. row spacing: 12-18”. Broad. 60 full size NEW 2507 Shungiku 1975 Batavian Broad 1989 Baron NEW 2415 Wrinkled Crumpled Cress 1988 Vit 1980 Belle Isle 1970 Frisse 32 www. Mache can be overwintered in northern climates under cover and can be field-grown in the winter in southern climates. Plant close or cover centers for well-blanched. frilly and serrated leaves. 5’ centers.000 1980 belle Isle GREENS. calcium. Sow thickly every 2-3 weeks for a continuous harvest through spring and late summer. SeeD SPecS: 17M seeds/oz M=1. 21 days baby The best known corn salad variety. iron. row spacing: 2-4” between bands. Fast growing variety works well for full size stems and leaves or as baby leaf. Very tolerant to bolting.000 NEW garden cress Lepidium sativum . Produces beautiful yellow flowers on 6’ bushes if grown to full maturity. catalogna endives (dandelion greens) are long and thin with softly serrated edges. can be used alone or as part of a salad mix. Belgian endive. full size is from transplant. a tender perennial grown as an annual or biennial. Prefers mild or slightly cool climates. broad. during winter months for romaine-like hearts. wash and store baby leaf and full size as you would lettuce. Store Belgian endive unwashed as close to 32-34°F and 96-98% relative humidity. thin leaves. 30 days baby. SeeD SPecS: 19M seeds/oz M=1. tender sprigs. row Spacing: 4” apart. Rich in Vitamin C. You may almost mistake it for curly parsley but one bite will reveal its peppery punch to the taste buds. row spacing: 3/4” between bands.Mache grows exceptionally well in cool weather and is well suited for over-wintering. aromatic leaves are rich in vitamin B and minerals. Pinch leaves and tops as desired or cut full size greens at base when 4-8” tall. Seeding depth: ¼”. tender hearts. Plant spacing: thin to 4”.000 Fastest growing variety of corn salad. 1988 Vit 50 days baby upland cress Barbarea verna -long stalks with quarter-sized leaflets spiraling from the base. Vit is high yielding and widely adapted to growing in both field and high tunnel conditions. The plant will produce many side stalks. Direct Seeding: Sow 12 seeds/ foot. Grow as baby leaf or like leaf lettuce. Direct sow seeds in flats or outdoors as soon as soil can be worked. Compared to Vit. 35 days baby. in darkness.SeeD SPecS: endive: 17-20M seeds/oz. and Belgian endives are grown as a fall crop for their roots and then forced indoors. Full size. Direct seeding: ~20 seeds/inch in 2-4” wide bands. Leafy heads average 10-12” and are tightly packed for a dense heavy head.Plant spacing: 10-12”.Direct seeding: 6 seeds/ft Plant spacing: 4-6”. Seeding depth: ¼”. Best quality in early spring and late fall into winter. harvest as needed by cutting leaflets or cut entire plant below crown for bunches. 10” apart on 36” beds. Best sown in late summer for fall for winter harvests. harvest when plants reach 2-3” tall by cutting 1” from ground for cut-and-come again or harvest entire plants all at once. Baron has a more upright growth habit which makes for efficient harvesting of cleaner leaves. 50 days endive and escarole Cichorium endiva . These are the blanched sprigs you may find in a commercial salad mix. resembles watercress but much easier to grow.a highly popular Japanese green now becoming recognized in the uS.com • phone (802) 472-6174 • fax (802) 472-3201 . and especially Vitamin A. harvest. you can be sure of multiple cuttings from a single planting. escaroles have broad leaves. commonly used along with young stems in dishes such as tempura or sprinkled on top of soups and salads or in stir-fry. Prefers cool temperatures and can become bitter in hot conditions.corn salad/mache Valerianella locusta . row spacing: 18-24”. endives have deeply cut. Veined leaves are oval in shape and succulent in texture. NEW 1989 baron 47 days baby 2415 Wrinkled Crinkled Crumpled Cress A tongue-twister on the page as well as the plate! Twisted and savoyed texture gives these leaves unexpected heft and presence in your signature salad mix. Baby leaf.endive and escarole are cold hardy biennials. slow to bolt.highmowingseeds. Shungiku is the preferred variety with finely lobed.) M=1. 50 full size ENDIVE – Frilly endive with finely-cut leaves similar to Tres Fine Mariachere but a bit less frilly. It can be planted when soil temps are 41-68°F but does not tolerate soil temperatures over 70°F as this forces the seed into dormancy. SeeD SPecS: 17M seeds/oz M=1. Direct sow as soon as soil can be worked in spring or start transplants 6-8 weeks before planting date. The name derives from that of an island on which 17th century Portuguese sailors survived the winter due to this little plant. Plant close together or cover centers for well-blanched. They prefer cool temperatures and short days. Mildew-resistant. Seeding depth: 1/8”.

Romaine-like in appearance. add 14-21 days if direct seeding. Roots are very uniform. producing perfect plants with a moderately sized frame. dense elongated heads that come to a slender tip with a graceful flourish of curled leaves. Seeding depth: 1/4”. but is actually a cool season plant that does not go to seed easily in hot weather. Seeding depth: 1/4”. If left to go to seed it can become very weedy. narrow. When cooked like spinach. Mild flavor is nutty and fresh. Golden purslane has golden stems and large. Days to maturity are from direct seeding. Direct seed or transplant after all danger of frost has passed and soil has warmed. Use steamed like spinach. Tangy flavor and very nutritious. Pick individual leaves as needed. Totem stores well. SPECIALTY ENDIVE – A Tres Fine Maraichere type of endive. Individual leaves are oval to round and thick. SeeD SPecS: 14M/oz M=1. radicchio can be used as a baby green. 50 days An outstanding specialty green for micro-greens. about the size of a teaspoon. It can tolerate most soils and conditions. row spacing: 18-24”.000 NEW 1940 magenta Spreen 12 days micro. 70 full size orach Atriplex hortensis . high quality roots for forcing from September to January.plants reseed easily and can become weedy. Plants grow to 18” tall. Seeding depth: 1/2”. SeeD SPecS: 65M/oz M=1. 115 days root 1955 magenta magic Heat and cold tolerant green for all seasons with an eye-catching iridescent fuchsia color unlike any other. 30 baby. averaging 8” in length – a perfect length for most forcing beds.Uniform.000 purslane Portulaca oleracea var sativa . SeeD SPecS: 56M seeds/oz M=1.000 . nutty flavor. Plant spacing: 3-4”. It is cultivated extensively in India for its vitamin rich greens. Start transplants 4-6 weeks before planting date or direct seed in spring or mid-summer after soil has warmed. SeeD SPecS: 6M seeds/oz M=1. succulent. the color is always spectacular with a shimmery sheen. Another prized variety by gourmet greens guru Frank Morton. It complements Magenta Magic very well and was an instant stand out in our trials. Tangy flavor. also known as Mountain Spinach. light green leaves that are packed with Omega 3. Pale green with a crisp yellow-white interior. Tolerates light frost.goosefoot or lamb’s quarter is a fast growing annual plant in the amaranth family. but beautiful pigments. allowing for a long forcing window. Take caution . Grow as baby leaf or full size. 28-45 days radicchio Chicorium intybus . adding the pinched tops to salad mixes. Virtus is seasonally welladapted and can be grown from spring to fall.Warm weather specialty salad green grown as a tender annual. It is often touted as a warm season green. Totem performed best overall in our trials. It can be used as a micro-green. radicchio is a tender perennial best suited for cool temperatures.a close relative of endives and escaroles. An exciting new discovery for us! 1987 Virtus F1 hybrid 60 days 1942 Rhodos 1955 Magenta Magic 1945 Golden NEW 1943 Totem 1944 Purple Orach 1987 Virtus F1 The Organic Seed Source for Commercial Growers and Home Gardeners 33 GREENS. All endives are sensitive to tip burn. Known not only for its densely packed nutritional value but also for its ability to color the lips pink. row spacing: 24”. harvest individual leaves when plants reach ~10” tall. is a hardy annual.000 1944 Purple Orach This is not your well-known garden weed. Whether using individual leaves in salad mix. Under ideal conditions they can grow even larger while remaining tight. 28-45 days 1945 Golden giant goosefoot Chenopodium gigantium . Baby leaf types are commonly added to salad mixes and self blanch by being packed together. Purple orach has a deep purple upper leaf with the shimmering underside characteristic to all orachs. 1940 Magenta Spreen Sugarloaf radicchio with excellent uniformity. Prefers summer heat and will not tolerate frost. row spacing: 16-20”. salads or cooking greens. or as a micro-green. Sow seeds as soon as soil can be worked. with a sweet and mildly bitter radicchio flavor. Plant spacing: thin to 6-10”. See amaranth for planting instructions. Heads are 8-10” tall and should be harvested when dense and firm to the touch. Direct seeding: ~24 seeds/ft. orach has a mild. and complex flavors don’t fully manifest until maturity when plants form tight heads.orach. 45 full size A beauty in the field with sparkly green leaves and a pink powdered center. cooked like spinach or as a micro-green. crunchy texture. Plant spacing: 4-6”. 43 days baby. Direct seeding: 8 seeds/ ft. more finely lobed leaves.1942 Rhodos 1943 Totem BELGIAN ENDIVE . or eaten as a full size green like spinach. and a blue-green color. Virtus forms lovely. Days to maturity are from transplanting. Direct seeding: 12-15 seeds/ft. so take care to remove mature plants. or for an addition to salad mixes like amaranth and orach. It is common to blanch full size heads for a more tender and mild green that are then chopped into salad mix or eaten on their own. with a crisp texture and packed with omega 3 fatty acids. similar to Frisee but with a more compact habit.

00/LB See Beet section on page 7 for sizes and prices See Beet section on page 7 for sizes and prices $129.00 1m $4.75 $2.75 $5.50/M $8.00 $6.75 $2.10 $8.00 1 lb $24.70 $12.00/LB $73.95 $4.60/LB $147.50 $12.50/M $43.00 $32.10/M $14. 35 full size 1990 Palla Rosa NEW 1986 Fiero F1 1992 Leonardo F1 2496 Hong Vit greeNS.00 $6.60 $32.10 $78. sprouts.15/M 5m $43. sold by weight 2010 Astro Arugula 1975 Batavian Broad Escarole 1980 Belle Isle Cress 2260 Bull’s Blood Beet Greens 1999 Burgundy Amaranth 2290 Early Wonder Tall Top Beet Greens 1970 Frisse Endive 1945 Golden Purslane 2012 Grazia Arugula 2496 Hong Vit Radish Green 1955 Magenta Magic Orach 1940 Magenta Spreen 1990 Palla Rossa Radicchio 1944 Purple Orach 2507 Shungiku Chrysanthemum Green 1939 Surrey Arugula 2011 Sylvetta Wild Arugula 2415 Wrinkled Crinkled Crumpled Cress hybrid.75/M $6.10 $8.50/M $45.hardy annual plants produce the best quality greens in the spring and fall. grow as baby leaf or thin plants and harvest with small radish roots – perfect for bunching! Sow every four weeks from mid-spring for a continuous harvest.30/LB $340. For an openpollinated variety.75 $2.60 1/2 oz $4.75 $4.00/M 25m $38.00 $75.00/LB 100 $8.00 $45.75 $3. 1986 Fiero F1 hybrid 85 days radish greens Raphanus sativus .00 $4.NEW GREENS.50 $6.10/M 34 www. SPecIalTY open-pollinated.00 $44.50 $27. harvest when leaves are ~3” tall by cutting 1” from ground or pick individual leaves for cut and come again. Extremely vigorous variety that strongly resists bolting and shows some resistance to tip burn.00 $84.50/M $50.30/M $12. SPECIALTY Treviso-type radicchio. dense heads.Direct seeding: ~15 seeds/ft.00 $4.30 $6.00/LB $121.10 $6. Leaves are green and lobed with a light red midrib and a mild radish flavor.250 seeds/oz 1992 Leonardo F1 Chioggia-type radicchio with perfectly round.00/LB $76. Red stem color fills in early.50 $10.00 $25.75 $2.00 $8.70 $15.85 1m $50. Ideal for microgreens.70 $9.00 $39.75 $2. This is a lovely variety which can be stored for several months.60 $64.50/LB $119.50/M 25m $0.75 500 $3.10 $8.75 $2.75 $2.00/M 100 $2.50 $6.00/LB $37.40 $15.50/M $38. sold by seed count 1989 Baron Mache 1942 Rhodos Endive 1943 Totem Belgiam Endive 1988 Vit Mache $2.00 $56.80 $54.00 $18.40/M $16.00/LB $75.00/LB $33.80 1/2 lb $16.90/M $5.00 $48. 25 days baby.highmowingseeds.00 $37. SeeD SPecS: 1.30 2 oz $8.00 $14.Direct seeding: ~60 seeds/ft in a 2-4” band.95 $7.50 $4.60 $20.00 $15.80/LB $109. sold by seed count 1986 Fiero F1 Radicchio 1992 Leonardo F1 Radicchio 1987 Virtus F1 Radicchio open-pollinated.00 $23.75 $2.00/LB $360.80 $12.50/M $50. Seeding depth: ¼”. Grow for bunched greens with the tiny roots still attached or to a full size radish.50/M $55.00/LB $72.00/LB $77.30/M $1.00 $9.80/LB $75.00/LB $216.50 $24.00 $39.20 $6.00 $3.30 $20.60/LB $398.00/LB $138. Interior head is burgundy in color with bright white ribbing.50/M 5m $2.50 $29.00 $200.20 $9.50 $4.10 $42.00/LB 5 lbs $22.90 $80.90 $6.75 1/8 oz $4. but has proven to have variations in coloring and maturity. Plants are upright.75 $3.00 $20. Baby leaf .25 $2.10 $4.40 $2.25/M $7. 90 days 2496 hong Vit A pink or red stemmed leaf radish that is very fast growing. and produce tight elongated heads. Plant spacing: thin to 3”.90 $220.75 $2. 85 days 1990 Palla Rossa An Italian favorite! Palla Rossa is a variable strain of a Chioggia-type radicchio with dense round heads which grow to 3-4” at maturity.20 $2.75 $2. has an upright habit and is practically hairless.20 $6.70 1/32 oz $2. row spacing: 6-8”.30/LB $75. Full size . Plant for fall and winter crops when color and flavor is best. large heads averaging 4-5” wide and 1 lb each at maturity.00/LB $79.75 $2. or as a baby leaf in salads.00 $180. this radicchio produces a high percentage of well-wrapped.25/M $2.20 $7.95 500 $27. Gorgeous plants are emerald green with burgundy blushing. 6-7” tall.com • phone (802) 472-6174 • fax (802) 472-3201 . row spacing: 2/3” between bands.00 $126.10 $5. Works well for leaf cuttings all season and best for fall harvest of heads when color and flavor is best.00 $15.00 $6.

Kale Brassica spp.

2530 Red Russian

slate green, deeply lobed foliage. Leaves are tender and smooth compared with other kales and very sweet. Popular ingredient in baby leaf salad mixes, especially in late summer, or as full size bunches. We are now carrying a new strain of Red Russian that is especially good for baby leaf production with very smooth leaves in its early growth.

21 days baby, 50 full size HEIRLOOM - B. napus - Bright purple stems with

2528 White Russian

a new favorite when you try White Russian. Voted the best-tasting in our taste tests and known abroad for being sweet and tender. Tolerates wet soils and just as hardy as the toughest Russian.

21 days baby, 50 full size B. napus - If you like Red Russian you will easily have

2530 Red Russian

2521 Vates 30 days baby, 55 full size B. oleracea - Dwarf curly kale for baby leaf or full

KALE PLANTING INFO: Days to maturity are from direct seeding, subtract two weeks if transplanting. Seeding depth: 1/4-1/2”, Baby leafDirect seeding: ~60 seeds/ft in 2-4” bands, Row spacing: ¾” between bands. Full Size- Direct seeding: ~3-4 seeds every 8-10”, Plant spacing: thin to 8-10”, Row spacing: 18-30”. CULTURAL INFO: Kale is a hardy biennial that will over-winter in milder climates, and improve in flavor with the onset of cold weather. Direct sow as soon as soil can be worked or start transplants four weeks before planting date. Plant for baby leaf every 4-5 weeks for a continual harvest. Sow fall plantings two months before first expected frost for full size and up until frost for baby leaf. Harvest full size leaves when desired. Kale flavor sweetens after light frosts. Kale and collards are both very cold hardy, over-wintering in most climates to some degree. DISEASE & PESTS: Kale is subject to the same insect pests as cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli, but tends to be less preferred. Insect pests, including cabbage looper, imported cabbage worm, and diamondback moth are largely of the Lepidoptera order and can thus be controlled by Bacillus thuringiensis (such as Dipel DF) and/or spinosad, preferentially in rotation with one another to prevent build-up of resistant individuals. Flea beetles chew small holes in the leaves and are most detrimental when plants are young; use row cover (make sure edges are sealed) or application of Pyganic™, neem or capsaicin products to control populations. SEED SPECS: 5,625-9,375 seeds/oz (7,500 avg), 90-150M seeds/lb (120M avg). Seeding rate: Baby leaf- 100 M seeds/100’ bed (13.5 oz/100’), 1MMseeds/1,000’ bed (8.5 lbs/1,000’) using ~1,000 seeds/ ft in 16 rows on a 36” bed. Full Size86M seeds/acre (0.75 lb/acre) using 3 seeds/8”, 30” row spacing. M=1,000, MM=1,000,000.
Photo (above): Tom harvesting his dinner.

size plants. A favorite of Pete Johnson from Pete’s Greens for late season salad mixes or overwintering. Curly kale leaves are dark blue-green. Compact, dwarf plants reach 2’ tall at full size. Good resistance to yellowing in cold and heat. More compact than Ripbor, shows more variability among full size plants.

2520 Lacinato (Dinosaur)

30 days baby, 60 full size HEIRLOOM - B. olceracea - Also known as

Dinosaur Kale due to its bumpy leaf surface resembling dinosaur skin! This unique variety has the darkest blue-green color of any kale. Our strain has been improved by breeder Frank Morton and has superior vigor, yield and hardiness.

2521 Vates (baby leaf)

2535 Siberian 60 days B. napus - Siberian has light blue-green leaves with

white stems and ruffled shape. Its superior tenderness makes Siberian one of the best varieties for raw salad and spring “napini”. Plants are hardy and grow rapidly. Light frost improves flavor, but is exceptional anytime.
2521 Vates (full size)

compact with blue-green, ruffled leaves similar to Winterbor. It has a more compact habit, with shorter node lengths and rapid re-growth. Strong leaves keep a uniform size, slightly smaller than Winterbor, making great bunches to fit nicely in a box. Resists yellowing and leaf drop.

2532 Ripbor F1 hybrid 65 days B. olceracea - This superior commercial variety is

2535 Siberian

open-pollinated, sold by wt. 2520 Lacinato Dinosaur 2530 Red Russian 2535 Siberian 2521 Vates 2528 White Russian hybrid, sold by seed count 2532 Ripbor F1

1/32 oz
$2.75 $2.75 $2.75 $2.75 $2.75

(left to right) 2520 Lacinato, 2530 Red Russian, 2528 White Russian, 2535 Siberian

1/8 oz
$5.60 $3.95 $3.95 $3.95 $6.50

1/2 oz
$10.00 $4.95 $4.95 $4.95 $11.80

2 oz
$17.90 $10.00 $10.00 $10.00 $25.90

1/2 lb
$24.00 $24.00 $24.00 $80.10

1 lb
$38.00/LB $38.00/LB $38.00/LB

5 lbs
$105.00/LB $35.00/LB $30.50/LB $30.50/LB

$58.80 $108.00/LB





2532 Ripbor F1

The Organic Seed Source for Commercial Growers and Home Gardeners



Kohlrabi Brassica oleracea var. gongylodes
2539 Korridor F1 hybrid

50 days

“It’s a root, it’s a tuber…no, it’s a super stem! “ says Mother Earth News. German for cabbage turnip, kohlrabi offers all the same health benefits as broccoli and kale. Korridor has white bulbs with dark green leaves. Interior flesh quality holds well in the spring and fall, but not recommended for summer harvest when it can be woody. Raw kohlrabi sticks are crisp and sweet, or shred for a sensational coleslaw!

2304 Azur Star

Juicy white flesh is crisp and delicious. Similar in size and shape to Korridor. The best purple kohlrabi we have seen in our trials and a standard in European markets. Good heat tolerance.

58 days

2539 Korridor F1

2306 Kossak F1 hybrid

A kohlrabi to feed an army! Kossak grows to a diameter of 8–10” while remaining sweet and juicy and without developing any woodiness (though peeling is recommended). If you have become jaded to the amazing form and flavor of kohlrabi, then Kossak will renew your awe. White skinned with dense white flesh interior. Kossak will keep for several months in cold storage. 2306 kossak F1

80 days

2304 Azur Star

KOhRAbI PLANTING INFO: Days to maturity are from transplant; add 15-20 days if direct open-pollinated, sold by weight 1/32 oz 1/8 oz 1/2 oz 2 oz 1/2 lb seeding. Seeding depth: ¼ - ½”, Direct seeding: 2304 Azur Star $2.75 $4.50 $7.90 $22.30 $72.50 12 seeds/ ft, Plant spacing: 4”, Row spacing: 1218”. CULTURAL INFO: Kohlrabi is a little known hybrid, sold by seed count 25 500 1m 5m 25m yet delightful vegetable with a mild flavor and the 2539 Korridor F1 $4.95 $22.50 $43.50/M $36.00/M $31.95/M texture of a juicy radish. Direct seed or transplant as soon as ground can be worked in spring, or in late 2306 Kossak F1 $4.95 $29.50 $48.00/M $41.00/M $36.90/M summer for fall harvest. Start transplants indoors 4-6 weeks before planting date. The edible portion of kohlrabi is not the root, but rather the round, swollen stem of the plant. Leaves are also edible. Harvest when stem swells to 3-5” and is easily visible above the soil. Plants will withstand light frost. DISEASE & PESTS: Black Rot, caused by the bacterium Xanthomonas campestris and Club root, caused by the soil borne fungus Plasmodiophora. Prevention includes resistant varieties, crop rotation, removal or tillage of plant debris, eliminating cruciferous weeds, and handling plants in dry conditions. Insect pests, including cabbage looper, imported cabbage worm, and diamondback moth, are largely of the Lepidoptera order and can thus be controlled by Bacillus thuringiensis (Dipel DF and/or spinosad) ideally in rotation to prevent selection of resistant individuals (check with your certifier before applying). Protect plants from flea beetles: use floating row covers in the early season. Control root maggots by applying beneficial nematodes. RESISTANCE KEY: FY-Fusarium Yellows and Wilt. SEED SPECS: 5,500-9M seeds/oz (6,500 avg). M=1,000
Photo (above): Maxine trying out Kossak F1


We’re not just a seed company, we’re seed growers.
Each year, our production crew produces many varieties of seed here on our farm in Wolcott, Vermont. Our ability to produce seed ourselves means that we can introduce some new organic varieties sooner than we would be able to if we were reliant on purchasing it from wholesale seed companies. Operating a farm also allows us to better relate to you - our customer. Crop failures, broken equipment and bad weather - we know. We’ve been there.

Tom Thumb popcorn drying in our greenhouse.

Katie, our Farm Production Manager, seeds brassicas for production.

Nels shucking Bling F1 corn for seed.


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Leeks Allium porrum

2700 Varna

2699 King Richard

Popular leek for summer harvests with long, slender shafts and light green flags, with no hilling necessary. Upright plants are very straight and easy to clean. Mild flavor. Plant for summer or early fall harvests. Tolerant to light frosts.

75 days


90 days

2698 megaton F1 hybrid

LEEKS PLANTING INFO: Days to maturity are from transplant; add 20-30 days if direct seeding. Seeding depth: ¼”, Seeding Rate: 6 seeds/ft, Plant spacing: thin to 6”, Row spacing: 30”. CULTURAL INFO: Leeks are a cool season biennial grown similarly to bunching onions. Leeks prefer rich soils and plenty of moisture. Summer leeks mature early and are light green, long and slender and do not require hilling for longer shafts. Winter leeks mature late in the season, are dark green and require hilling for longer shafts. Direct seed as soon as soil can be worked in the spring or start transplants 10-12 weeks before planting date. Optimal soil temperature for germination is 75-85° F but seeds can germinate as low as 50 degrees F. Sow seeds in individual cells or broadcast into flats at 8 seeds/inch. Seeds germinate within 14-20 days. When seedlings reach 5”, trim down to 1” above growing point in order to thicken girth. Transplant out as soon as soil can be worked. Plant in shallow trenches 6” deep leaving only a few inches remaining above the soil. For longer, blanched stalks, hill plants as they grow. Like onions, leeks compete poorly with weeds and are sensitive to drought. Harvest at any stage of maturity, but flavor is usually best in fall after a few cold nights. Bank soil around stalks and mulch with hay to over-winter for an early spring harvest. Store washed leeks several weeks at near freezing with high humidity. Store in boxes or in root cellar in peat/sand mix. DISEASE & PESTS: Botrytis leaf blight (Botrytis squamosa) develops as small lesions surrounded by a silvery-white “halo” that grow and eventually extend through the wall of the leaf. Infection by the more common Botrytis cinerea (gray mold fungus) is distinguished by smaller lesions that do not have a “halo” and do not penetrate the leaf. Die-back begins at the leaf tip and can result in premature death of the leaf prior to maturity. The fungus persists as sclerotia in the soil and on crop residues. Protectant fungicides are applied in advance when cool, wet conditions are expected. Downy Mildew (Peronospora destructor) thrives in extended periods of cool, humid weather. Plant in a well drained area, avoid overhead irrigation, orient rows with prevailing winds and rotate crops. Purple blotch (Alternaria porri and Alternaria alternata) appears as elongated purple lesions that turn silvery over time. Control measures are similar to those for botrytis blight and downy mildew. Damping off (Pythium/Rhizoctonia) – Avoid excessive moisture. White Rot (Sclerotium Cepivorum) – Destroy infected plants and rotate crops. SEED SPECS: 9.5-11M seeds/oz (10,250 avg.) M=1,000
Photo (above): Leek in flower.

Excellent summer leek. One of the earliest maturing, most uniform varieties in our 2012 summer leek trials – a real stand-out! Dark blue-green foliage is attractive, and contrasts nicely with long white shank. Outer leaves are easy to peel off the stalk, making Megaton effortless to clean. Plants grow straight upright and stockier, keeping leaves off the ground and helping to prevent disease. Compared to King Richard, Megaton is faster growing, more upright and darker green. Megaton holds well in the field, making this a great variety to harvest over time at a range of sizes.

2698 Megaton F1

2697 bandit

A cold-hardy winter leek for late harvests or over wintering. Forms a very thick base with little bulbing, making cleaning easier and offering more weight per plant. Deeply colored blue-green flags stand upright. Elongate and blanch stalks by hilling. Mulch well for overwintering in northern regions.

100 days

2696 Runner F1 hybrid

Late summer to early fall leek with deep blue-green color similar to winter leeks. First organic hybrid leed with high percentage of marketable, uniform, easy to peel and clean 1" shafts. Erect plants make for easy bunching and easier cultivation. Runner fills a great slot for CSAs, farmers’ markets or home gardens by providing the look, color and girth of winter leeks but without the wait! Stores well.

105 days

2697 Bandit

2696 Runner F1

2700 Varna

2699 King Richard

2694 Tadorna

open-pollinated, sold by weight 2699 King Richard open-pollinated, sold by seed count 2697 Bandit hybrid, sold by seed count 2698 Megaton F1 2696 Runner F1 2694 Tadorna 2700 Varna

1/64 oz
$2.75 $2.75

1/8 oz
$5.30 $6.60

1/2 oz
$10.00 $11.20

2 oz
$31.50 $39.20

1/2 lb
$90.30 $143.50

1 lb
$161.70/LB $240.50/LB

$3.70 $2.75

$9.50/M $6.95/M

$6.50/M $5.00/M

$6.20/M $2.90/M

$5.00/M $2.50/M

$4.60/M $2.35/M

$8.95 $8.95

$46.10/M $46.10/M

$40.25/M $40.25/M

$34.50/M $34.50/M

$33.95/M $33.95/M

$32.50/M $32.50/M

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Summer leek with a long, slender shaft, often used as a bunching leek with scallion-like qualities. Light green leaves will grow to 18-24” to full maturity. Makes a delicious alternative to spring onions either raw in salads or lightly cooked. Not a winter hardy variety.

60-80 days

2694 Tadorna

Winter leek with stocky, medium length, dark green shafts that size up well and hold into the fall. Tadorna is a favorite of growers in the Northeast for its vigorous growth and good resistance to disease. Tadorna is very uniform and well adapted to many regions. Over-winters in mild climates. Good resistance to leaf blights.

110 days

Lettuce Lactuca sativa
red leaf

2575 Lovelock

DM (races 1-26), lMV MTo-30

48 days full size

30 days baby

2621 Refugio

DM (races 1-28)

A heat tolerant, heading Batavian lettuce for production all season long. Lovelock has whorls of bright green leaves with deep red coloring on the leaf margins. Heads close in late at maturity creating a dense crisp head. A stand out in our trials for a number of years. Almost identical to Luana with more disease resistance and darker red tinge on the leaves.

Bright burgundy baby leaf with a gently scalloped edge. A nice addition to lettuce mixes, contributing loft and vivid color. Compared to Antago, it has a higher level of downy mildew resistance and a slightly faster growth rate. Attractive, upright, dark cherry red leaves are not as pink as Antago with less ruffle.

2588 Antago

2564 magenta

DM (races 1-16, 19, 21), lMV MTo-10

48 days full size

DM (races 1-23, 25) MTo-30

30 days baby, 53 full size

Summer crisp with a big crunch! Batavian type with whirls of red tinged leaves and a crispy green heart. We have had great feedback from many growers who love this variety. Excellent shelf life in the cooler and at market. Ideal for spring and summer plantings. Good field resistance to tip burn, bottom rot and lettuce drop in our 2008 trials during six weeks of constant rain! Available as raw and pelleted seed.

An improved Lollo Rossa for full size or baby leaf, it has a bright red hue, especially suited for low-light conditions. An intregal variety in our Downy Mildew Resistant (DMR) lettuce mix. Heads are more uniform than Dark Lollo Rossa with a smoother leaf margin and greater tolerance to bolting. Use for open field or high tunnel production all season.

2594 New Red Fire
TB, Br, DM MTo-10

55 days full size

2604 Red Tide
TB, Br MTo-10

28 days baby, 48 full size

ribisnigri), Br-Bottom rot or rhizoctonia, cr-corky root, DM- Downy Mildew (race specified, if known), lD-lettuce Drop, White Mold, Sclerotinia, lMVlettuce Mosaic Virus, MTo-10, MTo-30 - indicates that 0 seeds out of 10,000 or 30,000 seeds have tested positive, respectively (aphid resistant varieties are bred to reduce the spread of lMV from other crops or non-resistant varieties), TB-Tip Burn

LETTUCE PLANTING INFO: Days to maturity are from direct seeding; in spring conditions, subtract 10-14 days if transplanting, subtract 7-10 days if planting in summer conditions, add 20 days if planting late summer-fall. Seeding depth: 1/8”, seeds require minimum amount of light for germination. Baby leaf - Direct seeding: ~60 seeds/ft, in 2” bands, Row spacing: ¾” between bands, or 16 rows/36” bed. Full size - Direct seeding: 3 seeds every 8-10”, Plant spacing: 8-12”, Row spacing: 12-18” or 3 rows/36” bed, 5’ centers. CULTURAL INFO: A cool season annual, it prefers well drained soil and high levels of fertility. Can be grown all season long by choosing appropriate varieties. Many varieties may also have a thermal dormancy and can be difficult to germinate in soils above 70-75°F. For best results, germinate lettuce at temperatures at or below 68°F. Lettuce will germinate in temperatures as low as 40°F. Start transplants 3-4 weeks before planting date. Harden-off seedlings by reducing water and temperature. For baby leaf, harvest individual leaves when they reach desired size or cut evenly across the bed staying above the growing tip. For a continuous harvest, sow lettuce every 3 weeks. DISEASE & PESTS: Downy Mildew (Bremia lactucae) is the most serious lettuce disease growers face. Lettuce Drop (Sclerotinia sclerotiorum) prefers cool, moist conditions. It first appears as creeping, enlarging grey-brown lesions on leaves. Bottom Rot (Rhizoctonia solani) is first apparent as rustcolored lesions on the stem. Fungal diseases are best prevented by using resistant varieties, proper spacing and orientation to increase airflow, limiting overhead irrigation, increasing soil drainage, rotating crops and limiting alternative hosts. RESISTANCE KEY: aPh-aphids (Nasanovia

Recommended to us by a local grower for a heavyweight full-sized red leaf that really packs a box. Dark green leaves with brick red margins are long. Plants tend to sit flat but when spaced closely at 1012" will be more upright. When other varieties in our trials were getting hammered with Bottom Rot, Red Tide showed hardly any signs. Available as raw and pelleted seed.

Popular choice among growers for its uniformity, color and excellent resistance to bolting and disease. Large, loose heads are green at the base and dark red at the ruffled leaf edges. It is suitable both for cool and warm conditions and retains its crisp fresh flavor throughout the season. Similar to Red Sails but better for full size heads that are fuller and larger in size. Has shown moderate resistance to lettuce drop and heat stress in our trials. Available as raw and pelleted seed.

2601 Red Sails

29 days baby, 55 full size

2608 Vulcan

50 days full size

Bright red leaf tips with apple green interior. Slight Batavian characteristics lend this variety crispness and ability to hold freshness out of the field. Also holds well in the field, and resists bolting and Tip Burn better than many other varieties. Similar to Red Sails, but more vibrant in color.

A perfect red leaf for full size, teenage or baby leaf. Fast growing leaves have burgundy edges and bright green centers. A former AAS winner due to its fine texture and sweet flavor (doesn't get bitter in summer heat. Doesn't hold up to washing and banding like New Red Fire. Good resistance to bolting.

2590 Lollo Rossa
30 days baby, 55 full size
Italian loose leaf well-loved for its dark-red, tightly curled leaves tapering down to a bright green center. Mainly a red baby leaf variety providing excellent loft, heft, and color to salad mixes. Open heads are compact and much slower-growing than other lettuces, leaves are mainly used as an attractive garnish. Mild flavor and medium-slow to bolt. Shows field resistance to Downy Mildew in our trials.

2604 Red Tide

2608 Vulcan

SEED SPECS: 20-30M seeds/oz (25M avg) 320480M seeds/lb (400M avg). Seeding rates: Baby leaf - 96M-105M seeds/100’ bed (~ 4.25 oz), 960M -1.05MM seeds/1,000’ bed (2.65 lbs), 7.7MM seeds/acre (~20 lbs/acre), using ~960 seeds/ft, 16 rows/bed, 36” beds, 6’ row centers. Full size - 360 seeds/100’ bed (~1/32 oz), 3,600 seeds/1,000’ beds (~1 oz), 216M seeds/acre (~1/2 lb) using 3 seeds every 8-10” spacing, 12” row spacing, 3 rows/36” bed, 5’ center beds, or use 31M plants/acre (~2 oz), using 10” plant spacing. These specifications are general guidelines for the noted application. They can be loosely applied across the board for lettuces found in this section. M=1,000, MM=1,000,000
Photo (above): Tom juggling lettuce.

2575 Lovelock

2590 Dark Lollo Rossa

2588 Antago

2564 Magenta

2594 New Red Fire

2601 Red Sails


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green oak leaf 2572 bolsachica 28 days baby aPh. Has shown field tolerance to fall mildews. like other all-red lettuces. A highly adaptable lettuce for plantings throughout the season. lD 2561 Nevada TB. A popular red complement to green Salad Bowl. Excellent summer variety! Batavian or French crisp type that forms large. Grow in cool seasons as Oscarde has a tendency to bolt in the long days of summer. Withstands heat. Available as pelleted seed only. 49 full size TB. its bitter flavor. Nicely serrated. Stands up well to summer heat. 2591 Oscarde DM (races 1-16. keeping red color even in low light conditions. 58 full size 2557 Lettony green leaf 2550 black Seeded Simpson 28 days baby. holding up well to washing. 51 full size 2599 Red Salad bowl 28 days baby. Maintains a mild flavor all season long. softer lobes and speckled leaf centers. 2568 Bergam's Green 2563 Waldmann's 2567 Two Star 2561 Nevada 2591 Oscarde 2557 Lettony 2551 Green Star 2599 Red Salad Bowl 2598 Red Oak Leaf 2549 Gaviota The Organic Seed Source for Commercial Growers and Home Gardeners 39 LETTUCE The darkest red of all! Glossy leaves with burgundy color and a bit of light green at the base. creating an excellent contrast of color. Excellent disease resistance. A dark green Grand Rapids type that is a commercial standard for green leaf lettuce. 45 full size DM. Available as raw and pelleted seed. Galactic is out of this world. open heads. bolting and tipburn. VT. Perfect for teenage heads or baby leaf production. TB 2551 Green Star MTo-10 52 days full size Easy to grow and quick to mature! Grand Rapids type with light green color and tender leaves. Not recommended for full size production. Dark green oak leaf for baby leaf production with full Downy Mildew resistance. adding more texture to the greens while maintaining a deep green tone. Very uniform and productive. flavor and disease resistance. Soft leaves have nice ruffled edges which give heads loft. A standout in our trials for the past two years for its appearance. 2549 Gaviota 28 days baby DM (races 1-27) MTo-30 2593 Galactic 2550 Black Seeded Simpson An improved tango-type for baby leaf production with excellent Downy Mildew resistance. 60 full size DM. Forms a larger and more packed full-size lettuce than Oscarde. Finely serrated leaves are deeply lobed and ruffled. DM (races 1-25) MTo-30 29 days baby. rounder oaky shape and larger lobes. slightly waxy and strong. MTo-10 2568 bergam’s Green cr MTo-30 55 days full size Golden-red. bright green open head with slightly crinkled leaves. Shows excellent field tolerance to common fall mildews in the Northeast. Tolerant to Tip Burn. Matures early and is very slow to bolt.2593 Galactic lD. Heavy heads are uniform and fold easily for packing. DM (races 1-26) MTo-30 red oak leaf 2603 blade DM (races 1-25). open heads are slightly savoyed and wavy. Red Salad Bowl is commonly found in standard salad mixes but can also be used for loose leaf heads. . Grows well in all seasons but color is best in cooler weather. The darkest red oak leaf variety we carry. Medium green leaves are crunchy. Available as raw and pelleted seed. lD. A market standard especially suited for market growers or wholesale boxes. As an addition to salad mixes. Vibrant green leaves are glossy. Bolsachica is now part of the High Mowing DMR Mix. Not commonly grown as full-size leaf lettuce due to compact size and. Fast growing with excellent uniformity. Popular baby leaf variety for a bright green contrast to mixes. Pete Johnson of Pete's Greens in Craftsbury. DM (races 1-6) MTo-10 30 days baby. Upright habit makes harvesting easy.high quality even through the heat of the summer. 55 full size 2563 Waldmann's 28 days baby. Quickly produces a full-sized. with an identical habit but with dark red leaves. Open heads are compact and packed full. Glossy leaves have vibrant green color and some Batavian characteristics. Requires cool temperature and shallow planting for best germination results. Works well all season long. 21) 29 days baby. A high quality variety with outstanding performance all season long. which adding a good amount of loft. 2598 Red Oak Leaf 30 days baby. Two Star was bred for its dark green color and bolt tolerance. Green Star is a great choice for an allseason lettuce . and beautifully ruffled with a satisfying combination of crunchy texture and buttery smoothness. Large leaves on loose. This variety is a consistent stand-out in our trials. Semi-erect growth habit aids ease of cutting at baby leaf stage. Our green leaf pick for our Downy Mildew Resistant (DMR) lettuce mix. Especially good for fall and winter crops due to Downy Mildew resistance. making a great contrast to green leaf and romaine varieties in a mix. Batavian types are perfect for summer planting due to excellent bolt resistance while still maintaining good texture and flavor in the hot summer sun. being one week slower to bolt and darker green than Waldmann’s Dark Green. being slow to bolt and retaining crispness and flavor throughout the season. drought. Vibrant green summer lettuce with high tolerance to heat. DM MTo-10 55 days full size 2567 Two Star MTo-10 50 days full size Heat tolerant improved Waldmann’s type with dark green color and exceptional flavor. when other green leafs become lighter in color. thick green leaves stand up straight and have a very small leaf attachment. aPh MTo-30 30 days baby Beautiful deep-red oak leaf with a long and thin blade-like shape and gentle lobes for baby leaf production. Higher disease resistance than Red Salad Bowl and Red Oak Leaf with a rounder leaf shape. TB. packing and at market. Excels in the fall due to excellent mildew resistance as well as a tendency to become darker green. softly lobed oak leaf used in salad mixes or for full size leaf lettuce. thick. Best for spring sowings with medium to slow bolting. and light frost. Burgundy oak leaf similar to Red Salad Bowl but with a more golden sheen. when other reds become bitter. prefers Red Oak Leaf for his late season mixes due to its field resistance to late season disease and its attractive red color when light levels are decreasing. 55 full size TB Dual purpose variety great for both salad mix and full size leaf lettuce. lMV. 19.

A stand-out on all accounts with its burnished red color and pronounced pale green mid-rib and veining. Full size habit is loose and open. 2570 breen green romaine DM (races 1-16. Very heat tolerant but best early and late in season. Dark red leaves have a narrow leaf attachment and are bright green in the centers. Very tender and silky with soft leaves and crunchy stems. A superb upright baby leaf variety that forms a loose head (teenage class) at maturity. solid and larger than average little gems. 19.19. 28). Dark green spinach color is vibrant and striking. DM (races 1. Not recommended for full size heads. Defender has a similar growth rate to Parris Island. Deeply lobed and frilly. Pair with Spretnak green Little Gem for an eye-catching combination. aPh. Inner leaf color provides stunning contrast to the deep burgundy of the outer leaves and leaf edges. 50 full size Bright green oak leaf most commonly used for baby leaf production. oak leaf shape and lofty texture. Good tolerance to Tip Burn and bolting. Cimmaron has golden red outer leaves and is bright green on the inside and averages 10-12” tall. An absolute favorite in our trials. Rhazes forms dense.com • phone (802) 472-6174 • fax (802) 472-3201 . and 23-26) MTo-30 21 days baby. and has remained a favorite for many years. buttery leaves are slow to bolt and not susceptible to tipburn. similar in flavor and texture to Jericho. 21 baby. 60 full size TB. 2592 Outredgeous 30 days baby. Dark green leaves are relatively smooth. 60 full size 2607 Tin Tin red romaine 2571 Spock DM (races 1-16. 2581 Spretnak DM(1. Suitable for open field. this variety does particularly well in the cool conditions of the fall. 50 full size 2574 Defender DM (1-16. 23) MTo-30 55 days full size Quick and early little gem type for year round production. but also makes a stunning full-size head. Color varies from a reddish-bronze to deep red on tips and dark green bases. but is darker in color and more rounded in leaf shape. Outredgeous is so red that botany students didn’t recognize it as lettuce when they saw it in Frank Morton’s breeding nursery. A top notch selection for our Yankee Hardy Lettuce Mix due to its resistance to Downy Mildew. Makes an outrageous red in your premium gourmet salad mix. Out does all the reds. compact head. high tunnel. 4-6. DM (races 1-16. 13. 17) 2623 Rhazes 42 days full size 2600 Rouge d’ hiver 28 days baby. An original release from breeder Frank Morton and an all-around favorite in our trials. favored for its shape. NEW Eye-catching garnet red Little Gem romaine. or hydroponic growing conditions. DM (1-23. and similar to Galactic with a narrow leaf. buttery heart and sweet flavor make Emerald Oak a favorite. 15. Not recommended for full size heads.2558 Tango MTo-10 28 days baby NEW Standard baby leaf variety for salad mixes that defines this type. lMV 2622 Ocate 42 days full size Lovely pale green oak leaf lettuce with strong disease resistance. Mini red romaine with unique coloring and great disease package suitable for all seasons.25) MTo-30 A disease resistant red romaine for salad mix. Very attractive and always tender and sweet. Hearts are tender.highmowingseeds. 23-26) MTo-30 45 days full size 2582 Cimarron TB MTo-10 Very attractive mini romaine. Makes a small. 2623 Rhazes 2558 Tango 2565 Emerald Oak 2581 Spretnak NEW 2570 Breen 2592 Outredgeous 2622 Ocate 2582 Cimarron 2600 Rouge d'Hiver 2607 Tin Tin 2606 Aerostar 40 www. compact mini-Romaine heads with solid lime green hearts. similar to endive with a light pale-green color. This one has been a favorite in our trials. taking the best from both. 23) 28 days baby Large red romaine for early to late spring production. 21. Produces 8” compact heads or for use in baby leaf salad mix. heading up well all season long. lD LETTUCE 2605 Salad bowl TB 28 days baby. AAS winner in 1952. Shows field resistance to Tip Burn. Rounded oak shaped leaves are thick and tighten to form dense heads. As its name Red of Winter implies. Distinctive buff green color and savoyed texture is crisp and sweet even after frost and snow. Appears to be a cross between Blushed Butter Oak and Deer Tongue. Frost tolerant. Ocate’s attractive. Heat tolerant and bolt resistant. HEIRLOOM Commonly used as a baby leaf variety. compact shape compares favorably to Panisse. 19. 23) 28 days baby DM (1-21. 55 full size Midi-size dark green romaine with excellent disease resistance. 4-21. NEW 2606 Aerostar 21 days baby. 18-20. It is more heat tolerant than most red romaines we have trialed but does not fill out as well in summer and late in season. Smaller than Tin Tin and Breen. Harvest early as Tango has a tendency to bolt quickly. not as dark as Aerostar and with a wider leaf. Rhazes overwintered in our winter high tunnel for early spring harvest of heart-winning heads. An excellent lettuce for spring and fall productions. Aerostar is a dual purpose variety that works well for medium size romaine heads or as a baby leaf. Dark glossy green leaves are smooth and packed tight in dense rosettes with blanched tender hearts. Brighter red than Rouge d’Hiver. 2565 Emerald Oak TB 60 days full size Its crisp. 21. 21. 23-26. Aerostar is one of the several varieties which make up our High Mowing Downy Mildew Resistant (DMR) Mix. A top notch selection for our Yankee Hardy Lettuce Mix due to its resistance to Downy Mildew. color and rapid growth rate. 55 full size MTo-10 A disease resistant dark green romaine for salad mix. Very pretty heads of loosely lobed.

And icebergs stay fresher. It has a well-blanched heart surrounded by red-tinged outer leaves. 2543 Freckles 2596 Parris Island Cos 2580 Coastal Star 2555 Kweik NEW 2597 Pirat 2566 Roxy 2559 Winter Density 2587 Jericho 2554 Australe NEW NEW 2578 Mirlo 2586 Green Towers 2562 Optima 2609 Sylvesta 2624 Balfour The Organic Seed Source for Commercial Growers and Home Gardeners 41 LETTUCE 2596 Parris Island Cos Heat tolerant romaine for spring or late summer harvests. lMV 2578 mirlo 50 days. sitting high on the stem. Dark green butterhead for spring production. 55 full size lMV Multi-purpose lettuce commonly used for baby leaf production because of a quick growth rate. flat heads an especially soft and cloud-kissed look. resistance to downy mildew and to lettuce leaf aphids. Jericho has some tolerance to Powdery Mildew and Downy Mildew as well as excellent resistance to heat stress and Tip Burn. Upright growth. red leaves on the outside and big bright green heart on the inside. Though widely regarded as the nutritional poor-boy of the lettuce classes. tall romaine similar to Paris Island or Darkland Cos. Compact heads are slightly upright. or it might be due to its excellent resistance to downy mildew. lD. Widely adapted but best performance in spring and summer. TB. full size 2559 Winter Density 28 baby. and Sclerotinia Stem Rot. and now available in the United States. Mirlo. Tip Burn. A midi-size butterhead lettuce with gorgeous color. Very strong on internal tipburn. Kweik has shown field resistance to Downy Mildew. Available as raw and pelleted seed. pale green butterhead with excellent disease resistance. dense heads. Roxy is a standard organic variety in Europe. MTo-10 28 days baby. A kweik-heading. iceberg NEW DM (races 1-27) 2624 balfour 65 days full size Widely adapted crisphead lettuce. nice rib and a strong frame. TB. full-bodied heads. full size 60 days full size Dependable no matter what your growing conditions! Industry standard for high quality. bright green romaine with crimson splashes. Winter Density has dark green leaves and heads averaging 9-10” tall. NEW High quality red butterhead for spring crops. Br 55 days full size 50 days. cabbage-like in shape and pale green to white in color. DM (races 1-17. nothing but an iceberg offers such a refreshingly watery crunch. 21. Tolerant to Tip Burn. 19. Optima is a thick-leaved Nancy type. A favorite of our local growers! A large. screamed “Eat me!” Tender leaves have a luxurious buttery appearance and large. Glossy. unique silky texture and sweet flavor even in the heat of the summer. Bountifully large. Shows field resistance to Downy Mildew. Widely adapted and tolerant to Corky Root. Heat tolerant with a similar texture to Jericho or Pirat. Good bolt tolerance. Australe shows the best heading in the spring. early coloring. lime-green butter type especially suited to cool season crops or unheated winter greenhouse culture. than most other lettuce varieties. 2609 Sylvesta 60 days full size aPh. dense heart. The tall. Its upright habit might explain why Australe performed best against disease in our fall lettuce trials. 55 full size Heat and frost tolerant for an all season selection. lD 50 days full size 2587 Jericho TB. 28 days baby. Compares to Nancy with an improved disease package. Heads average 10-12” tall. butterhead/bibb NEW DM (races 1-25) 2554 Australe 2597 Pirat DM. Requires cool temperature for germination. Texture is a cross between a butterhead and a romaine with good flavor throughout the season. HEIRLOOM Heat tolerant variety with notably superior flavor and texture. more than any other variety. . 21. grey-green heads are 8-12” tall and have slightly savoyed leaves.2543 Freckles HEIRLOOM An unusual. light-green butterhead with tightly packed hearts. Balfour is a Salinas-type with a semi-upright base. Good selection for indoor or outdoor cultivation. lMV MTo-30 2586 Green Towers MTo-10 DM (races 1-28). dark green plants are suitable for all growers. 23). Upright. TB MTo-10 52 days full size 28 days baby. Leaves are bright green tinged with bronze throughout. Bright green leaves. consistently producing perfect. DM (races 1-17. and Bacterial Head Rot. and keep longer. For its size. It has a strong tendency to bolt in the long days of summer. soft leaves like a butterhead but faintly more romaine in habit. White Mold. but especially market and wholesale growers who need consistent quality. We were impressed in our trials by the size and heaviness of the heads and tender quality of the leaves. but taller and darker. 23) MTo-30 2566 Roxy 60 days full size 2555 Kweik DM. and crisp texture make this an excellent choice for both baby leaf and full-sized heads. Available as raw and pelleted seed. Lettuce Mosaic Virus and bolting. Its velvety texture and creamy flavor are sure to be a hit in every salad. Available as raw and pelleted seed. MTo-30 2562 Optima Br. 57 full size Heat tolerant for summer harvests. Tip Burn. Available as raw and pelleted seed. medium sized. Pirat bested every other variety for taste and texture in our 2003 lettuce trials and also rates as one of the best butterheads in combined resistance to Downy Mildew. Sturdy heads with a firm rib down the center. Great for hearts or box pack. In our 2012 spring butterhead trials of 13 varieties. Mirlo is relatively early. Uniform and medium-slow to bolt. Well-filled. Coastal Star is a dark green. 55 full size 2580 Coastal Star 65 days full size cr. but makes an excellent head. Heads are tightly folded and rounded in when mature. Holds very well in the field and has good resistance to Tip Burn. large.

50/M $1.20/M $2.60/M $2.20/M $3.75 $2.80/M $2.00/M $11.LETTUCE.00/M $2.50/M $2.10/M $4.20 $2.75 $2.30/M $4.20/M $4.80/M $2.60/M $3.75 $6.20/M $1.80/M 25m $3.00/M $2.10/M $4.com • phone (802) 472-6174 • fax (802) 472-3201 .00/M 50m $3. Baby Leaf 2606 Aerostar 2574 Defender 2596 Parris Island Cos 2587 Jericho 2559 Winter Density 2550 Black Seeded Simpson 2563 Waldmann's 2549 Gaviota 2557 Lettony 2572 Bolsachica 2605 Salad Bowl 2558 Tango 2543 Freckles Romaine 2604 Red Tide 2588 Antago 2590 Dark Lollo Rosso 2603 Blade 2598 Red Oak Leaf 2599 Red Salad Bowl 2591 Oscarde 2601 Red Sails 2593 Galactic 2571 Spock 2592 Outredgeous 2600 Rouge d'Hiver 2582 Cimarron 2621 Refugio 2570 Breen pelletted.40/M $2.30/M $14.75 1m $6. sold by seed count 2568P Bergam’s Green Pelleted 2580P Coastal Star Pelleted 2586P Green Towers Pelleted 2564P Magenta Pelleted 2561P Nevada Pelleted 2594P New Red Fire Pelleted 2562P Optima Pelleted 2604P Red Tide Pelleted 2566P Roxy Pelleted 2563P Waldmann's Pelleted PelleTTeD leTTuce full/baby/both 100 $2.00/M $2.75 $2.95/M Full Full Full Full Full Full Full Both Full Both 42 www.75 $2.95/M $1.10/M 5m $4.80/M $3.20/M $4.10/M $4.70/M $3. bAbY LEAF Lettuce.20/M $9.60/M $2.00/M $2.75 $2.highmowingseeds.80/M $2.20/M $6.10/M $4.95/M $1.00/M $2.75 $2.95/M $1.70/M $4.40/M $10.95/M $2.75 $2.

35 $62.15 $21.40/M $1.60/M $1.30/M $6.70/M $12.50 $6.90 $6.90/M $1.75/M $1.80/M $3.25 $4.00 $17.25/M $7. sold by weight 2554 Australe 2550 Black Seeded Simpson 2574 Defender 2565 Emerald Oak 2543 Freckles 2551 Green Star 2587 Jericho Romaine 2555 Kweik 2590 Lollo Rossa 2592 Outredgeous 2596 Parris Island Cos 2597 Pirat Butterhead 2598 Red Oakleaf 2601 Red Sails 2599 Red Salad Bowl 2600 Rouge D'Hiver 2605 Salad Bowl 2571 Spock 2558 Tango 2608 Vulcan 2563 Waldmann's raw seed.25 $12.75/M $2.50/M 50m $1.85/M $0.25 1/2 oz $10.95/M $1.20/M $9.90 $135.50/M $0.60/M $3.40/M $0.75 $2. sold by seed count 2606 Aerostar 2588 Antago 2624 Balfour 2603 Blade 2572 Bolsachica 2570 Breen 2582 Cimarron 2580 Coastal Star 2593 Galactic 2549 Gavoita 2586 Green Towers 2557 Lettony 2575 Lovelock 2564 Magenta 2578 Mirlo 2561 Nevada 2594 New Red Fire 2622 Ocate 2562 Optima 2591 Oscarde 2604 Red Tide 2621 Refugio 2623 Rhazes 2566 Roxy 2581 Spretnak 2609 Sylvesta 2607 Tin Tin 2567 Two Star 2559 Winter Density leTTuce full/baby/both 1/32 oz $2.75 $2.60 $6.00/M $0.30/M $3.15/M $0.00 $2.70 $4.30 $2.70/LB $165.00/M $1.00 $6.00/M $0.00 $8.20/M $9.00/M $0.30/M 100m $1.30/M $9.00 $6.00/LB $135.80 $4.00 $18.30/LB $79.80 $10.00/LB $130.75 $2.10/M $0.00/LB $75.75 5m $1.70 $88.10/M 500m $1.75 $2.00/LB $117.15/M $8.75 2 oz $32.10/M $4.00/LB $32.20/M $10.00 $20.75 $2.00 $48.75 $2.00/LB $288.10/M $1.95 $2.75 $2.00/LB $90.00 $9.40 $6.75 $2.90/M $3.95 $2.95 $2.50 $37.40/M $0.75 $2.10/M $0.75 $8.90 $6.80/LB $84.10/M $0.00 $32.15/M $0.40/M $9.40/M $0.60/M $1.50/M $1.50/LB $42.30/LB $165.40/M $2.40 $6.20 $21.75 $5.00/LB $133.10/LB $160.00/M $8.70/M $1.30 $32.00 $67.00/M $0.75 $2.00 1 lb $165.75 $2.15/M $0.20 $32.00/M $1.50 $10.25 $9.70 $4.75 $5.90 $5.40/M $2.30/M $1.80/M $1.80 $44.60/M $7.20 $18.40/M $10.70/M $1.05/M $0.25/M $0.00/LB $115.00/LB $115.20/M $8.20/M $3.30 $6.05/M $7.80/M $8.00 $25.50 $13.05/M $0.20 $22.60/M $6.75/M $0.00/LB $39.50 $25.75 $2.00/LB $98.75 $2.70/M $0.50/M $7.10/M $1.00/LB $34.00/M $0.00 $2.60 $25.20/M $0.75 $2.10/M $9.00 $72.75 $2.75 $2.00/M $0.20 $52.70/M $8.50/M $0.75 $6.80 $13.60/M $1.75 1/8 oz $6.98/M $0.80/M $1.70/M $1.85 $31.00/LB $31.40 $5.00 $73.75 $2.50/LB $125.00 $3.85/M $6.80/M $7.75 $2.40/M $3.75 $2.75/M $0.75 $2.80/LB $44.90/M $3.00 $19.50/M $1.80/M $8.95 $8.00/LB $90.90/M Both Both Full Baby Baby Both Both Full Baby Baby Full Both Full Full Full Full Full Full Full Both Both Baby Full Full Full Full Full Full The Organic Seed Source for Commercial Growers and Home Gardeners 43 LETTUCE .00/M $7.40/M $1.70 $8.75 $2.75 $5.40/M $1.raw seed.40/M $9.40/M $1.75 $2.25 $4.55/M $2.50 $10.70/M $3.10/M $1.75 $5.60/LB $100.30/M $0.00 $6.00 $46.30 $4.40 $10.20 $6.70/LB $245.00/LB $126.00 $7.45 $9.75 $4.30 $6.95 $4.75 $8.10/M $7.75 $2.40/M $1.00/M $0.20/M $0.30 $49.75 $10.00/M $0.55/M $8.15 $6.95 $2.90/LB $37.00/LB $42.75/M $1.15 $6.40/M $0.95 $4.00/LB 5 lbs Full Both Baby Full Both Full Both Full Baby Both Both Full Both Both Both Both Baby Baby Baby Full Both Both full/baby/both $160.50/M $1.40 $6.50/M $0.00 $24.40/M $0.30 $26.75 $4.70/M $7.50/M $4.90/M $10.00/LB $130.50 $88.90/M $8.60 $68.50/M $1.10 $24.00 $9.70/M $7.00 1/2 lb $88.75 $2.00/LB $80.15/M $0.70/M $7.00 $10.50/M $1.50/M $1.00/M $1.50/M $3.00/LB $42.75 $8.75/M $0.95 $5.85/M $10.50 $137.00/LB $120.75 $2.60/LB $150.00/LB 500 $2.30/M $0.00/M $1.40/M $2.75 $2.00/LB $34.60/M $1.00 $152.50/LB $96.95 $5.75/M $6.60/M $7.75 $2.10/M $1.95 $3.10/M $12.30 $26.10/M $7.95 $4.50 $22.70/M $1.60/M $1.00 $65.50/M $0.00/LB $126.00/LB $47.60/M $7.50/M $3.80/M $9.40 $10.30/M $0.00 $2.30/M $0.00/LB $46.80/M 25m $1.40 $70.80/M $3.60/M $2.20/M $3.75/M $9.50/M $6.95 $2.50/M $1.

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000-1. Galia melons were developed by crossing a honeydew to a cantaloupe. Skin is thinner than most modern hybrids and does not hold up well to shipping. 86 days . Harvest when skin is yellow but before it takes on a brighter. They often transmit bacterial wilt season to season.840 plants/acre (5.75 oz). Rocky Ford is a muskmelon that looks like a cantaloupe but reveals a juicy green flesh inside that is sugary sweet and delicious. NEW 2665 Rocky Ford r FW (races 0. bright yellow skin. 2666 Caribbean Gold F1 hybrid 80 days FW (races 0. 2) 2632 magnifienza F1 78 days Magnifienza is a Tuscan-type melon with bright orange flesh and consistently high Brix ratings of 13 to 15. Charantais can be cut at half or full slip. Melons are heavily netted and slightly ribbed with juicy salmon flesh. M=1. and are netted with slight ribbing. harvest at full-slip. NEW specialty 2648 Arava F1 hybrid PM 77 days FW (race 1.000 Photo (above): Jodi and Tom evaluating melons in the Trials Field. resulting in a perfectly round melon with smooth. netted skin that turns yellow when ripe. Plant outdoors when all danger of frost has passed. add 10-14 days if direct seeding. DISEASE & PESTS: Melons are particularly susceptible to leaf blights that can be controlled by use of disease-free seed. A good keeper. sweet and crisp. juicy texture and attractive fruit makes this a must-grow melon! Fruits weigh around 3 lbs. Crisp flesh is very pale green to white in color. Medium-size melons average 2-3 lbs. Early maturing Italian netted cantaloupe with excellent sweetness. Row covers can provide protection. Texture is best when it still has a slight bit of crunch. Fruit size is approximately 7-9” long by 4-5” width and weighs 3 – 5 lbs. CANARY A melon to make your heart sing! Very pretty melons are oblong with smooth. Year after year we trial cantaloupe melons and hope will ripen here in Northern Vermont. but must be removed during flowering to allow pollination. Seeding depth: 1/2". Melons average 1-2 lbs each with a heavy net and slight ribbing when mature. Arava is a reliable producer year after year in High Mowing’s trials and one of our staff favorites. FWSEED SPECS: 1. Harden off by reducing temperature and water. Juicy. For best quality. Sweet and aromatic flavor with a brix rating of 15. 2638 Hale's Best NEW 2648 Arava F1 2665 Rocky Ford 2666 Caribbean Gold F1 NEW 2632 Magnifienza F1 2630 PMR Delicious 51 2642 Natal F1 The Organic Seed Source for Commercial Growers and Home Gardeners 45 mELONS 2630 PmR Delicious 51 FW (race 1).Melons Cucumis melo cantaloupe / muskmelon 2638 hale’s best Our first melon every season. and can be checked by fungicidal sprays. Excellent resistance to Powdery Mildew makes this a sure bet every season.~4. Harvesting melons can be tricky. Slightly oval fruit has green ribbing that turns bright yellow along its edge to indicate ripeness. Galias slip from the vine and turn bright yellow. Developed in 1881 out of a chance seedling from the variety Nutmeg. mELON PLANTING INFO: Days to maturity are from transplants. more golden hue – the sugars are more concentrated when slightly under-ripe. Striped cucumber beetles cause feeding damage to the leaves and larvae feed on roots. Plants are female.2). resulting in higher fruit set and yields. Row spacing: 6' centers. Vines are highly Rust resistant. Fruits average 2-3 lbs. Plant spacing: 12-18". Fruit is uniform with round to oval shape and dense netting. fungicidal sprays and crop rotations. Skin is not as thick as modern hybrids but holds well for the market and in the fridge. Fusarium Wilt (races indicated if known). Flavor is pleasantly sweet. infused with hints of bubble gum or cotton candy. Delicious flavor. moisture and full sun. 2). 325 seeds/acre.250 seeds/oz (1. Optimal soil temperature for germination is 75-85°F. PM 75 days HEIRLOOM Heavy producer of oval-shaped muskmelons averaging 4-5 lbs each. and resistant to drought. PM 2642 Natal F1 78 days 80 days HEIRLOOM Prolific yields of petite melons for home or market. Ripe melons usually keep up to four weeks in cold storage.16-20M seeds/lb (18M avg). In general: Muskmelons slip from the vine. RESISTANCE KEY: PM-Powdery Mildew. like an apple. Delicious 51 ripens quickly. modern cantaloupe with good disease resistance and sweet flavor. Highly resistant to cracking. transplanting singles at 18” plant spacing on 6’ center beds. Flesh is deep orange with a small seed cavity. CULTURAL INFO: Melons are warm season tender annuals that require fertile soils with lots of organic matter. Caribbean Gold has not only produced good yields but has been a standout for quality for the past few years. PM Quality. sweet flesh is dark orange and aromatic.125 avg). This great variety has stood the test of time and is still loved by many for its old-fashioned melon flavor. We tasted over 35 varieties of melons in our 2012 trials and Magnifienza was among the best. Pollinator variety included. r-rust GALIA This green-fleshed tropical melon is deliriously aromatic. Fruit rot is common under wet conditions. Seeding rate: 4. Plastic mulch and floating row cover are useful in cool climates.1. resulting in heavy yields of top quality melons that stand up to many hybrids in its class. Direct seed 1-2 weeks following last frost date or sow seed indoors four weeks before planting date. Good resistance to Powdery Mildew.

60 $28.10/LB 5 lb $18.90 $18.20 $10.520 plants/acre (~2 lb/acre). juicy texture. DISEASE & PESTS: Fusarium wilt (Fusarium oxysporum) and Verticilium wilt (Verticillium albo-atrum) are the most common diseases that affect okra. wholesale or the garden. Fruits average 1.80 $8.00/M $26.50 $51. Row spacing: 2-3’.40 $2. Larger fruit size than Arava. then chill.50 $20.10/LB $23. green-fleshed melon with a unique look and pleasant flavor that is a refreshing. Direct seeding: 6 seeds/ft. Harvest at half-slip and ripen for three days at 70°F. but Red Burgundy is the most productive of all the reds. Atlee Burpee's review. Cercospora leaf spot and other common fungal disease can infect stems. making them ornamental as well. finegrained flesh and superior sugary flavor.80/M $204. Pods are best harvested at 3-4” and can become tough at larger sizes.50/LB $115.75 $5. Skin behind netting turns from green to yellow when ripe.00/M $174. 2668 Clemson Spineless 80 open-pollinated.90 $60.30 $9. It is best known for its lack of spines. It prefers rich soils that are well-drained.10 1 lb $23.90 $60. Plants have beautiful red stems and red veining through dark green leaves. making harvesting very easy.40 $9.00 $20. 46 www. but similar flavor and soft. which can be irritating to the skin.75 $2.25 $5.75 $2. A must-have for the true melon connoisseur! 80 days 2653 haogen GALIA  Early maturing.00/M $50.75 okra 1 oz 1/4 lb $13. released in 1886. aphids.com • phone (802) 472-6174 • fax (802) 472-3201 . A huge hit in our trials every year.2652 Emerald Gem mELONS / OKRA SPECIALTY “Luscious beyond description” was W.250 avg).75 $2.40 $7.40 $51.75 $9. In general the reds are not as productive as the greens. 1.50/M $204. avoid working in fields when wet. Plants are fairly drought and heat resistant. excellent resistance to Powdery Mildew.00/M $174.highmowingseeds. 2667 burgundy 65 days Red-podded okra is not just for the South anymore! Red Burgundy has performed well in our trials in northern Vermont as well as in other northern locations. A heavy producer of 2-3 lb fruits with dark-green.90 $60.00 1 lb $101.80 $16. Clemson Spineless.75 $2.5-2 lbs. CULTURAL INFO: Okra is a warm season annual. Small round melons with smooth. Pick fruits when 3-4” long and when they snap from the plant.50/LB $63. aromatic flavor in a green-flesh melon. heavily netted skin. Start seedlings indoors 4-6 weeks before planting date.40 $9. NEW FW (races 0. Store at 45-50°F and a relative humidity of 85-95%.5 lbs. collect melons when skin becomes netted and fruits slip from the vine. It's received with the same amount of enthusiasm today. open-pollinated.50 $21. Optimal germination temperature is 80-90°F. Short harvest window.90/LB $18. Flesh is smooth and juicy with a relatively thin. Do not plant in areas where nematode pressure is high. Pods can become 6-8” long and remain tender.70 $16. Diseases can be best avoided by crop rotations. netted melon ranging from 3. adequate spacing to promote plant dryness. M=1. Pollination may be poor when temperatures fluctuate above 90°F or below 55°F. 3’ row spacing.80/M $204. Short harvest window. Okra is very susceptible to root-knot nematodes. The sweet and juicy orange flesh has a rich.00/M 5m $18. collect melons when skin becomes yellow with green ribbing.500-8.00 $20.30 $4. Seeding rate: 14.80 $13.90/LB $93.00/LB NEW 10 $2. Major insect pests include whiteflies. An excellent melon for market. leaves and pods.40 1 oz $16.00/M $24. smooth rind. Plants can reach 3-4’ in height and have an open habit. sold by weight 2667 Burgundy 1/16 oz $2.00/M $174.50/LB $115.50 50 $3. Melons average 2-3 lbs each. SEED SPECS: 6.90 $3.000.10 $13.80/M $54. 2).90/LB $3. Rona is a round.40 1/4 lb $33. Plant spacing: 6-12”.50 250 $6.75 1/4 oz $7.40 $9. 85 days 2655 Sivan F1 hybrid PM 80-85 days CHARENTAIS Reliable fruit set. PM 2641 Rona F1 82 days 2652 Emerald Gem 2655 Sivan F1 2653 Haogen GALIA Sweet.000 seeds/lb (7.00/M 2641 Rona F1 Okra Abelmoschus esculentus 2668 Clemson Spineless 80 55 days This improved variety is more productive and earlier than its 1939 All American Selection winning predecessor. musky flavor.20 1m $21. sold by weight 2652 Emerald Gem 2638 Hale's Best 2653 Haogen 2630 PMR Delicious 51 hybrid. and corn earworm. using 12” plant spacing. honeyed treat. Powdery mildew. Transplant after danger of frost has passed. Deep orange. and for its beautiful emerald pods. slightly netted skin.90 2667 Burgundy 2668 Clemson Spineless 80 OKRA PLANTING INFO: Days to maturity are from transplant.75 $2.00 $7. Seeding depth: ¼-1/2”.5 to 5. sold by seed count 2648 Arava F1 2666 Caribbean Gold F1 2632 Magnifienza F1 2642 Natal F1 2641 Rona F1 2655 Sivan F1 2665 Rocky Ford MeloNS 1/32 oz $2.

wet conditions are expected. Small bulbs measure 3-4” across and weigh up to 12 oz. Long day onion. A high yielding variety. discusses onion varieties at the 2012 HMS field days. Long day. Store at 33-35°F at 65-70% relative humidity. holding out against disease far longer than other open-pollinated varieties. MM=1. Start transplants indoors 8-12 weeks before last frost. A stand-out in our trial for several years.000’). Storage onions can be harvested after tops dry up and flop over.000 Photo (above): Jan. using ~20 seeds/ft. and also has excellent tolerance for hot weather. 110 days 100 days 2691 Gabriella F1 hybrid Fresh market. Although we can’t personally boast of any prizewinning specimens. Thick copper skin. short day onion suited to Southern growing regions. has better storage in southern regions where it is not subject to smudge. This traditional Italian variety has a pungent. long-day onions need 14-16 hours. trim to 1" to increase girth. Long day onion. Will keep in storage for about a month. 95125M seeds/lb (110M avg). When seedlings reach 5". and round shape. subtract 1-2 weeks if transplanting. M=1. Intermediate day onion. sweet NEW yellow onions HEIRLOOM Large sweet onions with juicy white flesh are known for their record-breaking size. Large round bulbs average 6” in diameter. 2684 Cortland F1 hybrid 2680 Walla Walla ONION PLANTING INFO: Days to maturity from direct seeding. Leaves held up to disease as well as some of our leading hybrids in our 2011 trials. White bulbs are somewhat pear-shaped (heavy bottomed and slightly elongated) with a thick neck. Has yellow/brown skin. A major improvement for this type of onion. intermediate-day onions fall in between. Good general intermediate resistances against leaf diseases. 110 days From the breeders of Copra and Prince. erect foliage makes it great for bunching. 30” row spacing. 105 days 2677 Sedona F1 hybrid NEW Spanish globe variety produces large bulbs with attractive rosy-brown skins. but these little buttons are so delicious that you won’t need them to! NEW 80 days 2682 Gladstone Perfect fresh market white onion for the northern grower and gardener. Moderate storage potential.5 lbs/acre). Grano–type globe onion. This variety performs well in the Northeast. Plants are very upright and necks dry down nicely. Optimal soil temperature for germination is 75-85°F. this variety can grow up to 5 lbs. We’ve been very impressed with Cortland under many conditions. Row spacing: 18-30”.000. fine necks. The fungus persists in the soil and on crop residues. Best prevention methods are to practice good sanitation and crop rotation with non-host plants. 384M seeds/acre (~3. In good conditions bulbs will be 4-5”. Protectant fungicides are applied in advance when cool. Uniform size makes grading easy. attractive globe shape. Gabriella is a mid-season. 108 days NEW 2683 Ailsa Craig 2691 Gabriella F1 2680 Walla Walla 2684 Cortland F1 2682 Gladstone 2671 Yellow Cipollini 2677 Sedona F1 The Organic Seed Source for Commercial Growers and Home Gardeners 47 ONIONS . Sedona is noted for high yields and excellent storage ability. Sweet and red onions can be harvested after bulb development. Purple Blotch (Alternaria porri and Alternaria alternata) appears as elongated purple lesions that turn silvery over time. Good tolerance to thrips and Pink Root. this yellow storage onion is considered an improvement based on its wider adaptability and storage life.Onions Allium spp. and large uniform bulbs which are very mild to sweet. Tolerant to Fusarium and Pink Root. CULTURAL INFO: Onions are cool season biennials dependant on day length for bulb production. Dark green. Cipollinis don’t store well. SEED SPECS: 6-8M seeds/oz (7M avg). sharp flavor that mellows with cooking. Control measures are similar to those for Botrytis Blight and Downy Mildew. Medium to large sized bulbs resist greening and are mildly sweet with very firm flesh. Plant spacing: 2-6”. The 2010 crop of Siskiyou Sweet in our trials was unbelievable. Short day onion. 2683 Ailsa Craig 105 days 2671 Yellow Cipollini Flattened saucer-shape yellow onion with exceptional flavor. Short-day onions start forming bulbs with 11-12 hours of daylight. Seeding rate: 22M seeds/1000’ (~3 oz/1. from Bejo Seeds. DISEASE & PESTS: Botrytis Leaf Blight (Botrytis squamosa and Botrytis cinerea) develops as small lesions on the leaf. Quickly becoming a standard yellow keeper for organic growers everywhere. Reselection of the famous Walla Walla Spanish onion with increased uniformity and disease resistance. Light brown skin with white flesh that is very mild and sweet. Pull bulbs from ground and cure for 3-5 days in the field if weather is dry or indoors for 2 weeks at 75-80°F and 80% relative humidity.000. Plants are started in late summer and over-wintered in mild climates. Great shape for grilling and roasting. Seeding depth: 1/8-1/4”. Intermediate day onion. resistant to bolting. Onions compete poorly with weeds and uniform water is important. Direct seeding: 20 seeds/ ft.

For bunching. single bulbs. Bulbs are 2-3” long and flavorful. Very hard bulbs are an indication of its excellent storage ability. Long day onion. 118 days 2688 Red baron Globe round storage onions with pretty golden outer skin and beautiful clean white interior. or harvest for fresh eating bulbs. with a rounder shape. Red Bull is slightly more elongated in shape. round globes average 3-4”. Thin necks dry down well. Deeper purple than Red Bull. producing hard globes here in northern Vermont.5-4” in diameter. In 2012. Compared to Red Wing.) 115 days shallots 2679 Conservor F1 hybrid 2676 Red bull F1 hybrid 2678 Dakota Tears Medium-size yellow storage onion. Skins are very attractive with a reddish/gold tinting. Crisp white interior is wrapped with bright red-purple skin. Uniform. large. it stole our hearts. after a full season of storage. 118 days Tear-drop shaped shallot with pale pink flesh and rosy pink-brown skin that is easy to peel. Long to intermediate day onion. with high shoulders and shimmering pink skins. Onions are round with a slight shoulder and attractive reddish skins. 2692 Talon F1 hybrid 110 days Dual purpose onion for medium sized bulb onions or purple skinned bunching onions. good production and storage ability. The moment we saw it in our trials. Calibra showed superior quality and flavor in March. Dakota Tears has been continuously selected for vigor. Red Cipollini is up to 3-4” in diameter with a flattened coin shape. 112 days Deep red color and excellent storage ability. produces round bulbs up to 1 lb each. Long term storage ability. (See photos for both bunching and mature bulb stages. rock-hard bulbs are uniformly sized at 3. 100 days red onions NEW A lovely. tapering heart shape. storability.com • phone (802) 472-6174 • fax (802) 472-3201 . which is noted for its downy mildew tolerance. Long day onion. Long day onion. Conservor has great flavor and excellent storage life. Conservor has greater yield potential and is less blocky in shape. harvest at 12-15” tall just before the bulb begins to swell. Sweet like Candy but not as juicy with a smaller size more suitable for storage. Long to intermediate day. Onions average 4” wide with a rounded. size. Vivid red color permeates the interior rings and a smaller neck size makes this variety less susceptible to disease. A great open-pollinated variety from breeder David Podoll.highmowingseeds. 2685 Red Cipollini 85 days 2688 Red Baron 2678 Dakota Tears NEW 2676 Red Bull F1 2675 Calibra F1 NEW 2685 Red Cipollini 2687 Red Wing F1 2692 Talon F1 2674 Rossa di Milano 2679 Conservor F1 48 www. Long day onion. NEW 110 days 2674 Rossa di milano Specialty onion with a sweet flavor.5 to 4” in diameter. 110 days 2687 Red Wing F1 hybrid The ultimate sandwich onion! Dark purple glossy skin with an interior ring that continues to develop during storage. Excellent sweet onion flavor for grilling and roasting. Deep red outer skin and beautiful inner rings of royal purple with good color throughout. Long day onion.2675 Calibra F1 hybrid ONIONS A Spanish cross that yields an excellent keeper with a sweet and mild flavor that sweetens in storage. we got a great stand of Talon in our trials. where the tops remained as good as or better than Yankee. rosy companion to Yellow Cipollini. Dakota Tears was honored as one of Organic Gardening magazine’s ten outstanding varieties in their 2010 trials. making it more similar to traditional French shallots. disease and insect resistance. High percentage of large. Compared to Ambition. and has the potential to be slightly smaller at 2. Although widely versatile. Stunning. Red Bull is best grown from transplants in northern regions with a shorter growing season. Plants are very productive and store well. A standout for openpollinated onions.

00 2 oz $44. FW.10 $4. p.80/M $3.700 seeds/lb (2.00 $16. Row spacing: for dwarf peas 12-18”.Powdery Mildew.00 $44. upright bunching onion. 2760 Laxton’s Progress #9 2735 Green Arrow Photo (above): Snap peas in the field. 37.70/M $4. Harvest when desired.60 $4. double rows 12” apart on 6’ centers. Planting depth: 1/4-1/2". with a mesh or wire trellis between the rows for peas to climb. It is important to keep them well cultivated so that the weeds do not take over.10 $14.00/LB 2700 Varna Leek See Varna Leek. Divide clumps in second year to produce a new crop.60/M $4. Regular harvesting increases yields.50/M $4. sold by weight 2683 Ailsa Craig 2678 Dakota Tears 2670 Evergreen Hardy Bunching 2685 Red Cipollini 2674 Rossa di Milano 2680 Walla Walla 2671 Yellow Cippolini open-pollinated. SEED SPECS: 90-170 seeds/oz (130 avg. All pea plant residues should be buried. Plant peas in two rows.Pea enation Mosaic Virus.50/M $4.00 $72.00 $126.00/M $4.40/M 25m $5.00/M $5.70/M $4. Trellised .75 $2.5”.75 $2. 70 days . dry conditions adversely affect quality and yield.5M seeds/1000’ (~13 lbs).75 $2.50 $5.00 $6. 2700 Varna Leek. with up to nine peas per pod (hence the name).00 $46. 1.40/M $8.00 $15. sold by seed count 2675 Calibra F1 2679 Conservor F1 Shallot 2684 Cortland F1 2691 Gabriella F1 2676 Red Bull F1 2687 Red Wing F1 2677 Sedona F1 oNIoNS 1/64 oz $2.00 $52. RESISTANCE KEY: DM.50 $125.60 $6.70/M $8.20/M $5. An improvement over the original Laxton’s Progress with a high resistance to wilt. Plants are 24-30” tall.00/M 100m $3.Downy Mildew. in 2-3” wide bands. 800M seeds/acre.80 $6. so it is advantageous to have the crop mature as early as planting schedules allow. PSV.00/M $4. Two pods are borne on each stem making harvesting a cinch. Reliably over-winters.00/M $5. 65 days 2672 Parade Parade bunching onion knocked our socks off in our 2006 trials! We’ve never seen such a uniform.20/M $4.75 $3. The rows are simply gorgeous! Dark green and vigorous with no bulbing at all. The pathogens survive in the soil in dormant states that can persist for many years.000 bunching onions / scallions Allium fistulosum–Bunching onions are hardy 2670 Evergreen hardy Winter hardy Welsh onion.00/M $5. PLANTING INFO: Seeding depth: 1-2”. M=1. 100 $3. Excellent for freezing.50/M $4.70/M 25m $4.00 $8. 8-12” apart.80/M $5.000’ (~26 lbs).70/M $15.75/M $3.00 $20. Seeds are slow to germinate taking 14-20 days to start growth. 2688 Red Baron 2692 Talon F1 Peas Pisum sativum FW english / shell peas 2735 Green Arrow 68 days DM. Plants prefer abundant phosphorus and a pH of 6. The Organic Seed Source for Commercial Growers and Home Gardeners 49 OINIONS / PEAS perennials that are grown as annuals or overwintered for early spring harvests.00/LB $190. Can be grown like an annual or allowed to develop into a dense patch.00 $6.00 $160. for trellising peas 4-6’.00/LB $260.10 $6.00/M $4. Store washed onions at near freezing temperatures. FW 2760 Laxton’s Progress #9 60 days A leading garden pea with short vines and plump pods that hold dark-green peas of excellent quality.0 or higher.10 1m $10.open-pollinated. Big harvests! Green Arrow is a classic main crop garden pea bearing heavy yields of 4-5” slim. Small 15-20” plants produce heavy yields of 4-5” long pods.20/M 2672 Parade.30/M 100m $4. mild onion flavor.Fusarium Wilt. pointed pods.00 $18. not a single leaf leaning over.60 $3.20/M $22. using ~25 seeds/ft. Direct seeding: ~25 seeds/ft in 3” wide band.Pea Streak Virus.00/M $4.20/M $5.00/M $26. SEED SPECS: 180-215M seeds/lb (200M avg). sold by seed ct. burned. Plant spacing: 1-1. even here in northern Vermont where temperatures can reach -30°F. 400M seeds/acre.500-2.95 $4. Parade has a nice.20/M $10. 2682 Gladstone 2672 Parade 2688 Red Baron hybrid. Direct sow seeds as soon as soil can be worked or start seedlings indoors in flats or plug trays. May be sown all season long or overwinter for a spring treat.00/M $16.27.20/M $5.50/M $5.75/M $5. CULTURAL INFO: Peas are a cool season annual.70/M $4.00 $125.00 $165. Dwarf varieties do not require trellising but taller ones do in order to avoid disease.30/M $5.00/LB $190.40/M $8. Seeds will germinate in soil temperatures as low as 40°F. Seeding rate: Dwarf.10 $3.60 1m $5.75 $2.50/M $10.10/M $18.00 $14.00 1 lb $190. M=1.30/M $5.55M seeds/1.).00 1/2 oz $14.80/M $8. making cleaning stalks easy and quick.80/M 100 $4. (~ 381 lbs). PM. Hill stalks to promote elongation and blanching.75 $2.00 1/2 lb $125. or composted at high temperatures to destroy disease organisms.30 $6.50/M 50m $4.00 $50. Direct seeding: ~50 seeds/ft.Pea leaf roll. 60 days 65 days 2688 Red baron See Red Onions. Row spacing: 12-18".50/M $5.000. Each pod is stuffed with up to eleven delicious peas.80/M $5. p. DISEASE & PESTS: Peas are subject to an array of root rots and wilts caused by different pathogens that are difficult to distinguish in the field and difficult to control. Peas are also subject to several leaf and pod blights and bacterial blight. 18” row spacing. PeV.100 avg).80/M $3.20/M 5m $4.80/M 50m $5. (~ 190 lbs).00 $44.00/LB $194.Direct seed as soon as soil can be worked in the spring. 48. Plr. 2670 Evergreen Hardy.75 1/8 oz $6.75 $2.50/M $10.20/M $7.00/LB $126.10/M $5.00/LB $300.00/M $9.50/M $10.20/M $5. Hot.60 $3.10 $4.50/M 5m $8. using ~25 seeds/ft in 3” wide band.

00/LB $10.75 $2. Plants reach 28-36” in height.50 #94536 GUARD-N (Treats 50 lbs).10/LB $12.5” long with thick flesh. Determinate 24-30” vines need little support.10 $8. producing stringless double pods at each node of the plant's top for easy picking. These 5-6’ tall vines require trellising for support and bear over a long period of time.00/LB $10.00/LB $10.5” long with a medium green color. PSV A first-rate stringless snap pea for main-season crops.50/LB $10..5-3” long. Delicious and tender.50/LB 25 lbs $10. thick walled. 3” long pods.75 $2.75 $2. edible snow peas averaging 2. 4” pods on dwarf plants averaging 24-30” tall.. making it worth the wait. PM.50/LB $10. An improved version of the much-loved Oregon Sugar Pod. bearing twice the amount of most varieties.75 $2.10/LB 5 lbs $10. Dwarf Grey is an old favorite commonly used for its purple flowers and twirling tendrils in stir-fries. pale green... with increased disease resistance.75 PeaS 1/2 lb $8.50/LB $10.00/LB $10.$5. Mammothsized pods average 4-5” long with a delicate. Multiple disease resistances.00/LB $10. Multiple disease resistances allow for spring and late season plantings.00/LB $10. snow peas Delectably sweet and tender pods have opened the garden gate for this edible snow pea for many years. stringless. 2736 Dwarf Grey Sugar 2765 Sugar Snap 67 days FW 2740 mammoth melting 65 days FW The king of snap peas.10/LB $12.50/LB $10. 2765 Sugar Snap 2762 Cascadia 60 days FW. distinctively delicious peas.. Towering 6-7’ vines offer a long harvest window of 3” pods.10 $8. A fine quality snap pea with petite. sold by weight 2762 Cascadia Snap 2736 Dwarf Grey Snow 2735 Green Arrow Shell 2760 Laxton's Progress #9 Shell 2740 Mammoth Melting Sugar Snow 2750 Oregon Sugar Pod II Snow 2766 Sugar Ann Snap 2764 Sugar Daddy Snap 2765 Sugar Snap 1 oz $2. The pods get nice and plump with tiny.10 1 lb $12..00/LB $10. Developed over 25 years of research by Dr..com • phone (802) 472-6174 • fax (802) 472-3201 . PeV The next best thing since Sugar Ann! Cascadia is a must-have main season variety.10/LB $12. mouth-watering crunch.75 $2. Calvin Lamborn at Gallatin Valley Seed Co.PEAS 2766 Sugar Ann 2762 Cascadia snap peas 2766 Sugar Ann 58 days Nothing says spring like garden peas.50/LB $10. PM. OMRI Approved .10/LB $12.50 2750 Oregon Sugar Pod II open-pollinated.$5. Round pods average 2. 2736 Dwarf Grey Sugar 57 days Early maturing plants bear petite.00/LB $10.$6.10/LB $12. This AAS winner has set the standard for snap pea flavor since 1979.10 $8. OMRI Approved .10 $8. Heavy harvests of juicy. High tolerance to Pea Enation Virus.95 #94538 N-DURE (Treats 50 lbs)..10 $8. OMRI Approved .50/LB $10. 2764 Sugar Daddy 2764 Sugar Daddy 60 days Plr. Large white flowers are an extra bonus. Dwarf 2’ vines are early with a concentrated crop.10 $8. PM 2750 Oregon Sugar Pod II 62 days FW. Pods are 2. supplies Garden Combo Inoculant for peas/vetch Alfalfa/Clover Combo Inoculant #94535 GUARD-N (Treats 8 lbs). Pods are doubly borne for high yields and easy harvests. salads and garnishes.75 $2.10 $8. Bucketloads of perfect stringless pods on 3’ tall vines. Pea pods are sweet and crisp.50/LB $10.10 $8.highmowingseeds.75 $2.10/LB $12. Sugar Ann is a great way to start your season! 1983 All-America winner from the same breeders as the famous Sugar Snap.50/LB $10.75 $2.10/LB $12. Resistance to Powdery Mildew makes this an excellent choice for late summer-fall plantings. adding a splash of brightness to your edible landscape. this is by far the sweetest.00/LB 2740 Mammoth Melting 50 www. and continue to make it a mainstay today.10/LB $12. tasty pods. PeV.5-3. Highly productive variety produces smooth.

70 red NEW 2789 Iko Iko King Crimson bell pepper is a High Mowing bred exclusive. everbearing habit keeps fruit high on 24-30” plants. Row spacing: 18-36" or double rows 18” apart on 5-6’ centers. Large peppers have thick walls. Plants are heat tolerant and can set fruit under a wide range of conditions. double rows. M= 1. This variety is recommended for heated greenhouse production or unheated high tunnels. Peppers can be harvested and eaten at an unripe (green) or ripe (colored) stage. Good for both shipping and freezing. providing plenty of coverage all season long. Peppers abort flowers at temperatures over 85°F. Compact plants have good leaf cover to prevent sunscald. Optimal soil temperature for germination is 85°F. 2774 Jupiter 2775 California Wonder 2777 King Crimson 2800 King of the North 2779 Sprinter F1 2793 Olympus F1 The Organic Seed Source for Commercial Growers and Home Gardeners 51 PEPPERS 2800 King of the North Jumping Jupiter! These jumbo peppers are sure to knock your socks off. neem oil. In soils containing the Verticillium Wilt fungi (Verticillium alboatrum and Verticillium dahliae). 80 red California Wonder is a large. early ripening peppers. open-pollinated varieties. Plants are upright and strong. RESISTANCE KEY: BlS-Bacterial leaf Spot (races SEED SPECS: 3. 9. vesicatoria). Sprinter is also strong against Blossom-end Rot and russetting. each with three to four lobes. but it's best to pull up infected plants immediately.000 indicated if known). Chilling injury occurs below 45°F. Fruit spots are brownish black warty appearance. A winner every time! 2775 California Wonder 65 days green. 68 red green / red bells 2774 Jupiter TMV 65 days green. Developed in partnership with Cornell University. 18” apart on 6' center beds. Widely adapted plants are 3’ in height and offer good leaf cover.75 oz). 82 red TMV (races 0-3) Olympus offers jumbo peppers for high yields where seasons are long or in unheated tunnels. 85 red BlS (races 1-3) PEPPER PLANTING INFO: Days to maturity are from transplanting. Plant spacing: 12-18”. it set fruit well under row cover. our largest bell.700 plants/acre (~11M seeds/acre. blocky. Forms glossy. but Sprinter can go the distance – producing quality yields of uniform fruit over a long harvest window. so practice strict sanitation. Plant growth and fruit set are encouraged by use of plastic mulch to warm roots and soil. pot up into 2” or larger cells.Peppers Capsicum annuum 57 days green. using 18” spacing. The disease persists on plant residue and seed. SHU = Scoville Heat Units DISEASE & PESTS: Commonly subject to Bacterial Spot (Xanthomonas campestris pv. King of the North is known for being able to produce good sized peppers even here in northern VT. TSWV-Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus 2779 Sprinter F1 hybrid 62 days green. Shows strong resistance to Tobacco Mosaic Virus. in our trials. .400-4. This one is A favorite in our trials due to early maturity and uniform size. On average. Affected leaves drop off. 4-lobed fruit are not quite as large as Orion. Remove row cover or switch to a lightweight row cover when day-time temperatures reach 75-80°F or when first flowers appear. 2793 Olympus F1 hybrid 65 days green. Plants are vigorous and bushy. green fruit that turns red quickly under a range of conditions. ~2. 75 red Reliable variety for short seasons. When growing transplants. Upright. CULTURAL INFO: Long-season. 75-125M seeds/lb (100M avg). and/or an insecticidal soap (such as Safer Brand™) may also be effective. Size falls right between King Crimson and Jupiter. Peppers turn from vivid green to bright red when ripe and they are suitable for stuffing and freezing. where the growing season is a mere 90 days. cMV-cucumber Mosaic Virus. yields may be reduced. High resistance to Tobacco Mosaic Virus. Sow seeds into flats ~4 seeds/ inch. Store peppers at 50°. This pepper will get you to the finish line: Sprinter consistently ripens a high percentage of fruit. heat-loving annuals. Viruses can be difficult to distinguish from one another but should all be treated the same: pull up infected plants immediately to prevent spread. Slightly later than King of the North. Colored peppers generally require 2– 4 weeks longer. ~ ¼ oz). Copper fungicides can be moderately effective. consistency in size and shape. If plants are flowering but fail to set fruit. Plant under row covers. four lobes and measure 4-5” long. Not only that. TMV-Tobacco Mosaic Virus. Start transplants 6-8 weeks before planting date. thick-walled stuffing pepper introduced by Burpee’s in 1928 and still a hit today. Pyrethrin. The Peppers average 4” wide and are slightly elongated in a blocky-bell shape.54°F and 95% percent relative humidity. known for their outstanding breeding work with disease-resistant. maintain 75°F during the day and 65°F at night. but larger than Jupiter or King of the North. especially in combination with floating row cover. Harden off plants by slightly reducing temperature to 60-65°F and reducing water for 2-3 days before transplanting. the culprit (at least in northern regions) is likely the tarnished plant bug. with superior quality. six oz. even during our short growing season. practice long crop rotations. these large blocky. Very similar to Orion in size and look. purchase only disease-free seed. sure to create a cult following like the band it’s named after! Early peppers are medium-sized and blocky with four lobes and thick walls. if plants are isolated by row cover. Seeding depth: 1/4”. or where this is impractical. Harvest first peppers promptly to stimulate further fruit production. spraying with Beauveria bassiana (such as Naturalis™). 2777 King Crimson cMV 60 days green. Seeding rate: 670 plants/1000’ (~750 seeds/1000’. PVY-Potato Virus Y. supporting heavy yields of 3-4” fruits that turn green to glossy red. When first true leaves appear. 10% to 20% of pollination may occur by insects. and intermediate resistance to Cucumber Mosaic Virus. thick-walled.900 seeds/oz (4M avg). Our improved High Mowing strain has been selected for a higher percentage of blocky.

Iko Iko is a new release from the High Mowing Organic Seeds breeding program. Thin walls make it especially suited to roasting. sweet pepper up to 6” in length. and though we have yet to encounter a spicy Shishito in our trials. 65 days purple/yellow. 65 red Early and very sweet! Striking long. and earlier maturing than bell peppers. HEIRLOOM Early pepper with a unique shape and sweet flavor. PEPPERS sweet specialty NEW 2788 Oranos F1 hybrid 60 days green. taking on rich flavor. Typically harvested and used green. Widely adapted. a type that is sweeter. TSWV An early maturing orange bell with thick walls and uniformly 3-4 lobed fruit. 75 red Specialty variety with dark purple skin and bright green interiors. (Photo. and tolerance of cool nights. A greatly improved Corno di Toro type with larger size and earlier maturity. even under hot conditions. Excellent for adding a polychromatic burst to an early season pepper display. Compact plants are strong and upright.colored bells NEW 2814 Purple beauty 55 days purple. bushy plants are abundantly productive. where it was selected for color. which flopped on the ground. Appreciated not only for its unusual color. though generally not as much as with the Sheepnose pimento. Fruits are medium-sized at 1 ½” x 5-6” long. A natural array of colors in a heavy-yielding bell pepper.highmowingseeds. Iko Iko produces a carnival blend of purple and yellow peppers ripening to tangerine and red. Sturdy compact plants are loaded with medium-sized peppers. TMV (races 0-3). Immature fruit color ranges from dark purple to lavender to pale yellow to the seldom lime green. Squat. NEW 2770 Atris F1 hybrid 58 days green. Intermediate resistance to Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus and Potato Virus Y. 18” tall. 68 yellow TMV (races 1-3) 55 days green. 75 days red 2794 Shishito Small. more succulent. Fruit sets well in a wide range of conditions. Get colored peppers much earlier than with green-to-red types. Widely adapted. Topepo Rosso is a pimento. Fruit is set in the crown and on each limb optimizing yield per plant. 85 days red/orange 2789 Iko Iko NEW 2815 Sweet Chocolate 58 days green.5” wide and is a blocky-bell shape. which combines the words tomato and pepper). In our 2010 trials. 2797 Topepo NEW 2794 Shishito 2792 Catriona F1 2776 Golden Californa Wonder 2814 Purple Beauty 2771 Milena F1 2815 Sweet Chocolate 2770 Atris F1 2788 Oranos F1 52 www. 2776 Golden California Wonder 60 days green. and upright frames with good leaf cover. Vigorous open plant habit with good yield and solid set. but also for its remarkable earliness. 78 brown Early maturing and high yielding. Extremely prolific plants have good leaf cover to protect peppers from sun. Plants average 28” tall and are upright and sturdy. Occasional residual purple blush on ripening fruit only adds to the fun. and bright orange color is eye-catching at market or in a salad. pan-frying and grilling. upright 22-30” plants are everbearing and pendant. Flavor is mild. Strong resistance to virus. One of the best open-pollinated orangeyellow peppers available with high yields and good fruit set in cool conditions. Cooked until soft. Early and sweet! 2792 Catriona F1 hybrid 60 days green. Fruit quickly matures from green to red. Lipstick red fruit measures 2-3” wide by 2” tall and resembles a tomato (hence the name Topepo. unheated tunnels or open field. 83 orange PVY. meaty walls. frying or grilling. pepper lore has it that the occasional fruit will display heat. Peppers average 1/2 lb and 3” x 4” in size. mild Japanese pepper for roasting. Some fruit show slight ribbing. rounded fruit with extra thick. Holds purple stage well. p. Slender fruit are 2-4” long and 1” wide. but eventually turns bright orangered with slightly sweeter flavor. Developed through the dehybridization of Purple Belle F1. Oranos was the variety with the highest total yields and the highest number of ripened fruit – a impressive for a short growing season like ours in Vermont! Thick walls are great for stuffing. We grew this variety next to other flattened and heart-shaped pimento types and were pleased with the upright habit and good leaf cover of Topepo compared to other varieties. then sprinkled with sea salt. smooth-skinned. Consistently one of the earliest and best tasting peppers in our trials. 70 days red 2797 Topepo Rosso Early maturing yellow bell for field or tunnels. Works well in the greenhouse. Shishito has gained recent rapid popularity as a gourmet appetizer. 78 gold Deep orange and thick-walled peppers are very similar to California Wonder with an earlier maturity date. 51 in oval) 60 days green. heavy fruit set. before ripening to a deep purplered. yield. Medium sized fruit averages 3. under heat it will blister and char easily. Developed by Professor Elwyn Meader at UNH. 2771 milena F1 hybrid 65 days green. Medium sized peppers are uniformly long and slightly tapered with long stems. 75 orange A vividly colored Italian type with sweet flavor and productive yields.com • phone (802) 472-6174 • fax (802) 472-3201 . slender. Sturdy.

Peppers can be used fresh. with that distinctive jalapeno flavor. Very productive strain that quickly changes from green to red. canned. which it replaces. Tall plants laden with fruit remain upright in the field.5. dried and to make an excellent powder. Can be harvested at various maturities. 2786 Ring-O-Fire 68 days green. Delicious. SHU . SHU . 84 red A long banana-shaped waxy pepper used for frying. Plants are 25” tall and multibranching.000 70 days Capsicum fruttenscens – An ornamental pepper for 2785 Numex Joe E. In our 2011 and 2012 trials. longer and earlier to mature. ripening to green and eventually red. heartshaped chili perfect for stuffing (like in chile rellenos). Similar to Atris. HMS strain is medium. An improvement over our Red Cayenne.2781 belcanto F1 hybrid 60 days green. An immature poblano is dark green. in our 2010 trials. Plants reach 18-24” tall. Medium heat. being thicker. smooth skinned fruits are 4-6" long. Dried it is referred to as an Ancho pepper and is ground and used as a flavoring spice. They ripen from a pale yellow to purple striped then to orangy-red when fully ripe. Usually harvested green and used for stuffing. Tapering fruits are 8-10” long and thin. 83 red Productive hybrid sweet Italian frying pepper suitable for field or high tunnel production. is responsible for this excellent variety. Ring-O-Fire matures earlier and has a glossy sheen with a fire engine red color. SHU . Frank Morton. grilling. 85 red Heavy-yielding 3-3.200 2781 Belcanto F1 field or containers. Attractive. 85 days red hot Open-pollinated Italian frying pepper competes with the hybrids in quality and yield. Parker 70 days green. roasting. plants were slightly better yielding. sweet flavor and thick walls. 78 red 2780 Early Jalapeño 65 days green. almost black. 2” wide at the crown. Produces 3-4" fruits similar in shape to a jalapeno. SHU . This is a hot. SHU . often with a slight bull horn curve.500 NEW 2798 Stocky Red Roaster 2790 Hungarian Hot Wax 2782 Ancho Poblano 2778 Corno di Toro 2787 Black Hungarian 2791 Hot Purira 2786 Ring-O-Fire 2780 Early Jalapeño 2785 NuMex Joe E. but fruit size is longer and. stuffing.4. but well worth the wait. Hot Purira peppers are known for their colorful display as well as for their heat. drying or in sauces. Peppers average 8" long and have a thick. Ripens from pale yellow to deep golden orange to cherry red. Not the earliest pepper in our trials. deep crimson red color when fully ripe. 80 red Highly ornamental in the field and on the plate! Green foliage is highlighted by purple veins and beautiful purple flowers. or processing. Prolific and dependable. Thick juicy walls with sweet flavor.3. burns.000 2790 hungarian hot Wax 59 days yellow. Peppers have medium-thick walls averaging 4-6” long with a wide interior. Plants are very vigorous with an excellent upright habit.1. Compact plants are sturdy and work well in containers. SHU . crisp flesh with mild heat and excellent flavor. Mild heat.” just like Johnny Cash said. Well-adapted variety with good yields even in cool regions. Heat varies among strains. or as colorful pickled peppers. Peppers average 4” long. hot pepper.000 65 days green.5” blunt-end fruit can be harvested dark green or allowed to ripen to red. NEW 2778 Corno di Toro HEIRLOOM This highly attractive Italian variety was extremely popular in our 2006 taste tests. 60 red CAYENNE “And it burns. Stocky Red Roaster was among the best tasting peppers with juicy. Oregon seed breeder and saver.20.10. Peppers are 2” long and point upward. but black in color ripening to red.000 2791 hot Purira 2787 black hungarian 60 days black. The straight-forward name of this variety belies a truly outstanding pepper. 70 days green. Improved version of New Mexico 6-4 pepper. Parker The Organic Seed Source for Commercial Growers and Home Gardeners 53 PEPPERS 2798 Stocky Red Roaster 2782 Ancho Poblano .000 Beat the heat! The poblano is a very mild. but others can be very hot. SHU – 50. 95 red ANAHEIM A Southwestern-style traditional Anaheim chili pepper. 88 red 45 days green. burns. Sturdy plants grow 3036" tall.

00 $73.95 $8. Small potatoes (1-1.210. Yukon Gold has made a name for itself as one of our most popular sellers.00 $8.10 $71.00 $24.00 $154.00 $218.40 100 $54. 30” row spacing.40 $9.00 $210. with the potential of total crop loss.00 $25.60 $14.00/M $80.00 $218.75 $2. or medium to extra-large full size potato.00 $71. Plant spacing: 12”. The Colorado potato beetle (CPB) can be a significant pest. 70-85 days Also known as Cranberry Red.00 $154.70 $9.00/M $398.10 $7. Parker 2814 Purple Beauty 2786 Ring O Fire Cayenne 2794 Shishito 2798 Stocky Red Roaster 2815 Sweet Chocolate hybrid. Unlike scab. 900 lbs/acre.Capsicum chinense 2784 maya 70 days green.00 250 $99. Plants are tall.95 $3.95 $3.20 pieces/lb avg.30 $77.50 $12.50 $17.75 $2.00 $76.75 $2.00 $139.00 $174.00 $154.00 $7.00/M $398. Potatoes should cure in a dry. and improved variety.00 $73. moist area at 38-40ºF.5” diameter) can be planted whole.40 $37. Renowned for outstanding flavor and dry texture.00/M $370. Best boiled or steamed.75 $3.10 $51.00/M $370. 70-90 days POTATO PLANTING INFO: Seeding depth: 84100 Yukon Gold 84040 All Red 3-6”.00 $26. Scab is most severe in dry weather.00 $154.highmowingseeds. using 12” plant spacing. and frying.60 $27.30 $132.30 $174.00 $218.50 1 oz $71.Scab SEED SPECS: Fingerling. referring to days to maturity.90 $73.30 $131.00 $71.450 lb/acre. Good for baking.00/M $89.10 $8. Seeding rates: 80-100lb/1000’.30 $6.75 $2.60 $8. multi-branching and hardy to ensure maturity in cooler climates like the Northeast.80 $102.75 $2.00 $8. Peppers are lantern shaped and longer and more slender than a typical habanero.50/M $180. Earliness and high yield capacity make it perfect for an unusual new potato.20 $73. Excellent keeper. 36” row spacing. using 12” plant spacing.95 $8.95 PePPerS 1/16 oz $8.00 $132. producing loads of perfect peppers. Each piece of the tuber should have at least one eye (dormant bud). Seeding rate: 50 lb/1000’. sold by weight 2782 Ancho Poblano 2787 Black Hungarian 2775 California Wonder Sweet 2778 Corno di Toro 2780 Early Jalapeno 2776 Golden California Wonder 2791 Hot Purira 2790 Hungarian Hot Yellow Wax 2789 Iko Iko 2774 Jupiter 2777 King Crimson 2800 King of the North 2783 Magnum Habanero 2784 Maya Red Habanero 2785 New Mexico Joe E. A true stand-out.75 $2. Store potatoes in burlap. mid.00 $320.30 $13.00 $128.75 $3. DISEASE & PESTS: The two most difficult potato diseases are scab and late blight.00 $60. boiling.30 $174.00/M $189.00 $71. 54 www.20 $6.8-10 pieces/lb avg. Can be planted 1-2 weeks before the last frost date in spring.000 1/64 oz $2.60 $17.95 $3. CULTURAL INFO: A hardy cool season crop.75 $2.00 $15.00/M 2784 Maya 2783 Magnum 2779 Sprinter F1 Potatoes Solanum tuberosum early season 84040 All Red 84100 Yukon Gold Our earliest potato.70 $50.00/M $398.50 $27.50 $174.80 $71.50 $26.150.50 $210. Classified by early.75 $3. Photo (above): Paul bringing in the harvest of German Butterball potatoes. this gorgeous potato has rich cranberry-red skin and white flesh with rosy tie-dye swirls which hold color during cooking.75 $2. Uniformity and productivity are top notch.60 $29. 1. larger potatoes can be cut into pieces.95 $2. A widely acclaimed star of European golden-fleshed potatoes. To increase number of tubers and promote larger growth.00 $195.10 $210.95 $2.30 $210. averaging 3-4” long.90 $22.90 $50. and burn. 90 red open-pollinated.40 $9.00 $30. SHU .20 $6.20 $8.100-1.000 10 $8.20 $31. hill plants shortly after emergence and again three weeks later.00 Capsicum chinense 2783 magnum 80 days green.80 $63.00 $210.50 $26.95 $6.70 $29. sold by seed count 2770 Atris F1 2781 Belcanto F1 2792 Catriona F1 2771 Milena F1 2793 Olympus F1 2788 Oranos F1 2797 Topepo Rosso PEPPERS / POTATOES RED HABANERO Bright red and glossy! This one made quite an impression at our 2007 hot pepper taste test for outstanding appearance.50 $71.00 500 $183. and late season varieties.75 $2.75 $2.40 $3.00 1m $314.95 1/4 oz $26. SHU . RESISTANCE KEY: ScaB .50 $9. Symptoms of late blight include water-soaked areas at the leaf tips that spread inwards and become dark brown and brittle after one or two days.90 $6. Harvest two weeks after plants have died back.00 $17. Full Size.00 $50. dark place.95 $12.75 $2. Early maturity and good productivity in cool climates.95 $8.50 $27. making sure to cover all exposed tubers to avoid greening.00 $50. Select scab-resistant varieties and maintain good soil moisture.00/M 5m $282.80 $27. use Dipel or spinosad to control organically.70 $71.com • phone (802) 472-6174 • fax (802) 472-3201 .10 $7.10 $132.50 $40.00 $8. or crates in a dark.00 $218.10 $6.00/M $398.50 $76.50 $54.75 $2.10 $6. 100 orange ORANGE HABANERO Typical habanero with bonnet shape and a gorgeous shiny bright orange color. flavor.00/M $370.60 $12.00 1/4 lb $174.50 $27. Shows resistance to scab and some drought resistance.00/M $370.80 $14.00 $71.70 $73. late blight is severely destructive.70 $26.80 $31. boxes. Row spacing: 30-36”.10 $8.

roasting and baking. This definitive variety was once the North American standard for white tablestock. Good storage.40 The Organic Seed Source for Commercial Growers and Home Gardeners 55 POTATOES HEIRLOOM – Unrivaled in flavor! “Great mid sized potatoes.mid season NEW 84092 Red Norland 80-90 days An excellent choice for new potatoes! Outstanding red potato offers both great flavor and heavy yields. With its flaky texture and rich flavor German Butterball is excellent baked.50 (add $14. .40 $91. 84092 Red Norland 84120 Russian Banana NEW 84120 Russian banana Fingerling 105-135 days HEIRLOOM Superstar of the fingerlings! Yellow skinned. Photo: Kathryn plants out true potato seed plants in our trials field. easier storage and transport. Good keeper. known for its wide adaptability and consistent performance. high mowing Organic Seeds trials 84005 Katahdin 84020 German Butterball True Potato Seed Did you know that potato plants make seed? You may have seen the little berries potato plants produce after flowering. Pale yellow skin and golden flesh.20 $72. Excellent storage.00 s&h per item) 50 lbs $91.” says Paul Betz of Highledge Farm in VT. Has a soft. Specifically developed for northern growers and short seasons but found to be widely adaptable in many climates. roasted. and blue potato salad! 84110 Rose Finn Apple Fingerling 105-135 days HEIRLOOM Blush colored skin and bright yellow inside. High field resistance to scab.40 $91.70 $11. Excellent storage. moist texture excellent for steaming and au gratin potatoes. a good boiler…one of my favorites.40 $141. These potato seeds have the potential for new varieties and colors. Medium to large tubers are oblong with moist. The name says it all: this popular variety is delicious. and roasting. Long heavy tubers with russeted skin and white flesh. Shows a moderate resistance to scab. First grown by early Russian settlers.40 $91. Medium sized tubers are long and narrow resembling a finger. 84000 All Blue 84010 Burbank Russet PoTaToeS open-pollinated. ScaB 110-135 days 84020 German butterball 84010 burbank Russet 120-140 days The Idaho potato is the most widely grown potato in the US. or fried.00 s&h per item) 20 lbs $45.40 1 lb 2 1/2 lbs $11.highmowingseeds. We’ll keep you posted as our work progresses! Keep track of us on our blog: www.40 $91. We are excited to be collaborating with Bejo Seeds on a breeding project for true potato seed that may someday yield new potato varieties that you can plant from seed. Tubers are crescent-shaped with tapered ends.20 $45. amazing roasted.50 $11. and less disease than tubers. 84005 Katahdin 90-100 days Popular Maine potato. sold by weight 84000 All Blue 84040 All Red 84010 Burbank Russet 84020 German Butterball 84005 Katahdin 84092 Red Norland 84110 Rose Finn Apple Fingerling 84120 Russian Banana Fingerling 84100 Yukon Gold $10. frying.20 $45. Best used for boiling.80 $91. Yellow flesh is fine-grained and suitable for boiling. white flesh. Tubers form high on the ground so keep hilled for best quality. white.20 (add $26.50 $45. firm. mashed.50 $13. but loses color intensity in long term storage. 84110 Rose Finn Apple late season 84000 All blue 95-125 days A stunning potato with deep blue skin and blue flesh.40 $91. Moderately dry flesh has superb flavor that is popular in gourmet markets.50 $72. fusarium and scab. Some resistance to blackleg.40 $10.80 $141.20 $45.com/blog.50 $11. a little waxier than dry. Flaky texture is perfect for baked potatoes.20 $45. finger-sized tubers set the standard for fingerling flavor.70 $13.50 $11. Prepare with All Red and Katahdin for a genuine red. Stores well. High resistance to scab.50 $11. Large round tubers have a waxy white flesh and thin buff skin. Once a novelty and now a mainstay of the specialty potato market.20 $45.50 $11. fries and hash browns.

size. Yellow color starts out pale and brightens with maturity. selected for shape. In storage it will ripen further and turn completely orange outside and get even better inside. Row spacing: 9-12’.Cider Jack is a knock-out Jack O’ Lantern pumpkin with smooth. maxima~2. handpollinating in the pumpkin breeding field.000 seeds/lb (3. reliability and uniformity.280-375 seeds/oz (310 avg).500-2. Cut stem near vine at least 2-3” from fruit. C. 90 days 2841 Jack Straw 2840 New England Pie PLANTING INFO: Days to maturity are from direct seeding. Strong handles stay attached to the fruit and dark green handle color contrasts nicely with vivid yellow skin. which makes for pies of superior consistency. are also effective against Black Rot. moschata. well-drained soil.~1.Our sweetest pie pumpkin with an ornamental flair. DISEASE & PESTS: Powdery Mildew (Sphaerotheca fuliginea) results in reductions in overall yields and quality of harvested fruit. Plants put out 2-3 pumpkins each.140-250 seeds/oz (195 avg).Vibrant yellow jack o’lantern puts a colorful twist on the standard Halloween pumpkin.Pumpkins Cucurbita spp. Direct seeding: 2-3 seeds/18-36”. finishing off nicely late in the season . but more numerous. Also known as Nantucket Pie. 1. This heirloom variety first appeared in 1893.com • phone (802) 472-6174 • fax (802) 472-3201 .highmowingseeds.52. Pumpkins are round to slightly oblong and can range from 8-14” tall with a uniform shape. Specialty pumpkins have superior eating qualities in addition to their unique physical attributes. Brent Loy.150 avg). pepo . NEW 100 days 110 days 2825 Owl’s Eye F1 hybrid HEIRLOOM – C.A smooth faced Jack O’ Lantern with dark orange skin and a hearty handle. and durability. fruit. Delicious flavor and distinctive appearance but not a great keeper. C. 99 days 2826 Cider Jack F1 hybrid 2830 Long Pie HEIRLOOM . texture and density of flesh.~.If you are looking for a standard round pumpkin. This variety is another original release from the High Mowing breeding program in collaboration with the University of New Hampshire. See Winter Squash and Cucumber sections for symptoms and controls of pests and diseases of the cucurbit family. Seeding depth: 1/2-1”. Another successful result from our search for outstanding new varieties for organic growers.90-160 seeds/oz (125 avg). bright orange skin and a well-attached handle. 100 days C.~5. Vining. using 2-3 seeds/36” on 6’ centers. subtract two weeks if transplanting. C. Plants are semi-bush in habit and show tolerance to powdery mildew in the field.. thin to one plant per spacing. pepo . pie pumpkins jack o’lantern 2818 baby Pam C. 4.Plant spacing: 18”.C.~2-3 lbs. Bush/ Semi-bush. While not quite as sweet as Baby Pam. uniformity.600 seeds/lb (2M avg). ribbed fruit ranges from 10-16” in diameter and weighs 10 -15 lbs. Slightly flattened bottom helps fruit sit evenly on your porch or table. handle quality. Optimal soil temperature for germination is 85-95°F. C. Dry. Great keeper.000 Photo (above): Seed production crew member. Semi-bush habit with early fruiting.5 lbs/acre. Very attractive. pepo .11M-16M seeds/ acre. then Long Pie is not for you. pepo. Jack O’ Lantern pumpkins are strictly decorative.The standard for uniform pie pumpkins with long handles and a bright orange skin. Slightly smaller than New England Pie and much more uniform in size. dry area to cure. 2818 Baby Pam 2830 Long Pie 2841 Jack Straw NEW 2840 New England Pie 2826 Cider Jack F1 NEW 2828 Winter Luxury 2825 Owl’s Eye F1 56 www. maxima. Move to shaded. breeder of our Sugar Dumpling F1 winter squash and Sunkist F1 tomato. Seeding rate: Bush/Semi-bush. Tighter plant spacing will result in yields of smaller. C. Dark orange skin with light ribbing and well attached handles are very attractive as well as delicious.5-4 lbs/acre). Pie pumpkins are intended for eating and have been selected for flavor. In the case of Black Rot. Fruits average 6 lb and about 6” in diameter. pepo . Exposure to too much sun may bleach handles and cause sun scald.000 avg). pepo. stringless flesh cooks down to a smooth filling. (C. Harvest before frost. cooking down easily for thick pumpkin filling. its stringless flesh has a higher dry matter content. Seeds can be direct seeded after danger of frost has passed and soil temperature has reached 70°F. 2. NEW 105 days C.5-8 lbs) using 2-3 seeds/18” on 6’ centers. Powdery Mildew is difficult to control with fungicide applications because the fungi multiply rapidly and attach to the undersides of leaves where they are difficult to reach with sprays. CULTURAL INFO: Long-season tender annuals that grow best in fertile.300-4. Each plant is very productive and under strong fertility will produce highly uniform fruit. A great selection for roadside stands. Some varieties have been developed with tolerance to Powdery Mildew (PMT). C. Row spacing: 6’.7-1. similar in size to New England Pie. pepo.5-5 lbs. then put down your food mill and get ready to scoop out virtually stringless. Research indicates that control measures for Powdery Mildew. but its sugary flavor is what beats all others for pie making. Plants show a good tolerance to Powdery Mildew. including the use of PMT varieties. moschata. C. maxima. pepo .0 lb.just in time for Halloween sales! A High Mowing exclusive. But if you want the best pie pumpkin for cooking.The classic New England pie pumpkin. pepo . Tolerant varieties can still become infected but the plant is able to keep producing unblemished fruit. Black Rot (Didymella bryoniae) is caused by the same fungus that causes Gummy Stem Blight and results in fruit rot. Interior flesh has a velvety texture and sweet flavor that is excellent for pie. Great for painting faces and as munchkin Jack O’ Lanterns.000 seeds/lb (5. Medium-sized pumpkins average 20-25 lbs. bred on our seed farm in Wolcott. moschata.5006. Very popular with commercial growers for quality. Vining. perfect for painting or carving. Leif. M=1. Excellent tolerance to Powdery Mildew.Plant spacing: 24-36”. pepo . as well as ward off cucumber beetles which can damage young seedlings.~3. VT. slightly ribbed. 2828 Winter Luxury 105 days C.5M-8M seeds/acre (C. Black plastic mulch and floating row cover can also be used to increase soil and air temperature. smooth and brilliant orange meat! Long Pie averages 5-8 lbs and should be harvested green with a bright orange spot on the bottom. SEED SPECS: C. the pathogen can be seed-borne and survive in crop residues. cheesecake and soup. The deep orange skin is decorated with silvery netting and slight ribs giving it a unique and magical appearance. Fruit ranges in size from 4-6 lbs. Exclusively produced by High Mowing in partnership with UNH’s Dr.

round and slightly flat in shape. moshata . Stout handles are corky and straw colored.70 $3.C.25/LB $62.50 $3. Long Island Cheese is a favorite that has regained popularity due to increased interest in specialty produce.2820 howden specialty 2832 Jack be Little 95 days C. pepo .00 $16.00 $7.10/LB $68. Plants have vigorous vines and heavy leaf cover. Cut from the middle like a wedge of cheese and slice very thinly.The original Jack O’ Lantern! Rich orange HEIRLOOM – C.00 $38. pepo .50/LB $120. but is most valued for hull-less seeds which make a scrumptious snack.00/LB 2820 Howden 10 $4. Each plant will produce an average of eight pumpkins.25 $4.70 $2.Round.00 $62.00 1m $99.00/LB $54. Each plant produces 3-5 pumpkins. can be hollowed out for a serving dish or placed on the end of your broomstick for a festive sweep through the Halloween season.Hulless seeds for snacking! Endearing 2837 Kakai Hulless 2835 Musque de Provence PuMPkINS open-pollinated. so best to harvest at maturity.50 $12.95 50 $16. A unique pumpkin that can be both eaten and used ornamentally.40 $4.20/LB $34. Skin is completely smooth with only slight ribbing – this along with its translucent white coloring make this variety an excellent painter pumpkin.50 $6. Small pumpkins have heavy ribs.70 $16.70/LB $67.00/LB $70. Texture is firm and flavor is nutty and fresh. maxima .70/LB $77. harvest right away and keep protected for best quality off the vine. white-skinned beauties are 2827 Long Island Cheese 2819 Casper 100 days C. Rouge vif d’Etampes 99 days about 8-10 lbs in size.80 $18. 110 days 2822 Black Futzu for a ghostly Halloween display.90 $44.50 $8. Stores very well. sturdy handles. moschata .50 $18.90 $7. Kakai seeds are highly nutritious and yield a valuable oil that is used to promote prostate health in men.50/LB $62. Sizes up reliably and is tolerant to Black Rot.90 $7.C.00/LB $67.00/LB $50. pepo .40 $7. Vigorous vines bear uniform fruit with thick handles.This Jack may be little. old-fashioned pumpkins are 3” wide by 2” tall and bright orange.25 $2. Sweet interior flesh makes this variety suitable for pies and baking. They are very attractive.95 $2. often enjoyed cooked. Will produce well in large containers.90/LB $30. but it is big fun for kids and pumpkin lovers far and wide. The skin color is buff like a butternut and the deep orange flesh is flavorful.30 $37.50 $5.00/M 2832 Jack Be Little The Organic Seed Source for Commercial Growers and Home Gardeners 57 PUmPKINS color with deep ridges and good.60/LB $72. Developed in the Berkshires of Massachusetts in the late 60s by John Howden. 2836 Valenciano HEIRLOOM .00 $62.75 $3.10 $48. Creates a beautiful display.30/LB $72.50 $22. Beautiful like an ornamental yet tasty enough for a meal. maxima . Edible pumpkin with an exceptionally deep orange flesh and a strong and sweet flavor.75 $2. sold by weight 2818 Baby Pam 2822 Black Futsu 2819 Casper 2845 Cinderella 2820 Howden 2832 Jack Be Little 2841 Jack Straw 2837 Kakai Hulless 2827 Long Island Cheese 2830 Long Pie 2835 Musque de Provence 2840 New England Pie 2836 Valenciano 2828 Winter Luxury hybrid. Plants have semi-bush habit and yield 2-3 fruits per plant.00 1 lb $50.00/LB $60.00 $39. plants show little sign of Powdery Mildew when other varieties are beginning to succumb.00 $38.50 $10. Flesh is bright orange with a yellow inner rind and is dimpled from the exterior skin making an attractive slice when roasted. 2822 black Futzu 105 days 2835 musque de Provence 125 days HEIRLOOM .00 1/2 lb $28.00/LB $120. a warty texture and average 3–5 lbs.00 $16. itremains the most popular pumpkin in its class among both commercial growers and home gardeners. 100 days C.20 $16.50 1/2 oz $6.00 $38.00/LB $70.40/LB $64. smooth-skinned white pumpkin HEIRLOOM .40 $16. May sound strange. Medium sized fruits average 5-8 lbs.00/LB $65.80 $7. but it will surprise you! . Fruits are large. Great for decorations.95 $4. sold by seed count 2826 Cider Jack F1 2825 Owl's Eye F1 1/8 oz $2. flat in shape and deeply ribbed.A rare Japanese specialty for the porch or the table.20/LB $80.00 $28. 110 days C.00/LB 5 lbs $45. moschata .50/LB $76. The flavor is exceptionally complex and sweet with a nice light crunch.75 $3. This edible pumpkin.This vivid red French heirloom will carry you off into a fairy tale where maidens ride in pumpkins and wear glass slippers! Flattened fruits average 15-20 lbs and resemble a red cheese wheel.75 $3. Weighs 25 lbs on average.00/M $99.50 $46.50 $7.50 $16.60 $39.50 $16. dense and sweet. commonly used as a soup tureen. maxima . Miniature.00 2 oz $12.00/LB $72.90 $25. skin develops translucent bluish-grey spotting.00 $37.75 $2.00 250 $39.75 $7. Flesh is high quality.75 $3. In our trials.20 $12. round and slightly ribbed.These creamy. The outer skin remains dark green or black until ripe and then become a muted chestnut color with a powdery appearance in storage.50/LB $90.50/LB $54. Fruits average 8-10 pounds and range from round to oblong in size.C. 2836 Valencio 2845 Cinderella 2819 Casper 2827 Long Island Cheese 2837 Kakai hulless Japanese pumpkin with orange and green striped markings and large raised ribs.Gorgeous French variety also known as Fairytale.Like a wheel of cheese: flat. Not as rugged as orange pumpkins.00 $28. is also traditionally eaten fresh. If left on the plant too long.00 $32. Richly colored green background and orange glow become increasingly buff when ripe. 115 days C.60 $5.00/LB $90. often weighing 1525 lbs.00 $15. Widely adapted and yields well even in poor conditions. 2845 Cinderella.

625 (2. Bunch with Purple Beauty and Pink Beauty for a colorful display. Seeding rate: Garden2. Average 2" long.1” with crispy white flesh. especially in warm weather. 25 days 2870 Pink Beauty 2873 Rudolf 2866 White Icicle 2863 Purple Plum 2875 Valentine's Day Mix 2850 Cherry Belle 2860 French Breakfast 2865 White Beauty 58 www. Roots hold up well in the field and do not crack easily. 25 days 2866 White Icicle Slender garden radish with pointed roots resembles a miniature daikon. Daikon. Interior is juicy. by chewing small holes in the leaves. with a nice radish crunch.com • phone (802) 472-6174 • fax (802) 472-3201 . Crisp white flesh has a distinctive and delicious flavor. Optimal soil temperature for germination is 6585°F. 27 days 2873 Rudolf All the vigor and uniformity of a hybrid in this highly-selected open-pollinated variety. 288M seeds/acre (~6.750 avg) seeds/oz. Garden. 2874 Celesta F1 hybrid 25 days 2860 French breakfast HEIRLOOM An oblong. 26 days 2870 Pink beauty Bright pink radish with a uniform round to oval shape and medium tops. We’re excited to offer the first organically available hybrid radish. particularly for young plants. Can become pithy if harvested late. Less subject to pithiness than other radishes. 12” row spacing. Strong green tops are great for bunching. Best grown in spring or fall. even when allowing the roots to grow quite large. Plant every 10 days for a continual supply. half red on top and white on the bottom. Use floating row cover to prevent insect damage. such as Alternaria Leaf Spot and White Mold (sclerotinia).200 seeds/100’ single row (~3/4 oz/100’ single row). Daikon. and white round garden radishes with a splash of French Breakfast to liven it up! Sure to create a heart-felt sensation. Hardy and adaptable. Rudolf makes a crisp. purple. blunt-tipped radish. Good for both winter and spring production. Highly resistant to pithiness. 30-58M (44M avg) seeds/lb. Thin if necessary to ensure even sizing. NEW 25 days 2865 White beauty Pure white roots are perfectly round globes averaging 1.5” in diameter. pink. smooth.000 Bright purple skin covers firm white flesh. SEED SPECS: 1. Seedlings emerge within a few days. Row spacing: 12-16”. nicely round radish with excellent resistance to cracking and pithiness. summer and fall. CULTURAL INFO: Radishes are hardy annuals. 958M seeds/acre (~22 lb/acre) using 20 seeds/ ft. AAS winner in 1949. They can be direct seeded as soon as soil can be worked and are better adapted to the cooler temperatures and shorter days of spring and fall. 25 days 2875 Valentine’s Day mix A well-balanced mix of red.5 lb/acre) using 6 seeds/ft. Harvest radishes on time as they do not hold well in the field. uniformity and bolt tolerance in a red round radish. medium-size tops can be used as salad greens. Roots average 3-4” long and have a mild radish flavor and crunchy bite.Plant spacing: 4-6”. Foliage is strong.875-3. DISEASE & PESTS: Like other crucifers. 30 days 2874 celesta F1 2863 Purple Plum RADISh PLANTING INFO: Seeding depth: 1/41/2”. 12” row spacing. which received the highest rating in our 2011 red radish trials across all seasonal slots – spring.Radishes Raphanus sativus NEW Excellent vigor. compact and upright for easy harvest. radishes can be subject to fungal diseases in wet seasons. Short foliage. Smooth. Makes uniform spheres 3/4 . Topped radishes will keep good quality for 3-4 weeks if stored at near freezing temperatures with high humidity in semipermeable containers. We saw hardly any bolting or splitting from this variety. Has a healthy radish spiciness and quality. vivid red skin contrasts nicely with bright white flesh.highmowingseeds. Flea beetles can present a problem. Celesta is attractive when sliced. Row spacing: 8-12”. M= 1.Plant spacing: 1”. Texture is crisp and juicy.660 seeds/100’ (~1/4 oz/100’ single row). 27 days 2850 Cherry belle Classic. red-skinned bunching radish.

Best grown in fall.00/LB $33. We are very excited about these new opportunities! 59 Seed production research in the hoophouse. sold by seed count 2873 Rudolf hybrid.30 $5.75 $2. While we can produce some of these crops for seed in the field here.80/LB 2862 Miyashige White Daikon 2870 Pink Beauty 2863 Purple Plum 2875 Valentine's Day Mix 2847 Watermelon 2865 White Beauty 2866 White Icicle open-pollinated.2862 miyashige White Daikon 50 days Popular Japanese daikon that can average 2-6 lbs each while remaining crisp and tender for pickling. Seedlings that had established roots but A otherwise remained small consistently survived the best.75 $2. Pure white with pale green shoulders when exposed to sun.30 $11. We’ve been excited to learn that some of the crops for which we’ve been able to produce seed in the hoophouse – such as broccoli and kale – are those that cannot otherwise be produced for seed in the Northeast at all.75 1m $9. beets.75 $2.50 $5. One of our recent explorations has revealed that brassicas. Our first round of experiments happened accidentally.60 $3. which greatly improves pollen survival and makes for healthy seed.30 $22.20 $22. Again we were pleased and surprised by how much seed we were able to harvest.30 $8.75 1/4 oz $4. This ability to produce seed of the longer-season biennial cole crops will allow us to begin breeding and selection for the Northeast in ways that were never possible in the past.90 $6.95/M 100m $3.50 $7. and we found that winter survival was heavily influenced by planting dates.75 1m $4. Siberian Kale Seed The Organic Seed Source for Commercial Growers and Home Gardeners RADIShES .90 $16.90/LB $38. similar to daikon.70/LB $35.40 $11. white skin and green shoulders averaging 2.50 $4. Because of seed crop timing.50/M 5m $6.00/LB $48.40 $8.30/LB $39.40 $13.70 $12. Excellent in salads. and turnips can be successfully grown here for seed in an unheated high tunnel.55/M 100m $1. 2847 Watermelon A pretty in pink end to your summer salad days! A Chinese ball-shaped radish with bright-pink flesh.80 $7.00/LB $75. Greater exposure to vernalizing temperatures also helps.40 1 oz $6.5 . 60 days raDISheS open-pollinated. We intend to share the results of this research and conduct trainings for other growers who are interested in using high tunnels for seed production. so they can begin flowering while temperatures are still relatively cool.30 $6.10/M 2847 Watermelon Breaking New Ground High Tunnel Seed Production big part of seed production at High Mowing has always been pushing the envelope to see what crops we can grow for high quality seed in our Vermont climate.50/LB $42.00/LB 5 lbs $35. they tend to have more exposed leaf surface to be killed by cold.90/LB $75.75 $2.35/M 100 $3.00/LB $51.75 $2. they made bumper crops– much more on a per-plant basis than we ever see on our field plantings of mustard greens for seed. The protection of the high tunnel seems to help plants make higher quality seed in three ways. as a garnish or cooked. Best grown for fall crop. which spread rapidly in rainy weather. We saw how well our winter mustard greens trials survived the winter and decided to see if some might make seed.50/M 5m $2.75 $2.00/LB $39. our yield or quality has often been low. sold by seed count 2874 Celesta F1 100 $2. and the very high quality of the seed.75 $2. The next year we did more intentional experiments.60/LB $42. If they grow larger in the fall. The high tunnel also protects them from the fungal diseases of the open field.60 1/4 lb $16.50/M 50m $3.70 $13. fermenting or storage.10/M 50m $1.75 $2. there’s an opportunity for growers using high tunnels for certain vegetable crops to use some space for Rosalind Broccoli Seed seed crops during the off season.3” in diameter. sold by weight 2850 Cherry Belle 2860 French Breakfast 2862 Miyashige White Daikon 1/16 oz $2.30 $8.70/LB $68.50 $4.60/LB $37. Inner flesh is crispy and mildly sweet. To our surprise. The plants begin growing earlier in the spring.00 $4.00/LB $40. This past spring we successfully applied for a grant from the Vermont Specialty Crop Block Grant Program to further research using high tunnels to produce seed in the Northeast.30 1 lb $38.90/LB $37.40/LB $68.60 $6.30 $16.00 $17.

650 avg) seeds/ oz. 2887 Corvair F1 hybrid DM (races 1-11) 40 days High level of downy mildew resistance. High yielder for overwintering.70M seeds/100’bed (~1. Row spacing: 12-18”. Smooth. 18” row spacing.highmowingseeds. oval leaves. Direct seed as soon as soil can be worked in the spring until late summer or early fall. winter greenhouse production.100 seeds/100’ row (~1/2 oz/100’row). DISEASE & PESTS: Spinach is commonly susceptible to downy mildew (Peronospora farinosa f. Plants are extremely upright. consistently at the top of the pack in productivity.75lb/100’bed). Appropriate as a flat baby leaf variety as well as winter full size.000’row (~1/4 lb/1000’row) using 10 seeds/ ft. A heavy yielding variety recommended for fall crops. Similar to Pigeon in appearance. Leaves are medium to dark green. Smooth. High yield potential and widely adapted for spring or fall productions. NEW 2885 Giant Winter Selected for cold hardiness. 2887 Corvair F1 NEW 2883 Palco F1 2884 Renegade F1 2876 Silverwhale F1 2878 Pigeon F1 2885 Giant Winter 60 www. 50 days DM (races 1-9. glossy. spinaciae).com • phone (802) 472-6174 • fax (802) 472-3201 . Row spacing: in 2-4” bands 1-2” apart. 25-60M (42M avg) seeds/lb. Makes an excellent all-season spinach with smooth round leaves. oval-shaped leaf was a stand-out in our trials garden. never prone to brittleness or cracking.5-7. 700M seeds/1000’bed (~16. Over-wintered spinach is best started in late summer and harvested in late winter when days begin get longer. Excellent downy mildew and virus resistance – a proven variety for winter high tunnels. It compares best to Whale F1. 9. In our trials. M = 1.Spinach Spinacia oleracea smooth leaf 2884 Renegade F1 hybrid 38 days DM (races 1-7). preferring a range of 6. with a slightly lighter color and resistance to an additional race of downy mildew. Crop rotations help eliminate inoculum but no resistant varieties are available. Attractive dark green spoon-shaped leaves with strong disease resistance. Good resistance to bolting.000 Photo (above): Eliza offering overwintered spinach. round/oval leaves are excellent for baby leaf or bunching spinach. or over-wintering outdoors under mulch. Spinach is sensitive to soil pH. 11) This is a fast-growing and late-bolting spinach with smooth. Store washed spinach close to freezing and high humidity for 10-14 days.75 lb/1000’ bed) using 640 seeds/ft on 3’beds (16 rows/ bed). sp. leaf quality and vigor. 2878 Pigeon F1 hybrid DM (races 1-13) 38 days semi-savoyed leaf This attractive. spoon-shaped leaves. oval leaves are medium to dark-green and upright for easy harvesting by hand or harvester. RESISTANCE KEY: cMV-cucumber Mosaic Virus. spinaciae) and fusarium wilt (Fusarium oxysporum f. very dark-green. Bunching1. glossy leaves are slightly savoyed. Great for baby or full size leaf in both spring and fall. Seed germinates best when soil temperatures are 3260°F. cMV 43 days 2883 Palco F1 hybrid DM (races 1-5. BunchingPlant spacing: 2”. 8. sp. 11M seeds/1. Control insect pressure by using row cover and controlling weed hosts.Direct seeding: ~40 seeds/ft”. Yielded up to 50% more than other hybrids. Corvair has a faster growth rate and crisper texture than Renegade F1 but is not as bolt resistant. 11-14) 2876 Silverwhale F1 38 days SEED SPECS: 1. causes stunting and underdevelopment in plants.550-3750 (2. Ultimate bolt tolerance with dark green. CULTURAL INFO: Spinach is a cool-season hardy annual that thrives in fertile and moist soil. Grows a bit slower than Corvair but excels in quality of leaf when handled. Cucumber mosaic virus. we noticed Silverwhale demonstrated faster re-growth than Pigeon for a second cut. making for easy harvest. Very attractive leaves. and show good emergence and vigor. transmitted by aphids. DM-Downy Mildew (races indicated if known) SPINACh PLANTING INFO: Seeding depth: 1/8-1/4”. Baby leaf. Seeding rate: Baby leaf. and leaves have nice cupping for baby leaf production. This slow-growing warm season hybrid has excellent leaf texture under hot conditions and it also performed extremely well in our winter hoophouse trials. Dark green.

25 $3. and increased yield that can come from growing under cover. The Organic Seed Source for Commercial Growers and Home Gardeners 61 SPINACh Highly bolt-resistant.10/M $2.10/M $1. remaining seedless. Medium green. David Landreth developed the original Bloomsdale spinach in the 1800s.75 $2.25/M 100m $0. Leaves are savoyed.70/M $0.40/M $0.95/M $1.75/M $1.70/M $1.75 2889 Winter Bloomsdale 1 oz $6.00/LB $68.80/M $1.3) 40 days 45 days cMV 2889 Winter bloomsdale NEW 2880 bloomsdale Longstanding 42 days HEIRLOOM A long loved old-time favorite and one of the more outstanding open-pollinated varieties available. pest control. Good for over-wintering outdoors under mulch.95 $4. HMS trials spinach and other greens each winter in our hoophouse to identify the best varieties for over wintering.00/LB $65.40 $3.00/LB $50.75 $2.com Our parthenocarpic cucumbers and zucchini will set fruit under cover even without pollinators.10/M 500m $0.75 $2.75 $2.95/M $1.55/M 50m $0.80/M $0. Has excellent heirloom flavor and tender leaves.highmowingseeds. From our Winter Hoop House Guide to in-depth articles on season extension.20/M $2.70/M $1. Performs well as a winter greenhouse crop or overwinter outdoors under mulch. Stems are upright.25 $3. Developed by Dan Landreth in the late 1880s.00/M $1. sold by weight 2880 Bloomsdale Long Standing 2885 Giant Winter 2889 Winter Bloomsdale hybrid. We have the varieties and know-how that will help you succeed with your season extension.70 $7.25/M 10 m $1. 2880 Bloomsdale Longstanding open-pollinated.00/LB $52. Considered a standard for savoyed spinach.10/M $0. dark green color. HEIRLOOM Dark green leaves are more savoyed than Giant Winter. long and narrow with a glossy.75 $2.95 $3.00/M ExtEnd Your SEaSon by GrowinG undEr CovEr high Mowing appreciates the season extension. is loaded with resources to help you grow under cover. Our website www. sold by seed count 2887 Corvair F1 2883 Palco F1 2878 Pigeon F1 2884 Renegade F1 2876 Silverwhale F1 2888 Tyee F1 2888 Tyee F1 SPINach 1/4 oz $2.savoyed leaf NEW 2888 Tyee F1 hybrid DM (races 1.97/M $1.10/M $1.10 1 lb $52.20/M $2. we have resources to help.70 $18. Selected for early spring and fall crops as it has good cold soil emergence but a tendency to bolt in the heat. perfect for spring and summer sowings especially.62/M $0.95/M $1.75 500 $3.50 1/4 lb $18.75 $2.55/M $0. keeping tender leaves off the ground and making for easy harvest.75/M $2.50 $5.95/M $2.70 $21.30/M $0. savoyed leaves grow quickly and vigorously. .64/M $0.75 $2. Check out our hybrid greenhouse tomatoes and NEW organic rootstock for greenhouse tomatoes.80/M $1.25 5m $1.00/LB 100 $2.95/LB 5 lbs $50.

single stemmed and spineless. Partenon allows an early harvest of dark-green. A real boon for early production under cool or rainy conditions or in protected environments that lack pollinators (under row cover or in a greenhouse. WMV. DISEASE & PESTS: Powdery mildew. Bacterial wilt. Scallopini. 2894 Cha-Ching F1 2905 Partenon F1 2900 Dark Green 2915 Goldy F1 2892 Dunja F1 2895 Costata Romanesco 2907 Midnight Lightning 62 www. such as blue hubbard squash. removal of crop debris to discourage overwintering populations. Direct seed as soon as all chance of frost has passed or start transplants 3-4 weeks before planting date. In addition. Erwinia tracheiphila. Resistant varieties are available. cucumbers and melons. making for easy harvest and increased air-flow to keep down disease. Single stemmed plants are sturdy and stems have few spines.40ºF and 90% relative humidity. and do not overgrow. fruit tends to put on girth as it grows. lures beetles away from main crop. Seeding rate: Zucchini. Much less prone to greening than Gold Rush.000 seeds/acre (3 lbs/acre).200 seeds/lb (3. Looking for an eyecatching zucchini? Dario certainly won us over in our trials. An open-pollinated variety best suited to the home garden. WMV-Watermelon Mosaic Virus. Fruits are very perishable. open plant habit. Heavy yields with a high percentage of marketable fruit. 55 days Similar to Gold Rush and Sebring. 2. watermelons. as well as ward off cucumber beetles which feast on young seedlings and also spread disease.500-4. dark green skin. When compared to market standards like Payroll. transplanting the first succession immediately after frost-free date and the final succession three months before the expected first frost. Seeding depth: ½-1”. Black plastic mulch and floating row cover can be used to increase soil and air temperature.12.com • phone (802) 472-6174 • fax (802) 472-3201 .155-260 seeds/oz (200 avg). which includes winter squash. pumpkins. 4.12. glossy. cucumber beetle feeding can damage young leaves so extensively that plants either die or are stunted in growth. and which under favorable conditions can yield well. It produces an extra long and slender zucchini with a dark green almost black coloring.200-6. 5’ centers.) Tolerant to Powdery Mildew. Direct seeding: 2-3 seeds every 12-24". 2 seeds every 18”. Open habit with few spines make harvesting easy. there weren't any organic hybrid zucchini or open-pollinated medium green zucchini varieties available. Use of a trap crop preferred by cucumber beetles.000 Zucchini Yellow Mosaic Virus. Mix with green zucchini for an eye catching display. thin to 1 plant.000 seeds/acre (3. NEW 2897 Dario F1 Dark green zucchini with excellent disease resistance and high yields. PrSV 50 days Improved cocozelle type with more defined striping.100 avg).12.Summer Squash Curcurbita pepo zucchini 2895 Costata Romanesco 2905 Partenon F1 hybrid A parthenocarpic variety yielding mature fruit without pollination. Upright plants are single-stemmed with an open habit for easier picking. RESISTANCE KEY: PM-Powdery Mildew.000 seeds/lb (5. Harvest fruits every other day for best size and quality and to maintain plants’ productivity. Plant spacing: 12-24”.350 avg). but will store 3 to 4 days at 35 . Scallopini. Crop rotation. ZYMV. Summer Squash. Plants are very open in habit. resistance to powdery mildew and slender. NEW 50 days NEW 52 days 2894 Cha-Ching F1 hybrid When we started our breeding program. We set out to breed and select for what growers needed. Many growers plant multiple successions of summer squash during a season to ensure continuous harvest. measuring 1” in diameter even at 7” length and holds well after harvest. manifests as white spots on tops and bottoms of leaves.500 seeds/lb (4M avg).220-280 seeds/oz (250 avg). CULTURAL INFO: Summer squashes are warmseason annuals in the cucurbit family.35 lbs/acre).000 seeds/acre (2. Medium. Row spacing: 5-6'. Fruits remain edible longer. is spread by cucumber beetles and will quickly kill young plants. PrSV-Papaya ringspot Virus 2915 Goldy F1 hybrid A High Mowing exclusive . extending the harvest window. Dunja out-performed them in powdery mildew resistance and overall yield. 50 days 2892 Dunja F1 hybrid PM. Plants produce quickly and have good field resistance to disease. A true standout! Fruits are straight and slightly ridged with an attractive.highmowingseeds. Tolerant to powdery mildew. plants can still become infected but the symptoms are usually much less severe. Sphaerotheca fuliginea or Erysiphe cichoracearum. 48 days HEIRLOOM This Italian zucchini wins every taste test based on its unique. glossy fruits. 2907 midnight Lightning SUmmER SQUASh PLANTING INFO: Days to maturity are from direct seeding. and use of floating row cover can be effective in controlling cucumber beetles. The disease results in decreased fruit size and yield. ZYMVSEED SPECS: Zucchini. while skin is soft and somewhat glossy. M=1. and is slightly tapered with a small blossom. medium-green zucchini with good tolerance to powdery mildew. Fruits are long and slender with contrasting green stems.5 lbs/acre). Plants are compact.260-375 seeds/oz (320 avg). Great picked at 6" or smaller with the flower still attached and fried whole. Where many varieties abort the first fruits early for lack of pollinators. Goldy has bright yellow skin and white flesh. Fruit remains slender. slightly nutty flavor and exceptional texture. marketable fruits. Dipping or spraying seedlings with kaolin clay can significantly deter infestations.the first to be developed on our organic seed farm in Wolcott. Harvest at 6-8” long or smaller. Dario’s flavor is sweeter than most cocozelle. 3. ChaChing is a productive.500-4. gray-green skin and prominent ribbing also give this Italian variety a distinctive appearance. attractive fruit shape. Best quality fruit are harvested at 5–8” or smaller. subtract 2 weeks if transplanting. glossy green fruit is speckled with light green. Summer Squash. Tender. NEW 54 days PM 2897 Dario F1 hybrid 55 days 2900 Dark Green Produces good quantities of straight. Vermont. Optimum soil temperature for germination is about 85ºF.

90 $39.75/M $86. with pale green color that matures to a creamy white. Prolific plants keep cranking right through powdery mildew season.00/LB $50. Bushy plants provide excellent yields of saucershaped fruits with scalloped edges. Very prolific.40/M $68. sold by seed count 2907 Midnight Lightning Zucchini hybrid.00 1m $38.10 $6.80 $31. as it is called in Arabic.80/M $142.60 $12. Also known as Lebanese summer squash or kusa. In our 2004 trials. or teacupsize. 47 days 2891 Dark Green Scallopini F1 hybrid 55 days A compliment to our Yellow Scallopini with an attractive.30 $8.00/LB $28. and attractive fruit. .00/M $102.75 $2.90 $20. Dark and light green striping is less defined than Dario.10/M $86.20 $20.30 $7.00/LB $63. Our stock seed has been carefully selected for yield and shape.80/M $99.  producing late into season when other varieties slow down.00/LB $45. Open habit with single stem and nearly spineless.70 $39. harvest for the Intervale Community Farm CSA in 2008. Our stock seed has been carefully selected for yield. Best flavor is when 3-4” in diameter.90 $83. warty ornamental gourd.00/LB $34.00 $10.20 50 $18.75/M $183.00/LB $65.00/M 5m $33.75 $2. can also be used for a dark yellow.00/LB 5 lbs $45.60 $39. Oversize kusa.75/M $102. Bushy plants are early to produce and remain prolific throughout the season. Evenly shaped. Harvest when they are a bit larger than golf balls or even larger to stuff with your favorite filling. 52 days 2908 Success Pm Straightneck 50 days PM 2912 benning's Green Tint 52 days HEIRLOOM Easy-to-grow patty-pan type.75 1/2 oz $7.75 $2.30 $8. 50 days 2916 Ronde de Nice HEIRLOOM Green with white speckling. uniform.80/M $68. milder than Costata but more flavorful than most zucchini.70 $32.95 50 $7. Plants have good tolerance to powdery mildew. Bush plants are mostly single-stemmed.70 $7. dark green glossy skin and characteristic saucer shape with scalloped edges. First released by High Mowing Organic Seeds and the Cornell Vegetable Breeding Institute.00/LB $34.00 $51.00 1 lb $50.90 $27. No formally noted virus resistance.00 $32. surpassing leading hybrids with established resistances.40 $4.20 $7.00 $25. Harvest when small and tender.70/M 2917 Yellow Scallopini F1 Patty Pan The Organic Seed Source for Commercial Growers and Home Gardeners 63 SUmmER SQUASh Tasty Italian variety! Cocozelle impressed us as being a productive.00 $39. but was clearly the only variety not even slightly affected by virus in our 2008 trials. shape and quality. This variety has a touch of green at its blossom end.60 $8. sold by seed count 2894 Cha-Ching F1 Zucchini 2897 Dario F1 Cocozelle Zucchini 2891 Dark Green Scallopini F1 Patty Pan 2892 Dunja F1 Zucchini 2915 Goldy F1 Zucchini 2905 Partenon F1 Zucchini 2906 Segev F1 Summer Squash 2908 Success PM Straightneck 2910 Yellow Crookneck Squash 10 $3. with the blossom still attached. attractive variation on the standard green zucchini.10 $7.10 $7.00/LB $28.00 2 oz $20.50 250 $12.00/LB $28. 2896 Cocozelle 58 days specialty 2906 Segev F1 hybrid Parthenocarpic variety with good tolerance to powdery mildew. Tolerant to powdery mildew.60 1m $100.30/M $136.00 $21.00/M $99.30 $11. Harvest when fruit is 2-3” for best quality. Success outperformed standard hybrids in total yield.00 $6. but shows much more contrast than Costata Romanesco.75 $2. Scallopini is considered by squash-lovers to have one of the most appetizing flavors of all summer squashes. Pick at 5-6” long or smaller for best flavor and tenderness.60 $10. Provided over three months of abundant. lemon-yellow variety with tender skin and creamy white flesh. Compact plants are very productive and work well in containers.80 $21.80/M $173. can be prepared like winter squash.75 $2.80 $11. Segev is a light green summer squash with slight taper and extra long stems for easy harvesting. these round zucchinis from the south of France have long been a fresh market favorite.80 $21.70 $25.00/LB $45. Flavor is slightly nutty.95 $7. If left to over-grow.30 $5. referred to as marrow squash. High yield potential.50 $27.00/LB $50. 2916 Ronde de Nice NEW 2912 Benning's Green Tint 2896 Cocozelle 2906 Segev F1 2891 Dark Green Scallopini F1 & 2917 Yellow Scallopini F1 open-pollinated.60/M 5m $96.NEW 2917 Yellow Scallopini F1 hybrid 55 days Golden saucer-shaped fruits with scalloped edges.10/LB $33.00 1/2 lb $32.60/M $102.75 $2.00/LB 2908 Success PM Yellow Straightneck Squash 2910 Yellow Crookneck open-pollinated.10 $27. sold by weight 2912 Bennings Green Tint Patty Pan 2896 Cocozelle Zucchini 2895 Costata Romanesco Zucchini 2900 Dark Green Zucchini 2916 Ronde de Nice Squash SuMMer SquaSh 1/8 oz $2. Freezes well.00/M 10 $6. producing smooth.60 $20. yellow summer squash 2910 Yellow Crookneck HEIRLOOM A light. disease-free.80 250 $36.70/M $99. A major breakthrough in open-pollinated summer squash. straight fruit with very slight ribbing over the lighter green striping.30 $5.

have a deep color and have hard rinds that can’t be easily dented with a fingernail. gold or orange is another general indicator of ripeness. Also has some tolerance to Powdery Mildew. This 4-5” long mini-butternut is a dark. Larvae emerge and bore into the stem of the plant. Out-performed Table Ace F1 in bush habit. Hubbard6. Bush types provide less weed suppression so are typically planted closer than vining types for easier tractor cultivation. which subsequently shows signs of wilting. using 2 seeds/30”. Plants average 4-6 fruits of 1.500-7. Sugar Dumpling was developed by Dr. subtract two weeks if transplanting.800 seeds/lb (2. Larvae overwinter in the soil. Row spacing: 6’. 6’ row spacing. Plants have compact bush habit and produce very high yields. moschata . flavor.400 seeds/acre (2. acorn 2942 honey Nut PM 110 days 2920 Sweet REbA PM 90 days C. Brent Loy at UNH specifically for semi-bush habit. yield. Fine grained inner flesh is exceedingly sweet and deep orange in color when ripe.3 lb fruits. The squash vine borer (Melittia cucurbitae) is a wasp-like moth that lays dull red eggs on squash vines. Sweet REBA continues putting energy into developing fruit long after most squash varieties have succumbed to Powdery Mildew. Smaller than Ponca with a much more uniform butternut shape. RESISTANCE KEY: PM-Powdery Mildew SEED SPECS: Acorn and Butternut.A long time in the making. We think this one will be a standout for everyone.Plant spacing: 24-36”. Delicata and acorn squash do not need curing. C. Another great release from our partnership with Cornell University. Very vigorous and prolific. and yields. 6’ row spacing. DISEASE & PESTS: Winter squash is susceptible to Powdery Mildew.5 .5 . Plants can also be planted in hills of 3-5 plants in rows 3-5’ apart. Seeding rate: Acorn and Butternut.400 seeds/acre (1 lb).400 seeds/ acre (1.2 lbs. Vining. removal of crop debris. and use of floating row cover can be effective in preventing infestations.This 1970 AAS winner is by far the most widely-grown butternut variety. Seeding depth: 1/2-1”. Vines are 3-4’ in length. able to ripen to full maturity with a high-sugar content. Flesh is a thick.25 lbs). PLANTING INFO: Days to maturity are from direct seeding.Plant spacing: 18-24”. Bush or Semi-Bush. Winter squash can withstand a few very light frosts in fall. 2940 Waltham butternut 105 days C. 2918 Nutterbutter 90 days C.260-375 seeds/oz (320 avg). The critical stage of sugar production is not debilitated by the disease late in the season. Great storage variety. but higher overall gross yields. Jodi-Lew Smith.5 lbs). M=1. but should be harvested before hard frost. Final coloring can be slow to develop under cool conditions.500-2. It was selected for its uniform. and will mature in regions that have trouble ripening butternuts. Direct seeding: 2-3 seeds/18-36”. Forms uniform.com • phone (802) 472-6174 • fax (802) 472-3201 . Changing color of the ground spot from yellow to cream. Black plastic mulch can be used to increase soil temperature for earlier planting. healthy.400 seeds/acre (3. 4.90-125 seeds/oz (105 avg). Fruits average 4-5 per plant and are 1. tan skin that is easily peeled with a potato peeler. To harvest.160-175 seeds/ oz (160 avg). Buttercup and Spaghetti. pepo . using 2 seeds/30”. disease resistance.400-470 seeds/oz (435 avg). 4-5 lb fruits with smooth. pepo . dry location for a few days then store at 5055°F with 55-75% relative humidity and good air circulation. Stores well. Simply cut in half and bake! Shows moderate to high levels of field resistance to Powdery Mildew. but will not store as long as other varieties. and nicely rounded. and exceptionally high sugar content.200-6. uniform. Row spacing: 9’. CULTURAL INFO: Winter squash is a warmseason annual that can be direct seeded or transplanted once danger of frost has passed. cut stem at least 2” from the fruit: a short or broken stem can lead to rot. so crop rotation. 6’ row spacing. Delicata/Dumpling. Delicata/Dumpling. 1. moschata .6. Our HMS strain has been selected for uniformity of size and shape.100 avg).2 lb each.highmowingseeds.000 seeds/lb (5. Cure after harvest by keeping in a warm. 2.750 avg). C.500 seeds/lb (7M avg). Store in a cool dry place for up to 6 months. Double serving size dumpling squash with cream colored skin and dark green stripes. and Striped Cucumber Beetles.700 avg). See Summer Squash. pepo . Great flavor! 2940 Waltham 2918 Nutterbutter 2920 Sweet REBA 2942 Honey Nut 2921 Table Queen 2955 Sugar Dumpling F1 64 www. disease resistance. This is a personal-sized butternut that will wow squash lovers with its flavors. delicata / dumpling 2921 Table Queen C.600-2.HMS Exclusive. Not as uniform or well shaped as Sweet REBA. thin to one plant per spacing. If cured well and stored properly Waltham will keep well into the winter.Table Queen is an open-pollinated and 92 days 2955 Sugar Dumpling F1 hybrid 90 days PM highly popular acorn variety that bears 1. sweet flavor. 6. medium-sized bell-shaped fruit. uniformity of shape and ripeness in our trials.Resistant Early Bush Acorn (REBA). moschata . Start transplants 3-4 weeks before last spring frost. powdery mildew resistance. 6’ row spacing. using 2 seeds/30”. using 2 seeds/30”. Black Rot. Note: Fruit initially appears dark green when immature and ripens to deep orangey-tan color. its early maturity. Flesh is finely textured and dark orange.6.000 seeds/lb (1. Bacterial Wilt.Winter Squash Cucurbita spp. and most importantly for its consistently nutty. Hubbard.5 . can withstand poor soil conditions and keeps very well.From Cornell’s Vegetable Breeding Institute comes this specialty sure to gain attention.6. Pumpkin and Cucumber sections for symptoms and controls of pests and diseases of the cucurbit family not detailed here. pale orange with excellent flavor. Early planting is recommended. butternut Nutterbutter was developed in our breeding program by Dr.000 Photo (above): Kaitlynn and Faeterri hand-pollinating squash plants. Buttercup and Spaghetti.75 lbs). Harvest when fruits are full size. orange-buff.

gray-blue skin and sweeter flesh than the standard Blue Hubbard. Small Orange.90 $13.95 $4.00 1 lb 5 lbs $26. A fun treat for the family with kid-friendly vegetable appeal. stringless flesh and a sweet.00/LB $80.75 $2. shape and color as well as yield.75 $3.50 $18.00/LB $32.00 $24.50 $11. make no mistake. Also excellent for use as a trap crop for cucumber beetles.00 250 $17.70/LB $120. sold by seed ct.50 250 $24.A delicious eating pumpkin with hubbard C. Our strain is the highest quality available. sold by weight 2925 Baby Blue Hubbard Squash 2919 Bottle Gourd 2930 Burgess Buttercup Squash 2839 Crown Pumpkin 2950 Delicata Squash 2925 Baby Blue Hubbard 2960 Red Kuri WINTer SquaSh & gourDS 1/8 oz $2. Some varieties included are: Nest Egg.50 $30.50 $13. short seasons.00/LB $35.50 $4. it is a delicious eating squash not to be relegated to the front porch display this autumn. scaled-down blue hubbard with smooth.75 $3.00 $14.50/LB $10.00 $38.70/LB $62. Excellent keeper. A very attractive gourd that retains a glossy.10/LB $33.2950 Delicata 2839 Crown Pumpkin 100 days Cucubita maxima . after baking or boiling.00/LB $57.50 $4.00/LB $40.The bottle gourd has been cultivated for its utility and ornamental qualities world-wide. Plants vine heavily and require a long. medium-sized light yellow fruits have very sweet flesh. other 2945 Spaghetti baked or boiled before the fibers separated into long noodles. non-bitter and non-hard-shelled fruit.50 $9.50/LB $90.50/LB $37. Originally part of the Koanga Gardens collection of heritage seeds in New Zealand. sweet. Fruit averages 3 lbs each and is 16” tall and 6” wide at its base.00 $23.80 1m $36.A decorative mix of small-sized . High Mowing Organic Seeds seed tester Jeremy Weiss had requested a sample before it was lost and was able to bring the seeds back into production. sold by seed count 2940 Waltham Butternut Squash 2955 Sugar Dumpling F1 Squash 10 $4.Dark green skin with a gray button on gourds 2923 Ornamental mix gourds that are slightly earlier to mature than traditional gourd varieties. these teardrop-shaped.50 $28. improving the strain along the way to better reflect its original characteristics.10 $6. 95 days C.00/LB $64.50/LB $96.00/LB $30. Yellow Warted.50/LB $115.00/M 5m $74.00/LB $82.50 2 oz 1/2 lb $31. Our strain has been improved for uniformity on our seed farm in Wolcott. This is our HMS improved strain with a high percentage of clean. 95 days C.75 $2.10 $2.00 $88. growing season. 2925 baby blue hubbard 95 days hard blue-grey skin and rich orange flesh. Fruits are 3-4 lb size. carefully selected since 2001 for uniformity of size.00 $9. strikingly red-orange squash from Japan have smooth. 2945 Spaghetti 10 $3.10 2942 Honey Nut Butternut Squash 2923 Ornamental Gourd Mix 2960 Red Kuri Squash 2945 Spaghetti Squash 2924 Speckled Swan Gourd 2920 Sweet Reba Bush Acorn Squash 2921 Table Queen Acorn Squash hybrid.00 1m $80.50 $6.Incredibly sweet flavor and superbly delicate 2930 burgess buttercup the blossom end. As a farmbased seed company we are able to carry out focused improvements like this on many of our varieties.Fork out the squash pasta! This has to be 2930 Burgess Buttercup 2923 Ornamental Mix 2919 Bottle 2950 Delicata 2839 Crown Pumpkin 2924 Speckled Swan open-pollinated.00/LB $38. non-warty and uniform squash.25 $2.00/M open-pollinated.70 $28. resembling spaghetti. Golden orange.75 $2. dry.70 $7.75 $4.75 $5. warm. 2919 bottle 125 days Lagenaria siceraria . maxima .90 $52. deep orange flesh.70 $22.20/LB $51. growing season. maxima .90 $64.65 50 $11. Medium-sized gourds average 10” tall and 5” wide at the widest point.50/M 2918 Nutterbutter Butternut Squash The Organic Seed Source for Commercial Growers and Home Gardeners 65 WINTER SQUASh flesh have made Delicata the darling of squash lovers. Vines can reach 15’ long.25 $2. The most reliable yield even in cool. 95 days Cucubita pepo .00 $23. Fruits of 5-7 lbs are of consistent quality and teardrop shape. VT.00/LB $37. pepo . warm.75 $2.75 $2.00/LB $150. maxima .Graceful long necked gourds are 2960 Red Kuri Orange Hokkaido.90 50 $10.10 $45. rich flavor have made this squash a long-time New England favorite. This mix is sure to offer everyone a favorite just in time for fall festivities. Improved HMS strain with greater uniformity than others.00/LB $70.90 $35.50/LB $46.40 $17.00 $47.80/LB $75.50 $20. 88 days C. 2924 Speckled Swan 125 days Lagenaria siceraria .00 $15.1.5 lbs each and can be eaten with skin on. 95 days C. Fruits are 1 . hard outer shell when dried.00 $19.75 1/2 oz $7.75 $5. who prefer Blue Hubbard above all other cucurbit varieties.40/LB $44. Typically produces 10-12 fruits of 3-5 lbs each per plant. Pear. Crown of Thorns and more. Gourds are bright green with white speckles.00 $10.00 $9.80 $4.00/LB $160. While this variety is called a pumpkin. seed for this variety was lost for a time. pepo .00/M 25 m $68. Oblong.50 $8.00/LB $72.80/M 5m $31. Plants vine heavily and require a long. resembling the arch of a swan’s neck with a characteristic head and beak.A more marketable.Also known as Baby Red Hubbard and uniformly bent along the neck. Fortunately.

Similar much-loved flavor. control is unlikely. Excellent producer of 4-6 oz red tomatoes in just 60 days. Late blight. maintain four square ft/plant. Plants have potato shaped leaves. Bacterial canker (Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. Fruits are round to slightly flattened with a deep red color and luscious. 550 seeds/1. Phytophthora infestans. Medium-sized 5-7 oz fruits are abundant and ripen nicely on the vine. Dark pinkish-red flesh is smooth and juicy. Indeterminate 82 days HEIRLOOM High quality. using 24” plant spacing. 4M seeds/acre (for cherry ~ 11.com • phone (802) 472-6174 • fax (802) 472-3201 . Field tomatoes are also subject to several common diseases such as bacterial speck (Pseudomonas syringae pv. Large fruits average 12-16 oz with sweet. Indeterminate 85 days 3090 Pruden’s Purple midsize – 4-12 oz HEIRLOOM Rivals Brandywine as the best-flavored heirloom tomato and boasts a devoted fan club. is caused by Alternaria solani and A. Indeterminate varieties ripen mid to late-summer. shorter growth habit. and copper sprays. with a silky texture. for full size ~2 grams/1. An outstanding choice for a yellow heirloom tomato. Fcr-Fusarium crown & root rot.5 grams/1. Semi-determinate 60 days 3086 Crimson Sprinter 3055 Yellow brandywine HEIRLOOM A yellow version of the famous Brandywine. Believed to trace back over 100 years to the Cherokee Indians. the American Center of Food.500 seeds/oz. Like all Russians. 8-12M seeds/oz. The best prevention for all diseases is to use disease-free seed. Determinate types ripen early. for full size ~2. alternata in cooperation with Septoria lycopersici. Early blight is best treated early with regular applications of fungicidal sprays. bear fruit over a long period of time and require support. lB-late Blight. avoid contact with plants during moist conditions. Large beefsteak fruits weigh in at 12-16 oz. so make sure to have a napkin handy! Fruits are very large. Crimson Sprinter is the earliest maturing cultivar to carry the famous crimson gene with notably high lycopene content. and Midwest. Indeterminate 82 days Brilliant candy-apple red color and strong performance in cool conditions for early season harvests. eB-early Blight. CULTURAL INFO: Warm-season tender annuals. using 18” plant spacing. (350 avg). but rather a deep pink with slight shoulder ribbing. Wine and the Arts in Napa. 725 seeds/1. tolerant varieties. SlS-Septoria leaf Spot. is increasingly becoming an issue for northeast growers.500-9.highmowingseeds. Greenhouse . beefsteak fruits can weigh 1 lb or more. have a concentrated fruit set. and immediately remove and destroy infected plant material to prevent spread. 6’ center rows. but smaller than Brandywine. Harvest tomatoes fully ripe or when half ripe and ripen off the vine at temperatures above 70°F. Unique fine-lined stripes of golden-yellow and candy-red make this tomato an amazing sight. Pruden’s is not really purple. Mid-Atlantic. Stabilized by Jeff Dawson from a cross between Green Zebra and Marvel Stripe and named in honor of COPIA. DISEASE & PESTS: Early blight.000’ (for cherry and saladette ~2 grams/1.660 plants/1000’. making it a great pick for the greenhouse. for full size ~3/4 oz/acre). Transplant after danger of frost has passed. VW-Verticillium Wilt TOmATO PLANTING INFO: Days to maturity are from transplants. (8M avg). appearance and plant habit.5 grams/1.Tomatoes Lycopersicon esculentum beefsteak – 12-16 oz 3053 Copia 3052 Cherokee Purple HEIRLOOM Brownish-purple skin with green shoulders and red flesh. Moskovich can stand up to cool conditions. lM-leaf Mold.000’. Great eaten fresh or for processed.840 plants/acre.000’) 3. for indeterminate 24-36".500 plants/1000’.600 plants/acre. A popular heirloom for the greenhouse.280420 seeds/gram. Yellow flesh is smooth.. Prevent with good airflow. (10M avg). Highly resistant to cracking. Potato-leaf variety. rich flavor. Seeding rate: Determinate . Widely grown by gardeners and market growers alike. Row spacing: 4-5’ centers.000’. Row spacing: 4-6’ centers. Optimal soil temperature for germination is 75-85°F.Plant spacing: 16-24”.300 seeds/acre (for cherry and saladette ~1/2 oz/acre.5 grams/ ac. michiganensis) and bacterial spot result in larger fruit spots. problematic in the Northeast. Field Plant spacing: for determinate varieties 12-18". early-season heirloom that rivals hybrids. Indeterminate . The most popular of the black tomatoes for its outstanding flavor and texture. FW-Fusarium Wilt. Developed by Professor T. 6’ center rows. Indeterminate 72 days A great tomato for farmers’ markets and a must-have for selective tomato growers. Planting depth: 1/4". Graham of OAC. Store between 55-70°F at 95% relative humidity. Full Size . Once the disease takes hold. tomato) and anthracnose (Colletotrichum coccodes) resulting in black spots on the fruit. Pick just before ripe to avoid cracking. Pick just before ripe to avoid cracking. often close to 1 lb each. Fruits are large.225-335 seeds/gram. Large. Potato-leaf foliage. weighing 1 lb or more. HEIRLOOM Big and beautiful! This classic variety was one of the first to bring recognition to the heirloom label.000’). 5. M=1. 4. for full size ~14 grams/acre). CA.000’ (for cherry and saladette ~1. Known for its perfect balance of sugars and flavor. Semi-determinate 65 days 3055 Yellow Brandywine 3052 Cherokee Purple 3053 Copia 3090 Pruden's Purple 2976 Moskvich 3050 Brandywine 3086 Crimson Sprinter 66 www. Holds well due to its thick skin.000 Photo (above): Kathryn planting tomato trials in the hoophouse. juicy meat and swirling color throughout. Start seeds 6-8 weeks before planting date. Indeterminate 72 days 2976 moskvich 3050 brandywine SEED SPECS: Cherry & Saladette Size . and support may not be required. juicy and delectable. (280 avg) 6. RESISTANCE KEY: aSc-alternaria Stem canker. Ontario. TMV-Tomato Mosaic Virus.

Resistance to SLS is robust. Prone to cracking in wet conditions. The balance in plant growth results in a steady production and all cultivars maintain size and productivity until the end of the season. For best flavor. Hearty tomato flavor and meaty texture. Fruits can range from 8-12 oz and are slightly flattened with a healthy red color and moderately green shoulders. with a small seed cavity and good color throughout. fruits will not crack or blemish on the vine in well-controlled conditions. Determinate . Strong. VW 78 days HMS exclusive. Indeterminate 75 days 3056 Rose de Berne NEW 3105 Rutgers FW (race 1). Works well for slicing or canning. Very productive plants bear quick and early.1. Indeterminate 3102 Arbason F1 NEW Rootstock Tomatoes The Organic Seed Source for Commercial Growers and Home Gardeners 67 TOmATOES This Ukrainian tomato wins taste test after taste test. Fine textured fruit is both dense and juicy with good tomato flavor. Iron Lady will be among the last standing! First in a new generation of triple resistant varieties. Works well in containers. Round to slightly flattened globes average 7-9 oz when pruned to 4-5 fruits/cluster. VW. too! Indeterminate 75-80 days 3105 Rutgers 3065 Green Zebra 3062 Iron Lady F1 the first certified organic 3101 Lola F1 hybrid FW (races 1. late blight and Septoria leaf spot – as well as tolerance to verticillium and fusarium wilt. but not as tough as Arbason which has a thicker skin. an orange slicer as sweet as the reds! It was love at first taste at Brent Loy’s trial fields at the University of New Hampshire. Indeterminate TMV. Works well in the greenhouse or field. Determinate 68 days 3060 Cosmonaut Volkov 3080 Mountain Princess 3056 Rose de berne HEIRLOOM Dark rose-pink hue and well-loved heirloom flavor that is not too tart.2) and Tobacco Mosaic Virus. Soft-skinned. orange-red and perfectly round with a mild tomato flavor. vigorous rootstock results in a well-balanced plant with good generative growth. Perfect fruit without any blemishes. Firm texture holds well. Resistant to Fusarium Wilt (races 1. A staff favorite year after year! Semi-determinate 68 days NEW 75 days 3062 Iron Lady F1 hybrid lB. No longer a commercial standard. TMV 80 days 3165 Sunkist F1 GREENHOUSE From the breeders of Buffalo comes another proven variety for high quality greenhouse tomatoes. Semi-determinate The first tomato rootstock bred for organic growing conditions and available as organic seed. but not overly fragile and holds up well against cracking. Determinate 3065 Green Zebra Succulent.1). Fruits average 8-10 oz and are slightly flattened with firm flesh. beating out current standards such as Buffalo and Trust. sweet and zingy.3060 Cosmonaut Volkov 3080 mountain Princess HEIRLOOM Mountain sweet goodness! Grown for generations in the Monongahela National Forest region of West Virginia. 2). In addition to the high resistances listed above. Determinate plants are 2. with a rich complexity. Fruit size is 3-4” in diameter and approximately 5 oz in weight.5-3’ tall and don’t require trellising. eB. Estamino does not have an excessive vegetative effect on the scion cultivar. Perfect blend of sweet and tart. FW (races 1. nor too sweet. VT on the HMS seed farm. A tomato taste test topper at Phillies Bridge Farm Project in New Paltz. Produced in Wolcott. VW 75 days Still one of the best! First developed in 1934 by Rutgers University in cooperation with Campbell’s Soup for the New Jersey canning industry. VW. Bright red fruits average 6-8 oz. gaining weight when pruned to 4-5 fruits/cluster. 3102 Arbason F1 hybrid FW (races 0. 4-5 oz fruits start out pale green with dark green stripes that soften and turn yellow when ripe. When the siege of disease hits your tomatoes. Works well in low tech tunnels. Ranked top in University of Maine’s 2007 high-tunnel trials for yield and flavor. harvest when fully ripe. Fruits sweeten up early. Reliable producer of large tomatoes ranging from 7-9 oz each. SlS Fight the blight with this disease resistant mid-size red slicer! Iron Lady exhibits triple resistance to the three major tomato leaf diseases – early blight. Comprehensive resistance to all but one minor strain of late blight. In our 2012 greenhouse tomato trials. Round fruits are 4-8 oz with meaty flesh perfect for slicing. Bests all other greenhouse varieties in terms of flavor and one of the earliest to set fruit in our 2010 grafted tomato trials. fruits hold up under adverse conditions and rarely crack.2). A customer favorite for six pack sales. TMV 76 days GREENHOUSE High sugar. Fcr rootstock for tomatoes NEW 2990 Estamino F1 3101 Lola F1 3165 Sunkist F1 hybrid FW. from our collaboration with Cornell University and North Carolina State University. Estamino offers intermediate resistance to root-knot nematodes and Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus. Finally. Resistant to Fusarium Wilt. Fruits are 8-10 oz. See “RS” category in the tomato price chart on p. Medium-sized. Perfect exteriors. lM. VW. New York as well as in the HMS trial gardens. but not nearly as much as Brandywine. but can be further bolstered by reducing the presence of inoculums: plant Iron Lady away from susceptible varieties.71 for Rootstock size and pricing. Produces high yields even in cool conditions. FW (races 0.2). Verticillium Wilt and Tobacco Mosaic Virus. it is still well loved. offering strong yields and excellent disease resistance. this variety compared favorably to well-known rootstock standards. Grows well in the greenhouse. Widely adapted and crack resistant.

cocktail-sized fruit. Fruits average 2-3 oz each and are 1. VW. Similar to Garden Peach but performed much better in our trials with high yields. Tomatoes are all about flavor and this one has a unique fruity flavor that we loved in our trials. Vigorous plants dripped with fruit in our 2012 trials. JW Fazier of Oregon State University to produce big. We are especially excited about this new release from Artisan Seeds. Plants just keep on producing right up until the frost. borne on prolific.5” in diameter and holds well to allow for ripening of the entire truss. A standout in our trials and hopefully for you too. forget that you are merely tasting a tomato. chocolatey. uniform fruits and well-noted flavor. Indeterminate NEW 2982 Green Tiger 70 days HEIRLOOM A zingy little French heirloom that will burn a torch in your heart after just one bite.1). Tall plants produce high yields of firm 1. provide good fruit cover and are noted to prefer a cage rather than being staked or trellised. pale-yellow skin and fruity bite of sweet and balanced flavors. The plants are vigorous and show good field resistance to fungal diseases and blights. Flavor is superior to other extra-early varieties. Indeterminate 85 days An entirely new class of tomato! Elongated striped cherry type is eye-catching and gorgeous in tomato mixes.5 . Named by Dennis Schlicht after the Wapsipinicon River in Northeast Iowa. 2-3 oz orangered saladette tomatoes. The 2 – 2.2” fruit that hold well on and off the vine. meaty. Bred by the late Dr. At 85 days to maturity. This is a classic truss type with 10-12 fruit on a truss. strongly acidic and when sliced it looks just like a plum with its deep red flesh. Determinate Perfect trusses of bright red. velvety. Flesh is solid with good internal color and a rich tomato flavor prized by Oregon growers.5-2” and weighing 2-3 oz each. Indeterminate 80 days 3054 Wapsipinicon Peach A pleasurable novelty with fuzzy. Skin color ripens from pale green with darker green streaking to yellowish with green streaking. Sets fruit at 24” tall and keeps producing all season long. Fruit measures 2-2. Fcr 70 days 3076 medford FW (race 1). Indeterminate 75 days 3058 Indigo Rose saladette – 2-4 oz 3140 Glacier Our earliest tomato and darn good flavor too! Produces high yields of medium sized.” Rouge and radiant. Eat fresh as a slicer or use for canning. Indeterminate 3061 black Trifele 80 days 3058 Indigo Rose 3054 Wapsipinicon Peach 3170 Yellow Perfection 2984 Annelise F1 2984 Annelise F1 NEW TMV. Plants reach an average height of 3-4’. Great flavor. Plants are very productive with multitudes of apricot shaped tomatoes hanging in neat clusters.NEW NEW TOmATOES 2982 Green Tiger & 2983 Pink Tiger 3057 Tang 3061 Black Trifele 3170 Yellow Perfection 2974 Jaune Flamme 3140 Glacier NEW 3076 Medford NEW Striking dark color and unique shape make this variety a farmers’ market and garden favorite. Saladette size tomatoes are perfectly round averaging 1. winning all early-season taste tests.5-2” round. with cascading trusses of 2 oz fruits. Green Tiger. Tang is later than Sunkist. Fruits have a thin skin and are prone to cracking. soft skin is crack-resistant. Fruit are slightly smaller in size and reddish-orange in color. Chefs like the cylindrical shape for easy slicing – width-wise for 1” rings or length-wise for attractive 3-4” long tomato “boats”. Fruits average 2 oz. FW (races 0.5 ounce fruit grows on vines with nice clusters of 6-8 fruit. released from the same orange field tomato breeding program at the University of New Hampshire. Semi-determinate 55 days An elongated rose-pink cherry with orange striping. lM (races 1-5). Indeterminate 70 days 2974 Jaune Flamme 3057 Tang Tasty orange slicer with high levels of beta carotene for a nutritional boost! Tang is our open-pollinated sister variety to Sunkist F1. round. A terrific salad tomato that is also great for sauces and for drying. You may. Potato-leaf foliage. Fruits have a blush tint when ripe. for a moment. The earliest maturing variety in our 2012 tomato high tunnel trials. Annalise has excellent disease resistance and is widely adapted to growing in a heated greenhouse. a small farmerbreeding company that concentrates on “hand-crafted varieties bred specifically for small and medium sized producers and local/specialty markets. Indeterminate 2983 Pink Tiger 70 days This variety is stunningly jet black! As it ripens the underside turns from green to a rosy red. Texture is smooth. Narrow shoulders have typical green streaking. Fruits average 8 oz and are perfectly round and uniform. Great for the small garden or containers. Indeterminate NEW HEIRLOOM Sensationally rich flavor! Top ranked open-pollinated yellow tomato in our extensive 2006 trials and has held the title since.com • phone (802) 472-6174 • fax (802) 472-3201 . potato leaf plants. Pink Tiger is gorgeous alone or in tomato mixes. A tomato for the gourmand. crack resistant tomatoes. One of the first to set fruit with heavy yields that keep coming through the summer. Black Trifele is a bottom-heavy beauty. Flavor is great. Flavor is bright and delicate. high tunnel or open field. Indeterminate 80 days 68 www. Potato-leaf foliage. VW 80 days Mid-season field tomato with good disease resistance. Yellow-green color with darker green streaking is unique and provides excellent contrast. pear-shaped with purple-black color. Fruit size (2-2. Fruit averages 8-10 oz.5” long by 1” wide) and plant height are slightly smaller than its verdant cousin. Black Trifele’s flavor is often described as dense. smoky. A new variety from Oregon State that is definitely worth a try. These 4-6 oz tomatoes are 3-4” tall.highmowingseeds.

Indeterminate 78 days The Organic Seed Source for Commercial Growers and Home Gardeners 69 TOmATOES . Showed good field tolerance to late blight in 2010 and produced late into the season. very crack resistant and a brighter yellow. FW (race 0. Mix for a complimenting display of colors. Compared to Sungold. One inch fruits average 1-1 1/2 oz. TMV 60 days 2973 montesino F1 hybrid FW (race 0). sweet and flavorful. and are great with the sweet. FW (races 0. TMV 55 days One of the only round. Fruits average 1/2-1 oz. Fruit size is 1-1. Plants are vigorous and reliable producing high quality fruit. Fruits average 1 oz. A striking addition to cherry tomato mixes. lM (races 1-5). Up to 1/4 oz fruit.1). uniform. Well adapted to unheated greenhouses. One inch fruit are juicy with a mild flavor. Pick frequently at maturity to reduce cracking. Indeterminate 70 days 2978 Sakura F1 hybrid TMV. Esterina is sweeter. round fruits of . Indeterminate Bright yellow cherries produce early and abundantly on compact plants. Fruits average 1/2 oz each. Plants put out high yields of perfect pear-shaped tomatoes and keep producing right up until frost. ripening up perfectly through six weeks of rain and cold temperature. grape-shaped tomatoes have a firm. For the field or high tunnel. Indeterminate 64 days GREENHOUSE Great choice for a hybrid cherry in the greenhouse or field. Indeterminate 3010 Yellow Pear HEIRLOOM Yellow pear-shaped fruits are similar in shape and size to Red Pear. TMV 55 days GREENHOUSE Santa-type red grape tomato you will want to eat like candy. Showed a good field tolerance to late blight in 2010 and kept producing long after others subsided. Exceptional flavor similar to Matt’s Wild with a rich candy sweetness. Sakura produces perfect. in salads or relishes. Indeterminate GREENHOUSE Incredible sweetness and early yields. Every plant was loaded with such sweet and delicious cherries –we couldn’t wait to share this great variety! Flavor is sweet and rich with well-balanced acid and thin skin. an organic orange cherry tomato to rival the beloved Sun Gold. but yields slightly more with a larger number of trusses (approximately 10-12 fruit per truss). Indeterminate 3004 black Cherry 2971 Toronjina F1 hybrid lM (races 1-5). crack resistance and split truss ripening make it an excellent choice for professional growers. we have found that it also works well as an outdoor crop. Very high in Vitamin C and amino acids. Matt’s keeps producing copious quantities when every other tomato in the field is down for the count with early blight. Developed by Dr. Ideal for eating fresh or canning. 1” red fruits. black cherries available with a characteristic dark purplish color. yet more resistant to cracking. Intermediate resistance to several species of root-knot nematode. with a slightly more tart flavor. One of our first cherry tomatoes to ripen and also one of the last. full flavor common to all of the Russian black tomatoes. Originally bred for greenhouse culture. Pick frequently as skin is thin and cracks easily. bright red. it earned an accelerated release for exceptional flavor. The star of our 2012 tomato trials–the one-bite wonder that kept us all reaching for another taste.eaten right off the vine! Sets masses of 1-1. even in adverse conditions. an absolute standout! Fruits average 1/21 oz. Perfect for high tunnels but tends to crack in the field if not harvested regularly. A sister variety to Suzanne. Firm texture similar to grape tomatoes. Indeterminate 65 days 3000 Red Pear 55 days 2977 Gold Nugget We’re wild about Matt’s Wild and you will be too! Deep red cherries are smaller than average with an exceptional flavor many consider the best. both consistently top our taste tests for greenhouse cherries. Couple with Yellow Pear for a complimentary display. Firm flesh. Shows moderate field tolerance to Late Blight. Juicy. Indeterminate 70 days GREENHOUSE Finally. Very productive plants. One of the first ripe cherries in our 2008 trials. allowing for harvest of entire truss for an attractive display.5” round cherries in long clusters prolific through summer. Thick skinned and crack resistant. rich. Strong disease resistance makes this variety a versatile stand-out. James Bagget at Oregon State University. Fruits average 3/4 oz each. The juicy. Indeterminate 65 days 2980 Peacevine Peace out in your garden with these delicious and prolific red cherries! A de-hybridized selection of the Sweet 100 F1 hybrid known for its incredible flavor and resistance to cracking. Determinate 60 days HEIRLOOM Unique pear shape. FW (races 0.5” in diameter. Fruits average 1/2-1 oz. Large cherry averaging 1/2 oz each. Indeterminate The name says it all: super-sweet red cherry tomato with high sugar content . Produces incredible numbers of uniform 1” tomatoes with an orange-red color. Fruits average 3/4 oz each.5 . Toronjina is a medium-sized orange cherry with slightly thicker skin than Sun Gold. The best feature is a sensational ability to woo your taste buds. Plants are loaded with clusters of medium sized. flavorful fruits are very tolerant to cracking and hold well on the vine. VW 60 days 2981 Esterina F1 cherry / grape – 1/4-2 oz 2970 matt’s Wild eB Golden yellow cherry with outstanding sweetness and crack resistance. Montesino won over our hearts and mouths by producing buckets of mouth-watering snacks all summer long. Fruits average 3/4 oz each..8 oz each.1) 70 days 3005 Suzanne F1 hybrid lM (races 1-5).1). Trusses of moderately sized. Skin is thinner than similar varieties in our trials. juicy flesh and oh-so-sweet and delicious flavor. Indeterminate 2972 bing Cherry New from our breeding program. Sakura is less sweet than Suzanne. high tunnels or open field.3005 Suzanne F1 3004 Black Cherry 2970 Matt's Wild 2973 Montesino F1 3010 Yellow Pear 2972 Bing Cherry 2975 Sweetie 2971 Toronjina F1 2977 Gold Nugget 2980 Peacevine NEW 3000 Red Pear 2978 Sakura F1 2975 Sweetie 2981 Esterina F1 hybrid NEW TMV.

67 for details on our Rootstock Tomatoes. leaving behind the flower calyx. Indeterminate 80 days Gwenael plants Annelise F1 tomatoes for trialing. Uniform fruit and high yields.TOmATOES 3020 Amish 3043 Roma VF 3043 Gilbertie 3021 Bellstar 3047 San Marzano paste tomatillo 3180 Toma Verde 3043 Roma VF FW. low seed count. Medium to large size fruits are ready to harvest when husks split and fruit color changes from a yellow-green to medium green. puree. Ripens to a sweeter taste than other paste tomatoes. Perfect for Salsa Verde or as a special addition to any Mexican dish or salad. Medium-sized fruits are slightly larger than Roma but smaller than Gilbertie or Amish and average 4 oz.highmowingseeds. when fruits are the size of a golf ball and skin has turned a deep purple color. Prized for its firm pulp. Great grilled on kabobs or in salsas. juicy enough for slicing. Fruits average 4-6 oz. flavorful. One of the varieties we’ve carried since 1996. It has few seeds (can make sauces and pastes bitter. slender shape with characteristically green shoulders and a slight crook in the neck. as well as in the garden. Harvest after the papery husk has split. or canning. Determinate 60 days Physalis ixocarpa–Early variety. Much sweeter than the green types with a musky flavor that is superb when eaten right from the plant. bright fruits are 8-12 oz. Indeterminate 85 days Arbason F1 and Lola F1 tomatoes are planted for trials. with a beloved rich flavor that makes excellent sauces and soups. Indeterminate 80 days exceptional appearance and taste. Semi-determinate 3182 Purple 75-80 days Physalis ixocarpa–HEIRLOOM Rare variety with 3020 Amish HEIRLOOM Versatile. 2012 Greenhouse Tomato Trials 3047 San marzano Classic Italian variety is an excellent. Determinate 74 days young and fruit becomes sweeter as it ripens. processing or slicing for fresh eating. Heavy yields. but meaty enough for cooking down. when High Mowing began as Tom’s hobby. VW. Flavor is tart when 3021 bellstar Early variety perfect for short seasons and concentrated harvests.5” in diameter. and easily removed skin. Very determinate plants reach 15-24” tall and are covered with round fruit weighing on average 4-5 oz and measuring 2-2. and for producing a rich tomato flavor when cooked down. 3040 Gilbertie HEIRLOOM This long-time favorite is requested by customers year after year! Long. A good choice for a commercial variety. Semi-determinate 3182 Purple rootstock See p. fleshy interior is great for sauce. Very small seed cavity. aSc 65 days 3180 Toma Verde Plum tomato with great disease resistance! Vigorous and strong.com • phone (802) 472-6174 • fax (802) 472-3201 . Good resistance to cracking. Deep violet skin color bleeds into flesh with green centers. Resists cracking and holds well both on the vine and in storage. producing heavy yields of picture-perfect. 70 www. Flesh is very solid. Stems are jointless. Smooth. Narrow fruits are on average 7” long and 10-12 oz. making harvesting easy. thick-walled fruit with deep red color and mild flavor. all-around tomato for paste.) Heartshaped. Kathryn tying up greenhouse tomatoes.

00 $15.40 $50.80 $13.90 $18.30/M $185.00 $172.00 $168.65 $6.80 $6.00 $139.90 $36.00 $5.50/M $140.60 $13.75 $2.00 $168.00 $139.95 25 $9.65 $6.00/M $109.00 $60.80 $5.00 $47.25 $20.65 $11.70 $172.00 $77.00 $71.60 $11.50 $11.40 $60.75 $2.30 $50.30 1/4 lb $168.80 $4.00 $13.70 $168.10 2g $11.80 $6.80 $15.00 $139.75 $2.50 $304.00 $139.80 $18.65 $6.00 $60.00 $47.20 $8.00 $5.90 $36.50 $80.90 $45.75 $2.20 $5.50 $4.00 $168. sold by weight 3050 Brandywine beefsteak ToMaToeS 1/10 g $2.80 $11.30 $60.70 $20.75 $2.00 $172.50 $6.10 $6.00 $336.00 $90.40 $60.40 500 $108.60 $13.25 $28.00/M $636.60 $11.75 $2.75 $2.00 $18.40 $50.80 $5.80 $8.80 $15.80 $6.10 $4.00 $304.00 $105.00 $168.00 $18.30 $50.00 $36.70 $11.80 $5.00 $47.80 $18.00 $18.50 $6.60 $13.00 $168.00 $36.75 $2.90 $18.50 1m $204.60 $6. sold by seed count midsize 10 $6.00 $139.80 8g $18.80 $6.10 $5.60 $13.10 $5.00 $4.50 $9.00 $50.75 $2.80 $6.00 $172.00 $5.80 1 oz $50.70 $139.75 $2.40 $50.60 $10.90 $15.60 $11.00 $168.75 $2.00 $172.00 $47.75 $2.00 $5.00 $73.00 $47.40 $60.75 $2.75 $2.75 $2.00 $4.40 $50.70 $168.50 $4.90 $18.80 $5.00 $22.00/M $500.80 $4.00 $3.80 $36.80 $15.40 $78.00 $139.40 $50.00/M $131.00/M $198.00 $4.80 $11.75 $2.00 $26.70 $139.00/M 3062 Iron Lady F1 3101 Lola F1 3165 Sunkist F1 2984 Annelise F1 3005 Suzanne F1 2981 Esterina F1 2973 Montesino F1 2978 Sakura F1 2971 Toronjina F1 2990 Estamino F1 Rootstock The Organic Seed Source for Commercial Growers and Home Gardeners rs cherry sal 71 TOmATOES .00 $168.75 $2.65 $13.00 $168.00 $82.50 $13.10 $4.90 $15.00 $48.40 $47.00 $15.75 $2.65 $11.00 $168.75 $2.50 $26.90 $18.75 $2.75 $2.00 $172.00 $172.90 $32.75 $2.00/M $619.65 $13.10 $5.80 $6.00 $6.00 $50.75 $2.00 $15.75 $2.75 $2.00 $220.00/M $588.90 $36.80 $11.00 $133.30 $47.75 1/2 g $5.40 $26.80 $45.00 $172.65 $6.75 $2.00 $172.00 $18.75 $2.00 $4.30 $50.00 $6.00 100 $29.40 $60.00 $18.65 $6.00 $200.90 $18.00 $11.00 $15.30 $7.75 $2.75 $2.80 $6.00 $36.40 $78.80 $6.75 $2.40 $47.00 $65.open-pollinated.00 $6.90 $32.50 $8.30 $50.00 $21.50 $109.00 $4.00 $15.00 $36.00 $200.00 $50.50 $5.80 $18.60 $6.60 $11.00 $60.75 $2.00 $50.75 $2.80 $5.75 $2.40 $18.70 $168.65 $13.65 $11.40 $71.60 $13.50 $5.80 $11.90 $36.75 $2.70 3052 Cherokee Purple 3053 Copia 3090 Pruden’s Purple 3055 Yellow Brandywine 3061 Black Trifele 3060 Cosmonaut Volkov 3086 Crimson Sprinter 3065 Green Zebra 3076 Medford 2976 Moskvich 3080 Mountain Princess 3056 Rose de Berne 3105 Rutgers 3057 Tang 3140 Glacier 2982 Green Tiger saladette midsize 3058 Indigo Rose 2974 Jaune Flamme 2983 Pink Tiger 3054 Wapsinicon Peach 3170 Yellow Perfection 2972 Bing Cherry 3004 Black Cherry 2977 Gold Nugget cherry 2970 Matt's Wild 2980 Peacevine 3000 Red Pear 2975 Sweetie Cherry 3010 Yellow Pear 3020 Amish Paste 3021 Bellstar 3040 Gilbertie Paste 3043 Roma VF Paste 3047 San Marzano Paste paste toma 3182 Purple Tomatillo 3180 Toma Verde Tomatillo 3102 Arbason F1 hybrid.20 $5.10 $5.50 $6.60 $13.00 $325.80 $18.40 $85.80 $6.10 $6.00 $139.70 $220.00 $60.00/M $170.00 $29.75 $2.30 $85.00 $15.00 $11.30 $47.70 $168.75 $2.

CULTURAL INFO: Turnips are a cold hardy biennial.Like parsley. Optimal soil temperature for germination is 80°F. Seeding rate: 1. or possibly its city of origin. Plants perform best in early spring or late summer to fall.000 3184 Scarlet ohno PLANTING INFO: Planting instructions are from direct seeding. Best flavor comes from fall harvests. NEW 3186 Golden Globe golden color and delicate flavor. 3184 Scarlet Ohno Revival 50 days Brassica rapa . The quality and tenderness is best when harvested at 3”. Roots average 2” wide by 4-6” long. An improved variety from Frank Morton. imported cabbage worm. grown as an annual crop. M=1.00/LB $38.When Chef Emeril Lagasse visited our 3187 Joan 90-100 days Brassica napus . Row spacing: 12-18”. rather than the leaves. Symptoms first appear as V-shaped yellow lesions at the leaf margin.00/LB $128. including cabbage looper. it is a hardy biennial. Perfect for a roasted root medley and other hearty winter dishes. stems. Best harvested when 2” wide and traditionally used for pickling.25 lb/acre) 8 seeds/ft. roots can be stored four to five months.com. With good air circulation. mild flavor that improves after frost.00 72 www. Stores well into winter months. Best storage results from roots harvested before hard frost. 55 days Brassica rapa .50/LB $52.00/LB $16. Skin is white and cleans fairly easily like parsnip. especially in early stages of growth. This dense root vegetable has a unique nutty and sweet. Turnips are commonly grown for their roots but some are also grown for their vitamin-rich leafy greens. Insect pests.00/LB $12. The flavor of the parsley root is very nutty. Eagle is a half-long variety that produces well in many soil types. SEED SPECS: 11M seeds/oz avg. Seeding rate: 1.800 seeds/100’ double row (~1/4 oz/100’). Direct seeding: 8 seeds/ft. Remove tops and store unwashed at 32°F with a relative humidity close to 95%. 255M seeds/acre seeding (~1.000 3183 Des Vertus Mareau 3185 Purple Top 3186 Golden Globe open-pollinated. the elongated shape is great for slicing in the kitchen and mild flavor is delicious in salads or as crudités. Seeding rate: 10 seeds/ ft. Vertus.60 $3. we love the sweet. Row Spacing: 18”. for a final 6” average plant spacing. 160-240M seeds/ lb (200M avg). M=1. Plant spring varieties as soon as soil can be worked and fall varieties mid-summer.00/LB $115. Best quality is after a few light frosts. parsley-like flavor and is delectable in many dishes and soup stocks. SEED SPECS: 18M seeds/oz. Planting instructions are from direct seeding.75 1/8 oz $4. like all root crops. Direct sow early to mid summer after soils have warmed thoroughly.75 $2. Greens have long strap shaped leaves and are smooth with a pinkish purple mid-rib. for a final 4” avg plant spacing. in the northeast of France. and roots turn black. uniform roots. DISEASE & PESTS: Black Rot is one of the most destructive diseases of all crucifer crops. Seeding depth: ½”.20 $3.320 seeds/100’ double row (~1/4 oz/100’). Plant spacing: 2-4”. 55 days Brassica rapa . Best when harvested at 3-4”. Our strain of Golden Globe is more tapered than globe shaped and has more of a carrot texture on the exterior skin. he could not believe his eyes when he saw our specialty turnip trial and in particular the bright pink Scarlet Ohno. Flesh is mild and crunchy. Because they grow quickly. Hot pink skins are vibrant and semi-flattened with white interiors. and diamondback moth.com • phone (802) 472-6174 • fax (802) 472-3201 .75 $5. performs best in loose soils.50 $2. Planting depth: 3/4”. 128M seeds/lb avg. but will retain good quality until quite large. Infected plants should be pulled up immediately. Highly uniform with good field resistance to Club Root.00/LB 5 lbs $45.00 $5. Turnips prefer loose soils high in organic matter. Roots average 5-6” long and are thick at the base. Seeding rate: 6 seeds/ft. Some varieties can be grown in the spring while others prefer the late summer and fall.Turnips & Other Roots turnips NEW 5045 Eagle to the popular Tokyo turnip.highmowingseeds. 35 days Brassica rapa .A new root for your winter collection. This French heirloom dates back to the 1800s.00/LB $472. Plant spacing: 6”. M=1. The name translates poetically to Hammer of Virtue: perhaps “hammer” describes its cylindrical root shape and “virtue” its smooth skin and white color.000 trial gardens. round. We are excited to offer this variety – a real standout in our fresh market turnip trials – and look forward to taking phone orders for this tongue twister of a name (especially if French is your native tongue).highmowingseeds. Purple Top has a mild.00/LB $175. too! rutabaga The rutabaga is a cold hardy biennial grown as an annual crop.00 $38. available water and nutrients are essential for healthy development. Either way. 24” row spacing.50 $18. Excellent for baby roots or greens with a signature pink streak. Row spacing: 18-24”. are largely of the Lepidoptera order and can be controlled by Bacillus thuringiensis (Dipel) and/or spinosad. A great fall crop and over-winters well.00 $28.This refined American Purple Top 3185 Purple Top White Globe variety dates back to 1880 and is still widely planted today. harvest before hard frost. crisp flavor and unique shape of this variety. tapering to a point. sold by weight 3183 Des Vertus Mareau Salad Turnip 5045 Eagle Root Parsley 3186 Golden Globe Turnip 3187 Joan Rutabaga 3185 Purple Top Globe Turnip 3184 Scarlet Ohno Revival Turnip TurNIPS & rooTS 1/32 oz $2. The dense yellow flesh is rather hard and crispy with a sweet. Days to maturity are from direct seeding.00/LB $152. See our website for more information: www. Plant spacing: 3-4”. 144M seeds/acre (~ 1 1/8 lb/acre) seeding 6 seeds/ft. with hints of refreshing parsley and carrot sweetness.A specialty turnip with beautiful parsley root Parsley root is a variety of parsley grown specifically for the root. Six inch smooth white globes are purplish-red above ground and white below. Seeding depth: 3/4”. Flavor is sweetest when harvested after a few light frosts and root size averages 3-4” wide. but.30 $9. See our website for more information: www. 18” row spacing. Side dress with rock phosphate when roots begin to swell to promote root development.com SEED SPECS: 8M seeds/oz avg. after which the veins of infected leaves. Floating row cover may be used to ward off insects. Make sure plants are well weeded.00 $6.00 $72. Direct seed mid-summer for fall harvests. and plantings should never be worked during wet conditions. For quality storage.highmowingseeds.HEIRLOOM This popular turnip rutabaga has smooth.50 $8.75 $2. Harvest and store like turnips.75 $6. preferentially in rotation with one another to prevent selection of resistant individuals.HEIRLOOM – A cylindrical sister 3183 Des Vertus mareau 95 days Petroselinum hortense . It prefers the cool conditions of northern climates.00/LB 5045 Eagle $16. Over-winter like parsnips for a spring treat.00 2 oz 1 lb $68. fine-grained white flesh.

We cannot ship any amount of watermelon seed to South Carolina.Watermelon Citrullus lanatus 3198 Golden midget 3199 baby Doll F1 hybrid 75 days Yellow icebox type. 10-14 M seeds/lb (12M avg). Harvest promptly to avoid splitting. Sugar Baby (diploid) seeds included. SEED SPECS: 625. Sweet flavor. DISEASE & PESTS: Bacterial Fruit Blotch (BFB). Our strain has been selected for cool growing conditions and high yields. as well as by plant residues and/or alternative hosts. CULTURAL INFO: See Melons for basic growing and cultural information. See Melons. 12” plant spacing. Fruits have a solid green rind and deep red flesh. Early maturing melons are slightly oval in shape with medium and dark green stripes. Fruit symptoms are characterized by a dark green stain on the upper side of the fruit. Seeding rate: 7. and 6’ center beds. Summer Squash. Excellent variety for direct markets or shipping. Shows good resistance to drought. while others persist into maturity. Other infected crops can serve as a source of inoculum.75 oz/acre) transplanting singles. Fruit averages 6-10 lbs and 8” across. 75 days 3196 blacktail mountain 76 days Our best quality melon for short. Row spacing: 6’ row centers. sign and submit the Watermelon Waiver. Symptoms are oily dark lesions that typically parallel the veins. Excellent keeping quality and yields.875 seeds/oz (750 avg). customers wishing to purchase over ¼ ounce of watermelon seed must print. and Cucumber sections for symptoms and controls of pests and diseases of the cucurbit family not detailed here. caused by gases formed by invading pathogens. The fruit is solid dark green and has an orange-red flesh. juicy sweet flesh. perfectly round fruits ranging from 7-8. A classic. Due to the prevalence and severity of BFB. The standard for small watermelons. 3196 Blacktail Mountain 3230 Triple Crown F1 hybrid 82 days Seedless melon with bright red flesh and dark-green striping. Some seedlings may die rapidly. but eventually causes it to crack and often emits a white foam. 10. cool seasons. Seeding depth: 1/2”.5” in diameter. 70 days . Harvest just before ripe and melons will finish off in storage. 3205 Crimson Sweet Quality and reliability make this an excellent variety for gardeners and growers alike. An excellent northern. A great variety for the home garden or market. citrulli. Vines reach 10’. High yields of 15-18 lb oval to oblong fruit. Use heat mat for optimal germination. 10x12” striped melon. Keeps for up to two months. Fantastic bright yellow flesh with small brown seeds. Harvest promptly as fruit has a tendency to split when ripe in the field. short-season variety that produces reliable yields of 6-12 lb. Acidovorax avenae subsp.260 plants/ acre (8M seeds/acre. Harvest when watermelons darken. Fruits are very uniform and productive. Flavor is sweet and juicy. add 10-14 days if direct seeding. 85 days 3230 Triple Crown F1 3198 Golden Midget 3199 Baby Doll F1 3205 Crimson Sweet The Organic Seed Source for Commercial Growers and Home Gardeners 73 WATERmELON The earliest watermelon in the field! Not only is Golden Midget early but it also has a unique yellow rind when ripe. 3200 Sugar Baby 3200 Sugar baby PLANTING INFO: Days to maturity are from transplanting. An icebox favorite similar to Sugar Baby in appearance with a distinct crispness and sweet flavor that rivals modern hybrids. weighing 10-15 lbs each. ground spot turns yellow and blossom end softens. Plant spacing: 12-18”. interplant every 3-5 plants in row. fine grain and crisp texture. crisp flavor topped our taste tests. Infection does not penetrate the rind. 1964 AAS winner.000 Photo (above): Katie and crew extracting watermelon seed in our production fields. Its sweet. oblong. Leaves are green and yellow and cotyledons tend to pop out of the seed yellow too. Flesh is salmon in color. Weighs in at 15-25 lbs with bright red. can be spread by seed and by infected transplants. juicy and sweet with black seeds. Seedless (triploid) watermelons require a normal (diploid) melon as a pollen source. M=1.

80 $12.50 $68.80 $15.00 $48.30/M $420. seed-spitting favorite with a celestial surprise! Similar to its red fleshed sister variety except with a sweet. Below are some of our newest exclusive varieties.20 1/4 lb $48. but in our Vermont trials.00/LB $142.30 $46. Oblong fruit can grow up to 25 lb.75 $2. Plants have spotted foliage.50 $6.80/LB $141. Let us know what you think! hmS RELEASES NEW VARIETIES bRED for ORGANIC GROWERS Cha-ching F1 Zucchini Bling F1 Sweet Corn My Fair Lady F1 Sweet Corn Iko Iko Bell Pepper 74 www. a great choice for commercial growers or home gardeners.80 $5.30 $12.20 $16. 10-15 lbs.90 100 $10.30 50 $7. sold by weight 3207 Ali Baba 3196 Blacktail Mountain 3205 Crimson Sweet 3198 Golden Midget 3197 Klondike Blue Ribbon 3195 Moon & Stars 3201 Orangeglo 3200 Sugar Baby hybrid.00/LB $131.40 $48. sweet flavor with a fine-grained crisp texture. This heirloom. yellow flesh and white seeds. It may be time to rewrite the jingle as “What would you do for a Klondike blue?” Rind has alternating dark and light green stripes and the interior is bright red and sweet. Melons will not split in the field. Seeds are white at maturity.80 $6.75 $2. Dr. we identify and develop new varieties and grow them ourselves. Our plant breeder. sold by seed count 3199 Baby Doll F1 3230 Triple Crown F1 3202 Yellow Moon and Stars WaTerMeloN 1/16 oz $2. 100 days 3202 Yellow Moon and Stars open-pollinated.75 $2.80 $7. but do have a more delicate exterior than most when ripe.75 $2.75 $2. 95-100 days 3202 Yellow moon and Stars 90 days HEIRLOOM A old-time. combines vigor and high performance with great flavor.00 $15.30 $15. For two years running.30 $7.30/LB 3195 Moon and Stars 10 $2. Jodi Lew-Smith. which dates back to the 1900s.00/M 3207 Ali Baba We don’t just sell seeds. Superb.30 $34.90 $4.80/LB $68.90 $7.75 $7.75 1/4 oz $7. WATERmELON 3201 OrangeGlo 3201 OrangeGlo Beautiful and sweet! Dark orange flesh is very crisp.75 $2. Fruit can grow quite large. 20-30 lb watermelons with dark green stripes and a thin outer shell.50/LB $131.highmowingseeds.30 500 $33. Ali Baba will win a spot in any melon lover’s heart! Unique skin and light on seeds. 90 days 3195 moon and Stars 3197 Klondike Blue Ribbon HEIRLOOM Moon & Stars has become a popular variety known for its sweet flavor and dark green rind decorated with yellow spots of large (moon) and small (star) size. Hard apple-green rinds are perfect for shipping and storage.75 $8.80/LB $28.75 $2. average fruit weight was 10 lbs and average fruit size was about 10” long.30/LB $120. 3207 Ali baba HEIRLOOM HMS crew favorite! Vigorous plants produce 16-25 lb oblong fruit.com • phone (802) 472-6174 • fax (802) 472-3201 .00 $46.40 $38.80 1 oz $15. Oblong watermelons are 18-24” long and weigh 10-15 lbs.NEW 85 days 3197 Klondike blue Ribbon NEW HEIRLOOM This exceptionally sweet watermelon is perfect for a summer picnic.20 1 lb $141. Produces good yields of large. Klondike Blue received top scores in our watermelon taste tests.10 $5.20 $50. and the seed production crew have been working hard to bring you the varieties that will excel in organic conditions. including the highest Brix reading. very sweet.80 1m $47. Requires hot temperatures to set fruit.30/LB $35. and very flavorful with a tropical fruit punch tang.90 $6.60 $225.30 $14.75 $2.30 $15.

Basil is a tender annual 5030 Sweet A favorite for everyday eating! A traditional Italian variety to use fresh. Row spacing: 12-24” depending on variety. 28M seeds/oz 65 days 5020 Purple Dark Opal 65 days var purpurascens . Plants produce whorls of delicate pink flowers. Plant spacing: 2-8”. Leaves average 3” long. used in flower arrangements or dried. glossy leaves with a characteristic spoon shape. Average height is 12-18”. bush-type basil with 5005 Fino Verde 63 days var genovese . reaching 15” tall. Southeast Asia with a delightfully strong aroma and lemony flavor. 18M seeds/oz 5036 Aroma 2 F1 hybrid 70 days FW var minimum . Photo (above): Jamie and Katie planting garlic chives in the trials field. please find specific planting and cultural information in the accompanying sub-group information box or in the individual variety descriptions. dark green leaves. with some variability in height and leaf size. Leaves are deep green and slightly cupped. Short plants have an attractive. spicier than Italian basils. an edible bedding plant or in floral arrangements. This very popular and heavyyielding variety produces large aromatic leaves that delight the taste buds as well as the nose. Average height is 20-24” tall.Fusarium resistant basil for field miniature leaves is perfect for pots. 20M seeds/oz 5020 Purple Dark Opal 5031 Sweet Thai 5001 Cinnamon 5037 Rosie 5036 Aroma 2 F1 The Organic Seed Source for Commercial Growers and Home Gardeners 75 hERbS . Cinnamon basil can be cooked. We offer tried-and-true standards. An improved Genovese type with thick. reSISTaNce keY: FW-Fusarium Wilt M=1.000 basil Ocimum basilicum subsp. Flavor is strong and leaves can turn your mouth purple. Each type of herb is unique in its growing needs. Direct seed after all danger of frost has passed and soil has warmed. moist soils. Keep flowering buds pinched for better leaf production. Small. Average height is 10-12”. Plants are strong producers of dark-green. Most herbs are compact plants and easy to grow. Use hoops with row covers as plants are sensitive to the touch. CSA box or farmers' market table. Leaves are 2” long and plants reach 12-18” tall. or start transplants 4-6 weeks before planting date. Plant every two weeks for a continual harvest. and Triple Curled parsley. Use floating row cover to increase temperatures and extend the season. Sweet Thai has a clove-like licorice flavor with a hearty aroma that compliments the hot spicy flavors of Thai cuisine. Replaces Aroma 1. Delicious with fish and in salad dressings. Basil is best stored unwashed as it is very sensitive to browning. Average height is 1012”. Aroma 2 is quickly becoming the standard basil for professional growers. Basil does best in warm weather. in vinegars and as the main ingredient for pesto. An improved strain of Rubin with no green off-types and stronger stems that do not sprawl as much. Plants are compact and upright. Basil is very sensitive to the cold. .Herbs that prefers full sun and rich. Flowering stalks can be added to bouquets to lend a wonderful lemony fragrance. Seeding depth: ¼”. an excessively curly and robust parsley. such as Genovese basil and Italian Flat Leaf parsley. farmstand.Compact.Lovely as a potted herb. container gardens or borders. Basil can be used as a seasoning. The herbs we offer in this section were chosen for their exceptional aroma. rounded growth habit. Pinch terminal buds to encourage branching and prevent flowering.Pesto lovers unanimously recommend Herbs are a great addition to any home garden. Plants remain smaller if planted in pots. but still sweet and extremely flavorful. Compact plants sport relatively small green leaves with dark purple stems and blossoms. flavor and appeal.Use for a hearty herb or fragrant 5030 Sweet 5000 Genovese 5037 Rosie 65 days var purpurascens . 28M seeds/oz 5001 Cinnamon flower stems. as a cut flower or as a medicinal herb. A smaller leaf variety. Medium-sized leaves are emerald green with purple stems and accents. Many herbs have dual uses. Dark Opal is also excellent in vinegars or as a garnish for your favorite meals. like Aroma 2 F1 basil. 20M seeds/oz or greenhouse. so Dark Opal may not be ideal for fresh eating. 18. With its pleasingly strong aroma and flavor. in potpourri. or Oregano and Common Sage as potpourri. Direct seeding: 4-6 seeds/ft. Seeds emerge within 6-12 days. can be used ornamentally. 21M seeds/oz var citriodorum .Shiny deep purple leaves make this a striking ornamental plant in gardens or pots. such as Echinacea as a cut flower. 15M seeds/oz Genovese as the best variety for pesto due to its distinctively sweet flavor. Beautiful pale purple flowers with deep-purple leaves and stems. The flowers. Optimal soil temperature for germination is 70-90°F. Medicinally basil can be used to calm the stomach. with tall pale -purple spikes. showing leaf damage even at 38°F. making them suitable for containers. greenhouses and small garden spaces. Average height is 8-10”.Intense dark purple-red color with 5010 Lemon 5005 Fino Verde very uniform germination and stand. A favorite in our trials for its unique color and its mild and aromatic basil flavor. Plants are also resistant to bolting and will hold well in the field and after harvesting. alongside more modern varieties that have impressed us in our trials. aromatic leaves are mostly 1/2-3/4” in size with some larger.A narrow leaf basil native to 5010 Lemon 60 days 5000 Genovese 68 days var genovese . resistant to Fusariam Wilt and slow to bolt. 17M seeds/oz 65 days var cinnamomum .500 seeds/oz 5031 Sweet Thai 63 days var americanum .

Shows good tolerance to Fusarium Wilt in our trials. Direct seed outdoors. In off-site trials.5026 Aton hERbS for field production or pots. diaphoretic. Bolt resistant strain. The plant strongly resembles parsley and is often referred to as gourmet parsley. A great choice for greenhouse growers. Can tolerate partial shade.200 seeds/oz 6020 German Chamomile 1941 Brussels Winter Chervil 5041 Nelly Chives 5026 Aton 6130 Sacred Basil 5043 Italian Large Leaf 6010 Catnip 5040 Chives 5051 Caribe Cilantro 5050 Santo Cilantro 76 www. Use leaves or flowers to dress up soups and salads with a slightly spicy garnish. anti-inflammatory. 5051 Caribe 5040 Chives Matricaria recuita . Seeds emerge within 7-14 days. higher vigor and seed emergence.Similar in most ways to regular chives but evinces a delicate garlic flavor. Annual.000 chives Allium spp.Standard type. Sacred Basil deserves serious recognition for its many medicinal properties. Plants can be propagated by seed or root division. the incarnation of the goddess. Cilantro is sometimes referred to as leaf coriander. leaves as a flavorful garnish and flower heads sprinkled in salads or atop cream cheese. yellow centers and are less than an inch wide. Average height is 24-30”. Fully grown. Direct seed after danger of hard frost has passed. air purifier. space-saving perennials in the cilantro An easy-to-grow annual often used in Mexican.Hardy. antidote to poison. Established plants may be thinned to maintain spacing. 2. schoenoprasum .Our most attractive Genovese-type basil 1941 brussels Winter Chervil 18 days micro.Both seed (coriander) and leaves (cilantro) are used in numerous cuisines from around the world. Harvest flower heads regularly for best yields. It has been used as an adaptagen. being careful not to bury seeds. Transplants can be started 8-10 weeks before setting out. is produced from the seeds. or anyone who wants a long-standing cilantro. Caribe has a slightly thinner stem. Plant spacing: thin to a final spacing of 4-6”. which has many of the same medicinal properties. this strongly scented herb grows with flat. Hardy perennial in zones 5-8. 18M seeds/oz 78 days 6010 Catnip Nepeta cataria . Seeding depth: 1/4-1/2”. Sow seed 1/8 . Asian and Mediterranean cooking. . toothed leaves.Winter hardy plants for early 5041 Nelly Chives 90 days A. 6.200 seeds/oz 55 days leaf 5050 Santo 55 days leaf. Plants reach 18-24” tall and are slow to bolt. 6. light green. Start transplants 4-6 weeks before planting date. This variety replaces Nufar.com • phone (802) 472-6174 • fax (802) 472-3201 . Annual. Hardy annual. liver protector. Similar in looks and growth habit to culinary basil. Sow seeds ½-1” deep.The tiny daisy-like flowers of 6020 German Chamomile 75 days German chamomile have white petals with coneshaped. Makes for a great addition to salads and a delicious addition to most dishes. 40 baby. Hardy annual. It maintains good shelf-life after harvest and is durable when packed compared to standard garden varieties. Average height is 10-12”. Scarify seeds to aid germination. schoenoprasum . 95 seed Coriandrum sativum . tuberosum . cut at 12-18” tall. can be separated by roots once established. Grow as baby leaf or full size using 6 seeds/ft in rows 12-18” apart. another commonly-used spice. 2” apart. 46M seeds/oz onion family. sprinkle seed onto soil and rake in gently. German is closely related to Roman chamomile.as baby leaf in spring when flowers are in just opening.This member of the mint family is 80 days to flower a well-known favorite of our feline friends but also a medicinal herb for people. Nelly showed good resistance to dry tube tips. Direct seed 1⁄4” deep. M=1. Direct seeding: 2”. 40M seeds/oz salad greens or the herb garden. immune stimulator. 18M seeds/oz 72 days var genovese . 11M seeds/oz full-size similar to Staro. Cilantro prefers direct sun and is tolerant of cool conditions. hardy toseeds/oz 3-9. Quick growing and a good choice for greenhouse growers or those who prefer a heavy chive. Seeds are reputed to help reduce stress. Direct seed in early spring for summer crop or fall for spring crop.1/4” deep.500 seeds/oz 5080 Garlic Chives 90 days A. A semi-compact variety with short internodes and large. Plant spacing: single year harvest 4-8” or as perennial 12-18”. 60 full size Anthriscus cerefolium . cupped leaves that have an attractive shine. upright habit. Chop into salsas and other preparations. White. stomach ulcer preventative. 6. star-shaped flowers are long lasting.An improved dark blue-green Oscimum sanctum . or start transplants 10-12 weeks before planting date. Often associated with Mexican dishes. known to have relaxing properties. Regular chives are 12. Sacred Basil sets itself apart with its pungent aroma. ornamentally beautiful and unlike any other blooms. Garlic chives are hardy to zones 4-9.500 seeds/oz 90 days A. Seed spring into summer. and oxygenator of the brain. A European standard and very winter hardy. Bushy plants have wispy foliage and tend to sprawl. and better bolt tolerance in the field. Medium to Dense bunches of aromatic dark green leaves. and Downy Mildew as well as a strong heat tolerance. and thin to a final spacing of 4-6”. expectorant. Hardy perennial in zones 3-8.The Hindu people of India 6130 Sacred 75 days worship this plant as Tulasi. Thin for a final spacing of 4-6”. thin to a final spacing of 12”. Chervil has flat. Also works well for freezing and drying.the bulbs as mild onions. A great selection for pesto and Italian cuisine especially when you need a good amount of basil on hand. Coriander. 2. It is considered one of the classic French herbes fines. Compared to Santo. Seeding depth: ¼”. Thrips. doing well in a range of conditions. The whole plant can be eaten . Row spacing: 18-24”. Seeds can be direct sown as soon as soil can be worked. They come back year after year. Harvest as needed throughout the Grow Best flavor or full size using 6 seeds/ft deep. with a flavor somewhere between parsley and anise. Plants can be set out all season but do best when planted in late summer for a spring crop. Start transplants 4-6 weeks before the planting date.season. A largely undiscovered herb. Plants grow more slowly than standard chives and are slightly less hardy. lacy leaves. it prefers direct sun.250 seeds/oz 5043 Italian Large Leaf Think big! A large leaf Genovese-type basil with leaves up to 4” long. 13M seeds/oz chive with a fine leaf shaft and a healthy. Herbaceous perennial to zone 3. Easy to grow and tolerant of cooler conditions.800 zones rows 12-18” apart.highmowingseeds.

known for its culinary and medicinal properties.The most widely grown organic mouth water for pizza. then cover lightly. Commonly grown as an annual due to greater aromatic qualities in its first year of growth.000 . Transplants are started 4 weeks before setting out. Full. Use fresh or dry.6040 Purple Coneflower Echinacea purpurea . clip long stems just as flowers begin to open. Seedlings develop long taproot quickly. page 80 dill Anthenum graveolens . Transplant after danger of hard frost has passed. Average plant height is 24-30”. harvest stems to hang in bundles. Common. Harvest seeds by collecting the entire flower head when it turns brown. taste. and medicinal properties will decrease as the stalks mature. M=1.000 5090 Sweet marjoram 5044 Greensleeves A compact. Start indoors and transplant into well-drained soil. 12. seed head production and cut flowers. Stems average 10”. plant seedlings 18” apart. 16. such as Bouquet. Stems hold leaves upright for easy bunching. Moss Curled is less curly and has longer stems than Darki. This is an excellent variety for market growers and for container cultivation. Dill is an excellent choice for container gardens. Leaves can be easily stripped off when dry. The leaves are deeply cut and curled. Plant spacing: 1218”. To use flowering umbels as cut flowers or in pickling. Harvest parsley by twisting or cutting outer stems throughout the season as needed.A milder. that are used for both fresh herb. with shiny dark green leaves well-supported on woody stems standing 2’ tall. Days to maturity are from direct seeding. Perennial. We heard about this parsley from several growers before seeing it in Frank Morton’s fields growing next to Moss Curled and Italian Flat Leaf.Rich aroma will make your Classic flat leaf variety for use either fresh or dried as a garnish or seasoning. Dark green leaves on strong stems make beautiful bunches and flavor is classic for garnishes. Best fresh flavor is right before flowers open when aromatic compounds are their highest. as smell. dill can be used to treat an upset stomach. M=1. 10. Plant spacing: 2-4”. Just when you thought there was no more room for curls! All on upright stems for easy.A hardy annual in the carrot family. Transplants can be started 8-10 weeks before planting date. Seeding depth: ¼”. Sow seeds 1⁄8 -1/4” deep. Medicinally. producing seed heads well ahead of others and right in time for summer pickles. Stores well in fridge. pickling. Start indoors and transplant in well-drained soil. Harvest before flowering. cut stems to hang in bundles.Start transplants 6-8 weeks before planting date.500 seeds/g 80 days to flower Origanum vulgare . and efficient harvesting. Transplanted at 18” apart.A strong scented perennial that parsley Petroselinum crispum . spreading bush habit. aromatic garden herb. soups or even salads. Dill can be transplanted but prefers direct sowing. bagged or in water. Optimal soil temperature for germination is 70°F. Dill can be used for fresh dill weed. 5100 Oregano 5044 Greensleeves 5060 Bouquet 5105 Triple Curled Parsley 6090 Lemon Balm 5104 Giant Italian Parsley 5090 Sweet Marjoram 5110 Italian Flat Leaf Parsley 5120 Moss Curled Parsley The Organic Seed Source for Commercial Growers and Home Gardeners 77 hERbS attracts bees and can be used as a medicinal herb.500 seeds/oz 75 days 5045 Eagle Parsley Root See Turnips & Other Roots. Seeds may take 7-21 days to emerge. or dried seed. Tender perennial. cut flowers. Row spacing: 18-24”. Sow seeds every 4-6 weeks for a continual supply. Leaves can be easily stripped off when dry. resembling forest moss. Seeding depth: ¼”. high-yielding and dependable. 4. Best started as a transplant because seeds can take 3-4 weeks to emerge from soil and seedlings are often over run by weeds. clean. sweeter relative 5104 Giant Italian Parsley Flat. oregano also has medicinal value as an aid for digestion and an anti-fungal. Bouquet is an early maturing variety. Flowering umbels average 6” wide. Row spacing: 18-24” apart.200 seeds/oz 85 days to flower Origanum majorana . To dry. Transplants can be started indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost. Direct seeding: 10 seeds/ft.500 seeds/oz 70 days 5100 Oregano 5060 bouquet dill for fresh eating. Sow seeds 1/8” deep or sprinkle seed onto soil surface and press into soil with finger. Average height is 30”. 12. 45M seeds/oz 6090 Lemon balm 70 days to flower Melissa officianalis . As with many other culinary herbs. being careful not to dislodge seed with water.Biennial (producing seed in its second year). Optimal soil temperature for germination is 70°F. Sow as soon as soil warms and throughout summer. A very nutritious and tasty addition to meat or vegetable dishes. covering lightly. 15M seeds/oz 45-55 days leaf. Separate seedlings and plant 18” apart. Keep moist by misting. Do not let plants become root bound. There we could really see the difference. Keep moist by misting. Dill prefers full sun and well-drained soils that are low in fertility. Greensleeves does not bolt as quickly as other dills. 15M seeds/oz 45 days leaf of oregano. 14M seeds/oz 75 days 5120 moss Curled Standard early maturing double curled variety with rapid regrowth. 95 seed Anthenum graveolens . Perennial. Many gardeners have successfully over-wintered this tender perennial. Used medicinally to stimulate digestion. Sow seeds 1⁄8” deep or sprinkle seed onto soil surface and press into soil with finger. large-leaved variety is aromatic.See Flowers.500 seeds/oz 5110 Italian Flat Leaf 70 days 5105 Triple Curled Parsley Triple curled leaves with an attractive dark green color. Can be direct seeded after all danger of frost has passed. while others pot it up in the fall to bring delight to a winter kitchen. flowers and seed heads. Dark green leaves are aromatic and pleasingly sweet eaten fresh or dried. Curled-leaf parsley is a more subtle seasoning than the Italian flat leaf and makes for a nutritious edible garnish. Thrives in fertile soil with good amounts of organic matter and moisture. When harvested. page 72. high yielding dill for leaf production.

00/LB $150.5130 Common Sage 70 days Salvia officianalis .90 $33.50/LB $21.60 $7.00/LB $34.75 herBS 1/8 oz $4.00 $65.70 $3.95 $22. Our strain is a winter hardy variety that does well in cool regions. This cold tolerant leafy green is becoming increasingly popular as an over-wintered  gourmet spring green.00/LB $52.00/LB $64.20 $80.95 $10.00/LB 5 lbs $49.50 $180. vegetables and poultry.70 $4.50 $14.10 $24.00 $7. Ideal for containers or indoor pots. square stems. which are commonly used in soups and stews.00 $23.75 $2.00/LB $120.50 $3. sold by weight 5036 Aroma 2 F1 Basil 5105 Triple Curled Parsley 1/32 oz $2. Flavors green beans.80 1 lb $145.30 $6.30 $5.60 $18.75 $2.75 $2.00 $50.75 $2.00 $65.75 $30.00 $16.75 $2.40 $8.20 1/2 lb $79.75 $2.00 $5.20/LB $120.00 $8.60 $5.60 1/8 oz $6.00/LB $105.00 $72. Perennial.90 $5.00 $31.70 $5. Direct seed 1/4” deep.40 $3. Sow seeds ¼” deep.10 $6.00/LB $126.50 $8.90 $9.75 $2. Dry plants to preserve.60 $4.00/LB $157. after danger of frost has passed.90 $15.00 $28. Sow seeds 1⁄8” deep or sprinkle seed onto soil surface and cover gently.30 $32.75 $2. Deadhead seed stalks to encourage more leaves.00/LB $82.60 $4.00 $80.60 $8.20/LB $116.80 $20. Beautiful lavender flowers in summer.75 $2.00 $12.30 $3. Separate and plant 8” apart.00/LB $305.80/LB $90.75 $2. 34M seeds/oz 45 days baby.35 $6.00 $40.50 $6.60 $9.00/LB $72. Perennial.10 $33.com • phone (802) 472-6174 • fax (802) 472-3201 .00/LB $60. Use ornamental leaf branches in floral wreaths.00/LB $60. sold by weight 5026 Aton Basil 5060 Bouquet 1941 Brussels Winter Chervil 5051 Caribe Coriander 6010 Catnip 5040 Chives 5001 Cinnamon Basil 5130 Common Sage 5005 Fino Verde Mini Basil 5080 Garlic Chives 5000 Genovese Basil 5104 Giant Italian Parsley 5044 Greensleeves Dill 5110 Italian Flat Leaf Parsley 5043 Italian Large Leaf Basil 6090 Lemon Balm 5010 Lemon Basil 5120 Moss Curled Parsley 5041 Nelly Chives 5020 Purple Dark Opal Basil 5037 Rosie Basil 5050 Santo Cilantro 2497 Sorrel 5030 Sweet Basil 5031 Sweet Thai Basil open-pollinated.75/LB $18.00/LB $32.00/LB $48.20 $56.00 $11.00/LB $120.20 $45.00 $13. A very versatile culinary staple which can successfully flavor any meat and vegetable dish.50/LB $38.00 $108.00 $32.75 $2.00 $22.75 $2.90 $12.00 $22.00 $29.00/LB $36.75 $2.highmowingseeds. Likes full sun to partial shade.60 $8.00/LB $105.00 $4.50 $65.95 $6. 3.00 $84.80/LB $65.00 $6.40 $17.75 $2.00 1/2 lb $31. gravies and stuffing.00 $5.00 $67. plant spacing is 8” in 1218” rows.75 $2.75 $2.Petite leaves and mini spikes of pinkish-lavender flowers atop woody stalks.00 $32.30 $4.50/LB $120.The most subtle and delicate of all the savories in taste and in character.00 $64. Leaves are bright green and slender with long petioles.10/LB $50.00 $21.50/LB $38.20/LB $54.00 1/4 lb $90. Transplanting is recommended.00 2 oz $17.00 $17. or as a braising green.75 $2.00 8 gm $14.00 $38.00 1 oz $25.60 $4. Start seedlings 8-10 weeks before planting date.00 $10.75 $2.50 $9.30 $7. 120 flower Rumex acetosa – Sorrel is best known for its tangy 5140 Thyme 90 days Thymus vulgaris .00/LB $196.50 $5.400 seeds/oz HEIRLOOM Satureja hortensis .45 $32. or infused in vinegar. meat dishes. sold by seed weight 6020 German Chamomile 5100 Oregano 6130 Sacred Basil 5135 Summer Savory 5090 Sweet Marjoram 5140 Thyme hybrid.00 $5.00 $5. Direct sow as soon as soil can be worked or start transplants in March.70 $4.75 $2.40 $5.60 $32.75 $2.80 $6. Perennial.90 $4.20 $35.75 $2. Perennial. The aroma of summer savory is a duet of thyme and mint. Plants can be harvested all season long but are best sown in late summer for harvest in early spring when most tender and mild. 99M seeds/oz 5135 Summer Savory 5130 Common Sage open-pollinated.00 $5.90 $6.40 $7.90 $10.30 $154.00 1 lb $510.00 $21.00/LB 15.70 $7.75 $2.50 $12.00/LB 1/32 oz $3.75 $2.00/LB 78 www. Plant after danger of frost has passed.20 $17.00 $60. Grow similarly to other annual herbs outdoors with a preference for rich soil and full sun using a plant spacing of 8-12”.30 $11.00/LB 1/10 gm $2.75 $2.75 $2.50 $3.40/LB $67.60 2 oz $25.00 $65.00 $8.00 1 lb $50. Plants reach 12-18” tall.00/LB $16.75 $2. Slender light green leaves on reddish. Full-size leaves grow to 8” long.75 $2.Leaves can be used fresh or dried 2497 Sorrel hERbS in soups.00 $16. Grow as a baby leaf or for full size leaves. thin to a final spacing of 18-24”.90 $7.00/LB $620.70 $27.75 1 gm $6.50 $16.00 $3.70 $3.30 $8.80 $4.75 $2.20/LB $110.75 $2.00 $10. 47M seeds/oz 5135 Summer Savory 75 days leafy greens. Transplants can be started 4-6 weeks before planting date and planted all summer long.50 $6.50 $13.00/LB $49.00 $10.25 $5. Makes a beautiful border along herb and flower beds.75 $2.00/LB $40.00/LB $149.00/LB $56. in salad.00 $87.00 $58.00 2497 Garden Sorrel 5140 Thyme 1/2 oz $7. growing to about 6-10”.50 $6.00/LB 5 lb $140.

add 14-20 days for direct seeding.000 seeds/oz 1/32 oz: $2. 1/2 oz: $68. Seeding rate: 6 seeds/ft. Strawberry Blonde is one of the newest varieties from Frank Morton’s flashback series. providing continual blooms throughout the season. bright yellow and pale yellow flowers. 1/2 lb $57.75.75. Planting depth is 1/8”.75.20. Plant in full sun.60. Bushy plants produce tons of flowers right into the fall. containers. 1/8 oz: $6. see variety descriptions. Also used as a dye for food or fabric and as an edible flower. Keep plants dead-headed for continual blooms. A diverse mix with many shades of blue.60. 2 oz: $55. 1/2 oz: $16. but can be started indoors 4-6 weeks before planting date. 1/32 oz: $2. 1. 6. 1/2 lb: $132.30. 2 oz: $42. Photo (above): A bed of Jasmine-Scented Nicotiana in our seed production field. heights. colorful flashback variety with antique pink and yellow petals. 2 oz: $24. After germination period. as an edible flower or dry for use as a medicinal herb.70.100 seeds/oz 1/10 g: $2. Sow outdoors in late spring after last frost for early summer blooms or start indoors 6-8 weeks before planting. 1 g: $6. Use for cut flowers. 3400 seeds/oz 1/32 oz: $2.90. Easy to grow. Seeding depth is 1/4”. Calendulas are loved as long-lasting cut or dried flowers or as edible flowers to dress up summer salads. whether you are adding color to your home and garden or selling bouquets for market. 3. Use for cutting or as a bedding plant.30. 1 lb: $183. Seeding depth: ¼”. Prefers full sun. Cover seeds lightly in a flat and maintain a constant temperature between 70-80°F.50. Annual. 2. preferably at 70°F for 7-10 days until germination is apparent. fresh petals add beauty to salads or on top of cakes. we strive to fill your flower needs. Brightly flame-colored flowers with brown centers are both vibrant and medicinal. page 75 calendula Calendula officinalis .50 60 days 7020 Resina 5001 Cinnamon Basil See Herbs. bedding plants.10. Cut flowers when half open.75. This strain has the highest amount of resins compared to other calendulas which are used as an herbal application for inflammation and localized skin problems. Please contact us if you are seeking certified organic seed for flower varieties not shown in this section. Mostly double blooms give the petals a full. Final plant spacing is 8” apart. Plant outdoors as soon as soil can be worked. thinning to 12” apart.75. Long stems pull off easily from the stalk making cut flower harvest very easy and fast.Red foliage sets this cockscomb apart 7017 Polka Dot Mix NEW 7021 Dark Orange 7019 Strawberry Blonde 7023 Maayan Dark Orange 7020 Resina 7033 Red Flame Celosia The Organic Seed Source for Commercial Growers and Home Gardeners 79 FLOWERS . Also known as old-fashioned or pot marigold. well-drained soils. Tolerates drought conditions. Days to maturity are from transplanting. 2 oz: $ 80 days 7033 Red Flame Celosia NEW 55 days 7023 maayan Dark Orange A true orange calendula and our replacement for Dark Orange. decrease temperature to 50°F and pot up into larger containers or outdoors. Transplant out after danger of frost has passed.80 7017 Polka Dot mix 7021 Dark Orange An early blooming medley of bright orange. 1/2 oz: $15. Specific spacing and cultural information vary for each type of flower.A hardy. Start seedlings indoors 6-8 weeks before planting date. growth habits and appearances. 1/2 oz: $16.00 from all others. Plant spacing: 8-12”. Row spacing: 18-24”.700 seeds/oz 1/32 oz: $2. dark red flashy undersides and a dark central eye.30 65 days Celosia cristata .80/lb 80 days 7019 Strawberry blonde A bright. Plants average 20-26” with 2-4” combs. Flowers average 2” wide. Reseeding hardy annual. straight stems. white. preferring full sun and rich. Direct sow seeds as soon as danger of hard frost has passed or in late fall of previous year.90.30. Our varieties are tried-andtrue standards that are sure to perform well in a wide range of growing conditions. self-seeding annual We have selected these easy-to-grow flower varieties for their individual beauty and/or suitability for cut flower production. and lavender.Flowers Bachelor Buttons 90 days Centaurea cyanus . 1/8 oz: $5. poor soil with good drainage. ruffled appearance. A mix of double and single blooms.A delightful edible cut flower and bedding plant. Pot up at same depth as seedlings emerge three weeks after sowing. Dwarf plants average 16-24” tall and are multibranching.250 seeds/oz 1/32 oz: $2. cool temperatures. Resina flowers are most commonly noted for their medicinal properties.30. 2 oz: $55. By offering an assortment of hues. 1/8 oz: $5. 1820" stems are well-suited for cuttings and 24" plants are productive and vigorous. Pre-chill seed for five days.80. Multi-branching 12-18” plants offer continuous flowering on tall. pink. Keep trays in complete darkness. Scatter seeds into flat and cover lightly with soil or use individual plug trays. Best sown outdoors in early spring. Price information follows variety descriptions. 1/8 oz: $5. 1/2 oz: $10. 1/2 oz: $12. 1/8 oz: $8. Many of these varieties are well-suited for succession plantings to ensure continuous harvest throughout the season. Bright yellow daisy-like blooms with a few orange show-offs to keep the genetic variation of this powerful strain alive and well.

An All American Selections winner in 1936 and remains a favorite today. Medicinal compounds are most concentrated in young flower buds and fibrous roots.Brilliant red. excellent for an eye catching border. 2 oz: $16. Dead-heading is required for constant blooms. 1/8 oz: $7. 1/32 oz: $2. bipinnatus .75. Prolific and continual flowering from mid-summer through the fall. Sow seeds after last frost has passed.75. pink. Direct sow seeds by scattering lightly on soil surface.75. 1/8 oz: $3. making them great for beginning gardeners. orange. green. 1/2 lb: $31.30. The peppery-tasting edible flowers are exquisite when stuffed with cream cheese or added to salads for color. Final plant spacing is 4-6”.00. 1/8 oz: $7. 4.75. thin to a 2’ spacing. Annual.80. 1/8 oz: $8. Makes a beautiful border plant.000 seeds/oz 1/64 oz: $2.com • phone (802) 472-6174 • fax (802) 472-3201 . trailing plants are perfect for hanging baskets. Plants will climb if tied to supports but prefer to hang.20. 6. Can be started as transplants 4-5 weeks before planting date. 1/2 lb: $110. orange. 1 lb: $56.50/lb cosmos Cosmos spp. white and deep purple create a rainbow of color.highmowingseeds. Direct seed or transplant. double bloom effect.Cosmos are hardy annuals that will grow in just about any soil type as long as there is plenty of sun.00/lb. Row spacing: 24-52”. Provide support for cut flower quality. Seeding depth: 1/4-1/2”.300 seeds/oz 1/32 oz: $2. Plant spacing is 12-24”.80/lb 7074 Dark Orange Marigold chrysanthemum-like blooms for borders. Optimal soil temperature for germination is 75°F. Annual. 1/2 oz: $16.40. Provides lasting color. Seeds require darkness and soil temperatures of 55°F or below for germination. 1/2 oz: $12.60. 1/2 oz: $16. 5 lbs: $50. magenta and lavender blooms.75. Cold stratification is necessary for germination (5-10 days in the fridge). 6040 Purple Coneflower 110 days 7076 Sensation mix 85 days C.10. 1/8 oz: $5. 1/2 oz: $ nasturtium Tropaeolum majus . Very easy to grow. Plant spacing: 9-12”. round leaves. Single flowers are 3-4” wide and make for showy summer borders. 1/2 oz: $12. Sow seeds 1/2” deep. 1/2 lb: $37. High levels of nitrogen lead to excessive foliage and low numbers of flowers. Germination is apparent in 7-14 days.Sunset tones of golden-yellow. Plants will reseed if left in the garden. pendulous white flowers on 24-36" plants.Nasturtiums are tender Echinacea purpurea . Harvest as petals on the first flowers on stalk are just opening. 11. Direct seeding: 2 seeds/6”.000 seeds/oz. 2 oz: $37. 2 oz: $54. salmon. in container plantings or bouquets. 6. 1/8 oz: $5.50 crimson flowers on trailing plants. Days to maturity are from direct seeding.90.40.400 seeds/oz 1/64 oz: $2.75. especially in mass plantings and in containers.50. Harvest edible flowers when fully open. dried or in the back border of beds. Sturdy plants grow a bushy 16” tall and 10” wide. Optimal soil temperature for germination is 60-65°F. . This late summer bloomer is quite attractive in flower beds for bees and hummingbirds. Petals are gently rolled in on themselves.00. Plants reach 3-4’ tall. containers or in the garden. containers and edible flowers.30. This is the easiest and hardiest species to grow in our northern climate. Lovely. Perennial. Similar to Sensation Mix in color spectrum and plant habit.5” wide and full of ruffles. 2 oz: $17.75. nicotiana offers its intense aromas to the night.A mix of yellow.Delicate whorls of vibrant purple 7075 bright Lights mix 85 days Cosmos sulphureus .10 7036 Sea Shells Cosmos Mix 7160 Dwarf Jewel Mix 7075 Bright Lights Mix 7076 Sensation Mix 7077 Nasturtium Mix 7030 Violet Queen Cleome 6040 Purple Coneflower 7060 Galilee Mix Larkspur 7090 Jasmine-Scented Nicotiana 7074 Dark Orange Marigold 80 www. Lily pad-like leaves are just as attractive as the bright flowers.250 seeds/oz 1/64 oz: $2. powder pink. but with the tubular petals contributing a ruffled.00/lb.75. 1/2 lb: $132. 200 seeds/oz 1/8 oz: $2. beds or cut flowers.50.90.90. 200 seeds/oz 1/8 oz: $2. They can be used as tall bedding plant or a cut flower. Double flowers are 2. Cover seeds well as they require darkness to germinate. 3. 1/2 oz: $16.30. Cosmos require little fertility or care. 2 oz: $55.60.50. Plant spacing: 12”.75.90. 1/2 oz: $7. Long.00. 1/2 oz: $12.Beautiful 3-4” flowers with pink-orange center cones and purple-pink rays.00 NEW annuals that prefer full sun or partial shade. Nasturtiums are great for bedding plants. 271. Transplants can be started 8-10 weeks before planting date. 1/8 oz: $4.Sharp spikes of brilliant blue. 5 lbs: $58. in pots or bouquets. 1/2 lb: $63. Be careful as the main stalk is covered with sharp thorns. 1 lb: $63. Seeding depth: 1-2”. 7. 1/2 oz: $8. 2 oz: $31. 2 oz: $54. Days to maturity are from direct seeding. Cosmos require little fertility or care. Annual. 7160 Dwarf Jewel mix 90 days 7036 Sea Shells Cosmos mix A lovely mix of dark pink.FLOWERS petals.90. 1/2 oz: $8. Row spacing: 36”. making them great for beginner gardeners. Direct seeding: 2 seeds/ft.60 85 days Tagetes erecta–Uniformly dark orange 7090 Jasmine-Scented Nicotiana 75 days Nicotiana alata .30.5” wide with a very full look.30 yellow flowers are boldly displayed upon bushes of thick. Best effects when planted in mass plantings. burnt-orange and fiery-red petals are set in multitudes on bushy plants. Edible flowers and foliage are a gourmet treat reminiscent of peppery watercress in flavor. thin to one plant per 6”.20 2 oz: $16. Commonly used as a cut flower.500 seeds/oz 1/32 oz: $2. 1/2 lb: $32. Plants reach 3-6’ tall. Direct seed 1” deep and thin to a final spacing of 16”. 4. well-drained soils low in fertility. This annual loves the sun. NEW deep pink. and 7077 Nasturtium mix 60 days Trapaeolum majus .000 seeds/oz 1/32 oz: $2. pastel pink and white blooms floats on delicate stems atop ferny foliage. Sow seeds after last frost has passed.60 7030 Violet Queen Cleome 75 days Cleome hasslerana . 2 oz: $21.50.300 seeds/oz 1/32 oz: $2.80. like sea shells.Easily one of the sweetest-scented flowers. Start transplants 6-8 weeks ahead of planting date. 1/8 oz: $8.00/lb 60 days Trapaeolum majus . as it is pollinated by moths. rose and 7060 Galilee mix Larkspur 85 days Delphinium consolida . Germination is apparent in 7-10 days. Vines can reach 10’ long.A sensational mix of white.30. 1 lb: $115. 2 oz: $43. Double flowers are 2. Direct seed spring through early summer 1/4” deep.

28.000 seeds/oz 1/64 oz: $2. 1/4 lb: $35. sturdy stems. they love sunshine and blooms tend to follow its path across the sky.60.40.50/lb 70 days HEIRLOOM Lathyrus oderatus-Lovely. 5.HEIRLOOM Ideal for . Plants reach 5-7’ tall and bloom for a long period of time.7067 Electron mix Sweet William 100-120 days Dianthus barbatus–Clusters of red. 1 oz: $16. Plant outdoors as soon as soil can be worked.70 70-90 days Lathyrus odoratus–A colorful collection of traditional 7094 California Orange Poppy 7102 Teddy Bear NEW 7067 Electron Mix 7120 Italian White 7089 Painted Lady Sweet Pea 7091 Old Spice Sweet Pea 7109 Lemon Queen The Organic Seed Source for Commercial Growers and Home Gardeners 81 FLOWERS cut flowers.75.75.40/M. well-drained. Teddy Bear is nice for cutting but equally nice for a colorful garden border. delicate bi-colored blooms of bright pink. Height averages 24-30".50 NEW A sterile sunflower that makes no pollen. dwarf plants are upright. and a ring of primrose between. 1. 1 lb: $52. Direct sow after danger of all frost has passed and soil temperatures have warmed to 70-75°F. Germination is apparent between 7-14 days. Plant spacing: for dwarf varieties 8-18”. Plants climb 3-4’ tall.Sunflowers are tender annuals 7120 Italian White 7109 Lemon Queen 85 days Eschscholzia californica– Simple. for tall varieties 18-24”. 18. Suitable for containers. 567 seeds/oz 25 seeds: $3. multi-petal chrysanthemumtype blooms. Trellis for support. As their name indicates. 1/4 oz: $7. providing abundant blooms that allow for generous harvesting and keeping your garden filled with color! One large central bloom followed by a well-branched. 1/2 oz: $18.70. bees and butterflies. 700 seeds/oz 1/16 oz: $2.280 seeds/oz.40.75. Row spacing: 24-36”. butter-yellow petals contrast nicely with a wide brown center.10. 100 seeds: $8.30. 1/4 oz: $7. making Painted Lady very attractive for decorative garden plantings.75. 5M seeds: $29.40.75. 1/4 lb: $35. 1 lb: $52.30. pink and white bi-color blossoms adorn this lovely mix of Sweet Williams. Sweet peas prefer their head in the sun and their feet in the shade. 1/8 oz: $7. 1 lb: $71.300 seeds/oz 1/16 oz: $2. Plant seeds 10-12 weeks before last frost for same year blossoms. Direct seed early spring or in fall for earlier blooms.50/lb 65 days Helianthus cucumerifolius . 1/4 lb: $16.70 85 days 7089 Painted Lady Sweet Pea 7102 Teddy bear Loads of golden yellow. Stunning “old-fashioned” sweet pea fragrance may cause swooning. crimson. 1 oz: $28. Early flowering and heart-winning. setting spring plants out before last frost. 1/4 lb: $16. Seeds can be soaked before planting to speed emergence. Prolific blooms are very attractive in flower beds or naturalized in fields.40. these beauties really love the sun.280 seeds/oz 1/16 oz: $2. Slightly ruffled white petals. Sunflowers can be direct seeded or transplanted. filling bouquets and borders nicely.40. 1M seeds: $33. Flower diameter is 4-6”.00 7094 California Orange Poppy that do well in a variety of soils and do not need much care. with fully sterile rays of orange-yellow petals and dark center. silky orange flowers 7099 Zohar F1 hybrid accented by wispy blue-green foliage. You can also sow seeds early to mid-summer for next years’ early summer blossoms. Plant seeds 2” deep and 6” apart. purple and burgundy. 5.20 1/4 lb: $22. or start transplants indoors 3-4 weeks before planting date. 1 oz: $10.10. Each flower has a long stem and holds well in bouquets. Blooms average 4” across and sit on long.60/M. Small flowers are densely clustered. Bushy plants average 4-6’ tall. a deep chocolate eye.30/M 45 days Pale. Will attract birds. pastel pink. Annual.40/lb 50-63 days 7099 Zohar F1 7091 Old Spice Sweet Pea varieties with strongly scented flowers. allowing for greater holding capacity as a cut flower and avoiding the mess of shedding pollen. 1 oz: $16. Sow seeds 1/4” and thin to a final spacing of 8-10 “. Biennial. free-flowering habit producing an incredible number of secondary blooms over a very long season. As California’s state flower. Prefers rich. Seeding depth: ½-1”.800 seeds/oz 1/64 oz: $2. slightly alkaline soil and full sun. Height averages 3-4'. 1/4 oz: $10. Bright pink.300 seeds/oz 1/16 oz: $2. Single stem. branching secondary flowers of excellent quality. purple and creamy white blossoms are somewhat smaller than modern strains. 5. 1/4 oz: $5. Each cluster can contain up to thirty flowers. This well-known variety has one large main flower followed by smaller.80. A musthave cut flower for any serious flower grower. This variety dates to 1737 and was planted by Jefferson at Monticello in the early 1800s. 1 oz: $7. Be careful not to start too early as plants grow quickly and will become root bound if held past 4 weeks. Relatively small flower heads. 1/4 oz: $6. 1/16 oz: $2. Seed at 1/8” depth for a final plant spacing of 6-12”. 1/4 oz: $5.80. Days to maturity are from direct seeding. Cut stems at an angle just when petals are lifting off the center for best quality. sunflower Helianthus annuus . 1/16 oz: $6. Spicy clove-like scent.40.30. Keep cool to preserve freshness. Seed requires darkness for germination.75.30.75. 2 oz: $63.10. 1 oz: $7. 25M seeds: $27.60. Sturdy. Flowers are two-toned: bright pink banners with light pink wings or burgundy banners with purple wings. Annual. Derived from the old Eckford series and known to be exceptionally heat resistant. doing well in hotter climates where most sweet peas perform poorly.

00.00.com • phone (802) 472-6174 • fax (802) 472-3201 . 1/2 oz: $25. sizes (dwarf to mammoth). 1.7097 Goldy Double Fully double and fuzzy.80.75. Pinch terminal buds to encourage branching and dead-head for continual blooms from mid to late summer.700 seeds/oz.00 7098 Evening Colors Mix 85 days NEW 7097 Goldy Double 7096 Autumn Beauty Mix 7147 Giant Coral NEW NEW 7101 Soraya 7107 Velvet Queen 7148 Giant Purple 7105 Ornamental Mix 7100 Mammoth 7145 Red Scarlet 82 www.75. A great cutting type with many high-quality flowers and attractive foliage.50. This single-stem variety is a very fast and vigorous grower.900 seeds/oz 1/32 oz: $2. 1 oz: $20.00/lb zinnia Zinnia elegans . averaging 7' tall. 1/4 oz: $ 2 oz: $47.80/lb 100 days in full sun and rich soil. This is the first sunflower to win an All-American Selections award and it holds up exceptionally well as a cut flower. A standout for quality and cold tolerance in our trials. pom-pom like flowers. This is an excellent open-pollinated variety for home gardeners and bouquets. 1/4 oz: $5. Plants average 30-36" in height.50. 1.050 seeds/oz 1/16 oz: $2. NEW 7100 mammoth 7105 Ornamental mix A diversity of colors (lemon yellow to tiger's eye). Multi-branching plants have numerous bright-yellow. It is a rich.40.75.50. 1 oz: $14. 1/4 lb: $27. Will bloom longer than any other type. Each plant has a variation of golden yellow to pale yellow backgrounds with dusty rose to pink rings and chocolate brown centers. 1/2 oz: $20. 1 lb: $150. 1/4 oz: $6. 1. and hold up well in the vase. Seeding depth: ¾”. 2 oz: $10. 1/16 oz: $3. 1/2 lb: $16.00. 1/4 lb: $15.40. Plants reach 8’ tall. double flowers can revert back to singles. 3400 seeds/oz.80. A great variety for edible seeds or feeding the birds.75. Highly vigorous and productive. Explosions of vibrant 4-6" flowers ranging from yellow. Grows to 6’ tall. 1. Start transplants 4 weeks before planting date or direct seed after danger of frost has passed. and hold up well in the vase.75. 1/4 lb: $21. These flowers have long.40. sturdy stems with blooms 3-4” in diameter. and shapes (small singles to large doubles) makes this a truly glorious mix! Works well for garden borders or in cutting garden.30. sturdy stems with blooms 3-4” in diameter. 1 lb: $173. 1/32 oz: $2. 1/4 lb: $29. These flowers have long. 1 lb: $25. Disease and heat tolerant.00 7148 Giant Purple 75-90 days 7145 Red Scarlet Deep red blooms make this zinnia superior to many others.40. 1/4 lb: $99.00/lb 85 days Large.00.25. 1 lb: $88. Plants have one main flower stalk with many branches averaging 18” long with single heads.00/lb 110 days Large. Plants average 5’ in height. Row spacing: 18-24”. and red shades with lots of bicolors.100 seeds/oz 1/16 oz: $2.75. 1/8 oz: $10. ideal for cut flower production. Disease and heat tolerant. Good bird food selection. ideal for cut flower production.50. If transplants are root bound or severely disturbed before transplanting. Days to maturity are from transplant. 1 oz: $13.70.00 NEW 7147 Giant Coral 75-90 days 7098 Evening Colors mix A genetic mix of bi-colored blossoms. 1/32 oz: $2. 1 lb: $65. 1 oz: $9.25. A few solids are in the mix but it is predominately bi-color. 1/4 oz: $10. 1/8 oz: $10. 1/4 oz: $8. Dramatic in mass plantings.00.20/lb 80-110 days This is the giant of all sunflowers.20/lb. 1 oz: $7.20.30/lb 75 days 7096 Autumn beauty mix 90-100 days Something for everyone in this mix. 1 lb: $50. sometimes reaching 12’ tall! Thick stalks support the huge heads that tower above the garden. Plant spacing: 1018”. 3400 seeds/oz. orangegold color with a mahogany brown center and plenty of branching for up to 25 blooms per plant on 18” long stems. 1/2 oz: $20. 1 oz: $28.00. bronze. 2 oz: $40. Everyone will find a favorite in this assortment. 1/4 lb: $46. 1/8 oz: $10. 550 seeds/oz 1/16 oz: $2. 2 oz: $40.75.highmowingseeds.00/lb 7101 Soraya 78-90 days 7107 Velvet Queen Dark velvety crimson blooms are accented with traces of yellow around a black center.00.050 seeds/oz 1/8 oz: $2. bearing lots of 5-6" blooms that are lovely for cutting. They prefer warm temperatures (80-85°F) for swift and even germination. 1/4 oz: $8.00. 550 seeds/oz 1/16 oz: $2. Height averages 5-6'.80.50.Zinnias are annuals that do best FLOWERS NEW This vigorous. fully double flowers. 3. 550 seeds/oz 1/16 oz: $2. 5 lbs: $21. self-supporting sunflower has tons of 4-6” blooms on sturdy stalks.75. Foliage is distinct and attractive and the plants are free branching. 1 lb: $79. fully double flowers.

Seeding rate: 180 lbs/acre. its long taproots bring up deep nutrients.00 $13. Best sown in the fall.00 $26. provided the soil temperature reache 65°F at least two months before the first frost.000 sq ft.000 sq ft. 3-4 lbs/1. The flowers are a brilliant red color. 3-4 lbs/1. Though it's a perennial.00 $18.50 $10. 2-3 lbs/1. ½ lb/1.00 $58. ground cover. The vetch fixes nitrogen.000 sq ft 8110 Field Peas/Oats Vetch mix Sorghum bicolor-Heat and drought tolerant cover crop used for building biomass. Can be sown from spring through late summer.25 $60.50 #94536 GUARD-N (Treats 50 lbs). winter cover and more.40 $32. Often grown with vetch. forage and to attract beneficial insects. Dry matter production of 4.000 lbs of organic matter per acre. Rye/vetch mix available below.80 $360. with stalks up to 1/2” thick.20 $18. 1 lb/1. toss seed over prepared ground evenly and gently rake into soil.000 sq ft. 40 to 50 lb/acre if broadcast. A different inoculant is required to treat alfalfa and clover than that to treat peas. for soil building. Secale cereale .50 1 lb $9. Common smothering weeds and soil building. Inoculants are perishable and should be refrigerated.40 (plus s & h) $126. Adaptable to much of the U. vetch and clover. Broadcast seed at 20-30 lbs/acre. available below. If soil is tilled and moist.20 $20. Seeding rate: 35 lb/acre if drilled. 1/4-1/2 inch deep. OMRI Approved: $6. It regrows vigorously after mowing or grazing. Planting several successions in a season can be effective for eradicating persistent annual weeds which are out-competed by buckwheat’s quick growth.50 $185. It can grow from 5 to 12’ tall. It can add 3. erosion prevention. increases phosphorus and holds fertility for the next crop.A beautiful cover crop used for nitrogen fixation.000 sq ft. Peas prefer cool and moist conditions and will survive through many frosts (winter-kills at about 15°F). fix nitrogen through a symbiotic relationship between the plant’s roots and bacteria in the soil. Seeding depth should be 0. Loosens clay. Seeding rate: 100 lbs/acre. deep root penetration.000 sq ft.00 $183.00 $18. 5-6 lbs/1.80 $79. Seeding rate: 20 lbs/acre. Annual annual that prefers well drained soils and cool.40 $13. It will leave thick roots that hold the soil and mats of straw mulch.A vigorous crop praised for its winter hardiness and nitrogen fixation.20 $13. pasture and green manure. Leguminous crops.0004. leaves behind a great mulch for soil protection.95 Alfalfa/Clover Combo Inoculant #94538 N-DURE (Treats 50 lbs). will regrow vigorously in the spring.40 $49.S. Seeding rate: 200 lbs/acre.000 sq ft.00 $50. smothering weeds and penetrating compact soils. hay.50 $20.An excellent nitrogen fixer which can add 170 lbs/acre of nitrogen to the soil.50 $88. mow and turn in after it flowers in the spring. erosion control. suppressing weed growth and preventing erosion. For small gardens. Plant after danger of frost has passed. Can be sown in early spring and throughout the summer. Trifolium incarnatum . fixing nitrogen. 8090 Winter Rye/hairy Vetch mix 8080 medium Red Clover 75% rye / 25% vetch by weight Combination of grass/legume cover crop for fall planting.40 5 lbs $25. Sow no later than 6-8 weeks before first fall frost for use as a winter cover that winter-kills at about 15°F. Clover can fix 100 lbs/acre of nitrogen. 6-8 lbs/1. Lightly moisten seed and mix with appropriate ratio of inoculant per amount of seed. Plant in early spring and mow or disc in the fall. Seeding rate: 90 lbs /acre. Plant in the fall.5-1. sold by weight 8085 Annual Ryegrass 8010 Common Buckwheat 8112 Crimson Clover 8070 Field Peas 8100 Field Peas/ Oats Mix 8110 Field Peas/ Oats/ Vetch Mix 8060 Hairy Vetch 8080 Medium Red Clover 8020 Oats 8090 Rye/ Hairy Vetch Mix 8111 Sorghum-Sudan Grass F1 8030 Winter Rye $10.000 sq ft.000-5. sow more deeply in sandy soils. Pisum sativum . The final sowing for overwintering or for a fall cover should be about 6-8 weeks before first fall frost. Support nitrogen-fixng pea and vetch vines. Seeding rate: 35-135 lbs/ acre. rye adds organic matter and protects the less hardy vetch from winter damage. Incorporate after its second full growth season. it's best treated as a biennial. leguminous cover crop seeds are often inoculated immediately prior to planting.00 $45. and often more than two inches long.00 $71.000 lbs/ acre of organic matter to your soil.00 $44. Early spring growth helps protect soil from erosion. Also beneficial as a green manure and to suppress weeds. The leaves are dark green and pubescent. OMRI Approved: $5.Cover Crops 8010 buckwheat. It can be used as a nitrogen source. adding organic matter. Trifolium pratense . a nurse crop for clover and field peas (mix available below). or as a nutrient catch. beans and vetch.50 $41. Seeding rate: 30-40 lbs/acre. Rye/ vetch mix available below. Call us at 802472-6174 for larger quantities.00 $58. Many small-scale farms employ hand-crank broadcast seeders followed by light disking. or fall and let overwinter.Crimson clover is a reseeding used for weed suppression. Growth continues through cold temperatures of late fall longer than other cover crops.Quick-growing annual grass 8070 Field Peas 8112 crimson clover Cover crops can improve soil conditions by increasing organic matter. Seeding rate: 90 lbs/acre. Sow in late summer as a cover crop to winter kill at about 15°F. 1/2 lb/1. 8060 hairy Vetch 70% peas / 30% oats by weight This is a great grass/legume combo for nitrogen fixation. making it useful for undersowing.Common winter cover crop. Seeding rate: 1/2 lb/1. summer.Sow oats in spring for grain crop or as . moist conditions. Commonly grown as a mix with oats and/or vetch. Cover crops can be seeded by broadcasting or drilling.80 $14. mixes 8030 Rye. plant shallow in heavier soils. SARE’s Managing Cover Crops for Profitability is an excellent resource for your farming or gardening system. no need to incorporate.10 25 lbs $71.000 sq ft. Crimson clover displays rapid growth in cool weather and an ability to tolerate shade. supplies 8111 bmR Sorghum-Sudangrass F1 hybrid 70% peas / 15% oats / 15% vetch by weight Excellent for adding up to 8.90 $25. such as peas. if dry or using for culti-packing. Establishes quickly.00 $72. deep roots add lots of organic matter.00 $46.90 $200. Cover crops are mowed down or harrowed once plants are flowering and green manure is either incorporated into the soil or left on top as a mulch.60 $104. Winter 8100 Field Peas/Oats mix Vicia villosa .00 $28. Hardy through Zone 6. Undersow in late summer in between corn and bean rows. To ensure that adequate populations of the nitrogen-fixing Rhizobium bacteria exist in the soil. Seeding rate: 210 lbs/acre. elongated in shape. Lolium multiflorum .Seeding rate: 20 lbs/acre. drill 10-20 lbs/acre.50 The Organic Seed Source for Commercial Growers and Home Gardeners 83 cover crops Fagopyrem esculentum-Warm season crop excellent for 8020 Oats Avena sativa . legumes or mixes of the two. Vigorous.20 50 lbs Garden Combo Inoculant for peas/vetch #94535 GUARD-N (Treats 8 lbs). 3-4 lbs/1. OMRI Approved: $5. breaking up compaction through root penetration. 6-8 lbs/1.40 $38.00 $350. Regrows vigorously in the spring. Medium red clover has smaller leaves and stems than the Mammoth red clover.000 sq ft. it tolerates acidic and low fertility soils but requires good drainage. Often grown with winter rye as an overwintering cover. coVer croPS open-pollinated.5 inches.20 $138. Cold hardy enough to grow long into the fall.000lbs/acre make it an excellent soil builder.80 $115. Plant in spring. It is a cross between forage-type sorghums and Sudangrass. Our cover crops are mostly grasses. 8112 Crimson Clover 8085 Ryegrass.000 sq ft.

highmowingseeds. patio.No Drainage.50 Container Garden (10 packets) HC-TS Three Sisters HC-KG Kid's Garden Garden Starter (10 packets) Three Sisters Garden (3 packets) In an ancient Native American tradition. Includes: Yankee Hardy Lettuce Mix • Wild Arugula • Red Russian Kale • Renegade Spinach • Pink Beauty Radish ITEm: hC-WG PRICE: $13. easy-to-grow varieties enchant children of all ages. the Three Sisters are sown together for spiritual and ceremonial purposes with the belief that corn. which also attract other beneficial insects and helpful pollinators.25 Looking for a simple way to start your garden? These varieties can be directly planted into your garden or pots. prized for their unique color. VT 05680 | 802-472-6174 www. and squash are gifts from the Great Spirit. these easy-togrow herb selections will compliment a wide range of cooking adventures. Includes: Mammoth • Teddy Bear • Autumn Beauty Mix. Bean vines give stability to the corn and fix nitrogen for the corn’s growth. Corn provides a climbing stalk for the bean plants. or overwintered for spring growth in colder regions. Includes: Gourmet Lettuce Mix • Astro Arugula • Tyee Spinach.75 NEW HC-SS Summer of Sunflowers HC-SG Easy Salad Greens Summer of Sunflowers (3 packets) Brighten up any yard or garden with this beautiful assortment of sunflowers. Kids love planting these seeds to see what grows! All collections come in a sturdy. The blooms tend to follow the sun’s path. are easy to grow. ITEm: hC-SS PRICE: $8.highmowingseeds. High Mowing Kid-Approved. and bloom time. With a little know-how and lots of curiosity.75 Kitchen herbs (5 packets) This five packet collection is perfect for any gardener or cook who loves the fragrant flavor that only fresh herbs can add to a dish. and flavor. Squash leaves give shade for the corn’s roots while keeping the soil moist and suppressing weeds. helping to maintain a helpful balance in your garden without the use of harmful chemicals. you too can save the seed from these heirloom vegetables.50 Kid's Garden (5 packets) Fun. Enjoy growing your own with this great assortment of greens. Includes: Detroit Dark Red Beet • French Breakfast Radish • Red Russian Kale • Laxton’s Progress #9 Shell Peas • Yellow Crookneck Summer Squash • Red Salad Bowl Lettuce • Boothby Blonde Cucumber • Ruby Red Chard • Brandywine Tomato ITEm: hC-hVL PRICE: $27. Includes: Bouquet Dill • Common Sage • Florence Fennel • Bright Lights Cosmos • Strawberry Blonde Calendula ITEm: hC-bG PRICE: $13.75 HC-GS Garden Starter HC-HVL Heirloom Vegetable Lovers NEW NEW Seed Starting Kit Everything you need but the seeds! This basic plant propagation kit will start you on your way to healthy seedlings in no time. recyclable craft box and a tip sheet including fun facts and information specific to the varieties. and 1 Vermont Compost Fort V potting mix (6 qt).com HC-CG Container Garden 84 www.25 These varieties do great in containers and will provide color and flavor to a sunny porch. 1 Propagation Dome. ITEm: hC-SG PRICE: $8.25 These cold-hardy varieties are planted in the fall for harvest throughout the winter in mild climates. VT 05680 | 802-472-6174 www. window box.highmowingseeds. The helpful bugs will help keep any bad bugs away.com • phone (802) 472-6174 • fax (802) 472-3201 .Seed Collections A bee's Garden (5 packets) Bees love gathering nectar from the flowers of these plants. Whether your gardener has acres or just a windowsill with pots. 1 Open Flat . Enjoy the diversity of height. Includes: Provider Bush Bean • Detroit Dark Red Beet • Danvers 126 Carrot • Marketmore 76 Cucumber • High Mowing Mild Mix • Gourmet Lettuce Mix •Cascadia Snap Pea • Cherry Belle Radish • Sweet Basil • Dark Orange Calendula ITEm: hC-GS PRICE: $27. Contains: 1 Plug Tray (50-cell). Includes: Mammoth Sunflower • Howden Pumpkin • Cosmic Purple Carrot • Rattlesnake Pole Bean • Dwarf Jewel Nasturtium ITEm: hC-KG PRICE: $13. Includes: Bouquet Dill • Italian Flat Leaf Parsley • Sweet Basil • Santo Cilantro • Thyme ITEm: hC-Kh PRICE: $13. or rooftop! Includes: Nasturtium Mix • Genovese Basil • Santo Cilantro • Matt’s Wild Cherry Tomato • Ring-o-Fire Pepper • Sugar Ann Snap Pea • High Mowing Mesclun Mix • Dinosaur Lacinato Kale • H-19 Little Leaf Cucumber • Yaya Carrot ITEm: hC-CG PRICE: $27.75 High Mowing Organic Seeds High Mowing Organic Seeds 76 Quarry Road | Wolcott. shape.50 HC-BG A Bee's Garden HC-KH Kitchen Herbs heirloom Vegetable Lovers (10 packets) This ten packet collection features unusual vegetable varieties that have been passed down from seed saver to seed saver over the years. ITEm: 94549 SEED STARTING KIT: $15.75 NEW Winter Garden (5 packets) Easy Salad Greens (3 packets) A homegrown salad simply tastes better. beans. Includes: Ashworth Sweet Corn • Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean• Delicata Winter Squash ITEm: hC-TS PRICE: $8. and rewarding to harvest. Each is well suited for container gardening or for sowing directly in your garden beds.com HC-WG Winter Garden 76 Quarry Road | Wolcott. colors.

.. Salad Mixes ........................................................................................................ email customseedpacket@ highmowingseeds.. option 4................................................... • mETAL SPINNER RACK hOLDING 144 VARIETIES 1440 packets total...24 Gourds........... 9 Cabbage ............................................. • COUNTERTOP COLLECTION WITh 8 VARIETIES 80 packets total with cardboard display..............54 Pumpkins .........16 Collards ................. an FSC®–certified printer based in Essex...........................65 Greens.....................................79 Custom Seed Packet Seeds for Fundraisers Retail Seed Rack Display Cover Crops .............23 Garlic .......... Our most popular varieties come in a full color photo packet............................... Micro ................................20 Eggplant .... 3 Beets .......................... please visit the wholesale section of our website.......................75 Flowers....... Vermont........................... Metal rack and cardboard rack available.....................................22 Fennel.64 Tomatoes .............85 FSC PLACEHOLDER This catalog is printed on FSC®–certified (Forest Stewardship Council™) 50% PCW paper by Catamount Color.....................Wholesale Seeds INDEX page Would you like to sell organic seeds at your farm stand.......................... Winter ........................................... or call 802-472-6174........38 order form .....72 Watermelon ............................... 8 Brussels Sprouts .......................................... We're proud to support Vermont-based businesses.....................................49 Peppers ......................................................................................... Email fundraiser@highmowingseeds............................................ Pictured below with metal rack.........84 Seed Racks......................com for program details................................ 15 Chard .............................................................................................. 6 Broccoli & Sprouting Broccoli ........................................26 Greens..........................30 Greens.............................................. or garden center? High Mowing Organic Seeds offers display racks of 100% organic seed in a variety of sizes and collections...................................com...... This is a great way to encourage your community to garden and support your school at the same time..... Asian & Mustard ..................... 44 For more information about wholesale opportunities...........................................................................................................35 Kohlrabi ................................ 12 Cauliflower ...........25 Greens...............................................................58 Spinach ....... Cardboard rack also available...................................................47 Peas .........................................31 Kale ............... or celebrate a wedding.......................................................... Pictured at left..... 2 ............................................................................... Heather Jerrett and Andrea Tursini for the wonderful photos in this catalog! The Organic Seed Source for Commercial Growers and Home Gardeners 85 WhOLESALE/INDEX Seed Rack Displays for Retailers Artichokes....................................................................................................................46 Onions ...............85 Fundraisers ...........................85 Custom Orders .......................... 17 Corn.56 Radishes .......................................... thank your volunteers.......................18 Cucumbers ...................................................................... and High Mowing will print your message and logo on a full color packet with a photo and planting instructions......... Email seedracks@ highmowingseeds................... • TWO PANEL DISPLAY hOLDING 96 VARIETIES 960 packets total....................28 Greens.............62 Squash...................................................... Sprouts & Shoots ...........66 Turnips & Other Roots ..........................60 Squash...36 Leeks ....................................................... You’ll benefit with early season sales and a great profit margin................45 Okra..........................73 Herbs .. Summer .......................37 Lettuce ......... • ONE PANEL DISPLAY hOLDING 48 VARIETIES 240 or 480 packets total............... You can choose from ten popular varieties................14 Celery & Celeriac ...................................................................................................... Filling your special packet with organic seeds from High Mowing also demonstrates your support for sustainable agriculture and commitment to a positive future.... For more information....................................... with easy-to-follow planting tips to help your customers garden successfully...............................................................................................................................................10 Carrots.....com.......83 Seed Collections ....................................51 Potatoes . natural foods store..........  A special thank you to Delia Gillen........................... Specialty ...... Seed Fundraisers for Schools and Non-Profits High Mowing Organic Seeds offers a fun and flexible fundraiser to help your school or group raise money................ Custom Seed Packets Custom seed packets are an affordable and exciting way to promote your company...... Melons ...................................... Beans ............................................

highmowingseeds. Wolcott. VT 05680 “Thanks.com By phone: (802) 472-6174 By fax: (802) 472-3201 Or by mail: 76 Quarry Road. . farm-based organic seed company. Reliable market standards and unique Placing an order is easy! On the web: www.High Mowing Organic Seeds 76 Quarry Road Wolcott.VT 05680 FSC PLACEHOLDER specialty varieties from an independentlyowned.” from our crew to yours.

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