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Basic NLP Skills Pre-Requisite: None.

Key Topics: Developing a thorough grounding of sensory data to produce change in ones own life and others around you. Building rapport, the foundation of all communication, through verbal and non-verbal behaviours. Gathering high quality information through observation of linguistic patterns and eye movements. Establishing well-formed outcomes that are stated positively, ecological, sensory based, attainable and testable. Calibrating to individuals to facilitate goal achievement. Modeling of motivation, decision, and performance strategies of high performers. Learning specific change interventions to move self and others from present state to desired state. (V-K Dissociation, Reframing, New Behaviour Generator, Fast Phobia Cure, Changing old behaviour Patterns, etc.) Advanced NLP Pre-Requisite: Basic NLP Key Topics Reading internal submodalities From external cues. Understanding structure of each change technique. Learning change interventions for greater productivity, creativity and effective relationships. Learning advanced intervention strategies: Time Line, Circle of Excellence, Core Transformation, Etc. Pre-Requisite: Basic NLP Skills Advanced NLP Course (given by Dr. Dick McHugh) Tools of the Spirit: This Seminar offers different means which bring our individual minds and nervous systems more in harmony and alignment with the larger mind and larger nervous system of which we are members. The vision to be explored in this seminar is that of using NLP to create a world to which people want to belong. TOOLS

Venue: Ashirvad St. Marks Cross Road, (Opposite State Bank of India) Bangalore 560 001. (Phone: 080 22210154)

To register and reserve a seat ANNOUNCING Application form duly completed along with the course fee (payable by DD only, made in favour of Jessie Furtado) should reach Jessie Furtado Providence Convent Hosur Road Dharmaram College P.O. Bangalore - 560 029 (Mobile: 9632402988) Admissions: First come first serve basis Cancellation:
No refund will be made for Canceling the confirmed Seat after February 20, 2012. 10% will be deducted for canceling confirmed seat before Feb. 20th, 2012.

Course fee (with lunch, tea and course material) PROGRAMMES ON Basic Skills: Rs.7,500/Advanced NLP: Rs.7,500/Tools: Rs.3,750/Board and Lodge Single with bath attached Basic: Rs.6,100/ Adv. : Rs.6,100/ Tools: Rs.2,600/Single without Bath attached Basic: Rs.4,500/ Adv. : Rs.4,500/ Tools: Rs.2,000/Double with bath attached Basic: Rs.5,000/ Adv. : Rs.5,000/ Tools: Rs.2,200/Double without bath attached Basic: Rs.3,400/ Adv. : Rs.3,400/ Tools: Rs.1,300/(Early arrival and extended stay will be charged extra as per rules)


Basic NLP Skills Feb.27-Mar.9, 2012 Advanced NLP Course March 13-23, 2012 Tools March 27-31, 2012

Communications: Please address your queries and nominations to Jessie Furtado at : Phone: 9632402988/080-41116840 (9 a.m. 5 p.m. on week days) Reporting The programme proceedings will begin at 9.00 a.m. and will be over by 5.00 p.m. daily. Participants should make arrangements for their arrival and departure accordingly.

With Dr. Dick McHugh, S.J. As Director Sr. Jessie Furtado Programme Coordinator Dr.Cynthia Gonsalves F.M.M Leo Lobo, Stephen Titus, as Associates