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242B Series 2

Skid Steer Loader

The Cat® 242B Series 2 Skid Steer Loader, with its vertical Advanced Hydraulic System. Designed for maximum
lift design, delivers extended reach and lift height for quick power and reliability. High flow hydraulic system is
and easy truck loading. Its stability and lifting performance available for applications that demand maximum work
provides excellent material handling. tool performance.
The 242B Series 2 features the following: Serviceability. Easy routine maintenance helps reduce
machine downtime for greater productivity.
Ergonomic Operator Station. Easy to use pilot operated
joystick controls for reduced operator fatigue and increased Work Tools. Caterpillar’s broad range of performance
productivity. matched work tools make the Cat Skid Steer Loader
the most versatile machine on the jobsite.
High Performance Power Train. Provides high engine
horsepower and torque, allowing part-throttle operation
for lower sound levels and fuel consumption.

242B Series 2 Specifications


20 13
15 17

4 9 14

10 7
12 1

Dimensions mm Power Train

1 Wheelbase 1094 Max. Travel Speed (Forward or Reverse) 11 km/h
2 Length without Bucket 2760
3 Length with Bucket on Ground 3437 Hydraulic System
4 Height to Top of Cab 1986
Hydraulic Flow – Standard
5 Max. Overall Height 3926
Loader Hydraulic Pressure 230 bar
6 Bucket Pin Height at Max. Lift 3046
Loader Hydraulic Flow 60 L/min
7 Bucket Pin Height at Carry Position 299
Hydraulic Power 23 kW/31 hp
8 Reach at Max. Lift and Dump 766
Hydraulic Flow – High Flow
9 Clearance at Max. Lift and Dump 2270
Max. Loader Hydraulic Pressure 230 bar
10 Ground Clearance 178
Max. Loader Hydraulic Flow 100 L/min
11 Departure Angle 28°
12 Bumper Overhang Behind Rear Axle 989
13 Maximum Dump Angle 50° Operating Specifications
14 Vehicle Width over Tires 1676 Rated Operating Capacity 952 kg
15 Turning Radius from Center – Machine Rear 1545 Tipping Load 1953 kg
16 Turning Radius from Center – Coupler 1409 Breakout Force 18 kN
17 Turning Radius from Center – Bucket 2221
18 Max. Reach with Arms Parallel to Ground 1231 Cab
19 Rack Back Angle at Max. Height 87°
ROPS ISO 3471:1994
20 Bucket Pin Reach at Max.Lift 285
FOPS ISO 3449 APR98 Level I, ISO 3449:1992 Level I
ISO 3449:1992 Level II
Engine Horsepower (hp) are metric

Engine Model Cat® C2.2 T Service Refill Capacities Liter

Gross Power SAE J1995 46 kW/63 hp
Chain Box, each side 6
Net Power ISO 9249 at 2600 rpm 42 kW/57 hp
Cooling System 10
Displacement 2.2 L
Engine Crankcase 10
Stroke 100 mm
Fuel Tank 58
Bore 84 mm
Hydraulic System 55
Hydraulic Tank 35
Operating Weight 3136 kg
242B Series 2 Skid Steer Loader

Work Tools Mandatory Equipment

 Augers  Hydraulics, Standard or High Flow
 Angle Blades  Quick Coupler, Mechanical or Hydraulic
 Brooms  Seat Belt, 50 mm or 75 mm
 Cold Planers  EU Preparation Package
 Forks & Carriages
Comfort Package (select one of the following):
 Grapple Buckets & Forks  Open ROPS (C0): Static Seat
 Landscape Rakes  Open ROPS (C1): Suspension Seat, Cup Holder
 Landscape Tillers  Enclosed ROPS (C2): C1 and Heater, Cab Door, Side Windows,
 Material Handling Arms
Cab Debris Barrier
 Stump Grinders  Enclosed ROPS (C3): C2 and Air Conditioner
 Snow Blowers Control Package (select one of the following):
 Vibratory Compactors  Control Package 1: On/Off Auxiliary Hydraulics Basic

 Wheel Saws  Control Package 2: Proportional Auxiliary Hydraulics Deluxe

 Dozer Blades  Control Package 3: High Flow Hydraulics

Standard Equipment
Electrical  Filters, Spin on, Hydraulic
 Electrical System, 12 V  Filters, Bayonet-type, Fuel and Water Separator
 Alternator, 85 A  Tilt Up Radiator/Hydraulic Oil Cooler
 Ignition Key Start/Stop Switch  Muffler, Standard
 Lights: Gauge Backlighting, Two Rear Tail Lights,  Spring Applied, Hydraulically Released, Wet Multi Disc
Two Adjustable Front Halogen Lights, Dome Light Parking Brakes
 Hydrostatic Transmission
Operator Environment
 Gauges: Fuel Level, Hour Meter
 Four Wheel Chain Drive
 Operator Warning System Indicators: Air Filter Restriction, Other
Alternator Output, Armrest Raised/Operator Out of Seat,  Engine Enclosure, Lockable

Engine Coolant Temperature, Engine Oil Pressure,  Extended Life Antifreeze, –36°C

Glow Plug Activation, Hydraulic Filter Restriction,  Machine Tie Down Points (4)

Hydraulic Oil Temperature, Parking Brake Engaged  Support, Lift Arm

 Vinyl Seat  Hydraulic Oil Level Sight Gauge

 Pull Down Ergonomic Contoured Armrest  Radiator Coolant Level Sight Gauge

 Control Interlock System, when operator leaves seat or  Radiator, Expansion Bottle

armrest raised: Hydraulic System Disables, Hydrostatic  Caterpillar XT™ ToughGuard™ Hose

Transmission Disables, Parking Brake Engages  Auxiliary, Hydraulics, Continuous Flow

 ROPS Cab, Open, Tilt Up  Heavy Duty, Flat Faced Quick Disconnects

 FOPS, Level I  Split D-Ring to Route Work Tool Hoses Along Side

 Top and Rear Windows of Left Lift Arm

 Headliner, Deluxe  Electrical Outlet, Beacon

 Floor Mat  Belly Pan Cleanout

 Interior Rear View Mirror

 12 volt Electric Socket Optional Attachments

 Counterweight, increases rated operating capacity 45 kg
Power Train  Beacon, Rotating
 Cat® C2.2 T Stage IIIA Compliant Diesel Engine  Engine Block Heater – 120 V or 240 V
 Air Cleaner, Dual Element, Radial Seal  Oil, Hydraulic, Cold Operation
 S·O·SSM Sampling Valves, Engine Oil and Hydraulic Oil  Paint, Custom
 Backup Alarm
 Heavy Duty Battery, 850 CCA
242B Series 2 Skid Steer Loader

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