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Japanese fairy tnlcs C pO secona series







.The Kokoro no onajikarazaru wa omote no gotoshi. dissimilarity of men's hearts is like that Japanese Proverb. of their faces.

.Hi to no furi wo mite. Mend your own manners by observing manners of others. the Japanese Proverb. waga furi wo naose.

A Japanese mother teaching lier child to write. .


*' ' * . * ' c c e *. IQII BY TBRESA PEIRCE WILLISTON Edition of 1930 C- c . A.Copyright. F-30 . Made in U. S. .

THE AUTHOR. . his brother now through the magic bonds of the story.u. Sanchi Japanese Fairy has furnished' the "illu'stradons for this volume with Tales. illnst. trations and the "atmosphere" of the stories themselves. the voyager sets foot on the wonderful shore of Story Land. I ib'nVjgrtatly indebted to Mr. the exception of the frontispiece and the cover design. the toil and the laughter of that other one. with parted lips and shining eyes. and shares his struggles learns the universal language of sympathy by sharing in the hopes and fears.\l p'r'st Ogawa.-. under Katayama of Tokyb. follows his adventures. who the which are by Mr. to bring the wee brothers from overseas as vividly as I hope the folk of America. both through the illus. I have endeavored in this book. ith'ese stories. many lielpttxl suggestions. of Chicago for . Kyohei Inukai. possible before the little read these tales will see the beauty and charm children who of this life through the glamour of romance and the haze of which generations of story-loving Japanese have enwrapped it. what charm holds for childhood! With quick- ened breath. 4nd in plaiirir^ Vhe art work am to Miris" Bertha Philpott of the Art Institute obligations tradition with 1 . Pulsating with interest. he greets the hero of that land. series of Mr. In collecting.A FOREWORD A little STORY from the Land it of Far Away! What mystery.

Kagen hito-tabi izureba. indiscreet is When an word Japanese Proverb. even a team of four horses cannot overtake it. shi-me mo oubekarazu. once out. 8 .

.THE TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGR A A Foreword List of the Full-page Illustrations 7 1 1 THE FIRST RABBITS LORD BAG OF RICE PEACH DARLING 13 16 22 THE OLD MAN WITH A WART 31 THE EIGHTY-ONE BROTHERS THE BAMBOO-CUTTER'S DAUGHTERThe Bamboo Princess 37 46 5 The Great Stone Bowl The Branch The Fire of the Jewel Tree 52 Robe 58 64 69 The Shell in the Swallows' Nest The Dragon Jewel The Smoke of Fuji Yama .. 75 A A Guide to Pronunciation .. .. 82 Reading List to 84 87 Suggestions Teachers ..

Good medicine is bitter to the mouth faithful . advice offends the ears. Japanese Proverb. chugen mimi ni sakau. 10 .Ryoyaku kuchi ni nigaku.

the monkey. and Peach Darling con- quer Akandoji 28 "The old man began I to dance" for 34 for "My friend. the pheasant. thank you what you did my pet hare" 44 The prince tells the story of his search for the branch of the jewel tree 54 "The white company passed slowly to the top of Fuji Yama" 70 II .A LIST OF THE FULL-PAGE ILLUSTRATIONS The Japanese mother teaching the children to write Frontispiece PAGB "Our snowballs all fell through the sky floor" 12 The dog.

''Our snowballs all fell through the sky floor" .

"Boo-hoo. said the rest." replied one." said one.THE FIRST RABBITS children in the sky were all crying." sobbed the rest." said another. "We can't play for there's nothing to do. " Why don't you beat the thunder drums?" asked the fairy mother of the sky. "There's nothing to do." sobbed one. "Boo-hoo. are out. "Children. "Why the fairy don't you twinkle the stars?" asked mother of the sky. "We've nothing to play." " said another. "The star lights are all put out." said the 'HE 1 ' ' rest. what is the matter?" asked the fairy mother of the sky. "The sun is shining and the star lights . Boo-hoo. "We can't twinkle the stars when the sun is shining and the star lights are out. children." sobbed another.

" sighed the rest." ve beaten all the thunder sighed one. and flew forth."The thunder drums are all broken." said another. " Why don't you shake the snow out of the snow sieves?" asked the fairy mother of the sky. "We "We beaten out of them. back how the white balls danced and "Oh. " Let's toss "Let's throw them." said the rest." sighed another." said another. "It won't shake through the sieve.' cried another. " Why don't you roll the snowballs?" asked the fairy mother of the sky. Up and down. " Yes. " Oh. "They're all falling 14 . can't beat the thunder drums for the thunder is all ." said the they ran to the snowball field." said one. out of them. "Of course we will. " We can't shake the snow through the sieve when its all made into balls." Away said the rest. we will !" cried one. "Let's catch them." said one. ! this way and that way. we 1 will." They're falling through the cried one. rest. look! sky floor. them. "We've made the snow into balls.

Down on the earth they are hopping still. The star children all began to cry again." said one." said " another. Away the snowballs jumped and bobbed. but it only scorched their and turned them black. "They've fallen through the holes down on to the earth." "You naughty. through the holes down on to the earth. So she threw her torch after them.through the twinkle holes of the stars." said the fairy mother of the sky. stars. . and you chil- dren call them the cabbits. Just then the fairy mother of the sky came with a torch to light the star lamps." said the rest. Crying she said." said the rest. white balls tails with their little black tails. They're falling. naughty snowballs. "What's the matter now?" again?" "Our snowballs all fell through the sky floor. "They all fell through the ' ' twinkle holes of the said another.

at last I have found some one who is not a coward !' cried the dwarf. indeed! He knew that a bridge was not the place for a snake. the snake was gone. Now. Only a dwarf stood before him. "Here I have been waiting 16 . so he walked up and stamped on its As he stepped on him. do you think that this soldier turned and ran away. who at once began bowing his head to the ground with respect. as many others had that day? No.A lake head. LORD BAG OF RICE SOLDIER in Japan was once about to cross a bridge near a when he saw a huge snake coiled on the bridge so that no one could pass. "Now.

Everyone turned and ran at the sight of me. and I am here to save life and right wrong. but none dared cross the bridge.to help days to find a man who was brave enough me. tipede. But you are strong-hearted. Will you do me a great kindness and save many lives?" The soldier answered: I am a soldier of the Emperor. is "There said Every day he comes down to the shore to drink." "and he lives in the woods on the mountain." a terrible centhe dwarf. He dips his thousand . Tell me for ' ' your trouble and I will see what can be done to help it.

the pearl. served on tiny green leaves. "There he is!" he cried." do not know that I can help you. His servants. I am the king of the lake. fruit. must or he will get to the water and poison hurry feast they made of coral and We it again. and I am trying to rind some way to save " I my fishes. It sounded as though a mountain were being torn up. crabs and sunfishes. too. It was a beautiful house. "That is the noise of his thousand feet as they crunch on the stones of the mountain side." said the soldier. He . so what matter? Just as they were in the middle of their heard a mighty roaring and rumbling." to his The dwarf took him bottom of the all home in the lake. but they tasted all right." They hurried to the edge of the lake and saw the centipede already very near. It kills all the fishes in the lake. and tea. The tea looked like water and the rice looked like seafoam. brought them rice. "but I will gladly go with you and try. turning it all foul and dirty.poisonous feet into the beautiful water.

and the arrow struck the ugly head of the centipede. Suddenly he remembered that when he was a boy his grandfather had told him that if you wet the head of an arrow in your mouth it will kill It last any monster. bounced away. too.looked like an army marching with colored lanterns. took just a second to wet the head of his precious arrow and send it whizzing at . but that. A second arrow flew. He had but one arrow left and the monster was almost at the water's edge. He never missed his aim. shades of crimson and green and The drew soldier bow fly his great and let ' an arrow at the monster's head. but bounced away. for each one of his thousand legs glowed with beautiful many gold.

" The first of these gifts was a huge bronze bell. The last tw o were the r most wonderful of all. One was a roll of silk of any color he wished. The second was a sword which would always give its owner the victory. on the outside of which was told in pictures the story of the centipede. which read. It struck him on the forehead and he fell over dead. The third was a suit of armor so strong that no swords or arrows could go through it. a castle. on each which he "With the loving thanks of the Dwarf. was now changed into Before him were rive gifts.the centipede. and 20 . Suddenly the soldier found himself back in his of own house.

This last gift seemed so wonderful to the people that they called him Lord Bag of Rice from that day. 21 . The other was a bag of rice which never grew less.the more he used of the silk the more the roll grew. although he used all he wished for his friends and himself.

They felt very sad about this. knew they had friends in the old man and woman. they loved all tried other children and to make them happy. . for they said Who will care for us when we are too old to care for ourselves?" Since they had no children of their own to love.PEACH DARLING ^HERE once lived an old man and an old woman : who had no child of their own. Even the cats and dogs. the birds and squirrels.

be at work. will my I good husband must take such a hard journey to-day. It was a huge peach. "They twitter and sing as though they were trying to tell me a secret. to the river will take all these clothes down river bank. if I only had a stout young boy w ho could take this long journey for me But then I must not complain. jolly our little friends are to-day! and wash them. and all the bees of the village came to hum with delight at the long and graceful catkins on their willow tree. Then woman I. Oh. happy and contented. for we have each other.cherry trees ever bore such beautiful blossoms as the ones by their cottage door. . in the old spite of it all. said to herself: "If long. The old woman took a stick and pulled it out." Soon she was on the "How ' thought the old woman. too. One day the old man said: "To-day I must go to the mountains to cut grass." Just then something came splashing and tumbling down the river and caught among her clean clothes. washing merrily." So T ! No off he went. while the birds sang above her.

" When it they opened the peach. Oh how the birds sang then That evening when the old man came home from the mountains his wife said: " Just see." and loved him as a child sent from the gods. and this will taste very good. there within lay a tiny baby boy. that I may cut it in two. which came I fancy the floating down the river to me. he will be so tired." The old man said: " Bring me a knife. for they laughed and sang so when it came. ! ! birds must have sent it. . for you shall have half of it." she said. as round and fat and smiling as could be. Because of his first cradle they called him "Peach Darling. here is a peach for your supper."I will take this home for my husband's supper.

Who will go with me?" no one dared go. but their hearts ached to think His mother said to his of his going alone. they may give him more strength to fight So the old man ground the miland the old woman made the dump- Akandoji. and all the birds and animals were his friends. lings.As he grew tall and strong. It was said that he was so terrible that no one dared go against him. father: "If you will grind me some fine millet seed. Peach Darling said: "I will go and fight But this monster. can I do than take care of you?" ' ' ' ' When he became a young man he heard of the terrible monster. this monster had stolen a great deal of gold and silver from the villagers. they found that he was indeed wonderful. he said. . to try to recover the riches. I will for make our son some dumplings. so he decided to go alone. His father and mother were proud of their brave son. what better thing For. No one equaled him in strength. Years before. Every child in the village loved him." let seed. and none in wisdom. Akandoji. He took good care that his old father and mother should not have to work hard as they " once did.

Peach Darling put them into his pouch and As he was going along a dog came up and sniffed hungrily at the dumplings. as the dog had eaten it he and said: "Since you gave me spoke of your food. gasping as if in pain. if I only had a bite of something. Peach Darling took another dumpling from his pouch and gave it to the monkey. for I cannot leave you alone. and I can do with one less dumpling." So he gave a dumpling started off on his journey. . Very soon they saw a monkey lying by the road. I am strong and shall not mind hunger. I will go with you. "This poor dog is hungry. Peach Darling stopped to see what was the matter and heard him saying: "Oh." So on they went together. to the dog. Peach Darling thought. I As soon should not die.

I do not know what to do !" Peach Darling. Peach Darling stopped and asked her what troubled In bird language she said: "Oh. a pheasant hovered near them. her. Fearing that something might be wrong with her or her young ones. and if ever again you are I will not let you hungry. so they climbed into a boat and started off for the island of Akandoji." By this time they were down to the seashore. 27 . As they were going. come to me.After eating life I will it the monkey was r so much "Since you have saved with 3 ou. for I may be able go my to help you sometime. "Take them this dumpling. my young ones are starving." So the three walked better that he said: off together. Just as they were starting there was a flutter of wings and the pheasant alighted in the boat with them. sir. "Do?" said starve.

the monkey.The dog-. the pheasant. and Peach Darling conquer Akandoji .

he found himself beaten. who was just about to throw a great stone at him." After a long row they reached the monster's island. When castle. I will go. since he always has four hands and four feet as well as a long. for are going to perhaps I may be able to help you. while they all beat on the est noise possible.said. He dodged the stone and picked the monster up in his arms. and climbed the steep hill to the gate Here they found the monkey of the castle." she fastened to his body. "if you face dangers. So his . so they threw open their gates and fled. the dog barked. The man door with stones. and the monkey chattered. they reached the great gate of the they all four began to make the great- shouted. the pheasant screamed. Peach Darling searched until he found Akandoji himself. strong rope "Dear Peach Darling. Akandoji monkey tied him fast agreed to return all his stolen riches. while the When with ropes. The people within thought that a great army was upon them. too. of great use.

They said: "We all love you for bringing back our riches to us. and as the wind sea. and called him a great man." swept them over the Peach Darling lived many years. the island of Akansmall and disappeared. but we love you far. The people were now very proud of Peach Darling. but none were so glad as the old man and woman." . Then up went the sail.men carried down great bags of gold and loaded the boat of Peach Darling. doji grew All the village was glad when they returned. Once the people brought him a wonderful peach fashioned out of gold. and was always kind and wise. Many people of the village came to him for help. but he said: "Give all the honor to my three companions. far more for your wisdom and kindness to us. for they did it all.

s/l : / iZ^j .THE OLD MAN WITH A WART wart that It was such a huge looked like a peach growing there. cutting wood. but he never T was once an old man who had a wart on the side of his face. a dreadful storm The pine trees. One day he was up in the mountains. it complained./ft hollow tree )(J^ ff. t wind / tore through them. while was dry and w . when arose. now shrieked and groaned as the .. and climbed Here he in. It hurt every time he ate his rice or drank his tea.< rx ? the rain poured down as though the very sky were falling. He found a ^* f . He had never been in such a storm before. that usually murmured a soft and whispering song.

The great pines.. he was glad he was there. and breathed odor of the rain. The old man had thought he was the only one in the woods. of people . for they were singing and shouting most happily. but more like the rushing of the wind and the hurried swaying of the trees. "They must enjoy the storm.and as he listened the fresh damp to the wind." he thought. but he soon heard voices coming nearer and nearer. were bent and twisted about like grass. - -. They did not sound quite like men. hundreds of years old.

ing >. trampling and tumbling upon the shore. lightning. If you could but hear tree-tops sounded like the wind whipping the back and forth.a fire which leaped up in little of flame. was like great waves. and then he saw that his jolly companions were the Storm Spirits. or the pounding of tiny raindrops. for all the world like sharp tongues Each flash lighted up the forest. They sat in a circle They kindled around the It fire and began it ! their song. or the breezes bow* It the long grasses in lines before it. . hammering upon the dry leaves.

"Tlu old man began to (fa nee" .

come to us again and dance for us. what have you done with your wart?" Then he told her all about it. good man. and they were very glad. These old people had a neighbor who had a wart on the left side of his face. The song grew softer and sweeter until the trees were still and the sun peeped through the clouds.seemed as though all the trees were swaying and bending in time with the wind It because they loved it. As a pledge that you will come we will take this ' ' : peach that grows on the side of your face. Then the Storm Spirits said Oh. husband. The old man could not sit still. 'Oh. The air was sweet. Like a willow by the river he bent and swayed and bowed. He sprang into the midst of the group and began to dance. He heard how the Storm Spirits had taken the other ' 35 . At last the old man sat down to rest. Is it not the most precious thing you possess?" So they took his wart and let him go. He seemed to be dancing like the trees and flowers. When he reached home his wife cried. The grass gave a faint fresh odor. This wart was red and shin}7 like an apple.

and the lightning tore yellow gashes in the black clouds. if dance better than this we don't you want you any more. There he waited until the storm came. . The rain lashed the leaves raged like whips." So they put the other wart on the right side of his face and started can't him off. so he. Then they were angry and said " : Well. but he was so frightened that he could only shake it ! How and tremble. for now he had a wart on each side of his face and was wet to the skin as well. ! Poor man He was sorry he came. At last the Storm Spirits saw him and dragged him forth to dance for them.man's wart. too. went to the mountain and crept into the hollow tree. This old man shivered and shook with fear.

is This youngest brother was kind and good His elder brothers said "That : not the way for a prince to act. You treat people as though you were the commonest wood-cutter. Now there was a beautiful princess in Inaba But whom everyone wished to see. on the north coast of Japan. had Tajima. and hated the )^oungest brother. proud men. N^EAR eighty-one sons. so his brothers hated him the more." in spite of all they said the youngest prince was just as kind to the people as ever. lived a mighty prince who to everyone. The eighty "Let us go and see this won brothers said : 37 .THE EIGHTY-ONE BROTHERS Eighty of them were bold. and not a cousin of the Emperor himself. the eight3T -first.

laughing. you just go down your ' ' : and bathe in the salt water of the ocean. What a procession they made! youngest brother. and he lay there with nothing to protect him from the hot sun. along wait on them. and answered You wish hair to grow? Well. cruel brothers only laughed at the poor hare. Every bit had been pulled off. Here they found a poor little hare without a scrap of fur on his body." So they started off. "Oh. brothers. the to carry their bundles and eighty-first. ! The hare did as they told him how how ! . Oh.derful princess. and the wind can blow on you. ' ' Can you to tell me what to do make my fur grow again ?" The proud. good friends." Then they went on." cried the poor hare to the eighty I am nearly dying. the salt water stung his poor skin Oh. the sun and wind burned and cracked it do. They took their Over the hills and through the valleys they went until they came to Cape Keta. but he had to walk behind. and then go and lie on a high rock where the sun can shine on you. two by two.

.\ "Then I 39 . but I had no boat At last I thought of a I went down to the seashore and waited until I saw a crocolay there groaning : He 7 r 7 ^^ i*7fH dile raise c^^^? its head above the f 4J ^ water." said the hare. with you ? Why are 3 ou groaning the matter so?" he asked the hare. but I will tell you all. Then he heard some one climbing up the rocks. Suddenly he heard some one calling "What is the matter? Do you want help?" "Oh. and in a moment more the eigl^-first brother stood by him. and I wished to get over to this county. I am dying!" answered the hare. The poor 3 oung prince had so many bun"What is dles that he could hardly walk. "I was on the island of Mj\ Oki. "It is a long story.and crying with pain. "and when I am through perhaps 3 ou will think I deserve what I now suffer.

' and ' ' ' I said. You have made me a good bridge that is all I wished. counting as I ran.croco .' I answered. wish to talk with you. come here.Croco . Then we will count the and will hares and see which are the most.' . Thank you for it. and the farthest one just touched Cape Keta.' said the crocodile. " 'You crocodiles 'All right.crocodile. " How foolish I was Just as I reached the ' ' ' ! last crocodile I said. hares on the land than there are hairs on my 4 ' ' back. Good-by. you think I care You silly things Do how many there are of you ? ' ! . ' lie here in a row from this land to Cape Keta I run across on your heads and count you as I go. "So the crocodiles all came and lay in a row.' said the crocodile. But there are not so many of you as 'There are more there are of us. 1 called. I sprang on their backs and ran as fast as I could to Cape Keta. ' How many crocodiles are there in the sea ' ? There are more crocodiles in the sea than there are buttons on my back.' He came up close.' " Let's count.' I said.

but go on with your story. it served you right for being so tricky. I "Yes. after all my fur was gone. I know it served me right for what had done." said the poor hare. and I shall never do that again. I was .' count these hairs and know how many he said." said the hares there are.' At that the whole row of crocodiles opened their great mouths and laughed. ' ' last crocodile caught me when I said ' We and pulled every hair should like to off my body." "Well.The that. see. 'so we will just eighty -first prince.

lying here crying when eighty princes came for along. the prince picked up his bundles and started on to catch up with his brothers. and " and see how I suffer ! eighty-first prince felt very sorry for the poor hare. my baldness. so he carried him to a spring of clear water. "They laughed told at me me to bathe in the salt water of the ocean and then lie in the sun and wind." he said. "and that will wash ofT all the salt. I will bruise some leaves. and the juice from them will make your fur grow again. ever. I did so. and Then . The "Bathe in this." When this was done the hare felt as well as his fur began growing again.

" The messenger waited until they were still at last. I know she is sending for The third prince fairly screamed: ! "You the one handsomer than any Of course she wants me." she wants. wishes the burden-bearer for the eighty princes to come. no!" shouted the second prince. When Iiiaba The them as beautiful princess did not care to see and they scolded the eighty-first prince though it had been his fault. They were just about to return home when a messenger came from the princess. "she wishes to see me she is sending for me. Don't 7 } ou know I am am far Princess of Inaba. and then said: "Her Majesty. Beside her stood a hare whose was just beginning to grow. and very cross indeed. is I whom me." "Oh. 43 ." The eighty-first prince laid down his bur- dens and followed the messenger.at last the poor tired boy reached he found his brothers already there. the I silly things she wants? one of you. I know. "Ah!" cried the first prince. He where fur led him to the palace and into a room sat the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. "It .

I thank you for what you did for my pet /tare' .- --~-^ '* *>""" *<*'''" " "My friend.

So they were the prince and princess of that land. and the hare was their companion. but I'm just as much a prince as : ! they. I sent for you to thank you for what you did for my pet hare. and this time they had to carry their own burdens." said the prince." " my can I repay you for all you did for poor hare? Ask anything you wish and I it How will give live here to you. O most beautiful Princess My eighty brothers were coming to see you and made me walk behind and carry the burdens. How does it happen that one so kind as you is only a servant?" Then the eighty-first prince told her: "I am not a servant.The princess said to him "My friend. As for the eighty brothers." thing I wish most of all is to with you. 45 . they found they "The one might as well go home first as last. He has just come to tell me about it.

a few inches tall. and found it came from within one of the He opened stalk carefully. to see what it was. Indeed and found a She was only he wondered if she not really a fairy. He went nearer stalks. the bamboo tiny baby girl. . but as beautiful as a fairy.THE BAMBOO-CUTTER'S DA UGHTER THE BAMBOO PRINCESS old bamboowas going through AJ home cutter the shades of evening. Far away among the stalks of the feather)7 bam boo he saw a soft light.

A soft light s alwa} r s seemed to follow her. because she was found among the bamboo. and each wished her for called her his wife. for no >i~ they had ^7 child. All who saw her thought she was so lovely that they came back for another glimpse.He and carried her home told his wife how he had found her. They were very glad. and because she was more beautiful than any princess. Among those who came often to the hedge were five princes. She was as sweet and kind as she was beautiful. People heard of how beautiful she was. . In a few years she had grown to be a young woman. Each one thought The Bamboo Princess the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. When the time came to name her they The Bamboo Princess. so they loved her as their own. and many peeped through the hedge at the edge of the garden in hopes of seeing her.

He was afraid. 1 the other four would be angry. and each one thought he would be the one she would marry. They were very glad to have another chance to see her. 4. But the prin- cess had a plan. too. "Have them all come here. The old man did not know which one to choose.8 . nor what to do." On a certain day the five princes came to the house of the bamboo-cutter. that if he chose ''one of the princes.So each of the five wrote to the father of the princess asking to marry her. "then we can choose better. It so happened that all five letters were brought to the old man at the same time." she said.

The first she asked to go to India and find the great stone bowl of Buddha. She wanted to stay with her dear father and mother. She wished to take care So she gave of them as long as they lived. The each one something to do which was impossible. The princess said that he might bring her a robe made from the skins of the fire rats. The second one was to bring her a branch from the jeweled trees that grew on the floating mountain of Horai. 49 .princess did not wish to marry any of them. and the fifth prince offered to bring her the shell which the swallows keep hidden in their nests. She asked the fourth to bring a jewel from the neck of the sea dragon. princes hurried away. The third prince asked what he might do to show his love. each anxious to be the first to return. and so marry the beautiful The Bamboo Princess.

great it is say that far away in India there a stone bowl that belonged to the They also say that gleams and sparkles as though set with the most beautiful gems. Few have ever seen it. It is hidden deep in the darkness of a great temple. They said it took three .THE GREAT STONE BOWL PEOPLEgod Buddha. but those who have can never talk enough about its beauty. The prince who promised to go to India in search of the bowl was a very lazy man. but the more he thought about it the lazier he felt. He asked the sailors how long it took to go to India and return. At first he really meant to go.

To this he tied a letter telling of his long hard journey to find the bowl for her. There he found an the princess read the letter she was sorry that he had suffered so much to bring her the bowl. but he knew that he . He took this bowl and wrapped it in a cloth of richest silk. to another city and stayed At the end of that time he temple. At that he made up his mind he never go.years. Then he sent it to the princess. an old one. The prince felt very sad. The idea of spending three years looking for a bowl. Then she opened the silk wrappings and saw the bowl of common stone. went into a little old stone bowl sitting in front of the shrine. too! would So he went away for three years. and was very angry. When he came sh< would not even see him but sent the bowl and letter back to him. She now saw that he had tried to deceive When her.

T He THE BRANCH OF THE JEWEL TREE prince who was going for the branch of the jewel tree was very cunning and very rich. you you work so he went home to his own kept the bowl to remind him that get nothing good in this world unless it. He for it. did not believe that there was a floatmountain called Horai. he said that he was going it. He did not ing believe there were trees of gold with jewels for leaves.deserved house. search of However. He said good-by to all in his .

for he said he wished to go quietly. "We passed man}^ beautiful cities and We saw the great sea strange countries.friends and went down to the seashore. It was three years before anybody saw or Then he suddenly heard of him again. "not knowing where to go. appeared before the princess. like animals. There he dismissed all but four of his servants. "Sometimes we sailed on with a gentle wind. with bodies ocean. 53 . "I sailed away from here. and sometimes we floated with no breeze to move us for days and weeks. 'At times fierce storms arose." he said. sleeping as the waves rocked them up and down. bearing a wonderful branch of gold with blossoms and leaves of all colored jewels. She asked the prince to tell of his journey. dragons lying on the water. We were driven and hurled ' to unknown lands. I let the wind and the waves carry me where they wished. away our sails. The waves Wild winds whipped rose mountain high. He made a low bow and began his story. We saw the sea serpents playing in the bottom of the We saw strange birds.

at * B 7V/<? Prince tells the story of his search for tlie brancli of /he jewel tree .

"The men were thankful for the food. when the sun rose. When I went on shore there stood a most beautiful She set down the girl with a basket of food. We hastened to it. but I did not touch the food until I had broken off a branch from one of the jeweled golden trees. and in a few ' ' 55 . Then I returned to my ship. so we feasted all day. "For days and weeks we had no food to and no water to drink. "We a small cove and anchored there. It was the floating mountain saw a great mountain of Horai. "I was nearly starving. A brisk wind was blowing. basket and immediately disappeared. The great green waves lapping around us made us long for eat the more."Again we saw great rocks on which the waves lashed themselves in showers of white foam. the mountain had gone. dark head out of the morning sea. all water we I could not drink "At its last. sailed around it several times before At last I saw I could find a place to land. In the morning. just I when thought we would lifting surely die. to bring home to you. but the salt sea water.

asking for the "Could you pay us now?" they prince started to drive men came asked." . Just then three prince. I home straight came from the ship to bring you this.days we were again." Tears stood in the eyes of the princess to think of how he had suffered to bring her that jewel branch. but the princess told them to stay. For three years we have been working ' ' to make it is this beautiful golden branch. Now that finished we want our pay. "What is it you wish?" she asked them. The them away.

57 . The princess gave the jewel branch to the workmen to pay them for their years of work." " Has the prince been with you?" "Yes. and praising the princess for her kindness." prince was anand ashamed. He gry The knew that the princess would never believe in him again. i V years ? v\ have you been \\ \ y\> these three "In a little \ house down by the seashore.' Where -. so they went away happy. so he went far away into another country to live.

Still I I sad. asking him to find the robe made of the skins of fire rats. He had one very dear friend who lived in China." sent messengers all over China seeking for the wonderful robe. so will try. but they all He . 1 When very said. the friend read the letter he was "How can I ever do this?" he "Who ever heard of such a thing! would do anything for Prince Abe. To him the prince sent a messenger with a great bag full of gold.THE FIRE ROBE A HE third prince was to bring the robe made of the fur of the fire rats. He had friends in all parts of the world. He was rich and very much loved.

inquiring of the priests if they knew anything of this robe. They were surprised at being taken into the house of this great lord. were brought in. There cannot be such a thing. None of them knew of it. To-morrow I will return his bag of gold to him." The next morning just as he was about to send the messenger back to Japan he heard a great noise in the street and looked out. No one had ever heard where it was. and where it could be found. At last he said to himself. 59 . He sent for all the merchants who went from place to place buying and selling. saying that they could not He sent to every temple." he thought. although everyone had heard that there was such a mantle. sadly. A great troupe of beggars was passing by. "This robe that Prince Abe asks for is not to be found. and tell him that I have searched my best but cannot find what he wishes. but the reply was always the same.came back find it. and shown into the very room where he was. "I will ask them if they have heard of this So all the beggars fire robe.

It was kept in a temple upon the top of a certain mountain. but wondered why his messengers had not found this temple. hundreds of miles from here. He limped slowly up to the lord and knelt before after another told One him him. common beggars. "for he grandfather's time. but it was only a story. This man declared that there was no tem- "There was in my said the beggar. and asked wanderings they had ever heard fire robe. "when I was a child I remember hearing my grandfather tell about this fire robe. should ask them." The lord was delighted at this. stared at him in wonder. Some nearly laughed in his face. The idea of it That he. for there was really no such thing. that they had heard of it. for a fire robe. one of the greatest lords in the They ! country. and knew where it might be all found. 60 ." ple on that mountain. "My lord." he said. Finally all had gone but one old man.He if told in their of this them what he wanted. He sent for the one who had visited the temples in that part of the country.

When they reached there they found no temple. 61 . joyfully to the lord. The old beggar went with them." lord sent messengers to search out this mountain and find the temple at its top. a strange. and finally found a large iron box buried under the stones. Then he remembered that every time this silvery fur. He took it out of the iron box. He sent it as quickly as possible to the Prince Abe. The beautiful fur robe. unfolded the rich silk wrappings. how beautiful the Bamboo Princess will look in this!" bethought.had been there and had seen the beautiful fire robe with his own eyes. only a heap of stones. wrapped in many folds of rich silk. They searched around a long time. They opened this box and found within it. you may be sure. and looked with delight on the beautiful "Ah. They carried it home who was very glad to receive it. who was no less joyful to receive it than his friend had been.

and before he could snatch it from the fire there was nothing left but silvery smoke drifting off on the wind. so I will put it in once more. He could not blame his faithful friend. "It cannot be too beautiful for the lovely Bamboo Princess. for she saw that this man was true. .wonderful robe was put into the fire. Like a flash the red flames leaped up." So he ordered a fire brought and laid the dazzling silver robe over the burning coals. for he had done his best. and then go away forever. He could only write to her telling her all. Poor Prince Abe ! He was heartbroken. sad The princess was very when she knew what had happened. and silvery ashes dimming the red of the coals. He was glad he had not taken it to the princess before he knew it was the right one. for then she might think he too wished to deceive her. it came out more silver)?' bright than before. that it may be more beautiful for her than it has ever been for anyone else.

She sent him a note asking him to come to her. so she never saw nor heard of him again. but he had already gone away. .

THE SHELL IN THE SWALLOWS' NEST proud and lordly man. "Do you know anything about the shell the swallows keep hidden in their nests?" he asked." "Perhaps the gardener would know more about it. T prince who was to find the shell hid in the swallows' nest was a very The man lows' nests? stared. me. May I ask him?" So he called the gardener. When he returned from the visit to the princess he called his head servant to him. I want that want you to find out for shell. "The I shell in the swal- Which nests?" "I don't know. 64 .


Do you know where


shell is

which the swallows

keep hidden in their nest the gardener. " No, I have not had it. Did it? I'll ask the water carrier " seen it. So he called the wa

you want

he has

ter carrier,

The water
ing about

carrier said


kn ew noth-


but called


man called another,

jf another man. jff and so on, until


the servants



NO one had
ever seen the




asked the

One little

boy thought that he had seen one


had been
in the

of the

kitchen looking



swallows' eggs, and thought he saw a shell in one of the nests. Perhaps that was the

shell the prince wished. The prince was de-

lighted and ordered
his men to go and search the swallow nests in the roof of the kitchen. They

went and looked,
the nests, for

but said they could not reach they were in the very

^J^" roof. find a way to reach them," roared the prince. "Search every nest and do not come back until you have." The men spent three days trying to climb At last they found that with up, but failed. a rope and a basket a man could be drawn up so that he could look into the nests. They

top of the

"But you must

searched and searched, but found no shell. At last the prince grew impatient and went down to the kitchen himself to see what they

were doing. " Have you found the

shell yet?"

he asked.


"No, there







answered. Then the prince was furious and insisted on being pulled up himself to see. The men tried to persuade him not to do it, but he sprang into the basket and commanded them
to pull

him up

at once.

The men dared not refuse, so they pulled him up. When he reached the nests the
swallows began to peck at him, for they did not care to have all their eggs broken and
their nests torn to pieces. They flew at him so furiously that they nearly pecked his eyes out.

The men "Help, help!" he screamed. to lower the basket. Just then he began
remembered the shell and thrust his hand into a nest. There S^r-^l was something B seized it, but lost hard there. He / / came tumbling his balance and / f coming down. Instead C/f^35&

bit of eggshell. it is true. In his hand he held a shell. and he never climbed up to peep into the swallows' nests again. but he was badly burned and bruised. 68 . His men lifted him off as soon as possible. but it was a and the egg was spattered all over his hand and face. He decided that this was all he wished of the shell from the swallows' nest. By the time his burns and bruises were healed he had forgotten all about the princess.down in the basket he came down thump on the hot stove.


one who was

was the

go PRINCEthe dragon jewel. bring
a great boaster and a great coward. Of course he intended to get the dragon jewel, but you may be sure he did not propose to take the trouble himself. He called together a

He was

great crowd of his ser-


and soldiers and them what he wanted. told He gave them plenty of

needs and told them to be gone and not to show themselves again until they brought him the dragon jewel. The men took the money quickly enough and went away, but not to lind the dragon What did they care about it? jewel. They did not believe that there was such a thing, and if there was, they were very sure the old dragon was very welcome to keep it. They did not care to try taking it away from him. Meanwhile Prince Lofty was having a palace built for the princess. He did not doubt for one moment that he would win her, so he would have a house ready


for their

to receive her.

There had
never been so beautiful a

palace in
that part of the

country before.

lacquered, or inlaid with gold and precious The walls were hung with silks

All the

wood was

painted by the finest artists. Then he waited for his men to bring the He waited a jewel, but they did not come. whole year. Then he was angry and decided
that he would go himself. He called together a few of his servants who were left and told them to fit up a boat.

The servants were frightened when they knew what he was going to seek. They
begged him not dragon would destroy them.



for fear that the






watch me. Learn how to be brave from me. Do you think I
will be afraid of

any dragon?"

much less pull the bow. The boat rocked and dipped. and all went well for two three days. "Don't you see that the dragon is afraid of me?" boasted the prince. As for shooting them. " answered My prince.started. The great waves broke in foam over the side of the boat and they were all wet through. If they did not drown he knew that the lightning would kill them. all "Did you wish to kill me? Is this you care Get me for the life of )^our great prince ? out of this at once or I shall shoot every one of you with my great bow. He huddled in the bottom of the boat seasick and frightened. for it was only on his account they had set sail at all. they knew he could not lift an arrow. Brave Prince Lofty was sure the boat would upset. He has The pilot : . it must be the dragon who sends this storm." The men could hardly keep from laughing. "What did you ever bring me to this place for?" he So they or cried. That evening a fierce storm came up. The rain poured down in torrents. The lightning flashed and the thunder growled and roared. He begged the pilot and the other men to save him.

better promise him that you will not hurt him. so he vowed that he would never touch the dragon. and then perhaps he will let us live. 73 ." Prince Lofty was willing to promise anything to have the storm stop. not even the least hair on the tip of his tail.heard you say that you will kill him and You had take the jewel from his neck.

and the waves were still.After a while the storm died down. but he would not return on a boat. to know what happened until at last they came to a land. and firm ground under vowed that now he had something solid to rest on he would never leave it. He was on an island far from Japan. however. They lifted him out of the boat and laid him under a tree. beautiful palace which he built for the princess had no one to live in it but the bats and owls. the lightning ceased. and sometimes a stray mouse or two. Prince Lofty was too sick. The * 74 . not for a hundred princesses. When at last he felt him he wept aloud. So he stayed there the rest of his life.

her mother died.THE SMOKE OF FUJI YAMA YEARS Now passed by and the princess took good care of her old father and mother. they saw why she had asked the five princes to do impossible things. She really wanted to stay with her parents. They were very old now. Whenever the full moon whitened the 75 . which is quite old for a Japanese maiden. and yet she knew that if she refused to marry the princes they might be angry with her and harm her father. When she was twenty years old. Each day she grew more beautiful and more kind and gentle. Then she seemed to grow very sad.

"I weep." "It will be of no use. dear father. I was sent here to care for you." Then the princess said." Her father was sad indeed to hear this. too. " My daughter. I do not wish to leave you.earth with its soft light she would go away by herself and weep. and sobbing as though her heart would break. but I must. I know that tried to keep it from me lest I should grieve. but now the time comes when I must go. because I know that I must soon leave you. When the next full moon comes they will send for me. but it will kill me to see you so sad if I cannot help you. No one can keep me when the time comes. One evening late in summer she was sitting on a balcony looking up at the moon. My home is really in the moon. Her old father came to her and said." she answered sadly. her father went to the Emperor and told him the whole story. tell me your trouble. However. but answered: "Do you think that I will let anyone come and take you away ? I shall go to the Emperor himself and ask his aid. The great Emperor was touched by the love of the maiden who had chosen to stay with her you have .

send a whole army to guard the house when the time came. but the princess was sadder than ever. The old bamboo-cutter went home very cheerful. Each night it widened and brightened. Each day the princess grew sadder and sadder. The old moon faded away. 77 . Then a tiny silver thread showed just after sunset.He promised to parents and care for them. A few nights showed only the blue of the heavens and the gold of the stars.

The princess waited on her balcony for the moon to rise. Slowly over the tops of the trees on the mountain rose the great silver ball. The soldie though turne Emperor stood as The princess went 7 8 . the :>ne. no on they came. Thank you." he his eyes. Drifting dov n wind. going." Then he closed his eyes and she saw that he was dead. The princess went to her father. came c like :ss smoke before the shining armc breath of wir troops of soldiers in here was no sound.The Emperor remembered his promise. The first night of the full moon came. When she came near he opened " I see now why you must go. It is " because I am A heaven to earth. Surely no one could enter through such a guard. line The moon rose higher and higher. Every sound was hushed. and sent a great army who camped about the house. of light like a fairy bridge reached from said. my daughter. Hundreds of men were placed on the roof of the house. too. it. for all the happiness you have brought to us. He lay as if asleep.

The white company passed slowly to the top of Fuji Yama ' .

There was no other sound. Silently he handed her a tiny It was cup. The leader gently laid a mantle of gleaming snow-white feathers over her shoulders. Rising like the morning mists that lie along the lake the white company passed slowly to the top of Fuji ima. Her old garments slipped to the earth and disappeared. 'I am ready. the sacred mountain a L P an - on. All her life on earth faded from her. Once more she was a moon maiden and would live forever." she said. As silently she drank from it. the water of forgetfulness. whiteness c .forward to meet the leader of these heavenly visitors. up through L On.

the long line passed. Men say that even now 81 . until once more they reached the silver gates of the moon city.of the moonlight. where all is happiness and peace. a soft white wreath of smoke curls up from the sacred crown of Fuji Yama. like a floating bridge to that fair city far off in the sky.

as in French. It consists Accent is very slight. Consonants are of the syllable than in the stress all very much softer than their This is especially true with j. English equivalents. more in the length laid upon it.A GUIDE TO PRONUNCIA TION GENERAL RULES FOR PRONOUNCING JAPANESE WORDS AND NAMES The division of a word into syllables is after a vowel instead of after a consonant. which is pronounced more as though one started to give the sound of z but ended with yn. as in English. having about the duration of e and 6. although they have the quality of e and 6. lish e 82 . a has the sound of a in father c i " " " ' " " " " eein meet i in it o " " " " " " " " o in stone 11 u in full Both e and o are very much shorter than the Engand o.

last three letters all one syllable nah bah) . yah mah) gozen (go' zen) Japanese wine Shippeitaro (shpay tah' ro) Hachiman (hah che' mahn) ^' (high) Susano (su' sa'n o) Hina Matsuri (he' nah mah' tsu rey) Horai (ho' ri) (ee' Tajima (tah' je mah) Tokyo (to' kyo).Abe (ah' bay) Akandoji (ah kan doj') (ke' tah) Buddha (bu'dah) Daimios (di' myos) dango (dah' ngo) Fuji Yama (foo' je kimono (kl mo' no) Lofty (15' fty) mocJii (mo' che) norobi (no ro' bi) (9/^2 (o' key) ^/^/ (sah' ke).

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written by a native of Japan.SUGGESTIONS TO TEACHERS HOME are LIFE OF THE JAPANESE telling the intimate. by and A Japanese Interior by Alice M. close by the door of the Imperial Palace itself. This school is especially is dear to the heart of the beautiful and gracious Empress. who taught for many years in the Peeresses School. and the healthy instinct of a normal child should be to make the story. with the sentiments and traditions of a Japanese. DRAMATIZATION Every story read by a child should be as real to him as bread and butter. all the holidays. descendants of the ancient and powerful Daimios of Japan. the story he hears. Bacon. and read by teachers. life two excellent books details of charming THERE be Japanese home that I wish all might in every school library. as they seemed to him. is of special interest as the work of Miss Bacon. and this impulse calls for the work in . The first. in Tokyo. and only for daughters of the nobility. A Japanese Interior. the good times. tells are A Shiukichi Shigemi of his early childhood. a part of himself at once. They Japanese Boy. his school. the family life. The second book. as well as the bread and His first impulse is to live butter.

dramatization. the child's vocabulary is increased and improved. without All phrasing peculiar to a story should be interruption. with little time for dramatization. so that they may carry the story through. He gains in self-possession and the ability to express himself easily and well he forgets himself in his expression of a thought. periods." or the principal events in order. his habits of speech In dramatizing. Compared with dramatization. retained as far as possible. the story they have read earlier in the day. Pupils should plan . LANGUAGE Later the children are ready to retell the story on paper. the action and "stage settings" before they begin. and have clearly in mind all the "points. the children to learn the correct use of capitals. which has assumed so important a place in the program of the primary grades. however. and paragraphs when beginning to write than to learn to 88 . The retelling of a story is also helpful. let the children play. during the rest period. it is of secondary importance. Give them new words as they are needed and use the same words for the spelling lesson It is easier for of the day. If the program is crowded.

Too grades. of the things about which they read. First in importance comes the making of models. indefinite work hence it should be combined with drawing and paper cutting. or wood. cardboard.use them after they have formed the habit of careless writing. Stories offer a great fund of material. and expressing his idea of a story in some form adds to the child's interest as well as to his understanding of what he reads. j Color appeals to children. either with clay. Reading the written story to the other children for their suggestions and criticisms may be made helpful. both of which help to emphasize form. and for that reason they should be allowed to use colors. These stories are particularly rich in action. painting alone soon leads to careless. little is This is usually done with designing in the primary one of the earliest forms of art invented c_ So/ . Encourage the children to seek for the best way of expressing a thought. ART WORK The art work should always be founded on the general work of the room. and therefore well adapted for a great variety of art work. However.

result in If sides are chosen. If a sand table is available have a forest. shrine. living on earth. ready to prove a delightful rest exercise. this will and happy. screens. vase for flowers. and flags. Construct house with paper sides. banners. some pet rabbits to school. possible. Model the rabbits if in clay. lanterns. solid form. possible. bring the blackboard. low tables. Dramatize. and the sky children and the fairy mother looking Show the rabbits at the snowballs falling down to earth. as well as the house and garden. and mountain The in the distance. and light-weight paper with water colors or colored crayons for decorations. so aim to make it represent action.by man children in the childhood of the race. Page 13. and let the children sketch them from life. Illustrate the story. using white chalk on gray paper or If The First Rabbits. here you have the third dimension. lake. from memory. relaxed children. It will be found that who are not strong in general art work often have much ability in design. Remember that watching the live rabbits. using balls of crumpled paper. With the exception of "Lord Bag of Rice" and "Peach Darling" the art work for the stories should be grouped about one theme the construction of a Japanese home. showing the sky children talking to the fairy mother. . Play a game of snowball. Endeavor to have the designs for these show as much of the Japanese spirit as possible. otherwise. take up regular school work with zest. and hopping and running about. materials needed will be heavy construction paper and cardboard.

showing the part taken by the animals in Pictures of the animals will help the children's imagination. draw a picture of each of the five gifts. showing Peach Darling's adventures. manila paper. friends. Peach Darling.Lord Bag of Rice. Paint a picture of the lake at the foot of the mountain. showing how Peach Darling was found. the soldier at home with his pifts. paint the ship the story. dramatize the second part of the story. the forest in fires of weather and the same forest in a spirits. Model the peach. Dramatize the The Old Man with a Wart. the soldier killing the centipede. the snake. showing three acts: the soldier. Page 22. Illustrate. Dramatize the story. Paint the the storm . The best mediums to use are charcoal and first part of the story. fair Page 31. and the dwarf. pa g c 16. Draw storm. draw the three setting sail for the island.

and the hare. or the blackboard. The Bamboo Cutter's Daughter. Dramatize the scene between the eighty-first brother and the hare. as will the beautiful prints. are easily obtained. is in encouraging the children 92 . It is surprising how many of these things can be collected. or rest exercise. of many quaint and interesting designs.For a game. Page 37Draw the boy carrying the bundles. odd images and idols. the eightyfirst brother. hair ornaments. Paint the fairy in the bamboo stalk. Japanese lanterns. Page 46. COLLECTIONS Encourage the children to make a collection of pictures of Japan and the Japanese. specimens of pottery. of the The Eighty-One Brothers. kites. Make a poster of the crocodile bridge from Oki to Cape Keta. Dramatize each story. lacquered boxes. and the one between the princess. Draw the smoke of Fuji Yama. and what an addition it is to information and what a stimulus to enthusiasm. add to the children's interest in this far-away land. and incense. using gray paper and white crayon. as are also fans. Tell in pictures what each prince did. and show how each one of the five princes failed to accomplish the task given him. draw the crocodile and the hare. and of newspaper and magazine articles regarding these subjects. this may be developed into an exercise in rhythm. and the A Japanese flag will fascinating water spreading figures. If desired. The greatest benefit. imitate the Japanese dance storm spirits. parasols. however.

The outer edges should be left frilled out like petals. wooden bowl. Most families have a almost covered with tiny 93 . and two-inch circles. made of rice. of the New Year. Enough paste oozes out to fasten the larger circles also. This is celebrated on the is second. may be made and used SPECIAL JAPANESE DAYS The Feast first. put a small quantity of paste in the center. The best effect is gained from the use of three shades of pink.to go after the information they want instead of waiting for it to be brought to them ready made and predigested. and arranging them so that the darkest and smallest circle is on top. beaten into little cakes. then close around a branch. Taking one circle of each size. banners. to a paste in a A special delicacy The rice is steamed. and third of January. one-and-one-half inch. cut halfway across. All of the children have new kimonos and new the mochi cakes. kites. balls. If the schoolroom is to be decorated. These bunches. give the appearance of blossoms. arranged along the twigs. very realistic Jap- anese cherry blossoms may be made by using the bare branches of ordinary trees and shrubs on which the children have pasted pink tissue paper. and the paper is made more secure by crushing the center of the circles close to the branch. and screens for decorations. keeping the smallest circle with the paste on it next to the branch. parasols. also Lanterns. The paper is cut into one-inch. then formed tree.

then put away to be kept carefully from year to year and from generation to generation. half an hour let them play they are in Japan. March 3 is the Little Feast of the Dolls. the houses." find out all they can about Japanese schools. afford liina. They wander among the clouds of blossoming trees. The Feast of Cherry Blossoms. because he is supposed Each to be swift and sure in surmounting all difficulties. one for each son. fish represented is always the carp. For one day the boys are neglected while the girls receive Poor indeed is the family that cannot all of the attention. making April. Now the boy comes into his own. but are respectfully admired and enjoyed. Let them and then for Let each tell what he saw on the way to the stores. school. and the girls devote the time to a Japanese game similar to battledore and shuttlecock.For three days the boys make merry flying kites. the people. and a toy set of all the implements of w ar. boy receives a set of effigies of heroes r and warriors. 94 . with some of their court. Hachiman. etc. A DAY IN JAPAN The children will enjoy a "Day in Japan. This is celebrated in Families go to view the cherry groves. Hina Matsuri. and often hang upon a favorite is tree a poem written in its praise. The Wistaria Viewing Viewing comes in in June. Huge paper fish (norobi) on bamboo The poles are flying before each house. or dolls to represent the Mikado and Empress. it a holiday. May 5 is the Feast of Flags. and the Chrysanthemum November. These dolls are not played with in the American manner.

and fine training in poise and self-restraint. in the Japanese spirit. A MANNERS AND CUSTOMS Making the Bow. All is done slowly.) forefinger Slowly bend head forward hands. upon outspread Keep this position for only a brief interval. Children could hardly follow the intricacies of a genuine Japanese dance. with rhythmically as possible. hands to sides. that the hands move together. as well as the delight- physical and mental expression always gives the child. and that the dance is not founded on musical rhythm but is an imitation of something in nature or an interpretation of some feeling or experience. Japanese Dances. let body sit back on feet. would afford excellent stimulus to the imagination. (Hands are outspread. thumb and forefinger of one hand touching thumb and of other hand. sit back on up to standing position. but some simple imitation. and as Feet together. palms down. evenly. on knees. raise head. then bend forward. placing hands on floor in front. Let the children eat the rice with chopsticks they have made out of wood. has been tried with success. down on knees. If the children wish to represent the Japanese dances let them remember that the feet remain practically quiet. not apart. many of which require years to master. toes.Japanese luncheon. 95 . with a lesson on cooking rice and making tea.

the fairy bridge from heaven to earth.In "The Old Man with the trees during a storm. and the drifting upwards of the white company. a Wart" the children can represent In "The Smoke of Fuji Yama" they can give more rein to their interpretative imagination. the silence. the riling down of countless soldiers. Let them represent the moonlight. 90 . the fading away of the earth-life. like the smoke that rises from the sacred Fuji Yama.