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7 published in April 2007

Remember also your Creator in the days of your youth The Bible in Eccl.12:1 The voice of Grabbing the Gadget Generation from Gehenna Mission (G Power 4 Mission) Bible truth for modern youth creatively and crisply wrapped around current events

Whom will I marry? With whom will I walk down the aisle? Wholl be the pop/mom for my babies? With whom will I wake up for the rest of my life? And how will I find that person? If you are asking this question, flip the page ove

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The Days of Your Youth

Issue published in April 2007 This magazine serves as the voice of Grabbing the Gadget Generation from Gehenna Mission (G Power 4 Mission) an interdenominational youth organization founded by Duke Jeyaraj in February 2006. Its vision is to crisply and captivatingly connect the world of yahoo Youth with the Word of Yahweh so that young people would remember their creator in the days of their youth. Its burden is to make unchanging Word of God relevant to the fast-changing World of Youth. G Power 4 Mission is funded by the freewill offerings/donations of individual Indians interested in the fulfillment of the above-mentioned vision and goal

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20 Excuses Young People Give To Marry An Unbeliever

- Rev. Valson Varghese

This is taken from Ps. Varghese's recent message entitled 'Doing things God's way or mine' The Ed. Here are some of the amazing excuses young people give to justify their relationship with an unbeliever and my scriptural responses to them: 1. The Lord told me to marry this unbeliever - The Lord will never contradict His Word. He clearly mentions only to marry a believer (I Cor. 7:39b). 2. had confirmation from the Bible regarding this matter - That's NOT true. You may have picked up some scripture out of context and felt that it was regarding your marriage to an unbeliever. 3. This Man or Woman of God told me to marry this unbeliever. - No Man or Woman of God is above the Word. 4. Perhaps the Lord wants me to save that person - Then let Him do it before you get married. You need not disobey the Lord to save them. 5. I know of a person who married an unbeliever and now he believes in Jesus. - That's an exception and not the rule. (I know few who still remain unbelievers after years of marriage). `````6 She is such a beautiful person / He is such a handsome young man - There are beautiful / handsome believers right in the Church too in some cases you may need to contact other Churches.

7. No one in my entire Christian circle of friends understands me more than her / him - Could be true. But try again. If you are willing to spend time with new friends, you'll probably find someone who will understand you. 8. Perhaps the Lord wants me to show mercy on this family since they are poor - Please show mercy (or help them financially). But DON'T get married. 9. This person has agreed to come to Church and even take Water Baptism - Your friend will do anything to marry you 10. The unbeliever's parents have agreed to our marriage. - They may be desperate in trying to get their son / daughter married. And they are only too happy to find a good Christian believer. 11. I can't find a suitable boy / girl in our Church - Try harder. Many others have been successful. 12. I cant find a right believer within our Caste / Community - Pray harder. God has answered and provided a believing Companion for many from within their own community. 13. How can I leave this person since I've known him/her for such a long time - You need to choose between having your friend Or Obeying God 14. How can I break my promise since I've promised to marry her - Go to her and sincerely apologize for making a Promise you can't keep. If you keep your promise to your friend, you willfully disobey God's Word. 15 This family is not taking any dowry from us - I know of many Christian young men who will not take dowry either. 16. My parents feel it's OK since I haven't found a right believer thus far - It may be OK with your parents but it's NOT AT ALL OK with your God. 17. We've got formally engaged. - Go and break the engagement even if people will talk about it. You don't need to get married and repent all your life. DO IT NOW. 18. We've already been sexually intimate and I can't leave him now. - You've already committed a sin. Go to God and sincerely seek His forgiveness. Do not commit another mistake by marrying him and raising an unbelieving family. 19. She threatened to commit suicide if I don't marry her now. - You must not let her emotionally threaten you. She may use this method to get anything done in married life. If she does commit suicide, it's between her and her god. You can't let a threat cause you to disobey God. 20 I have total peace about this matter (Thus it could be God's will) - Since you are already in love, you may feel peace. Just the feeling of peace may not always be an indicative of the will of God for you. Your feeling should line up with the Word. Now that you've read this article, you are now responsible for the decisions you make regarding who you marry. I Corinthians 7:39b says 'She is free to marry anyone she wishes, but he MUST be in the Lord.'

Your act of obedience can save you years of pain and sorrow. God has a better plan than the best we have for ourselves. (Rev. Valson Varghese serves as the Associate Pastor at the New Life Assembly of God Church, Secunderabad and as the National Youth Coordinator for the Assemblies of God of India.)

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(An article that explains to youth by Duke Jeyaraj as to how they can choose their life partner using Bible principles) No girl liked me! I couldnt marry because no girl liked me! quipped Indias former Prime Minister A. B. Vajpayee (reported in The Week magazine). For many young guys or girls today, that is not the problem. On

the contrary there are far too many wanting to marry them and they are confused as to which one they should say, I do to! Whom will I marry? With whom will I walk down the aisle? Wholl be the pop/mom for my babies? With whom will I wake up for the rest of my life? Those questions cross young peoples minds constantly. Sure, young peoples mind muses over such queries, time and again. Choosing the person you will marry is in my opinion the most important decision apart from your decision to follow Christ. And what is more it is a decision that should be kept for your entire life. You can change your computer printer but not your life partner (I Cor 7:11)! Sure you must put a lot of thought before you choose the person to whom you will say in the church before beaming onlookers, For better or worse, till death do us part, I will love you with every beat in my heart! (As one popular singer put it. Words for the song found at on 9 March 2007). What follows is the Scriptural base for choosing a life partner. Partners wont be dropped from the heavens! The Scripture tells us that we must find a wife (Prov 18:22). There is no finding without searching! This piece will help you be scriptural in your spouse search. This article will aid you to be Biblical in your partner pursuit! Here are eight words you need to keep in mind as you do that: 1. Choose a partner who worships the same GOD as you do! Mouse and Dog can they be friends? That is to say that as a believer you must marry only a believer. No debates. No questions. Listen to Pauls words in this regard in contemporary English: Dont become partners with those who reject GodIs light best friends with dark? Does Christ go strolling with the Devil? (II Cor 6:14,15)Kurt De Haan puts it eloquently: Oil and water do not mix. A mouse and a dog would not make the best of friends. A person with a paralyzing fear of heights would not be a wise choice as a climbing partner to scale Mount EverestA Huskie and a Dachshund would not work well together as sledge dogs in the Alaskan wilderness. A follower of Christ would not make a good marriage with a non-believer (as found in on 9 March 2007). Though it is sad to state, some young people have no qualms about marrying unbelievers. They argue that they will convert their partners after the wedding. Well. Well. Well. If you think you are wiser than Solomon you can think of attempting something so foolhardy. The brainiest mans brains were brainwashed by the heathen women he married (Neh 13:26)! Yes, Solomons was. Some of the women he married were so ungodly that they were forbidden to even live in the palace (II Chron 8:11). Soon, he started worshipping idols the way his pagan wives did. King Ahab sold Gods nation Israel to his Baal-worshipping wife, Jezebel. You see the woman you take with you to bed will most assuredly influence your head! Ask Adam, he would tell you. He was coaxed to eat of the forbidden fruit by his wife, Eve. Ask Abraham, he too would tell you. He slept with his servant girl with the encouragement of his wife. In cross-faith marriages, most often than not, the children will have a confusion about whose faith to follow moms or dads. We read of a man born to an Israelite mother (who could be taken as a believer) and an Egyptian father (who could be taken to be an unbeliever) who blasphemed the Lord (Lev 24:10-12).

2. Choose a partner who has the same GOAL as you do!

Mr. and Mrs. Lot we have lots like them! Mr. Lot wanted to escape the carnal city of Sodom and Gommorah. But his wife didnt think that was a cool idea. That is why she looked back as they were rushing out of the city. Guess what happened? She turned into a pillar of salt. And their marriage froze.

Now take a good look at Mr. and Mrs. Noah. Both were united in their goal of escaping the judgment-flood by entering the Ark! The gift of prophecy brought both Mr. and Mrs. Isaiah together. He, a great prophet himself, calls his wife prophetess in Isaiah 8:3, did you notice? The priest of Judah, Jehoiada and his wife were united in their goal of safeguarding the Godchosen dynasty of King David. While Jehoiada led the revolt of his nation against the evil queen Athaliah who was out to destroy all the descendants of King David, his wife Jehosheba hid the last survivor of Davids family Joash in a bedroom, with a nurse (II Chron 22:11/II Chron 23). Prophet Amos has a question for you: Do two walk together unless they have agreed to do so? (3:3). Nope. Marriage is much more than a mere walk down the Church aisle. Instead it is a lifelong walk together with your partner, correct? It is a till-death life stroll together, right? UBS Vs UBS Truckloads of youths who committed their lives to join a missionary organisation fulltime have got sidetracked. The reason? They have married partners who havent shown even a slight inclination for missions. If your dream is to work for the IEM (the missions agency) while your partner is going gaga about getting a job with IBM (the computer company) you are in for trouble, buddy! You may want to join UBS as a couple after marriage and your spouse too wants to join UBS. Wow! What a wonderful unity! you may well think. Between the couple. Wait. The UBS you meant was Union Bible Seminary at Pune and the UBS your spouse meant was Union Bank of Switzerland, in Hyderabad! I imagine that Prophetess Huldah married Shallum, the keeper of the Temple robe, because both their jobs involved and revolved around the Temple (II Chron 34:22). A high priests wife must be a girl from his clan, we read (Lev 21:13-15). In other words, he must marry a person with ministry blood flowing through her veins! The reason I decided to marry Evan, my wife, is not tough to guess: she had decided to be involved in ministry even as a Class Ten student of Santhosa Vidhyalaya, Dohnavur, South India, something I wanted to be since my Class Eight! 3. Choose a partner who belongs to the same GALAXY that you do, at least!

Count the cost of crossing cultures There is nothing unbiblical about marrying a person from another culture, country or continent. There is nothing marred about marrying even believers from Planet Mars (if there are!). Both Moses and Joseph married girls who were not from their culture. Obviously these girls were believers. Zipporah, the girl Moses married, may have been Egyptian, but she was educated in the ways of Yahweh. She had great faith in the Abrahamic covenant, which was sealed by the rite of circumcision. It was she not Moses, mind you who circumcised their son a deed that shows that though she was an outsider she was out and out for Yahweh (Ex 4:25)! But young people must be warned not to go overboard here. When two persons born to different sets of parents, who have lived under different roofs and cultures, come together to be bonded by marriage, there will invariably be some adjustment problems. Certainly! But only after having counted the cost of such adjustments and alignments would I advise you to step into crosscultural marriages. Jesus said that before we build a building, we better sit down and count the cost! And remember that marriage and family life is a building according to the Psalmist who mouthed, Unless the Lord builds the house. (Psa 127:1 NKJV). Again, saying no to one proposal after another purely on the basis of caste considerations, is deplorable, to say the least! In Christs family there is no longer Jew nor Greekfor you are all Christians you are one in Christ Jesus (Gal 3:28)! 4. Choose a partner who seems GORGEOUS to you!

Beauty which tape cant measure Wanting to marry a beautiful or handsome person is quite normal. If an unmarried Israelite soldier discovered a beautiful prisoner of war he could marry her this was one of 613 Laws that God gave Israel through Moses, can you believe it? The Bible specifically records that the wives of each of the three Old Testament Patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were particularly pretty. The modern implication of Genesis 29:17 is that Rachel, the wife of Jacob, would have given Priyanka Chopra (a former Miss World from India) a run for her money by her stunning gorgeousness! You probably never noticed this: Prophet Ezekiels pet name for his wife was the delight of my eyes! (Check out Ezek 24:16!). So what is the lesson? Marry a person who looks beautiful to you for beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder! But wait a second! Do not make beauty the conclusive factor in the finalizing of your life partner. Samson did. He saw a Philistine woman obviously beautiful in Timnah and wanted her to be his wife, instantly (Jud 14:2). This wife of Samson cheated on him (Jud 14:17). For the sons of God who married the daughters of men, beauty seemed to be the only issue (Gen 6:1-2). Gods judgment on this lust came swiftly (Gen 6:3). Remember that beauty is fleeting (Prov 31:10). Charm that tape cant measure character that is must be the deciding factor when it comes to life partner choice. Not too many girls wanted to marry this plain-looking doctor who was a missionary to the lepers of Orissa. Well catch leprosy! they perhaps thought. But not Gladys. When she married Graham Staines no one told her that her husband would be one of the greatest names in World Mission History! See what you stand to gain if you looked beyond the looks! Oh how many young people miss a girl with the character of a Mother Teresa because they are only looking for the charm of a Bipasha (the actress)! 5. The partner you choose must be in the same GRADE more or less as you are!

Engineer Vs Engine Driver Moses, a shepherd, married a shepherd girl. Jacob did the very same thing. But what about Abigail? This intelligent and beautiful woman married an absolute fool and her married life was far from cool (See I Sam 25)! If a sharp-witted engineer marries a dull-headed engine driver, he is asking for trouble! If a high-IQ pilot is planning to spend the rest of his life with a low-IQ potter then we better check if his IQ is really high! You see marriage is not about having sex all the time! But it is all about communication. It is all about talking with your partner. It is all about connecting with your mate. And for this to transpire, both of you should more or less be in the same IQ level same grade! A prudent man will ask the Lord for a prudent wife (Prov 19:14). 6. Choose a partner without being all-eyes on the GRANT he or she can give you! Catherine Zeta Joness catch

The other day I read that Hollywood actress Catherine Zeta Jones signed an agreement that ensured she would get a sizable chunk of Michael Douglas massive 150 million pound fortune, even before marrying him, in case their marriage broke because of Douglas being unfaithful to her (learnt from on 9 March 2007)! Not only Catherine Zeta Jones but many young people marry with an eye on the several m's their partners may have: money, muscles, mobike and mobile. Cherry Walias stated, Now all that matters (when it comes to the choice of a life-

partner for Indian youth) is facts (cheque books) and figures (looks) (quoted by Samar Halarnkar in India Today, 15 February 1999). This crass commercialization of holy matrimony is appalling, pal! Many believer girls of today would resent the way their parents sold them to their husbands the way Jacobs wives did (Gen. 31:15). Sure, a couple needs money to set up a new home. In that case the attitude that both the newlyweds should have should be: I bring what I have and you bring what you have. Contentedly, lets begin our life together! Recall the verse in Hebrews, Let your conduct be without covetousness; be content with such things as you have (Heb 13:5). Incidentally that verse comes immediately after a marriage-verse that goes Marriage is honorable among all (Heb 13:4)! 7. Before you finalise the candidate you want to marry, seek GUIDANCE!

When even godly parents go wrong Samson and Esau threw away sound parental advice that in-effect was, Do not marry an idolworshipping pagan girl! And their marriages were far from happy. Isaac was in compliance with his dads idea that their trusted servant should travel 400 miles to get a Yahweh-worshipping girl for him. The girl he married was a solace to him when his mom passed away. At the same time one must be careful not to merely nod his/her head to a marriage proposal which even godly parents may suggest. One of the godliest kings that ruled Judah was a man known for his desire to know the will of God- King Jehoshaphat. He favorite question was, Is there still another prophet of God around here we can consult? (I Kings 22:7; II Kings 3:11 The Message). However when it came to his sons marriage he did what seemed most natural to him marry his son with the daughter of his opposite number in Israel. He perhaps did not consult the Lord in this crucial matter. That marriage ruined his sons life (II Chron 18:1/21:6). The girl Jehoshaphats son married was none other than Athaliah, the daughter of King Ahab and Queen Jezebel, who was out to kill all the surviving members of Davids family the family handpicked by God to rule Israel forever (II Chron 21:5/22:2). Your spiritual leader your pastor or Christian leader you respect may be a good person to get guidance regarding marriage. Pastor Paul was quite involved in the marriage matters of his church (See I Corinthians 7/ Romans 7). 8. If a person you are cool with claims to love you, look for a GUARANTEE! Playing the Hard-to-get game! By the word guarantee here I mean commitment. Too many girls (or guys) go head over heels when a guy (or a girl) comes and proposes marriage to them. They do not stop to check whether the boy shows evidence of his commitment to marry her. They do not cease to say to the concerned, Dont love me for fun, girl. Let me be the one, girl! (as Boyzone group so eloquently put it - song lyrics as found in on 9 March 07). Davids love for Sauls daughter was a love locked in commitment. Or else would he have killed 200 Philistine soldiers when his father-in-law wanted him to kill just 100 to marry his daughter (I Sam 18:25,27.) Boazs affection for Ruth was quite deep. When the person who was supposed to marry her backed out, he stuck his neck out to marry her! Play the hard-to-get game instead of saying yes to the first proposal you get at marriageable age to sift the pure from the phony. Take time to gauge the love of the commitment-shy chap swearing love to you - see if he merely wants a weekend or a wife! Someone has smartly and correctly said, Marry in haste and repent at leisure!

Before it is too late, go for it! If you follow the above steps, you can be assured that the partner you pick is Gods will for you. Keep these Bible principles in mind when your parents bring a marriage proposal for you and you can be certain that you will not miss out on Gods will for you! Dont keep on postponing your life partner choice looking for the perfect partner! There isnt one! Even Jesus is engaged to be married to an imperfect bride the church! The Bible talks about seven old maids who begged men saying, Let us all marry you! We will provide our own food and clothing. Only let us be called by your name so that we wont be mocked as old maids (Isa 4:1). These women, out of pride perhaps postponed their marriage. I do not need a man in my life, they must have thought even though they knew they were not called to be single by God, deep down inside. They were possibly looking for the perfect life partner. Meanwhile they got older and older. Their skin started wrinkling. They bodies started getting shapeless. And men did not find them desirable anymore as they did when they were young and tender. There came a point in their lives when they were desperate to get married and no man was willing to marry them. So they take to begging men to marry them. They did not even want the men they married to provide for their basic needs. All they wanted the men to give them was a title that they are their wives. How heartbreaking was the situation these women were in! And many young people find themselves in such a situation because they indefinitely postpone their marriages with the same kind of mentality. It is quite possible that you have a peace over marrying a believer who may not have all the qualifications this article talks about. Then go ahead with the marriage! And do send me your wedding invitation!


Enoch Moses Nagabyrava This is an email exchange between two truth seekers Ed. Dear Surya, Hope you remember me. I am the one you challenged in the Hinduism community long time back (December 2006). I could not get back to you immediately and I am sure you will remember that I promised to get back to you when I am bit relieved with my chores. I was busy with a few conferences, a holiday, my immigration processing, job hunt and also my church responsibilities. I must also say that your questions were very good and thus needed attention to answer them carefully. After much prayer and dependence on the Lord, the Bible (The Word of God) and also a few friends, I now submit my response to you. May I also tell you that as I considered your challenge deeply; I am more convinced about Jesus being the ultimate answer for the problem of evil and suffering and am no doubly sure of the fact that God is indeed all powerful, all loving, Omnipotent and Omnipresent. Before I proceed, I just wanted to remind you of the exact questions you asked me and so, here they are.

Challenge to Enoch by Surya: (Your words) I am not going to question about the historicity of Christ or about his crucifixion nor am I going to ask how the word of Christ is the word of God (we may go into them also in future course of thread)


My point is simple - the Christian theology is full of internal contradictions. So even if you take the Bible as THE Word of God, you still have some portions of it which must be wrong, thanks to the internal contradictions. Here I start: 1. All-loving vs. All-powerful: If God is all-powerful, then he should be able to ensure a good world. If he has that power and still not using it, then he is not all-loving. If he is all-loving and still not doing anything towards the suffering of the people, then he is not all -powerful. 2. Omnipotent vs. Satan: If God is omnipotent, then he should also have control and power over Satan. If he does have power to control Satan, but still not doing it, then he is a wicked god, enjoying the mischief of Satan. If he does not have control over Satan, then he is not omnipotent. 3. Omnipresent vs. separate from us: If God is omnipresent, then he should be present in each and every part of this universe and thus also encompassing ourselves. If he is different from us, then he is limited and hence not omnipresent. I can go on. But lets starts with these. Please dont jump into the debate by providing Hindu answers to questions aimed at a Christian. I am expecting answers in the framework of Christianity and not Hinduism. Response A few comments to start with: 1. Since you asked me to answer in a Biblical framework, I am compelled to use many Biblical references. I assume you have a fair bit of Biblical knowledge. Please get back to me if doubts arise. 2. 'Full" of internal contradictions? This is a big claim without any substantive support. You cite one apparent example - 'one' isn't 'full'. I would like you to point out all the others since according to you the Bible is so 'full' of them. 3. What do you mean by 'internal contradictions'? This is important. There are many 'apparent' contradictions, which are really necessary paradoxes (eg. Jesus being both God and man, the Trinity being one and yet three, God being absolutely sovereign and yet people having real choice etc...) The reason I say 'necessary paradoxes' is because of the nature of God himself. God is of a different order and nature to us. He is the eternal and infinite creator; we are small finite, dependent creatures. There is a necessary gap in our knowledge created by this metaphysical distance/gap. There will be certain things about God that we cannot possibly comprehend as creatures. A dog can only understand so much about its human master - because it is a different being. God is not like us in many ways. However, having said this, just because we cannot have comprehensive knowledge about God doesn't mean that we cannot have adequate and sufficient knowledge about Him (i.e., know what He wants, how to please Him, how to be saved etc). And also, just because something is difficult to fully grasp does not mean it has not been clearly revealed (eg. The Trinity is clearly taught although hard to fully understand). 4. Having said that let me make some comments about this classic objection. The first two touch on the same issue which can be summarized thus:


1. God is all good (willing) 2. God is all powerful (able) 3. There is evil and suffering 4. Therefore an all good and all powerful God cannot exist Now this admittedly is a vexing issue. But the logic above must be examined carefully. The assumption is that 'God would act immediately if he was willing and able.' It is an issue of timing. Assuming God IS able and willing - then WHY doesnt He act NOW (or for that matter thousands of years ago to rid all evil and suffering from earth)? The answer (logically possible, though slightly frustrating) is that: God must have a sufficient reason/s for waiting to end all evil/ suffering that is hidden at this time. Evil and suffering doesn't question the existence of God, it just questions his operation. Why doesnt He end it NOW!?!?!?!? We don't know. We have to say 'God has hidden and sufficient reasons that will one day be revealed and understood'. From the Bible we can say a number of things 1. We know enough about God, to know that He is trustworthy in the things we don't know. 2. God HAS done something about evil and suffering. The Bible says that suffering has resulted from humans rebelling against God (sin Gen 3). God made a promise to bless this cursed creation through Christ, and reverse the effects of sin (Gen12.1-3). The reason Jesus came was to fulfill this plan of taking away evil and its effects. Jesus took our guilt and punishment for that guilt when He died on the cross. He dealt with sin, the cause of suffering, and in His resurrection we see an example of complete restoration from death and decay that God will apply to the whole world and everyone who turns to Him in trust. The effects of Jesus death and resurrection have not yet been fully seen - but the ball has started rolling, the price of justice has been paid, the future restoration is guaranteed. 3. God IS doing something about evil and suffering. If you take a minute to think about it, He is doing many things to help us and sustain us in this dark world. He is transforming people by His Spirit to be more like Christ - and who in turn alleviate the suffering of others through loving acts. He is still sustaining the earth, and we see His goodness in providing sun, food, shelter etc. He often answers prayers for healing and restoration (but sometimes allows the suffering to continue.) He uses suffering to produce godly character, perseverance, patience and hope in the future resurrection. Character is built in the furnace of difficulty. He is patiently waiting to bring an end to all evil - so that in the mean time more people can heed his call to 'repent' - stop ignoring Christ and submit to his Lordship so that they can escape His judgment. He uses suffering situations to warn people to repent before its too late. (Lk 13) 4. God WILL do something


God has never failed to keep any of His promises, and on that basis (his faithfulness), we can be absolutely confident that He will destroy the old evil-infected creation, and remake and perfect a beautiful new home of righteousness - where all His people will dwell with Him and each other for eternity (without any evil/suffering). This is our 'resurrection hope'. We will rise with new physical incorruptible bodies (like Jesus) and inherit a perfect new creation. There is so much more to say on this whole issue. Personally I am happiest with the Biblical answer to that of any other world view. Now, lets move on to the third objection - here are some thoughts: The Bible doesn't define 'Omnipresent' as neatly as we would like. In fact that is just a word that theologians have applied to a bunch of data (examples) depicting God as 'apparently all present'. Eg. Psalm 139. God is Spirit and so cant be thought of as 'present' in the same way that you and me think of it (we who are space/temporally bound). We tend to think of presence as 'physical presence' which ISNT the sort of presence referred to. Omnipresent does not necessarily mean corporeally bound. This would actually limit Him. God existed much before physical created matter did. Once He created it, He did not dwell in it, although He is around it and knows about it. God did become a human in Christ - but that is a different matter (excuse pun). Theologians like to distinguish between Gods 'immanence' and 'transcendence' - that is, He is 'immanent' (close to us and creation), and yet is apart from it and above it, not identical with it, or a part of it (transcendent). As I have previously suggested, trying to fit Gods infinite order of being into our puny finite mental categories produces gaps of understanding that we just wont be able to fill until the new creation, when we shall know as He knows. But just because we cant know the big metaphysical questions about God with completeness doesn't mean we cant know Him adequately. We can know as much about Him as will fit in our puny brains (which is enough for a healthy and good relationship with Him), and the rest will be revealed later when we get our new creation brain upgrades!!! Cant wait for that day! Finally my brother, may I suggest to you that God is some one we should trust in and have Faith in. It is only in the person of Jesus Christ that God has revealed Himself to be the most trust worthy and the Faithful. I know I am deviating a bit from your questions, but am compelled to urge you to consider Christ in detail. Faith is not wishful thinking. It is when we put our faith in Him; He reveals Himself to us in His fullness and leads us into all truth. It is only then that our inner eyes (manonethra) will be opened to understand the mysteries therein. I too had doubts. It is He who answered me in due course of time. Yet, at every moment He has proved Himself faithful to me. May I beg you not to get into a willful rebellion against Him who is the creator, sustainer and savior of all, but consider Him diligently? It is my prayer that God Himself Who is the ANSWER will slowly reveal to you the truths of Him and unfold the mysteries of His work of salvation for the mankind. I appreciate your passion for religion, but I urge you to consider the truth. Much regards, Warm, Christian and brotherly love,


(The writer hails from Karnataka, India. He did his Master of Biotechnology and Master of Commerce in Business from Macquarie University, Sydney. He worships at Eastwood Baptist Church. He involves himself actively in the ministry of the Evangelical Union both in India and in Australia. He likes to acknowledge that his friend Scott Warner helped him in writing this email response to Suryas questions).



Duke Jeyaraj An advertisement for Shell, I felt, was particularly well crafted. This is how it went: Isn't it high time someone got negative about negativity? Yes it is. Look around. The World is full of things that, according to nay-sayers, should have never happened. "Impossible." "Impractical." "No." And yet "yes". Yes, continents have been found. Yes, men have played golf in the moon. Yes, straw is being turned into bio fuel to power cars. Yes, yes, yes. What does it take to turn no into yes? Curiosity. An open mind. A willingness to take risks. And when the problem seems insoluble, when the challenge is the hardest, when everyone else is shaking their heads to say: lets go. (Newsweek, April 9, 2007, page 7). AN ADD-On to the AD I want to add something to this ad - add a Bible truth about the word "impossible". It's true we must get negative about negativity. The Bible agrees. A Bible story agrees, rather. Twelve spies were told to scout the Land of Canaan by Commander Moses. Ten of them came back only to say, "Gosh! We can't possess this Land, Captain!" "Let's call it a day!" said they. They were possessed by a spirit of Negativity. But then among the 12 there was a bloke who refused to say, "Gosh!" His name was Josh! There was a chap in that dozen who didn't want to call it a day. They called him Caleb. "We can!" they said. "It's possible!" they said. "Let's roll up our sleeves and roll those Canaanites over!" they chuckled. How did they manage this? How could they be so different? They trusted in a God for whom the word impossible never existed. They believed in this statement that was yet to make it into the Bible they read: "For nothing will be impossible with God (Luke 1:37). They also knew it was impossible to please this "nothing-impossible-with me God" without faith (Heb 11:6). So they believed. And were relieved from a punishment to follow. These guys were the only two to land in the land of Canaan (Num 14:30). All of the rest perished on the way.


"I'm no Halle Berry!" What about you? Are you a negative person? Do you say, "I am no good?" Do you sigh, "Who'll hire me?" Do you go, "I'm no Halle Berry - No one will hurry to marry me!" Do you hang your head and say, "This horrible habit will stick with me for the rest of my life." Don't wet your pillow sobbing, "Why is this happening to me of all people?" Don't. Hit the rewind button on the Shell ad. Rehearse the story of Numbers 14 (Joshua-Caleb story). Reach forward like Josh and Caleb did. Muster up a "mustard-seed" size trust on the "Nothing-is-impossible-for-me" God. Then - guess what - nothing will be impossible for you. His Word declares that (Math 17:20). Nothing, that He knows will be good for you, will be withheld from you.

Son, you have dropped the World Cup! Duke Jeyaraj

It was a Super Sixes game in the 1999 World Cup. The Aussies needed to beat South Africa to book a birth in the Semis. Chasing 272 for a win, Australia lost three wickets for just 48 runs. "Adam Gilchrist was bowled, Mark Waugh was run out, and Damien Martyn lofted a catch to mid-on" (Cricinfo March 2007, page 45). In walked their captain Steve Waugh. When the score was on 152 and he was on 56 he lobbed a lolly pop of a catch to one of the best fielders in the planet Herchelle Gibbs. Instead of catching the flick of Waugh off Lance Klusener's bowling, he tried to flick the ball in air before it came to him - in celebration. The ball slipped and the catch was eventually dropped. The ice-cool Waugh walked up to him and said, "Son, you have just dropped the World Cup!" And to prove his witty remark right, he stayed till the end, making 120 not out, taking the Aussies to a famous win, with a ball to spare. The Aussies did beat the South Africans in a nerve-wracking match in the Semifinals which was to follow and went on to powder the Pakistanis to pulp only to lift the World Cup. Yes Gibbs had indeed dropped the World Cup that day! Jesus offers you the Cup of salvation (as Isaiah and the Psalmist referred to salvation), meaning and purpose for life, forgiveness of sin, now. Will you accept his offer now? Or will you let this opportunity go by. Will you drop Jesus offer? If you did, you would have dropped something far more precious than the World Cup. You would have dropped the


opportunity to walk on this side of eternity and the next side of eternity with purpose, joy and peace in every step - something which Jesus alone can offer.

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When Inzy Got Senti! Duke Jeyaraj

When Inzy Wept When Inzamam-ul-Haq returned back to the pavilion after having played in his last One Day international versus Zimbabwe in the World Cup 2007, his eyes welled up. He was crying. Inzy got senti! Kamran Abbassi describes the scene for us: "Inzamam-ul-Haq, Pakistan's batting gladiator, finally turned away from One-Day Internationals, tears flooding through a guard of honor his loyal players formed at Sabina Park, Jamaica. The tears were for the end of his ODI career, the death of Bob Woolmer, and pain of his failed ambition." (Cricinfo, April 2008, page 28). He began his ODI career rescuing Pakistan in the Semifinal versus New Zealand in the 1993 World Cup with a brutal and blazing 60 off 37 balls. In the 1992 Final his burst put Pakistan's total beyond England's reach. And he was there with his skipper and mentor Imran who handpicked him into the squad with the World Cup trophy made with glass. On it was the reflection of a young man to be called "Inzy" who would go on to make the maximum fifties in One Day Internationals a whopping 83 (Source: on 17 April 2007)! But when he walked out Sabina, he was sobbing. The reason: he could not fulfill his secret ambition to what his old skipper did in 1992 - lift the World Cup! Strange reasons to cry Why do you cry? Do you cry because someone played football with your heart? Do you weep because you were cut by a curt remark by a chum? When I turned the pages of the Bible I met with people who wept for some very strange reasons. Take for example Isaiah. He wept for Moabite cities (Isa 16:9). Before he proclaimed words of judgment on them, he wept for them (Isa 16:13-14). Jeremiah also had this habit: bleeding with tears before barking with fears the words of God's judgment upon his people. His own pen describes his tears: "Oh that my head were waters, and my eyes a fountain of tears that I might weep day and night for the slain of the daughter of my people!" (Jer 9:1). Sobbing for your pals.... Suppose you see one of your friends going astray. Does your heart ache for him? Does your sadness peep out through your eyes as tears for your pal who is sprinting to hell? Or are you only happy to proclaim scorching words of judgment - "He will fry in hell for 16

sleeping with her and no one deserved it more" - with a song on your lips and a wry smile on your face? Isaiah wouldn't do that. Jeremiah wouldn't do that. So shouldn't you. Let's weep before God for the Google Generation - they must be grabbed from Gahenna (which means "hell" in Greek). Let us cry out to God for the yahoo youth - they must hear of Yahweh's son (Who is called "Jesus".)

Duke Jeyaraj Mona Singh, who bowled TV audiences with her portrayal of the ugly duckling Jassi in Sony's Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin in 2003 made a very interesting statement recently: "I love it when people ask for my autograph, but I'm realistic enough to treat it like a job. Fame is, after all, temporary" (India Today, February 19, 2007, page 78). How true is the last statement you just read. Jesus knew this. That is why He did not allow the crowds to crown Him as King. He knew their praise was far from being permanent. Jesus experienced this. The crowds whose throats went hoarse shouting "Hosanna!" to Him when He rode on a donkey into Jerusalem soon wanted His throat slit in-effect by screaming "Crucify Him!" when Pilate gave them the option! Mrs. Potiphar noticed that Joseph was handsome (Gen 39:6-7). I imagine she must have complimented for his cool looks when he was around calling out, "Hi! Handsome! But soon "Hi Handsome!" became "Hebrew Servant!" when he refused to sleep with her (Gen 39:16 ESV). Yes, fame is fleeting. Mona Singh said it. Jesus and Joseph experienced it. So, if that is going to be the case with Fame, why chase it at all? Why not let Fame chase you, instead?!

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WHAT IF THEY DID BRAIN MAPPING ON YOU? Duke Jeyaraj on what the Bible teaching about telling lies
The Noida outrage In order to get the truth out from Moninder Singh Pandher and Surender Kohli - the two accused of serial killings and rape in Noida - brain mapping and narco analysis were done. This is how Payal Saxena reports their

horrific crimes: "The brain mapping and narco analysis tests done on the serial killings accused, businessman Moninder Singh Pandher and Kohli, in Gandhinagar indicated that Kohli, had lured the children into Pandher's D-5 house of sector 31 of Noida, only to kill them and defile the bodies. Once, the lie-detection tests done on Kohli revealed, he tried unsuccessfully to eat the liver of one of his victims. Pandher, allegedly a philanderer, was not party to the murder of Payal, a maid who had resisted Kohli's advances" (The Week, Page 37). Loads of lies! When I read that piece my thoughts went this way: What if they did a brain mapping and narco analysis test on me? What truths would come out?" Try asking that question to yourself. Speaking lies has become so common that we do not think of it as a big sin anymore. David's observation is painfully true: "Everyone utters lies to his neighbor" (Psa 12:2). We have ready-made lies as to why we were late, as why we couldn't complete that assignment, as to why want leave from work. David talks about people who speak lies from their birth (Psa 58:3). Was he talking about you and me? But a day is coming when the truth will surely come out, God's Word declares. God would not need to use brain mapping and narco analysis to do that. The truth about our lives will be trumpeted to the entire planet on the terrible Day of Judgment. The Trinity is Truthful Perhaps we will try to speak the truth more if someone told us what God thought about lying. Samuel put it bluntly: "The Glory of Israel will not lie" (I Sam 15:29 ESV). Hear Eugene Peterson's translation of those very same words: "Israel's God-of-Glory doesn't deceive" (I Sam 16:29 The Message). If God doesn't lie why do we want lie down in the Bed of Lies? We should not. We must be "perfect" and "holy" even as Heavenly Father is (Math 5:48 and I Pet 1:16). God the Father does not lie. God the Son also wouldn't lie. He could have lied and saved his life from the hands of enemies. They asked Him if He was Son of God. He knew what He would get if He replied in the positive - He would be crucified cruelly. But He still went ahead and told the truth without diluting it one bit. "Yes, it is as you say!" He calmly said (Math 26:64 NLT). Jesus preferred to die, rather than lie.


What about you? Are you His Sheep? If yes, will you not hear His voice? (John 10:27). His voice that says, "Die, if you must - but don't lie!" God the father doesn't lie. God the Son doesn't do it. Ditto for God the Holy Spirit. Paul once wrote, "I am speaking the truth in ChristI am not lying; my conscience bears me witness in the Holy Spiritthat I have great sorrow and unceasing anguish in my heart. For I could wish that I myself were accursed and cut off from Christ for the sake of my brothers, my kinsmen according to the flesh" (Rom 9:1-3 ESV). When he wrote those words he was implying two things: One, The Holy Spirit does not tell lies; second, he wouldn't lie either. What a straight message for us! Our lies may be "tiny" in our estimation. But since they are committed against "big" God who abhors it, they don't remain that way. Davids life of lie! David scripted that God "destroys those who speak lies" (Psa 5:6). He probably knew that from his personal experience. For quite some time after his appalling affair with Bathsheba he kept lying to himself: "What I did was not sin". He lied to others when he had to talk about the death of Bathsheba's husband Uriah. "Uriah died fighting for the country!" - I am sure David made such deceptive speeches to hide his sin. But his army's commander Joab knew the truth about how Uriah died. Uriah was in the forefront of the hardest fighting. His fellow Israeli soldiers fighting with him were pulled back without any notice to Uriah. And this gallant gladiator died fighting the enemies all alone in an area where the fighting was most fierce and dangerous (II Sam 11:15). David lied to make it look like an accident the same way some people tried to make the death of Bob Woolmer in his Hotel room in West Indies during the World Cup as an accident. But when he lived a life of lies he confessed that he was "weak and miserable" and "groaned all day long" (Psa 32:2 NLT). But when David came out clean telling the truth that he "sinned" to Nathan, who was a friend of his like Jonathan, what a joy he experienced! That is why he could write, "Yes, what joy for those whose record the Lord has cleared of sin, whose lives are lived in complete honesty!" (Psa 32:2)! If you will confess your sins and lies to the Lord Jesus, who died for you on the Cross, you too will receive that same joy - David experienced!


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D-5, SECTOR 31, NOIDA....

Duke Jeyaraj Girl goes missing.... The horrific incidents in Noida centered around D-5, Sector 31, were covered at length by all national newsmagazines. I particularly liked this story by The Sunday Indian Team: 7 May 2006 will forever be etched in Nand Lal's memory as the day his encounter with a nightmare called Indian police commenced. During the afternoon, his daughter Payal went job hunting somewhere in Noida and never returned. Helpless and frantic with worry, Nand Lal began searching for Payal on 8 May and reached a village called Nithari, adjoining Sector-31 in Noida. Horrific tales of dozens of missing children from the village depressed him even more and Nand Lal started weeping disconsolately near a rickshaw puller. Call it divine coincidence, but the rickshaw puller Amar Haldar turned out to be the one who had dropped his daughter Payal outside D-5, Sector 31 the previous day. Excited, Nand Lal went to the house to enquire about his daughter, only to be rebuffed. The local residents of Nithari had already aroused his suspicion by claiming that the people living in D-5 were somehow involved in the disappearance of more than 20 children of the village. He promptly went to the police station where his suspicions were scoffed at and he was shooed out. A desperate Nand Lal tried contacting senior police officers to no avail. A missing person report was filed and the cops told him his daughter had eloped with someone to Mumbai. They also branded Payal as a prostitute... (21 January 2007, page 38). To cut a long story short: Later Nand Lal took some cops to the house of the rickshaw puller Halder - the only eyewitness who had seen Payal enter D-5. Halder had vanished without a trace since then. But this information was a crucial lead for the police to nail the culprits. "The alarm was raised when the alleged killer, known as Satish, was found with a missing girl's (Payal's) mobile phone, and police went to the house. They were tipped off to the presence of bodies by the smell of decomposing corpses. Within hours, officers were using a bulldozer to help them dig up the yard and reports were filtering out that the remains of dozens more children might be buried at the yard and reports were filtering out that the remains of dozens more children might be buried at the house," reports on 12 April 2007. The call records on the phone pointed to Payal's contact with Moninder and Surender Koli. Koli had lured her to D-5 with a promise of giving her a job. The "job" he referred to was that she slept with his master Moninder. Later Koli tried to unsuccessfully sexually exploit her only to kill her later. The story of Payal and Esther linked This chilling story reminded me of a Bible story: the story of Esther. Repeatedly in that book we see how "divine coincidence" swings into action even though the word "God" is not found in that book. Haman wanted to kill Mordecai who refused to bow before him and was scheming for ways to do it without a wink of sleep that night. It was in the same night that King Xerxes of Persia did not get sleep - call that divine coincidence. To pass his time in the night the king flipped through some old records. And he bumped into the story of how Mordecai was instrumental in saving his life from those history pages. And he also learnt


that Mordecai was not honored for doing such a daring deed. And the next day, he called Haman to work out a creative way of honoring a man he was mighty pleased with - Mordecai. Ask Mordecai he would tell you, it was God who was behind the sleeplessness of King Xerxes that night when Haman was dreaming harm for him. I started writing for the first time for my School magazine. I do not think that was just a coincidence. It was a divine coincidence. God was training me for a lifetime of touching people by connecting his Word with the World Happenings! What is your testimony about Divine Coincidence in your life? It is easy for God to arrange events in our life so that they lead to something significant and superb. His Word declares that He saw us before we were born and that every day of our lives were recorded in His book and that every moment was laid out before a single day had passed (Adopted from NLT version of Psa 139:16). Sweet, isn't it?


Rohit Brijnath, writing about the attitudes of the senior members of the Indian Cricket team following the World Cup debacle narrated a very thought-provoking event thus: Years ago, in 2001, I asked John Buchanan, the Australian Cricket Coach, how he motivated his team. He said, "You don't." He meant that if they needed to be pushed along, they'd never arrive at their position of excellence. Their desire came from within ( Sportstar, April 14, 2007, page 7). That stunning piece reminded me of one of the ways to be holy in this world so full of temptations. That awesome information made me recall one of the Bible ways of beating temptations. It is this: one of the most basic steps to beat temptation is to cultivate an inner desire to be holy. The sons of Korah understood this: 'That is why they could say, For a day in your courts is better than a thousand elsewhere. I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of wickedness' (Psa 84:10 ESV.) Notice that desire to be pure! What craze to be consecrated! Such a desire was burning within Daniel when he started feeling the heat of the temptation to flout Yahweh's laws in a foreign land getting to him. The Bible says, "Daniel resolved that he would not defile himself" (Dan 1:10 ESV). Did you notice that the secret of Daniel's holiness originated in his heart's decision to stay pure? Will you cultivate that very same desire?

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ENVIOUS OF THE FILTHY, WHO ARE FILTHY RICH? Duke Jeyaraj An article featuring Vijay Mallya, the liquor baron, featured in The Week, made me weak on my knees (The Week, April 1, pages 19-24). Here are some excerpts: The King of Good Times (as Vijay Mallya is called) is expected to complete a 540 million pound takeover of Whyte & Mackay, the Scotch whisky group. The Whyte & Mackay deal makes Mallya's United Breweries (UB) Group almost level with Pernod-Richard, the world's second-largest drinks company, and cements him as the most potent symbol of India's new wealth.


Home that is half a mile long Ever is good spirits, Mallya is a substantial figure in every sense. He has a suntan, wears gold bracelets, large diamond stud earrings and gold framed glasses....Mallya owns 14 private residences, including properties in California, New York, London and Monaco. His villa in Goa is half a mile long. He has a classic-car collection in San Francisco, where his wife and daughters live. He has a number of private jets including a Gulfstream, a Hawker, an Airbus and a Boeing 727. He spends more time aloft than in any of his residences. In 2005, he put in 1,600 in Boeing. "The Airbus is my home...I am on a plane almost every day, sometimes several times." India's second biggest owner/breeder, Mallya owns 100 thoroughbred racecourses in training as well as 250 horses at stud. Three secretaries working in shifts Tushita Patel, Mallya's political secretary, describes Mallya's awesome working style: "Even before his aircraft can touch down, his core team is summoned over the satellite phone to the airport. Half the office shifts to the runway, with papers, phones and laptops....We work in the plane, then in the car, then in the office, continue at home, pool, disco, back to the car, back to the plane, till we can stand no more...and Vijay J. Mallya enters his 64th hour of work and dictates his nth letter, perfect in grammar, syntax and diction. But then, three secretaries have changed shifts." Kingfisher - fishing in Jet's waters! The Airline he founded, Kingfisher Airlines is eating into the dominance of Jet Airways, India's biggest domestic carrier. When Kingfisher was launched, Jet Airways had 43 per cent of the market, now it has 25 per cent and Kingfisher 10.5 percent. "I have a vision that we should be India's largest airline by 2010." Big bucks thro beer-making The main source of Mallya's wealth is not the airline, but UB Group's core businesses: the beer and spirits divisions, which accounts for 75 % of the groups $2.5 billion turnover. It grabs 60 per cent of the Indian market and 10 per cent of the global alcohol market. Enjoying himself

He speaks eight languages, collects art, is a qualified scuba driver, pilot, musician, doting parent and loving husband. Actor Shilpa Shetty, a family friend, has praised his "impeccable taste and zest for living". He says, "I like to enjoy myself...I am not apologetic about how I live. I don't live off other people's money." To Tirupathi and Sabarimala In short. Mallya is unbelievably rich and tremendously successful. The article talked about Mallya's religious side: "Whenever he gets a new jet, he propitiates the deity by flying to Tirupathi, in Andhra Pradesh, where a priest blesses the plane. All the cockpits of Kingfisher jets have pictures of the Hindu god Venkateshwara. Mallya also makes pilgrimages to Sabarimala in Kerala, preceded by a 42-day abstention. "Like everyone else," says Lalitha, his mother, "he walks for six miles in bare feet and mounts 18 golden steps. He has done that for the last 19 years." Mallya may have a good reason to be thankful. Once his helicopter went into a free-fall 100 feet and broke into four pieces. He kicked the door open, jumped out, helped everyone else, brushed himself and asked for another helicopter and carried on as if nothing happened. "Wow" or "Woe!" Here is a man who openly worships anything but the true god, yet is rich and successful. How come folk like him, prosper? you whisper. The Bible proclaims a "Woe" to those who are "heroes" at drinking wine and "mixing strong drink" (Isa 5:22 ESV). And Vijay Mallya's core business just does that - mixes various liquids to produce strong drink. But when you look at the sort of life he seems to enjoy, we would say "Wow!" rather than "Woe!" Job observed this fact long long time ago - the prosperity of those who flout the Living God of the Bible. He wrote, "The tents of robbers are at peace, and those who provoke God are secure, who bring their god in their hand." (Job 12:6). Vijay Mallya could carry the gods he worshipped in his hand and he was fairly secure - he survived even a helicopter fall! Why do unbelievers flourish? So what do we do? Talk like some folk during the time of Prophet Malachi? They said, It is vain to serve God. What is the profit of our keeping his charge or of walking as in mourning before the Lord of hosts? (Mal 3:14

ESV.) So what do we do? Burst out like Asaph about in Psalm 73. They blurted out, "Behold, these are the wicked; always at ease, they increase in riches. All in vain have I kept my heart clean and washed my hands in innocence. For all the day long I have been stricken and rebuked every morning." (Psa 73:12-14 ESV). No. You ask, "Why not?" Hang on. Their end would be sorry! Check out Psalm 73 in its entirety. Scroll down a little bit after verses 12-14, the verses just quoted. Asaph talked like this only till he "discerned the end" of those who forget the living God and his unchanging Ways (Psa 74:17 ESV). Their end would be sad and sorry. Yes, on the Day of Judgment, eternal and everlasting punishment would be meted out to everyone to rejects the Lord Jesus and his way of salvation. "The one who rejects me and does not receive my word... the word that I have spoken will judge him on the last day," said Jesus (John 12:48). In other words obedience to the words of Jesus - in other words obedience to the Gospel - is what will save a person on the horrendous day of Judgment. So do not be envious of the filthy who are filthy rich. They have no inner peace! Despite their apparent cool image outside, many rich and successful people like Vijay Mallya, do not have true inner peace. Some have openly talked about it. Say for example, Boris Becker, the multi-millionaire German Tennis Legend - a Wimbledon Champion several times over. Once he frankly said, "I have no inner peace!" True inner peace belongs only to the person who has a living and daily relationship with the "Prince of Peace" the Lord Jesus (Isa 9:6)! A billion bucks cannot give us the peace which the Bethlehem babe alone can give us (Micah 5:5).
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Before you start your bike do you stop to check if your helmet is on? You must. Though neurosurgeons say helmet use reduces risk of accidents, very few people feel the need to wear one. High-income group countries, which meticulously record accidents, have noticed a significant fall in accidents when helmet wearing is made a rule. Studies cited in the World Health Organisation's recently released manual on helmet use show that when the rule is annulled, accident rates go up alarmingly. The WHO's manual has recorded experiments in the United States, Italy, Japan, New Zealand and Thailand where it was found that wearing helmet decreased the likelihood of death in accidents. When such laws are repealed, wearing of helmets fell to less than 60 per cent and death and accident rates sometimes doubled or tripled. How the helmet protect us from brain damage is not hard to see: the brain floats in the cerebrospinal fluid in the skull. The helmet prevents direct contact between the skull and the impacting object during a crash. Helmet use reduces the impact of collision of the brain inside the skull and prevents, to a large extent, bruises, swelling and tearing of brain tissues and nerves or blood vessels, doctors note. Cheaper helmets that have flooded the city do more harm, says J. K. Arora, a helmet dealer. Discerning riders buy helmets conforming to European specifications manufactured and sold locally. Youngsters prefer helmets with colour, he says. (Courtesy: ANOTHER KIND OF HELMET! Wearing helmets and strapping a seatbelt surely protects you from physical harm during a bike ride. There are no doubts about it. There are no questions about it. Wearing another type of helmet can save you from another kind of harm - eternal harm. Confused? Stumped? Let me explain: I am referring to the helmet of salvation. "'Helmet of salvation?' What is that?" - that may be your question. The Bible God's Word put in human words - talks about it (Eph 6:17). What can this helmet of salvation do for you? When worn, it saves from going to eternal hell. Eternal hell? How can anyone believe on a hell, you ask? Jesus God in human flesh often talked about. As God, He surely knew for there is nothing that is beyond the knowledge of God. How can you and I go about wearing the helmet of salvation? All we need to do to wear the helmet of salvation is to repent from our sin


and trust in Jesus who died on the Cross more than two thousand years ago to take away our sin. This Jesus not only died for you. He rose again on the third day - a feat that sets Him alone and apart from any other person ever born on this Universe. He is to come again as the Judge of the entire planet, the Bible proclaims. On that terrible Day of Judgment only those who voluntarily have worn the helmet of salvation He offers would be protected from eternal damnation in hell. Wearing the helmet of salvation which Jesus offers can give you a joy which the world and its sinful pleasures cannot ever give you. So why are waiting? Call on Jesus today and start wearing the helmet of salvation! SEAT BELTS PROTECT YOU TOO! Let us say that you now ready to drive a car or sit on the front seat of the car. Do you strap your seat belt? You must. The endeavor of any driver is to avoid collisions, however, crashes do happen. Seat belts and airbags make it possible to survive collisions that could have otherwise resulted in serious, if not fatal, injuries. Every hour someone dies simply because they did not wear a seat belt. Failure to buckle up contributes to more fatalities than any other reason. The tragic death of Princess Diana puts a spotlight on the importance of seat belt use. The only person surviving that high-speed crash was properly restrained in the front seat and had an airbag; the driver and back seat passengers who were not wearing seat belts were killed. The majority of all injuries and deaths from traffic crashes are preventable. They are estimated to save over 9,500 lives each year worldwide and the next one could be you. When lap and shoulder belts are used correctly, they reduce the risk of fatal injury to frontseat passengers by 45 per cent and the risk of moderate to critical injury by 50 per cent. Only you can use your seat belt to ensure your safety. If you are not concerned about your personal safety, then think about how your accident could affect your family and friends. God forbid but if one goes into an accident the driver should be in a state to rescue the other passengers or be in a condition to take the rest to hospital. Seat belts provide the greatest protection against ejection. Three-quarters of those thrown out from cars during a crash are killed. In fatal traffic crashes in 1996, only one per cent of people


wearing seat belts were ejected, compared with 20 per cent of those not wearing seat belts. At the moment of impact, passengers are still traveling at the car's original speed. Just after the car rapidly comes to a stop, passengers not wearing seat belts forcefully come into contact with the steering wheel, windshield, the car's interior, or are pushed out of the car. While the back seat is the safest place to ride, unbuckled passengers are at serious risk of injury and can be a potentially fatal threat to others in the vehicle during a crash. In a 90 km ph crash, a back-seat passenger of average size not wearing a seat belt would fly forward with a force of 1,361 kg. Seat belt use is required by law in many countries (Courtesy: Tutu Dhawan's piece in ANOTHER KIND OF SEAT BELT! Wearing seatbelts surely save you from great harm as this above piece grippingly narrates. But there is another kind of "belt" that will go a long way in saving your life from eternal danger. Biting your lip? You don't have to. Let me explain - the Bible talks about it this belt. It is called the "belt of truth" (Eph 6:14). Wearing this belt of truth is the only protection available to humankind which saves them from going to eternal hell. Do you want to know who alone can offer this belt of truth to you? It is Jesus. In order to be able to offer this to you He was "belted" for you on a Roman cross in a hill in Israel called Golgotha. You and I have sinned with our bodies against God who made us in His own image. We deserve to get the belt blows of punishment on our backs. But Jesus says, "I love you. I will take your punishment". The Bible teaches that "beating" is only fit for "the backs of fools" (Prov 19:29; Prov 26:3). Jesus was not a fool. He was wisdom personified, the Bible reveals (I Cor 1:24). We were the "fools". We chased fleeting sinful pleasures instead of the eternal pleasures at the right hand of God. But Jesus took the belt blows on His back we so rightly deserved on his own body two thousand years ago. His back looked like a ploughed field after the strong-armed Roman soldiers whipped Him with those leather belts studded with bone and sharp metal chips, just as the prophets predicted (In fact Jesus fulfilled over 110 major prophecies in His life - something that makes him absolutely unique). . Yes, "the punishment" that can bring us true "peace" was upon Jesus, as the Bible says.


Again, Jesus only can qualify to give us the "belt of truth" because He alone is the Truth. This Jesus categorically claimed, "I am the way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to God but by me!" (John 14:6). You can take Him at His word and believe Him. Or you can choose to call Him the biggest liar who ever lived. When we examine His life, however, the predictions He fulfilled, the pure life He lived, there is no doubt that He was speaking the truth when He claimed to be "the truth". Even the worst enemies of Jesus could not find a single fault in Him. Will you turn from sin and trust in Jesus to wear the belt of truth (that is put your faith on Jesus alone) to be saved from everlasting hell? Here is God's promise for you found in the Bible if you do that: "Everyone who believes in him receives forgiveness of sins through His name." (Acts 10:43). To have your sins forgiven would be the most joyous of all experiences; after all it was sin that brought about a sadness and emptiness in your life! I have that joy so I want to share it with you. This is not an effort to push some religion. I do it with the same enthusiasm and motive as when I send a Gmail invite to my pal having enjoyed using Gmail myself. Jesus has given a peace which the world and its possessions haven't. So I share Him with you. Will you not come to Jesus today and grab the "belt of truth" and "helmet of salvation" that He so freely offers? (Written based on a seed idea given by Benny C. Moses of Gospel for Asia). Sincerity is not enough Mark Boucher will vouch for that! You may say, "I sincerely believe whatever I believe. Deep down in my gut I know what I believe is wrong. I do not believe that Jesus alone says as He claimed. But I am sure my sincerity will save me, give my life meaning and ultimately take me to heaven!" I remember another famous World Cup incident at this juncture. It was a match between Sri Lanka and South Africa at Durban in 2003. It was a do or die clash. To book a birth in the Super Six stage South Africa had to win. It was a rain affected match. A message was sent out to Mark Boucher, the spunky wicket-keeper-batsmen that for South Africa to win the score needed to be at 229 by the end of 45th over without losing anymore wickets, if the match was stopped due to rain. Boucher smashed a six off Murali's fifth ball over wide mid-on to bring South Africa's score to 229. He celebrated by punching the air. "I have done my job. My team will go through to the Super


Sixes stage!" he thought to himself. "All I have to do now is to defend the last ball of the 45th over". Which he did. The rains did come down following that over by Murali. The match was stopped at that point. Guess what happened? Sri Lanka, and not South Africa went through to the Super Sixes stage. South Africa actually needed 230 to win the game as per Duckworth-Lewis calculations. Boucher was sent a wrong message. He believed that message with all his heart and defended Murali's last ball. He could have easily picked up a single if he knew his team actually needed one more run to get to the Super Sixes. Could Boucher have pleaded to the Cricket Administrators in the venue, "But I sincerely believed, that this is what South Africa needed to win this game and get to the super sixes. Now let us play the Super Sixes!" He couldn't have. You see, my friend, what you believe really matters. And Jesus claimed to be the only way to Salvation and Heaven. He gave you proof to trust His claims: His sinless life coupled with astounding claims and miracles. Instead of believing in Jesus, if you believed however sincerely anyone else or anything else for your salvation you will not be saved. You will be doomed to hell. Mark Boucher will vouch for the fact what you believe, matters.
DISTRIBUTING The Days. Having come up to this point, do you tell yourself, This magazine is quite cool. I should give a copy of the same to my buddies in the office, my friends in the church, my relatives who live next door If that is what you want to do, write to us at with your full postal address. We will send you 10 copies of The Days of Your Youth magazine. Then you could go ahead and distribute this magazine which wraps Bible Truths around contemporary events to those interested. What is more you become a missionary in the sense you are involved in the distribution of his unchanging Word specially packaged for a fast-changing generation! PAGE 20


Duke Jeyaraj Game over for the Playmate! Anna Nicole Smith, a former Playboy centrefold and a pornstar passed away at the age of 26 in the town of Hollywood, Florida. She died in mysterious


circumstances after being found unconscious in her hotel suite. Both Smiths estranged sister and mother have suggested that the buxom blonde bombshells death may be drug-related. Her mother told the ABC network she was certain her daughter was using narcotics or abusing medication. The autopsy that was done on her body excluded any type of physical injury (Info from The Times of India, February 11, 2007). Porn doesnt satisfy When I read this piece disturbing questions crossed my mind: Why would a young woman who probably experienced every imaginable pleasure the porn world had to offer her have to take do drugs? Why did she apparently kill herself, thereby? Porn-watchers across the world watched her movies/photographs looking for pleasures. But why did the woman who is supposed have given pleasure to others by exposing herself, kill herself, as it seems? That too, at the tender age of 26. The answer was apparent. The world of pornography could not give her what she really longed for. She did not find in pornography what she entered the world of pornography to find. And so, she possibly put an end to her life. Prophet Hosea, who was married to a woman who had experienced all sorts of illicit sexual pleasure wrote in the Bible, wrote: You walk away from your God at the drop of a hat and like a whore sell yourself promiscuously at every sex-and-religion party on the street. All that party food wont fill you up. Youll end up hungrier than ever (Hos 9:1-2, The Message). Anna Nicole Smith would agree with Prophet Hoseas statement at least on the other side of eternity. She too had all what illicit sex could offer but ended up hungrier than ever, so much so, she had to end her life, as it seems. 39 Year Woman.39 Lashes on the Mans Body! And those who secretly watch the products made by the likes of Anna Nicole Smith I refer to porn movies, porn photographs, etc will feel the same hunger which makes life hell on earth. If only Anna had aligned her life according to the Bible which categorically taught a womans nakedness is reserved for the eyes of her husband alone (taught repeatedly in Leviticus 18 read that chapter in the King James Version or English Standard Version) a joy unspeakable would have been hers! The Psalmist in the Bible wrote, Rivers of tears gush from my eyes because people disobey your law (Psa 119:137). Let me say, that river of tears will gush from the eyes of people who disobey Bible principles as well because their disobedience to it


would make them feel hollow inside. Ask Anna she would tell you that it is true. On the other hand, there is joy and peace found in carrying out Gods commands! I find joy in your commands wrote the Psalmist (Psa 119:143). Great peace belongs to those who love Gods Laws and live it (Psa 119:165). Anna Nicole loathed Gods laws of holiness and her joy and peace was lost. If only this woman who died tragically at 39 years had given her life to the Man who took on his back 39 lashes I refer to Jesus she would have had a peace which a career in porn did not give her! Like the handsome young son of David, Absalom, Anna Nicole had sex before lustful onlookers, instead of having it in private with her spouse, only to have her life cruelly cut short (II Sam 16:22; 18:14). My friend, the story of Anna Nicole Smith reminds us that porn wont give us peace. Instead, it will destroy our peace Let me challenge you: consciously stay away from porn for a month and see how happy, joyous, guilt-free you become! Make that one porn-free month in to two. Convert two in to three. Three in to 12 months. Translate one porn free year to a life time without porn-dabbling. Yes, when we stay away from all kinds and forms of porn, the joy and peace the God of the Bible promised will be ours!

G power 4 Mission Ministry Report By Evangelin Duke


I am happy to let you know the details of the meetings we preached in recently so that you can glorify God along with us: In the month of December 2007, Duke presented the Gospel in a hotel hall in Ameerpet, Hyderabad, to 100 young people from different faiths. This meeting was organized by the Evangelical Unions Urban Department. Duke used Christmas Prophecies as the base for his Gospel message that lead to a powerful time of prayer. Later in the same month, Duke preached Gods word to 100 young people in Warangal in yet another Christmas Youth Program. Pastor Joel Onesimus of Churches Together Fellowship organized this program. Upon the 31

urging of BYM Missionary Ramana he invited Duke over to speak. Dukes character sketch of Joseph formed the skeleton for a message that touched the hearts of the PG College Students. The year began with Duke sharing the message, Fruit or Boot at the Methodist Church at Abids, Hyderabad. Later in the month of January, Duke shared the Word with a small group of believers of Genpact, one of the largest BPOs of the World. Josh Lakshmalla invited Duke over. A character study from the life of Daniel blessed this group. Meanwhile I spoke to the single women of the New Life AG Church in the month of January. I encouraged them to spend more time with the Lord who in turn would give them life partners. Among those attended were youth who worked in HSBC, Google, Genpact. On the early hours of January 26, Duke took an Air Deccan flight to Coimbatore and preached to 500 young people in the Indian Pentecostal Assemblys Annual Youth convention and returned the same day. His Dad interpreted his messages into Tamil on that memorable day. He wrapped what God wanted to convey those youth around the stories of young people who were sleeping in the Bible narrative. Many youth gave their lives to the Lord after acknowledging they were sleeping in sin and wanted Jesus to wash their sins away. Duke also challenged a section of the crowd for witnessing later that day. Pastor Terry Pragasams email to him, is an indication of the impact of that meeting: Dear Brother Duke, It was a total joy and pleasure to have you with us for the youth rally. It was wonderful to see the passion that you have for the young people of our nation. You are a mighty weapon in the hands of God for such a time as this. We have received some positive reports already from the youth rally. I know that God has done a great work in the hearts of many young people. We will definitely keep in touch as time goes by. Welcome Back! Pastor Terry Pragasam, Coimbatore Duke addressed a carecell meeting of the AG church in AS Rao Nagar, Hyderabad in February. He spoke on Wrong Ideas Rooted Out!. The young people were blessed. On Valentines Day, we both combined to minister to group of about 100 youth at RK Puram area in Hyderabad. Pastor Victor Milton of Grace Youth Vision invited us over. In the following week, Duke addressed a group of international students from Hyderabad and Bangalore in an AG church at Neredmed. This meeting was organized by Sam, who is the overseer for the Victory Fellowhip in Hyderabad. Dukes message, What the Bible Says About Sex cut the hearts of the young people and a time of awesome consecration followed. That talk was video-shot by Florussel Satya, one of our most active ministry volunteers. In the month of March, Duke spoke to group of young boys in the Yapral area of Secunderabad. His talk was titled, The Longest Poem on the Greatest Book based on Psalm 119. Following that talk, young people decided to align their lives according to the Scriptures.


The Aishwariya felt it tract was distributed at the HUDA Park near our home, Sainikpuri and at City Centre, Banjara Hills. Mr. Jebaraj, the National Director for Compassion East India, arranged that Dukes Ashwariya Felt It: The Vacuum in the Heart be translated in to Bengali. It is being actively distributed in Kolkota. Duke received an email in which the writer stated, Your Aishwariya Felt It tract in Bengali is doing wonders! This mail is just to let you know that your writings are influencing and captivating many youth. God will increase you. So wrote a young woman working in Google India after having read Dukes article in Light of Life magazine, How far is too far? on boy-girl intimacy limits. Such emails stops us from going into early retirement! Duke also could send counseling emails to some young people. One wanted to know what the Bible had to say about marrying an older person. Another wanted to know how to get youth who knew it all involved in a Campus Bible Study. Duke shot them straight answers girded on the Scripture. Three of Dukes letters to editor of Sportstar was published in that magazine. To keep improving his Godgiven writing skills, Duke, from time to time, keeps writing to secular magazines. Keep praying for us as we strive to bring the message of the Ancient of Days to Modern youth through print ministry and pulpit ministry. In the month of May, Duke speaks in four youth camps, organized by four different youth groups in three different Indian cities. Do remember to pray for him.
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WHAT THE BIBLE TEACHES ABOUT SEX A direct and daring talk Duke Jeyaraj, recently, gave to a group of international students at a retreat in Hyderabad. Duke opens the Bible in a refreshing way to explain how God created sex and how humans eventually went on to abuse this gift using contemporary events as illustrations. Everything relevant to this theme, from pornography to masturbation, covered. Send Rs. 100/- as money order or deposit the same amount in the Bank account numbers given in page two and send an SMS to +919441352433 with your full address to receive this VCD by courier. Dukes four other VCDs

featuring messages given to the Google Generation at various times and various topics are also available at Rs. 50/- per CD. All five VCDS are yours for just Rs. 300/- (including courier charge). Get these riveting resources that will make the Youtube Youth yearn for Yahwehs Word for you and your friends.

People of God who have read this magazine have been moved by the Spirit of God to give for this ministry. We feel, then, that it is appropriate to let our readers know the expenses incurred in publishing this magazine and doing the ministry for the past two months: Printing Charges. Rs. 7000/Office Room Rent..Rs.1000/CD Work and Equipment..Rs. 1500/Internet Connection.Rs. 1,100/Raw Materials.Rs. 9.00/Communication..Rs.1000/Dispatch of magazines..Rs.2000/Courier of CDs/Books/mags..Rs. 300/TravelRs. 600/Snacks/Refreshment while on duty.Rs. 600/Encouragement for volunteers..Rs. 250/Office StationaryRs. 250/Offerings to other ministriesRs. 4500/Grand Total..Rs. 21,000/-


Here are some lines from a news magazine by William Underhill that could make your coffee cold: According to a forecast by the British-based group Christian Research, practicing Muslims will outnumber practicing Christians within a few decades. More than 1,600 churches - about 10 percent of the country's total - have been formally declared redundant by the Church of England. And the English have recognized the new reality: if church buildings are to survive, new uses must be found. While a handful serve as mosques or Sikh temples, many more have found roles as cafes, concert halls, warehouses or chic apartments. The pious may fret but pragmatism will often prevail.


The same inexorable trend is at work across Europe, where church attendance is dropping precipitously even in the Roman Catholic countries. In France less than 5 percent of Catholics regularly attends church on Sunday; in the Czech Republic it's just 3 percent. Half of the Hradec Kralove, a single diocese there is weighing what to do with about half of its 1,000 little-used churches...In Denmark the average Sunday attendance is down to less than 5 percent - sure there are plenty of vacant seats. This is in spite of the fact that Danish citizens contribute an average of almost 1 % of their incomes to the national Evangelical Lutheran Church. In a growing number of church dioceses, dwindling congregations are forcing church authorities to choose whether to pay for the upkeep of an unused structure, demolish it or find an alternative purpose. In the Catholic diocese of Essen, Germany, some 100 churches are now destined for closure and reuse. Here's how some of the famous church building in Europe have been used: there's a circus school in the St. Paul's Church in Bristol, England; Madonna has performed in Paradiso, a long-established church turned club in Amsterdam; an altar in the 19century church in Cheltenham, a sedate town in western England is used as an pizza owen and the church as a pizza restaurant; an imposing 12th-century church in ancient center of Prague in the Czech Republic, was sold to a private company that has used the church building for private strip shows and techno parties. However Russia has seen the construction of 11,000 new churches and chapels since the collapse of communism (Newsweek, February 12, 2007, pages 43-45.) Worship lead by Pepsi Uma! We need a revival in our churches. Leonard Ravenhill wrote, "God's concern is for a sick church in a dying world!" The church of today can be likened to a fallen tent. The collapsed tent of David - the sick Church - must be rebuilt and restored (Acts 15:16). And when that happens people will once again come running inside that tent (Acts 15:17). The Russian Church and the South Korean church would testify how much this is true. For many Tamil Christians the Sunday worship is lead by Pepsi Uma and the message is given by Actor T A Rajendren! I am referring to people who stay back home on Sundays and watch Sun TV instead of going to church! How shameful! The writer to the Hebrews said that we must not neglect meeting together, as was the habit of some, but instead we must encourage one another, all the more. The reason we must do this is that the Day (of Jesus' second coming) is drawing near (Heb 10:25). It's not enough to be mere seat-warmers or spectators in our churches. We must become soul-winners. We must become soldiers. In practical terms, that means we must get involved. Lend a helping hand in Sunday School. Lead a Care Cell. Join the Church Choir. Jump into the church van that goes for outreach. Make it for the Intercession. Then, our churches will not meet the fate of the soon-becoming extinct European churches!