Narberth Civic Association

November 14, 2012 Meeting
Board members present: Christine Jackson (Treasurer), Jim Speer (Secretary), Liz Brown (Federation Rep), Georgette DuBois, George Lonsdorf, Deborah Lonsdorf (President), Andy Haakenson No audience Call to Order 7:05 PM September Minutes are approved TREASURER’S REPORT (attached) It was noted that the Treasurer’s report does not show the new memberships known to have resulted from the October membership meeting; It also does not show paypal account activity George estimated the October membership dues to be around $500, from about 24 new memberships Jim asked that the Paypal account be considered as an active account along with the other bank accounts, and that monthly Paypal account statements be generated. PRESIDENT’S REPORT The October membership event was successful. Dennis’s presentation was taped by Irene from the local public access station. We would be interested in purchasing or otherwise obtaining a copy of the event, when it is ready. People have said they were really impressed with it. It helped raise our profile and double membership. FEDERATION REPORT: The Federation is trying to decide whether they want a website, and what it would be for. The Federation is currently examining [LM Township] resolutions on the operation of 24-hour businesses, and on the lighting of late-night business properties. The Federation is also examining the Lower Merion budget. Liz asked Greg Strickland, Federation Treasurer, who is willing to attend an NCA board meeting at a to-be-determined date in the future. We (the NCA) are interested in how we might start examining the Borough budget in a similar way.

WEBSITE REPORT Wild Apricot service is now disengaged. We are running our own membership system, authored by George. The admin section allows us to log in and manage memberships. Still need to complete members receiving by email automated renewal and expiration notices with a link to renew. Old Business RICKLINS WINDOW Pam Eitzen from Narberth Creative has designed and will install a new display, promoting shopping in the Narberth business district. GUEST SPEAKERS AT NCA BOARD MEETINGS Council President Sam Quinn is interested in coming to one of our board meetings to speak. Georgette will invite Sam to come to our December meeting. BOROUGH BUDGET REVIEW Liz and Georgette having attended Borough Manager Bill Martin’s budget review, they found many complicated issues, such as : Pay to borough employees, longevity pay for employees, and notably with the absence of meaningful performance reviews. The budget reviewed in these sessions seems to have been the 2012 budget. Georgette will check with Andrea about the 2013 budget. New Business BUSINESS MEMBERSHIPS IN NCA There are questions being considered about what “business memberships” in the NCA mean. What do businesses receive from their business membership? How many votes do they get, and who is able to cast votes, who and how may receive benefits such as discounted admissions or purchases? A sub-committee is proposed to to look into business memberships, what they get for their memberships. Mentioned for this subcommittee are George, Jim, Liz, and Christine, but no action taken. Deborah will check for her chart of which civics have business memberships. Liz will look into what the other civics do with regard to businesses having memberships. NARBEARTH DAY

Georgette will be the coordinator of NarbEarth Day. Andy will obtain us the health department certification. Jim will look into our options for t-shirt production and sales. Jim will look into options for restructuring the raffle. George suggests that event instructions be updated on the event instruction section of our website. MEMBERS’ POTLUCK SOCIAL A members potluck is proposed for Saturday, Feb 2. NCA to provide drinks. Location is to be determined; suggested locations are the Community Room or Borough Hall 2nd floor. Deborah will start coordinating. Motion to adjourn 9:23 PM