Narberth Civic Association September 12, 2012 Meeting

Board members present: Christine Jackson (Treasurer), Liz Brown (Federation Rep), Georgette DuBois, George Lonsdorf, Andy Haakenson Absent: Jim Speer (Secretary), Deborah Lonsdorf (President), Guest; Ed Ridgway, Narberth Business Association Call to Order 7:10 July Minutes are approved TREASURER’S REPORT (attached?) Savings account balance: $2001.17 Checking account balance: $632.76 Christine transferred $1000.00 from checking into savings in July. We will ask Jim to include a summary of the treasurer’s report in the minutes each month. A list of current NCA members, and email notification of new members, will be sent to board members. PRESIDENT’S REPORT In Deborah’s absence, George read the report prepared by Deborah. (My notes on the items in her report are in italics). Bulletin board (with QR code) is installed and our banner is on it and it's being used. We agreed that we need to have a discussion re the appropriate use of the bulletin board. All business card flyers (for the two upcoming events) have been delivered by Jim and volunteers. We have125 LIKES on our Facebook page from my LIKES campaign, and more coming every day.

Thank-you note was sent to the Lynn Warner Wood who provided us with the booklet Narberth's Historical Prelude, which has been uploaded to our website. Also, there's a copy at the Atheneum downtown at Washington Square East. Library deck is now called a patio and is going to be coordinated with the Children's Garden. Addressing the public awareness piece of that will wait until we have more to report. George confirmed that the refreshment committee for the October 10 event, The Making of Downtown Narberth, is Jim, Georgette, and Liz. Liz will look into getting refreshments, possibly cider and cookies, from Costco. Ricklin's window display-need helpers. Someone to scrape tape off inside of window and clean window - Liz said she'd do this Saturday Working on the window at Ricklin's for our October event. May not be able to get something up there in time for next week's event. Liz and George will work on this. NarbNet has carried notices of the events. Ed Ridgway will publicize the Oct. 10 event through his usual channels. FEDERATION OF CIVICS REPORT Liz did not attend the latest meeting because it was focused on the Lower Merion budget. BUDGET TUTORIAL On Tuesday October 2, Borough Manager, Bill Martin, leads an annual presentation on the Narberth Budget. This public tutorial is open to all interested Narberth residents who want to learn more about the income and expenses of our local government, and how the Borough budget is put together. This in-depth meeting starts at 6:30pm at Borough Hall, and will be continued, if necessary, the following Tuesday, October 9. WEBSITE George reported that we will no longer be using Wild Apricot. He and Jim will be setting up a new system. I don’t remember when the meeting was adjourned, but I know that it was. Submitted by Georgette DuBois

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