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Kuntum Dalam Darjah Programme

On Sunday, 15th April 2012, I have attended a course of Kuntum Dalam Darjah (KDD) Programme. It was held at Pusat Kegiatan Guru (PKG) Ampangan. Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. This programme was organised by PKG, Ampangan and collaboration with Star Publications (M) Sdn.Bhd. This programme was attended by primary school teachers of Seremban district. About 50 teachers had participated in this programme. The programme was been divided into 2 groups. The first group was held on Saturday, 14th April 2012 , Ive been choosed to join the second group. The main objectives of the course are to help teachers to make the teaching and learning process during the school hours are much more easier, entertaining and full with funs as well. This programme also to helping the library and media teachers to improve pimary school pupils literacy by using the magazine. Otherwise, it will inculcating the reading habit and making learning more interactive for pupils as well as teachers. This programme also been organised to encourage the teachers to use the Kuntum magazine in class as the teachers aids. The registration was started at 8.00 a.m and followed by welcoming speech by the editor of Kuntum, Pn Asma Saad. The first session was started at 8.30 and end at 10.00 a.m. There were two activities involved. First was about skills and techniques on how to read and second was about technologies information.

Second session was started at 10.30 a.m after the break. In this session there were two more activities involved. It was a workshop on how to use the printed material such as Kuntum in teaching and learning process. The workshop was conducted by Nilam main coach, Pn. Norafizah bt Abd Razak who teaches in SK Seri Biram,Pekan. The other one was a presentations created by the teachers using cuttings from Kuntum create an opportunity for pupils to learn as well as promote good reading habits. This activity is to encourages pupils to read as many books as possible during their primary years. Pn. Norafizah showed how pupils from all levels can use the magazine to enhance their skills in writing skills.among others. She said,so far the workshop has helped train about 600 library and media teachers from primary schools. She added the teachers were taught techniques in creating a more conducive learning environment in line with the magazines tagline that learning is fun. At 12.30 pm the Seremban District Education Office Language officer Encik Razak b Samek who closed the workshop on Sunday noon, said there was a need for teachers to upgrade and refresh their approaches. He said, teaching techniques for primary school pupils should be entertaining and their surroundings can be used to attrack pupils attention and as a learning tool. As a wrap up for the workshop, the Kuntum editor expressed her gratification on teachers involvement and co-operation for the two days workshop. From my point of view, on the whole the programme was organised very successfully and the objectives were achieved tremendously. This is proved by the positive comments which can be read in newspapers.

As educators, Im looking forward to attend courses like this in future especially pertaining English language. I hope all educators out there will realize the importance of English language as its still maintains its place as the main language of communication for ducation throughout the world and also important for successful career in ones chosen field.

Reported by, Azura Abdul Aziz.



First and foremost I give thanks to the Lord because of my consent to complete the assignment. I would like to thank my lecturer, Mr. Wang since has provided tutoring and guidance throughout my completion of this task. I also thank the many friends who helped me In my view this is very challenging task and requires a lot of skills that I need to write counts. Especially in the skill to write a report. Much knowledge and experience I received. In this task a lot of my weaknesses that I found to be and I need to improve further, especially in vocabulary and grammar saya.Before this I have not been involved in the process of writing a report as I only teach science subjects but with this knowledge I can also gain knowledge about me on how to write a brief report about an activity after completion of the activity. My strength lies in my determination just to complete this assignment even though I think a lot of mistakes and deficiencies that will be found in my job. After this assignment I intend to learn more about the ins and outs of how to write and produce a report that can be considered a good report .. But more importantly understood by the reader. So I really hope that my work has been able to meet the criteria of the assignment.

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