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1) A 233 kg CO2 at 298 K is stored in a 50L flask.

Calculate for the atmosphere pressure using the Peng-Robinson cubic equation of state. Tc = 304.2 K ; Pc= 72.82 atm a. 27.8x10-3 (pressure in kPa) b. 0.274 c. 208.24 (pressure in torr) d. 2.78x104 (pressure in pascal) 2) At 482 K a 2 mol NH3 occupies a 5Llask. Using the Peng-Robinson with Tc=405.5K and Pc=111.3atm, calculate for the atmosphere pressure of the gas. a. 3.16 b. 3.20x105 (pressure in Pascal) c. 46.5 (Pressure in psi) d. 2.4x103 (pressure in torr) 3) Using Berthelot equation of state, Xenon is heated at a temperature of 288.15K at 2 atm. Calculate for the molar volume of xenon in Litres per mole. a. 11460 (molar volume in mL/mol) b. 0.4047 (molar volume in ft3/mol) c. 0.01146 (molar volume in L/kmole) d. 4) Br2 at 298K has a pressure of 5 atm. Find the using the Berthelot equation of state. a. 0.1222 (solved as L/g) b. 8.18 c. 1222 (solved as mL/g) d. unsolvable 5) At 50 0C Cl2 occupies a volume of 10L. Using the Virial equation of the state or the truncated form, Calculate for the Pressure in millimetre of mercury. a. 2.583 (pressure in atm) b. 1.96x103 c. 38 (pressure in psi) d. 26.7x104 (pressure in pascal) 6) Using the truncated form of virial equation of state, a 50 L of 298 K N2 , what is the pressure in Pascal unit? a. 3.72x103 (pressure in torr) b. 72.03(pressure in psi) c. 4.96x105 d. 4.9 (pressure in atm) 7) Calculate the Pascal pressure of the H2 gas using the Beattie-Bridgeman equation of state with the gas suffering at 170 degree Celsius temperature contained in a 75L container. (Ao = 20.0117; a = -0.00506; Bo = 0.02096; b = -0.04359; c = 504) a. 0.4813 (pressure in atmosphere)

ῲ = 0. 4.6 atm. ῲ = 0.05046.b.3 (pressure in atm) 9) A methane gas at 210K contained in a 5L flask.72 (pressure in kPa) d.008 in Peng-Robinson equation of state. 1.6 atm.64 (pressure in psi) d.5 c.11 b.00691. Calculate for the atmosphere pressure of the gas using the given: Tc = 190. 131.2 c.37 (pressure in atmosphere) d. 49.54 10) CH4 gas under 160 degrees Celsius is contained in a 30L container. 17.6K. b = -0.2315. Bo = 0. 49. 114 (pressure in ft H2O) c. 19. 912 (pressure in torr) b.02617. 48770.68 (pressure in ft H2O) . Pc = 45. a = 0.1286 (pressure in Pascal with 75mL as the volume used for calculation) d.848x10-4 (pressure in atm with 75mL as the volume used for calculation) 8) Calculate the psi pressure of the N2 gas under 120 degrees Celsius contained in a 10L container. 3. a. (Tc = 190. 988 (pressure in mmHg) c.56x103 (pressure in mmHg) b. (Ao = 136. 2. what is the psi pressure of the methane gas using the truncated form of Virial equation of state. 1. 40. Pc = 45.008) a. c = 42000) a.6K.