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Baseline 2011 1st Quarter J F M






Meet various Departmental and Specialized Service Heads to do situational analysis on Clinical Care HR
2 4,000.00

Develop strategies to attract and recruit staff to fill the existing gaps
3 2,000.00

Agree with facilities common incentive package for the various categories of staff to help reduce attrition.

Assess Management and Leadership Capability of
4 Hospital/Specialized Service Area In-Charges 5 3,000.00 2,000.00

Develop Leadership and Management training programme for Hospital/Specialized Service Area In-Charges
6 Train Hospital/Specialized Service Area In-Charges in L & M Development 5,000.00

Develop performance contract agreement with all
7 Hospital/Specialized Service Area In-Charges 1,500.00

Train all Hospital Public Health Units on the Hospital Public Health
8 Unit Guideline. 3,000.00

9 Conduct Peer Review in 21 Hospitals and 1 Polyclinic



00 13 Hold NHIS Stakeholders meeting 0 6.00 16 Organize Performance review for all Laboratory In-Charges 17 Hold Nurse Managers conference 18 Support/working visit to Hospitals & Training Schools 0 1 2.00 Publish and distribute 2nd Round PR report to all stakeholders 11 Conduct Routine Data Quality Audit in 9 Districts 12 Hold Biannual Meeting with Hospital Information Officers 1 0 0 12.000.00 .000.000.00 3.000.00 5.00 20 Performance review for Nurse Managers 21 Conduct Health Education on Oral Health 22 Hold Meeting with Physician Assistants (Oral Health) 0 0 0 2.10 Complete Report on the Second round Peer Review for publication 1 2.000.00 Conduct a study on the Bed Utilization pattern in our hospitals 1.000.00 14 On-site Training and support visit to all Laboratories 15 Organize mobile Blood Sessions 0 0 2.00 4.00 500.000.000.00 4.00 19 Workshop on Nursing Practices and Processes 0 3.000.

00 30 Celebrate World Tobacco Day 31 Celebrate Drug Abuse Day Key Output: Immediate results after undertaking the activity ( This is a function monitoring) Outcome: Results some time after activity implementation.000.000.00 3.Organise workshops for Doctors and paramedics in the various health 23 facilities 0 3.00 .000. 28 Spiritual/Herbal Leaders 29 Celebrate Mental Health week 0 To conduct monthly visits to zones to assist in non-surgical treatment/ 24 correction of congenital deformities in neonates and children Organize Quarterly & Annual Review for Mental Health Units in the 25 Region Capacity Building for Mental Health Nurses in the Region 26 Improve collaboration with other Stakeholders in dealing with Mental 27 Health issues in the Region Organize Stakeholders Meeting/Seminar on Mental Health for Nurses.00 5.00 116. This can be explained as targets for which the activity was carried out.00 2.00 2. (This is a function of evaluation) 2.

HEAD. CIME Peer Reviewed 2 Hospitals in a month .Actor (s) Output Outcome Remarks DDCC Report on Clinical care HR available HR Strategic Document on Clinical Care Available DDCC 50% of Specialized Service HR for at Least VRH available 10% of Clinical Care HR Gap filled in the Region DDCC/RDHS DDCC DDCC DDCC DDCC Common Incentive Package 50% of Facilities Document available implement agreed Incentive packages Understood 75% of Report on Leadership and Management and Management Capability Leadership skills gaps of available Managers Programme for Leadership & Understood 75% of Management and Management Capacity Leadership skills gaps of building Developed Managers Training of 30 Managers Skills of Managers conducted improved Performance of Performance Contract Managers improved by Agreement for all Service 10% as indicated in all Area-In-Charges signed indicators 21 Hospital Public Units trained on Hospital Public Health Unit Guideline Report on public health units of Hospitals improved by 10% 70% of Facilities Peer Reviewed achieved Regional Directors performance Target of 80% DDCC 21 Hospitals & 1 Polyclinic AG.

LAB On-site Training conducted for Hospital laboratories 4 Mobile Blood sessions carried out 2 Performance Review FOCAL PERSON. CIME Report Printed 500 copies of Second cycle PR Report published and AG. CIME disseminated RDQA Conducted in 9 AG. HEAD. LAB FOCAL PERSON. CIME Districts 2 Meetings held for Hospital AG.1st copy of the Second Cycle AG. CIME NHIS and Providers held Report on Hospital Utilization Indicators ready FOCAL PERSON. CIME HIOs 4 Stakeholders' Meeting of AG. HEAD. HEAD. sessions held for Laboratory LAB In-Charges 1 Nurse Managers' Conference Held RDDNS RDDNS 21 support visits carried out Training on Nursing Practices and processes conducted for 40 Nurses 2 Performance Review sessions held for Nurse Managers 12 Health Oral Health Education Held RDDNS RDDNS RDDNS . HEAD. HEAD.

Regional Orth. 2012 Report on celebration of World Tobacco Day available Report on celebration of Drug Abuse Day available . Surgeon Regional Orth. Surgeon Mental Health Coordinator 90% orthopaedic mortality/morbidity prevented 70% coverage of nonsurgical treatment/ correction of congenital deformities in neonates and children of school going age achieved 4 Quarterly reviews organized 0ne Capacity Building Workshop held for mental Health Unit In-Charges Mental Health Coordinator Mental Health Coordinator Mental Health Coordinator Mental Health Coordinator Mental Health Coordinator Mental Health Coordinator 2 stakeholder meetings held by December.