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3. intitiation A. business case executive summary As the market for cellular telephones, and other mobile devices, keeps growing, the demand for new services arises to attract the end users. One topic that is b eing discussed throughout the world today is location-based services. How can a mobile device be located and in which way can a service be constructed to utiliz e this information? Work has begun to create a standard of how the position can be derived from the system, at the same time different solutions have been presented. These solution s require changes in the existing infrastructure of the GSM system in one way or another, and are based on information residing in the network. This forces the operators to invest money to update their system. This project documentation presents how the position of a mobile device can be d etermined using the GSM network. The project is implemented using Ethiopian Tele communication service provider of Adama branch, without any needs for changes in the GSM infrastructure and can be used by any mobile user found in Adama town. current state in this days finding locations using mobile technology in ethiopia is not adapte d, latest smart phones use gps navigation system but companies that give this s ervice still not provide an accurate routes , places in ethiopia. problem waste of time,energy,and money for finding places Finding places using mobile technologies is not familiar Peoples new to the city ask others to locate places Some peoples miss-interpret locations which make navigation difficult Most tourists uses outdated map as navigation system environmental sc an the application will introduce peoples that do not know about thier city differe nt places with a full description . political enviro nment the application will give tourists the desired location that they want to find , as a result it promotes tourism . organizational e nvironment for the future its possible to extense the application into different cities of ethiopia which needs well formed organization for good interoperability. social environme nt adama city mobile users will get a good service from the application. business environ

it also decrease people intention for finding places. 5scope The application runs on mobile devices that support Flash Script and have Androi d Operating System. 2goal To develope a sinior project for partial fulfilment of bachilor science in softw are engineering 3objective To find and show locations in case of Adama city that makes the navigation easy. project scope managment scope initiation from our view this project is very essential for peoples that needs help in find ing places. 4performance measure the project will perform its functionality as it's expected.this will advance adama city people in use of technology. show different palces that give services hotels gas stations educational facilities offline navigation . show different places with their descripition. calculate shortpaths calculate shortpaths by foot calculate shortpaths by car calculate shortpaths by publicbus show guide lines from source to desired location . The application also operates without network signal. 6out of scope Since Adama city is large in scale it is difficult to include all places in the time and budget given. accurate. Only u sers that subscribe to Ethiopia Telecommunication can access the full functional ity of the application. its performance wil l depnd on the individual user mobile platform. adama people will get service from the application ASTU will get a credit from the project project outcome 1vision To familiearize ethiopian with mobile location finder and navigator technology which inturn makes income and help tourism. and fast. in case of ASTU the project covers the entire campus. thus project will cover major locations and buildings for the first version. adama city will name it's name as a technology advanced city.ment this application mainly aim for the technology advancement of location finding u sing smart mobiles but in futre it also used as a income for the developers of t he project . scope definition the project will not function entirely if it counters the following:minimum time to finish over budget organization willingness to give their place description if there's no enougn mobile smart phone for test show current location of the mobile find best route path.

f. COST/BENEFIT ANALYSIS benfits disadvantage impact location finder | | automate manual map | | save tools used work breakdown structure feasibility analysis intended users design assumptions .show offline map calculate best route by inserting the source and destination names. g. scope c.implementation. COST BENEFIT ANALYSIS human resource the project will have the project leader for document.time income generation B. e. description of places the above deliverables are the candidates that our group members agreed up on th eir applicability functionality and functionality toward the current problem. d.test ing and maintenance because of team member limitation every team member will take charge team leader role in different phase of the project lifecycle.