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Audi Vorsprung durch Technik

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Audi collection 2011

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Audi design Capturing the unique – Leather An extraordinary material – Audi exclusive Express your personality – Q3/A1 collection Young and expressive – Kids For the Audi fans of tomorrow – Heritage Motorsport history you can touch

Audi collection



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Four Rings. One underlying spirit.
Audi stands for Vorsprung durch Technik. That refers not only to our cars, but also to everything else that bears our name. Because our philosophy is always the same: the product must be unmistakable. It has to represent the spirit of our brand. In short: it needs to be something special.

In this catalogue, we’d like to introduce you to the Audi collection. Selected items can accompany you throughout the day, no matter where you are. Begin the day in relaxed mood with a glance at one of our high-quality chronographs. Feel at home with our timelessly stylish fashion range. And spoil the young ones with the cheerful children’s range. Enjoy Audi. Live Audi.

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028 010 006 Audi design An interview with our head designer Wolfgang Egger about what makes Audi design so unique. Find out what it means not just to drive an Audi but to really live Audi. 038 Q3/A1 collection Young and modern – stunning outfits designed in cooperation with Maloja.Contents Welcome to Audi and the Audi collection. 020 Travel No matter where you are – with Audi accessories you’ll always feel right at home. 028 Watches We know how important time is – after all. . 010 Leather Extraordinary material transformed into extraordinary products. Audi has been around for over 100 years. 036 Audi exclusive That individual touch – exclusively from Audi.

108 Index 062 Sport/Clothing Dynamics are an integral part of our brand. 102 Heritage Commemorating our greatest victories – with a series of specially selected items. 094 Home & Leisure Lend your home that certain Audi touch.084 038 072 052 Accessories The little things in life also deserve great design because they enrich our everyday lives. but kids can be Audi fans too. 072 Kids They may not be old enough to drive. The same is also true of our clothing. 084 R8 GT collection The sportiest accessories for some of our sportiest cars. .

” The products adhere to the philosophy and formal style of Audi design: clear lines. Commonplace items are given the Audi design treatment. people to experience the Audi brand from a new perspective and encounter a very different kind of ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’. Carbon. Audi designers find this inspiration in Munich. for example (see next page). says Wolfgang Egger. aluminium and leather afford everyday items an added sense of value and prestige. well-lit office: this is Audi Concept Design. Focus on precision The special something that defines Audi design isn’t produced in a vacuum. But they also develop exclusive designer products that make the Audi brand come to life beyond the world of cars. Take the unique appearance of the football table. a feel for the vocabulary of shape – these all require inspiration. It must strive for excellence and anticipate future developments. A young. The capital of Bavaria combines sophistication with spacious urban planning and provides an ideal environment for new ways of thinking and interdisciplinary exchange. Their main duty is to come up with ideas for the unique vehicles that Audi produces. The classic design adage “form follows function” is given precise expression here. minimalist execution. mentation. the designers also favour materials that are used by Audi in automotive construction. Alongside the brand’s aesthetic sensibility.006 Audi design Good design must always make a statement and express some kind of vision. no unnecessary orna- But what is the underlying motivation for transforming everyday items into Audi design products? Egger explains: “It allows . Everything about the vehicle or designer product is there to serve a rational purpose. Design. international design team headed by Wolfgang Egger works in a commodious. elevating them above the mundane. creativity.

Audi design 007 At Audi. . high-performance design applies to everyday items as much as it does to automobiles.

which just two years ago was no more than a design study from Audi Concept Design. This combination of functionality and design is unique in the world of table football.008 Audi design „ Technology. played by hand: the Audi design football table. One important fact is that the table’s characteristics comply 100 % with the requirements of a professional competition-level football table. A designer object of the sporty kind. The result was a set of high-quality design prototypes. high-quality materials and meticulous workmanship define all of our products. Using the lessons derived from this process.” . is now in series production. design team. Wolfgang Egger: “We incorporated large flowing surfaces and clear precise lines into our football table design. In the Audi educational workshops in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm. ten Audi apprentices built ten football tables. “ The Audi design football table. The brushed aluminium frame creates an exciting contrast to the white tabletop. That goes for both our cars and our accessories. And for all those who say football tables aren’t supposed to look good: in professional football the ball is no longer made of leather but of polyurethane. Nothing was left to chance. The tables took an entire year of complex manual labour to complete – under the watchful eye of the Munich Built by hand. the football table manufacturer Leonhart produced an exclusive limited production run. the wooden core is finished with aluminium and a highstrength synthetic material. Individually hand-crafted.

delineated by clear-cut edges. a product of our passion for mechanical precision. “The Tachoscope® pays homage to 100 years of Audi”. please see page 29. the movement in the Tachoscope® is incredible. Measurements: 165 x 150 x 95 cm (with rods) 165 x 90 x 95 cm (without rods) 120. The Tachoscope® is state-of-the-art.” The dial is made of genuine enamel: inspired by the instrumentation typography on the legendary Auto Union racing cars. Chief Executive of AUDI AG. The materials. workmanship and technical execution meet the exacting requirements of a professional football table. this singlepusher chronograph with tachymeter function features a manufacture calibre and a truly unique layout. The dial is dominated by the large numerals demarcating the seconds. And it symbolises the proud heritage of our powerful brand. As a masterpiece of watchmaking. Audi design crafted the crown in the shape of a gearwheel. Audi design developed a totally new and particularly legible font.” says Wolfgang Egger. which are reminiscent of the rev counter in the Grand Prix Type C racing car of the 1930s. The case. Audi Tachoscope® The Audi Tachoscope® is strictly limited to 100 units – each watch representing one of Audi’s 100 years. “This timekeeper is a masterpiece of the watchmaker’s craft. finished with aluminium and high-strength synthetic elements. Limited edition of 20 tables. Audi’s anniversary years are engraved on the rotor of the mechanical movement and are visible through the glass back of the case. “Visually.001. radiates elegance and proportional balance.00 in their individual segments. design and precision. “The design of the Centennial Edition watch is classic Audi – our design philosophy translated to classic watch design.10. It encapsulates the brand’s unparalleled passion for tradition and innovation.” .Audi design 009 Audi’s 100 year anniversary was honoured with a very special timepiece – the Tachoscope® Audi Centennial Edition watch. premium quality and perfection. says Rupert Stadler. as are all our products Audi design football table The handmade designer football table with a wooden core. For more information.

010 Leather .

Like a high-quality accessory in exclusive leather. Dimensions: 44 x 36 x 17 cm 314. The handle’s length can be adjusted using a hinge.11. One that’s often followed by the desire to treat yourself to a reward. But it’s the little luxuries that frequently make life more pleasurable. Why shouldn’t we be able to do the same with handbags? “ Women’s handbag Spacious handbag made from grained leather. feel and smell. Outer zip pocket. A sense of achievement is a magnificent feeling. „ We make cars more innovative.018. On the inside: compartments for valuables. handle with imitation seam. mobile phone and pens. for example.Leather 011 Qualit y you can see.00 .

11. Dimensions: 10 x 14 x 2. flap with 10 pockets. Dimensions: 10 x 8 x 1 cm 314.5 x 10. 7 card holders.012 Leather Something valuable for your valuables.011. 2 large compartments for notes.00 . coin compartment. coin compartment.11. 1 2 1 Men’s wallet Wallet in horizontal format.2 cm 314.00 3 3 Mini purse Triple-folding wallet.001.3 x 1. net pocket for ID card. 2 deep compartments.007.00 2 Women’s purse With all-around zip. 4 card holders. coin compartment with zip. 2 compartments for notes. Large compartment for bank notes.11. Dimensions: 12.2 cm 314.

Leather 013 The Audi collection wallets and purses made from high-quality cowskin Nappa leather are valuable even before you put any money in them.00 6 Wallet Wallet in vertical format. Dimensions: 19.5 x 0.003. 2 deep pockets.5 x 9.6 cm 314.00 5 6 Credit card wallet Flat leather wallet.004. 12 card holders.010.5 x 2.11. 8 card holders. Dimensions: 10 x 11. Dimensions: 10 x 11. 12 card holders and 2 slip-in compartments. 4 5 4 Women’s billfold Billfold with all-around zip.6 cm 314. 2 compartments for bank notes. coin compartment. 2 deep pockets.5 x 0.3 cm 314.11. 1 large zip compartment for coins. 2 large compartments for notes.00 . 1 large compartment for bank notes.11.

For this reason. . our accessories are produced in predominantly manual processes – from stamping out the leather with a die punch and turning the edges with a bone folder. And to the present day. And this is how it needs to be treated. through to cutting. “ Uniqueness requires craftsmanship. „ This is Audi design you can touch – without putting a hole in your wallet. the leather accessories are often manufactured by hand. The transformation of animal hide into leather is one of 1 the oldest skills known to man. Just like many of the seat elements in our vehicles. As a natural product. every piece of leather is unique and no piece looks like any other.014 Leather The pieces of leather are inspected several times and then individually selected for further processing. this both supple and robust material finds use in the widest range of applications. Every piece of leather is individually punched by laser and lined with high-quality grey fabric. gluing and stitching with the sewing machine.

Dimensions: 26 x 32 x 5 cm 314.8 x 14. 3 transparent compartments for documents. suitable for Audi car keys and other keys. The production process guarantees soft and supple leather with a wonderfully natural appearance and texture. compartments for mobile phone. calculator.016.8 x 2. In terms of functionality. Dimensions: 5. design and innovative solutions. 2 deep pockets. Dimensions: 9.11. Leather folder For A4 notepads (notepad not included). pen holder.2 x 12 x 1. 3 card holders.11.00 These exclusive accessories are made using only highquality cowskin Nappa leather that has been tanned without the use of chromium.00 2 Leather is sensitive.3 cm 314.00 4 Cigar case Leather case.008. Processing it requires special tools and great skill.Leather 015 2 3 1 Pouch for car keys Leather pouch with 2-sided zip. Fits two cigars. all of these Germanmade leather products clearly bear the Audi hallmark. 4 3 Vehicle documents holder Leather holder.11.013.017. Dimensions: 7 x 10 x 1 cm 314. fastener for iPad etc.. cards.00 .8 cm 314.11. ring mechanism.

Requirement 1: infuse everyday objects with premium quality. covered metal clasps.006.11. even in the smallest details.00 3 4 Attaché case Made from coarse-grained cowskin leather. iPod. 1 large compartment. handle with decorative stitching. 15 business cards. Fits two pens. 1 2 1 Smartphone case Slip-in case for iPhone.019. Dimensions: 32 x 41 x 11. With removal tab.11. Dimensions: 15. organizer compartments for mobile phone and pens. Requirement 2: ensure that the workmanship is perfect.015.5 cm 314.00 3 Business card case Slip-in case for approx.014.5 x 12.11.5 cm 314. Dimensions: 7. Dimensions: 7.00 2 Pen case Flap case with push button.5 x 13 cm 314.00 . etc.5 x 5 x 2 cm 314.11.

Requirement 3: always combine the practical with the beautiful.Leather 017 The quality of a product can only be as high as the material from which it was manufactured. 4 . This is why we ensure that the materials for all our accessories exhibit consistently high levels of quality. Because only then is durability – and your complete satisfaction – guaranteed.

1 Leather belt Leather belt with metal clasp in satin finish.11.00 Wide 314.00 1 . 3.005.018 Leather Design with a unique trademark: perfection.11. The design language of Audi is visible in the clear lines. the functional details and the overall visual impression. Audi rings engraved on the upper side of the clasp.5 cm (narrow).002.5 cm (wide) Narrow 314. Length: 120 cm (can be individually shortened) Width: 2. Perforation at end of belt.

11. Dimensions: 60 x 43 x 24.5 x 18 x 13 cm 314.00 2 4 Cosmetics case Leather case for cosmetic items. Dimensions: 17 x 10 x 6.00 3 Wash bag Bag made from grained leather with zip.020. outer zip.11. Dimensions: 27. 2 inner compartments. inner compartments for small items.Leather 019 2 Weekender bag Travel bag in grained cowskin Nappa leather with zip opening.5 cm 314. Zip.00 3 4 . handle with decorative stitching.5 cm 314.009.11.012. inner zip compartment and 3 net pockets.

but in the south. Always inspiring. Their cultures. W Houston St SoHo The trendy district in the south of Manhattan intersected by Broadway. their customs. The city’s yellow cabs are an institution. that original SoHo flair can still be felt. communication. The north is overrun by tourists in countless restaurants and boutiques. Always changing. all combined in one single city: New York. People from all over the world. New York The city that never sleeps. get in. hail a cab. community. SoHo Canal St Broadway . New York is movement. Artists and free-spirited individuals populate the many lofts and studio apartments.020 Travel Stand at the curb. And always worth the trip.

Travel 021 There are many ways to discover New York: the most intimate of all is on foot. .

10.00 2 Business trolley case Trolley case with extendible handle. 2 shirt bags with folding boards. Business section with padded laptop pouch and charger pocket. Outer pocket for documents. laundry compartment and removable shirt bag. zipped compartments for small items.022 Travel 1 Trolley case Case with extendible handle. removable garment bag. fastening belts. Materials: Polycarbonate exterior with nylon fabric Dimensions including wheels: Large trolley case: 53 x 80 x 33 cm (not pictured) Medium trolley case: 43 x 70 x 27 cm Large 315. 4 low-friction wheels.00 Medium 315. zipped garment compartment with fastening belt. Separated. The large case comes with a garment bag and a shoe bag.005. file dividers and organiser pockets for mobile phone. pens and business cards.10.00 1 2 . On the inside: 2 dividers.004. Standardised TSA lock with address label. standardised TSA lock with integrated address label and front pocket. 2 wheels.003. Material: Polycarbonate exterior with nylon fabric Dimensions including wheels: 50 x 40 x 20 cm (complies with the hand luggage dimensions specified by Lufthansa and IATA) 315.10. shoe bag and laundry bag.

As a result.023 Williamsburg Bridge Manhattan Bridge Brooklyn Bridge Brooklyn Brooklyn roo ro rooklyn ookly Welcome to Brooklyn! Over the last few centuries. BROOKLYN BRIDGE The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest bridges in America and an icon of the city. Brooklyn is one of the most colourful districts of New York and the most populated of the five boroughs. There’s also room for pedestrians and cyclists to enjoy this magnificent bridge. be sure not to miss this unique part of town. It connects Brooklyn and Manhattan and was originally intended for horse-drawn carriages and trolley cars. If you ever travel to New York. . but now boasts six lanes just for cars. too. countless immigrants have been drawn to this particular corner of the Big Apple.

Padded shoulder strap and suitcase attachment function.1 Garment bag With shoulder strap. separate inner pockets. Dimensions: 44 x 34 x 18 cm 315.10. Spacious interior with 2 hooks for hanging. Materials: solid EVA material and nylon fabric. padded laptop pouch. fixture for 2 hangers.00 2 . 2 Laptop case Shoulder bag. removable shoe bag and kink protection for trousers. 2 main sections.00 1 The Manhattan skyline – absolutely unique and instantly recognisable. this vista of promise still never fails to amaze those new to the city. Many immigrants remember the first moment they laid eyes on the island. Today.001.11. 3 front pockets and an all-round zip. charger pocket. Material: Nylon fabric and solid EVA material Dimensions: 54 x 63 x 10 cm 315. large document compartments and organiser pockets.006.

sections also include waterproof pockets. integrated mirror and large main section with loops and inner pockets. No matter where you are. 2 separate side sections for storing small items. Dimensions: 36 x 30 x 18 cm 315. zip opening allows case to be hung up.007. Dimensions: 21 x 26 x 12 cm 315.00 4 Wash bag Zip opening allows bag to be hung up. 2 separate side sections for storing small items.008.10.10. large main section with loops and pockets for cosmetics.Travel 025 Constant travel. with Audi Travel Accessories you’ll always feel at home.00 3 4 . constant companion. 3 Beauty case Wash bag with suitcase attachment function. sections also include waterproof pockets.

11. numerous organiser compartments and exterior zipped pockets. “ 2 1 Backpack With large main section. energy and CO₂ emissions during production) Interior material: 100 % cotton Colour: mottled grey/black (outside). Exterior material: 100 % eco-friendly polyester (reduced use of water. brown (inside) Dimensions: 43 x 34 x 22 cm 2 Messenger Bag With large main section. padded 15˝ laptop pouch on the back side. chemicals and energy during production) Interior material: 100 % cotton Colour: mottled grey/black (outside). Exterior material: 100 % eco-friendly polyester (reduced CO₂ emissions and reduced use of water.005.11. Zipped pocket integrated into the flap on the front of the bag. Luckily.00 . brown (inside) Dimensions: 32 x 50 x 16 cm 315.006. chemicals. numerous organiser compartments. urban lifestyles. padded 15˝ laptop pouch on the back side.00 2 315. there are plenty of accessories that perfectly complement our mobile.026 Travel 1 „ The modern individual is always on the go.

Travel 027


Here today, tomorrow another city, another country, another world. No matter where you are, Audi Accessories allow you to be yourself.

4 3 Mobile device case
Zipped case that can also be used as a stand (e.g. for an iPad), with flat outer zip pocket and flat handle. Exterior material: 100 % eco-friendly polyester (reduced output of CO₂ emissions and reduced use of water, chemicals and energy during production) Interior material: 100 % cotton Colour: mottled grey/black (outside) brown (inside) Dimensions: 27 x 22 x 2.5 cm 315.11.008.00

Smartphone case
Sleeve case with an additional outer pocket, e.g. for cards or business cards. Exterior material: 100 % eco-friendly polyester (reduced output of CO₂ emissions and reduced use of water, chemicals and energy during production) Interior material: 100 % cotton Colour: mottled grey/black (outside) brown (inside) Dimensions: 14 x 8 x 0.5 cm 315.11.007.00


Watches 029

You can’t hold back time. But you can measure it down to 1/6 of a second.
Ever since the first mechanical watches were produced, their makers have been striving to achieve the highest possible levels of precision. The tools available for this endeavour have never changed – technical know-how and outstanding craftsmanship. Values that have defined Audi since 1909. But that’s by no means all. Innovation and progressive design are also anchored at the brand’s core. And this drive for perfection has now led to the creation of a wristwatch that represents a masterpiece of technology and mechanical precision. The technology beneath the sapphire crystal comes from Chronoswiss. Housed inside the Tachoscope® is the exclusive and patented automatic manufacture calibre C. 125. The Great attention was also paid to small details such as the crown in the form of a gearwheel and the anniversary years engraved on the rotor. The Audi Tachoscope® pays homage to 100 years of Audi. This unique automatic chronograph with tachymeter function embodies the brand’s incomparable values and harks back to Audi’s legendary motorsport victories of the 1930s. As a limited edition of just 100 watches, the Tachoscope® is a fascinating chronograph that is as unique as the occasion for which it was created. Glucydur balance completes 21,600 oscillations per hour and enables impressive stopwatch accuracy down to one-sixth of a second – perfect precision.

Automatic chronograph with regulator dial and tachymeter function. Hour, minute and second hands, centrally located chronographic seconds indicator, tachymeter scale. Water resistant to 3 atm. Solid 26-piece case, crown in Audi design with integrated pusher (monopulsante). White gold Tachoscope with dial in sterling silver (925), 65 units. Platinum Tachoscope with dial in enamel, 35 units. Dimensions: case diameter 42.8 mm, height 11.8 mm White gold Platinum

seat upholstery and optional equipment. it’s virtually the same: thanks to their replacement straps. With these three-hand watches.030 Watches „ With every Audi. you’re free to choose from different kinds of paint finish. they can create an entirely different impression every day – and so can you. Who do you want to be today? “ 1 2 .

The place where you choose to wear something special. Swiss Ronda 715 quartz movement. 310. dial in silver.00 Three-hand watch package 2 Three-hand watch with black leather strap and additional brown leather replacement strap. Case dimensions: diameter 40 mm.00 1–4 Mechanism on the three-hand watches The opening for removing and inserting the watch strap is on the left side of the watch case. pin buckle made of stainless steel. dial in black.014. Swiss made.Watches 031 3 The chronographs and three-hand watches feature an ingenious mechanism for quickly changing the strap. But increasingly they’re a statement – a deliberate choice that distinguishes the wearer from those who remain in constant thrall of their phones instead of casting a composed glance at their wrist. Then rotate the watch strap up or down and click it into the correct locked position. In an age when we read the time on our mobile phones. screwed crown. mineral glass. The place where traditional materials sharpen your awareness of precision and master craftsmanship. 2 Three-hand watch with metal strap Watch made from brushed stainless steel.001. Audi has applied for the patent. 310. Water resistant to 5 atm. easy-to-change straps.00 Three-hand watch package 1 Three-hand watch with metal strap and additional black leather replacement strap.015. Insert the desired watch strap in the opening on the side of the watch case. minute and second hands. pin buckle made of stainless steel. 310.002.00 .00 Black leather strap Cowskin leather.09.09. Sometimes they’re merely fashion accessories.09. 1 2 The sensation of feeling something special or even being something special – that’s what motivates us. The place where the passing of the day can be observed. date display. screwed crown. Swiss made. 3 4 1 Three-hand watch with leather strap Watch with hour. 310.007.09.09. Swiss Ronda 715 quartz movement. Hour. height 11 mm 310. mineral glass.09.006.00 Metal strap Folding clasp made of stainless steel. Water resistant to 5 atm.09.013.00 3 Replacement straps Brown leather strap Cowskin leather. 310. height 11 mm 310. easyto-change straps. wristwatches have once again become more than just everyday items. Case dimensions: diameter 40 mm. The same process in reverse makes it just as quick and easy to remove the watch strap and replace it with another. date display. minute and second hands.

310. Made in Germany. Water resistant to 5 atm. pin buckle made of stainless steel.010.008. Case dimensions: diameter 44 mm. minutes and stop times.09.009. Swiss Ronda 5020.09. We make them even more so.032 Watches 1 „ 1 Every second is precious.003. brown dial and cowskin leather strap. Made in Germany. Swiss Ronda 5030. Water resistant to 5 atm. Swiss made.09.11. 310. luminous hands and numerals. pin buckle made of stainless steel.005. Black dial with large luminous hands and numerals. Case dimensions: diameter 42 mm Chronograph with metal strap and black leather replacement strap.00 The three chronographs presented here also come with a practical and elegant replacement strap.012. 310. Case dimensions: diameter 42 mm 310.00 3 Rubber strap 310. with Swiss Ronda 5030.00 Black rubber strap Rubber.004. tachymeter scale for measuring speed.D quartz movement with chronograph function for measuring seconds.D quartz movement.09. Water resistant to 5 atm.B quartz movement. Chronograph package 2 Chronograph with rubber strap and black leather replacement strap.00 310. Date display.00 Chronograph Big Date Classic chronograph.09.00 2 Chronograph. “double stop” function. brown Chronograph with “double stop” function. screwed crown. date function and tachymeter scale for measuring speed.09. date display. Three different straps that click into place.00 .00 3 Chronograph replacement straps Metal strap made of stainless steel 310. Chronograph Watch made from brushed stainless steel.011. height 12 mm 1 Metal strap 310. black leather strap. Each one is of premium quality and lends the watch its own particular character – that can easily be changed again tomorrow.00 2 Leather strap 310. Mineral glass.10. “ Chronograph package 1 310.00 Black leather strap Cowskin leather.

It could thus be reasonably described as being “precise”. the more accurate the watch will be.400 seconds – its degree of accuracy is an astonishing 99. If a movement deviates from the actual time by just 30 seconds per day – or every 86.965 %. But compare this value with the accuracy expected of high-quality watches and it puts things into a different perspective. So what defines a watch with a maximum level of precision? The key factor in the accuracy of a watch is the quality of its movement.Watches 033 How precise is precision? Precision is an extremely imprecise concept. Another aspect not to be overlooked is the movement’s behaviour at different temperatures and in different positions. 2 3 . The more precise the regulation.

date function. 3 Women’s dual time watch. Made in Germany.00 3 . Water resistant to 5 atm. Case dimensions: diameter 36 mm 310. Swiss Ronda 6203. decorative stones on the pusher.B quartz movement. Only when the operation of machines became more widespread and the ability to quickly check the time became more important did the wristwatch begin to appeal to both sexes. Case dimensions: diameter 36 mm 310. date function. you’ll always feel perfectly attired – regardless of whether your wrist is masculine or feminine. time zone with sunburst finish. luminous hour and minute hands. Made in Germany.034 Watches 1 Women’s dual time watch. Display of second time zone in silver sunburst finish. Luminous hour and minute hands. date function.11. brown Three-hand watch in cappuccino brown with dark Swarovski decorative stones indicating the hour marks. display of a second time zone. The first men to wear this “newfangled” wristwatch were pilots. With the Audi chronographs. black leather strap.10. Water resistant to 5 atm. usually with restrained design so as to suit any occasion.B movement.B quartz movement. Ladies watches have remained fashion accessories to this day. Case dimensions: diameter 40 mm 1 2 310.002.001.00 2 Men’s dual time watch Silver dial with luminous detailing. eventually leading to the coining of the term “pilot watch”. Made in Germany. Taking your time over something – an absolute luxury. white Three-hand watch with white dial.002.10.00 Time has an individual quality. Swiss Ronda 6203. Swiss Ronda 6203. calfskin leather strap. men were still using pocket watches. display of a second time zone. Water resistant to 5 atm. What better way to savour this luxury than with an attractive timepiece? Wearing a wristwatch was initially a female privilege – around the turn of the century. white leather strap.

Vegetable-tanned cowskin leather strap. Stainless steel. Swiss ETA 2824-2 automatic movement.75 mm 110.04.Watches 035 4 Audi design Square watch Three-hand watch.4 x 32. highest quality workmanship from the watchmakers at Sinn. Pressure and water resistant up to 10 atm. Convex sapphire crystal glass. nickel-free case back.8 x 11.002. non-reflecting on both sides. accurate from – 40 °C to + 80 °C. Case dimensions: 34.00 4 .


With carabiner and split ring for attaching keys.021. A5 note book included. small “Audi exclusive” metal badge. Chestnut brown with powder beige inset.00 . Dimensions: 16 x 22.5 x 0.00 3 Audi exclusive key ring Key ring made from original cowskin leather seat material. this line offers you products that go beyond the normal equipment.5 x 3 x 0.3 x 2 cm 314.4 cm 314. Chestnut brown with powder beige inset. 2 Audi exclusive business card holder Flat business card holder with 2 pockets made from original seat leather.022. Branded with “Audi exclusive” metal badge.008. you already know Audi exclusive: With its outstanding range of leather in selected beautiful colours. You can now enjoy these fine materials outside your car too: with a leather cover for your note book. Dimensions: 9.00 1 Passion you can touch.11. 2 If you drive an Audi. a high-quality business card holder or a stylish key ring.11. With “Audi exclusive” embossing. Dimensions: 10 x 6.4 cm 3 318.11.Audi exclusive 037 1 Audi exclusive note book sleeve Case in original cowskin Nappa seat leather.

The team at Maloja works with traditional materials – combining them with the cuts and designs of tomorrow. At Maloja too. space is an integral part of their philosophy. exceptional in quality and brimming with adventure. people need both the teamwork aspect as well as room to withdraw.038 Q3 collection Maloja: Rediscovering the future. Experience them for yourself. a contemporary form of mobility and plenty of space for the driver. In order to work creatively. Q3 The Audi Q3 has its own particularly special qualities: urban design. The final results are unique items of clothing. .

The highest quality standards apply here too – in every stitch and every button. The mighty Alps – the landscape and challenges that they represent – are the driving force behind Maloja’s designs and cuts. This is the concept behind the A1 collection. The Audi A1. friendly. Traditional colours are fused with new cuts in compelling styles. Because then we can meet the complex demands that confront us every day with a simple and authentic presence. Let’s make our surroundings more comfortable. Modern life can be much too hectic. . And value real quality again. The team at Maloja draws inspiration from one another – and beyond. personal. Let’s give ourselves time to withdraw for a moment. Modern functional materials are harmoniously combined with patterns inspired by rural art and the Alpine spirit. Enjoying what we have.Q3 collection 039 Creating something together. Even in the smallest details. Let’s clothe ourselves in natural materials. Immense.

11.00 Q .009. 318.040 Q3 collection 1 Q3 lanyard Braided leather band and ring with embossed Q3 logo.

leather shoulder covering.028. washable up to 30 °C. shoulder yoke.11. Sizes: XS–XL 313. 100 % polyamide nylon.11. top stitching motif. Sizes: XS–XL 313. Co-branding with Maloja. checked details on inside. ultra-lightweight. Sizes: S–XXL 313.01–05 3 Men’s Q3 Thermolite quilted jacket Thermolite padding. washable up to 30 °C. « 2 3 2 Women’s Q3 Thermolite quilted jacket Thermolite padding. ultrawarm. Co-branding with Maloja. textured on the inside. top stitching motif. zipper. Q3 felt badge.11. hood lining made from checked material. warming Thermolite padding. Sizes: XS–XL 313. 100 % polyester. ultra-lightweight. warming Thermolite padding. 100 % polyamide nylon. textured on the inside.02–06 . Q3 felt badge.034. zipper.01–05 5 5 Men’s Q3 bodywarmer With hood. with multicoloured zip. washable up to 30 °C.11. Co-branding with Maloja.029. Co-branding with Maloja. Q3 felt badge. with multicoloured zip. checked details on inside. ultrawarm.Q3 collection 041 » OUR IDEA OF SPORT IS MORE ABOUT THE PLEASURE OF MOVEMENT THAN COMPETING.02–06 4 4 Women’s Q3 bodywarmer With hood. hood lining made from checked material. 100 % polyester. washable up to 30 °C. shoulder yoke.035.

042 Q3 collection 1 2 .

11. embroidered yoke. patch pockets with flap. Co-branding with Maloja.11. 100 % cotton twill.033. Sizes: XS–XL 313.02–05 3 4 .039. yoke with ribbed structure.01–05 4 Men’s Q3 trousers With scoop pockets. washable up to 30 °C. horn-style buttons.038. Co-branding with Maloja.02–06 3 2 Women’s Q3 shirt Long-sleeve. back welt pockets. checked details on inner waistband and hem. 5 % lycra. Co-branding with Maloja. Co-branding with Maloja.1 Men’s Q3 polo shirt Half-sleeve. Sizes: S–XXL 313. washable up to 30 °C.032. 100 % cotton twill. checked details on inner waistband and hem.01–05 Women’s Q3 trousers With scoop pockets. Q3 felt badge.11. 100 % Piqué cotton. Sizes: XS–XL 313.11. Sizes: S–XL 313. washable up to 30 °C. garment washed. washable up to 30 °C. diagonal seam on the rear. breast pocket. 95 % cotton.

washable up to 30 °C. washable up to 30 °C. Material: 100 % cotton in compliance with Öko-Tex® Standard 100. 100 % cotton. horn-style buttons.042. 100 % cotton.037. breast pocket.11.030. kangaroo pockets.11.02–06 5 Q3 beach towel Soft velour beach towel with checked pattern and Q3 motif. Audi rings felt badge. 100 % cotton.036. Sizes: S–XXL 313. washable up to 30 °C. 100 % polyester.00 2 3 4 2 Women’s Q3 woollen sweater With embroidered motifs.11.00 6 Men’s Q3 woollen sweater Sweater with zip. low yoke on front.01–05 313. pointed yoke on the front. horn-style buttons. Audi rings felt badge. shoulder yoke. checked details and textured on the inside.01–05 313. Q3 felt badge. Sizes: XS–XL 4 Men’s Q3 checked shirt Long-sleeve.044 Q3 collection 1 Q3 cap Flat style. Co-branding with Maloja. Sizes: XS–XL 3 Women’s Q3 checked blouse Long-sleeve.11.11. Co-branding with Maloja. washable up to 60 °C Colour: white/cranberry/hazelnut/moss Dimensions: 100 x 180 cm 313. Q3 felt badge.02–06 5 . Colour: blue Size: universal (adjustable) 313. Co-branding with Maloja.11. side pockets with zips and checked design and textured on the inside. Q3 felt badge. breast pocket. 100 % polyester. Sizes: S–XXL 313.041. Co-branding with Maloja.031. washable up to 30 °C.


046 A1 collection The Audi A1: Immense. Even in the 1 2 .

02–06 . sleeve hem with velcro adjuster.01–05 6 Women’s A1 sweater With lined hood. 6. rounded arm cuffs and bottom band.002. 4 6 5 3 1 Women’s A1 woollen jacket Made from high-quality 3-layered material from Pontetorto: knitted wool outside. soft Jersey lining inside and a wind-resistant membrane in the middle.004. Colour: white/scuba blue/teak brown Sizes: XS–XL 313.003.A1 collection 047 smallest details.01–05 3 Men’s A1 softshell jacket Multifunctional clothing is in fashion. extravagant design.10. Material: 100 % cotton Colour: grey blend/white/scuba blue Sizes: XS–XL 313. width-adjustable hood.000 mm water column.01–05 313.006. Colour: teak brown Sizes: S–XXL 4 Women’s A1 softshell jacket Lightweight functional material. Cool and sporty colour combination.10. because challenges demand the right equipment – like this lightweight A1 softshell jacket with Jersey interior and mesh lining in torso area.02–06 5 Men’s A1 sweater The cosy A1 sweater made from 100 % cotton will make your free time even more relaxing.10. with additional mesh lining in torso area. Colour: grey blend/white/misano red/teak brown Sizes: S–XXL 313.000 g/m²/24 h breathability).10.02–06 2 Men’s A1 woollen jacket Made from high-quality 3-layered material from Pontetorto: knitted wool outside. Colour: white/misano red/teak brown Sizes: S–XXL 313. soft Jersey lining inside and a wind-resistant membrane in the middle. protects against rain (10. Colour: teak brown Sizes: XS–XL 313.

02–06 313. Colour: white/teak brown Maximum Length: 105 cm 313. Material: 100 % cotton Colour: white/misano red/teak brown Sizes: S–XXL 313. Material: 30 % virgin wool.019. 70 % polyacrylics Colour: white/teak brown Dimensions: 180 x 20 cm 2 A1 trucker cap With modern checked pattern.00 3 6 A1 belt Striped.00 313. Interior lined with fleece. with decorative clamping buckle for variable length adjustment. Soft wool-acrylic blend. Material: 30 % virgin wool.021.013.10. Material: 100 % cotton Colour: teak brown Size: universal (adjustable) 313.10. 70 % polyacrylics Colour: white/teak brown 313.017. fashionable checked design.048 A1 collection 4 5 1 6 1 Men’s A1 checked shirt Long-sleeve.00 . Colour: white/misano red/teak brown Size: universal (adjustable) 2 5 A1 beanie Unisex knitted hat.10. Lined interior. 3 A1 cap Cap with A1 logo in printed-on 3D look.00 4 A1 knitted scarf Soft wool-acrylic blend.

warmth and space. And the company’s philosophy incorporates yet more contrasts. Just like at Audi. they use contacts around the world to develop. it’s all about acting responsibly and being open for what the future holds in store. lots of wood. there is a huge emphasis on quality when it comes to materials. Their rooms are inspired by local mountain culture and traditional materials – that is.« Maloja is based in Bavaria. while outside the snow-covered peaks await.A1 collection 049 »USING OLD TR ADITIONS TO CREATE NEW ONES. Although the team works locally. suppliers and working conditions. manufacture and sell their products. . And just like at Audi.

050 A1 collection Experience the small but immense Audi A1 at .com/a1.

Material: 95 % cotton.10. the large messenger bag also has a zipped compartment on the back. 5 % spandex Colours: white/misano red/teak brown Sizes: S–XXL 313. 24 x 25 x 7 cm (small) 6 Large 315. Material: 100 % cotton Colour: grey blend Sizes: XS–XL 4 Men’s A1 polo shirt Colour blocks on the front. a padded laptop compartment on the inside and an integrated lanyard with carabiner. 5 % lycra Colour: teak brown Sizes: XS–XL 313. Material: 95 % cotton.10.10.002. with checked pattern. Colours: brown and brown with red/white Dimensions: 34 x 31 x 9 cm (large). Audi neck label and discreet A1 embroidery.01–05 313.010.001. button facing and arm cuffs.A1 collection 051 1 2 3 4 5 1 Women’s A1 shirt With band collar. intelligent interior features including phone. PDA and zipped compartments and pen holder.10.02–06 5 Men’s A1 half-sleeve shirt With Audi A1 motif. In addition.011.02–06 6 A1 messenger bag With reversible cover made of premium-quality polyester. red inner lining.10.008. neckband with checked material.10. Material: 95 % cotton.00 . 5 % spandex Colour: white Sizes: S–XXL 313. embroidered A1 logo and neckband made from checked material. engraved Audi rings on the silver-coloured metal buttons.01–05 3 Women’s A1 checked half-sleeve blouse Semi-fitted. Material: 100 % cotton Colour: teak brown/white/scuba blue Sizes: XS–XL 313.10.00 Small 315. metal buttons with Audi A1 motif.012.009.01–05 2 Women’s A1 quarter-sleeve shirt With tulip neckline.

052 Accessoires Style is always in season. 3 1 2 .

Accessoires 053 4 4 Women’s sunglasses Sunglasses made of plastic. Dark grey with pale grey on inside.10.00 3 Metal sunglasses Brushed stainless steel frame. Dark grey polycarbonate lenses with sun protection factor level 3. greybrown polycarbonate lenses with sun protection factor level 3. folding case. Grey-brown base colour that merges into a blue tone at the end of the arm. folding case. incl. incl. 1 Bicolour sunglasses Sunglasses made of plastic.10. Colour: silver brushed frame with grey-brown lenses 311. incl. Audi rings embossed on left arm. Audi rings on the left arm. folding case.003. dark grey polycarbonate lenses with gentle colour gradient and sun protection factor level 3. incl. lenses made of high-quality polycarbonate with sun protection factor level 3.00 . 311.001. double arms made of metal. Audi rings on the left arm. 311.10 2 Men’s sunglasses Dark grey plastic.08. folding case. Audi rings on the arms. 311.

Co-branding with Antonio Ben Chimol.11.010. Co-branding with Antonio Ben Chimol. Italian leather.5 cm. Size: length including clasp 60 cm. 1 Women’s leather bracelet. with magnetic clasp made from brushed steel.009. The Italian jewellery designer Antonio Ben Chimol has used steel and magnets to create something fascinatingly supple. for maximum wrist size 17 cm 329. for maximum wrist size 18 cm 329. Size: length including clasp 54.054 Accessoires Sensuous metals.00 1 2 2 Men’s leather bracelet Dark brown with magnetic clasp made from brushed steel.00 . two-tone Reversible leather bracelet. Audi rings on clasp. Italian leather. Colours: pink and brown.11. Two-tone. Audi rings on clasp.

Antonio Ben Chimol has reinterpreted these ancient ideas to create an aura of elegant timelessness. Size: length 19. 40 spirals in a pack. for example. This vibrant city provides him with new ideas – and materials – every day. 3 Women’s spiral bracelet with beads Stainless steel spiral bracelets with stainless steel beads. New York.5 cm. He particularly likes working with industrial metals in combination with natural materials.00 .Accessoires 055 After inspirational periods living in Rome. Antonio Ben Chimol has spent the last few years in Barcelona. Stainless steel tube with Audi rings fitted on one of the spirals. London and Martinique.011. For the Audi collection. average 6. This is where his fascinating pieces of jewellery are created. he designed leather bracelets that are fastened using magnets. Knowledge of the healing power of magnetism can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians. Ultra-lightweight. Nickel-free.11. elastic.5 cm for maximum wrist size 17 cm 329.

for 2 people. invertible fibreglass frame.09.00 . for one person) Cover size: 39 x 8 x 6 cm (large).002.09. aluminium stem. Tefloncoated pongee polyester umbrella with reflective safety strips.005. telescopic stem. ergonomic handle.004. Colour: black Diameter: 120 cm (large. Colour: black Diameter: 120 cm 312. 90 cm (small. 27 x 6 x 6 cm (small) Large 312.09. automatic function. automatic opening and closing. Teflon-coated pongee polyester umbrella with reflective safety strips. zipped cover made from waterproof EVA material.056 Accessoires 1 Folding umbrella Exclusive Audi design.00 2 Walking-stick umbrella Exclusive Audi design. straight leather-look handle. invert-resistant fibreglass and aluminium frame.00 Small 312. for 2 people).

palm made from lasered sheepskin. 8.001. you need to be carrying the right umbrella. inner lining made from Bemberg fleece (100 % polyester).080. automatic function. Sizes: 7–10 313. “ 4 Functional gloves With Audi rings on the zip.07. invertible fibreglass frame. . Colour: black Diameter: 120 cm (large) with crooked leather-look handle. Embossed Audi rings and decorative stitching on the glove backs. Back surface made from wear-resistant nylon.003. you’ll always be well equipped. 100 cm (small) with crooked soft-touch handle Large 312.07. The Audi collection has just the right handle for every style – from fine and elegant to striking and robust. Teflon-coated pongee polyester umbrella with reflective safety strips. for 2 people. crooked leather-look handle. And with Audi Accessories. Sizes: 7–8 (Women). To get through the rain in perfect shape.5–10 (Men) Women 313.02–04 Men 313. Or small enough to fit inside any handbag.09.09. incorporated elasticated cord and zip.07. aluminium stem.079.00 Keeping a handle on everything. And it must be pleasant to hold.00 Small 312.02–08 5 Deerskin gloves Hand-sewn gloves made from soft premiumquality deerskin with a pure cashmere lining.078.Accessoires 057 4 5 „ There’s no such thing as bad weather – only incorrect attire.05–08 3 Walking-stick umbrella Exclusive Audi design.

1 „ We believe in craftsmanship. “ 2 . Our silk ties are not only tied by hand – they’re also sewn by hand.058 Accessoires Unmistakably Audi.

040.20 3 Cufflinks Brushed stainless steel with polished side edges and engraved Audi rings.00 Onyx 329. they set a particularly distinctive tone with any business outfit. 3 1 Audi rings pin Metal. Stainless steel 329. Audi rings woven into the silk lining.00 .5 cm 1 pin 319.00 2 Silk ties 100 % Italian silk.08.11. Width: 1. Hand-sewn with premium-quality craftsmanship. The ties are crafted from 100 % fine Italian silk that is magnificently light and supple to wear. Silver 313. hand-sewn with premiumquality craftsmanship.10.Accessoires 059 Who says that only women enjoy frequently changing their outfit? The men of the world have been doing some catching up. Red 313.08. with safety fastener.010. Optionally available with polished onyx stone enclosed in a stainless steel frame with engraved Audi rings.

077. Others might argue that design isn’t important when it comes to accessories for everyday use such as caps or key rings. Colours: red.20 Black 313. But we say that these are exactly the things that reveal how much we value ourselves. Even the little things in life should exhibit high-quality design. silver Size: Universal (adjustable) Red 313. black.060 Accessoires Valuables. 1 1 Baseball cap Cap made from 100 % cotton with Audi rings embroidered on the front.07.077.10 . Width adjustment mechanism with embossed Audi rings.30 Silver 313.07.07.077.

10.00 3 Key ring Fashionable key ring made from premium-quality plastic and metal with A1 logo or Audi rings. Black 318. Audi Q5 318.008.00 .00 Audi rings 318.00 Red 318.00 7 5 A1 lanyard Lanyard with woven A1 logo and carabiner. A1 318. RS 3 318.00 White 318.003. Made in Germany.004.00 Audi A3 318.10.00 Audi TT 318.00 TT RS 318.004.00 RS 5 318.001.11.08.Accessoires 061 4 5 2 6 3 7 2 Wire cable key ring Key ring made from twisted spring wire with metal body. Audi rings 318.015.10.11. Tag made from fine cowskin leather.10.00 Audi A5 318. The design is ideally shaped for holding Audi car keys.011.10.00 Audi A7 318. A1 318.11.00 6 4 Audi rings lanyard Lanyard with woven Audi rings and carabiner.10.010.00 Audi A6 318.003.006.007. The smart fastening mechanism is easy to open and close.013.010.00 Audi A4 318. Made in Germany.012.00 Audi Q3 318.00 RS key ring Key ring with metal surface in Audi aluminium and fine cowskin leather tag with red contrast stitching and engraved RS logo.00 Audi S model 318.002.00 Audi A8 318. The Audi rings and vehicle logo are engraved in the metal part.00 Audi Q7 318. Leather key ring Key ring with metal surface in Audi aluminium. 318.10.012.009. Made in Germany.10.

That’s why. for many years. Audi has been involved in all kinds of sporting events across numerous disciplines.062 Sport/Clothing Proud partner of winter sport. And the international elite sports scene is the perfect stage for bringing these brand values to life. Not only is Audi the title sponsor of the Audi FIS Ski World Cup. athleticism and fascination. dynamism. . The Audi brand stands for passion. it has also been the presenting sponsor of the FIS Alpine World Ski Championship since 2003.

Sport/Clothing 063 2 1 1 Women’s ski jacket Completely waterproof.10. pockets for ski pass or mobile phone. Cords can be adjusted with one hand. Colour: white Sizes: 34-46 313. 50 % polyacrylics Colour: black/white Sizes: M + L (shown left) 313.10.00 Material: 50 % wool.041. pocket for goggles with cleaning cloth.10.045.01–07 2 Ski hat Windproof microfibre fleece lining in forehead area. made from stretchy material for optimal comfort. integrated ski mask.044.00–01 . vent openings in the side seams for improved breathability. With detachable hood and powder skirt. 50 % polyacrylics Colour: white/black Size: M (shown right) 313. good thermal insulation. Material: 50 % wool. Inner lining made from moisture-wicking active-dry material.

Colour: black Sizes: S–XXXL 313.042. Pre-formed trouser legs. integrated ski mask. it has already made a name for itself in 15 countries. Also features cords that can be adjusted with one hand. pockets for ski pass or mobile phone. Colour: black Sizes: 34–46 313. detachable straps. practical zip pockets. The inner lining is made from moisture-wicking activedry material. material-protecting silicon print on lower inside leg.040.064 Sport/Clothing 1 Men’s ski jacket Completely waterproof ski jacket made from stretchy material for optimal comfort. elastic material.10.043.01–07 HALTI is one of the leading makers of outdoor equipment in Finland. . practical zip pockets.02–07 3 Women’s ski trousers Made from stretchy material for comfortable wearing. Colour: black Sizes: S–XXXL 313. With detachable hood and powder skirt. vent openings in the side seams for improved breathability. pocket for goggles with cleaning cloth.10. detachable straps. Thanks to the unmistakable design and functionality of its products.02–07 1 2 Men’s ski trousers Material-protecting silicon print on lower inside leg.10. Since 1976 the company has stood for innovative products made from high-quality materials.

02–07 2 3 . Ultra-warm. with silicon print on the palm for extra good grip.046.10.Sport/Clothing 065 4 Ski gloves Unisex ski gloves. Sizes: 7–12 313. pre-formed.

The Audi quattro Cup is the most popular amateur series and has lured more than 1 million golfers onto the greens since 1991. Lightweight and stable. ball bag. umbrella holder. Audi has been supporting this fascinating and exclusive game for more than 20 years.08. made from EVA and nylon material. With top and stand mechanism. side pockets with waterproof zips. rain cover. Compartment for score card and tees. sevenfold divider separated into three distinct sections. one further pocket plus external mesh pockets. Colour: black/light silver Weight: 37 kg 326. yet flexible when stowing away. Padded and adjustable double shoulder strap. clothes bag and removable velour-lined bag for valuables.002. soft and ergonomic back padding.00 . 1 1 Golf stand bag For a complete set of golf clubs and any other golf equipment you might need.066 Sport/Clothing 21 Years Audi quattro Cup Almost no other sport places as much emphasis on technique and precision as golf.

two adjustable fastening straps. covered address label. 326. All-round zip system.07.00 3 Golf travel cover Padded handle. two zipped compartments on the inside with removable pads. short chips.00 3 . Contents: 3 balls. lockable double zip. separate cover. lightweight base plate.8 kg 326. Material: Teflon-coated 1680 D ballistic nylon and compression-moulded EVA Colour: black Weight: 4.2 2 Golf balls TaylorMade Burner Intelligent. soft 2-piece iothane construction for long distances and high ball speeds as well as light. Two-part or fourpart protection pads in golf club section for one cart bag or two stand bags.003.002. inline wheels.10.

Material with ClimaCool® function: absorbs moisture and uses ventilation to reduce sweat.068 Sport/Clothing 1 2 1 and 2 Adidas functional polo shirt Extremely comfortable. Button facing with lasered buttons featuring the Audi logo.048. 1. provides the covered area with UV protection (UPF 15+). Men’s Adidas functional polo shirt Material: 100 % polyester (ClimaCool®) Colour: red Sizes: S–XXL 313.02–06 2. with side mesh inserts. easy to clean. Adidas stripes printed on the back.047.01–06 .10.10. Breathable. antimicrobial. Audi logo printed on the back. Women’s Adidas functional polo shirt Material: 100 % polyester (ClimaCool®) Colour: red Sizes: XS–XXL 313.

woven label featuring the Audi logo. you can show off your sporting prowess in style. Material: 100 % twisted cotton 550 g/m² Colour: dark grey/light grey Dimensions: 30 x 45 cm 326. Adidas logo on the clasp.09. woven label featuring the Audi logo. embroidered Audi rings.00 .11. red sandwich piping.00 5 Adidas functional cap 5 panel cap made from functional material.Sport/Clothing 069 From the first tee to the clubhouse – with the Audi collection. Material: 35 % cotton. 65 % polyester Colour: grey 313. Embroidered Audi rings. Co-branding with Möve.002. Co-branding with Möve.09. With embroidered Audi rings in white. 5 3 3 Golf towel Terrycloth towel.001.00 4 4 Bath towel Terrycloth bath towel. Material: 100 % twisted cotton 550 g/m² Colour: dark grey/light grey Dimensions: 75 x 150 cm 313.001.

while the leather jacket combines classic design with rugged good looks. And once again.070 Sport/Clothing At one with nature. not every item gets to bear the four rings. further emphasising the jacket’s premium quality. The zippers are specially polished so that they glide smoothly. because after all. The leather is selected by hand – we only use material that is perfect in both appearance and to the touch. It is the details that make the Audi collection so unique. the workmanship demonstrates that even the smallest details are given our fullest attention. 1 . Only when our supremely high quality standards have been met is an object awarded the Audi logo. The snugly fitting lambskin Nappa leather makes experiencing the natural world all the more pleasurable. Our softshell jackets will help you make the most of the great outdoors. Introducing a few of the particularly exclusive items from the Audi collection.

Material: 94 % polyester and 6 % spandex. glove-soft aniline-dyed lambskin Nappa leather with turn-down collar and high-quality polished zippers. fleece made from 100 % polyester Colour: black Sizes: XS–XXL 313.042.041. separate phone pocket. with cosy fleece interior.01–06 3 Men’s softshell jacket Waterproof (fully taped seams). plus red decorative stitching with a hand-stitched look. Large zipped pocket with quick-opening safety feature. breathable. Sophisticated craftsmanship on the inside with different lining materials in both striped and single colours.09. waterproof zips and red zip cords.10.09.02–07 .Sport/Clothing 071 1 Men’s leather jacket Blouson style.02–06 2 2 Women’s softshell jacket Water repellent. Colour: chestnut brown Sizes: 48–56 313. Material: 94 % polyester and 6 % spandex. hood stored in the collar and silver zip cords. hood stored in the collar. with lightweight fleece interior. fleece made from 100 % polyester Colour: black Sizes: S–XXXL 3 313. waterproof zips. one further pocket.022. breathable.

you have to wait a while before you can drive an Audi.“ Unfortunately. A series of child-friendly designs and materials were chosen so that kids of all sizes can happily snuggle up and romp around all day long. Part of this collection was developed in collaboration with the Käthe Kruse toy manufactory.072 Kids „ y 1 favourite colour is grey-green-red. But at least your little ones can still enjoy Audi while they wait: with our special products for children. 2 3 . as a kid.

11. 25 cm 320. Dimensions: 22 x 19 x 8 cm 6 Comforter Comforter with plush motorsport bear head and racing driver appliqué.012. Dimensions: approx.013.11.11. reflective piping and racing car appliqué.Kids 073 1 Mini mobile With two hanging elements: a red rattle (with embroidered racing car appliqué) and a plush motorsport bear head containing crinkle material.014. Size: approx.00 4 Trolley case Large main section. mesh pockets left and right. Colour: cream white with red Dimensions: 90 x 70 cm 320. 26 x 10 cm 320. extendible handle.015. Padded shoulder straps. Dimensions: 43 x 27 x 20 cm 5 Backpack Large main section. small pocket on the front.00 6 4 5 .00 320.00 2 Pillow Fleece with road and racing car appliqué.11. flat pocket on the front. chest strap with reflectors.00 320. reflective piping and racing driver appliqué.00 3 Duvet cover Fleece with road and racing car appliqué. Colour: cream white with red Dimensions: 30 x 30 cm 320.

005. They’ll fill every new day with excitement and colour.004.09. 45 x 45 cm 320.01–02 2 Baby cap and towel set Flexible cap made from a stretchy material for head sizes of around 49 cm.09.00 . with a flat pompom and lilac chin straps and a woven Audi label on the inside. And dots. 49 cm Towel size: approx. The Audi Kids collection is characterised by durable materials and bright colours that your kids will love. “ 2 1 1 Baby long-sleeve shirt Red and white pattern with little clouds. The towel features a lilac trim and both cap and towel have woven Audi labels sewn into the hem seam. 2 And strawberry ice cream.074 Kids „I like stripes. Material: 100 % cotton Sizes: 62–80 320. Cap size: approx.

Material: 100 % cotton Sizes: 86–128 320.09.03–06 .006.Kids 075 3 Infant polo shirt With broad white and coloured stripes that create roads for the orange printed cars.

1 “ . where’s my favourite t-shirt? Children develop attachments to their favourite things at a very early age: their teddy bear.076 Kids „ Mum. their doll – and of course that special t-shirt that makes them feel invincible.

Material: 100 % cotton Colour: blue Sizes: 62-104 320. Material: 100 % cotton Colour: red with orange/multicolour “car” motif Sizes: 51 to 55 cm 320. they’re virtually impossible to throw away.008. This feeling doesn’t fade as we get older – many grown-ups simply can’t throw away their first pair of shoes.Kids 077 2 1 Infant baseball cap With velcro strap for flexible size adjustment. These clothes are full of childhood memories. A child’s favourite jumper can be like a best friend and a new pair of pyjamas can help keep the monsters away after dark. Just like your first teddy bear. or that tiny first pair of jeans or the jumper they wore on their first day of school.00 Kids’ clothing is sometimes more than just something to keep you warm.09. 2 Baby t-shirt “Car” motif.01–04 .09.002.

Don’t worry. I’ll take care of you. a hug from Dad and your favourite soft jumper on your skin. 1 . A kiss from Mum.

09. Material: 100 % cotton Sizes: 62–104 320.03–06 3 3 Children’s Prinz long-sleeve shirt With a 3D print of the NSU Prinz on the front and upper arm as well as white decorative stitching on the elbow patches.009.06–08 .Kids 079 2 1 Baby long-sleeve shirt Lilac with all-over pattern and “smiley face” raised print in red on the front.003. Material: 30 % polyester.007.09. 70 % cotton Colour: purple Sizes: 86–128 320. Material: 100 % cotton Colour: purple Sizes: 122–152 320.09.01–04 2 Infant hooded sweater With contrasting cuffs in orange. printed kangaroo pouch and elbow patches in orange and blue.

06–08 1 2 Kids’ 5 baseball cap 6-panel cap with embossed Audi logo on the metal fastener and a motif of the lucky starting number 5 and a Type C racing car.20 2 .011. Collar. Colour: blue/orange or red/natural Size: one size (adjustable) Blue/orange 320. Red/natural 320. Material: 30 % polyester. pocket hems and zipper tag in contrasting orange. 70 % cotton Colour: natural Sizes: 122–152 320.013.080 Kids 1 Kids’ sweater Cuddly napped texture on the inside.

010.06–08 4 Kids’ 5 polo shirt With the legendary starting number 5 of the Type C racing car on the back.09.09. Healthy clothes. all Audi Kids clothes have been certified by Öko-Tex.06–08 4 Focus on quality Kids’ clothes Great clothes. Öko-Tex checks for dyes. natural colour print motif Sizes: 122–152 320. the product must be tested again. . Material: 100 % cotton Colour: red. Naturally. This ensures that the tested items of clothing contain as few chemicals as possible.012. pesticides. This certification confirms that the tested products are within the legal limits. allergens and other harmful substances that result from the production of clothes. print in purple/red Sizes: 122–152 320.Kids 081 3 3 Kids’ Type C t-shirt With a print of the legendary Type C racing car. Material: 100 % cotton Colour: yellow. It is valid for one year – after that.

adjustable roll bar. hand brake.00 . rims in original Audi design.004.5 kg Dimensions: 116 x 62 x 58 cm 320. Weight: 13.“ 1 Audi Kids Car Car for children with chain drive. including neutral and reverse functions.082 Kids „ I’m practising for later. low-noise tyres.08. Soft seat upholstery. Recommended height: 95 cm to 130 cm.

00 Motorsport bear key ring With metal split ring.07.009.10 320. Colour: Misano Red and Ice Silver Misano Red 320.007. brown felt paws.20 Ice Silver 320. Dimensions: 74 x 38 x 30 cm 5 Motorsport bear With fluffy fur. It features low-noise tyres and original Audi 5-spoke rims.11.004. Cap and racing suit made of 100 % cotton.Kids 083 2 Audi Junior quattro Kids’ toy car with steering wheel horn. Dimensions: 44 x 22 x 30 cm Red 320.00 4 Audi A1 pull-back car Plastic toy car with pull-back action at a scale of 1: 64.20 Silver 320. Size: 40 cm Red 320.10 3 2 4 6 5 . Material: 100 % polyester Size: approx.11. Suitable for children from the age of three.10.00 Silver 320.002. stitched nose and removable clothing.06.00 6 3 Audi Junior quattro trailer The trailer’s modern design matches the Audi Junior quattro. plastic eyes. Includes low-noise tyres and a tow bar.009.06.007. 10 cm 318.

10.00 2 R8 cufflinks Polished stainless steel.005.07. Water resistant to 10 atm. real carbon.5 mm 310.00 . 329. height 16. dial made of real carbon and non-reflecting sapphire crystal glass.1 2 1 Chronograph R8 High-quality case made of black stainless steel.4 mm. Swiss-made ETA Valjoux 7750 chronograph movement. embossed R8 logo.001. high-quality fasteners with a tilt mechanism. Case dimensions: diameter 40. black cowskin leather strap.

Three cars that will take your breath away. QR-Code What is driving a supercar actually like? Audi driver Allan McNish reveals Audi RS Three thrilling names. . Audi R8 GT. Their unparalleled dynamism is palpable – even at a standstill.R8 GT collection 085 Audi R8. Just scan the QR code or visit www.

Colour combinations: the colour of the leather is based on the vehicle’s seat leather.20 .07.006.007. 2 wash bags.07. 1 garment bag.10 Special colour 314. while the contrast stitching and inner lining match the colour of the stitching on the Audi R8 interior.07. Standard black colour 314. 1 garment bag. 2 Choose from two sets: R8 luggage set for the interior: 2 suitcases R8 luggage set for the boot: 1 suitcase. The colour of the leather is based on the vehicle’s seat leather.086 R8 GT collection 1 Tailor-made sportiness. Standard black colour 314.006. 1 briefcase. while the contrast stitching and inner lining match the colour of the stitching on the interior.20 2 R8 luggage set for the car boot Fits neatly into the boot: 1 suitcase.007.07. 2 wash bags 1 R8 luggage set for the interior 2 suitcases for the rear seat. 1 briefcase.10 Special colour 314.

R8 GT collection 087 Choose from two sets that both perfectly complement the Audi R8. The suitcase handles are made of real carbon. Combination shown: standard black leather with contrast stitching and inner lining in light grey. The R8 luggage set makes the best possible use of the space inside the R8 and is customised to suit your needs. Coloured contrast stitching and the matching inner lining made from a premium textile fibre make these bags truly individual. The blades and various interior elements are made of carbon. All luggage items for both the interior and the boot are tailor-made. The R8 luggage set can be ordered as optional vehicle equipment. Carbon – an extraordinary material The Audi R8 is characterised not only by its irresistible athleticism. . the set is available in the R8 seat upholstery colours and each item features an embossed R8 logo. Please contact your Audi partner to order. Special colour in cognac brown with red contrast stitching. So it’s not surprising that we’ve also chosen to use carbon in the Audi collection too. but also by its innovative materials. which makes the vehicle lighter and even more dynamic. Manufactured in Germany using the finest cowskin Nappa leather.

004. gentle wash at 30 °C. Audi rings and R8 GT logos. inside pockets. Audi rings and R8 GT logos. technical material. hole pattern on the side seams.11.008. press-studs.01–05 . zip. unlined. 10 09 10 R8 GT women’s outdoor jacket Longer body. Colour: grey Sizes: 34–44 313. bound seams. long button facing with pairs of double buttons.088 R8 GT collection Always a heartbeat ahead: the Audi R8 GT.11. Limited to just 333 examples – unlike its collection. Material: 100 % cotton Colour: grey blend Sizes: XS–XL 313.01–06 09 R8 GT women’s polo shirt 100 % fine-knit cotton. gentle wash at 30 °C.–05 313. Material: 45 % cotton. Audi rings and R8 GT logos.00 06 .01–05 07 07 R8 GT women’s sweater Textured. with zip. machine wash. gentle wash.007. Audi rings and R8 GT logos.11. Material: 30 % polyester. Material: 100 % micromodal Colour: white/grey Sizes: XS–XL 313.R8 GT collection 089 08 R8 GT women’s layered shirt 08 06 R8 GT scarf Hand wash. 55 % linen Colour: brown/grey/silver Sizes: 160 x 40 cm Under shirt in grey. outer shirt in white with three-quarter-sleeves.009. 70 % cotton Colour: grey blend Sizes: XS–XL 313.

00. zip. bound seams.002.301–06 . Take on all the competition. gentle wash at 30 °C. Colour: black Sizes: 46–56 313. press-studs. inside pockets. 05 04 05 R8 GT men’s leather jacket Lambskin Nappa leather.11.11. And even if you don’t have the fastest car – you can always exude the sharpest look. Audi rings and R8 GT logos. Always be well equipped. inside pockets with zips. Colour: grey Sizes: 46–56 313. technical material.090 R8 GT collection Fear no challenge. sophisticated workmanship on the interior. Audi rings and R8 GT logos. unlined.01–06 04 R8 GT men’s outdoor jacket Longer body.

00 313.R8 GT collection 091 03 01 03 R8 GT men’s rugby shirt 100 % interlock cotton. zip collar. Audi rings and R8 GT logos. Sizes: S–XXL 313.02–06 .11. Size: universal (adjustable) 01 R8 GT men’s polo shirt Cotton/spandex piqué.010.005. 5 % spandex piqué Sizes: S–XXL 313.11. underlay / side slits / decorative stitching in red.11. Material: 95 % cotton. machine wash. broad white and grey stripes. branding with R8 GT and Audi rings on the metal clasp. machine wash.006. collar and button facing in black. grey. red contrast. branding with Audi rings and R8 GT.02–06 02 R8 GT cap Dark grey.

06. carbon-coated with a laser-engraved R8 logo. 322.07. 2 real carbon inserts. Dimensions: 3. refillable gas tank.092 R8 GT collection As exquisite to hold as the high-grip steering wheel of the Audi R8: pens and small items.002. embossed R8 logo. 318. 1 1 R8 ballpoint pen Ballpoint pen with blue large-capacity refill.00 2 2 R8 lanyard Woven strip in carbon look.9 x 6. Chrome-plated matt body.001.5 x 1.00 .003.07.00 3 3 R8 lighter Polished metal body.5 cm 323. Gas not included. intermediate metal clip with a laser-engraved R8 logo. Dynamics you can touch. Convenient piezo igniter.

RS 5 logo on the left front of the cap and silver Audi rings embroidered on the back. 318. Made in Germany.00 4 5 R5 ballpoint pen Black finish with RS 5 logo and blue metal extra large-capacity refill.00 6 RS 5 key ring Key ring with metal surface in Audi aluminium and fine cowskin leather tag with red contrast stitching and embossed RS logo. 322.013.R8 GT collection 093 4 RS 5 baseball cap Dark grey.10. made from elastic material with original Flexfit. mesh inserts in matching colours. red contrasts.006.00 5 6 .10.001.10. Size: universal RS 313.

Bindewerk is a small owner-managed workshop by the Chiemsee in Bavaria. the textured paper is chamois-coloured. they naturally convey the attitude of the brand. Your own home. . Just like your own home. They afford you pleasure every day. The raw materials used for the note book are hand-picked. the Alcantara for the binding is smooth to the touch. Selected items from the Audi collection give you just that.094 Home & Leisure Your Audi is individually designed b y you. So every piece of writing becomes something special. The place where you seek nothing but comfort. Just like the exquisite note book that we offer in cooperation with Bindewerk. And beyond that. providing outstanding functionality in exclusive materials. An exclusive retreat.

00 . writes with medium thickness. chrome-plated details and embossed Audi logo on the clip. blank 329.11. blue large-capacity refill.Home & Leisure 095 1 1 Note book Binding in high-quality Nardia microfibre that is also employed in Audi automobiles.11. Manufactured in Germany by Bindewerk.006.00 3 Ink rollerball Brown metal pen with turning function.005. medium writing thickness. 2 Format: 9 x 13 cm. 322.004. 120 pages.00 322. High-quality fountain nib with iridium point for 2 standard ink cartridges.00 3 4 2 Fountain pen Fountain pen in brown finish. Blue standard capless refill.11. 322. manufactured in Germany.11. 4 Ballpoint pen Metal pen in brown finish with turning function. Audi logo on the clip. with pen and pen holder. Embossed Audi rings.006. made from metal with chromeplated details.

medium writing thickness.11. Ink rollerball: turning mechanism.003. Ballpoint pen: turning mechanism. for 2 standard ink cartridges. Ballpoint pen 322.002. Manufactured in Germany.00 .11. blue standard capless refill. Fountain pen: high-quality nib with iridium point.11.001. blue large-capacity refill.00 Fountain pen 322. medium writing thickness.00 Ink rollerball 322. chrome-plated. embossed Audi logo on the clip with grooved structure.096 Home & Leisure Chrome-plated pens High-quality metal pens.

They are manufactured in Germany and produce an outstanding writing style.Home & Leisure 097 Make your mark.00 Ink rollerball 322. you are capturing something. an important thought. Ink rollerball: capless ink rollerball with black standard refill.10.10.10. Ballpoint pen: black standard large-capacity refill.009.00 Pencil 322. the pens are made from high-quality materials. A special memory. Just like our vehicles. Ballpoint pen 322. an ink rollerball or a pencil – all the writing utensils in the Audi collection are a delight to hold. Doesn’t that deserve special writing tools? Whether a fountain pen.00 . Made in Germany. medium writing thickness.008.010. Aluminium pens High-quality aluminium pens. In writing.5 mm lead. Pencil: 0.

refillable gas tank and inlays in brown burlwood analogous to Audi decorative trims. bottle opener with screwdriver and file. body and knife in brushed stainless steel.5 cm 323.11. Functions: LED light. Brushed metal with piezo ignitor. tooth pick and ballpoint pen.08. shuttle with tweezers. Dimensions: 3.002. 2 precise round blades in different sizes.5 x 1.001. Dimensions: 9 x 2.9 x 6.001.8 cm and 1.5 cm 2 Cigar drill Innovative sliding mechanism.5 x . Dimensions: Length 6 cm Round blade diameter: 0.9 x 6.00 4 Lighter with piano black inlay Gas lighter. scissors.00 3 Lighter with burlwood inlay Brushed metal with piezo igniter.5 cm 323.1 Pocket knife Stainless steel with black inlay.00 329.0 cm 123.5 x 1. Dimensions: 3. refillable gas tank and inlays in black piano finish analogous to Audi decorative trims.08. knife.

brown inner lining with imprinted Audi logo. Manufactured by WMF.004. handle 3 cm wide 315.Home & Leisure 099 Appreciate the simple. Love the exquisite. 5 Shopping basket Foldable shopping basket with stainless steel handle. load: 20 kg.00 .11. Dimensions: 33. black polyester material. 21 x 46 cm (open).5 x 23 cm (closed). Max.

00 . For a revitalizing drink on the go. an espresso is nicely topped off with a drop of milk. 1 1 Espresso cups 2 high-quality. The stainless steel beaker and pot make it easy to transport your favourite drink.11.and now many coffee fans swear by a sip to start their day. espressos and mochas for hundreds of years. People have enjoyed coffee. They can be securely sealed and maintain the coffee’s temperature over long periods. 329. It came into fashion a few years ago . This creates a light foam on the espresso: the crema. gift-wrapped porcelain cups with the R8 sportscar logo and gearshift pattern.007. 2 There are dozens of ways to prepare coffee and just as many variations of beans. A classic espresso is made by forcing water through finelyground coffee beans at high pressure. Made in Germany.100 Home & Leisure It’s all a question of culture. Every coffee bar serves latte macchiato. But there’s one thing they all have in common: they all taste even better when served in well designed cups. True coffee connoisseurs know that the crema’s consistency is a mark of its quality.

diameter 6–8.11.00 3 2 in 1 Thermos flask Red stainless steel. Curved diameter: approx.001.7 l 329. approx.012. Fill volume: 0.00 Small 329.00 3 4 . The bowl can be formed to create a unique shape by adjusting the metal surface. Fill volume: 33 cl Dimensions: Height 13. vacuum insulated.008. 22 cm (small) Large 329. base casing can be removed for use as second beaker.08.11.5 cm. 42 cm (large).3 cm 329.2 Beaker Brushed stainless steel.00 4 Metal bowl for fruit and sweets Bowl from white powder-coated metal. sealable with plastic screw lid featuring the Audi logo.013. Manufactured in Germany. insulating double wall.11.

Audi made unprecedented use of permanent all-wheel drive quattro® in rallying – it was the dawn of a new era. The results speak for themselves: 23 WRC race wins and four World Championships between 1981 and 1986. In the early 1980s. Walter Röhrl’s performance at Pikes Peak in 1987 is also legendary. Röhrl won the “Race to the clouds” in just 10 minutes and 47.The victory of an idea. . For Audi. The 1980s were dominated by quattro®. In his Audi Sport quattro S1. They radiate individuality and fun as well as sportiness and style. We commemorate our successes in motor racing with a Heritage collection. the high-tech operation of Formula 1: unconventional driving skills are much more important on the road circuits. Rallying conveys something completely different than. thereby becoming the first ever driver to complete the 20-kilometre uphill stretch in under 11 minutes. they recall the thrill of seeing sport and driving pleasure united as one. This is the spirit behind the items in the Heritage collection. To this day. the entire decade was shaped by rallying – and that passion was passed on to the fans. say.85 seconds.


Aviator sunglasses
Metal glasses, lenses made from high-quality polycarbonate with sun protection filter level 3 and “quattro” logo embossed on the left temple arm. Style 1 Small frame, brown/green lenses 311.11.001.00 Style 2 Large frame, dark grey lenses, lightly reflective 311.11.002.00

Style 1


Style 2

104 Heritage

Every stretch of road is a challenge. So we’re lucky that we can rely on our equipment. No matter if you’re behind the wheel or enjoying your spare time.

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Experience 30 years of quattro®, the driver of all progress. Use the QR code or go to


Men’s Heritage jacket
Retro-cool with 2 side pockets, zip, stand-up collar and side inserts in the old Audi Sport logo colours, old Audi logo badge on the sleeves, embroidered Audi Sport logo and quattro logo. Material: 100 % polyester Colour: off-white Sizes: S–XXL 313.11.044.02–06


Kids’ Heritage jacket
Retro-cool with 2 side pockets, zip, stand-up collar and side inserts in the old Audi Sport logo colours, old Audi logo badge on the sleeves, embroidered quattro logo on the neck, old Audi Sport logo on the left breast. Material: 100 % polyester Colour: off-white Sizes: 110/116–158/164 320.11.017.05–09



Kids’ Heritage polo shirt
High-quality piqué polo shirt with contrasting button facing, breast pocket as well as ribbed cuffs in the old Audi Sport logo colours, side print: Audi 90 quattro IMSA GTO. Material: 100 % cotton Colour: off-white Sizes: 110/116–158/164 320.11.016.05–09



Men’s Heritage polo shirt
High-quality piqué polo shirt with contrasting button facing, breast pocket as well as ribbed cuffs in the old Audi Sport logo colours. Material: 100 % cotton Colour: off-white Sizes: S–XXL 313.11.043.02–06

Heritage 105


5 4

Shoulder bag
The classic bag for people on the go. Shoulder bag with large main section, organizer dividers, front pouch with zip, rear compartment, adjustable strap, old quattro logo and Audi Sport logo on the front, old Audi logo on the rear. Material: synthetic leather Colour: off-white Dimensions: 28 x 32 x 15 cm 315.11.003.00


Horch resigned from his own company following a dispute and lost the rights to the name – which was why he immediately registered a new one: Audi. Or more precisely: back to 1899.001. Its trademark: the four rings. sporting the logos of the Auto Union. 1 Boules set Leather case. luxury and technical progress.10. August Horch. And this drive for ever greater innovation not only applies to our automobiles. 6 balls made from hardened carbon steel. Audi has a rich and eventful history characterised by pioneering achievement. but also to our range of accessories. Ball diameter: 7. was located in Cologne.106 Heritage Pioneering. was a leading figure in the early days of automobile construction. the Audi automotive works merged with Horch along with DKW and the Wanderer automotive manufacturing plant to create the Auto Union AG. August Horch & Cie. the Latin translation of the German word “Horch!” which means “Listen!” Around 30 years later. the founder of Audi. Some time later. which truly bring Audi’s fascinating history to life. chrome-plated with a satin finish.00 .4 cm Ball weight: 620 g 221. which today are still proudly displayed on every single Audi. Even then. his automobiles already had the edge that still defines Audi today – quality. His first company. you have to journey back through time. Right from the start To find out where it all began.

00 3 Women’s billfold Coin and note compartment with note separator.001.001. 3 card holders. Experience it via QR code or go to www.5 x 16 x 3. additional zip compartment. various card compartments.00 5 5 Mini purse Coin and bill section.002. various card compartments and zip on rear.00 Wanderer 218.09. special compartment for driver’s licence.5 cm 214.09.00 4 4 Men’s wallet Coin compartment.09.09.00 DKW 107 QR code The last Horch.002. 2 note compartments.00 . brand logo embossed on the light brown calfskin leather. 3 Horch Dimensions: 15 x 12 x 3 cm 214. Audi TV has documented an (almost) unbelievable piece of automotive history.5 cm 214.09.00 Audi 218.09.004. Dimensions: 9 x 11 x 3. Dimensions: 22.003. 2 2 Key rings With leather covering.

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