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Kedar Food Products, Beligavi

1.0 General Introduction
Organization is processes of collection of interacting and interdependent individual who work jointly under a managerial group in order to achieve certain common objective of an organization. Organization study in involving all functional departments are operating within the organization, relationship between the low management and top corporate management, structural changes, job enrichment in manufacturing firm, factors influencing the organization. In this report we can know the study history, achievements and milestone of the company and also we can get the clear picture of the financial position of Kedar Food Products ltd. The production process carried within a organization. And also SWOT is highlighted. It is one opportunity for me to carry on the corporate learning and exposure at Kedar Food Products, pickle for the fulfillment of MBA degree. This project includes the organization study.

1.1Objectives of the Study

To understand the organization structure.

 To know the functional departments of the organization and its works.  To know what are all problems faced by the KFP pickle company.  To analysis of McKENSY’S 7S frame work model.  To know the SWOT analysis of company.

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Kedar Food Products, Beligavi

1.2 Scope of the Study
This study is limited to KEDAR FOOD PRODUCT Company, Beligavi, Shiralkoppa, and Shimoga for the period of one month from august 8th to Sep 8th. The study focused on the various department of the organization. The study is helpful to gain knowledge about the organization, functions of departments and helped to identify what are the problems faced by the company.

1.3 Methodology
Methodology means the systematic study of the method. Principles, procedures and rules applied within a discipline. On the other hand this method is personal approach, where the information is collected by direct interaction with the office staff and internal guide and from websites. Research is a systematic effort to gain new knowledge from known to unknown.

1.4 Sources of Data
 Primary Data Primary data are those collected in a first time. These data are original data and these data didn’t used by any others. The main sources for primary data are observation, interview, and discus with the head of the department.  Secondary Sources The data which someone else has already collected and used for some purpose. The main sources of secondary data are websites, referred books.

1.5 Limitations
 The management refuses to give all information about the company.  The study is limited for the period of one month. Institute of Management Studies & Research Page 2

Kedar Food Products, Beligavi

2.1 Introduction
Food processing sector is critical to India's development. With India being one of the world's largest producers of food the sector plays an important role in contributing to the development of the economy. Strong growth over the past few years and the growing income of middle class population, there has been a positive impact on consumer spending and consumption in both rural as well as urban areas. India is world's second largest producer of fruits and vegetables India is largest producer of milk in the world India is third largest fish producer in the world

2.2 Food Processing Industry
Food processing involves any type of value addition to agricultural or horticultural produce and also includes processes such as grading, sorting, and packaging which enhance shelf life of food products. The food processing industry provides vital linkages and synergies between industry and agriculture. With a huge agriculture sector, abundant livestock, and cost competitiveness; India is fast emerging as a sourcing hub of processed food. India's food processing sector covers fruit and vegetables; spices; meat and poultry; milk and milk products, beverages, fisheries, plantation, grain processing and other consumer product groups such as confectionery, chocolates and cocoa products, soya-based products, mineral water, high protein foods etc. The Indian food processing industry accounts for 32 per cent of India's total food market. Estimated to be worth US$ 121 billion, it is one of the largest industries in India, and is ranked fifth in terms of production, consumption and exports. The food processing industries attracted foreign direct investments (FDI) worth US$ 1,661.85 million between April 2000 to September 2012, according to the latest data published by Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP). Institute of Management Studies & Research Page 3

Kedar Food Products, Beligavi

2.1 Global Scenario
 Global Processed Food Industry is valued at US $ 3.2 trillion and accounts for over 3/4th of global food sales.  Despite the large size of the industry, only 6% of the processed food is traded the world over as compared to bulk agricultural commodities where 16% of produce is traded.  Growth of the sector has been the highest in developed economies, especially across Western Europe, North America, Japan and Australia.  USA is the single largest consumer of processed food and accounts for 31% of global sales.  The food processing sector has seen substantial growth in developing economies with increase in GDP, per capita income and the resultant changes in lifestyle.  Organized retailing and availability of better processing technologies too have contributed to the accelerated growth of the sector.

2.3 Indian Scenario
The food processing industry in India is one of the largest in terms of production, consumption, export and growth prospects. The government has accorded it a high priority, with a number of fiscal reliefs and incentives, to encourage commercialization and value addition to agricultural produce, for minimizing pre/post-harvest wastage, generating employment and export growth. Indian’s food processing sector covers a wide range of products-fruit and vegetables; meat and poultry; milk and milk products, alcoholic beverages, fisheries, plantation, grain processing and other consumer products, like confectionery, chocolates and coco products, soya-based products, mineral water, high protein foods and so on. Institute of Management Studies & Research Page 4

 Taxation in line with other streamlining of food laws.1 India has Followings in the Processed Food Sector  India is one of the largest food producers in the world  India has diverse agro-climatic conditions and has a large and diverse raw material base suitable for food processing companies  India has huge scientific and research talent pool  A largely untapped domestic market of 1. rising per capita income-lead in to rapid growth and new opportunities in food and bevel 3rages sector  Strategic geographic location (proximity of India to markets in Europe and the far east.000 million consumers  300 million upper.Kedar Food Products. Institute of Management Studies & Research Page 5 .  Need for distribution network and cold chain  Backward-forward integration from farm to consumers  Development of marketing channels  Development of linkages between industry.3.2 Following are Major Challenges Faced by Industry  Consumer education that processed foods can be more nutritious  Low price-elasticity for processed food products.3. increased number of women in workforce. south east and west Asia) 2. government and institutions. increased literacy.and middle-class consume processed food  200 million more consumers expected to shift to processed food  Well rapid urbanization. Beligavi 2. changing lifestyle.

The ministry has accorded highly priority to this sector with a number of policy measures. grains. Beligavi 2. Institute of Management Studies & Research Page 6 . fishery’s. consumers food.4 Regulatory Regime / Food Related Laws  Ministry of Food Processing Industries: This is the main central agency responsible for promoting and regulating the food processing sector. The following are the food laws applicable to food and related products in India and the food processing industry has to comply with their legal requirements  Food Safety and Standards Act.Kedar Food Products. meat. dairy. manpower and testing facilities for better standard fixation and enforcement through their proper re-deployment. processed. sold or exported food and has been enacted to:  Consolidate the laws relating to food  Establish the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India for laying down science based standards for articles of food  Regulate manufacture. distribution. It acts as a catalyst for bringing in grater investments into this sector. poultry. 2006 This aim to achieve a high degree of consumer confidence in the quality and safety of produced. non-molasses-based alcoholic d rinks. incentives and schemes announced from time to time. The ministry covers the products of fruits and vegetables. sale and import of food articles with a view to ensure availability of safe and wholesome food for human consumption. aerated water and soft drink.  Pool infrastructure. which aims to create an appropriate climate for investment in the industry. storage. The National Food Processing Policy is one such initiative.

cleaning and processing of meat products.. tomato-puree.Kedar Food Products. PepsiCo India Holdings Nestle India Pvt. Ltd. e. grading. Beligavi 2. Institute of Management Studies & Research Page 7 . Cadbury India Ltd. Hindustan Lever Limited Milk food 2. sauces. Ltd. Britannia Industries Ltd. powdering and refining of agricultural produce. e. ground coffee. Agro Tech Foods Amul Perfetti India Ltd. biscuits and other bakery products that is ready for consumption at the point of sale.  Tertiary Processing: high value addition products like jams.g. grinding wheat into flour  Secondary Processing: basic value addition.g.5 Major Players in Indian Food processing            ITC Limited Parle Products Pvt.6 Types of Food Processing The extent of processing can be categorized as follows:  Primary Processing: cleaning..

dried fruits and vegetables and fruit juice concentrates. Value in Rs Mn) Institute of Management Studies & Research Page 8 . Presently. Beligavi 2. jams. the processing of fruits and vegetables is estimated to be around 2. canned fruits and vegetables. The major processed items in this segment are fruit pulps and juices. squashes.Kedar Food Products. canned mushroom and mushroom products.1 mn tonnes in 2006. pickles.7 Present Prospectus of Food Industry  Fruits & Vegetables The installed capacity of fruits and vegetables processing industry has doubled from 1. The new arrivals in this segment are vegetable curries in retortable pouches.2% of the total production in the country. chutneys and dehydrated vegetables. Exports of Processed Fruits & Vegetables (Quantity in MT.1 mn tonnes in January 1993 to 2. fruit based ready-to-serve beverages.

000 480 11.000 12.) 2. Gaurav around 20 to 25 per cent per annum.000 40 3. onion. according to a Franchise India report released at the Indian Restaurant Congress. the organized market is expected to grow even faster . Perishables (fruits. Beligavi Present Level of Production of Different Types of Food Commodities Type of food Commodity 1. The Indian food services industry is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of around 12 per cent during 2012-2015.370 billion (US$ 25. Semi-perishables (potato.) 3. "In the future. fish. etc. Institute of Management Studies & Research Page 9 .77 billion) and is growing at a healthy compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17 per cent. eggs etc. vegetables.8 Future Prospectus The Indian food services industry is estimated to be nearly worth Rs 75. Durables (cereals pulses.000 crore (US$ 13.000 Value (Rs.000 210 15. President of Franchise India.) Total/Average Quantity (Mt) 230 Average price 10.16 billion) by 2015.000 2.604 557. It is expected to reach Rs 1. 'Indian Food Services Market Forecast to 2015'.Kedar Food Products. milk. as per a RNCOS research report titled. sweet potato. tapioca etc. oilseeds. meat. In Crore) 230.000 315." according to Mr.

. Beligavi CHAPTER 3 COMPANY PROFILE Introduction The Kedar Food Product company (KFP) started in1985. In that time they were having only 2 workers. In this company produce different varieties of pickles. Mrs. M. The company covers 80% areas in Karnataka.Kedar Food Products. Karnataka. 3.L.L.N. The pickles company is mainly depending on the seasonal products like mango. M. Lakshmanshetti. The company is having a seasonal and continuous production process. Institute of Management Studies & Research Page 10 . she was analysis the market and she captures the opportunity in the market. this type of pickles are stored and preserved for longer period. The founder of the company is Mrs. Lakshmanshetti Established Location : 1985 : Belgavi. Now they produce 6tone pickles in one a day. Shimoga (d). When they start industry they were invested only Rs 1000 and produce 50kg pickles in first time.N. Whenever there is demand or order for pickles then the company goes for produce pickles using preserved vegetables. Shiralkoppa.0 Company Profile Company’s full name Founder : Kedar Food Product co. Later year to year increase in production capacity. Shiralkoppa. M. M. Vasantamma and Mr. Vasantamma and Mrs. and chili etc. lemon. : Mrs. Karnataka. Is one of the famous pickles industries in a market. Vasantamma is a proprietor of the company. KFP Company having a brand name is A1 pickles. shimogga. The company is situated in Belgavi. It has agents all over the Karnataka.

 To provide good quality products to final consumers.1 Present Position of Company Employees Production capacity Sells Turnover : 150 : 6tones per day : 5 tons per day : 3 core in a year : 150 : 180 tons per month : 08187-234481 : 08187-233591 Objective of the Company  To earn profit with low cost.  To survival and sustain in the market.  Produce good quality products.  Discipline in the company.Kedar Food Products. Values  Maintain cleanness in the work place. Beligavi Employees Production Telephone no Fax 3. Institute of Management Studies & Research Page 11 .

The plant located in Beligavi. Its best strategy is maintained or produces good quality products. it is about 2km from Shiralkoppa town. The location having necessary infrastructure facility like power. shimogga (D). if in the case the power failure.30-3 pm : 4-4. cutting room. Working Schedule Work starts Leaser Lunch time Leaser Finishing time : 9 am : 12-12.The total land available is 2 acres. transportation. The land is having all infrastructure facility.2 Infrastructure Facility Location: . Land: . Building: . etc. Beligavi Nature of Business The KFP Company manufacturing the different types of pickles according to the market demand and availability of raw materials. The company produces the products to meet the orders from the agents. Power: . communication etc.30 pm : 6 pm 3. water supply. shiralkoppa. Institute of Management Studies & Research Page 12 . production & packing rooms. the company having generator facility. road.The KFP has constructed a building according to the process of production.Kedar Food Products. There are various sections like store room.The KFP is having power facility.30 pm : 2.

and other raw materials are same for all product like salt. asafetida. Beligavi Transportation: . lemon etc. chili. Plant &Machinery: . 3. etc. The KFP having own vehicles for transportation and to meet the customer orders. so it having good transportation facility.  Citron pickle  Janani pickles (lemon pickles)  Mixed pickles  Tender mango pickles Raw Materials  Mango pieces  Lemon pieces  Citron pieces  Green chili  Methi  Jeera Institute of Management Studies & Research Page 13 . mixing machines.For the purpose of production KFP have different machines like mango cutting machines. For the preparation of different products they need different variety of sources like mango. The company having only one vehicle for transportation. mustered. sealing machine.3 Product Profile The Kedar Food Product Company produces different variety of pickles. The company produces products they are.  Janani pickles : Janani pickles is made by using mango pieces  Sankranthi pickles: This pickles made by using lemon.Kedar Food Products.The location is nearest to city.. spices.

 Lack of transportation facility. Mango Pickle Institute of Management Studies & Research Page 14 .  More computation in the market.Kedar Food Products.  Poor experienced labors.  Financial problems. Beligavi  Turmeric  Sugar  Salt  Chili  Mustard  Asafetida  Edible oil &  Spices Problems Facing by the Company  Lack of raw materials.

Beligavi Lemon Pickle Mixed Pickle Institute of Management Studies & Research Page 15 .Kedar Food Products.

 Align departments process during a merger  Determine how best to implement a proposed strategy. new systems and so on the model can be used to understanding how the organizational elements are interrelated.Kedar Food Products. new process. waterman. the model is most often used as a tool to asses and monitor changes in the internal situation of an organization. Objectives  To improve the performance of a company  To examine the likely refers of further changes within a company. The model can be used to help identify what needs to be realigned to improve performance or maintain organization well structuring all functional departments. organizational merger. The model consists of 7 elements. Whatever the type of change –restructuring. The McKinsey 7s framework is a management model developed by well known business consultants Robert H. Beligavi CHAPTER 4 ANALYSIS OF McKINSEY 7’S MODELS AND FUNCTIONAL DEPARTMENT The 7-s framework of Mckinsey is a value based management that describes the how one can holistically and effectively organizing a company all activities. it is a tool for managerial analysis and action that provides a structure. a good strategy to solve the managerial problems and to effectively manage the company. Jr and Tom peter in 1980s. Institute of Management Studies & Research Page 16 .

rules and regulations to low level management. Is development of specific process or information systems to support all activities. Beligavi 4. Every success of organization is depending upon well structural organization structure. The top management implements the policies.0 Structure The organization structure refers to the network of relationships among individuals and positions in on organization. The top to low management should be well communicatable. decision making. Organization structure is for carrying out of the functional planning.Kedar Food Products. The way the organizations units related to each other like functional divisions. The modification of organizational structure to support digital marketing. It make simple and it must be communicatable to every employees. All information should be communicating properly to Institute of Management Studies & Research Page 17 . control and communication. network from top to down.

functions and duties.Kedar Food Products. Beligavi employees and avoid confusion of deleting their work. Organization structure is the basic framework to designate responsibility. Organization Structure Managing Director Production Manager HR Manager Finance Manager Marketing Manager Supervisor Supervisor Sales & Distribution Workers Workers Agents Institute of Management Studies & Research Page 18 .

Institute of Management Studies & Research Page 19 . Output refers to finish products for this manufacture need some raw materials and other resources. It has to satisfy consumer needs. Managing director is in top management and he appoints the production manager. Before distribution of product it should inspect quality of products. This department produces the products according to the order or information by marketing department. Following are the main department in organization  Production department  HR department  Finance department  Marketing department 4. When a business completes this process they are able to achieve customer satisfaction by producing products that are ready to be used and fit for purpose.Kedar Food Products. Beligavi Analysis The above organization structure shows the managing patterns of the company. They will need to carry out inspection and implement suitable quality initiatives. The department having main responsibility like it has to maintain and produce good quality of products. All functional activities controlling by the managing director. customer satisfaction will be decreased or if products are ruined during the production process it means that the company will have to throw "bad" products away.1. This is one of the major duties of this department because if mistakes are made on products. He always contact and coordinate with all departments. Each and every product having good quality. marketing manager and HR manager. He is one person take any decisions in the organization. finance manager.1 Production Department Production is a systematic process of conversion of inputs into output.

he assigns work to workers. The department having only one machine and the cost of this machine is 2lakhs. the production department headed by managing director.  Mango Cutting Machine This machine used for only cutting mangos only. Managing director assign work to supervisor. They use 3 different types of machines they are. The department have interlink with other department in the organization and having good storage rooms. Institute of Management Studies & Research Page 20 . Beligavi In KFPL company having a good ventilation facility within the production department and outside of the department. Production Department Structure Manager Supervisor Workers The KFPL Company. Managing director is solve the problem whatever comes in production department. He assigns the works to workers. For the production process they use different type of machines according to the procedure. They having layout according to the process of production. He is checking the quality of production. He is responsible to maintain all activities relating to production of products.Kedar Food Products. The organization maintains good quality in the production process and maintain clean environment. If any wrong in the production.

Production Process Purchasing Wash & Dry Cutting section Crud and Store Mixing with other Packaging Institute of Management Studies & Research Page 21 . This machine used for the purpose of packing and sealing pickles packs. The cost of this machine is Rs.Kedar Food Products. The cost of this machine Rs. 60000. Beligavi  Mixing Machine This machine used for mix the vegetable fruits and mango with the all ingredients.  Sealing Machine In the production department having 8 sealing machines. 15000.

After the crud and store slices.  Cutting Section After wash and dry the vegetables and fruits then next step is to go for cutting section. then it go for next step is mixing all main raw material with other sub raw materials. when the company gets an order for pickles. knife and by hands. lemon etc. The main raw materials are available in particular seasons. Institute of Management Studies & Research Page 22 . lemon and other vegetables are wash in clean and then dry them.  Mixing with other Here. mustard etc. Here there use specified cutting machines for mango only. And other type materials are available in all situations. This is the main process increasing the taste of pickles. If company crud and store it in salt with longer duration then the tastes of pickles are increasing.  Wash and Dry In this process after purchasing main raw materials like mango. These raw material are cut into a specified slices by using cutting machines. Beligavi  Purchasing The KFP Company. first job is to purchase all raw materials whatever is needed for production. and other raw material which includes spices. so the company purchases more raw materials in that different seasons from the formers.  Crud and Store In this process store and curd all small slices in salt for a some of periods. oil.Kedar Food Products. In raw material there are 2 different types such as main raw material like mango.

 Quality Control Quality control is an important part of any food preparation process. The packs are all in specified size. At the final stage of production. It is particularly important in pickle making because poor quality control will result in an unpalatable product. salt. During production. they are discarded. Trained workers inspect the vegetables for any signs of spoilage. methi. mustard. regular quality control measures should be taken by the company.  Maintain good quality  Avoid unanticipated accident in production department. oil.  Production Department Functions  Maintain good quality of production  Updating production process time to time  Take measures to avoid accidents in working time. asafetida. sugar. The process begins in the field while the vegetables are being harvested.  Minimizing wastage of raw material. Beligavi then next is slices are mixing with other raw materials such as spices. jeer. Most manufacturers set specifications that the vegetables must meet before use.Kedar Food Products. If any spoiled cucumbers are found. chili by using mixing machines. turmeric.  Packaging After finishing all process of production the last step is packaging of final product in different packages.  Objectives of Production Department  Improving quality of productions. company test the product all raw materials contains is correct or not. Institute of Management Studies & Research Page 23 .

work in process and stores. spices.2 Purchase Department Purchasing is a main step for production process in the organization. etc. So the company purchasing that material and kept it for period of one year until the season come for next year. it may include raw materials. sugar. There is. They purchase a raw material when there is reorder level. The purchasing department objective is providing optimum level and good quality necessary raw material within a reasonable time.1. Other than main raw material (chili. a time lag between the recognition of need and its fulfillment. 4. It serves as a link between production and distribution processes. KFP Co is adopting Determination of stock level techniques for inventory management.) are purchase on the basis of demand and requirement for production of pickles. right price and right terms  Ensuring the continuity of supply  Selection and evaluation of suppliers/vendors  Preserving and enhancing reputation of company  Aware of all supply options  Maintain stock level Institute of Management Studies & Research Page 24 . They also purchase raw material on the basis of demand and some raw materials are available in some seasonal only. etc. generally. Beligavi  Inventory Management Every enterprise needs inventory for smooth running of its activities. In accounting concept it may mean stock of finished goods only. In a manufacturing concern.  Functions of Purchase Department  To buy at the right time.Kedar Food Products.

This department wants to communicate and reach our products to final consumer. If the marketing department observes any default in the products and production department then it should communicate to production department to correct the default and improve the products quality. Purchasing department must maintain optimum level of raw materials. The raw materials are available in different seasons and within that season the purchasing department must purchase high quantity with good quality of raw materials whichever is necessary for production process. Market is main department in every organization to marketing product and communicates the people. This department inform to production department relating to size and quality of productions on the basis of demand and supply of products within the market.1. Marketing having a good distribution channels in the market. It tries to attract the consumer by providing good quality with different packaging style and with advertisement by using different communication channels. This department is very important to every organization for success in the market. 4. Institute of Management Studies & Research Page 25 .3 Marketing Department Marketing department is a systematic process in the organization. Marketing means buy and selling of goods within particular area. Some companies fail to sustain in the market because the reason is poor marketing activity. Marketing activity in important rather than other activity in the organization. Beligavi KFP co. its manufacturing process is mainly depending on the seasonal raw materials.Kedar Food Products. Marketing is main object is to build good customer relationship by satisfying the customers. Marketing activity is very important to capture market and survival in the market.

He should take decisions relating to marketing like packaging. he prepares new good marketing strategies. stores in different areas. He prepares new plans. advertising. He should analyses market conditions and identify the customers are what they are expecting and also in which way communicate the people. According to competitors’ market strategy. Institute of Management Studies & Research Page 26 . He do research in market and identify which product is necessary for people. marketing manager gives guidelines to sales and distribution departments. Its main work is to selling of products to agents in different areas. selection of distribution channels etc. he is responsible to all market activity. Then the agents are all sell the products to different shops. Then lastly the shops sell to consumer. Beligavi Market Department Structure Manager Sales & Distribution Agents Analysis Manager in the marketing department. In KFP Company. strategies for promoting a product.Kedar Food Products.

Is used for a particular product for specific firm. On this basis. Product price including all expenses incurred for prepare a products and also percentage of fixed profits. supply of product.Kedar Food Products. It indicates good quality and its products are all number one in the market. but they different form another company products brand name. A firm can use any words or pictures or may use slogans or symbols etc. The KFP company fix the Institute of Management Studies & Research Page 27 . .  Design good package style with good protective measure. competitors price etc. Beligavi  Functions of Marketing Department  Prepare well plans and strategies. From the brand name the people can recognize the products very easily. Some firms determine the price on the basis of competitors price.  Select promotional channels and it must be easily identified by the consumers. demand for products.  Choose good distribution channels.  The advertisement must be understandable by people. the firms are deciding the prices.  Fixing price for products by considering all the factors. market conditions.  Do market research time to time. This company having good reputation as well as brand name. The KFP Company’s brand name is A1 pickles.  Brand Brand name is different from one product to another or differs from one company to another. These types of brand names are attracting the people easily. cost of production etc.  Price Determination of price for products is very difficult task. cost of production. penetration price.. There is so many types in price determine is skimming price..

In product price they involve cost plus 5% profit. In the time of transportation they may be chances of damages and may be chances of decrease quality of product. 2kg. labels etc. Without promotion activity any company cannot sustain in the market. while determining the product price. They don’t bother about market fluctuations. plastic covers. KFP company packaging method is very good and it use materials for packaging is containers. covers. 1kg. Beligavi price for different variety pickles on the basis of production process cost and it follow cost of production method. Competitors’ product price and any other factors. they use different type of labels for different variety of pickles. plastic bottles.Kedar Food Products. This company pickles available in the minimum size is ¼ kg to maximum level packs is 5 kg packages. So the marketing manager should choose correct packaging method. Institute of Management Studies & Research Page 28 . ½ kg.  Promotion Without give advertisement any people cannot identify our products which are available in the market. ¼ kg. and 5kg pickles bottles are available.  Packaging The main task is attracting the consumer by way of different packaging and also another task is package must protect the product. But the KFP company starting to till know is didn’t give any advertisement in any media but also the company products are very popular in the market and it having very good reputation in the market.

These agents are purchase products from the company and then they sell it to shops and stores. Human resource management involve in recruitment. selection. motivation.  Build good relation among the employees.1. In all Karnataka.  To maintain human resources properly. they are having agents.  Objectives of Human Resources  To acquiring the employee according to requirements.  Communicate all HR policies to all employees.  Provide well trained employees to organization. Beligavi  Distribution This company is having very strong distribution channel. Institute of Management Studies & Research Page 29 .Kedar Food Products.  To full utilization all resources in organization. The company having 26 agents with in the Karnataka.4 Human Resources Department Human resource management refers to managing employees and builds good relationship between the management and employees in the organization. performance appraisal of employee and other activities. The company products are distributing through agents. 4. procurement.

Institute of Management Studies & Research Page 30 .  Recruiting the employees.  Maintaining staffs.  Build good relations among the employees.  Maintaining all records relating to human resources. Beligavi Human Resource Department Structure Director Manager Supervisor Workers  Functions of Human Resource Department  Planning for recruiting.Kedar Food Products.

 Recruit the employee. induction etc. There is no procedure to recruiting employees like application. They directly recruit the employees on the basis of his character or behaviors.  They call for job. Institute of Management Studies & Research Page 31 . they do not to adopt any application procedures. Recruiting the employee when there is a more demand for products and if there is a scarcity of workers in the company. interview.Kedar Food Products. In this company. Beligavi Human Resource Department Process Acquisition of human Development of human resources Motivation of human Resources Maintenance of human resource  Recruit Procedure  The manager identifies need of workers in the company.

Wages and salaries in cash consist of wages or salaries payable at regular weekly. case studies. The employees having good relation with the  Training Organized activity aimed at imparting information and/or instructions to improve the recipient's performance or to help him or her attain a required level of knowledge or skill.Kedar Food Products. In this way they do not lose time while they are training or learning. They give instruction and guidelines to employees relating to how to do job. Uneducated can also do work. plus Institute of Management Studies & Research Page 32 . see also on the job training.  Salary and Wages Wages and salaries include the values of any social contributions. The company use on the job training program and it for the period of 1 to 5days only. Because the company is need only employees is not require any qualification for doing a job. Types of Training  On-the-job On-the-job trainings are given to the employees while they are conducting their regular works at the same places. A time table should be establish with periodic evaluations to inform employees about their progress. etc. Beligavi The employees those who are working in this company are all not educated. KFP Company gives on the job training to newly recruit employees. simulation. employees should be informed about the details. including payments by results and piecework payment. It often utilizes lectures. There is no specific training schedule or department. management. role playing. monthly or other intervals.  Off –the-job Employee training at a site away from the actual work environment. After a plan is developed for what should be taught.

The term finance refers to money or a fund available to a firm.Kedar Food Products.  Payment of wages and salaries  Payment of bills. 4. It gives additional wages for doing additional extra work by workers.  Functions of Finance Department  Maintain all books of accounts and keep all records relating to business. Company is giving 220 rupees per day for male employees and 190rupees for female employees. There is a necessity of managing the funds properly and efficiently for achieving the object of the business. Without finance in business is like without blood in body. plus amounts paid to employees away from work for short periods.  Allocate firm’s funds to all departments or activities. every company should provide fair wages and other facilities to workers.1.5 Finance Department Finance is main part in the organization. The salary is providing on the basis of gender of employees.  Properly use funds within a organization. Business finance is concerned with the acquisition and utilization of funds in a business. So is the financial activity which is concerned with the planning and controlling of the firm financial resources.  Preparation of final accounts and annuls reports. According to minimum wages act of 1936. The KFP co is providing fair salary to workers once in a week. Institute of Management Studies & Research Page 33 . Beligavi allowances such as those for working overtime. Without finance we can’t do any one small activity also.

marketing the products. 4. Beligavi In KFP co. verbal skill. Finance manager have some skills like maintain all transactions and book of account. Institute of Management Studies & Research Page 34 . Through providing training and development to employee for enhancing skills. writing.2 Skills Skills refers to distinctive capabilities of the staff but can be interpreted as specific skill sets of team members. Production department require more skill regarding production to maintain good quality. Yearly one time auditor is auditing all records of the company. from this they can arrange the work and they identify is a need of training to employees. material resources and also appraisal of employee performance. The skill includes those characteristics or distinctive competence which most people use to describe a company. Market and HR department require good communication. The company requires some technical skills for production and manufacturing. Higher level management must having good analytical skills like analyzing in dividable employee strength and weakness. The different functional departments need different skills. Marketing executive have a skills like verbal and writing communication. HR manager or executive are have special skills for formulae the training and development programs. use of resources may be human. all financial activities are managed by finance manager.Kedar Food Products. Those employees must have better knowledge about the company. strength to do a work. There are no workers in the finance department except manager. Skills indicate that an employee having a some skills to needed to do work or to follow organization plans policies and strategies. Every organization staff having specific skills. good contact with customer good speaking skills.

So the training period is limited. The leadership approach of top management and the company’s overall operating approach. The KFP Company is having different style.  Training KFP ltd company training program is very simple.. Style is the leadership approach. understanding capacity.3 Style Style includes both the way in which key managers behave in achieving the organizations goals and the cultural style of the organization as a whole. It does work time to time according Institute of Management Studies & Research Page 35 . behavior etc. Analysis of Skill Skill is a person knowledge. Company is very honest and it give more importance to work as well as customers. So the fresh employee can understand the work quickly. The training period is between the 5 days to 10 days. the organization is allocating the work to employees on the basis of their skill and knowledge about the work. Beligavi In KFP Company. Company do performance appraisal time to time and provide training for the purpose of improve skills and knowledge of the work. How managers collectively spend their time.Kedar Food Products. workers they are have huge skilled manpower. also the way in which the organization employees present themselves to the outside world contact with the customer and suppliers. attention and how they use symbolic behavior. The pickles production process is simple work and any one can do that work. 4. The company is satisfying the customer needs through providing good quality products by using well skilled workers. The workers are specialized in their specific work in the organization. It provide on the job training.

 To provide products with less cost  To create good image in the mind of people by using attractive brand name is A1 pickles. They want to do work to satisfy the consumer by producing different varieties of pickles to market. Shared values are what engender trust. over time. Likewise KFP Company also has some strategies.4 Strategy Strategy refers to plans for the allocation of firm scare resources. mindsets. 4. The strategy shows how do we deal with competitive pressure? How are changes in customer demands dealt with? How is strategy adjusted for environment issues? Every company adopts some strategies to compete with others or it would be provide good quality of products to customers. communicating as well as implements the objectives. to reach identified goals.5 Shared Values Shared values are commonly held beliefs. Institute of Management Studies & Research Page 36 . Strategy is  To encourage the formers who growth main raw materials of pickles like mango. Beligavi to the order received. strategies are directing all manager. set of a decisions and actions aimed at gaining a sustainable advantage over the competition. 4. Is a direction and scope of the company over the long term. lemon etc  To provide best quality products to customers. and assumptions that shape how an organization behaves its corporate culture.Kedar Food Products.

including its core processes and its support systems. duties.Kedar Food Products. All the information should systematically follow from top management to low level management. responsibilities of employees within the organization. Beligavi They are an interconnecting center of the 7Ss model. covering everything from management information systems at the point of contact with the customer. motivations etc. 4. They refer to the procedures. and it also involve rules and regulations. Values are the identity by which a company is known throughout its business areas. training. Systems include:         Business System Business Process Management System (BPMS) Management information system Innovation system Performance management system Financial system/capital allocation system Compensation system/reward system Customer satisfaction monitoring system Institute of Management Studies & Research Page 37 .6 Systems Formal and informal procedure that goner everyday activity. Systems define the flow of activities involved in the daily operation of business. Shared value it refers to all firms activities like HR planning. purchasing plans. These values must be explicitly stated as both corporate objectives and individual values. processes and routines that are used to manage the organization and characterize how important work is to be done. recruiting. it central beliefs and attitudes. what the organization stands for and what it believes in.

placing. planning. Staffing may be defined as filling and keeping files the position in the organization structure.Kedar Food Products. and training or otherwise developing both candidates and current job holder so that tasks are accomplishing effectively and efficiently Institute of Management Studies & Research Page 38 . Beligavi 4. the careers of compensating. selecting. appraising. this is done by identifying world force requirement. Investing the people available and recruiting. promoting.7 Staff "Staff" refers to the number and types of personnel within the organization and how companies develop employees and shape basic values.

A SWOT analysis can be carried out for a product. place or person.  Labor cost is very less. Institute of Management Studies & Research Page 39 .  Well supply of raw material and it can meet future demand easily. These strengths should be realistic and not modest. it is imperative that they be considered from both the view of the firm as well as from the customers that are dealt with.  Full demand in non seasonal also. It involves specifying the objective of the business venture or project and identifying the internal and external factors that are favorable and unfavorable to achieving that objective The usefulness of SWOT analysis is not limited to profit-seeking organizations.0 Strength When writing down strengths.Kedar Food Products. Beligavi CHAPTER 5 SWOT ANALYSIS SWOT analysis (alternately SWOT Matrix) is a structure planning method used to evaluate the Strengths. SWOT analysis may be used in any decision-making situation when a desired endstate has been defined.  Good environment. SWOT analysis may also be used in pre-crisis planning and preventive crisis management.  Less cost of production. A well-developed listing of strengths should be able to answer a couple of questions. Opportunities. Weaknesses.  Skilled workers with good coordination. SEOT analysis may also be used in creating a recommendation during a viability study 5. and Threats involved in a project or in a business venture.  The company is having good brand name in the market.

1 Weakness Weaknesses should also be considered from an internal and external viewpoint.Kedar Food Products. A well-developed listing of weaknesses should be able to answer a few questions.  Lack of infrastructure facility  High degree competition in market.  It depends on domestic market only. lemon etc. Institute of Management Studies & Research Page 40 .  The company is more depending on the seasonal products like mango.  The company is giving more importance to production rather than marketing. What can be improved? What is done poorly? What should be avoided?  There is no contact between the company and final consumers. It is important that listing of a firm’s weakness is truthful so that they may be overcome as quickly as possible. Delaying the discovery of weaknesses that already exist within a company will only further hurt the firm. Beligavi 5.

capability of achieving global standard  Start new branches in different area. Raw materials are depending on seasonal productions.3 Threats Threats are all external factors. opportunity for securing skilled people. changes in prices of raw materials. 5. deflations. etc.      Competition from other country products. Environmental effect on then production Institute of Management Studies & Research Page 41 .2 Opportunities Opportunities are all external factors that are facilitate to business directly or indirectly. increasing in percentage of tax. Beligavi 5. But these external changes it may be affect on the business goals. Such as capacity of meeting higher demand.  Improve the efficiency of worker by providing good training. Decrease in supply of raw materials. Scarcity of raw materials. mission. inflation. which are not controlled by the organization.  Attract consumers by providing more advertisement in different channels.  Diversify the business activity.  Make a contract with the farmer those who are supply raw materials. The threats may be more competitions.Kedar Food Products.

 Lack of infrastructure facility.  Workers are expert in work.Kedar Food Products. SUGGESTIONS AND CONCLUSIONS 6.  Workers are well trained. Beligavi CHAPTER 6 FINDINGS.  More involve in promotion activities.1 Suggestion  Improve in Infrastructure facility  Adopt new type of technology in production process.  Its products covered within Karnataka only.  Build well structure system.  Large number of human resource available in surrounding the company.  Good co ordination between the employee and management.  It is having more than 26 agents all over the Karnataka.0 Findings  More demand from different area in Karnataka. Institute of Management Studies & Research Page 42 .  Recruit educated employees. 6.  Safety and welfare programs to employees.  The company having its own vehicles to transportation.

Beligavis. Beligavi 6. It having own transportation facility. I was able to gather information regarding the company and its working conditions. The company is having good environment condition and also good infrastructure facility. The KFP co has good reputation in a market. The company should concentrate on promotion of products because the competitors are increasing in the market.2 Conclusion I had the opportunity to take my organizational study at Kedar Food Products co. Institute of Management Studies & Research Page 43 . The KFP co is very famous in manufacturing of pickles and it produces variety of pickles with reasonable price. within a span of 1month.Kedar Food Products.