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In Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Course: GAN 606 – Seminar in Nursing
“Trends and Issues on Health Delivery System in the Philippines” Care

Presented by: Seminar in Nursing Class 2010 (1st semester) Presented to: JOAN PRUDENCIANO LUGTI, RN MAN

Mortos Objectives 1. To find a credible guest speaker who will speak about the topic 2. Agno Lydia B. Mortos The Committee • • Canvassing Liquidation of Accounts received and payables Liquidation of Accounts received and payables • . Alfaro Aileen P. Agno • • The Committee and the whole class • General meeting with the whole class Lydia B. Alfaro Clarisse Dianne L. Alfaro Ivan Yerro Nicanor A. To allocate the funds collected to different committee heads 7. Almendral Nicanor A. De Castro Nicanor A. To do checking and balance of funds collected Clarisse Dianne L. To serve as a liaison offer between the class and the guest speaker 3. To deal with technical letters that is submitted to office and do follow-up checking to see if they were approved 5. and GSHS of the upcoming seminar Person Responsible Ivan Yerro Lydia B. De Castro Fer Queen P.Ways and Means Committee Members: Clarisse Dianne L. To inform offices such as OSDS. Almendral Aileen P. VPA. De Castro Fer Queen P. Agno Lydia B. De Castro • • • Means and Resources Checked the availability of the proposed speakers Letter of Invitation Coordination with the guest speaker regarding their needs at the seminar proper and fees Proposal Letter Budget Proposal (source and allocation of funds) Program Schedule Curriculum Vitae of Speaker Letter of Acceptance from Guest Speaker Venue Follow up on GSHS and VPA • • • • • 4. To collate budget proposals from other committees and propose the amount of contribution per student 6.

since the venue that we were eyeing host students from another graduate school. since it is part of the requirements we need to submit. We were so blessed as well that we still have a few amount returned to everyone since we have collected a few peso higher than what we spent. the graduate school allowed us to use the Bulwagan in exchange for other rooms that they can utilize. resulted to rescheduling their seminar. before the event would transpire. through a good talk. The huge problem we encountered is when the University policy were changed. We need to submit all the requirements listed at OSDS within 10 working days. Luckily. What we highly recommend as a committee is for the students and the department as well to be fully aware of the newest update on the procedure of the University. likewise the University must do its part in . Budget was never an issue for the class is more than willing to shell out money from their pockets just for the seminar to commence. And we were also blessed to be squeezed in to her busy schedule and amazingly have time to share her expertise about the seminar topic. The class. We were lucky to have a few classmates who were connected to the invited guest speaker. We have a thought of asking one person who knows well about the topic but due to schedule constraints we need to find a quick alternative. being unaware of the new policy. which led us to reschedule the seminar for quite some time to give way to the time frame they have set for us to accomplish and file all the necessary papers needed before our seminar could commence. Another problem that was encountered was securing a venue. and the department was not even aware of the updated process on securing permits to do a seminar.Recommendations and Insights: The first problem that was encountered is who we are going to invite as a guest speaker.

**Attached herewith are documents which were required to be secured by the Office of Student Affairs. close to them. All documents must be submitted in triple copies. Next is that be 101% sure of the availability of the guest speaker. Check the upcoming schedules and have someone.** .informing al the departments of the updates that have happened at their end. for he / she will be the one who would give informative talk about your topic. (The request to conduct / hold the activity should be submitted to the OSDS ten (10) working days before the conduct of the activity and attachments must be complete. to be always at their side so whenever they will be needing anything the students will be there to assist them.

a graduate student will surely come across with the subject GAN 606: Seminar in Nursing. Joan P. we will try to make internal arrangements with them and try to come up with the best possible arrangement that will work for both parties. Diano Dean. __________________ Clarisse Dianne L. Alberto G. ethical. We are hoping for your kind consideration and thank you very much.Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila Graduate School of Health Sciences Intramuros. 2010 Dr. Lugti. Romualdez. Virginia N. GSHS . and other issues in nursing administration and research. Santos Vice President for Academic Affairs Thru: Engr. We. we desire to utilize the Bulwagang Manilenyo as our seminar setting as it is conducive for our expected participants. Lugti. wherein they will prepare and implement seminars that will aid them in critically analyzing current legal. the students enrolled in the said course this 1st semester of the SY 2010-2011. are planning to conduct the following seminars on the designated dates: • September 25. Dennis Edward E. As for the venue. Manila September 21. Romualdez Dean. Respectfully. Office of Student Development and Services Throughout the PLM GSHS graduate program. Agno Class Representative Noted By: __________________ Joan P. 2010 (8:00 – 11:00 am) – “Trends and Issues on Health Care Delivery System in the Philippines” Speaker: • Alberto G. Since the venue is being occupied by the Graduate School of Management through out the school year. under the supervision of Prof. MD – Dean of Graduate School of Health Sciences Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila In line with this course requirement. RN. MAN Class Adviser Recommending Approval: ___________________ Dr. we would like to ask permission to conduct the said activity on the specified date.

000 P500 / Plaque of appreciation P1500 /stipend for the speaker P1000 Total: P9. Tonolete 10:45 AM 11:15 AM 11:30 AM Awarding of Certificate of Appreciation to the Guest Speaker Closing Remarks Neil Ivan R. Rita V. Yerro Co – Chairman II. RN. PROGRAM 8:30 AM 9:00 AM 9:15 AM 9:30 AM 9:45 AM Registration Invocation National Anthem Opening Remarks Introduction of Speaker Trends and Issues on Health Care Delivery System in the Philippines Open Forum Joanna Paula A. Pineda Clarisse Dianne L. Jacinto Joanne Paula O.250 Speaker: Physical Arrangement (decorations) . Tamse.000 P25 / certificate x 100 Tarpaulin: P 400 Registration: P100 P2. MAN Deputy Director for Nursing Philippine General Hospital Juan Paolo M. BUDGET PROPOSAL: (for 100 participants) Food: P3.250 Money from contribution: P9. Agno Over-all Chair Nicanor A.250 P30 / participants x 100 participants P250 / for the speaker x 3 Documentation: P3.I. Alfaro Head Nurse PACU-PGH Ma.

Romualdez.250 VENUE: Bulwagang Manilenyo GUEST SPEAKER: • Alberto G. MD – Dean of Graduate School of Health Sciences Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila IV. SOURCE OF FUND: GSHS students under the seminar of nursing class voluntary contribution: P370 / student x 25 students enrolled = P9. . V.III.

To purchase adequate and pleasant food for expected number of participants. honourable guests. To manage effectively the approved budget 6. To secure a conducive and appropriate venue for the planned seminar on the 25th September 2010 2.Food and Physical Arrangement Committee Members: Juan Paolo Tonolete Ivan Yerro Lorraine Ong Oliver Torcuator Objectives 1. To get hold of the available LCD projector for seminar use 4. To obtain access to use necessary sound system on the day of the seminar 3. To submit budget proposal on materials and food expenses to the Treasurer 5. and speaker 7. To prepare and organize venue in terms of physical arrangements and cleanliness Person Responsible Ivan Yerro • Paolo Tonolete • Ivan Yerro • • • • • • • • • The Committee • Means and Resources Proposal Letter Coordination with GSHS Office of VP Administration Proposal Letter Coordination with GSHS Office of VP Administration Proposal Letter Coordination with GSHS and for and for Ivan Yerro Paolo Tonolete Lorraine Ong Oliver Torcuator Lorraine Ong Oliver Torcuator Regular meeting and Online discussions Regular meeting and Online discussions Canvassing Php 1200 for participants (100 pax) Php 600 for guests (3 pax) Coordination with the University Utility Workers .

With a closed and air-conditioned atmosphere.Evaluation: The seminar’s venue. Considering the students’ financial resources. 22 out of the total participants or 31% gave very satisfactory remarks for the venue being spacious enough while 44 participants or 61 % gave excellent remarks. has a 100-seating capacity. and audiovisual facility. Recommendations and Insights: The group encountered problems in looking for the seminar’s venue. Guidelines must be known to all offices to assist students in facilitating school activities. 96 % stated very satisfactory and excellent with 35% and 61% respectively. the . Bulwagang Manilenyo. most of the evaluators were moderately satisfied as 57 or 78% noted very satisfactory and excellent rate. The group identified a need to revise the University’s Guidelines in seeking reservations for venues within the University. the venue is very much conducive to facilitate acquisition/exchange of learning among the speaker and participants. including the organizers. the budget was set to a minimum and was managed effectively as possible. comfortable seats. It seemed that the concerned offices are not fully aware of standard procedure guidelines. These concerns were presented to the professor in charge. The tools and devices utilized in order to facilitate the event were all appropriate and adequate as 26 or 36% commented very satisfactory and 39 participants of 53% found it excellent. With regards to the food served to the participants. which is expansive enough to accommodate all the participants (72). the GSHS office as well as the student body who have access to the University Administration. As to the cleanliness and conduciveness of the venue. If there were no delays in the planning of the seminar like the availability of resource speakers.

With extra may have searched for sponsors to solicit additional funds. budget for food may have been increased to satisfy the participants more. .

To be able to provide a brief description of the topic Person Responsible Rony M. Soriano Jonalyn R. Arquiza Ma.Program and Invitation Members: Rony M. To delegate person responsible for each part of the program 6. Lourdes R. and constructed a brief description of the seminar topic • Described the things that will be discussed • Delineated what are the things needed to be learned by each and every participant • Noted the number of participants • Described the duration of the seminar • Discussed the type of seminar flow • Emphasize handing out certificates after the seminar • Familiarized with the traditional flow of program • Created time line for each part of the program • Assigned those who are available to do each segment of the program Collate all the output of the group and merge them to have a 1 page program invitation 2. To be able to construct chronological flow of the program 5. Ganadillo Abigail Rose F. Fajilagutan • Evaluation: . Ganadillo Objectives 1. Montojo Rony M. Fajilagutan 4. Eugene C. To be able to define program mechanics Rony M. Montojo Jonalyn R. Arquiza Ma. Soriano Abigail Rose F. Lourdes R. Fajilagutan Ma. Fajilagutan Means and Resources • Redefined the definition of the seminar topic. Fajilagutan 3. Eugene C. To be able to create a program invitation lay-out Ma. To be able to develop suitable program objectives Rony M.

Recommendations and Insights: .

Concepcion Lawrence Lloyd B. Concepcion Xara D. Peregrino Bryan R.Documentation Members: Charmaine Gem A. Dabatos Bryan R. Dumapat Afril P. Ramos Objectives 1. Pineda Afril P. Ramos Charmaine Gem A. To take pictures and document the actual seminar 6. Dumapat Afril P. Parial Charmaine Gem A. To interpret evaluation forms Person Responsible Joanna Paula A. Peregrino Bryan R. To man the registration site 2. To construct evaluation form 3. Dabatos Janus P. Pineda Xara D. Peregrino Xara D. Jacinto Joanne Paula O. Ramos The committee Means and Resources • Get names of participants • Distribute name tags to the participants • Distribution and collection of evaluation forms • Designing lay out • Canvassing of paper and printing shops • Checking and balancing the targeted monetary allocation with the working expenses • • Tallying the scores in the evaluation form • Meeting after the seminar Evaluation: Recommendations and Insights: . To do budgeting of the expenses of the committee 5. Dumapat Janus P. Dabatos Janus P. Jacinto Joanne Paula O. Concepcion Lawrence Lloyd B. To create a lay out for certificates that will be given to the speaker and participants 4. Parial Joanna Paula A.