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Questions 1 - 10 are based on the information

1 The Health Eating Centre encourages patrons
A to do workouts
B to exercise more
C not to eat Ioods rich in Iats
D not to eat Ioods rich in carbohydrates

Table of Contents of a Magazine
ConLenLs Þages
1lme ManagemenL 1lps 1 Ŷ 10
SLar SLruck Ŷ Lddle Murphy 11 Ŵ 13
1ypes of WorkouLs 16 Ŵ 20
lncrease your vocabulary 21 Ŵ 22

2 A person who is interested in reducing
tension in his daily liIe will most probably
read pages ¸¸¸¸¸¸¸¸ oI the magazine.
A 1 10
B 11 15
C 16 20
D 21 - 22

3 Which oI the Iollowing statements is not true?
A Goodmaid wiper sheets can be used to wipe
computer screens.
B Goodmaid wiper sheets are suitable Ior
untidy people.
C Goodmaid wiper sheets are made overseas.
D Goodmaid wiper sheets clean well.

4 A suitable headline Ior the news is
A Man Iound stabbed and wiIe hanged
B Couple Iound dead at apartment
C Batu Caves tragedy
D An unusual death

kUALA LUMÞUk Ŷ MysLery surrounds Lhe
deaLh of a woman and Lhe serlous ln[urles
suffered by her husband ln Lhelr
aparLmenL ln 8aLu Caves on 1hursday
AlerLed by Lhelr nelghboursţ pollce
wenL Lo Lhe unlL and found Lhe 42Ŵyear
old housewlfe hanged and her husband
unconsclous wlLh sLab woundsŦ A knlfe

5 The above sign is usually seen in a
A hotel
B school
C restaurant
D Iour-storey Ilat

6 The word grumps reIers to
A ill temper
B exhaustion
C disposition
D physical weakness

The notice is put up to curb
A air pollution
B land pollution
C water pollution
D radioactive pollution

Which statement best describes the graph?
A Day 2 had Iewer visitors than day 1
during the sale period.
B The number oI people on Day 3 was Iive
C Day 1 was the most crowded day during
the sale period.
D Day 4 is the least crowded day during the
sale period.

Why couldn`t Jimmy go to the party?
A A bee stung him in the eye.
B A bee was in his room.
C A bee entered his eye.
D A bee was on his bed.

10 Which oI the Iollowing statements is true?
A The oIIer lasts Ior a month.
B Eating a breakIast pie brings luck to the
C The variety oI Iood served Ior breakIast
is limited.
D All customers will get a Iree cup oI coIIee
when they order any type oI Iood.
7eakfast at 8ta75oint
¦|m,|, ms|ss ,sa. is, |.|¸|ts.
· all|ss
· ¦ssiw|s|ss
· |s|ss
|a.s|sss s ws.m |.ss|lsst ||s ssi .sss|.s s
ssm,||mssts., sa, sl||, |.swsi ssllss. |a. t.sst
|s ¦| s, ts ¦| 1ass.
lL ls unlawful Lo dlspose of wasLeţ Lrash and
oLher garbage lnLo Lhe seaŦ
Mltl Moolclpol cooocll

Dear Chui Phoon,
I hope this letter Iinds you in
good health. Sweetha inIormed me
about the quarrel between you two. Both
oI you cannot carry on (22) like this, not
talking to each other. You two have
been good Iriends ever since I can
remember. What is wrong? I am really
taken aback (23) with you, Chui Phoon.
You can always count on (24) me to help
you in this matter. Patch up with
Sweetha, okay?

Questions 11 - 1 are based on the following

11 A attract C to attract
B attracts D attracting

12 A was hiding C hide
B hides D hid

13 A complain C complaint
B complains D complaints

14 A at C Ior
B on D against

15 A smaller C most small
B smallest D more small

16 A a C the
B an D -

1 A Iorest C Iield
B wild D open

1 A numbers C Iigures
B number D Iigure

Questions 1 - 21
Read the conversation below and choose
the best meaning for the phrases

1 did not turn a hair
A remained seated
B did not turn pale
C remained calm
D did not reply

20 talking through his hat
A talking while scratching his
B talking and wearing his hat
C talking Ioolishly
D talking loudly

21 have my hands Iull
A am busy with
B am stuck with
C am heaped with
D am stormed with

Questions 22 - 24
Read the letter below and choose the best
meaning for the phrases underlined.

erry ť ?ou were greaLŦ ?ou dld noL
Lurn a halr (19) when !ullan
aLLacked youŦ
All ť Pls crlLlclsms don'L boLher meŦ
Lveryone knows he was Lalklng
Lhrough hls haL (20)Ŧ
erry ť So you're golng Lo leave lL as
All ť l suppose soŦ l have my hands
full (21) on oLher maLLersŦ
Lndangered Sun 8ear D|es
M|r|ţ 1uesŦ Ŷ An endangered sun bear dled from
neglecL ln Mlrl yesLerdayŦ lL was locked up ln an
lron cage and used as a showplece _______(11)
vlslLors ln a prlvaLe farmŦ
lL dled when Lhe owner _______(12) lL
ln a foresLŦ A group of Luropean LourlsLsţ who
happened Lo pass Lhe place had lodged a
_______(1) Lo Lhe auLhorlLles earller onŦ
A spokesman for Lhe Mlrl Wlldllfe
ueparLmenL sald LhaL acLlon would be Laken
________(14) Lhe ownerŦ 1he sun bear ls noL
aggresslve and ls Lhe _______(13) ln Lhe bear
famllyŦ lL ls classlfled as _______(16)
endangered and proLecLed speclesŦ lL ls
unknown how many are lefL ln Lhe
_________(17)Ŧ WhaL ls cerLalnţ Lhoughţ ls LhaL
Lhelr _________(18) ls sLeadlly decreaslngŦ lf
lefL unproLecLedţ Lhey wlll become exLlncL one
flne dayŦ

22 carry on
A progress
B continue
C disallow
D Iollow

23 taken aback
A angry
B disturbed
C unhappy
D surprised

24 count on
A Iall on
B step on
C carry on
D depend on

Questions 25 - 2 are based on the following

Zairin : Why are you so downcast,
Gillian : My sister has just given birth to
a Down Syndrome baby.
Zairin : What is Down Syndrome (DS)
Gillian : You know, babies who have
abnormal Ieatures like Ilatter
Iaces, misshapen ears, upward
slanting eyes and somewhat
larger tongues.
Zairin : I`m so sorry to hear that. Did
the doctor explain why it
Gillian : He said that the baby has an
extra chromosome. Normal
people have 46 chromosomes
but he has 47.
Zairin : Why does this occur?
Gillian : The doctor cannot give an
answer, but he said that the older
the mother, the greater the risk.
Zairin : So, is your sister very old?
Gillian : She`s Iorty years old.

25 You can probably Iind this notice in a
A comic
B novel
C textbook
D newspaper
26 The phrase inhibit means
A assist
B hinder
C support
D encourage
2 The seminar will be held in
A Dynamic Training Academy
B Dr Kareena`s house
C Kedah
D Hotel North Star
2 The Iollowing people will enjoy a 10°
discount except
A parents
B students
C academicians
D senior citizens

Questions 2 - 34 are based on the
following newspaper report.
@D MAk@ţ cOkí As
A CneŴday Sem|nar
ÞresenLlng lnLernaLlonal Speakersť
O ur kareena khan
O urŦ Salf Ma[ld
O urŦ Mohan uass
Come and flnd ouLť
O 1he facLors LhaL loblblt one's lnLeresL ln
O Pow Lo focus and concenLraLe ln class
O Pow Lo make learnlng lnLeresLlng
O Pow Lo boosL your braln power
O And moreŦŦŦ
!ade 8oomţ PoLel norLh SLar
!alan klrana uua
ÞeLallng !aya

Dateť 11 !une 2009
1|meť 9Ŧ00am Ŷ 2Ŧ0pm
Ieeť 8M3 (lncluslve of refreshmenLs)

*SLudenLsţ parenLs and academlclans are enLlLled
Lo a 10 Ʒ dlscounLŦ
Þlease call Ms racy Slngh aL 0Ŵ4232342 for
more lnformaLlonŦ

Zairin : I see. So did the doctor tell her
what to expect?
Gillian : He said kids with DS start
walking later. They may have
heart deIects, stomach or
intestinal problems and are
susceptible to eye or ear
inIections. They may even
develop leukaemia.
Zairin : How`s your sister taking it?
Gillian : She`s very positive. The doctor
said modern medicines can
prevent inIections and surgery
can correct heart, stomach and
intestinal problems.
Zairin : Do you think I can visit your
sister to give her moral support?
Gillian : Sure. I`m going to the hospital
now. Come along.

2 A Down Syndrome baby has the Iollowing
physical Ieatures except
A upward slanting eyes
B misshapen ears
C a Ilatter Iace
D big toes

30 Gillian`s sister probably gave birth to a DS
baby because
A she was sick
B she gave birth late in liIe
C she had extra chromosomes in her
D her husband had extra chromosomes in
his body

31 According to the doctor, children with DS
may experience the Iollowing medical
conditions except
A speech deIect
B heart problems
C a Iorm oI cancer
D ear and eye inIections

32 The word /owncast means
A lost
B sick
C depressed
D disoriented

33 What can help a DS child to lead a more
comIortable liIe?
A Surgery and special education
B Modern medicines and surgery
C Modern medicines and Iamily support
D Family support and special education

34 From the text, we can conclude that Zairin
A pities Gillian`s sister
B is Gillian`s best Iriend
C is Iull oI empathy Ior Gillian`s sister
D blames the doctor Ior the birth oI a DS

Questions 35 -3 are based on the extract
from the poem Mr. Nobo/.

35 What usually happens to the newspaper in the
A They are kept by Mr. Nobody
B They are tossed about and mislaid
C They disappear aIter Mr. Nobody reads
D They are Iound by the last person who
reads them

36 All the wrong actions mentioned in the last
stanza are most probably done by
A Mr. Nobody
B careless visitors
C children in the house
D all the people living in the house


3 The carpets are soiled with
A muddy Ieet
B Iinger marks
C mislaid papers
D boots lying around

Questions 3 - 40 are based on the extract
from the short story ipping antastics.

3 Last night Tristan Ielt ecstatic. That
means he was
A very happy
B a little conIused
C highly successIul
D completely surprised

3 Which oI the Iollowing statement is NOT a
reason why Tristan Ieels totally deflated
A He will miss all his Iriends
B He will be staying away Irom home
C He cannot act as Tom Sawyer again
D His brother will be going to a diIIerent

40 Chesterlea Grange is a special school Ior
children who
A have physical disabilities
B are brilliant in Mathematics
C can do well in drama classes
D enjoy working with computers
asL nlghL l was cstotlcŦ 1he play puL me on real
hlghŦ Lveryone sald l was wonderful as 1om
SawyerŦ l know l sald my llnes perfecLly and
everyone else was brllllanL LooŦ 1he palnL on Lhe
scenery had acLually drled and none of lL fell overŦ
1he sound sysLem worked and none of Lhe llghLs
shaLLered wlLh Lhe heaLŦ lL was all wonderfulŦ
1odayţ l feel llke a Lyre LhaL has bursLţ totolly
J€lotJŦ asL nlghL was Lhe lasL Llme LhaL !ames
and l wlll be aL school LogeLherŦ lL's Lhe grand
parLlng of Lhe ways buL l'm noL sure l'm ready for
lLŦ Mum says she ls worrled abouL !amesţ buL
whaL abouL me? AL leasL !ames wlll have all hls
frlends aL hls new schoolŦ nearly everyone ln our
class ls golng Lo PlghfleldsŦ !ames should be really
happy LhereŦ 8uL no one ls golng Lo ChesLerlea
range wlLh meŦ lL's mlles away and l'll only be
able Lo come home aL Lhe weekendsŦ l wlsh LhaL
Llme could have sLopped sLlll lasL nlghLţ and we
could have sLayed aL our school foreverŦ