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“There is no end to education. It is not that you read a book, pass an examination, and finish with education. The whole of life, from the moment you are born to the moment you die, is a process of learning.” ---Jiddu Krishnamurti

General Directions:    Read carefully the following questions and answer each of it based on your knowledge and ability. A misspelled word is considered wrong. Any discussion or otherwise inappropriate communication between examinees, as well as the appearance of any unnecessary material or cell-phone usage, will be dealt with severely. Violations may result in an “F” for this module. This exam is worth a total of 100 points. Print your NAME at the top of this page in the upper left hand corner. Good Luck!!!

I - Identification (Abbreviation is not allowed) _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. A person has protection against a disease or condition. The smallest branch of a vein. Largest artery in the body Longest bone in the body The kissing muscle of the body The second layer of the heart. It is part of the brain that regulates and coordinates the body movements. It gives color to the blood. The female hormones. The largest part of the brain The basic unit of the body structure The master gland. A chemical substance secreted by the glands into the bloodstream. The smiling muscle of the body Involuntary muscle contractions in the digestive system that moves food. The process of supplying the cells with oxygen and removing carbon dioxide from them. Another term for white blood cells. The voice box of the body The most hardworking muscle in the body is. Greenish liquid produced by the liver. The male hormone. It secretes milk after childbirth. The human body does have ____ bones. The smallest branch of an artery. The artery behind the patella.

Alveolus C. Large Intestine C. Bladder D. The highest function of the brain takes place in the A. Arteries 5. Integument D. Mucus 9. The outer layer of the skin is called A. Large Intestine . Hormones B. Brain Stem 3. Stunted growth and loss of fluid C. Sperm C. The male sex gland is called the A. Falling and loss of balance C. Which carry blood away from the heart? A.II – Multiple Choices: Choose the BEST answer. Fallopian Tube 8. Colon D. Urethra B. The immune system the body from A. Semen D. Low blood B. Medulla C. Most food absorption takes place in the A. Testis D. Insulin E. Myelin 2. Disease and sugar infection 10. Capillaries B. Epidermis C. Small Intestine D. The endocrine glands secrete substances A. Plasma D. Small Intestine C. Veins D. Stomach B. The liquid part of the blood A. Venules D. Kidneys 7. Stomach 6. Dermis B. Spinal Nerves C. Urine is formed by the A. Hemoglobin B. Red Blood Cell 4. Cerebral Cortex B. Liver C. The process of the digestion begins in the A. D. Mouth B. Ovary B. 1.