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DETAILED SCOPE OF WORK (RC Pipe Rac Precasting Wor )



1. Procedures and Considerations

1.1.1 General

This wor is a performance program developed by the Subcontractor to meet the de sign of Concrete Pipe Rac (hereafter, RC Rac ) and designing and furnishing the materia l for RC Rac Pre-Casting using the Contractor s project documents and the approved shop drawings.

1.1.2 Basis of acceptance

RC Rac Fabrication Drawings (See Attachment #1) shall be provided and approved, prior to performing of Pre-Casting to compare latest design drawings. It shall be cons idering RC Rac Erection Wor Method.

1.1.3 Existing services and facilities

In the event of site investigations within or close to locations having existing services and facilities, every precaution shall be ta en to protect such services and facilit ies from damage or interference during the execution of the wor .

The subcontractor, or other party, carrying out for RC Rac Pre-Casting Wor sha ll be responsible for strict adherence to all safety regulations in force at the locat ion concern. In the event that a service or facility is cut or otherwise damaged accidentally, i t shall be made good as directed by the principal.










materials. 1.1. field investigation.4 Mobilization and Demobilization In order to perform the wor stipulated in the specification safely and successf ully.5 Site Preparation   The site preparation wor for RC Rac ractor. the subcontractor shall be conduct the complete mobilization including the preparati on of the equipment. and a source of electricity. water and passes for access. Pre-Casting shall be performed by Sub-cont   The subcontractor shall not only obtain the rsons concerned to enter the site and perform the easonable compensation for disadvantage caused by the etion of investigation.1. after the compl immediately. but ma e r   .1. demobilization shall be done   permission of the authorities and pe field soil investigation.

3) Install form supporting material in the lean concrete if necessary. Removal if any surface or subsurface obstructions to RC R ac Pre-Casting Wor . organic material and ot her unacceptable material. 2) Prior to the assembling of the forms. 1) Grading and compaction shall be done before lean concrete wor in order to pr otect deflection of soil.1. the inside surface of the form in conta ct with the concrete shall be cleaned out of impurities. 1. 1. 3) The surface of the form shall be saturated with water before pouring of concr       2) The access and maintenance way for equipment of RC Rac provided by subcontractor.7 Form 1) The forms and any other support material shall be strongly fixed to protect d eflection or movement during the concrete wor . 2) Pour the lean concrete for the pre-casting area. 4) Ma e sure that this lean concrete area is higher than the other area to prote ct water flow to the pre-casting area.1) Removal of all surfaces or subsurface topsoil. brush.6 Preparation of Pre-Casting Yard The pre-casting yard shall be provided for 2 or 3 layers of RC Rac frame per ea ch.         Pre-Casting shall be .1.

the installation of all the embedded steel pl ate and anchor bolts shall be placed and the bottom surfaces shall be coated by bond brea er compound. 2) Reinforcing bars shall be fabricated as per bar bending schedule and as per s tandard rebar arrangement drawings.9 Embedded Plate 1) Embedded plate will be defined and mar ed in shop drawing with the number of precast frame.1.1. 2) It will be fabricated in the shop and be installed before concrete pouring.ete. 1.     .8 Reinforcement Bar 1) Prior to installation of rebar. 4) Tolerance for formed surfaces (as per ACI-301) Variation in cross-sectional dimensions of columns and beams Minus 6 mm Plus 12 mm 1.

Specimens for each set shall be obtained from the same batch of concrete. 1. 2) Before placing of pre-casted RC Rac . after about one half of the batch have been placed in the forms.11 Field Testing Sampling and testing by specimens shall be carried out by Subcontractor or indep endent laboratory as follows. 1) Compressive test cylinders shall be prepared in sets of three cylinders for e ach test.1. insert plates. shall be placed and fixe d as shown on the latest AFC drawings 1) Concrete used for pre-casting of RC Rac shall be commercial products of conc rete mixing plant in local area of which mixing design had already been approve.10 Concrete Prior to concrete pouring.1.1. anchor bolts. the surface of hardened concrete shall be cleaned and laitance should be removed 3) Concrete shall be mechanically vibrated with suitable size of vibrators. Pre-Casting shall be in accordance with const       .   3) Further field tests for RC Rac ruction specifications. 2) At least one set of cylinder per 75 cubic meters of concrete shall be obtaine d for RC Rac .

high performance liquid membrane concrete curing comp ound shall be provided with a film of high water retention enabling curing of concret e loss of water from the concrete. and other parts of RC Rac Pre-Casting may be removed a s soon as the concrete has hardened sufficiently to resist any damage to it.1. 1. 3) During the curing time.1.12 Removal of Forms Forms for column. 4) Applications   a) Spray curing compound as soon as possible after final wor ater   when the surface w .1. 2) Concrete curing shall be in accordance with the appropriated provisions of Pr oject Specifications.13 Curing 1) Concrete made with normal Portland cement shall be maintained in a moist cond ition for at least 7 days or longer when low temperatures prevail. But n ot less than 48 hours after. beams.

and to avoid obtaining discoloration or uneven surface effects 1. 2) The face of the form shall produce a smooth. hard. c) Apply at even coverage rate of not greater than 6 sqm.15 Repairing 1) Mar out the defective area. oils from coatings. including form mar s are to be repaired and removed. per liter d) Ensure the concrete surface is completely free of stains.     .1-2 hours depending on the ambient temperature and atmospheric conditions) b) If spray equipment is not available. to obtain good adhesion of curing compound and of any other trades. It may be plywood. paper . Form ties are to be cut off below the concrete. apply with a soft brush.14 Finishing 1) After removal of forms the surfaces of concrete shall be smooth form finished . uniform texture on the con crete. or other approved material capable of producing the desired finishing surface. than saw cut the edge to a minimum depth of 10 m m. metal. broom or wide n ap roller as soon as the concrete surface becomes hard. 1.1. etc. temperature concrete-form-grade hardboard.1. 3) All fins shall be completely removed.disappeared (Approx. 4) Surface irregularities and voids. plastic.

2) All RC Rac Pre-Casting Wor shall be performed under the oversights of QC sy stem                   . thoroughly compacting. a) The QA/QC plan must cover the entire job & must cover calibration certificate s for equipment being used. 3) Apply primer material by scrubbing into the surface and ma e it tac y (typica lly 10 to 15 minutes after application). for approved by Owner prior to t he commencement of the wor . 4) Apply mixed concrete to the repair area by trowel or gloved hand. listed below .16 Quality Assurance/Quality Control Subcontractors employed by the CONTRACTOR shall operate effective Corporate Qual ity System matching ISO 9000/1/2 requirements. b) The subcontractor must have a project execution procedure which will include QC chec lists that cover all aspects of the wor . 1) QA/QC Plan & Project Specific Execution Procedure. 6) Damp sponges or plastic floats may be used to achieve a desired surface textu re 1. certificates of competency for operators etc. while the primer is still tac y 5) Repairing concrete will be installed by stri ing off with a straight edge and be finished with a steel or plastic float.1.2) Fully clean the concrete surface to repair.


1. consents. The Bidder shall be responsible for compliance with any specific conditions requ irements imposed as a requirement of the permits. consents. licenses. and all autho rizations necessary to carry out the wor . Safety and Environment 1) The Bidder shall employ all necessary health & safety procedures to protect p ersonnel and surrounding environment during the soil improvements wor .1. No site wor shall be carried without a valid wor permit. The Bidder shall comply with the Owner safety and wor permit procedures for all wor .17 Health. and authorizations.18 Permits and Approvals The Bidder shall obtain all necessary permits.1.1. 2) All relevant safety requirements of the JAC s Safety Regulations and the JAC s HS E policy shall be adhered strictly to all wor s performed within JAC s operation are as.             per     . Any regulatory bottlenec s shall be reported to SKEC on the Bidder s daily report. 1. licenses.19 REPORT AND DOCUMENT SUBMITTALS   The required permits and approvals shall include site access passes and wor mits and photographic permits.1.

Excel.) 1) Wor Method & Procedure including QA/QC system and JSA (Job Safety Analysis). 4) Man-Power and Equipment Mobilization Plan. 2) Deliverable list for necessary authorities and all required permits to provid e to JAC and government authorities. 10) Daily Progress Report (See Attachment #4)       6) Estimation Sheets of RC Rac     3) Detailed Wor   Schedule. 5) Soft copies of all RC Rac Design Productions (Including Detailed Shop Drawin gs and Calculation Report) will be provided on 5 Copies + 1 CD ROM. 7) Report of Concrete Test 8) Quality Assurance Plan and Manual 9) Construction Follow-Up Bidder shall be retained to provide technical assistance during RC Rac Pre-Casi ng Construction phase to inspect and verify the recommendations on the final report or provide recommendations for any abnormal condition not originally anticipated.Document & Data Submission (Deliverable Lists) All drawings shall be prepared using Auto Cad Release 2008 software. All reports will be on provided in Microsoft Office programs (Word. Pre-Casting Wor Volume .

Shop Drawings and Report Submission O 2 PE endorsement (if necessary) O 3 Permit processing(Only Wor ers) O 4 Forming of site access route O 5 Ground leveling and reinforcing for equipment setting O 6     2.No. Scope of Wor . Activity Description SKEC Subcontractor 1 Method Statement.

Survey and Fix the respective reference points on the ground O .O 7 Site Preparation O 8 Site surveys.Basic reference point(Bench Mar by SKEC) O .All dimension chec for the Wor Item O 9 Clearing and Grubbing. Layout and Dimensional Chec s . if required .Removal of top soil up to the specified depth and disposal           Provision wor space and storage area .

Felling trees.Filling and compaction as per the specification .Rough graded nearly level to rough grade elevation O .Ground cutting to the specified level O . grubbing up their roots.Excavation to remove roots. disposal and filling in voids for the roots O . removal and disposal of vegetation and undergrowth bushes and filling in voids for the roots O 10 Site Grading .O .

Disposal of excess and unsuitable soil to designated area O 11 O 12 Provision of washing bay O 13 Protection and support of existing services and facilities O 14 Cable and Utilities detection O 15 Existing U/G services rerouting O 16 Surveying (if necessary) O   All equipment and plant including manpower for RC Rac Pre-Casting wor   .O .


Activity Description SKEC Subcontractor 17 Vibration monitoring (if necessary) O 18 Supply of utilities for wor ing (water.No. electricity and diesel) O 19 Temporary Lighting O 20 Supervision of Safety O 21 PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for wor ing O 23 Insurance and Performing bond O 24   Supervision of Improvement Wor     .

equipment in good operating condition. It will be the responsibility of the Bidder to mobilize personnel.1. Others 3. Table 1: Schedule for RC Rac Pre-Casting and Concrete Test Activity Deadline Design Documents ( 3 ) wee s after order             . materials in sufficient quantity to satisfy this requirement.1 Schedule for RC Rac Pre-Casting Bidder shall submit detailed wor schedule and plan to eep the schedule for soi l improvement and proofing test described as following tables.O 25 QA/QC for Wor ing O 26 Concrete Test O 3.

3. R1 Area ( 4 ) month 2011. A3.Mobilization ( 2 ) wee s after approval of document Trial Test Common Area ( 4 ) month 2011. 2.15 ~ 2012. 5 A1. C1.12. A2. 2 ~ 2012.10.29 Concrete Test Test During field wor period (Including QC report) Final Report WMS: Wor Method Statement   3 wee s after field wor     Field wor   ( 1 ) wee       . C2.

3.2 STANDARDS AND REFERENCES The requirements contained in the latest editions of the following standards sha ll form a part of this specification. in the manner and to the extent indicated hereinafter. JPS-A01 Project Specification (Summary sheet) JES-40A2 General Civil Design and Criteria JES-41A3 Site development JES-41A5 Drainage JES-41A6 Concrete Structure and Foundations CP4 : 2003 Code of Practice for Foundations (Singapore Code) CP18:1992 Code of Practice for earthwor s forming parts of general civil engineering and other land-based development wor s     .1.