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Chapter II Objectives and methodology

This study only focuses on urban buying behavior of customers because the research conducted in Hyderabad area.Objectives of the study: 1. . It provides help to further the research for organized retail sector in Hyderabad area. To identify main competitors of Big Bazaar. To determine the current status and the customer response towards the Big bazaar. The scope of research is limited for Hyderabad area. Due to time constraint only limited number of persons contacted. 2. 4. 3. This research is based on primary data and secondary data. The study does not say anything about rural buying behavior of customer because rural norms/status/attitude & acceptance of the rural customers differs with urban customers. To study the satisfaction level of customers in different attributes of Big Bazaar. To find out the buying behavior of the customers coming in to Big Bazaar in Hyderabad. competition in management. It aim to understand the skill of the company in the area like technological advancement. Scope of the study: The scope of this research is to identify the buying behavior of customers of Big Bazaar in Hyderabad area.

The study provide help to know the customers satisfaction with Big Bazaar stores. growth and Market Potential of Big Bazaar in Hyderabad area. . Research say about main competitors in the field of organized retail sectors. The study provide guideline to further extension of Big Bazaar in Hyderabad area . The research is also important to identify Market size. Its provide guideline for further research in Hyderabad area for organized retail.Importance of the study The study shows customers buying pattern with Big Bazaar in Hyderabad area. The study rate of customer satisfaction level with Big Bazaar for Hyderabad area. The study shows Opportunities and challenges for Big Bazaar respect of internal & external environment. The research shows future Scenario of Big Bazaar in current perspective. Research says about customer buying behavior towards Big Bazaar in Hyderabad area.

collecting. Research Methodology is a set of various methods to be followed to find out various information regarding market strata of different products. Some people consider research as a movement. Research Methodology is required in every industry for acquiring knowledge of their products.RESEARCH METHODOLOGY The research is descriptive in nature. and at last carefully testing the conclusion to determine whether they fit the formulating hypothesis. a movement to the known to the unknown. Descriptive research includes surveys and fact-finding enquiries. According to Clifford Woody: “Research comprises defining and redefining problems. Technology. It involves the diagnosis of information needed and the selection of the relevant and inter-related variables. which enable us to marketing decision. . organizing and evaluating data. making deductions mil reaching conclusion. Research is an art of systematic investigation. formulating hypothesis or suggested solutions. customers tastes and preferences play a vital role in today’s generation. One can also define research as a scientific and systematic research for pertinent information a specific topic.” Marketing research is defined as a systematic gathering and analysis of the data concern with an objective. The whole activity is divided into various parts and after compilation of that we reach at certain findings.

Sample method: Random sampling method. . Area of the study: The study is exclusively done in the area of marketing. Sampling procedure: 1..Research Design: Research design is adopted for the purpose of collecting and analyzing the data in manner that aimed to combine relevant data along with the economic infrastructure and time in mind. business judgment. and imagination for which there can be no mechanical substitutes. collected.e. Sample unit: Customers visited Big bazaar in Hyderabad. total number of respondents is 100 for the survey. It was the conceptual structure with in the research is conducted. experience. Sample size: A sample size of 100 was taken in this project i. sophistication. It is a process requiring care. 2. 3. measured and analyzed.

Secondary data includes the information available with the company. Data is collected from various customers through personal interaction. experiment and simulation for the current study.Data collection: The information needed to further collection of data. It is the most important part of the study which helps us draw an analysis. Secondary data can be also be collected from the magazines. It consists of a set of questions that are administrated to a group of individuals to gather statistical information regarding a survey. These data can be gathered internally or externally through survey. etc. observation. internet. The primary data was collected through a questioner of 25 questions. Questionnaire: It is the most commonly used method of data collection. Survey research is the approach gathering description and information. newspapers. Data is collected with mere interaction and formal discussion with different respondents. Specific questioner is prepared for collecting data. Any researcher begins the research work by first going through secondary data. Collection of data is mainly divides into two types 1) Primary data 2) Secondary data  Primary data: Primary data was those data which are collected for the first time taking a sample of responding the specific issues or problems for study.  Secondary data: The secondary data consist of information that already existing somewhere having been collected for another purpose. It may be the findings of research previously done in the field. Period of the study: .

. During the period the following steps were taken. so there may be a little chance of variations in the final output.The period of the study is limited to the period of one month. c) Data was analyzed and interpreted. inability to think instantly and customer biases creeps in apprehensiveness in the minds of the researcher while tabulating and analyzing the data. Respondents were having a feeling of wastage of time. a) Objectives were set and questionnaires were finalized. unclear questions. poor understanding.  Reliability of data: Reliability of data always remains a prime concern when humans are surveyed. Mon-interest. d) Reports were operated Limitations of the study:  Constraints of time and resources have limited scope for study.  Small number of respondents: Only maximum of 100 respondents have been chosen which is a small number. to represent whole of the population of college going students and other active users.  Unwillingness of respondents: While collecting data many consumers were unwilling to fill the questionnaire. b) Data was collected and recorded.  The survey had been from some of the selective places.