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English IV I Shall Not Pass This Way Again Through this toilsome road alas!

To a suffering fellowman Once and only once I pass; Let me do it while I can If a kindness I may show No delay, for it is plain If a good deed I may do I shall not pass this way again. 11. To what is man compared? a. Traveler b. Driver c. Actor d. Worker 12. What mood is expressed in the first two lines? a. Joy b. Despair c. Regret d. Sorrow 13. To what is the world compared in the poem? a. Road b. House c. Journey d. Battlefield 14. To what is life compared? a. Punishment b. Battle c. Work d. Journey 15. What does plain mean in the poem? a. Clear b. Flat c. Ugly d. Dull 4 16. What is man’s purpose in this world? a. To suffer b. To live c. To do a good deed d. To pass this way 17. How many chances is given to man for this? a. One b. Two c. Three d. Many 18. What figure of speech is used in the poem? a. Simile b. Metaphor c. Personification d. Irony 19. What trait of the writer is brought out in the poem? a. Industry b. Gratitude c. Perseverance d. Charity 20. Which of the following does the poem express? a. To live, we must work. b. Life is short, so let’s enjoy every second of it. c. We have only one chance to help others, so let’s do it now. d. We can always delay our work because there is plenty of time for it. Read the following poem and write the letters of your answers to the questions that follow. Night 1 Night 2 Traded a handful of stars for a moon-pearl; 3 Learned 4 From the gossipy winds of a gem far lovelier; 5 Pawned 6 The moon for the Brooch of Day… 7 Night 8 Swooned away, dead; 9 The fires of the Sun had scorched her naked 10 Breast. 11. What time is covered by the poem? a. 6 a.m – 6 p.m. b. 6 p.m. – 6 a.m. c. 12 a.m. – 12 p.m. d. 12 p.m. – 12 a.m. 12. Which of the following was NOT done by night? a. Traded b. Pawned c. Died d. Gossiped 13. What word in the poem means about the same as fainted? a. Traded b. Scorched c. Swooned d. Pawned 14. What is the “Brooch of Day”? a. Sun b. Star c. Moon d. Comet 15. What figure of speech is used in line 6? a. Simile b. Metaphor c. Personification d. Metonymy 16. What word in the poem means about the same as burned? a. Scorched b. Traded c. Pawned d. Swooned 17. What figure of speech is the whole poem? a. Simile b. Metaphor c. Personification d. Metonymy A. Write the letter of the word/phrase that is closest in meaning to the italicized word. 1. The newly appointed Justice of the Supreme court is known for his impartiality. a. dignity b. courage c. fairness

5 “What are you doing this far. To what sense does with eyes mutely pleading best appeal? a. Delivered at once d.2. c. he advised me to leave our village and go where nobody knew me. To what word does it in sentence 3 refer? a. 29. Which adjective best describes a rice field at noon after a rain? a.” 5 18. Dusty b. 12He cautioned me never to tell anybody that Father was a police informer. In a small town d. battle b. Tired c. How did he feel as he lay on the ground? a. Ran over 27. Where is this scene most likely to happen? a. wanted to ask for help. a. We had no alternative but to leave the place at once. Afraid c. Hungry d. To end the turmoil in the tribe. Shining c. Beaten by the soldier d. What adjectives best describe the soldiers? a. wanted to escape attention. Sad 28. Sight c. it was a teenager with eyes mutely pleading not to be hurt. Strict d. Why was the boy advised to leave the village? . mutual agreement 4. 14Today. The entire barrio d. In the mountains b. A week ago b. Observed 25. A police informer c. 4To his surprise. I work and stay in the fields during the day and listen to birds’ songs and insects’ beneath the stars at night. Selfish c. a. A dead teenager b. Sick b. What is the selection about? a. Rainy 23. When were the boy’s family killed? a. That morning c. Scared 30.” 6 “I have no home. Compassionate b. Indifferent and careless 6 31. Reversed the position b. luck 3. The boy’s home c. sound judgment c. final decision b. a. Three years ago 21. involved in a fight c. Happy d. 10A neighbor took me in and allowed me to sleep in his barn for a few nights. Stained c. Body b. Made at random b. What does spotted as used in sentence 2 mean? a. 1It was noon after the rain. A kind soldier 19. the elders sat together to analyze the situation. Surrendered to the enemies c. In a remote barrio 20. Brave and patriotic c. What does turned over as used in sentence 3 mean? a. The night before d. Rain d. Why did the boy sprawl himself on the paddy? He a. Have the two opposing groups reached a compromise? a. confusion c. Cruel and merciless d. Taste d. What did the rebels destroy? a. Soldier 24. Later. Touch 26. d. Reading Comprehension Read the selection below then write the letter of your answer to each question that follows. The soldiers’ camp 22. Angry b.” 7 “How did you escape?” 8 “I was in school. What kind of person was the neighbor? a. disturbed by noise III. Hearing b. son? Go home. engaged in conflict b. Cruel 32. What must the boy have felt when the soldier questioned him? a. In a big city c. Shimmering d. The mayor’s house b. time c. 2 Some soldiers on patrol spotted a body sprawled on a distant rice paddy. option b. Rice paddy c. disagreement 5. b. 9When I arrived home I found my parents and sisters dead and our house burned to the ground. The lawmakers were embroiled in a heated discussion of the bill. Observant and sympathetic b. 13That was three years ago. fainted from hunger. The rebels killed my family. 3They approached it cautiously and one soldier turned the body over. accidentally tripped and fell. A war victim d.

he will be given to the rebels. b. the soldiers will take him with them. Sound d. To what word does he in sentence 12 refer? a. b. Determination to fight c. Taste b. The Survivor d. he will be given a gun to defend himself. Ability to hide his identity b. d. d. He had no more family.a. Informer 34. is a music lover. He was wanted by the soldiers. has no place to live in. What is the purpose of the selection? a. He had plenty of enemies. To describe something d. What does sentence 14 mean? The boy a. What is the predominant sensory image in sentence 14? a. the soldiers will bring him back to the barrio. b. Father c. Touch 36. c. The Soldiers and a Boy c. 37. loves nature. Which of the following is most likely to happen? If the boy agrees a. d. His life was in danger. To tell a story c. c. c. Determination to survive 35. Ability to escape d. 38. To stress a point 39. 33. Which of the following is a good title for the selection? a. is now an orphan. Neighbor d. An Orphaned Boy c. To explain a process b. Boy b. Smell c. When Parents Die . What trait of the boy is most admirable? a.

mysterious B. A. prompt and fast D. Lino raised his hand to stifle a yawn. evil D. c. so Robert nudged his father to wake him up. _____1. inspired C. Suddenly his head jerked forward. Selection A. b. rapidly and carelessly _____6. The hunters enjoyed their meal of newly-cooked rice and roasted venison. shouted loudly at D. d. He was sleepy. A. pulled his leg strongly B. Why couldn’t Lino understand what he was reading? a. staying out of school without permission _____7. His book d. workbag C. He was hungry. His mind was blank. A. Direction: Use context clues to identify the meaning of the underlined word in the sentence. Write the letter of the correct answer on the space provided for. What kept Lino awake? a.IPIL NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL Ipil. attending parties without invitation B. _____11. and he quickly caught himself up with a start. b. c. Harvest time d. The teacher . Carefully. joining friends in games D. A sleepy boy d. helper _____3. A. Which phrase expresses the main idea of the story? a. It was one o’clock on a warm Friday afternoon in March. The deafening roar of thunder and sharp flashes of lightning scared the children. A reading class _____15. He felt chilly. complaining B. He felt warm. very expensive C. The child needs a reticule for the coins he received last Christmas. creative C. Summer time b. Marinduque THIRD PERIODIC TEST English II Score:_____Rating:_____ Date:________________ Name:________________________ Year/Section:__________________ Test I. d. systematically and well B. difficult to make B. A. quarreling with classmates C. Jerry read the assigned short story cursorily. Be careful with those thin glasses. throw _____10. meet of deer C. A. slowly and carefully C. A. _____14. Why did Lino yawn? a. thankful C. He was very sleepy. He could not read. He could not understand what he was reading. dumped C. They are so fragile. embarrassed D. but they meant nothing to him. It was late in the morning. A difficult story b. _____13. cause-oriented _____8. He tried to keep his eyes open. Due to lack of time. left alone quietly _____4. A. Christmas time _____12. A. The selection was difficult. Reading Comprehension Read each paragraph carefully then write the letter of the word or phrase that best answers each question. His will power b. the woman scraped the remaining rice off her own plate into her child’s empty plate. removed B. Rico was reprimanded by his father for playing truant. A. container B. He had a problem. angered D. His eye roved repeatedly over the printed words. paper D. meat of eagle B. The heat c. picked up piece by piece D. meat of wild pig D. pushed slightly C. What time of the year was it? a. less colorful D. Santa Cruz. easily broken _____2. Rainy season c. forgetful _____5. Many young people tend to become querulous about their small allowance when they sense that their parents can afford to give them more. frightened _____9. surprised B. A warm afternoon c. meat of cow II. Militants were stopped by the police before they could carry out their sinister plan.

I remember warm. Pebbles cold and sharp under my feet _____42. Stormy c. Write the letter of the dominant sensory image suggested by the following lines. a bang of drums and a shrill of piper _____45. To an abandoned wharf b. the sweet funnel cakes. 35 – 36. So we lowered the ship’s anchor and committed ourselves to God’s mercy. roses and baking bread _____44. gloomy weather in January. a grain of sand in the eye _____46. The ship was wrecked. and salty corn on the cob were my favorite foods.Selection B. What character trait was shown by the speaker? a. bleak. _____20. Sand _____19. To what word does her in sentence 2 refer? a. 33 – 34. Taste E. The ship ran aground. Lives c. Motion _____41. The old and rusty steel door cracked as we open it. c. Sound C. Underline at least two (2) sensory words in each of the following lines.the flight of the bumble bee _____49. The ship went off-course. roasts a roasting” _____47.(21-30) whining aromatic Sight screaming Vast Hearing Smell Circular Taste Touch IV. What was the weather? a. Sunny _____17. Green mangoes with bagoong _____43. Our lives were in peril for the sea waves dashed over the ship and threatened to break her up. 39 – 40. b. Windy d. To an unknown land c. Sight B. _____16. silky and velvety as a baby’s skin _____48. Classify the following words accordingly. What probably happened? a. The ship dropped anchor. To the middle of the ocean _____18. sunny afternoons in my Grandmother’s place. the tang of salt spray from the sea . 37 – 28. wet grass between my toes” _____47. d. To a deserted beach d. Courage b.broiled chicken. . A storm arose and drove our ship upon the sand in the land we did not know. Ship d. It was a cold. Choose from the box below A. Touch F.that boisterous laughter _____50. Write them in their proper columns. I could smell the aroma of corn dogs and greasy French fries from six miles away. Determination c. Resignation III. V. Perfume. Where was the ship taken by the waves? a. Fear d. Smell D. Fair b. 31 – 32. Waves b. We could not do anything. The sour pickles.

a. These promises did not move Ilang because she gave her heart to a poor farmer named EDO. something used for painting _____2. READING AND COMPREHENSION Read the selection carefully and answer the questions that follow. Thrifty b. Selection A In the town of Tayabas. clear and shallow _____10. there lived the prettiest woman named Ilang. The water was so murky that we couldn’t see anything in it. cooked in sugar _____4. a.IPIL NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL Ipil. dishonest c. deep c. Her silence made her father suspicious that she still loved Edo. One day. Necklace b. very serious c. and so they forbade her to see him. The TV in the sala was blaring while his brother and sister were quarrelling in the next room. hard _____7. they vowed to love each other come what may. lock accidentally c. Before she died she begged her parents to bury her at the edge of the river near the stream. Danny is trying to study under adverse conditions. unlikely c. reserved _____6. unfavorable _____8. a. clever c. a. smile c. Not important b. The problem is acute so we must do something about it right away. a. I want you to be candid and tell me what you really think about it. Hole b. VOCABULARY Directions: On the space before each number. From that day on Ilang’s parents never allowed her to leave the house. She got sick and become weaker and weaker. Santa Cruz. . dark and muddy b. They secretly met at the edge of the forest when Ilang fetched water from the stream. You should be frugal if you want to save some money. a. write the letter of the correct meaning of the underlined word. I don’t know how you were able to jam all your clothes into that small suitcase. He is so gullible that he’d believe you. stingy c. Bushy tail b. She would rather die than to marry one of her rich suitors. Water dripped very slowly from the small fissure in the roof. That was the last time Ilang and Edo saw each other. Use the context to help you decide. Ilang felt sad and miserable. easily tricked _____3. Fond of animals b. a. table _____9. Marinduque THIRD PERIODIC TEST English Grade 7 Score:_____Rating:_____ Date:________________ Name:________________________ Year/Section:__________________ I. Honest b. _____1. They told her to choose a husband from among her rich suitors. light touch c. Her suitors adored her so much that they promised to give her all the riches and comforts of life. She thought only of Edo. She refused to eat. Do not spend all your money on clothes. exact copy B. a. become struck _____5. Mary felt the brush of the wind on her cheek. Ilang’s parents did not like Edo. a. At home Ilang remained silent whenever her parents talk about her other suitors. Ilang and Edo devised a way to see each other. Squeeze into a small space b. As he walked through the garden.favorable b. Please do not pretend to like my cooking. crack c. her father followed her when she went to fetch water. a. One could tell Bobby that the clouds are made of white cotton. We can’t wait until tomorrow. During these secret meetings. Robert was studying a facsimile of Mona Liza’s painting. He saw Edo waiting near the stream.

Which of the sentences below states the problem in the story? A. Which of those given below is the setting of the story? A. a long time ago D. Everyday Edo visited. to beg for D. Visiting Ilang’s grave and the tree gave him tremendous happiness. Which of the following sentence shows the solution to the problem in the story? A. D. C. Ilang did not like to marry at an early age. Edo. leaf like blossoms on the tree. faithfulness D. _____18. a long time ago B. faithful D. _____14. The girl eloped with her suitor. They want her to be popular C. What kind of lover is EDO? A. The lovers will remain two ordinary people in the town . obedient C. D. happy go lucky B. a long time ago C. Edo. D. One morning. gracefull tree. The father finally allowed the lovers to see each other. _____11. He immediately concluded that it was Ilang’s spirit. in a town in Tayabas. Then one day he saw a little plant growing over the grave. simplicity C. B. kindness B. Edo and Ilang B. Ilang and parents C. The father forbade them to see each other. The people will consider the lovers town heroes. Then they noticed Edo crumpled at the foot of the tree crying. ILANG. B. What is the meaning of the underlined idiomatic expression in the sentence that follows? “They vowed to loved each other come what may. near a stream. Ilang could not decide whom to choose from among her many suitors.” Edo died that same morning. The people will continue to remember the story of the lovers. in Edo’s home. insecure _____17. caressed and talked to it. Edo. at the edge of the forest. What is most likely to happen next in the story? A. He never married and always yearned for Ilang. The parents disapproved of Edo because he is poor. Ilang. The main characters of the story are: A. It came from the edge of the forest near the stream. at any cost C. The parents wanted Ilang to be remembered by the people. B. Ilang and the people D. The lovers agreed to meet secretly at the edge of the forest. ILANG. They want her to escape the life of being poor. B. They went looking for the source of the scent and found the strange.” A. _____15. a long time ago _____13. The people remembered his last words and from then on called the tree and it’s fragrant flowers Ilang=ilang. Edo focused his love to the plant until it grew into a tall. C. They wanted her to leave the town. What value is emphasized by the writer? A. with hesitation B. humility _____16. the parents and the suitors _____12. “ILANG. to become _____19. the people woke up to a lovely fragrance. They want her to have healthy children. What could be the reason why the parents want Ilang to marry a rich suitor? A.Edo tended to her grave everyday. C.

you gave me the wrong pair of shoes. Suggesting B. Is the substance of matter the physical world? B. Antonio L. we can conclude that they are: A. Antonio L. Lord! A. A. Requesting B. describing 29. Reyes B. suggesting D. Describing B.D. pleading D. offering C. narrating D. Name: _______________________________________ (Surname/Given Name/Middle Name) Date of Birth: ____________________________ (Month/Day/Year) Place of Birth: ____________________________ (City/Town) (Province) Name of Parents: Father: _________________________ Occupation: _____________________ Address: __________________________________ (No.: _________________________ _____21. Quezon A. wise and full of wisdom III. Ordering B. _____22. complaining D. Which of the following should be written on the blank for Sex? A. practical and resourceful D. Reyes Antonio Lacosta . Sariaya.Choose the letter of the correct yes /no question equivalent of the following statements. announcing C. FILLING OUT FORMS Directions: Indentify the correct information needed to fill out the sample BIO-DATA Form. Female D. offering C. Place of Birth C. _____20. suggesting 26. Antonio Lacosta Reyes D. Offering B. Father’s Name D. A. directing D. ordering C. Female/Male IV./Street) (City/Town) (Province) Contact No. 24. The people will soon forget about the lovers and their love. Classes are suspended because of the typhoon. Is matter the substance of the physical world? Sex: ___________ Status: _________ Mother: _________ Occupation: _______ C. A. What information has the following answer? 128 Quirino St. apologizing C. apologizing 27. _____31. Complaining B. Please give us another month to pay your rent. Reyes. _____23. A. Contact No. A. commenting 30.Matter is the substance of the physical world. Male/Female B.. narrating D. Have mercy on us. Describing B. pleading D. A. complaining C. Address B. Im really sorry I hurt your feelings. mean and inconsiderate B. complaining 25. suggesting C. Move faster! A. Male C. apologizing B.Grammar: Determining Sentence Function: Encirlce letter of the function of each of the following sentence. From what the parents did. Go straight ahead until you reach the corner. announcing 28. loving and understanding C. Miss. Which is the correct information for Name? A.

Shall we be true to ourselves? C. Can matter be the substance of the physical world? _____32. A. Has the wise man have a heart a gold? B. ________________________________________________________________ 47. Do we always try to be true to ourselves? _____10. Light is a form of energy. Do physics deal with the study of the three phases of matter? C. A. A. Water expands when it is frozen. ________________________________________________________________ 48. The students must attend the flag ceremony every day. The dog can dance. Did they accuse an honest man? C. Can low temperature change liquid matter to solid? B. Was the study of matter bringing man into the space age? III.C. Elena is always in charge of the household chores. Can they accuse an honest man? _____37. Should we be tre to ourselves? B. Is physics deal with the study of the three phases of matter? _____36. A. Did water expand when it is frozen? _____35. Does water expand when it is frozen? C. Low temperature can change liquid matter to solid. A. ________________________________________________________________ 42. ________________________________________________________________ 46. Rey sells paper every morning. Does low temperature change liquid matter to solid? C. Does physics deal with the study of the three phases of matter? B. Are the basic components of matter atoms? C. The theory operates in natural selection. Do the scientists try to unravel the mysteries of matter? B. The wise man has a heart of gold. A. Is the wise man a heart of gold? _____39. ________________________________________________________________ 50. Are atoms the basic components of matter? _____33. The study of matter brought man into the space age. ________________________________________________________________ 44. When frozen. The accused is an honest man. Did the study of matter bring man into the space age? C. Physics deals with the study of the three states of matter. ________________________________________________________________ . A. Charles Darwin developed the theory of evolution. We are dependent on light for the plants we grow and the food we eat. Is the accused an honest man? B. 41. ________________________________________________________________ 45. Are scientists trying to unravel the mysteries of matter? _____38. Atoms are the basic components of matter. Scientists are trying to unravel the mysteries of matter. Books help us gain knowledge. does water expands? B. Is liquid matter changed to solid by low temperature? _____34. A. A. ________________________________________________________________ 43. His kindness is obvious. Have the scientists tried to unravel the mysteries of matter? C. We should be true to ourselves. Has the study of matter brought man into the space age? B. Change each statement into a yes/no question. Does the wise man have a heart of gold? C. ________________________________________________________________ 49. Do atoms compose matter? B.