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The student of M.B.A. 1st Sem. (1st batch) has to undergo project Report as a part of their academic Course. The “MARKETING STRATEGY OF AYUR HERBAL” is a part of this project. The main purpose of undergoing such a searching is to know the Marketing Strategy of Ayur Herbal. This report is preferred as the “MARKETING STRATEGY OF AYUR HERBAL”. The searching was conduct of the Ayur website. This report presents the introduction of management profile of Ayur HERBAL along with data analysis, interpretation, limitation, suggestion and conclusion. The field searching was conduct with help of questionnaire, personal information of Ayur HERBAL through the Internet. The main purpose of this searching is to determine the facilities of the Ayur HERBAL in India & all over world.












my own work conducted under the Supervision of Mr. Chetanya Kaushik Lecturer, Department of Business Management, Swami Vivekanand Institute of Technology affiliated by Dr. Hari Singh Gour University Sagar.

To the best of my knowledge the report does not my work, which has been submitted for the award of any degree, anywhere.

Signature of Candidate Name: Naveen Patel
Sem. : First Semester Batch : 1st

I would like to pay my sincere thank to Dr. Pramesh Gautam Head of Department, S.V.N.I.T., Sagar for providing me with the opportunity of doing the project Report. This report is based on “MARKETING STRATEGY OF AYUR HERBAL”,

which I will an asset through out may life.

CERTIFICATE DATE………… The period report title “MARKETING STRATEGY OF AYUR HERBAL” prepared by NAVEEN PATEL under the guidance and supervision . Mr. Chetanya Kaushik. Jyoti Pandey. without his I would not have been completed my project report successfully.I pay my heartiest thanks to my project guide Mrs. Miss. parents and friends for this kind support and suggestions. Lecturer whom I always found supporting me at times when I was in trouble. Stuti Nigam & Mr. At last I would like to thank all staff members of my department. He is very supporting and helping. Manish Shrivastava.

2. With an objective to become one roof solution for all beauty and cosmetic problems.T.of MR. Lecturer of S. CHETANYA KAUSHIK.I.N.V. Submission within due date Supervisor: Head of the Department Examiner: Signature of Supervisor Signature of Head of the Department Signature of Examiner INTRODUCTION Ayur is in Herbal Cosmetics business since 1985 and since its inception it has been a reflection of customer requirements. Language 3. Contents and presentation of subject matter. is satisfactory in respect of: Comment by: 1. Embodies the original work of the candidate 4. Sagar for the partial fulfillment of the degree of Master of Business Administration. Ayur provides a wide range of beauty cosmetics strictly prepared with herbal components .

Ayur ensures. HISTORY History of the company spells the triumph of burning desire. of course. Skin & Face Care Products. Avid success of this single product fuelled this company to introduce Herbal Hair & Skin Care Products in the market. courage to face the entire hardihood en route turning dreams into a reality and a lot of spadework. Dilvinder Singh Narang. . 1985 was the year when Ayur wore an identity of a company with a promise to enhance the beauty of Indian women and that you look great without bothering about any ill-effects on your skin and hair. According to Mr. Ayur has more than 55 variants in Hair. that the consumer gets his value for money and this is the most prominent reason behind Ayur’s successful establishment in domestic market and increasing impact in other countries. But it all started with a single productHair Removing Wax. PEOPLE Ayur’s success story has been scripted by three ambitious brothers with exceptional expertise. women across the world. always. At this time. the MD. Very soon these products became ‘the first choice’ amongst women seeking for genuine beauty products in the horde of chemical based beauty enhancing products.

R&D Our research & development domain makes it sure to offer the quality products. Ayur’s R&D keeps close scientific .Dilvinder Singh.M. is the Chairman of M/s Three-N-Products Pvt. S. Ltd.Traders Pvt. He may miss the ball while playing lawn tennis but he make sure not to miss a ball in business. His far-sightedness. S. receive and inform. no matter how much pain they go through for this. S. and they have no complaints for this. The dynamic second brother. is the Managing Director of M/s Three-N-Products Pvt. The youngest brother. always giving ways to new formulas and making imitations and according to clients’ requirements. The R&D sphere consists of ample experience and strong ability of scientific research.D. Ltd. Ayur’s independent R&D center is divided into different sections to test.D. of R. His expertise and dexterity has made Ayur a leading brand.Raminder Singh Narang. Ayur is well-equipped with foreign advanced equipments to result in most efficient and quality products. perseverance & spadework have helped the Company to achieve phenomenal success in such a short span of time. to a great extent.The eldest brother.Ltd.Manminder Singh. controlling improving manufacturing technological process. is the M.

It enriches the scalp to get thick and dense hair & brings luster. 100ml. 500ml. SOYA PROTEIN SHAMPOO (100ml. 200ml) The active ingredients of this hair oil. 200ml. . supply vitamin C and give a cooling effect to scalp. 1000ml) Soya provides all the essential proteins required by thin and delicate hair. stimulate hair growth. bounce and provides a protective layer. PRODUCTS HAIR OIL BRAHMI AMLA HAIR OIL (50ml.research assistance with the expert dealing with chemistry and medicine.

It works in four different waysDetangles. PH BALANCE LEAVE ON CONDITIONER (50ml. 200ml) instantly moisturises hair with rich formula that locks moisture and activates nutrients to revitalise each hair follicle without weighing hair down. Gives Extra Sheen.100ml.100ml. pH balance. . Protects from UV Rays and prevent greying. 200ml) Relieves the scalp of flaky build-up while restoring daily its use.PH BALANCE ANTI DANDRUFF SHAMPOO (50ml. It cleanses and thoroughly but gently and is safe enough for maintaining shine manageability.

that rejuvenate the scalp.NATURAL HAIR WASH WITH AMLA AND SHIKAKAI (100gm & 200gm) A combination of known revitalizing herbs. keeping skin soft and smooth too. Thus. stimulate hair follicle growth. this lotion is ultra effective if used liberally before stepping out in the Sun as it prevents sunburns. .100ml. wrinkles and pigmentation. and hence enhance lustrous hair SKIN CARE SUNSCREEN LOTION SPF -30 (50ml. 200ml) Exposure to sun can lead to serious sunburns.

Vitamin E is the most essential vitamin. PETROLEUM JELLY (25ml. 50ml) Prevents excess dryness of skin. cracked heels. hence saves loss of moisture from the skin. Aloe-Vera is known for its medicinal properties. Olive oil forms an occlusive layer. 200ml. This vitamin formula works wonders on chapped skin. 500ml) Since ages. smooth and supple skin forever. required for healthy and glowing skin. Aloe Vera provides soft. and ankles. It rejuvenates the skin with its moisturizing properties. dehydration and cracking of skin.HERBAL MASSAGE CREAM WITH ALOE VERA (80ml. BODY CARE . It counteracts premature age factors.

It can be used for dual purpose. HEALTH CARE . neem (anti-septic) and Multani mitti (coolant). spotless and supple skin. 70gm.TULSI NEEM SOAP (75gm & 125gm) Active extracts of Tulsi (anti bacterial). 250gm) Improves complexion by softening hair and making them to blend to the skin tone. Herbal extract of rose gives a toning effect to skin. It has no adverse reaction. body and facial hair. SILKY INSTANT BLEACH (20gm. for both. imparts a beautiful. and hence makes it soft and supple.

MARKETING STRATEGIES . controls diabetes & sugar and also burns fat. Reduces cholesterol to some extent and purifies blood. Presence of Vijaysar. a natural ayurvedic herb.AMRIL ARJUN GLASS Controls blood pressure. DIA SLIM TUMBLER A perfect solution for slim look.

compared to the over Rs 13. Of course. Ghadi detergent powder and Power soap are proof that regional brands can become brands to reckon with.This is grossly inadequate to cover the huge potential for different products in rural markets. And don't forget Nirma. the total budget for rural marketing is only about Rs 500 crore (Rs 5 billion). clients' reluctance to spend big money for bigger results in rural markets is because there are no standard performance yardsticks for judging the efficacy of the rural marketing efforts. especially in the FMCG sector. . Fairever Cream and so on). which are giving the multinationals a run for their money. the most enduring example of a brand that began as a regional player and is now a giant. Meera Herbal Powder. According to estimates by the Rural Marketing Agencies Association of India. But only consider the huge successes of some regional brands.000 crore (Rs 130 billion) allotted to mass media. Anchor (100 per cent vegetarian toothpaste). But there is no study to tell you what is the ideal cost per contact or what is the ideal number of eyeballs or footfalls for different rural activities. The TRPs and NRS/IRS data help you determine the efficacy of TV and press marketing. Companies like Cavin Kare (Chik Shampoo.

until the completion of a specific task. Recently. which many of the urban-oriented management graduates who are at the helm of affairs at most organisations do not possess. In both cases. most importantly. the teams that briefed us in the initial stages and participated . What should companies do to step up their payback from rural marketing efforts? Here are some steps that should help. Rural marketing efforts need special mindsets. be it a simple radio spot or a wall painting or a theatre film. their policies were flexible and they could adopt to fast changing marketing situations. And.Their communication. A separate marketing and sales vertical headed by people with passion and commitment to rural marketing and supported by a field team that can face the rough and tough of the vast country-side with courage and conviction is a must. we were involved with two big clients. People power Total commitment from top leadership. keeping in mind that rural marketing is a long-term relationship. But even more important is the need for a dedicated task force. touched a chord in the target audience. Ensure the consistency of the team involved in any project. is imperative the successes of Hindustan Lever [ Get Quote ] and ITC are proof of this statement.

or do you want to build a strong equity for your brand in rural India? Our experience with FMCG companies is that they are more interested in the first choice. clients insist their knowledge of their customers (based on studies of urban India) is enough on which to base an action plan.. so you can create a customised plan of action. Know your customers A good place to begin is studying the mindset of your customers. Goals are good Early on in the campaign. define your objective: is it a tactical effort to achieve increased sales in specific areas during a specific time. The teams that succeeded felt no ownership of the campaigns they had not initiated.. with regard to . All too often. were shifted out midway. in keeping with their companies' policy of shifting and promoting people. Most of them have previously appointed vendors who implement the company's ideas blindly. What started as a great rural marketing initiative has been relegated to the dustbin. be they van campaigns or below-the-line activities. the fate of many rural marketing initiatives in the country. Our experience shows that the attitudes. aspirations and fears of rural customers.enthusiastically in the campaign.

ensure that the people who patronise these haats are the kind who will buy your brand. with some interesting results. We've all heard about the shampoo sachets that are available in even the smallest villages. The haats were popular with the poorest agricultural labourers who consciously buy the duplicate. and to that extent make your effort cost-effective. mostly sold through such local haats and bazaars. For instance.000 crore (Rs 100 billion) to spurious products. since they can't afford the real thing. While haats offer opportunities to target consumers from several villages at one place. It is estimated that FMCG companies lost more than Rs 10. spurious products that are sold in these bazaars. is very different from their urban counterparts. But it's not really as nightmarish as it is made out to be. most of them without motorable roads. More and more companies turn to the local haats to sell their products.products and brands.the humongous task of physically reaching your product to over 600. we recently conducted a survey among some haats in Tamil Nadu. How does that . Ensure availability Most anecdotes about rural marketing centre on the distribution aspect .000 villages. at least keeping in mind the present goals of marketing companies in rural India.

000. you're closer to the rural consumer than you would have thought...g. family. • . fuelled by television commercials. you've already taken the first step towards reaching your target customer. if your products are in towns with populations of 50.000. So. automobiles and appliances in the nearest big town or city.g. signs. culture. The consumer demands the product from the local shopkeeper. feel. brands. reason. Studies also indicate that rural consumers prefer to shop for durables such as televisions. The psychology of how the consumer is influenced by his or her environment (e. Which means if you can ensure distribution to the feeder markets in towns or villages with populations of 10-15. media). CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR Introduction The study of consumers helps firms and organizations improve their marketing strategies by understanding issues such as how • The psychology of how consumers think. who then buys the products from the nearest feeder markets.happen? It's a direct result of rising aspirations. products). and select between different alternatives (e.

Limitations in consumer knowledge or information processing abilities influence decisions and marketing outcome.• The behavior of consumers while shopping or making other marketing decisions. by understanding that consumers are more receptive to food advertising when they are hungry. we learn that (1) companies that introduce new products must be well financed so that they can stay afloat until their products become a commercial success and (2) it is important to please initial customers. How consumer motivation and decision strategies differ between products that differ in their level of importance or interest that they entail for the consumer. we learn to schedule snack advertisements late in the afternoon. since they will . and then only gradually. for making better marketing campaigns. and How marketers can adapt and improve their marketing campaigns and marketing strategies to more effectively reach the consumer. For example. By understanding that new products are usually initially adopted by a few consumers and only spread later.. • • • There are four main applications of consumer behavior: • The most obvious is for marketing strategy—i. to the rest of the population.e.

a goal that was believed to be more realistic. using knowledge of consumer attitudes. • . Social marketing involves getting ideas across to consumers rather than selling something. Marty Fishbein. was deemed to be infeasible. went on sabbatical to work for the Centers for Disease Control trying to reduce the incidence of transmission of diseases through illegal drug use. would be if we could get illegal drug users to stop. the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) took the step of requiring that very graphic pictures of deformed babies be shown on the medicine containers. In the 1980s. Dr. This. • A second application is public policy. It was also determined that the practice of sharing needles was too ingrained in the drug culture to be stopped. was introduced. Accutane resulted in severe birth defects if taken by pregnant women. a marketing professor. Although physicians were instructed to warn their female patients of this. To get consumers’ attention. The best solution. a number still became pregnant while taking the drug. Fishbein created a campaign that encouraged the cleaning of needles in bleach before sharing them. Unfortunately. however. As a result. a near miracle cure for turn influence many subsequent customers’ brand choices. obviously. Accutane.

in contrast. studying consumer behavior should make us better consumers. that if you buy a 64 liquid ounce bottle of laundry detergent. Common sense suggests.S. Secondary research involves using information that others have already put together. For example. In practice. In other words. . Consumer Research Methods Market research is often needed to ensure that we produce what customers really want and not what we think they want. you may need to find out whether consumers would prefer that your soft drinks be sweater or tarter. however. Primary research. for example. is research that you design and conduct yourself. Primary vs. secondary research methods. knowing this fact will sensitize you to the need to check the unit cost labels to determine if you are really getting a bargain.• As a final benefit. There are two main approaches to marketing. Government. For example. in this case. you often pay a size premium by buying the larger quantity. you should pay less per ounce than if you bought two 32 ounce bottles. if you are thinking about starting a business making clothes for tall people. you don’t need to question people about how tall they are to find out how many tall people exist—that information has already been published by the U.

and if so. It is also important to ascertain whether the research has been complete.. but it cannot take the risk away entirely.g. or a series of past. how many times a consumer has seen an ad for the brand in question or a competing one. However. For example. and consumers seemed to prefer the taste. purchase occasions. • What brand in a given product category was bought during the last. consumers were not prepared to have this drink replace traditional Coke. Coca Cola did a great deal of research prior to releasing the New Coke. • .Research will often help us reduce risks associated with a new product. It is now possible to assess the relative impact of a number of factors on the consumer’s choice—e. Whether.

• Whether the target brand (and/or a competing one) is on sale during the store visit. and Whether a coupon was used for the purchase and. The impact of income and/or family size on purchase patterns. Promotion. if so.Product. • • • Black box model ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS Marketing Stimuli Environmental Stimuli Economic Technological Political Cultural Demographic Natural BUYER'S BLACK BOX BUYER'S RESPONSE Buyer Characteristics Attitudes Motivation Perceptions Personality Lifestyle Knowledge Decision Process Product Price Place Promotion Problem recognition Information search Alternative evaluation Purchase decision Post-purchase behaviour Product choice Brand choice Dealer choice Purchase timing Purchase amount Four Ps of Marketing . Price. Whether any brand had preferential display space. its value. Placement The Four Ps Of Marketing .

Often. Product: consumer's Product needs marketing and wants deals and with the how product specifications can satisfy those needs and wants. Product → Solution Information Value Access Promotion → Price → Placement → 1. and placement: A formal approach to this customer-focused marketing is known as SIVA (Solution. Product marketing can deal with a whole array of issues such as product size. place. first impressions are important. Information. promotion. Value. The SIVA Model provides a demand/customer centric version alternative to the wellknown 4Ps supply side model (product. This system is basically the four Ps renamed and reworded to provide a customer focus.Marketing has traditionally been segmented into four separate areas called the Four Ps of Marketing. color. You would want your product to stand . Access). price. The 4 Ps of marketing are product. promotion) of marketing management. price. and look and feel of the packaging. especially if you are marketing a product that sells on store shelves.

or how much a consumer is willing to pay for a product or service. be it through an actual need or an impulse buy. and billboards. magazine ads. It also includes decisions on discounts and special offers.out or for the consumer to want to choose your product over the others on the shelf. Pricing often affects the consumer's perception of the attractiveness of a product. affluent consumers may expect a premium product to cost more and. This could be done through such things as television commercials. 2. may not purchase it if the price is cheap. so. or publicity of the product. including through . a lower price will not necessarily mean that more will be sold as the price level could also influence the perceived quality of a product. advertising. You want your product to be visible at the precise moment that a consumer is willing to purchase such a product. it entails your communications with your customers and trying to convince or persuade them to purchase your products or services. 3. Placement: Placement has to do with the availability of your product. Products can reach the consumer through multiple ways. direct mailings to residences or businesses. Price: Price deals with supply and demand. Pricing is not as simple as it might seem. 4. In some situations. For example. Promotion: Promotion deals with the actual selling.

I conducted my survey of “MARKETING STRATEGY OF following objectives:  To make people aware about the organization and services of the organization. OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY Every human effort should have pre-determined objective.retail outlets or mail order. Not every consumer shops the same way and product placement is the art of getting the product to the right consumer at the right time. AYUR HERBAL” with the .

RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Introduction Research Methodology is a way to systematically solve the research problem. The role of research in several fields of applied economics whether related to business or economy as a whole has greatly increased in modern times.. Research in commonplace refers to a search of knowledge.  To know the various competitors of other Cosmatics group. . Research is an original contribution to the existing state of knowledge making for its advancement. Internet search.

These types of research design used in this project are exploratory. The limitations are:  Limitation of project time. Every project repeat conducted scientifically had specified framework for controlling data collection. Exploratory research is that in which new relationship. . which prevented me to get in depth knowledge of the AYUR HERBAL. LIMITATION OF THE STUDY I have learned lot of things during my project but there was some limitations. are discovered. and looking to the objective of the research that is finding out the most dominant attribute and also the market leader in respect to brand vs price. This framework is collect research design accurately and economically.Firstly we should know what is a research methodology. Exploratory 2. Conclusively Research. There are generally two types of research design: 1.

Ayurvedic. 2. My workings are limited so that I can only about the training & placement opportunities in AYUR HERBAL. Health care products .  Language is also one of the barriers. SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTH: • Ayur Cosmetic Background • Ayur HERBALs Features 1.

 Advertisement and Promotion Schemes also increases the sales of this  product. FINDING • • Consumers prefer Ayur HERBAL because of Availability and Price. WEAKNESS: • Dependence only high profile personality. THREATS • • COMPETITON ECONOMICS POLICIES. . 4. OPPORTUNITY: • Opportunity for MBA’s in Front Office. Skin Care products.3. Products launch worldwide.

• 46% says that most effective advertisement is through T.V. and 24%  says that News Paper and 20% says that Hoardings and posters and  10% says through free sampling. .• 30% says that price of Ayur HERBAL is medium. 15% says that it is  low where as 5% says that it is high.

20­30% said that improvement should be made in promotional. • • • New techniques of packing should be implemented. The company should come up with some more advertising plans. . • • More emphasis should be given on research development program.SUGGESTIONS Mostly people have said that it is the best but they have also offered  suggestion to the company producing Ayur HERBAL.  techniques. The company should also thing and implements some public relation  programs.

ayur.  Sharma D. Marketing Management. New Delhi. C.   Methods   and  Technology. Sultranchand and Sons New Delhi. Prentice –  Hall of India Pvt.R. Application  and cases . : Marketing research Principles.  Kolter. WEBSITES: • •   www. Wishwa Prakashan.D. Ltd. Philips d (2000). :   research   methodology. New Delhi.B lio ra h ib g p y    .

DATA ANALYSIS & INTERPRETATION THE MAIN PRAMOTOR OF THE PRODUCTS 40% 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% Brand Name Price Advertisement Others 20% 40% 35% 5% Brand Name Price Advertisement 40% 35% 20% .


ON BASIS OF QUALITY OF THE PRODUCTS 40% 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 15% 10% 5% 0% EXCELLENT GOOD AVERAGE POOR 10% 40% 35% EXCELLENT GOOD AVERAGE POOR 40% 35% 15% 10% .