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Neutrality Gray, to humanity’s more common sense Is a most negative color to a heart’s emotions.

But I tell you that it is and it is not When we think of progressing to our envisioned world. Like white and black on a paint palette And the sentiment of yin and yang They are the prongs on the forked road Which we walk as we move forward. Think of weapons, shooters or blades Which we treat as tools for assorted wonts. Do we use them to rob shells of their living cores Or as shields to defend those important to us? How about science, which we persist it to be The explanation for existence itself? Should we exploit it to make the grass grow Or abandon our ethics to attempt the forbidden? Regard every structure, from the earth to the skies Which house intentions known and arcane. Are they meant for concoctions for the peoples’ benefits Or to scheme the most nefarious of plots? Consider opuses, literary masterpieces With tested theories in every word. Were the authors speaking minds for the greater good Or deliberately demeaning a target without mercy? Think of money, forged from the nature That is the key to the world’s possessions. Is it spent to give rise to a glorious reality Or to unleash undoing to the scattered species? For this mortal existence, I must conclude That there is neither bright good nor dark evil. There is only neutrality and only the purpose Speaks if it is right or if it is wrong.

- Cayo Toledo © 1/7/2013

Trice of Twilight As twilight descends upon below A most magical sensation occurs. A path, most mysteriously mystical Shines and stretches before my eyes. It was at that moment that instantaneously That a lesson enters into my mind. It is the revelation of all of humanity That I and we cannot contradict nor circumvent. Where my toes tap the curb of the cliff My sight beholds a black ocean of lifeless trees. As my vision climbs, a hilly horizon divides To draw forth from blinding shadow a setting sun. The unworldly earth seemed to speak to me As I stood on the glow of its presence. Like a sentient being, a sagacious elder That shared with me a most enlightening fact. The dead forest is the sea of demons With branching claws to ensnare a once sinless soul. But only through strenuous climbs on the mountains Can one feel warm asylum in the heavenly sun. I look up from where I stand and see A gleaming line in the setting sky. It is though I stand beneath a magical arch Unlike anything I have seen before. I am told it is the ultimate border Between good and evil that continuously clash. It only appears when good and evil are in harmony And explains the deepest human heart. I encounter a fork as the magical road branches In one direction beneath light, the other under dark. According to the path it is a test to see If I remain human on either path I choose. I decide I walk the middle, where the road does not go And the earth responds I have outdone its riddle. In the twilight path where light and dark are one I am known as a human and nothing else. - Cayo Toledo © 1/13/2013