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Creating CO-PA DataSource for Transaction Data This step has to be carried out in the R/3 system



Integration with Other Components  Data Transfer to the SAP Business Information Warehouse  Settings for Application-Specific DataSources (PI) Profitability Analysis  Create Transaction Data DataSource

Transaction Code Then carry out the following steps:


1. On the CO-PA/SAP BW: DataSource for Transaction Data screen:

a. Make the following entries:


Entry 1_CO_PA%CL%ERK is automatically generated. Do not change anything. You can add additional characters.


Create Operating concern Costing-based
b. Choose Execute.

X Your Operating concern, e.g.BP01. X

c. Make the following entries:


Entry CO-PA Baseline CO-PA Baseline CO-PA Baseline

Short text Medium length text Long text

b. Choose InfoCatalog from the application toolbar. choose Enter. g. 3. e. Select all possible checkboxes in column Selection. Select all Characteristics from the segment table.Field name for partitioning d. 2. Enter a development class in the customer namespace and choose Save or choose Local object. --- Select all Characteristics from the segment level. 4. Choose Save. In the information dialog box. The Create Object Directory Entry dialog box is displayed requesting the user to enter a development class. Select all Value Fields. On the DataSource: Customer version Edit screen: a. f. Then replicate the datasource in BW .