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C103 Business Communications

Report – Unmad (উন্মাদ) Publications Marketing Plan for Unmad
Submitted to
Syed Munir Khasru
Professor Institute of Business Administration University of Dhaka

Prepared by
Group Nine
zr08 Abashesh Biswas zr14 Maruf Hassan zr35 Shadman Sakib Anik zr44 Mansib Intisar Khan zr46 Saleh Ahmed Batch 20th Section A

12 December 2012

Marketing Plan for Unmad
Letter of Transmittal

Professor Syed Munir Khasru Institute of Business Administration

Dear Sir In the course of preparing this report, our efforts have led to an understanding of managing a unique publication in Bangladeshi print media. For communications – among employees, both lateral and vertical, as well as with the customer base – to proceed effectively, there has to be appropriate rigor in thinking and attitude, which in the satirical publication poses a challenge.

We acknowledge the generosity and co-operation of the editor, Mr. Ahsan Habib, as well as various employees and free-lancers, for communicating openly to the student research group. The exchange with the larger-than-life editor helped us enormously in the course of preparing this report. We appreciate our fellow classmates and the fans of the magazine for airing their animated views on Unmad.

Individual and collective bias, along with a distorted set of data from the customer survey and the company questionnaire, means that we must apologize for the many of our mistakes. We are certainly grateful for your co-operation and appreciate the opportunity to learn firsthand about the nuances of effective business communication.

We end with a statement of no-plagiarism – we have acknowledged sources in the References section.

Group Nine:

______________________________ ______________________________ Abashesh Biswas Maruf Hassan

______________________________ ______________________________ Shadman Sakib Anik Mansib Intisar Khan

______________________________ Saleh Ahmed


Unmad has managed to sustain itself with the combination of quirky. in retrospect. It affords opportunities for upcoming artists and writers. and print media in particular. and pricing strategies. The publication and associated merchandise. The company questionnaire has helped us to gauge opinion at the workplace on day-to-day issues such as content selection. In its long run through the ups-and-downs through the course of history. and we must acknowledge that expansion and business sustainability can only happen through diversification of the brands in the new electronic media. for it pokes at the society with characteristic wit and charm. unique take on current affairs. especially online. the magazine remains treasured among its customers as well as appreciated among the employees. for growth and profitability. Our limited survey of customers of Unmad reveals the target market from which the employees and customers appear – the youth. in our opinion. We predict that the time of vanity publications has come to an end with the encroaching online piracy and copyright infringement. we note. buzz creation. have considerable brand equity that can be leveraged. continues to move to a zero-price. edited by Ahsan Habib. brand image and visibility. Our selected organization offers a unique take on Bangladeshi media with its niche position on the market. We have discovered a certain refusal to face up to change that hampers the future of the subscription-based publication. whether red or black. Lastly.Marketing Plan for Unmad Executive Summary The report focuses on the marketing practices of Unmad publications. marketing and distribution imminent. is cause for some concern as entertainment in general. However. exceptional. Page 2 . the magazine has managed to provide a refreshing perspective on the personal. The future looms with the prospect of drastic changes in management. and associated products. The fiscal scenario. advertisement-supported online avenues. While this may be inimical to maximizing profitability. In the course of our analysis we take note of the liberal organizational culture that adds to the flexible structure of the company. dedicated employees and loyal (but equally eccentric) fans – justifying. and associated products and services. the title. it remains unanswered as to whether Homo economicus – selfinterested beings that accept the supremacy of prices and profits – is a valid model of behavior in the print and publication industries. We find the owner’s refusal to only focus on the bottom-line. our culture will be poorer without Unmad. Therefore. plus the annual events. entrepreneur aspect of business establishment.

3.2. Marketing Organization 6.4. Sources and Methodology 1. Expense Forecast 6. SWOT Analysis 4.1. Market Trends 9 3. Products and Services Offered 2.1. Management and Leadership 7 2.2.3. Company Overview ________________________________________ Office Culture 7 2.1. Competitors 3. Purpose and Scope 1. Marketing Objectives 4.4. Limitations 1. Peer Evaluation in Group Performance 4 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 6 6 8 8 10 10 11 11 11 11 12 15 15 15 15 15 16 16 16 16 17 18 18 19 20 21 22 24 .1.4. Appendix ________________________________________ I.2.2. Target Market Demographics 8 3. Financials ________________________________________ 5. Company Questionnaire V.2.3. Objectives Origin of the Report 1.3. Unmad Magazine 12 4. Marketing Plan ________________________________________ 4. Annual Events 14 5.1. Pricing Strategy 5.5. Implementation 6. Introduction ________________________________________ 1.2. Strategies 4. Market Summary 3. References ________________________________________ 8. Current Situation 5. Situation Analysis ________________________________________ 3. Contingency Planning 7. Controls ________________________________________ 6. Market Needs and Growth 9 3.4. UnmadProducts 13 Customer Evaluation Survey IV.1.4.1. Mission and Vision 2.4.1. Report Preview 2. Other Stakeholders 7 3.4.2. Organizational Structure 2. Authorization Letter II.3.Marketing Plan for Unmad Table of Contents Page 3 1. Letter of Introduction III.1. Financial Objectives 4. Target Markets 4.4. Sales Forecast 5. Relevant Data VI.

The company questionnaire is the starting point of our queries. a satirical print publication from Dhaka. Report Preview The reader will find an introduction into content creation in the company culture and the design process of the publication. 1.4. It has considerable uncertainties involved and has room for further improvement in comprehensive financial planning and project management techniques. There is a survey of the current market structure and the target market. and the industry.3. is heading to in the next five years. 1. Origin of the Report This report is the work of five undergraduates at the University of Dhaka.Marketing Plan for Unmad 1. Purpose and Scope Our objective is to evaluate the feasibility of the marketing strategy and overall outlook of the magazine. The marketing plan has not taken adequate steps to help with other offerings of the company. Introduction 1. Secondary sources of information include customer survey that let the fans answer for themselves.5. The implementation of the marketing strategy is not yet complete. and the publication cannot afford to divert resources to research and monitor innovative marketing opportunities and potential customers. Time constraints and dearth of credible financial information hampers the report. and articles on print and information online. The report focuses on the marketing prospects with limited budget among the current target market that requires the least amount of radical shift in policy and company structure. 1. We find the general direction the company. The emphasis is on retaining the current climate that fosters creativity in content and allows for a loyal readership to grow that sustains financial prospects in order to bring the company to a permanent footing. Limitations We have deliberately avoided going into the details of its finances and management practices to focus on marketing and branding.2. 1. Page 4 . The financial solvency and organizational culture is introduced in the report. The future plans of the company are highlighted. Sources and Methodology The most essential qualitative primary source has been an interview with the editor and associate editor of the publication.1. such as the Travel and Fashion magazine published concurrently with Unmad. under the supervision of the Professor of Business Communications at the Institute of Business Administration. We look at the marketing strategy of Unmad.

exciting content. Unmad will enter its 40th year running. but a breeding ground for upcoming artists and journalists and an open platform for empowering Page 5 . At the time. Company Overview Founded in 1978 by Kazi Khalid Ashraf and Ishtiaq Hossain. and annual events including training workshops. Its refuses to travel the well-worn path of political satire. Unmad will entertain. merchandise sales and annual events leading the way. for from then on he appreciated the power of word-of-mouth to improve circulation of the magazine. A mix of cartoons. they retain affection for the magazine. 2. rhymes and puzzles is present in every format. while consolidating its image for the new affluent middle class.2. but everything else is up for banter. However. MAD. who subsequently was transferred the deed to the company by the owners. The content at the time looked at television dramas. some of which may decide to join the magazine in time. Content creation is the work of full-time cartoonists. sales maximization of the company to collect a wider readership is a necessary to steady the wobbling-if-not-precarious balance sheet. Its longevity surpasses that of its competitors. The management of the company reluctance to change a working model is unlikely to bode well. associated merchandise sales of Unmad paraphernalia . free-lance artists and writers. The reader’s maximal satisfaction is ensured by close attention to detail. How will Unmad integrate capable leadership and business acumen into the culture necessary to nourish the creative. the magazine occupied a monopoly position in the niche market. informal band of cartoonists? It is time to profit from the unique brand that Unmad has become. Habib decided to produce a reliable monthly cartoon magazine that poked at current affairs. Mission and Vision Unmad’s wacky culture through the times has solidified its position as a relatable publication by readers. and readers’ contributions. While Unmad’s readers are not as passionate as they have been in the 1990s. The irregular magazine brought in the cartoonist. in Dhaka. public exhibitions and fan festivals. MAD magazine captured the imagination and attention of youth worldwide for its self-deprecating humor and cartoons. writers and animators. The target market’s penchant for veering away from print is to be exploited by online sales and merchandise. For many of its 35 years of publication. humorous write-ups. 2. The refreshingly familiar themes connect the writers and animators with the youth. movies and sports using hand-drawn cartoons on black-and-white tabloid newsprint. Profit maximization has never been a key goal of its owner and editor. Steadying the finances by charging into new directions is a practical step. but opportunity in associated merchandise and sponsorship of annual events can be plucked. with advertising. The organization must have a flat. Circulation has fallen in a world redefined by the Internet. The first issue of three-thousand copies was sold out. Ahsan Habib. Unmad (উন্মাদ) was the effort to clone the popular US satirical magazine. The future of the company rests upon its reputation. which remains the format today. open structure to encourage new. The magazine will not just be a for-profit venture. This event made an impact upon Habib.1. Objectives To capture the largest circulation – both online and offline – is to be complemented by a newfound rediscovery of the potential of advertisement and product placement. but the second issue of six-thousand left half unsold. In the five years.Marketing Plan for Unmad 2. Hunting out new markets abroad among Bangladeshi expatriates is a strategic task.

wall-clocks.4. Products and Services Offered If there are lines that differentiate between the essence of a product and a service. The erstwhile subscribers are then the asset the business sells to advertisers. but also helps to bring in new talent into the publication. There is reluctance among firms to link-up with a satirical publication for a mistaken perception of ‘triviality’. This not only brings in admission revenues. To the surprise of cartoonists. the company does not fret. etc. stickers. the management shunned advertising deals and product placement opportunities to focus on increasing circulation. While circulation peaked in the mid-nineties. The stall helps to keep the target market secured against rival publications.3. but rising costs in paper printing and wages of graphic designers are countered by advertisement. by-products have become important. especially the black-and-white newsprint publication.Marketing Plan for Unmad readers with progressive. caps. Fans living abroad. Now the loyal subscribers still pay for the magazine. turning the magazine into a service. Traditionally the company has trodden a product-oriented path as tangible artifacts. which has to restart. The high margins on these products make merchandise sales an attractive option to cure financial woes. Unmad magazines celebrates the Ekushey book fair every February where loyal subscribers come in to collect yearly digests of the magazine while new subscribers are hooked into the monthly. In the first twenty-five years of the magazine. UnmadProducts is an initiative to cash in on Unmad’s reputation through merchandise such as T-shirts. the expansion of the entertainment industry led the business onto new directions as piracy online and prejudice of the targeted youth against print publication caused sales to fall steadily. especially Chittagong and Khulna. mug. Entertainment that actually is fun will be delivered to the customers. UnmadProducts has started to sell on its website. Unmad trains budding cartoonists via workshops every quarter. 2. Unmad has allied with animators and cartoonists to deliver animation and games in the coming years. apolitical philosophy without jargon. In conjunction with bKash for mobile users and credit card companies such as VISA to facilitate online transactions. 2. and new writers and cartoonists bring new ideas which resonate with readers. However. has shown. the cartoons fetched high prices among customers. marked their appreciation. the management is not actively looking into advertising as a silver bullet to keep the magazine afloat. Although the core creation has always been the magazine itself. Cartoons posters have in the last year been sold in the Unmad Cartoon exhibitions as legitimate works of art. and the customers come in over and over. Sales are satisfactory. and from other cities in Bangladesh. Organizational Structure Page 6 . Sales of e-magazines online and on mobile phones have been irregular. The exhibitions are projected to be an annual event. Shoe-horning the company into categories ignores the charmingly chaotic nature of its offerings. The only UnmadProducts show-room at the Aziz Market near the University of Dhaka makes it convenient for the youth of Dhaka. The longevity of the publication means that employee turnover is inevitable. as Unmad’s rapport with the customers may be negatively affected.

The management of the company has been resistant to changing the approach to a more business-like model.1. The only long-time employee takes charge of finances. this means that Unmad’s marketing and distribution is neglected in favor of designing of the magazine. Similarly. Unfortunately. marketers have to woo advertisers into the magazine to correct misconceptions they have about the potential of the magazine. it is helpful to take a look at the organization itself. Management and Leadership The editorial office. This means the pricing strategy has to be designed with these partners in mind. the editors are often experienced artists rather than trained managers. Other Stakeholders The marketing plan has to be palatable to hawkers in charge of distribution and printers. is spatially separate from the business entity. free-lancers and the management. marketing is not an allconsuming affair at the publication. It is necessary to keep in mind that content creators resent (as much as the fans) efforts to commercialize Unmad. Office Culture Unmad’s content arises from an informal collaboration between employees. 2. However. the January 2013 issue will look into the Hay Festival. which entices humorous content through a relatively flat structure and generous policy on regulations. which collates content. Themes are often related to the buzzwords of youth today. and annual events such as training workshops. the leadership has to prepare for drastic change in the near future. The mostly apolitical nature of Unmad has avoided the glare of governmental regulation. The open-ended culture cannot be harmed by monetizing strategies. As the owner himself is the editor. However. To protect brand image and keep writers and readers interested. the two main groups. Every month.4. such as tree plantation. These two collaborate with the input from readers and free-lancers to organize coherent themes in a chaotic organizational climate. ‘Idea-people’ and Cartoonists brain-storm ideas and imagine artwork for the magazine. Socially responsible projects. an emphasis on merchandise sales through UnmadProducts. which has now been tasked for the next five years. 2. 2.3.Marketing Plan for Unmad To design an effective marketing policy for Unmad. book fairs and cartoon exhibitions. who apparently graduated from arts. for example. yet it may be possible to for the culture that fosters creativity to co-exist with sensible marketing policies. it is an advantage that no conflict-ofinterest arises between the management and stakeholder. This means that the management is in close contact with cartoonists and writers.4. which explains why Unmad happens to be relatable through these years without growing stale. which handles accounts. of the company have significant appeal among the target market and can heighten positive image. This means that Unmad cannot properly be a business entity alone without driving away rich sources of writers and readers.2.4. This includes the more pro-active effort to market to advertisers. Readers are encouraged to write themselves. Piracy is looked at liberally. Page 7 . The marketing efforts seem to be until now haphazard in fashion.

and does not tax the vocabulary of the reader. Unmad merchandise.Marketing Plan for Unmad 3. 3. as they are relaxed and attentive. Weekly supplementary magazines delivered with newspaper dailies free-of-charge may have a glossier sheen.1. Readers at the capital are also able to buy from the UnmadProducts show-room. as readers from these southern cities buy most of the other half of circulation. and participate in the public exhibition and book fairs in the city. Pricing the magazine without digging too deep into their pockets is recommended. Target Market Demographics The publication has always been geared towards the youth. trend-setting position. In the next five years it is projected that the price of the magazine will be raised ৳25 ($0. However. Mystery Magazine (রহস্য পত্রিকা) caters to the same target market with different needs. the marketing plan has broadened the target market to include Bangladeshi expatriates living abroad who were fans of Unmad in its heyday in the nineties. However.35). The one other monthly newsprint periodical. The youth has supplied Unmad with its writers as well as readers. which is to adjust for rising costs and inflation. Events organized by Unmad are well-attended in Dhaka thanks to its local fans. UnmadProducts franchises at Chittagong and Khulna are the next step in boosting merchandise sales.1. The high-margin sales of Unmad merchandise and special edition magazines will happen during Eid and Puja festivals. competitors delivering similar content in the wider market exists. The reader is psychologically prepared to be affected by advertisements in the publication.30) to ৳30 ($0. a Bangla magazine for the middle-class student. The minimally priced magazine is in the reach of most income groups. train in Unmad workshops. however readers as young as fourteen to as old as twenty-six are engaged to buy the magazine from the newsstands with regular frequency. Bangladeshi expatriates being targeted are in their mid-thirties. but the brand of Unmad has pulled it through. Unmad’s is distributed to newsstands and hawkers through auto-rickshaws and delivered to the doors of its regular subscribers. Nearly half the sales of Unmad happen at Dhaka. although as Unmad fans they can claim to be young at heart! The life cycle of the traditional Unmad readers falls into the young student category. when financial burden of the customer is lessened. Unmad has always been cheap – the first issue was bought at 3 Taka. is in a competitive market with a unique. Bangladeshi expatriates cannot at the moment order in the magazine from cities like New York in the United States and London in the United Kingdom. Education of the target market requires only literacy. although without as reputable history as Unmad publications. designed by the creative employees at the company.1. The 16-24 demographic is held as the core subscribers. The average age of the Unmad reader is around eighteen. Unmad has been. The company has effectively a monopoly position in its strictly-defined market – monthly satirical magazines. As soon as online sales of the e-magazine are Page 8 . and will be. Situation Analysis 3. Market Summary The market for humorous publications is rather small.

Unmad has over 105. 3.000 fans on Facebook. Page 9 . Sales of the magazine in print format can even be surpassed by online editions. the Internet. innovation is what tempts the reader to buy the next volume. Unmad is all but free. cutting half of the cover due to ‘expensive paper’. Unmad content and merchandise circulates among online users to serve as feelers to bring in new subscribers.1.000 following as well.3. etc. newspaper. The fragmentation of the target market has resulted in difficulty in creating magazine content. Market Trends Compared with expensive imported magazines. upturned roll-over cartoons. Another barrier is the rampant pirated scanned copies of the magazine offered freely online.1. The magazine have often opted for innovative designs. The emphasis on current affairs means that writers have to be on the lookout for news and views of the youth. the customers of UnmadProducts have been a result of the new outlook in consumption tastes and patterns. the magazine has failed to keep up with the times in all but content. when the monopoly of entertainment opportunities ensured everyone watch the same drama being poked at. ‘funny’. The emagazines will be available for the mobile internet users in particular. Themes that pander to all subscribers are more difficult than in the past. origami puzzles. Most of the two million mostly young Bangladeshi Facebook users are reachable through the online advertisement. The publication is looked at by everyone as a trendsetter in humor and satire. While its creations are certainly not obsolete. While these may not be cost-conscious decisions.Marketing Plan for Unmad implemented. while UnmadProducts has a 40. games – competes for the reader’s attention. Serving printoriented young adults and teenagers with entertainment. Significant gains have been made to capture online social networks such as Facebook. As the array of entertainment opportunities – television. On the other hand. movies. 3. the habits of the touchscreen-friendly teens and the relative decline of the print media have called for putting online e-magazines that cater to a less-attached customer. Novelty and surprise is expected by the reader. which comes cheaply and efficiently. The soon-available e-magazines are hampered by the unavailability of reliable online transaction mechanisms. The magazine is asked to be continually updated. such as turning the cover page into a door through splitting down the middle. Costly printing and paper costs denies the opportunity to turn the magazine into fourcolor pages like most of the weekly supplementary free magazines. the customer base will be significantly strengthened by the relatively affluent expatriates.2. the capacity of the market for further expansion is only limited by the digital divide. While the niche market has little wiggle room. The ‘retro feel’ of the publication can be enhanced through clever design in the details. content-rich and low-priced. Market Needs and Growth Unmad fans are difficult to satisfy. Satirical humor now exists for free online. Copyright infringement is difficult to prevent in the current scenario.

suggests that these are not direct competitors. the first competitor arrived. Innovative outlook of the company will break it out of financial instability. Annual events can be expanded into other divisional cities. Online sales of e-magazines and merchandise will be appreciated among the ‘nineties kids’. 3. Opportunities to profit from the Bangladeshi expatriates abound. Edited by Harun Ur Rashid. Piracy is another thorn that cannot be addressed easily. SWOT Analysis The key strength of the business is in its reputation as a quality publication in the monopoly market.Marketing Plan for Unmad 3. The weakness lies in the management resistant to commercial measures. Page 10 . Threats from encroaching competitors are not likely in the five years. The disposable nature of these. Cartoon was published on and off for ten years before bankruptcy. This brand image can be leveraged through the three-pronged marketing strategy of online sales. The leadership has to bring in marketing resources to help with the five year marketing plan for it to be effective. Unmad is on a league of its own. especially Chittagong and Khulna. Angul (আঙ্গুল).2. As such. Weekly supplementaries such as Rosalo (রস্াললা) by daily Prothom Alo and Ghorar Dim (ল াড়ার ত্রিম) from the daily Kaler Kontho have been four-color small magazines. Overseas competition. The culture that allows for the creative employees to take initiative and suggest innovations deserves to be called an asset. with four publications each month as opposed to a single Unmad. such as the original MAD magazine. and Lokjon (ললাকজন) have too sunk in the sands of time. Online sales may exacerbate copyright infringement of pirates. Rivals such as BanGo (ব্যঙ্গ).3. merchandise offering and annual events. Competitors Ten years following the inception of Unmad. is not a factor at play in the market. but in the weak legal environment and lax managerial attitude there can be few steps taken that fails to provoke a backlash among fans of the magazine.

The five-year period will ensure that the financial situation becomes healthier and more stable. 4. both online and through the current showroom in Dhaka and forthcoming stores in Khulna and Chittagong. along with proceeds from annual events. Unmad magazines have always been for the youth. it will be anticipated that proceeds will significantly contribute to the financial growth of the company. Annual events will be held every year from 2013 onwards – and is expected to be sponsored by business partners in the time being. Financial Objectives In the moment. spreading through word-ofmouth virally.000 copies monthly for significant gains in financial success. and the publication has to depend upon special Eid editions and the annual book fair to recoup losses. and is predicted to produce half of company revenues in the timeframe.Marketing Plan for Unmad 4. For its creative writers and cartoonists to work on innovative ideas. The current circulation has to be doubled in both print and emagazines to 30. Nevertheless. The three-pronged marketing plan involves pushing up online sales of e-magazine and merchandise. the publication will flounder. At the completion of the plan. Broadly speaking. cartoon exhibitions and book fairs. There is an opportunity to exploit the nostalgia that non-resident Bangladeshis in the United States and Page 11 .2. Marketing Objectives In the next five years. 4. the liberal organizational culture is a requisite.1. which along with the magazine suffers when the targeted youth has national examinations coming up. with re-investment into the company and liquid reserve being priorities in spending. marketing the magazine has to be implemented without the required personnel marketing and financial firepower to court its customer base of young adults and teens in Bangladesh and non-resident Bangladeshis. 4. Not every quarter at the time is profitable. Marketing will happen through real-life and online social networks.000 by 2017. Marketing Plan The magazine has to branch out into new directions while keeping hold of its monopoly market position. with strategic re-positioning of the company up-market can be valuable in the long run. UnmadProducts produces wildly variable returns throughout the year.000 to ৳90. Target Markets Unmad cannot within the time period move away from its core customer of teen and young adult students. inaugurating UnmadProducts franchise ventures in Chittagong and Khulna.3. and regular training workshops. The traditional reliance on print circulation has to be accompanied with additional roads to revenue – UnmadProducts and Unmad-style events. the books are barely out of red. Annual events will protect the brand from disrepute and generate positive appeal among the youth. UnmadProducts continues to produce a significant share of revenues from high-margin merchandise sales. Unmad will enter a critical phase of its cycle. The approach to increasing circulation of the print magazine and its online counterpart is cost-conscious and avoids traditional advertisement means. The plan will place the company finances on a secure footing – it is expected that the monthly profits will rise from ৳40. It has to be borne in mind that sales of e-magazine may adversely affect sales of the print version. It is likely that without the passionate patience of its owner and editor. UnmadProducts will continue to bring in lucrative sales in merchandise.

Unmad Magazine While the magazine is not on life support. Unmad stays at the market for the entire month. but customer satisfaction is maximal in the targeted youth. The reader has a relaxed. It is possible the lack of a legal alternative forces Bangladeshi expatriates to download illegal copies from the Internet. Besides online sales of e-magazines to the youth hooked onto social networks like Facebook. and transform annual events into self-sustaining entities. 4. friendly attitude during the reading process. the five year plan will attempt approach the sales summit. the rosy bloom at the turn of the century has now wilted. bring on half the revenues from UnmadProducts. With real estate in traditional media costing thousands for mere seconds. Lastly. The three-tiered marketing strategy has to double Unmad’s circulation. The shift to a balance between advertisement and subscription has to endure online as well. Page 12 . Annual events are well-attended by all age groups. not just in Dhaka but in Chittagong and Khulna as well. The business model has to be comprehensively repositioned to double circulation. 4. Priced at similar rates to the original. and at the annual book fair is offered a compendium of the year’s volume in a redesigned digest. Advertisers shun the magazine. It is critically important that the site remains accessible to mobile internet users. or credit card companies like VISA. The subscription-only model has been abandoned last decade. yet a marketing division that pursues advertisers has not been established. the monthly publication is not disposed of as soon as it is read.4. but that luxury of choice is no longer available. non-resident Bangladeshis may easily access the newest volumes at premium prices.4. the standing of the magazine as not just a money-making entity helps advertisers to penetrate deeper into the readers’ psyche. Strategies The marketing plan has to bring on radical changes to the outlook of the organization. calling it ‘silly’. Book fairs and cartoon workshops exclusively cater to the young. Change is not an easy. Unlike the free supplements offered by dailies. The management is expected to establish a fresh marketing department and invest most of its meager income into the organization. They cannot be more wrong. While circulation has fallen from its peak. Online transactions recently started can be of use selling to expatriate Bangladeshis. The magazine website has expired recently and has to be revamped to include an online version of the print edition.1. but it seems to be half-hearted attempt. Unmad has become an icon. advertising in Unmad is a great opportunity to connect with the target market at a fraction of the cost. The delicate balance between the liberal culture and commercial interests has to be struck. Advertising revenues can be far greater than current figures. as most of the cellular networks have allowed the young access.Marketing Plan for Unmad United Kingdom hold in store for the classic Unmad in the nineties. cartoonists at Unmad have begun public exhibitions where the quality of Unmad cartoons to express larger issues in the society is appreciated. Finally. an art – fetching astounding prices and placing cartoon posters alongside paintings. and the management hesitates to move against its fans. There is no effective policy against copyright infringement. the e-magazine can be brought through mobile payment systems like bKash (which has been partners with UnmadProducts). The typical Unmad reader scrutinizes every letter and collects every volume. UnmadProducts has trend-defining products for the fans.

The relative novelty and security risks of e-commerce is not barriers in overseas markets. it is unlikely that they will be effective. to her or his doorstep. UnmadProducts currently produces merchandise for young men.000 users ‘like’ the official page. and even if it was possible. However. Expatriate Bangladeshis from New York or London are likely to be a key market within the timeframe. When deciding upon the location of the stores. living in Dhaka. The magazine cannot afford traditional advertisements on television.000 Bangladeshis. helps to diversify risks too. Page 13 . Franchising out is vital to open up shops in Chittagong and Khulna. through these pages on the network some 200. and fan pages show five-figures. Now anyone living anywhere in Bangladesh. UnmadProducts The magazine remains at the center-stage. The UnmadProducts store is wholly owned by the company. All in all. or in the United Kingdom. viral transmission of shared content are excellent tools to spread the word. New products for female fans can be brought in. while merchandise is sourced out to contracted third-parties. The magazine will be heavily advertised on the Facebook pages. Unmad has an enviable position on social networks. Online sales and home delivery options implemented in the previous plan has been commendable. etc. for free. which offers mobile versions of Unmad to its customers. with over two million young Bangladeshis to be reached. jokes and puzzles – uploaded to be shared in the social network. can buy directly from the UnmadProducts website with the assurance that the product will be delivered. can be reached. The marketing department has to be built up from scratch to take advantage of the new media. The ‘bait’ will be free content – cartoons. precedence must be on middle-class shopping destinations rather than upmarket shopping malls. but merchandise sales are expected to bring in half of revenues by the end of the timeframe. With targeted customers likely to spend more time online than off. 4. newspapers or radio. online sales can help reach previously untapped customer base. Unmad need not take its eyes of the magazine. or in the United States. Facebook’s ‘friends-of-friends’ system and mimetic. The physical confines of the showroom are less important than the products themselves. there is great potential for monetization through sales of e-magazines.2.Marketing Plan for Unmad In association with the current partnership with Airtel Bangladesh. who will become the subscribers of tomorrow. Over 105. While Dhaka benefits from the only store.000 likes on Facebook. The company cannot pay for shop-fronts at the two cities by itself.4. Khulna and overseas. there has to be an effort to lure in other mobile phone networks as well. Unmad is on Facebook. The high-margin sales. This will then lead to younger users to be acquainted with the magazine. Chittagong. with profits per unit reaching one-third of its value. During the period it is sufficient to hire part-time marketers to publicize and offer discounts through Facebook. Nonetheless. the product portfolio has to be expanded to included iconic designs from the previous century to attract middle-aged Bangladeshi immigrants. Leaving out half of the Unmad’s fan base empty handed is not a good idea! UnmadProducts currently has about 17. handbags. including T-shirts.

The aim is to find the next batch of talented cartoonists who can contribute their own ideas the magazine. However.4. This year’s tree plantation drive has been entirely paid for by the publication itself. Unmad’s Ekushey book fair stall starts off in the winter. The goal is to shift the brand magazine up the market such that by the end of the marketing plan there is a chance to attract an older. Unmad is better placed to warn the dangers of addictive drugs. The summer season is appropriate for establishing cartoon workshops. to cite a case in point. If managed effectively. It may be necessary to form a subsidiary branch for Unmad Events.3. Unlike traditional public service announcements. Fans are likely to interact directly with the writers and cartoonists. and not too cheap to lose face in customers’ appreciation of brand image. The odds are plenty that the fair will be well-attended during the years. Instead. Unmad has to organize events that cater to the youth. With these contacts at hand. deepening customer relationships. It is not expected that the events will become profitable immediately. Unmad spends upon socially responsible events. With electronic media baying for novelty. Annual Events Each season. The annual digest published from last year’s unsold copies can bring on good money. these events brighten the brand image. As students start upon the summer holidays. plans shall be in place to produce events in Chittagong and Khulna as well. As a final point. these events can be prepared successfully. but also gets to be paid for it! Many of exemployees of the magazine work in radio shows and television channels. bring on new subscribers and recruit new talents into the magazine. traffic jams. Each fall will see a public exhibition of the best cartoons published by the magazine. As a trustworthy name among the youth. Early in February. The registration costs cannot be too dear to deter promising talents. A sniggering skeleton saying ‘yes’ to drugs catches attention far more than tomes full of adverse effects on the society. The Unmad brand can become a part of Bangladesh’s culture. as these are still not underway it is not reasonable to assume cash to start flowing in immediately. the revenues from these will offset the costs incurred so as to become independent from company finances. all of which are resented by the youth. With the help of corporate sponsors. Unmad cannot advertise in the media. training by famous cartoonists in three-month courses looks feasible. Celebrated cartoons by renowned illustrators can fetch quite high prices in the auctions. In a way. Unmad can offer its veritable band of jolly writers and illustrators to produce and air exclusive content. Unmad can find a way to combine social responsibility with laugh-out-loud humor. The prohibitively high costs can be avoided with some inventive measures.Marketing Plan for Unmad 4. wealthier target market. Near the end of 2017. electricity crises. New subscribers can be registered at the fair each year such that circulation grows steadily. The objective is not to earn as much as possible. such poor quality in education. For example. The cartoons will presented as rivals to painting as pieces of contemporary art. Unmad not only gets prominent expression along with favorable mentions in the media. a radio commentary on a cricket match in Bangladesh may benefit from a touch of Unmad’s humor. This gives an opportunity for the Unmad team to speak about more significant issues. this is not impossible. Page 14 .

The by-products are not specified quantitative targets as the management focuses upon the core competency.1. With a commission of 40%. Annual events are expected to finance themselves and maintain regularity.000 copies monthly.2. While financial statements are not available for the private company.000. the target market hates price hikes. Page 15 .Marketing Plan for Unmad 5. 5.4. Last year. Financials 5. 5. provoking a storm of angry mail from the readers. as total circulation increases. the price of the magazine went up by 25%. the wholesale price comes down to ৳15. Profits can be roughly estimated at around ৳40. Distribution takes out a big chunk out of profits.000.3.000 last year. In spite of rising costs. within large uncertainties. Expense Forecast The cost of paper has risen multiple times in the last five years. Printing charges will not change significantly in the period. Current Situation During the year of 2011. The higher rates specified by the Bangladesh Cartoonists Association means that employee expenses will be higher in the future. Cost of goods sold. Total revenue is then ৳195. With 40% commission for distributors. The projected price of ৳30 has the advantage the reader does not have to look for change when buying the magazine from the newsstands.000 copies in total online and offline sales each month. mainly in printing costs and employee salaries. At the moment upgrading from newsprint pages is not economical. Pricing Strategy The current price of ৳25 is cheaper compared to the prices in the 1990s when adjusted for inflation. However. the management has hinted about the costs being three-quarters of its revenue. Data on UnmadProducts and on annual events is not accessible. it is prudent to raise the price not more than 20% in the period. 5. Sales Forecast The five-year term looks to double circulation to 30. the average circulation of the magazine has been around 13. so does the payout. But unfortunately there is no alternative to the door-to-door delivery system using hawkers. The recent unionization of cartoonists has been encouraged by the management. with ৳12 per unit. then ৳156. UnmadProducts is projected to expand aggressively into two cities and abroad.

Implementation The five-year plan has to be brought to reality with the target to increase circulation of the magazine. Controls 6. Lamentably. Contingency Planning The chronic lack of human resources has the advantage that senior management has to supervise the plans from the start. Budget constraints restrict marketing opportunities to Facebook. 6. Unmad has to retain senior writers and illustrators while using the workshops to find young talents. the management structure is not geared towards a professional approach leadership and decisionmaking. the plan has to make do with a team of associates at editorial level. It requires relatively little investment in resources. hierarchical organization. and the number of successful events. The chief issue to watch out for is consumer and employee backlash against perception of being commercial sell-outs.3. The answer may not lie in a formal. which stifles innovation at the workplace. In the short run. The current policy to separate design section from finance and editorial departments is appropriate. Part-time employees can be in charge on public relations online. Another concern is keeping the vibrant organizational culture intact. The open culture at the office can help solve difficult policy and practical problems with the input of journalists. The marketing plan hinges on the power of wordof-mouth and customer recommendations to propel future growth. Page 16 . To placate worrying stakeholders the company has to be in constant touch with the press. Contingencies will have to be handled from the top for reasons of better control and co-ordination. As senior employees age and collect experience. 6.1.2. Marketing Organization It is expected that in the least a relatively basic and informal marketing department has to be set up.Marketing Plan for Unmad 6. merchandise sales.

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mansibikhan@gmail. > We expect to complete our final report and presentation on "Unmad" (উন্মাদ) the magazine. Cc: November 30. Appendix I. published since 1978. absheshbiswasmanan@yahoo.hassan@live. Date: Friday. > Yours sincerely. 2012 12:08 PM please go To: maruf. > Group Nine > The 9th group consists of: > zr08 Abashesh Biswas > zr14 Maruf Hassan > zr35 Shadman Sakib Anik > zr44 Mansib Intisar Khan > zr46 Saleh Ahmed Page 18 . > The presentation shall take place in your presence on 11th of December. Group 9 From: Syed Munir Khasru (munir_iba. We hope to connect with the writers to find more about their marketing and communication practices alongside its finances. shadmansakibanik@yahoo. has great stories to offer on running a quirky business in Bangladesh.Marketing Plan for Unmad Regards SMK ________________________ At 05:21 PM 11/28/2012 +0000. Please suggest any changes that may be we can continue working on the Maruf Hassan wrote: > Dear Sir. Authorization Letter Subject: Re: C103 Bus. > The satirical cartoon magazine. > With your approval of the topic.

To wrap it up. We’re interested to know about merchandising the brand at UnmadProducts. The financials of such a company requires an innovative outlook and some quick-thinking and solid leadership. one-of-a-kind business. and incidentally fans of your publication. zr35 Shadman Sakib Anik. zr14 Maruf Hassan.Marketing Plan for Unmad II. Ahsan Habib Editor-in-Charge Unmad Magazine From Group Nine Business Communications Research Team Institute of Business Administration. a long-running satire magazine. zr46 Saleh Ahmed Page 19 . Letter of Introduction Letter of Introduction To Mr. and we hope the story reaches and inspires the new generation. The story of running. since nearly the beginning of Bangladesh. _________________________ Business Communications Group Nine zr44 Mansib Intisar Khan. a fun magazine promises to be exciting. Unmad is a success story in the Bangladeshi media. Under the supervision of Professor Syed Munir Khasru. Unmad blurs the line between what it means to be a product and a service. yet remaining true to the core customer base. University of Dhaka Dear Sir/ Madam Good day to you! We’re five undergraduate students from the Institute. Throughout the twists and turns of Unmad. we can find the larger issues at play. we’ve decided to write up on the management of Unmad. Yours sincerely zr08 Abashesh Biswas. Running a satire publication is a unique.

Kaler Kontho o Monthly magazine in different categories  Mystery Magazine (রহস্য পত্রিকা) o Currently unavailable rivals  BanGo (ব্যঙ্গ)  Angul (আঙ্গুল)  Lokjon (ললাকজন)  Cartoon o Imported magazines  MAD magazine  Which of the following best describes your needs? o Cheap o Humor o Satire o News  How long have you been a reader? o Recently (less than 6 months) o A few years (less than 2 years) o Many years (more than 2 years) Page 20 . Customer Evaluation Survey Unmad Publications Customer Evaluation Survey C103 Business Communications Group 9  Please tell us how the Unmad would rate on the following attributes: o Quality o Price o Trustworthiness o Design and Layout o Value and Satisfaction  Which other magazines have you read? o Weekly supplementary magazine with dailies  Rosalo (রস্াললা).Marketing Plan for Unmad III. Prothom Alo  Ghorar Dim (ল াড়ার ত্রিম).

Company Questionnaire Unmad Publications Company Questionnaire C103 Business Communications Group Nine Profile History Planning Marketing Finances              Where did the idea of Unmad come from? What is its target market? What contributes to the growth of Unmad? What features can be introduced to the magazine? What is its monthly circulation? At what price is the magazine sold to the wholesaler? Is there any promotional offers? What does the management want from Unmad? What does the public demand from the magazine? What problems hinder growth and development in the industry? What other products and services does Unmad offer? How successful is the icon.Marketing Plan for Unmad IV. design or logo that represents the company? What are your goals in the next five years? Page 21 .

Relevant Data  Target Market Analysis Primary Target Market 16-24 Students Accessible to All Standard Bangla Literacy Dhaka. London Age Life Cycle Income Group Education Location Age Life Cycle Income Group Education Location  Sales History  Company Structure Editor Finance Unmad magazine UnmadProducts Dhaka Showroom Annual Events Page Cartoonists 22 Idea and Design . Khulna Secondary Target Market 34-44 Full-time Professionals Higher Bracket College Degree New York. Chittagong.Marketing Plan for Unmad V.

Marketing Plan for Unmad  Marketing Plan Five years 2013-17 Resource Allocation to Marketing Implementation by Management Funding from Finance Monitoring by Marketing Unmad Magazine Objective: Double sales to 30.000 units e-magazine (targets Bangladeshi expatriates) sponsorships and advertisements (shift business model) UnmadProducts Objective: Produce half of company revenue outlets at Chittagong and Khulna (captures local customers) online sales (targets Bangladeshi expatriates) Control by Management Annual Events Objective: Become self-sustaining entity book fairs (attracts new subscribers) training workshops (hires skilled employees) cartoon exhibitions (elavates brand image) social responsibility program (raises brand visibility) Page 23 .

7. 3. Communication Skills Manners Punctuality Efficiency Initiative Peer Evaluation in a Group Performance Overall in a scale of 10 how would you rank this Group Member? Additional Comments (if any). 8. 5.Marketing Plan for Unmad VII. Group Project Name Member’s Roll Name Batch 1. 9. 4. Knowledge of the Subject Leadership Qualities Ability to Work in a Group Energy Creativity 6. 2. you may use overleaf if necessary: Name of the Evaluator 1 Name of the Evaluator 2 Name of the Evaluator 3 Name of the Evaluator 4 Name of the Evaluator 5 Signature Signature Signature Signature Signature Page 24 . 10.

14. 12. 18. 17. 13. 19. 20. Communication Skills Manners Punctuality Efficiency Initiative Overall in a scale of 10 how would you rank this Group Member? Additional Comments (if any). 15. Knowledge of the Subject Leadership Qualities Ability to Work in a Group Energy Creativity 16. you may use overleaf if necessary: Name of the Evaluator 1 Name of the Evaluator 2 Name of the Evaluator 3 Name of the Evaluator 4 Name of the Evaluator 5 Signature Signature Signature Signature Signature Page 1 .Marketing Plan for Unmad Group Project Name Member’s Roll Name Batch 11.

27. 28. 23. 24. Knowledge of the Subject Leadership Qualities Ability to Work in a Group Energy Creativity 26. 25. Communication Skills Manners Punctuality Efficiency Initiative Overall in a scale of 10 how would you rank this Group Member? Additional Comments (if any).Marketing Plan for Unmad Group Project Name Member’s Roll Name Batch 21. you may use overleaf if necessary: Name of the Evaluator 1 Name of the Evaluator 2 Name of the Evaluator 3 Name of the Evaluator 4 Name of the Evaluator 5 Signature Signature Signature Signature Signature Page 1 . 22. 29. 30.

Marketing Plan for Unmad Group Project Name Member’s Roll Name Batch 31. 35. 33. 39. Knowledge of the Subject Leadership Qualities Ability to Work in a Group Energy Creativity 36. Communication Skills Manners Punctuality Efficiency Initiative Overall in a scale of 10 how would you rank this Group Member? Additional Comments (if any). 38. 34. 37. 40. you may use overleaf if necessary: Name of the Evaluator 1 Name of the Evaluator 2 Name of the Evaluator 3 Name of the Evaluator 4 Name of the Evaluator 5 Signature Signature Signature Signature Signature Page 1 . 32.

Communication Skills Manners Punctuality Efficiency Initiative Overall in a scale of 10 how would you rank this Group Member? Additional Comments (if any). 48. 45. 42. 50. Knowledge of the Subject Leadership Qualities Ability to Work in a Group Energy Creativity 46. 47. you may use overleaf if necessary: Name of the Evaluator 1 Name of the Evaluator 2 Name of the Evaluator 3 Name of the Evaluator 4 Name of the Evaluator 5 Signature Signature Signature Signature Signature Page 1 . 44. 49.Marketing Plan for Unmad Group Project Name Member’s Roll Name Batch 41. 43.