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Republic of the Philippines SOUTHERN LEYTE STATE UNIVERSITY Sogod Campus Sogod, Southern Leyte Mid Term Examination

in ELT-505 (Instructional Materials) Jan. 29, 2011 Part I: Directions and Backgrounders: The subject “Instructional Materials” in the Graduate Studies pacifies the basic backgrounds including the nomenclature, history, and applications. It primarily deals with the various teaching devices which are used in effective and successful teaching. The subject further provides learning experiences and constructions of teaching materials that help develop the learning clients’ teaching competence. In half a semester’s time, your learning (assumed and presumed) is put to test in this examination. Conduit to this, you need to exhaust all the possibilities in order to give logic to your discussion in answering all the given questions below:
1. Why are instructional materials important in teaching? What general purpose do they serve in teaching-learning routine of both the teacher and students in the classroom? (20 pt)

2. Questioning is a very effective teaching device. It is set to make standards in
the classroom where teaching-learning takes place. Your art and style of asking your students some questions for the desired information you look for from them can either maintain a good learning atmosphere or confuse them in the verge of overcrowded classroom in today’s Philippine education system. Give at least ten (10) good things or points to remember in throwing questions to the learning clienteles in every class discussion. (20 pt)

3. What are realia? Why are they called the most accessible instructional
materials but very expensive? (15 pt)
4. In the instructional aides of teaching, human resources are mainly referring to teachers. How can the teachers’ poise, facial expressions, voice, and gestures promote learning effectiveness? (25 pt) Part II: Below is an activity that aims at making the imagination of the students picturesque. It integrates the “sentence construction” and “subject-verb agreement” in a language lesson and “getting to know the animals” in a science lesson. Try to hunt the animals that are hiding in the sentences. A one-point merit is given for each correct answer (the caught animal). After the hunting, try to explain the importance and significance of the activity. What new insights did you discover from the mentioned activity? An additional 20-point merit will be added to your total score for your discussions.

1. Weltou can sing very well.

11. She clothes naked babies.

2. Father mines gold.

12. 3. He will be a real friend. 13. 4. When I withdraw, Al rushes in. 14. 5. We made errors in English quiz yesterday. salad days in Boracay. 6. Alec Rabelo is handsome. 16. 7. We will start if Roger arrives. 17. 8. Is it the sixth or seventh? performance in “CATS” last night? 9. He ate eleven eggs yesterday. 19. 10. Was Pilar mad, ill, or glad? perfectly on big spotlights.

Wea sells toiletries everyday. Bacon cheese sandwiches are good. He is coming to America today. 15. She, Ronnie, and I were having Will Lama Lorenz be coming? We go at two o’ clock. 18. Did Lea gleam



Close the door at once. 20. Cameras for shooting must angle