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Coca Cola Beverage Private Ltd

University of the Punjab Gujranwala Campus Submitted To: Sir Asher Shakeel Submitted By: Ali Raza (BC090-55) Zahid Bilal (BC090-24)

class value to all stake holders. it's up to me  Passion: Committed in heart and mind  Diversity: As inclusive as our brands  Quality: What we do. we do well HISTORY: Coca-Cola Company is beginning to 1886. Dr.S) and coke has successfully provided 58 years of dedicated service to its customers in Pakistan. began to produce Coca-Cola syrup for sale. . Fantail and Sprite are the brands with whom CocaCola is operating in Mission  Coca cola Pakistan exist to refresh the consumers. The Coca-Cola Company in Pakistan has invested over $130 million (U. John Pemberton. The Coca-Cola Company began operating in Pakistan in 1953 Coke.Coca Cola Beverage Private Ltd Coca Cola Baverage Private ltd (Gujranwala) INTRODUCTION: Vision To be a market leader to drink segments while adding best. when an Atlanta pharmacist.  Leadership: The courage to shape a better future  Accountability: If it is to be.  Inspire moment of optimism and happinesess  To create value and make a difference Values values serve as a compass for our actions and describe how we behave in the world.It owns 10 plants all around in Pakistan..

 Gujranwala  Rawalpindi  Peshawar  Hyderabad  Faisalabad  Sialkot  Rahimyarkhan  Islamabad The Coca-Cola Company began operating in Gujranwala in 1998 as a franchise. .  Lahore.Coca Cola Beverage Private Ltd  Karachi.

Manager Manager of Finance Manager of sale Manager of HR Manager of Supply chain A/C RSM OD WHM SS MSM TA PM Cash SSM HRB PM Inventory PWH BSG QAM .Coca Cola Beverage Private Ltd HIERARCHY Organizational hierarchy of Coke.

Coca Cola Beverage Private Ltd PRODUCTS OF COCA COLA IN PAKISTAN Coke Fanta .

Coca Cola Beverage Private Ltd Sprite Sprite 3G Kinley Sprite zero .

Coca Cola Beverage Private Ltd Coke dite Pulpy oranges Pulpy tropical TARGET CUSTOMERS Coca Cola takes every customer as target and potential customer who is thirsty. All age groups are being target but the most potential is the age group from 18-25 that covers around 40% of total age segments. .

AMRAT COLA etc. In Pakistan as compared to Pepsi.territory)  Gujranwala  Gujrat  Sarguda  Azad kashmer  Mirpur  Afizabad  Shahdara COMPETITORS: Major competitors of coke is PEPSI and GORMAY that directly effect coca cola company and the other small companies who indirectly effect coca cola company that is PAK-COLA. CONCLUSION We have concluded from this detailed report that despite the fact Coca.cola currently occupies the market leadership position overall but it does not guarantee that the company will sustain its position in the future as well. Coca-Cola has less number of consumers as Pepsi’s market share in Pakistan is approximately 58% where as coke market share is hovering about 32%. hence the conclusion is that Coca-Cola must enhance factors such as relationship marketing. innovation and technology specially in Pakistan to attain market leader position in this region as well .Coca Cola Beverage Private Ltd MARKET (geographical. MAKA COLA.

The biggest strength of Coca-Cola is that unlike other beverages.So many brilliant ideas to improve and boost sales remain locked up in employees brain as they are not allowed to work at their own free will. Pak-Cola etc. and Sprite in different flavors.. same schemes in all cities.So there is vast opportunity for Coke to increase market share -Increasing distributing channels.Coca Cola Beverage Private Ltd SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTHS: Single Established Company . So you will find same the lengthy processes of decision making and implementation through hierarchy system (i-e follow order from CEO to downwards) have to be followed and employees in Pakistan even (GM) is not allowed to take decisions to change even smallest of things like (Instruction on bottle) on their own .Company and has already positioned itself in customers mind (as those who provide the ultimate in taste and quality) so they are bound to try their new product as well. OPPORTUNITIES: Coke currently holds about 36% market share in Pakistan. Similarly one decision taken (e. price cuts+Rs. Coke. WEAKNESSES: The organizational structure of Coke is too formal ( being supervised by CCI).2/-) is implemented effectively and immediately in all plants all over Pakistan without argument.g. Maka-Cola.Launch a new product it can do it successfully as it’s is well established. Pepsi leads by holding 54% of market share 10% to other small beverages. it has established itself as a single large company CCBPL with 10 plants in all major cities running directly under supervision of Coca-Cola international. Line extension like Fanta. THREATS .These all are Coke’s strengths . One policy adopted is for al plants throughout the country. same quality.

97/. Same threat faced by Coca Cola Company. With the consequent result that Coca-Cola is the first beverage and 2nd highest tax paying company in Pakistan.Laws and Policies): The Coca-Cola management is not happy with the Govt. tax laws and tax to the government. . Cultural Differences For a company the most common threat is the cultural differences because every nation or every geographic boundary has different culture. Being a multinational with whole plants in 10 cities it is under heavy tax . Because they have wide network so face this problem as well. It has to pay as much asRs2. It pays 33% on its total revenues.Coca Cola Beverage Private Ltd Major Threat : Pepsi and Gormay as it is market leader so time to pose a serious threat to Coke Potential Threat: New entrants like Maka-Cola. Pak –Cola etc.Imposition so much so that on single bottle revenue. Taxes (Govt.