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By SARA PEPITONE and MAX GROSS Last Updated: 10:08 AM, November 6, 2012 Posted: 10:37 PM, November 5, 2012

After casting your ballot, head to these bipartisan bashes around NYC tonight

ELECTION ENTERTAINMENT “No matter what your political affiliation is, it’s always fun to eat, drink and converse with your friends and neighbors,” says Heather Dunsmoor of the Raging Election party at the Bell House (149 Seventh St., Gowanus, 718-643-6510; 7:30 p.m., no cover). Comedian Liam McEneaney and DJ Mike Doughty will entertain during commercials of the election broadcast, while you sip on specials like the Bahamobama Mama (Malibu and pineapple), $6, and snack on $7 burritos from Korilla BBQ. The Election Night Watch Party at Pratt Manhattan Gallery (144 W. 14th St., second floor, 212-647-7778; 7 p.m., no cover) is a cabaret hosted by activist-humorist Larry Litt and artist Mike Richison. Dance between performances that complement the current exhibit, “Art in the Age of Political Absurdity,” or watch returns on three TVs streaming PBS, ABC and MSNBC. DJ Commish will escort 250 people through the election at Chelsea Manor (138 W. 25th St., Chelsea, Funny guy Liam McEneaney will dole out election 646-595-0707, 6 p.m., free with laughs at the Bell House. RSVP to, where 13 plasma TVs and an 84-inch projector screen will show results. PRESIDENTIAL DINNERS Neely’s Barbecue Parlor (1125 First Ave., 212-832-1551; open at noon, no cover) is serving up Barack’s Bowl of Chili (below, $5.95) and Mitt’s Mini Meatloaf (also


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serving up Barack’s Bowl of Chili (below, $5.95) and Mitt’s Mini Meatloaf (also $5.95). Wash down both of these babies with mini-glasses of Republican Red or Democratic Blue margaritas. Neely’s will broadcast election results with $4 beer and sangria all day. Or, get your fill at STK Midtown’s Democratic & Republican Election Night Dinner Party (1114 Sixth Ave., 646-624-2455; 5:30 p.m., no cover). Music will be provided all night by the resident DJ, long after the election results are announced. On offer are items such as Wagyu flatiron steak with quail egg and truffle demi-glace ($72), twice-baked sweet potatoes ($12) and an STK candy bar ($13). POLITICAL GAMES East Village bar Professor Thom’s (219 Second Ave., 212-260-9480; 6 p.m., no cover) will have 20 TV screens tuned into the election returns. Choose a blue or red stamp upon entering for a free champagne toast if the correspondingly colored candidate wins (sorry, Green Party!). Viewers are also encouraged to play the house-created Swing State Challenge: If your game-card predictions are correct, Jell-O shots are free. Meanwhile, $10 buys you the Donkey Punch, made from jalepeño-infused tequila and a splash of blue curaçao, or the Elephant in the Room, a bourbon concoction topped with apple cider. Across the river, the Brooklyn Community Foundation hosts the Election ’12 Results Party at Sheep Station (149 Fourth Ave., Park Slope, 718-857-4337; 6 p.m., no cover), featuring an all-night happy hour with $8 “I Voted” cocktails and three election-oriented trivia games. RSVP to For its Election Night Watch Party, Housing Works Bookstore Cafe (126 Crosby St., 212-334-3324; 7 p.m., no cover) will host games and entertainment throughout the night — like politically inspired bingo. There will also be two-for-one drink specials on beer and $18 bottles of wine. CANDIDATE COCKTAILS “This is the building where Abraham Lincoln was photographed for his most iconic image on the the $5 bill,” says Frank Caiafa, the bar manager at the Vault at Pfaff’s (643 Broadway, 212-253-5421; 6 p.m.-2 a.m., no cover), which created the $14 Red State (rye, OJ, lemon juice, grenadine) and Blue State (cognac, Cointreau, champagne, bitters) cocktails for its Election Day bash. The Renaissance New York Times Square (714 Seventh Ave.; 212-261-5200; no cover), meanwhile, has $12 drinks like the Filibuster (bourbon, Campari, sweet vermouth). “The thing about a filibuster, is the thing keeps going and going,” says the drink’s creator Lou Trope. “This drink can last for a while, too.” The Midtown and Upper West Side locations of Carmine’s (200 W. 44th St., 212221-3800; 2450 Broadway, 212-362-2200; open at 11:30 a.m., no cover) will screen election news on its flat-screen TVs. Also facing off are two $12 drink specials: “Another Four Years” (Balcones blue corn whiskey and muddled blueberries) and “The New Guy in Town” (muddled cranberries, Absolut Cherrykran and lemonade). Liberals might feel slightly more comfy three blocks north, at the viewing party at Satori at the Sanctuary Hotel (132 W. 47th St., 212-466-9000; 5 p.m., no cover), where left-leaning Dems have three drinks to the GOP’s one (each $10), including the Obama-rama (Cayrum, blue curaçao and elderflower liqueur).

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