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T he French jeweller Cartier has been producing exceptional jewellery creations since 1847. 1 . King Edward VII of England himself acknowledged this virtuosity by proclaiming Cartier the “Jeweller of Kings and King of Jewellers”. reflections of beauty and eternal passion. Its Parisian workshops have welcomed successive generations of jewellers. all of whom have devoted their talent to maintaining the signature excellence of Cartier. This is a truly exceptional world marked by legendary jewellery.

L ove and legendary diamonds From the very beginning. So much more than a simple jewel. the jeweller has been a part of the most beautiful love stories. a Cartier ring symbolises a genuine commitment that is passionate and eternal. 2 Princ e ace ss Gr of Mo naco 3 .

Cartier became closely involved in this loving partnership. which was henceforth never to leave her finger. To celebrate their engagement. the “Cartier-Burton-Taylor” weighing an astonishing 69. Prince Rainier III of Monaco offered his future wife an emerald-cut diamond ring weighing 10. Forced to choose between his duty and the woman he loved. Between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Burton would move mountains for the actress and offered her the most beautiful stones and jewellery sets. Since the couple shared a passion for jewellery.M ythical love stories on the bed and rubs the ring with a corner of the sheet to make it shine. In 1969. she met Rainier III and a great romance between the actress and the prince was about to begin. She even insisted on wearing it in the last film she made. his position as head of the Church of England prevented him from marrying this elegant American as she had already been divorced twice. “We are ours now” was the message that Edward VIII had engraved on the engagement ring he gave to Wallis Simpson in 1936. for the engagement announcement in 1956. the King made his decision and they began a long. the chemistry of their first meeting soon turned into unconditional love. he bought one of the most beautiful diamonds in the world. Taylor wore this precious gem as both a ring and a pendant. The marriage between Grace Kelly and Rainier III of Monaco was the culmination of the one of the most beautiful love stories that Cartier has been privileged to witness.47 carats. In the role of Tracy Samantha Lord. making it appear to be suspended. romantic life together as the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. However. To enhance its colour and clarity. directed by Charles Walters. Cartier created a platinum setting of exemplary lightness and simplicity: the metal claws holding the wonderfully lustrous diamond seemed to vanish. As the guest of honour at the Cannes Festival in 1955. During a photo session in the Palace of Monaco. It was truly an exceptional diamond. and presented it to her aboard their yacht. we watch as Kelly reclines 4 5 .42 carats. Grace Kelly had no idea that her life was about to change. The future princess wore this sublime Cartier diamond. “High Society”.

it had lost none of its magic and continued to emit a soft interior glow with a uniquely fascinating colour. reflecting the character of the man himself. A new destiny now awaited this extraordinary diamond. elongated cushion-cut diamond that entered the history books as the legendary Star of the South. The stone has a unique geological feature: its clear water has a subtle tint of pink. Three months of work transformed it into a magnificent. Cartier has borne witness to some fabulous destinies and has participated in a range of unusual and precious life stories.70 carats. When Cartier traced and then purchased this legendary stone. This wonder of nature was quickly incorporated into a maharajah’s collection and was secretly stored among his other treasures. So pure. named in honour of the outstanding jeweller. which can be seen when the light is refracted. The Star of the South was presented as the major attraction of the Paris Universal Exhibition in 1855.E xceptional diamonds The Louis Cartier diamond is a magnificent tear-drop gem weighing 107. so precisely cut and sparkling with a thousand flames.24 carats was discovered in Brazil.” The fate of certain legendary diamonds is inextricably linked with their meeting with Cartier. By acquiring rare diamonds and enhancing them in extraordinary creations. a raw diamond weighing 261. its preparation took several months of passionately devoted work. The « Ca on Burt rtier- lor -Tay » 6 7 . where the excited press described it as “as big as a baby’s fist. In 1853. This remarkable stone was displayed in the Cartier salons in New York.

its certainty. Its unique colour.17 ct 9 .50 cts 1. Meeting the highest rarity ratings with ease.87 cts Cartier diamond A combination of precise criteria.70 ct 1.01 cts 0. A Cartier diamond is unlike any other. gives life to the lustre of the diamond. what really counts is the emotion it conveys: the first reaction it inspires.30 ct A 0. Cartier beauty. identifies the rarest diamonds suitable for examination by our “Cartier Diamond Experts”.50 ct 0. creating a perfect balance between brilliance. fire and sparkle. the 4Cs. The “Cartier Diamond Experts” ensure that our diamonds feature perfect proportions and incomparable charm: in short. A Cartier diamond must play wonderfully with the light.0. 8 1. They select the stones that meet Cartier’s beauty criteria. commitment and eternal promise. varying from colourless to tinted nuances.

They have a precious talent. have fully mastered Cartier’s criteria for diamond selection. in addition to their technical expertise. Cartier retains only those that reach our own high quality standards: the whitest diamonds (from D to H) with no inclusions visible to the naked eye (from IF to VS2). and whose perfect proportions maximise the stone’s lustre (Cut grade “Very good” and “Excellent”). the GIA (Gemmological Institute of America. To guarantee the objectivity of our decisions. as well as a genuine appreciation for the excellence that is inherent to Cartier. In fact. They are gemmologists who.) While the 4Cs indicate the rarity of a diamond. they do not in any way help in determining its beauty. a large number of diamonds that conform to the 4Cs do not meet the selection criteria outlined by Cartier.) From these pre-selected stones. The “Cartier Diamond Experts” are thus the only specialists authorised to select Cartier diamonds. Round 10 Navette Emerald Princess Pear Oval 11 .The Cartier selection process only accepts diamonds that meet the rarity criteria known as the 4Cs (Carat. These experts form an independent team within Cartier. Cartier diamonds are then certified by an independent body. This takes many years of experience and requires sensitivity. Clarity and Cut. Colour. a unique eye that enables them to select diamonds worthy of being incorporated into a Cartier jewellery creation.

the highest distinction to be awarded by the French Ministry of Culture. as part of its outstanding team. Cartier is proud to count the world’s first Master of Art in Jewellery. 13 .12 C C reativity and a m aster of a rt Our fine jewellery workshops in Paris draw on expertise that has been passed down from one generation to the next for over 150 years. Today.

timeless style. Platinum.C 14 A Cartier ring is recognisable by its elegance. This is their signature. platinum is the perfect partner for a diamond and enables the jeweller to design delicate. lightness and incomparable. In order to maintain the balance between the setting and the stone. 15 . was introduced into jewellery in the 1860s. It was Louis Cartier who pioneered the use of this virtuoso metal. Light. a rare metal with valuable properties. The delicate mounting in platinum disappears to allow the diamond to reveal its full beauty. Whatever their style. graceful creations. inert and with a very white sparkle. all Cartier rings are produced to the same standard of perfection. each ring has a specific camber that is designed for each stone and each size.

Their regular curve follows that of the ring. The very small. Diamond-paving is a case of complex architecture in which all of the diamonds.M astering jewellery A Cartier diamond-paving is an authentic work of art requiring total technical mastery. which is exceptionally soft to the touch. The claws tightly hug the lines of the stone. 16 17 . meld into a single sculpted material. even those of differing shapes. The finesse of the polishing ensures an incomparable sparkle. a Cartier ring is equally beautiful “inside and out”. Like a Haute Couture dress. fine grains reinforce the regularity of the paving. All of the interior parts of the ring are polished for a better reflection of the light. Each of the stones is as carefully selected as the central diamond itself.

the sketches flow freely at Cartier but only a few give rise to a new creation. made to play with the light. 19 . Each diamond is unique. It must be examined.18 S E ngagement ring collections Bursting with ideas and styles. worn against the skin and allowed to seduce. Every model must demonstrate perfect balance between its design and the beauty of the stone.

A wire body with four elegant.Unique since its creation in 1895. Solitaire 1895 20 21 . this timeless solitaire is a perfect example of delicate balance. harmonious claws enhances the radiance of the stone.

whose mount is in the form of a C in tribute to Louis Cartier.Honeymoon A fascinating roundness and the most refined shape enhance the voluptuous curves of this ring. 23 . refined and in tune with today. Déclaration The most contemporary solitaire. Its four tapered claws and elegant lines give it a charm that is modest. 22 Solitaire Louis Cartier Simple geometry and absolute elegance characterise this platinum ring.

with curves and subtly romantic arabesques. A very light and graceful design. 25 .24 Ballerine A highly feminine ring inspired by flowers.

In profile.Absolute elegance that sits perfectly on the hand. the diamond subtly follows the curves of the emblematic Cartier “C”. Solitaire C de Cartier 26 27 .

28 . the paving reflects the combined sparkle of the united brilliant-cut diamonds in a single flash of light.The fruit of more than a century of expertise. Soft as silk. the perfect diamond-paving of these exceptional settings glorify the central diamond.

These exclusive creations are characterised by their virtuosity. The settings share an exquisite elegance that reveals the full radiance of the diamonds. 30 31 . the harmonious diamond-paving and the perfectly cut solitaires.

32 Solitaire 1895 S True to its illustrious heritage. Cartier offers you a new service capable of making your wildest dreams come true. Select your diamond and we will set it for you on the creation of your choice: Solitaire 1895. Let yourself be tempted by this exclusive service and enjoy the excitement of a unique moment. 33 . Ballerine or Déclaration.

set exclusively for you. 34 35 .Choose the ring of your dreams from an almost infinite range of possibilities. A unique ring.

The ultimate promise of a permanent attachment.W edding rings and solitaires: the perfect match Rings of purity with lines of infinity: the wedding ring is a symbol of eternal love. The early Egyptians wore a ring on the third finger of the left hand as a symbol of the vein of love that leads straight to the heart. 36 37 .

The diamond gracefully joins the symbols of Cartier: . 38 39 . Trinity and Lanières all enhance the solitaire.

40 41 . or simple like the link of a chain. featuring a diamond. A bond of unconditional love. engraved with Cartier.Wedding rings in several colours of gold.

42 43 . interlaced to infinity for eternal modernity.W edding ring in three colours of gold.

Riam. eaqueipsa quae enim illo inventore beatae sunt explicabo. Natus error sit oluptatem Catus error velite. Zatus error sit oluptatem latium. eaque ipsa quae inventore beatae sunt. 44 45 . totam Veritatis rem.From the most precious design to the most refined diamond-paving. Cartier wedding rings seal a commitment to unique love.

These wedding rings blend highly creative settings with a unique impression of insolent sparkle. where the lines of diamonds come together in perfect symmetry. 46 47 .

50cts 2cts The diamond selection method presented in this catalogue and the quality guarantees based on the “4Cs” apply to round diamonds weighing more than 0.18 ct.18 ct.20 grammes. * 49 .20ct 48 0. The weight is the most important factor in determining the price of a diamond.50ct 0. very small inclusions invisible to the naked eye Very small inclusions invisible to the naked eye Small inclusions invisible to the naked eye Imperfect. which was used to weigh diamonds in the past. A GIA certificate guarantees the quality of a diamond. The scale of purity drawn up by the GIA ranges from classification IF (“Internally Flawless”: no defect is visible even with 10x magnifying glass) to Classification I3 (“Imperfect”: inclusions visible to the naked eye). Cartier diamonds are uniquely selected from the IF and VS2 classifications. it defines the rating of the diamond according to the 4Cs. ensuring they have exceptional purity with not even the smallest inclusion visible to the naked eye.T he «4Cs» The central diamond of each Cartier solitaire comes with a GIA certificate.80ct 1ct 1. The purity of a diamond depends on the number of inclusions. Cartier offers solitaires in a wide range of carats depending on the settings. Very. One carat is the equivalent of 0.* car at The weight of a diamond is measured in carats.30ct 0.* * IF No visible defects VVS1 VVS2 VS1 VS2 SI1 SI2 I1 I2 I3 Certified solitaire diamonds from 0. clarity Inclusions are natural imperfections in a diamond that can affect its quality.20cts 1. their size and their position. The name comes from a carob bean. The Gemmological Institute of America is an international independent body that is the benchmark institution for diamond certification. inclusions visible to the naked eye 0.

) Cartier diamonds are selected exclusively from those with a rating of D to H. M N Table Crown O P Q R S-Z 14.the total depth must be between 58% and 63%.1% Tinted colour three Culet The GIA/HRD colour scale 50 51 . the most important parameter is undoubtedly the size of the diamond. white + Exc.the girdle: from very fine to fine (maximum). No fluorescence is accepted by Cartier.6% 34°30’ 40°45’ Girlde Pavillon Girdle Table 43.not too high nor too flat. It is the guarantee of exceptional beauty. The colour is rated by the GIA on a scale from D to Z in alphabetical order (D indicates an “exceptional white”. The size of all Cartier diamonds is rated either “Very Good” or “Excellent” on the GIA scale to guarantee optimal brilliance and a unique sparkle. white Rare white + Rare white White Slightly tinted white Tinted white Tinted colour one Tinted colour two The whiteness of a diamond directly affects its value. Z is “tinted colour”.the table must be between 56% and 62. ensuring that they are all white in colour. Several additional criteria have been defined by our Cartier diamond experts: .23 ct . . excluding the point . Exc.2% for stones that exceed 0. its symmetry and its balance .5% Among the 4Cs. .cut Cartier quality colour D E F G H I J K L 100% 57.

the diamond industry and NGOs have come together to introduce measures aimed at eradicating the trade in conflict diamonds.E thics Under the aegis of the United Nations. socially and environmentally.ethically. We work with our suppliers on a daily basis to help them respect and uphold the commitments of our Maison. Today. Cartier has embodied a tradition of excellence. Cartier is a founding member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC). where the revenue from diamond sales is used to finance armed conflict. social and environmental. This duty of excellence in our creations. Since 1847. At Cartier we have subjected all of our diamonds purchases to the System of Warranties since the system was introduced in January 2003. more than 99% of all diamonds come from areas that are free from conflict thanks to the implementation of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) and its extension to cut diamonds. governments. We requiere the Statement of Warranty for every diamondrelated invoice we receive. the System of Warranties. which was created in 2005. www.responsiblejewellery. The RJC has developed a code of practices against which its members undertake to have their practices verified by an independent auditor. Its mission is to advance responsible business practices throughout the global jewellery supply chain from mine to retail. our savoirfaire and our quality of service also extends to the way in which we conduct our activities . Cartier engages in long-term relationships with suppliers who share our values. 52 . A tradition which has become our With our Corporate Responsibility Policy we formally express our commitments as a responsible jeweller and our dedication to continuous improvement. A major focus of our policy is the fight against “conflict diamonds”.ethical. They apply to all our product lines and cover 3 areas . which extend beyond the scope of diamonds.

please visit www. SA-COC-001760 www. SA-COC-001760 Cert no.Imprimé en France / Printed in France .com ©Cartier 2009 . [rubrique Maison Cartier > Engagement > Cartier. joaillier responsable : pour en savoir plus sur les engagements de la Maison Cartier et les exigences de notre politique d’achat diamants. SA-COC-001760 Cert Responsible Jeweller] Mixed Sources • Sources Mixtes Product group from well-managed forests and recycled wood or fiber Groupe de produits issu de forêts bien gérées et de bois ou fibres recyclés Cert no.Cartier. Sarazin . responsible jeweller: for further information about the Maison Cartier’s commitments and the requirements of our diamond Ishii.EDJ03215 .com [section Maison Cartier > Commitment > Cartier.Création : Mazarine-Ateliers ABC – Photos : K. rendez-vous sur www. joaillier responsable] Cartier.